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30.001 - 45.000

Nr. 45000  William Da Silva  Singapore The measure of our humanity is how we treat the most vulnerable of the creatures of this Earth. Lets treat all sentient beings with compassion. Whales & dolphins deserve better they can't speak up for themselves or protect themselves!
Nr. 44999  Esjay Loh  Brunei Darussalam Its the 21st Century pls be civilised.. Dolphins are human best friends!!!
Nr. 44998  Dan Carter  Australia This is an outrage to slaughter these whales like this.
Nr. 44997  Linda Goreta  Illinois
Nr. 44996  Jouette Anthony  Virginia Our disregard for nature and the many creatures we share this planet with will be our ruin. There is a difference of killing for sustenance and medical research for there is a purpose that is not wasted. This! This is a MASSACRE!
Nr. 44995  Jessica Pettitt  Australia
Nr. 44994  Peta Seaton  Australia
Nr. 44993  Tanya Francisco  Australia
Nr. 44992  Paeng Castellano  Philippines These Faroe "men" should test their manhood and try to camp out here in the jungles of the Philippine Islands and see if they can kill as many mosquitoes that are small but bite back...
Nr. 44990  Chik Wong  California Please stop the killings and allow our future generations to see these innocent mammals before they go extinct.
Nr. 44989  Carol Thorogood  Australia I was horrified and dismayed to hear of the killing of whales and dolphins inthe Faroe Islands. Can you please do your utmost to stop this practice.
Nr. 44988  Bruce Johnathan Fick  New York This violent atrocity against benignpeacelovingsensitive creatures is EVIL. To make these beautiful creatures of God suffer and die is hateful and sadistic.You act as though they are your property to condemnbut they are not. They are creatures of the Lord.And He will punish you for your hate crimes against Nature.The evil Karma you inflict on cetations will only return to visit your evil on yourselves.LEAVE THEM ALONE !!! And stop acting as though you had a right to debase all of humanity because you act as though you came from Hell.
Nr. 44987  Sarah Kearvell  Australia To see that this kind of mindless slaughter still continues is disgusting. I will not be endorsing or visiting any part of any country that participates in these atrocities so they can say goodbye to their tourism
Nr. 44986  Malinda Roberts  Australia Please put an end to such inhuman behavior!!!! How can someone cause so much pain to others creatures? I can't understand... THIS IS UNBEARABLE - PLEASE STOP IT !!!!
Nr. 44985  Roberta Papino  Florida These cruel atrocities that are being done to these animals must be stopped!
Nr. 44984  Adrian Caneris  Australia Killing for the Sake of Killing. It would seem we now know which country still practices what must be one of the most barbaric acts of cruelty in the world. I cannot comprehend the mentality behind such an act. Maybe this is a cultural difference but if so i am glad i am not from your part of the world.
Nr. 44983  Vita Muelu  New Zealand yea- this sucks!! if they not going to eat them- then why?- unless these animals are overly populated which they are obviously not! the tradition started years ago when they needed animal to survive- but now they dont need it- times have changed!- stop the killing!- soon you'll see the kids of tht island practising on their friends
Nr. 44982  Bob Switzer  New Hampshire This carnage needs to stop. These people are living in the dark ages. They need to be stopped by whatever means necessary including violence!!
Nr. 44981  BJ Wahl  New Hampshire Oh please stop! How can you do this to these beautiful creatures? You should all be ashamed.
Nr. 44980  Sandy Lew  Hong Kong Unbelievable! I can't believe this is happening in the 21st century!!! Shame on the Danish government to continue allowing this and letting children watch. How will they ever learn to respect animals?
Nr. 44979  Erik Ilkka  California
Nr. 44978  Ouda Baxter  Maine This is horrible! It needs to stop especially in such a "civilized" society..
Nr. 44976  Laura Kochuten  Washington This is sick.
Nr. 44975  Ruth Miller  New York This practice is unbelievably cruel and must end now. What are people thinking to be doing all of that to helpless creatures? Lock them up and throw away the key!
Nr. 44974  David Ryan  Australia This is barbaric. I can't believe this cruelty is happening in a 'civilised' world.
Nr. 44973  Federico Russo  Italy
Nr. 44972  Jeton Rushiti  Albania
Nr. 44971  Arvind N  India No wonder mother nature is slowing taking it all away from us...
Nr. 44970  Jenny Kingsford  Australia Speechless repulsed hearbrokensick to my stomachstunnedamazed that we call ourselves the higher intellegence does not even come close to how I feel about this! I am ashamed to be a human being and admit that these creatures are from the same species!
Nr. 44969  Vanessa Solito  Australia End Whale & Dolphin Slaughter!!!!
Nr. 44968  Estelle Lenauer  South Africa Shocking!
Nr. 44967  Sue Williams  United Kingdom How human beings can kill these sensitive animals in such a manner just for entertainment is beyond belief. How would they feel if their children were gathered up and treated in this way maybe they wouldn't care as they don't seem to have any compassion.
Nr. 44966
Nr. 44965  Karin De Lange  Netherlands
Nr. 44964  Sampath Herga  India
Nr. 44963  Angela Oliver  Australia
Nr. 44962  Antonio Gusella  Italy
Nr. 44960  Ambrogio Teruzzi  Italy sarebbe ora che queste barbarie ad opera di Nazioni cosi dette civili finiscano è una crudeltà
Nr. 44959  Monica Mancini  Italy
Nr. 44958  Alan Yeates  Ireland This is Sick and obviously Pointless!
Nr. 44957  Luca Peruzzi  Italy basta barbarie!!
Nr. 44956  Patrizia Picchiotti  Italy
Nr. 44955  Edoardo Spacca  Ukraine killing pilot whales is like killing human beings watching the massacre done in the Faroe Islands is no difference than watching massacres done in Ruwanda or the former Yugoslavia. those responsible should be punished with prison.
Nr. 44954  Madelein Nell  South Africa This is absoloutely a horrendous barabaric thing to do to any living creature. I say that there has to be drastically something done about this matter and very quickly. If noyhing is done about this there wouldn't be any sea creatures left for our childeren and there childeren to see!!!!
Nr. 44953  Flavia Siccardi  Italy
Nr. 44952  Laura Paolini  Italy This cruelty is something we as humang beings can not accept anymore! I can't believe how many stupid and ignorant people populate our beautiful and fragile planet. Hope this is gonna end soon.
Nr. 44950  Diana Van Hoeve  Belgium
Nr. 44949  GORICA DJAKOVIC  Serbia And Montenegro
Nr. 44948  Angela Lombardi  Italy
Nr. 44947  J Smit-Banting  Netherlands Please stop the whale ans dolphin slaughter in the Faroe Islands! Best regards Jenneke Banting
Nr. 44946  Wrasse Williams  Australia It seems killing each other just isn't enough for some people :(
Nr. 44945  Cristina Zane  Romania
Nr. 44944  Gabriella Scotti  Italy
Nr. 44943  Eva Corti  Italy
Nr. 44942  Nancy Leyssens  Belgium
Nr. 44941  Dinah Krijgsman  Netherlands I am very disturbed by these pictures and frankly I am apalled. I can understand a need for tradition but a limit must be set when this involves unneceserry cruelty. After all we don't let dogs fight bears or humans kill humans for traditional or rather entertainment purposes anymore why is this any different. When animals are killed for food there are strict regulations about their welfare. Why is this any different? These ar intellegent and sensitive mammels like us! Whith a strong sense of community and sense of responsebility LIKE US! PLease stop this at once. No more!
Nr. 44940  Mirko Sanna  Italy
Nr. 44939  TUSA ALEX  Romania
Nr. 44938  Alessandra Comerio  Italy
Nr. 44937  Anne Borgmann  Belgium I really hope that people may become concious about what they do one day...
Nr. 44936  Monica Castello  Italy
Nr. 44935  Danuta Opalinska  Poland c'est ignoble! honte au Danemark!
Nr. 44934  Van Meir Katie  Belgium
Nr. 44933  Rosaria Menzà  Italy
Nr. 44932  Kerstin Lorenz  Germany
Nr. 44931  Mommaerts Iris  Belgium En Denemarken hoort dan bij de EU !!!! Zo een barbaars land
Nr. 44930  Jasmin Rosales  Australia
Nr. 44929  Irene Schell  Australia Animals like humans should be treated with respect... afterall humans are no better than animals... we are all the same - we suffer we feel  we react when we confront ignorance and abuse.
Nr. 44928  Mariana Ferent  United Arab Emirates who are the animals in this picture????
Nr. 44927  Mike Smith  United Arab Emirates What a disgrace on the character of the Danish. I'm utterly appalled and disgusted.
Nr. 44926  Fleur Breedt  South Africa We get punished for killing other humans but it is ok to do it to another specie just because they can't talk bor fight back. This just makes us worse than any animal that ever lived on this beautiful world.
Nr. 44925  Braccio Paola  Italy it's an uncivilized act. is it possible that a country like Denmark is so backward as to allow these things yet?
Nr. 44924  Victoria Dela Rosa  Philippines
Nr. 44923  Sylvan Feenstra  South Africa some traditions are not worth being kept. Certainly not those that involve animal cruelty...
Nr. 44922  Paavitha Thambiratnam  Malaysia
Nr. 44921  Nikola Popadic  Croatia Unbelivable! And those animals are inteligent... imagine the suffering :(
Nr. 44920  PICCO PATRIZIA  Italy
Nr. 44919  ZANARDELLI Annemarie  France It's a really scandalous thing. We must stopping immediatly that !!!
Nr. 44918  Joaquim Nogueroles  Belgium
Nr. 44917  Paola Jorioz  Italy
Nr. 44916  Ivana Valic Cosic  Serbia And Montenegro
Nr. 44915  Reiling Liesbeth  Belgium Terrible. Do stop this terror!
Nr. 44914  Chiara Ferrarini  Italy
Nr. 44913  De bleser Kristel  Belgium How can you look at this they are not normal. It should be stop!!!!!!!
Nr. 44912  Veronica Fornaguera  Colombia I cannot believe this is true! We do almost the same with cows pigs and chicken... How much will it take us to finally respect life?
Nr. 44911  Maria-Gabriela Ciobotaru  Romania Stop the killing! This is shamaeful for Denmark!
Nr. 44910  Reshma Athawale  Belgium
Nr. 44909  VIviane TITS  Belgium
Nr. 44908  Elmer Kroese  Netherlands
Nr. 44907  Rachel Pickering  Belgium
Nr. 44906  Mihailo Djakovic  Serbia And Montenegro This people are insensitive beasts !!!
Nr. 44905  Marita Binder  Netherlands This is outrageous ! when will those beastly killers finally be stopped ?
Nr. 44904  Piacsek Silva  Brazil Peço o fim dese massacre a vida que esse divertimento e prezer de matar tenha fim. porque ao invés de matar seres inocentes como os animais qyue nada de mal podem fazer e muito menos e defender eles não pensam em como seria matar um deseu familiares só pra dizer que passou para a faze adulta! é ridpiculo de deve acabar.
Nr. 44903  Simona Piccinelli  Italy
Nr. 44901  Joelene Jaggs  Australia
Nr. 44899  Koula Papamarkos  Australia How barbaric!!!!
Nr. 44898  Sandra Oskorus  Croatia

Nr. 44897  Hugo Bos  Netherlands
Nr. 44895  Siliprandi Marco  Italy Please stop killing dolphins. You damage yourself and our future.
Nr. 44894  Angie E Silva  South Africa These photos are absolutely disgusting! I can not believe i read an article about the Faroese people and they compared this masacare to the slaughter of live stock at an abattoir. These animals were not specifically bred for slaughter. The meat of the pilot whale does not even meet EU standards for human consumption. Which makes the killing of these mammals pointless. This is something that needs to be stopped! It is inhumane and just plain sickening!
Nr. 44893  Kim Wisnewski-Smith  Australia
Nr. 44892  Giorgio Vergnano  Italy Shame on Faroer and Denmark!
Nr. 44891  Flavia Fumagalli  Belgium This is barbaric senseless and inhumane. Animals are in danger of extinctions so why this slaughter of dolphins?
Nr. 44890  Eva Maria Matei  Romania If someone else did to us what we do to these poor creatures how would we feel about it?...
Nr. 44889  Ekaterina Sitnikova  Belgium
Nr. 44888  Giorgia Pistono  Italy
Nr. 44887  Christian Linck  Belgium
Nr. 44886  Tobias Fischer  Switzerland
Nr. 44885  Melissa Conti  Italy
Nr. 44884  Claudia Beghelli  Italy
Nr. 44883  Brian Iselin  Belgium This is a barbaric and anachronistic act committed for no good reason against defenceless animals. I am disgusted.
Nr. 44882  Patrizia Orzieri  Italy
Nr. 44881  Divya Srinivas  India
Nr. 44880  Gustavo Rojas  Colombia How horrible man can be. Hope this little help works.
Nr. 44879  Joette Desch  Florida Unbelievable to allow this to happen to ENDANGERED species let alone something with the intelligence to HELP this planet!!!!!!!!! It MUST be stopped for if they die so do WE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 44878  John Guy Mepham Moore  California
Nr. 44877  Linda Barnett  United Kingdom
Nr. 44876  Genta Roberto  Italy
Nr. 44875  Philippe Henri  Brazil
Nr. 44874  Abdallah Nicolas  France Please please please ............................... STOP KILLING WHALES !!!!
Nr. 44873  Laura Moretti  Italy STOP WITH THE MISSION OF THE HORROR
Nr. 44872  Ian Cluett  United Kingdom Unable to understand the mentality of these barbaric murderers. Such a pointless exercise by the sound of things
Nr. 44871  Claire Stuyck  South Carolina
Nr. 44870  Nicoletta Retali  Italy
Nr. 44869  Denys Foulem  Canada Wake up
Nr. 44868  Maurice Fernandez  Colorado There is so much else to eat. Not every kind of meat should be eaten.
Nr. 44867  Maria Catapano  Italy
Nr. 44866  Ann Marie Hurlbut  California I have always considered the Scandanavian countries to be more socially advanced than the United States of America and am horrified at this "tradition". To condone the death by torture of any animal let alone one as intelligent as a whale or dolphin is simply inhuman. Please stop this mayhem and restore my high opinion of your great nation. Thank you.
Nr. 44865  Giorgio Emiliani  Italy Please let us change our cruel retrogressive habits and accept animals as part of our universe...Who are we to inflict pain to our family members...
Nr. 44864  Ravi Steve  Canada The slaughter of dolphin and whales is a dangerous and reckless practice. Continuing this is a shamefull and wrong. Please stop immediately and apologize to the world.
Nr. 44863  Qfandy Desaindo  Indonesia please stop this brutallity to dolphins and whales
Nr. 44862  Liliana Dorina Mogos  Romania
Nr. 44861  Gabriele Papale  Italy
Nr. 44860  Baldi Chiara  Italy
Nr. 44859  Mario Mancini  Italy
Nr. 44858  Raimond Jan Krul  Netherlands Who is the beast ? (seems obvious to me !!!!!!!!!!!!)
Nr. 44857  Mirjana Mihac  Croatia
Nr. 44856  Sameerah Paulse  South Africa
Nr. 44855  Zana Pejic  United Kingdom The fact that it has been done for centuries does not make it acceptable in today's world.
Nr. 44854  Laura Guarnieri  Italy For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 44853  SHANNON D'ALTON  South Africa I cannot believe this act of absolute cruelty. I feel ashamed to be a part of the human race. We have to do something to stop this happenning.
Nr. 44852  Serena Ruffilli  Italy
Nr. 44851  Marco Salerno  Italy E' poco dire che è una VERGOGNA!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 44850  Courtney Hugo  South Africa There are no words to describe how disgusting this is!
Nr. 44849  MORAES Daniela  Brazil
Nr. 44848  Melissa Swart  South Africa Melissa Swart - signed
Nr. 44847  LANG Mireille  Luxembourg
Nr. 44846  Nathali Moens  South Africa I can't believe that people can take part in such barbaric events. They should be hanged for this torture!!!
Nr. 44845  Leo Nienhuis  Netherlands This is F* terror to animals.
Nr. 44844  DC Bass  California
Nr. 44843  REBOUL SYLVIANE  France
Nr. 44842  Daniela Gutierrez  Costa Rica
Nr. 44841  Lisa Altardi  Italy
Nr. 44840  Ricky Van hest  Netherlands VRESELIJK!
Nr. 44839  Dipti Patel  United Kingdom this must stop. who ever done this crualty must panish..
Nr. 44838  Ambra Caprile  Italy
Nr. 44837  Carolina Ezquer  Chile This is a grate movement... it's time for the humans to understand that we aren't the only living ceratures at earth!! ...
Nr. 44836  Vera Tegethoff-Alfheim  Namibia For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 44835  Laura Zanoletti Gatti  Italy a me si aggiungono i miei familiari Franco Gatti Alex e Max Gatti Luciana Catania ZanolettiGiuliana Zanoletti Arnaldi di Balme Guido Arnaldi di Balme
Nr. 44834  Judith Gallegos  Florida
Nr. 44833  Anca Hulme  United Kingdom
Nr. 44832  Chantal Castillo  Kansas
Nr. 44831  Johnny Gordon  Ireland
Nr. 44830  Stephanie Cabre  California Appalling and disgusting why... no words
Nr. 44829  Tommaso Polacchini  Slovakia
Nr. 44828  Andreea Lupea  Belgium It is a shame a disgrace! Wake up people we NEED to do something before it is too late!
Nr. 44827  Michal Blotman  Israel i cant never understand people that hurt animals like that. this is not human!!! and i wish that all that do will be punished in the same way that they treat these poor animals
Nr. 44826  Jan Noordijk  Belgium Inhuman just for fun to show the people that they are "man". Is that tradition??????????????? Show the world that you are humain like it should be. Stop this cruelty!!!!!!!!
Nr. 44825  Pia de Beer Schwarz  Germany
Nr. 44824  Pam Lewis  Texas
Nr. 44823  Carma Vare  Florida What gives. Have we not evolved to a higher standard. We need to stop this now. These animals are nearly as intelligent as us and to kill these creatures is really murder. Please stop this senseless slaughter.
Nr. 44822  Jennifer Lopez  California This is a devastating act of destruction and cruelty. In this day and age there is no need for a senseless act such as this.
Nr. 44821  Van den Boer Toon  Netherlands How can you live wiht yourself knowing that for your own comfort and wealth these poor animals suffer a lot and then die. I consider these intelligent animals of a much higher value to the world than you as a person. If these animals have no rights. Why do you think you have any rights what so ever. I apeal to you government to take measures to stop you killing these whales.
Nr. 44820  Ria Kerstens  Netherlands people are the cruelest animals!
Nr. 44818  Sebastiano Trevisani  Italy
Nr. 44817  Azzurra Camoglio  Italy
Nr. 44816  Giannucci Annie  France
Nr. 44815  Andrea Griesbeck  Germany
Nr. 44814  Sara D'Amico  Italy
Nr. 44813  Richard Owen  United Kingdom
Nr. 44812  Sangeeta Nicolaisen  New Jersey This is horrendous an outrage. Leave those poor innocent animals alone!
Nr. 44811  Gerald Rodgers  California
Nr. 44810  Deeanna Leite  Massachusetts This is ridiculous we should be past whale slaughter!! This is the 20th century not the time of moby dick!
Nr. 44809  Cecilia Corfitsen  Sweden this show us what kind of world we live in I as a human feel ashamed and so angry. What kind of people would choose to do something like this to another creature? I have no words left!
Nr. 44808  SAÅ O VRATANAR  Slovenia
Nr. 44807  Rehan Amet  United Arab Emirates
Nr. 44806  Aleid Van Heek  Netherlands Please stop it this is barbaric!
Nr. 44805  Etienne Vandercruyssen  Belgium
Nr. 44804  Christine Acker  Canada We wonder why the world will soon burn in hell??
Nr. 44803  Saskia Gilbert  Netherlands stop killing
Nr. 44802  Paola Vallini  Italy
Nr. 44801  B. Thornton  California

Nr. 44800  WIM VAN ENGELEN  Netherlands It is unbelievable that in 2008 people in Europe can act like this!!!! Let Denmark end this NOW!
Nr. 44799  AVERIL BATTING  United Kingdom
Nr. 44798  Michelle Martin  Canada This is a sickening ritual that reminds me of the cruel inhumane and unnecessary slaughter of harpseals on the east coast of my country. The EU should immediately mandate an end to this shameful ritual of satanic cruelty against these lovely and intelligent mammals.
Nr. 44797  Monica Dance  New Zealand This seems to me a horrible barbaric practice. Please end this needless infliction of pain.
Nr. 44796  Catalina Strachina  Australia STOP STOP STOP please STOP STOP STOP....we are human..we have hearts...please think about it and STOP these horrible murders. If this is for money you can think about any other way ..if it is for food ...us humans have hundred...million tips of food..just STOP !They have a life as well and they do not harm anyone. Why would you kill them? PLEASE STOPPPPPP
Nr. 44795  Linda Jakobs  Australia This is disgusting in this day and age people should know better those animals have more right on this earth than the mongrels that commit these crimes.
Nr. 44794  Kristin Heldt  Arizona Absolutely sickens me that this occurs. These people should be ashamed.
Nr. 44793  Mare Fleiss  Croatia What kind of criminal barbaric "people" are you faroese? What kind of government allows that? Barbaric and primitive Danish government and Faroese government as well. STOP killing dolphins they are more intelligent than you are it is for sure! Shame on you Faroese people and shame on you Danish people. Go demonstrate do something! Make your criminal governments STOP KILLING DOLPHINS.
Nr. 44792  Summer Kiesel  Florida This is cruelty at its highest level. Stop the animal abuse!
Nr. 44791  Daniela Radulescu  Australia If they don't stop we'll come and stop them in the same way they did with the whales and dolphins! There are some people in Polinesia with some tradition in eating human beings: I propose to give them their meat this way everybody can keep their barbaric habit!
Nr. 44790  Mardi Peal  Australia This is absolutly disgusting Princess mary should be assamed of herself letting this occur in her country shame on you mary shame on your country and shame on the whole of denmark!!!!!!!
Nr. 44789  Jovana Kesic  Serbia And Montenegro
Nr. 44788  Amanda Gray  Australia This is an absolute disgrace. The people who participate in this inhumane and brutal manner should be ashamed of themselves and the government should not allow this behaviour to continue. I am absolutely disgusted!
Nr. 44787  Katrina O'Neil  Australia How distressing and barbaric. It is time we started to look after our planet and the animals that live in it!
Nr. 44786  Nemanja Kesic  Serbia And Montenegro
Nr. 44785  Ian Green  California This is brutal and cruel!!! This has to stop!!!
Nr. 44784  Becky Mazingo  Tennessee This is sad for children to be happy about or even to be out of school for it. How would the people like it if the animals did it to them and I wish they could!!!! No way is this right for any country to do. Not even to use the meat for food. God will make them pay for what they are doing to his animals shame on them!!!!
Nr. 44783  Kelly MacKinnon  Canada It's too bad we couldn't do to people what people do to poor defenseless animals.
Nr. 44782  Serge Matthee  Belgium It's a brutal and barbaric ritual. It just shows how medieval some people and their folklore still are. It should be considered as cruelty towards life. How can we as Europeans set standards and be role model for the rest of the world. (The part that is still considered 'behind') Please make this forbidden. And let's hope it shall soon belong to the past.
Nr. 44781  Glenn Wahl  New York Time to invest in our environmental infrastructure by creating sustainable practices that foster wildlife health and respect.
Nr. 44780  Amanda Dunlop  Australia Absolutely barbaric. We are not living in the dark ages where we know no better. We are not ignorant people who are swayed by myth - this is disgusting and MUST be stopped. I am horrified - words cannot describethe spectacle.
Nr. 44779  Andrew Faber  Australia How sad that in these inlightened times we still have these medievil pratices going on around the globe. Humans should be embracing life not ruthlessly destroying it. This act sickens me.
Nr. 44778  Pennie Christie  Michigan
Nr. 44777  Serena Nelson  Australia
Nr. 44776  Moti Dariel  Israel The whale hunt shown in the photographs is brutal senseless and should be abolished as soon as possible. This senseless cruelty should be condemned by the European Community that usually preaches and indeed at times achieves highly moral behavior. In this case it fails.
Nr. 44775  Ralph T. Niemeyer  Ireland
Nr. 44774  Janja Bartol  Slovenia
Nr. 44773  Galland Michel  France
Nr. 44772  Isabella Longarini  Italy
Nr. 44771  Kim Wood  Alabama For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 44770  Chiara Rizzo  Italy
Nr. 44769  Tytti Vahla  Finland We must STOP this brutal massacre of dolphins!!
Nr. 44768  Pam Morris  Canada It is heart breaking to me that this continues. Animals are a blessing to humans and to be treated so cruelly needs to stop!
Nr. 44767  Michele Turbin  France
Nr. 44766  Daniela Belloni  Italy
Nr. 44765  Rosa Baccilieri  Italy
Nr. 44764  Isa F Villamil  Mexico Please stop this pointless and inhumane practice!!!!
Nr. 44763  Claudia Fleckeisen  Canada
Nr. 44762  LINDA BARTALUCCI  Italy For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 44761  Paul Versfeld  South Africa
Nr. 44760  Yamuna Ong  Malaysia We are human here we have the choice to do the right thing. They dont.
Nr. 44759  M Buron  Netherlands awfull!
Nr. 44758  Giacomo Valpiola  Italy giacomo valpiola
Nr. 44757  Leoni Pitzer  South Africa I cannot fathom how these people are still allowed to continue with this barbaric act. It reads that they have been doing this for years and still they are allowed. They need to be stopped now before more of those amazing animals get slaughtered. I will do further research and see what else there is to do!!!!!!
Nr. 44756  Anne Campbell  South Africa That humans behave in such a barbaric manner shows me that we have not evolved and are primitive and cruel and need to be held accountable for these attrocities. I'm ashamed to belong to the human race.
Nr. 44755  Roberto Sacchi  Italy
Nr. 44754  LORENZA FURLANI  Italy
Nr. 44753  Liana Turner  South Africa Human beings are supposed to be an intelligent species. Clearly this is not the case and we are doomed to destroy the very earth we live upon. If they cannot understand the impact of their horrific actions on the ocean ecosystem then they do not deserve to live on this planet.
Nr. 44752  ODORIZIO PAOLO  Italy
Nr. 44751  Glenis Eden  Australia Absolutely atrocious Austrlia is up in arms about Japan I didn't realise this was happening in the Faroe Islands
Nr. 44750  David Blom  Netherlands Search for a more humane way to make livings
Nr. 44749  Bianco Carla  Italy
Nr. 44748  M. Burman  Netherlands Unbelievable that in this time for no purpose at all this slaughter is presented as ritual for young men to show their manhood. Can't they fight fairly with each other? Even in so called undeveloped groups men prove their skills more sophisticated than in killing a large group of animals every year. Don't visit the Faroer Islands boycot them.
Nr. 44747  Amrita Devi  India
Nr. 44746  Leonora Van Dyk  Australia These animals cannot protect themselves - it is up to us to protect them for future generations to appreciate.
Nr. 44745  Mardi Corrie  Australia
Nr. 44744  Ken Moore  Australia
Nr. 44743  Kyle Kesterson  Washington These people are wearing name brand clothing and are acting as though they are one of the few ignorant out of touch with reality tribes left in the world. Through the ages we've come to learn of the effects that our actions have against the species of the planet and the planet itself. It's no longer justifiable to act as though we have dominion over everything on this planet. Stop this now.
Nr. 44742  Shirley Miraflores  Philippines
Nr. 44741  Marcie Gauntlett  Canada This is the most horrible sight I have seen since last year's seal slaughter nobody needs to be decimating these precious animals. I hold these uncivilized people accountable and believe that this killing of sentient beings put on this earth to live as we do will be the undoing of these loathsome people.
Nr. 44740  Anuradha Bele  India
Nr. 44739  Elmakias Sharon  Israel This is terrible! I can't believe people do that! there is no limit to the horrors that humans do...
Nr. 44738  Jessica Marie Hait  Belgium Disgusting.
Nr. 44737  Kate Ashley  California Not content with torturing marine animals with sonar we allow this disgusting slaughter to go on. I just want to opt out of the human race right now.
Nr. 44736  Drew Cooper  Australia Surely this is not necessary. Surely there are other means to carry out your traditional beliefs. Surely you know better in this day and age. Surely this will end.
Nr. 44735  Amy Sobol  Australia I feel that this practice whilst it may be tradition is outdated and ecologically hazardous. I strongly urge the Faroe Islands to reconsider and take up a more sensitive and considerate activity. I find this tradition abhorrent and extremely distressing and feel it could be sidelined in favour of something non-violent and environmentally sustainable. The reason of tradition for continuing this sickening slaughter is weak as other societies have managed to set aside cruel tradtions during their adaptation in the modernisation of mankind - such as cannibalism and female circumcision. I hope the Faroe Island community can move forward and evolve to join the rest of the global community in its fight to protect our environment and the very valuable diversity of fauna on Earth.
Nr. 44734  Nurul Abdul  Malaysia It is atrocious that this "tradition" of slaughtering animals for entertainment is endorsed and encouraged to the younger generation. What we do now determines how the future will be and this is very disturbing. I am absolutely disgusted. So much for being civilized.
Nr. 44733  Mark Walker  New York Please consider that times change we do not live in the same world that existed when islanders depended on whale and dolphins for the existence. Wildlife needs to be protected and celebrated. Perhaps islanders can come up with an alternative to their rich but deadly tradition by redirecting their energies to species protection with another form of interaction with our mammal brethren.
Nr. 44732  Graham Carter  Canada shame..It's wrong
Nr. 44731  Yazmin Azman  Malaysia This is terrible! Absolutely terrible! This HAS TO STOP!
Nr. 44730  Aline Martins Cardozo  Brazil
Nr. 44729  Gilberto Sampietro  Brazil
Nr. 44728  Strahinja Krizak  Serbia And Montenegro Ovakav maloumni vandalizam se mora što pre spreèiti!
Nr. 44727  Lee-anne McLeod  Australia there arebetter ways to mark a transition to manhood-Your slaughter involves no skill just a lust for the blood of our oceans most special creatures-what are you teaching your children??-this is against the law. stop stop STOP!!!
Nr. 44726  Jessica Harbeck  California This is disgusting and should not only be stopped but all involved should be put in jail immediately.
Nr. 44725  Sunny Lyons  Hawaii
Nr. 44724  Alberto Gallucci  Italy
Nr. 44723  Ben Lyons  Hawaii
Nr. 44722  Andrei Schendra  Romania
Nr. 44721  Taut Ciprian  Romania
Nr. 44720  Mahaleanu Radu  Romania
Nr. 44719  Mariana Salerni  Italy
Nr. 44718  Sathish Vasanth  Qatar
Nr. 44717  Simone Ballarini  Italy Please stop this shame.
Nr. 44716  Lianne Steele  South Africa
Nr. 44715  Pacurar Lavinia  Romania
Nr. 44714  Keith McLeod  Australia
Nr. 44713  Giorgio Marinelli  Italy
Nr. 44712  Emanuela Consoli  Italy Please STOPPED IMEDIATLY it's Tragically brutal and uncivilized!
Nr. 44711  Szabo Eniko  Romania
Nr. 44710  CRISAN ALINA  Romania HELLO I whish I could say that I'm in shock but unfortunetly I'm not but it's impossible for me to understand why for money? for meat there is nothing else to eat?? they should try human meat they might discover it's delicios....
Nr. 44709  Alina Petean  Russian Federation
Nr. 44708  Claudia Selicean  Romania
Nr. 44707  Eileen Parr  United Kingdom
Nr. 44706  Daniel-Dumitru Stoian  Romania This slaughter must end
Nr. 44705  Katie Schwartz  California
Nr. 44704  Arnese Alberto  Italy

Nr. 44703  F. Doesburg  Netherlands Bring this to more media and show the people on national news these horrific slaughter practices. Make it news and see how everyone thinks about Denmark with the Faroe islands
Nr. 44702  Roskams Davy  Belgium It is just horrible soo horrible!!.. :-( What kind of people allow this to still happen in these time. Why  ooh why?? No need for these innocent animals to be slaughtert in such a way! This MUST END! You have my full support.
Nr. 44700  Tess Galvin  United Kingdom What is happening is SAVAGE and should be STOPPED IMEDIATLY.
Nr. 44699  Sarita Sawhny  India
Nr. 44698  Pamela Norton  South Africa Please we have to stop this sensless act of killing these creatures. We have no right to take the life of any living creature.
Nr. 44697  Norshahreen Md idris  Malaysia We don't own this earth. It belongs to the future generation. If these kind of mindset and activities continue how will we give them what is due to them?
Nr. 44696  Georgios Vlahos  Greece
Nr. 44695  Jen Gordon  Ireland I cannot believe you allow this sick act continue in this day and age. Barbaric behaviour. For as long it continues I will not visit your part of the world I would not like to socialize with such sick selfish people!
Nr. 44694  Barbara James  South Africa This is inhuman behaviour and should not be condoned. What kind of people are these that find fun and so-called "manhood" in killing these poor creatures! Human beings I think not! Denmark needs to put a stop to this.
Nr. 44693  Sylvia Jackson  South Africa The biggest threat to this planet earth is man himself! Please stop this practice!
Nr. 44692  Jelena Petrovi?  Serbia And Montenegro
Nr. 44691  Nasim Hasan  Bangladesh Is this Europe! So ugly!!! Shame shame.
Nr. 44690  Sarah Bonavia  Switzerland What would they say about the "Corrida" in Spain? Would they like it too? We can't treat animals like that that's unacceptable and i'm surprised that there's still nobody that tries to stop it fisically!
Nr. 44689  Bill Galvin  United Kingdom Totally unnecessary.
Nr. 44688  Adeline Tan  Malaysia
Nr. 44687  Mary Jones-Giampalo  Wisconsin Tragically brutal and uncivilized....
Nr. 44686  Edith Winkler  Netherlands Absolutely useless and unacceptable knowing what we know today about our natural environment. It should simply stop no matter what old tradition is involved here. That was then this is now.
Nr. 44685  Antoinette Dröge  Netherlands What a fools
Nr. 44684  Sasha Sanders  South Africa
Nr. 44683  Jae JacksonShields  United Kingdom
Nr. 44682  Donna-lee Ginsberg  South Africa Completely barbaric and unacceptable. Those in charge who oversee this behaviour are just as guilty of committing the crime themselves. I pray that the Prime Minister will stand up and have the courage to stop this slaughter. There has to come a day where animal sentient comes before economic gain. Should this never happen it wont be a far gone conclusion that us humans will start slaughtering each other for our own economic gain.
Nr. 44681  Michelle Barrow  South Africa
Nr. 44680  Asli Gedik  Germany
Nr. 44679  David Eadie  South Africa PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring this to an end IMMEDIATELY!!
Nr. 44678  Giuseppe Sechi  Italy
Nr. 44677  Matja Stojanovic  Serbia And Montenegro
Nr. 44676  Tudor Vasinca  Romania
Nr. 44675  Luminita Dejeu  Romania
Nr. 44674  Antal Robert Eduard  Romania
Nr. 44673  Attila Takacs  Romania you are no better than cold blooded killers pedofiles violators
Nr. 44672  Hoda Darius  Romania Inconscious people! Wake up and start protecting the world this is propostrous...
Nr. 44671  Jan Buyck  Belgium disgusting
Nr. 44670  Vaida Razvan  Romania
Nr. 44669  Petrusca Alexandra  Romania The slaughter must end!!!
Nr. 44668  Gabriel Tarta  Romania
Nr. 44667  ORFANOUDAKI ANNA  Greece For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 44666  Gabriela Dragota  Romania
Nr. 44665  Gabriella Von Lieres und Wilkau  Germany This is such a horrific event that it's hard to imagine that any person who has ever cared for another person or animal could partake in such an act. Would these people be upright enough to stand with their names to such a slaughter? Or would they hide behind the cowardly cry of: "It's our tradition!".
Nr. 44664  Jurma Laura  Romania
Nr. 44663  Raluca luminita Popeiu  Romania
Nr. 44662  Gaetano Italiano  Italy
Nr. 44661  Julie Page  Australia THIS HAS TO STOP!!! Sensless torchure & killing of this nature cannot be condoned if our fragile planet is to survive.
Nr. 44660  Steve Roland D'Mello  United Arab Emirates
Nr. 44659  De Nys Helene  Belgium
Nr. 44658  Roxana V  Romania
Nr. 44657  Codruta Todorut  Romania
Nr. 44656  Sorin B  Romania .
Nr. 44655  Alessandra Conte  Italy
Nr. 44654  S Rayfield  United Kingdom Please think of the whales and not humans.
Nr. 44653  Dancu Adriana  Romania
Nr. 44652  Popovici Septimiu  Romania
Nr. 44651  Varga Szabolcs  Hungary
Nr. 44650  Marieke Visser  Netherlands
Nr. 44649  Tiziano Farinasso  Italy I'm sorry I didn't speak english very well so i can't injury you as well i would like to do. If there is a terrorism against people contries... there is also terrorism against nature. You are part of this last. I will sent the images of this genocide to all my friends and ask them to avoid to visit your country and to buy your products. Sometimes I think: poor Italy. My country is hostage by mafia! Then i see what nordic and civilized people can do and I become proud to be Italian. I would prefere to be a Taleban instead of making such a incredible murder.
Nr. 44648  Mario Fredericks  South Africa It is a sad day when one sees acts like these. A nations humanity is judged by how well it treats its animals. Surely we have become educated enough about global environemental issues to understand the impact that these actions have on the oceans of the world. Have we forgotten that the ocean is the life blood of the earth and that disturbing it's balance ultimately disturbs the delicate balance that exists in nature globally. See what we've done with the ozone layer because of turning a blind eye... See how we're being affected by melting polar caps and rising sea levels. When do we make the change? Be the change you want to see in the world - Mahatma Ghandi.
Nr. 44647  Zulfiqar Razvi  United Arab Emirates I saw photographs and it is absolutely horrendous. Hang these people to death!
Nr. 44646  Joseph De Alwis  United Arab Emirates This just proves that we humans are the worst animals to walk on this planet!
Nr. 44644  Arnold Vermaak  South Africa its outdated barbaric and needs to stop. culture also needs to reflect the times.
Nr. 44643  Sharon Morris  United Kingdom This is barbaric & must stop. These beautiful creatures do not deserve to be treated like this.
Nr. 44642  Sebastian Hosu  Romania
Nr. 44641  Marczinkó Hilda-Krisztina  Romania
Nr. 44640  Francesca Alberti  Italy IT'S A SHAME! IT'S ABSOLUTELY UNVELIVABLE. you need this way to say "Hi I am a MAN now"! you are not men. Listen I'm not religious but you are people without God! this is what you are! MAN? you do not knot the meaning of this word! I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope someone will do the same to you!
Nr. 44639  Cosma Alexandru  Romania We don't need to kill more than we can eat!
Nr. 44638  Alexe Camelia  Romania please let him leave!!!
Nr. 44637  Nicoara Mihaela-Adriana  Romania IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 44636  Oana Dascalu  Romania humans are a disease to this planet...the easiest part is to destroy everything around with no reason.the saddest part is that they enjoy destroying. i hope this petition will help and in time this massacre will be stopped.
Nr. 44635  Schmerer Silke  Germany
Nr. 44634  James Atkinson  California Surely human beings have moved beyond this in our evolution. Please whales are not a needed food source for humans and they are unusually intelligent creatures. As a fellow citizen of this planet I wish for whales to be respected and not slaughtered.
Nr. 44633  Kadar Oliver  Romania
Nr. 44632  Wens Peggy  Belgium
Nr. 44631  CROITOR DUMITRU  Romania Islanders in motorboats first drive the whales into a bay. The chase may be lengthy. The exhausted terrified and confused whales are eventually driven into the shallows. Here the bloodbath begins. The islanders repeatedly hammer 2.2 kg metal gaffs into the living flesh of each whale until the hooks hold. A 15 cm knife is then used to slash through the blubber and flesh to the spinal column. Next the main blood vessels are severed. The blood-stained bay is soon filled with horribly mutilated and dying whales.
Nr. 44630  Silasi Cristian  Romania Please stop this act!
Nr. 44629  Hemant Patel  United Arab Emirates
Nr. 44628  Banyai Sandor  Romania i would like to slaughter the islanders if possible. where and when?
Nr. 44627  Ana Perez  Spain I wonder how people can do things like this... have they got any feelings???!!! are they human or beasts?!
Nr. 44626  V. J.  Romania
Nr. 44625  Oana Iojiban  Romania ...this pictures make me cry..how can they do that?
Nr. 44624  Erol Rezic  Croatia You shold be ashame I am not buying anything from Denmark..
Nr. 44623  Vajas Kinga-Eniko  Romania
Nr. 44622  Alina Banu  Romania Stop this!
Nr. 44621  Anca Mihaela Tudor  Romania How can the Feroese be allowed to do that? Are these the same europeans that denied us Romanians. the right to kill a pig on Christmas as our grandfathers used to? A pig we are eating... It's unbelievable! Something must be done! And quick...
Nr. 44620  Chiruta Andreea Elena  Romania
Nr. 44619  Ildiko Ban  Romania
Nr. 44618  Suciu Reluta Maria  Romania
Nr. 44617  Gabiela Botis  Romania STOP THIS MASSACRE
Nr. 44616  Olinca Bogdan  Romania horrible
Nr. 44615  Mihalache Marius - Costel  Greece
Nr. 44614  Isachi Paul  Romania
Nr. 44613  Tardea Lucia-Diana  Romania
Nr. 44612  Calin Moldovan-Teselios  Romania Hello I am from Romania. I protest against dolphin slaughter in Faeroe Islands. People we are in XXI century. You?
Nr. 44611  Alina Blidar  Romania
Nr. 44610  Haba Ionela  Romania
Nr. 44609  David Dorogostaisky  Romania Criminals! That's what they are!
Nr. 44608  Corina SIMON  Romania Let`s not forget that we are humans and we must help these creatures not kill them!!!
Nr. 44607  Daniel Codarcea  Romania WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? Isn't there enough food on the planet? Or is this pure enjoyment? GROW THE HELL UP!!!!! WITHOUTH KILLING INNOCENT AND DEFENSLESS ANIMALS!
Nr. 44605  Robert Varga  Romania No wonder they are not part of EU....savages
Nr. 44604  Florina Sur  Romania

Nr. 44603  Voivod Oana  Romania I DO NOT want all those wales and dolphins to be killed. Have a heart and some mercy. They are just some poor animals. Please dont kill them
Nr. 44602  Monica Botezan  Romania We need to stop this NOW!!!
Nr. 44601  Ignat Olga  Romania
Nr. 44600  Pop Rares  Romania
Nr. 44599  Bollaert Wim  Belgium
Nr. 44598  George Christou  Cyprus
Nr. 44597  Beverly Vanreusel  South Africa It is barbaric - these people don't deserve to live but what comes around comes around. STOP THIS MADNESS - HAS THE HUMAN RACE GONE INSANE?
Nr. 44596  Keyvan Alvandi  Sweden
Nr. 44595  Richard Lair  Canada Stop this barbary !
Nr. 44594  Alin Razvan  Romania This is not the dignified way of a human being! Please be compassionate!Hopefully this petition will aid in ending this inhumanity!
Nr. 44593  JEAN CLAUDE BAUDOIN  France
Nr. 44592  Scilla Mantovani  Italy
Nr. 44591  Carolin Gschwilm  Germany Stop this disgraceful senseless slaughtering of these innocent beautiful beings right now! This is not the dignified way of a human being! Please be compassionate! Have a heart and spare their lives! Then your life will be spared as well. Watch: www.suprememastertv.com for more info on a cruelty-free lifestyle!
Nr. 44590  Banyai Andrea  Romania
Nr. 44589  Andrada Popan - Dorca  Romania
Nr. 44588  Leigh Coupland  Canada It makes me sick to know this needless torture occurrs. Unbelievable that nothing has been done about this yet. Hopefully this petition will aid in ending this inhumanity!
Nr. 44587  Marius Coroian  Spain
Nr. 44586  Etelka Lovas  Romania
Nr. 44585  Marius BOZGA  Romania There are no adequate words in the dictionary to describe or characterize those people: savages barbarians narrow minded just aren't enough. Those are not human beings.
Nr. 44584  Kathleen Gittel  Texas
Nr. 44583  Farkas Csaba  Romania
Nr. 44582  ANGELA LUMEZEANU  Romania
Nr. 44581  Rose Vicente  California Its horrible and we need to STOP the innocent slaughter of those poor dolphins. It makes me sick that people can be so cruel. Please SAVE them PLEASE
Nr. 44578  Allison Sessions  Georgia
Nr. 44577  Elena Gabriela  Romania stop the cruelty! what right they have to do such things??? so is true...we distroy everything ...with no mercy and we call ourself humans... this people dont ve a heart!...murderers!!!!!
Nr. 44576  Grad Alina  Romania It can not be possible. Dolphins are perfect. It's not fair... and also is meaningless what is happening.
Nr. 44575  Corneliu Plopa  Romania
Nr. 44574  Velniciuc Meda irina  Rwanda
Nr. 44573  Anca Bacalie  Romania I couldn't believe it when I saw these pictures... It's amazing how cruel pepople are they most clearly have mental issues since they need to kill innocent dolphins in order to feel like real men. Wouldn't YOU be scared of a person who enjoys this slaughter? I definitely wouldnt want to be anywhere near that person! Where is ANIMAL PROTECTION?? Why dont they do anything about it?
Nr. 44572  Roko Torres  Romania
Nr. 44571  Giampaolo Verga  Italy
Nr. 44570  Joyce Mendoza  Philippines Men are created to take care of earth and its inhabitants and what these people are doing are damnation and a total disrespect for life. Dolphins are warm blooded animals and as such considered somehow close to human. It displays higher intelligence and emotional sensitivity thus killing them for such is almost like killing humans.
Nr. 44569  Sherri Zirlin  Illinois I am mortified that this slaughter goes on in a country where I thought the people were peaceful. Pathetic!
Nr. 44568  Lorenzo Laudo  Italy Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo kill the dolphins!!
Nr. 44567  Stefano Calza  Italy
Nr. 44566  Guglielmo Pizzinelli  Italy This is a shame!
Nr. 44565  Patrizia Malvezzi  Italy Trovo veramente aberrante quello che per divertimento viene fatto nel vostro paese un gesto veramente incivile e sprezzante della vita. sono veramente scandalizzata e addolorata. Nella speranza che questa mattanza venga proibita da chi ne ha potere e sensibilità scrivo questa mail. patrizia malvezzi Genova Italia
Nr. 44564  Ioana Babos  Romania
Nr. 44563  Gabriella Ghilotti  Italy
Nr. 44562  Liviu Stanciu  Romania Stop this massacre. For ever.
Nr. 44561  Emanuele Catocci  Italy
Nr. 44559  Laura Imburgia  Italy
Nr. 44558  Djenny Brugmans  Netherlands
Nr. 44557  Sofia Ling  Sweden
Nr. 44556  Betlendi Adam  Romania hi
Nr. 44555  Jenny Kay  California This is disgusting and immoral. The arrogance brutality and ÔasleepÕ state of the humans doing this is beyond comprehension. No words can convey the toll this destruction has on all of us. We are not independent of anothers actions...
Nr. 44554  Nicoara Larisa  Romania
Nr. 44553  Peter Mark  California
Nr. 44552  Aubrey Aristorenas  Philippines
Nr. 44551  Gyongyi-Eva Tatar  Romania
Nr. 44550  Laura Balc  Romania I do not care if is the oldest tradition on this earth this has to STOP. How can any human been do this ???? And every year . Oh my God . I feel sick of the peoples on this earth everyday more and more.
Nr. 44549  Corselli Antonio  Romania
Nr. 44548  Popa Mircea Ioan  Romania
Nr. 44547  Magdalena Dinic  Serbia And Montenegro
Nr. 44546  Iva Herceg  Croatia
Nr. 44545  Anca Clipota  Romania stupid people
Nr. 44544  Zoi Panisoi  Italy -ntrepomai pragmatika poy to an&rwpino eidos &ewreitai kai to eksypnotero kai pws ston 21o aiwna yparxoyn "onta"poy sypmeriferontai xeirotera kai aptoys an&rwpoys twn spilewn kai malista kinoymenoi apto oikonomiko symferon!!tous aksizei h xeiroteh poinh!!
Nr. 44543  Jan Schwabe  Germany For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 44542  Furda Tiberiu Damian  Romania
Nr. 44541  Lucian Litiu  Romania
Nr. 44540  Claudia Tigiser  Germany How disgusting this is! Hopefully you will feel one day yourself the pain you are causing these poor creatures!How do you still sleep at night????
Nr. 44539  AILENEI VLAD  Romania
Nr. 44538  Kelemen Zsolt  Romania
Nr. 44537  Aloysius Fernandes  Bahrain
Nr. 44536  Virginia Caldwell  Belgium It is incredible that so called "men" still think they have to prove their "virility" in such a barbaric way in 2008! The entire "show" is totally disgusting. Ginny Caldwell
Nr. 44535  Thomas Heider  Germany Please be gentle and loving to ALL beings!!!
Nr. 44534  Grecu Bogdan  Romania
Nr. 44533  Vilmar Rodrigues  Brazil
Nr. 44532  Cao Tri Nguyen  Germany
Nr. 44531  Maxian Nazarica  Romania I really feel sorry for those wales I don't think that anyone should do such terrible things
Nr. 44530  Miclea Laura  Romania
Nr. 44529  Saskia Benade  South Africa Don't you people have any hearts?? How would you likeit if I did the same to you...?
Nr. 44528  Hon Zwei-En  Germany it is not a mankind worse than an animal
Nr. 44527  Nemes Simona  Romania
Nr. 44526  Helene Larsen  Norway
Nr. 44525  Thi Huong Pham  Germany
Nr. 44524  Ioana Contu  Romania Speciesism must end! The kind of world we live in these days doesn't resemble the one 10 centuries ago and for that we need to abolish these barbarian traditional practices and establish new rules that apply to the present times. If we believe we are an evolved species then let's act like it. For that I sign this petition and hope for a change.
Nr. 44523  Ellen Hamel  Germany Please stop it in the name of love
Nr. 44522  CORRIAS Stefania  France Please stop the massacre of the whales in the far oer islands. A civil people dont make this!
Nr. 44521  Pataki Artur  Romania hy my name is Artur and i am from Romania. The inteligence level of some people has been demonstrated once again and i am full of puke in my mind and i just cant find my words to describe what i have just seen in this pictures. OMFG !! sick people ... tradition ?? my white ass ... this word is in a continuos colapse ... i hope you all die like you kill thouse animals i really hope !!
Nr. 44520  Sergio Rossi  Finland that´s awful! Far Oer a name which will always remember me something negative...
Nr. 44519  CIPRIAN MARIN  Romania

Nr. 44518  Pam Sexton  Ireland i think what these people do to whales & dolphins should be done to them !!!! it is very up-setting to read this account of what happens for some stupid peoples fun! thank you for setting up this petition pam
Nr. 44517  James Harris  Florida
Nr. 44516  Guraliuc Claudiu bogdan  Romania
Nr. 44515  Lisa Högberg  Sweden
Nr. 44514  Covaciu Sorin  Romania I'ts horible.
Nr. 44513  Tarcea Gabriela  Romania
Nr. 44512  Andreea Popescu  Romania
Nr. 44511  Tatoiu Lucia  Romania Is dazzlingincredible.There are brutes beasts.Must punishable.
Nr. 44510  Lauren Manzano  California I want to express my sorrow and disgust that people would be so cruel torturing harmless beautiful animals. The killing needs to stop. When all these whales and dolphins become extinct what then will these people hunt down? It saddens me that people cannot feel the pain they inflict. Please stop murdering these defenseless creatures.
Nr. 44509  Boar Teodora  Romania are they crazy ? We understand that tradition is very important  but they are killing without to think they are murders! They have no feelings!
Nr. 44508  Marie-Claire TAGNATI  France
Nr. 44507  Tincescu Razvan  Romania
Nr. 44506  Anna Haro  California This is a travesty and this cruelty to these beautiful creatures must cease immediately!
Nr. 44505  Andreea Zai  Romania
Nr. 44504  Ellen De Maesschalck  Belgium this is straight up cruel why do this people need to kill the whales? What is the reason?? I don t understand .
Nr. 44503  Rosalinda Isorena  Australia Many continously condemn the Japanese whaling but the Faroese Grindadrap is much more disgusting and BARBARIC. IT HAS TO STOP!!!! The locals of Faroe Island needs education on environmental social justice. Boycott tourism of Faroe Island let them feel the weight of their injustice to other species of our planet Earth.
Nr. 44502  Keler Laurentiu  Romania
Nr. 44501  Joy McDougall  Hawaii Where is the international law against such a crime? This makes me sick. This is the year 2008 ! Wake up Denmark and smell the reality. The earth and creatures need our protection.
Nr. 44500  Delambre Marie  France
Nr. 44499  Ghigiu Simona  Romania OH MY GODIS DISGUSTING.......STOPPED PLEACE
Nr. 44498  Dascalu Diana  Romania It's just horrible what they do to those defenseless cretures just to prove the dominant feture of humankind..shame for those people...the main feature sould be brein and intellect not brawn!
Nr. 44497  Sunila Addara Arachchi  Germany Hirrible how can humans do this kind of murdereous acts.
Nr. 44496  Viragos-toth Imola  Romania
Nr. 44495  Juliana Pavan  Brazil
Nr. 44494  Maria Sandoval  Florida I am extremely disturbed by these pictures Lets hope they can stop this
Nr. 44493  Claudia Caprar  Romania i can't believe that people are doing that ....
Nr. 44492  Dawn Bruchez  United Arab Emirates
Nr. 44491  Bogdy Birnea  Romania
Nr. 44490  Heidi Bright  California I am horrified at the slaughter of these intelligent animals. Being half Danish - I am ashamed & appaled. Stop this slaughter immediately.
Nr. 44489  John Bright  California Stop this Abuse! Now!
Nr. 44487  Alexandra Zaiu  Romania
Nr. 44486  Mihaela Pop  Romania terrible
Nr. 44485  Cesa Florin  Romania and this is what? to kill like this means that you are a real man? it means that to be a real man is to kill children to rape little girls to destroy animals which cannot defend themselves?
Nr. 44484  Sambet Caroline  France
Nr. 44483  Mihaly Zsolt  Romania Stop de killing of these inocent creatures!!!
Nr. 44482  ChaniN Nicholas  California
Nr. 44481  Miron Mirela  Romania
Nr. 44480  Portarescu Ruxandra  Romania
Nr. 44479  Andrea-georgeta Tomse-Istoc  Romania Only us can help the animals!
Nr. 44478  Adina Duica  Romania This is crime! Incredibil and we must do something to stop this!!! Adina Duica
Nr. 44477  Megan Masser  Colorado
Nr. 44476  A.c. Ware  Texas Barbaric disgusting and shameful. Not to mention there is absolutely no practical purpose. This should be stopped immediately please. Absolutely no reason for this.
Nr. 44475  Ioana Danci  Romania
Nr. 44474  Florin Rosoga  Romania
Nr. 44473  Denise Deiro  Brazil This has to STOP!!! Inadmissible!!!!
Nr. 44472  Irimie Alexandra  Romania I can't believe this happened in this century when everyone tryies to help the environment and many species not to dissapear. I think this was a cruel act and never should happen again!
Nr. 44471  ANDREEA BARBU  Romania
Nr. 44470  Teodora Suhan  Romania Stop killing!
Nr. 44469  Claudiu O  Romania I thought barbarians ceased to exist centuries ago.
Nr. 44468  DAN LAURA  Romania
Nr. 44467  Mester Sonia  Romania STOP this massacre!!!
Nr. 44466  Vian Ng  Sweden PLEASE STOP THIS CRUELTY!!!
Nr. 44465  Kathy Newbaker  California These aimal murderers may say that it is tradition and they use the ENTIRE animal to feed clothe heat their families. Whatever their reasons.. not ONE is a good enough excuse to Treat these animals INHUMANELY. Period. Bottom line. Same for killing wolves from helicopters etc.. There is Never a reason for killing anything in pain in vain.
Nr. 44464  Daniel Kontos  Romania Denmark EU stop this crime! We all must protest!
Nr. 44463  Paul Marculescu  Sweden
Nr. 44462  Uivari Catalin  Romania
Nr. 44461  Lavinia Diosan  Romania
Nr. 44460  Adriana Amblaczky  Austria
Nr. 44459  Wonwilai Rakkandee  Germany Thank you for doing this wonderful work.
Nr. 44458  Muresan Andrei Ciprian  Romania damn you killers
Nr. 44456  Chris Corr  Ireland pointless and barbaric ~ the whale hacking pehraps this description applies to faroe islands too... (?) DO somethign harder - slaughter your own inner barbarity. That is hard and worth celebrating
Nr. 44455  Joe Faust  California Find another way to eat to become a man to be human. Killing our brother Dophin and Sister Whale in such manner sets us all back. What do you need to change? Please tell us how we all might help your basic needs so that you are not moved to slaughter such firends of humans.
Nr. 44453  BJ Harris  Australia
Nr. 44452  Alina Todea  Romania outrageous and cruel!!
Nr. 44451  Hadbi Moussa benameur  Algeria Does humans have brains and hearts why we still see this kind of pictures...for a piece of "meal" ?????
Nr. 44450  Mihaela Stefan  Romania
Nr. 44449  Johanna Lindell  Sweden
Nr. 44448  Petrus Radu  Romania Daca poate traduce cineva! Am crezut ca Danemarca e o tara dezvoltata dar din ce am vazut se da dovada de o tara de canibali sau mai rau criminali!la ei nu este protectia animalelor? Orice traditie ar fi dar nici chiar asa ! PENTRU CE ATATA CRUZIME ?
Nr. 44447  Kristina Bouteiller  Connecticut this is insane it needs to be stopped
Nr. 44446  Costel Olteanu  Romania Please stop those cruel actions!
Nr. 44445  Guran Maria Margareta  Romania it's outrageous and horrible.
Nr. 44444  Maksai Andras  Romania
Nr. 44443  Dinca Madalina  Romania
Nr. 44442  Anca Tudor  Romania
Nr. 44441  William Sheahan  New York How can Denmark tolerate such cruel acts? Isn't it damning that people can equate Pitiless Killing with adulthood? Compassion is our goal as beings not cruelty. We despise your lack of pity and for and inhumane treatment of these creatures. It is sickening.
Nr. 44440  Maureen Wright  United Kingdom In the UK using imperial weights and measures has been made illegal by a European mandate.....and this is allowed?repulsive.
Nr. 44439  Cimpan Lucian  Romania These so called traditions should be severely punished by international laws. Mistakes made in the past for whatever reasons should not be seen as national cultural heritage.
Nr. 44438  Natalia Olenicoff  California Please stop killing this beautiful animal! Slaughtering them for no purspose except sport and tradition is not right. This is a tradition that needs to be retired. Thank you.
Nr. 44437  Tirziu Sergiu  Romania crazy world
Nr. 44436  Alexandria Ingraham  California
Nr. 44435  Mieneke Barneveld  Netherlands
Nr. 44434  Lisa Graham  Australia
Nr. 44433  Ion-Bogdan DUMITRESCU  Romania Stop these brutal killings!
Nr. 44432  D. Luksic  Netherlands
Nr. 44431  Ines Silipetar  Croatia
Nr. 44430  Yesenia Blandon  Texas
Nr. 44429  Cristian Eigel  Washington
Nr. 44428  Natasa Petrovic  Croatia
Nr. 44427  Ignacio Fernando Silva Jiménez  Chile
Nr. 44426  Robyn Hunt  Australia Robyn P Hunt
Nr. 44425  Vita Vilde  United Kingdom i pray it works well.... this is evil... don't let human b so evil... creatures like whales and dolphins being friendly and trusting shouldn't b killed is such a cruel way.... not from human... not ever.... humanity is making me sick now.....
Nr. 44423  Jim Havnaer  Oregon
Nr. 44422  Natasa Nikolic  Netherlands
Nr. 44421  Petra Penciulescu  Romania
Nr. 44420  Rachael Thomas  Australia This is horrific! how can they do this to such beautiful friendly creatures - i am disgusted.
Nr. 44419  Ross Graham  Australia
Nr. 44418  Bogdan Buta  Romania
Nr. 44417  Carly Jenkins  Australia
Nr. 44416  Renate De Almeida  Germany
Nr. 44415  Gheata Alexandru  Romania You idiots you bastards with no heart. You will dye the same way. JEGOSILOR
Nr. 44414  Andrea Pucci  Italy
Nr. 44413  Holesek Bojan  Croatia only sound of galaxies colliding into each other can match internal scream of terrifying pain result of being aware that this is occurring in your society
Nr. 44412  Lucy Tunnicliffe  United Kingdom This awful slaughter has to be stopped with no benificial reasoning behind this activity there has to be a social eduction program put in place to open these inhabitants eyes to what they are doing the suffering they cause.
Nr. 44411  Cristian Sorin Caposi  Romania Respect nature because is the future of this planetTerra.
Nr. 44410  Daniele Giombani  Italy
Nr. 44409  Roman Rares-Florian  Romania
Nr. 44408  Cheryl Janiszewski  Maryland
Nr. 44407  Dealma Franceschetti  Italy
Nr. 44406  Popandron tiberiu Ionut  Romania
Nr. 44405  Szoke Ramona angelica  Romania stop killing animalsthey are better than humans
Nr. 44404  Helen Wright  United Kingdom HAHAHAHA!!! I cannot believe it.Real men would not need to do this saughter.
Nr. 44403  Julius Violaris  Papua New Guinea Give it up guys.
Nr. 44402  Nuri Guiza  Mexico I can't believe this is happening nowadays. We should try to stop this horrible things. Please someone do something!At least here is my signature to complain.
Nr. 44401  Jacqueline Gericke  Australia Only a revolting dispicable excuse for a human being could carry out such an inhumane act. It needs to be stopped.
Nr. 44400  Liliana Steffy  Illinois please stop this !!
Nr. 44399  Kelly Anne Ruda  Australia This is barbaric and should not be allowed. ALL whales should be protected.
Nr. 44398  JOHN MCGREGOR  United Arab Emirates

Nr. 44397  Adriana Dascalu  Virginia This is a crime and there should be a law against it those who kill innocent animals should be dratically punished!
Nr. 44396  Delia Maries  New Hampshire
Nr. 44395  Ingrid Denne  Germany Please stop this! Traditions are important but slaughtering animals this way has noting to do with tradition it is simply murder.
Nr. 44394  Lisa McKee  California
Nr. 44393  Jessica Eileen Heid  United Arab Emirates There is no use for this meat and even if there was: killing an animal any animal can be done in the quickest and most pain and trauma-free way possible. I understand that this may be a "tradition" but in these modern times with so many species under threat please stop this hunt!
Nr. 44392  Deborah Seymour  Australia This is absolutely disgusting! this needs to stop now!
Nr. 44391  Anca Gliga  Romania stop the masacre don`t you people have any compassion for beings?
Nr. 44390  Marianella Leon  Kansas Who are we humans (?) to think we have the right to slaughter other creatures? Karma is Karma and I cry for the whales.
Nr. 44389  Anna Beaulieu  Canada
Nr. 44388  Thomas Lehninger  Austria Let humanity win over tradition!
Nr. 44387  Fabio Paiva  Brazil STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY NOW!!!
Nr. 44386  Shannah E Gray  Australia How is it that with so much knowledge post globalisation these barbaric practises are not only still continued but tolerated by many nations! I cannot understand how the human race continues to blatantly disregard the stewardship over nature that has been bestowed upon us since the beginning of the Earth... an earth now largely filled with selfishness and greed.
Nr. 44385  Fuz Gavris  Pennsylvania this is unbelievable.
Nr. 44384  Emily Clark  Australia
Nr. 44383  Jackie Soutar  Australia DISGUSTING... who are these Faroese? what is their problem? are they inbred? are they secluded on their island so can only marry their brothers sisters & mothers and produce mutant children? I dont get it can't even fathom it... there is something seriously wrong with Faroese people. (Thinking they're inbred is not a joke i seriously wonder whether its true).
Nr. 44382  Balea Valentin  Romania
Nr. 44381  Hilda Mary McGrath nee Orne-Gliemann  Australia Am appauled at this atrocity in a modern world and even more so as an ascendant of Gliemann family Denmark. It must be STOPED.
Nr. 44380  Joanne Spencer-Lang  Australia We need to put an end to this.
Nr. 44379  Rebbecca Jones  Australia
Nr. 44378  Lois Joan Moore  Australia The killing or slaughtering of these harmless animals is not a show of manhood in fact it is an act of senselessness. Please have this stopped.
Nr. 44377  Ciornei Loredana  Romania please stop... there is no tradition to kill this poor animals...omg..i can't believe how they can enjoy to stay in that see fool of blod
Nr. 44376  Rey Tan  Philippines Dolphins are also a creation of Our Almighty and must be respected and cared for. They should be free from harm much like the human beings in this planet.
Nr. 44375  Sarah Ryan-Charles  Australia this is disgusting!
Nr. 44374  Verisimo f Pazos pereira  Spain
Nr. 44373  Promise Manthey  Australia
Nr. 44372  VICTORIA SPENCER  Australia Just another case of Human beings as out of control primates. Very sad indeed.
Nr. 44371  Tracey Rehn  Australia This is disgusting it should not be allowed!!!
Nr. 44370  Tina Arena  Australia Disgusting and unbelievable as is the practice of torturing geese and ducks for foie gras amongst other things including the *@*
Nr. 44369
Nr. 44368  Sally Dean  Australia
Nr. 44367  Krystal Hardy  Australia OMG! This is horrible!!!! What is wrong with people I really dont understand! When is the wrodl going to wake up and make a worldwide law that we cant kill these beautiful creatures??? This really saddens me as does all animal cruelty! Barbarions!!! This is the 21st Century!!!!!
Nr. 44366  Mihai Mihai  Romania
Nr. 44365  Andreea Muresan  Romania
Nr. 44364  Emily Tait  California
Nr. 44363  Daniela Dinu  Romania
Nr. 44362  Anitei Andrei  Romania STOP THIS CRIME!
Nr. 44361  Cecilia Mackay  South Africa we have nothng left to be proud of... human beings are disgusting that this is still legal is horrific... I hope all the people involved die a terrible death and suffer as these poor whales have... killers!!!
Nr. 44360  Samantha Van Niekerk  South Africa
Nr. 44359  Mokdovan Petru  Romania pepe
Nr. 44358  Alenka Zupan  Slovenia
Nr. 44357  DORDAI MARIA  Romania
Nr. 44356  Radu Ghirca  Romania
Nr. 44355  Monica Ghirca  Romania
Nr. 44354  Olau Lavinia  Romania
Nr. 44353  Cseh Zoltán  Romania
Nr. 44352  Habala Orieta  Romania
Nr. 44351  Bogdan Georgita  Romania
Nr. 44350  Bodea Catalin  Romania
Nr. 44349  Linda Saul  Australia Only uncivilized people would entertain this!
Nr. 44348  Manea aniela Maria  Romania
Nr. 44346  Phil Fineman  Hawaii HEY LEAVE THE WHALES ALONE !
Nr. 44345  Elva Castino  Australia You are able to make a difference! Please be brave enough to do so!
Nr. 44344  Radu Telecan  Romania Stop this killings now !
Nr. 44343  Jacqui Chua KAH KEE  Singapore THIS IS INHUMANE. We cannot shut our eyes to such slaughter... Pls stop and think about your actions and please stop this cruel senseless brutal insanity. Jacqui
Nr. 44342  Chirila Calin  Romania They are such a crazy people who live in the past...Tradition to kill ??? I think is more then that...is tradition of stupidity !
Nr. 44341  Jane Leech  Australia This is the most grotesque slaughter I have ever witnessed. It is time we all learned to respect all life.
Nr. 44340  Madalina Matei  Romania Shame!
Nr. 44339  Mihai dragos Balea  Romania that's simply unhuman i can not understand what kind of animals we are but eventually all this will turn against human kind
Nr. 44338  Ovidiu Pop  Romania Stop this slotter until it's too late that means NOW!
Nr. 44337  Gorog Laszlo  Romania Stop that useless killing. You don't have joy in your life other than killing those whales?
Nr. 44336  Agnes Regeni  Romania I was shocked when I saw the pictures....so many animals suffering and dying in such pain...I hope something will be done soon and they will stop this cruelty!
Nr. 44335  Lari Adriana  Romania
Nr. 44334  Michael Hook  Australia
Nr. 44333  Gabriel Balanean  Romania
Nr. 44332  Janet Ackland  Australia Sure it's your "culture" but that arguement doesn't wash anymore - the world's changing and you have to change with it and not be so barbaric. Stop the killing and open a can of bakebeans like the rest of us!
Nr. 44331  Inge Bolin  Canada This whale and dolphin slaughter is a nightmare a holocaust for animals and all sensitive people on this planet. By being cruel and sadistic you not only hurt the animals and all sensitive people you destroy your image as a nation until you stop this despicable activity. When we think of the Faroe Island we think of a heart-breaking bone-chilling slaughter. We will never visit your islands until you stop this horribly cruel endeavour. "The greatness and moral progress of a nation is reflected in the way its animals are treated". Mahatma Gandhi
Nr. 44330  Leslie Geddes  Canada SHAME SHAME ON YOU AND YOUR COUNTRYMEN! Stop this brutal murder immediately! It is unbelievable that this should be happening and a blight on your nation.
Nr. 44329  Jasmine Saint  Australia Disgraceful!!! No wonder mother earth is rebelling!!!
Nr. 44328  Iliescu Stefan  Romania
Nr. 44327  Mario Carson  Washington
Nr. 44326  Leah Llarena  Illinois
Nr. 44325  Megan Bell  Australia
Nr. 44324  Toni Korotschuk  Australia
Nr. 44323  Nicoleta Bano  Romania It is outrageous !!!
Nr. 44322  Charlene Plunkett  Australia Please stop this barbaric practice.
Nr. 44321  Cristina Maria Bechir  Romania i understand the need to preserve traditions but this is really barbaric... a sea of blood!!!
Nr. 44320  Marius V  Romania These "pepole" should be tortured to death in the same way they do with the poor whales...
Nr. 44319  Rudi Sandor  Romania
Nr. 44318  LILE Eleonora  Romania stop this massacre you criminals!
Nr. 44317  Triveni Shilotri  India This immoral gruesome barbaric act needs to be stopped. People in Denmark are educated enough to understand what is right and what is wrong. Such a cruel behaviour towards these innocent mammals is not at all justified.
Nr. 44316  Liviu Mocanu  Romania Stop this barbaric massacre named "Tradition"
Nr. 44315  Pop Costica  Romania it`s incredibil they are not humansthey are Barbarians !!! BIG SHAME!
Nr. 44314  Alexandra Faur  Romania stop the terror and pain !
Nr. 44313  Oana Schuster  Romania It is so sad that it cannot be described in words...
Nr. 44312  Pop Maria  Romania
Nr. 44311  Ioana Vandici  Romania
Nr. 44310  Andreea Moldovan  Romania
Nr. 44309  Luca Ghirca  Romania
Nr. 44308  Sally Keady  Australia This must be stopped it is totally unacceptable by todays standards. I am absolutely appalled.
Nr. 44307  Marius Liviu  Romania stop immediately this massacre.
Nr. 44306  Victor Munteanu  Romania STOP the slaughter !!
Nr. 44305  Mia Habala  Romania
Nr. 44304  Muresan Radu nistor  Romania in these days when polution kills our planet this massacre must be stoped urgent .
Nr. 44303  Adi Balto  Romania
Nr. 44302  Antonius Roman  Romania
Nr. 44301  Daniel Bidian  Romania CRIMINAL
Nr. 44300  Irina Irina  Romania STOP! STOP! STOP! We do something other species can't: We kill just for fun...Why? We are blessed with the ability to know what is right and what is wrong.Think Faroese!Think what does it mean to be human
Nr. 44299  Audrey BARUCH  Netherlands
Nr. 44298  Marius Grig  Romania
Nr. 44297  Anca Iosif  Romania
Nr. 44296  Paul Stoicescu  Romania No comment
Nr. 44295  Pandrea Corina  Romania Stop this please!
Nr. 44294  Laura Tomei  United Kingdom
Nr. 44293  Gordea Oana Mirela  Romania
Nr. 44292  Mari-Louise Carewicz  South Africa Deeply saddening! To think that supposed civilised and intellegent humans actually do things like this! It is barbaric.
Nr. 44291  Astalas Calin  Romania All that man should be punish for killing whales!
Nr. 44290  Acatrinei Sorina Emanuela  Romania
Nr. 44289  Adi Chotoyou  Romania
Nr. 44288  Philipp Heinzer  Switzerland
Nr. 44287  Fets Laura  Romania
Nr. 44286  Layne Russell  California This must be stopped immediately. Horrendous and barbaric.
Nr. 44285  Valentin Busuioc  Romania These practices originate in Med-eval Time and are outrageous - cannot be accepted or tolerated in Europe 2008!
Nr. 44284  Natanya Israel  South Africa Disgusting! These people should be hunted down like they hunt down these poor animals.......
Nr. 44283  Maurizio Agostini  Italy Stop this please!
Nr. 44282  Bianca Eleches  Romania
Nr. 44281  Izabella Bajko  Romania

Nr. 44280  Pop Adrian-Horatiu  Romania This "tradition" is immoral and useless. Please stop these crimes against these beautiful animals. Just imagine if some aliens would have a tradition to kill anything and the families of these criminals would end in a bloodbath like they create
Nr. 44279  Aimee Bourne  Australia
Nr. 44278  Davide Rendiniello  Italy It's horrible! E' orribile!
Nr. 44277  Shawgat Amin  Bangladesh This is uttlerly hateful and barbaric. Let the world impose sanction on Faroe to stop this.
Nr. 44276  Adela David  Romania STOP THE KILLINGS!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 44275  Cristian Curpan  Romania simply outrageous!
Nr. 44274  Vincent Riess  South Africa
Nr. 44273  Heredea Alexandru Ioan  Romania
Nr. 44272  NILDA BALING  Philippines Let's put a stop to this senseless killing of helpless creatures. Killing these is like killing mankind.
Nr. 44271  Agnes Sajgo  Romania
Nr. 44270  Martina Chrastinová  Czech Republic
Nr. 44269  Pier Luigi Maschietto  Italy
Nr. 44268  FODOR ANA-MARIA  Romania
Nr. 44267  Luc Van Peborgh  Belgium ANY animal killing just for the fun of it should be forbidden! Even when it is tradition - they used to kill people for offering the gods!
Nr. 44266  Oana Ilie  Romania It might be a tradition for them and they might say that they are not killing so many... but they are killing them without a reason. And the way they are killing.. it's just horrible. And yes they could compare this with killing pigs or cows..but let's face it the pigs or cows aren't endangered species. STOP THE MASSACRE!!!
Nr. 44265  Volker Schmidt  Italy I appreciate that this is part of the islands' traditions but certainly needs to be reviewed in view of what we know today about these animals.
Nr. 44264  Grant Barltrop  Australia absolutely barbaric the animals had no chance.put the people responsible in a shark cage with no defense see what happens
Nr. 44263  MARGINEAN REMUS  Bangladesh
Nr. 44262  Grace Guevara Dunn  Hawaii This is a completely shocking and disturbing culture. I truly hope this petition will put an end to this cruel behavior.
Nr. 44261  Anca Culcear  Romania
Nr. 44260  Lucian-Mihai Pandrea  Romania
Nr. 44259  Kinga Szocs  Romania
Nr. 44258  Jeeju Mohan  India The planet belongs to all..... humans and animals. Stop this massacre.
Nr. 44257  Cristina M  Romania How can they d othat to so many animals? It's a shame!
Nr. 44256  Valentin Vesa  Romania If a habit is bad and against human reason or even Legal Laws stop it.
Nr. 44255  Anca Pricop  Romania
Nr. 44254  Jeanine Anderson  South Africa This is totally barbaric and inhuman and should be stopped immediately! What is wrong with these "people" (savages!). Obviously the toxins in the meat have addled their brains! Stand up and be counted sign this petition! help stop this unnecessary and wasteful slaughter!
Nr. 44253  FABIAN REKA  Romania
Nr. 44252  Spindler Alain  France
Nr. 44251  Cecilia Lippai  Romania
Nr. 44250  Kalo Florian  Romania Stop the terror and pain !
Nr. 44249  John Stockard  Australia Incredible barbarism from a modern European people. Please put an end to this abuse now.
Nr. 44248  Oana Maghiar  Romania Animals are better than humans!
Nr. 44247  Maja Rotkvic  Spain
Nr. 44246  RIGAN TUNDE  Romania I dont think they are human who make this massacre....
Nr. 44245  Vijan Karan  India This is by far the most cruelest deed ive seen..The European Union should take some strong setps to stop this inhuman activity...
Nr. 44244  Lorand Balla  Hungary Barbarians! No comment
Nr. 44243  Gal Daniela  Romania
Nr. 44242  Adellline Adellline  Romania These masacres against animals must stop. We live in the 21 Century not in the Stone Age this is outrageous and against common sense. Stop these masacres immediately.
Nr. 44241  Soniuta D.  Romania No matter what traditional or cultural importance this slaughter may hold it does not justify all this cruelty towards those innocent whales... It is against all present politics regarding the conservation of wildlife in general and it lacks any trace of humanity. This practice should definitely be stopped and punished.
Nr. 44240  Sara Reginato  Italy Respect life.
Nr. 44239  Vasudha Samant  India Its a barbaric act please stop it.
Nr. 44238  Ana-Maria Matei  Romania
Nr. 44237  Erla Rabe  South Africa
Nr. 44236  Anamaria Tutunea  Romania
Nr. 44235  Ioana Lovinger  Israel
Nr. 44234  HOZAS TIBERIU DANIEL  Romania
Nr. 44233  Somesan Fabian  Romania
Nr. 44232  Shumit Taher  Bangladesh
Nr. 44231  Ovidiu - Alexandru Mehedintanu  Romania Stop whales massacre!
Nr. 44230  Mihalce Livia  Romania
Nr. 44229  Andre Fernandez  India What joy do these people get by this?
Nr. 44228  Musat Florin  Canada
Nr. 44227  Mona Mona  Romania How would you feel if God turned you into a whale or a dolphin?
Nr. 44226  Ruxandra Iancu  Romania
Nr. 44225  Heike Menzel  Germany
Nr. 44224  Lucia Hristu  Romania
Nr. 44223  Elisa Disarò  Italy
Nr. 44222  Oprea Maria simona  Romania
Nr. 44221  Laura Alexandra Pop  Romania
Nr. 44220  Charlene Williams  United Kingdom I hope that when you read this petition you will be affected enough as I have been to sign this petition. If nothing else it may shame the Goverment of Faroe Islands and make them see that this is a pointless and cruel sport. We can not change the world alone and standing up to the top dogs of this world  who consider thenselves the elite - is NOT EASY but together we can make differences. CWilliams 2008.
Nr. 44219  Lotrean Radu  Romania
Nr. 44218  Pak Alert  Pakistan
Nr. 44217  Dria Paola Betti  Italy
Nr. 44216  Miahnie Joy Pueblos  Philippines I would understand hunting if it meant food supplies for the people at the island. But for fun? Where is the fun in that? I wouldn't mind if like pigs are bred for that purpose but nothing but for fun? That's just stupid barbaric and inhumane.
Nr. 44215  Nelleke Schuurman  Netherlands Is this the way animals should be treated? Not in a civilized country which obviously is not the case here. Nelleke Schuurman
Nr. 44214  Popa Carmen  Romania
Nr. 44213  Khateeb Rahman  Bangladesh
Nr. 44212  Teodor Cucu  Romania
Nr. 44211  Delia Carloni  Italy
Nr. 44210  Folescu Andrei Filip  Romania
Nr. 44209  Rebecca Vujanovic  Australia This is disgusting. I can't see how this act is the step taken to transform you into an adult. I do not understand how you can be classified as an adult simply through this inhumane act. Your supposed to be a role model and know right from wrong and if you can not differentiate between the two your not at all an adult. Its MURDER and I can not comprehend how you people can sleep at night!
Nr. 44208  Katia Bolognesi  Italy STOP PLEASE!!!
Nr. 44207  Wendy Tanghe  Belgium They always say 'you know how people are just by looking to how they treat animals !'. Well if this is something to go by I'd rather belong to the animal world than to be a human being.. There is nothing human about this kind of treatment !!
Nr. 44206  Rama Chandran  India It's horrible. Denish being the happiest people in the world are not suposed to continue such killing act. Pl stop killing this precious creatures...
Nr. 44205  LOUISE CRABTREE  United Kingdom
Nr. 44204  Lourenz Nienhuis  Netherlands
Nr. 44203  Vitalie Brega  Romania Just STOP IT!!!
Nr. 44202  Margriet Blok  Belgium
Nr. 44201  Szavics Blanka  Romania STONE AGE WAS MORE CIVILIZED!
Nr. 44200  Martin Novák  Czech Republic
Nr. 44199  LIVIU RETEGAN  Romania We have to stop this brutal and pointless act of barbarism! We do not own this planet - we only live here!
Nr. 44198  Doina Mustata  Canada I am shocked it si for real?????
Nr. 44197  Steve Mann  New Jersey
Nr. 44196  Jiøi Špák  Czech Republic
Nr. 44195  Ionut Sima  Romania Not human
Nr. 44194  Put Adrian Radu  Romania STOP IT !!!
Nr. 44193  Alin Ciprian Ciula  Romania Poor minded idiots!
Nr. 44192  Pogacean Daniel  Romania In order to gain respect we need to respect. Respecting the nature is part of who we should be part of our footprint on this planet and on our lifes.
Nr. 44191  Adrian Simionas  Romania
Nr. 44190  Pop mihai gheorghe Pop  Romania
Nr. 44189  Radu Ciupe  Romania
Nr. 44188  Carmen Muresan  Cyprus
Nr. 44187  Stefan Macovei  Romania don't kill dolphins kill murderers
Nr. 44186  Dhyan Jr  Brazil Isso é um crime crueldade maldade com a Natureza estamos pagando um preço muito alto por essas atrocidades tudo tem um preço e isso se voltará contra nós. PAREM AGORA!
Nr. 44185  Flavia Misin  Romania
Nr. 44184  Stefania Maccarinelli  Italy
Nr. 44183  Loredana Fratila-Cristescu  Romania This is needless cruelty.
Nr. 44182  Kis Jean  Romania
Nr. 44181  DHOOGHE Annick  Belgium Such a barbary is unacceptable. Stop this quickly.
Nr. 44180  Hudin Lucian  Romania completely insane. this is the 21st century drop the ancient habits faroes dumbasses
Nr. 44179  Cristian Sormani  Italy
Nr. 44178  Liviu Mesesan  Romania UNACCEPTABLE!
Nr. 44177  I-Wen Liu  Belgium Please stop the slaughter! We do not have the right to do this!
Nr. 44176  Pop Claudia  Romania
Nr. 44175  Mihaela Moca  Romania
Nr. 44174  Georgeta Sirbu  Belgium Dans ce cas l'homme ne prouve pas sa force mais bien agresse la nature!
Nr. 44173  Radoi Iustin  Romania ...please...stop this....
Nr. 44172  Koorosh Zohravi  Iran  Islamic Republic Of
Nr. 44170  Alan Milkovic  Croatia
Nr. 44169  Sean McConnell  Australia
Nr. 44168  Calin-Dragos Geru  Romania Stop the killing! Because you will be killed sooner or later in this live or the next.
Nr. 44167  Marius D  Romania
Nr. 44166  Snezna Milenkovic  Serbia And Montenegro
Nr. 44165  Smeets Anne  Belgium It is terrible what this men do just for their EGO Stop this horribel thing we needs dolphines they are such a lovely animals
Nr. 44164  Olivera Milenkovic  Serbia And Montenegro
Nr. 44163  Snezana Milic  Serbia And Montenegro
Nr. 44162  Lana Zaninovic  Croatia
Nr. 44161  Ajda Likar  Slovenia
Nr. 44160  Mihaela Oltean  Romania This is ferocity barbarity inhumanity. You are not man if you are doing this. Go in the ocean and fight there with the sharks and if you escape than you are MAN.
Nr. 44159  Skye Summers  Australia Find a way to stop it! slaughtering animals should not be felt as fun! where is the compassion for gods creatures. How can anyone cause so much suffering in the name of fun? WHY?
Nr. 44158  Oana Violeta Dragoianu  Romania STOP THIS MURDER!!!
Nr. 44157  Rolf Skoglund  Sweden Stop this violent and meaningless slaughter immediately! Theese rare and highly developed creatures deserves our respect and a better destiny.
Nr. 44156  Rasiga Gh Dan  Romania Some people are so cruel and are killing innocent animals and that is murder who gives them the right to bring harm to another living creature? these are GOD's creatures not yours to harm and hurt. Stop killing these innocent animals!!!
Nr. 44155  Roy Tan  Singapore
Nr. 44154  Sarah Nadelman  United Kingdom This barbaric slaughtering has got to stop before it is too late & mankind wipes out another of our beautiful creatures. We cannot bring them back with regrets - STOP before it is too late
Nr. 44153  Betty Tio  Indonesia Please people stop the slaughter! I can't believe such cruel and primitive act is still done nowadays! D:
Nr. 44152  Magdalena Lilla Luchici  Romania This is no human behaviour! This is the 21st century! Such slaughter shouldn't exit!
Nr. 44151  Bayer Cornelia Lilla  Romania I am totally against this massacre
Nr. 44150  Catargiu Ioan  Romania I totally disagree!!
Nr. 44149  Iris Bollozos  Philippines
Nr. 44148  Marko Stanojevic  Serbia And Montenegro Slaughtering these highly evolved and intelligent mammals on behalf of some savage tradition is a shame. Even if we put aside the horrible suffering of the killed animals there remains a question how does this "festivity" affect the development of personality in children that are practically encouraged to participate or at least enjoy the sight of it. There is no excuse. Period.
Nr. 44147  Danilo Pirazzoli  Italy
Nr. 44146  Hanna Grunwald  Romania
Nr. 44145  BACIU SEBASTIAN  Romania
Nr. 44144  PAUL Iachint  Romania Stop Whale & Dolphin Slaughter in the Faroe Islands!
Nr. 44143  Gabriel Marin  Romania I hope everybody who takes part in one of these sick rituals will eventually be reincarnated in a whale and suffer the same treatment!
Nr. 44142  Paul Stoicescu  Romania Watch those ugly animal faces calling themselves "Human" while for a retard cause they kill such beautiful creatures.
Nr. 44141  Edith Kelsey  Illinois It's such unbelievable cruelty and so useless...
Nr. 44140  Mihai Ghetze  Romania STOP THE MASSACRE!!!
Nr. 44139  Lynne Harrison  Pennsylvania It's hard to believe that since the early 1970's organizations such as Greenpeace and World Wildlife Fund have fought to stop the barbaric slaughter of these amazing and magnificent animals. Clearly the message isn't getting through despite efforts by countries in the IWC who are dedicated to stopping the mindless and careless cruelty and slaughter of these trusting and intelligent mammals. Time and time again ignorance greed and inhumanity prevailes. It's time to declare the killing of whales illegal.
Nr. 44138  Joan McGuigan  Connecticut The photos of this barbaric slaughter made me ill. How can we petition the UN or other world agencies to end the monsterous torture.
Nr. 44137  Sarah Flood  Ireland

Nr. 44136  Patrizia Dalla Sega  Italy Basta con questo massacro!Fermate questa crudeltà! E' orribile quello che fateche diritto avete di divertirvi con queste povere creature innocenti!VERGOGNA!
Nr. 44135  Raluca Voda  Romania
Nr. 44134  Ciucur Ioana  Romania
Nr. 44133  Adrian Santa  Romania
Nr. 44132  Barlea Stefan  Romania
Nr. 44131  Adam Szabolcs Sebestyen  Romania Idiots when almost every day one species is disappearing from the face of the earth they are killing animals because it's a tradition.
Nr. 44130  Roxana Nash  Romania
Nr. 44129  Valentin Surdu  Romania Save the whales!
Nr. 44128  Gebefugi Botond Levente  Romania
Nr. 44127  LosMihai DesCorhendez  Romania
Nr. 44126  Dascal Tibor  Romania IDIOTS !
Nr. 44125  DOSA IOANA  Romania I totally disagree!!
Nr. 44124  Ida Raether  Austria
Nr. 44123  Daniel Tamas  Romania Do you have any reasonable explanation of this event? Why do people gather round defenseless creatures to kill them in such a brutal manner? If this Denmark? Or the EU? See terrorist attacks of 9/11 and then take a look at this bullshit: the same thing!
Nr. 44122  Jurca Alin Alexandru  Romania It's so typical for humans to do this kind of massacre. Especially for those countries with the biggest economies. I'm wondering why do they have to do this are they so hungry for whale meat or just for the entertainment.. I think the answer is obvious
Nr. 44121  Claudia Pugliese  Romania
Nr. 44120  Stan Petru Viorel  Romania
Nr. 44119  Sara Biagi  Italy How can you do that!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? It's cruel unrespectable shocking!!! God watches God provides and punishes..
Nr. 44118  Soma Toll  Sweden
Nr. 44117  Monica Muresan  Romania
Nr. 44116  Tambuc Oana  Romania
Nr. 44115  Luisa Gastaldelli  Italy
Nr. 44114  Francesca Rossi  Italy orribileee !!! leimmagini dicono tutto !!!!!!!!
Nr. 44113  Felicia Marincas  Romania
Nr. 44112  Asavei Maria-Alina  Hungary
Nr. 44111  Alina V  Romania
Nr. 44110  Claudiu Pupoies  Romania they have no fear of GOD...it's against all the rules of nature...i will never visit that country...they should be considered 3rd world not a civilized country...huooo
Nr. 44109  Mihaela V  Romania
Nr. 44108  Alessandra Canestro  Italy When I first saw it I didn't want to believe it!! How is it possible that in a civilized country this could happen? Please do something to stop this massacre!!!
Nr. 44107  Panaiotu Andrei  Romania Killing is a sin. Killing a helpless animal is worst than that. :(
Nr. 44106  Kateøina Špilarová  Czech Republic Hi peace for everybody feeling beings.
Nr. 44105  Benedetta Gaggioli  Italy
Nr. 44104  Miron Adrian  Romania
Nr. 44103  Nicoara La  Romania
Nr. 44102  Vladimir Ivkovic  Texas A plain shame!
Nr. 44101  Maria C  New York
Nr. 44100  Anja Barcellona  Germany
Nr. 44099  Dagmar Reger  France
Nr. 44098  Milea Tamara  Romania
Nr. 44097  Robin Green  Florida
Nr. 44096  Carol Verigin  California Human consciousness is ever-changing and an increasing awareness is evolving to encompass the connectedness and unity of all life on this planet. Brutality towards all animals must cease if humans are going to survive on this planet. To tolerate old ways of brutality particularly towards highly intelligent and sensitive whales and dolphins is barbaric and senseless. Change begins with awareness...and the mantle of responsibility is born by those who have awakened to our human misgivings. Become a part of the necessary change and STOP THE KILLING OF OTHER SENTIENT BEINGS WHO SHARE THIS PLANET WITH US IN PEACE.
Nr. 44095  Rada Petrus  Greece STOP THE KILLERS! STOP TO KILL!
Nr. 44094  Elena Craig  Virginia
Nr. 44093  Angelica Miletic  France
Nr. 44092  Gabriela Varveri  Romania
Nr. 44091  Laura Car  Romania
Nr. 44090  Dionne Vaz  United Arab Emirates
Nr. 44089  Urák István  Romania For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 44088  Balaniuc Raluca  Romania
Nr. 44087  De Leeuw Willy  Belgium
Nr. 44086  Cocis Andana  Romania
Nr. 44085  Tanase Anca-Oana  Romania
Nr. 44084  Lilka Walewska  New York
Nr. 44083  Michele Mottini  Italy
Nr. 44082  Stanley Lerman  California As an avid scuba diver and general lover of nature i deplore the barbaric killing of these highly intelligent creatures. We are all one and it is a sad reflection on humanity.
Nr. 44081  Szekely Mihai  Romania Firstly i thought the pictures weren't real.I am terrified speechless and hope signing this will do some good
Nr. 44080  Delia Ionescu  Romania
Nr. 44079  Ylva Hällgren  Sweden It is sad to see how evil some humans can be I cant see anything that gives them the right to continue with this.
Nr. 44078  Lile Lavinia  Romania
Nr. 44077  Kresimir Sedak-Bencic  Denmark I´ve just learned about this barbaric act even though i live in Denmark for about 10 years. This should stop immediately. I understand fishing and hunting for food but here we are talking about unneccessary slaughter of intelligent and endangered species - isn´t there any law that could be applied to this case?
Nr. 44076  Iftime Georgiana  Romania
Nr. 44075  Candace Smith  Connecticut And you can call yourselves human???
Nr. 44074  Dodi S.  Netherlands
Nr. 44073  Angela Nilsson  Germany
Nr. 44072  Mary Quatela  Italy Are we really living in the 21 century?This is not prehistoric age. Stop this idiotic tradition immediately! Shame!
Nr. 44071  Anita Louise Bowring  Australia
Nr. 44070  Craig O'Neill  Australia Sickeningthese people seemingly get away murder while all the attention seems to be on Japanese whaling
Nr. 44069  Dhana Schofield  Australia
Nr. 44068  DILLENSEGER Claire-Sophie  France
Nr. 44067  Senninha Seynaeve  Belgium The awful wrongs and sufferings forced upon the innocent helpless faithful animal race form the blackest chapter in the whole world's history. Shame on you Faroe Islanders!
Nr. 44066  Petr Vachler  Czech Republic
Nr. 44065  Schmidts Andreas  Romania
Nr. 44064  Olivia Seynaeve  Belgium Shocked that this is still happening in the 21th century. Shame on you Denmark and The Faroe Islands. Together with Japan Norway and Iceland you are a disgrace to humanity!!
Nr. 44063  Sincu Horea  Romania
Nr. 44062  Frank Fourneau  Belgium Let's change roles: next year the Faroese who normally slaughter will be driven into a bay and they will be slaughtered by the ones who signed this petition. So they'll know how it feels like...
Nr. 44061  Clara Guzman  Chile PLEASE STOP THIS USELESS TRADITION!!!
Nr. 44060  Rusitoru Florin  Romania
Nr. 44059  LANE CURA MENG  Florida This is a horrible senseless and desensitizing ritual. Men need not hurt other living things to prove any rite of passage. This is violence that must stop please!
Nr. 44058  Eric Maurissen  Belgium Are we really living in the 21 century??Maybe I am wrong and we still live in the middle ages...
Nr. 44057  Daria Sokolova  Russian Federation
Nr. 44056  Claudia Di Clemente  Belgium
Nr. 44055  Hasmasan Rodica  Romania
Nr. 44054  Meghann Finn  California
Nr. 44053  Carmen-Felicia COCORA  Romania THEY KILL IN THE NAME OF ANCESTORS !
Nr. 44052  Pop Catalin mihai  Romania stop this masacre
Nr. 44051  Paul Alex Somlea  Romania it's just cruelty... we're supose to be human but that's inhuman!
Nr. 44050  Diana Soare  Romania
Nr. 44049  Vesna Dejanovic  Croatia
Nr. 44048  Duca Monica  Romania Please stop this kind of cruelty.
Nr. 44047  Grigorii Guinzbourg  Germany It has to be stopped as any killing through law and the people doing that are to be treated as criminals. And the government should explain to everybody that killing animals as well as humans is not allowed by moral standards and law.
Nr. 44046  Marius Daniel  Romania
Nr. 44045  Vinícius Vitorelli  Brazil this is a freak show !
Nr. 44044  Patricia Magureanu  Romania
Nr. 44043  SAMANTA CATTINI  Italy
Nr. 44042  Mary Sharon  Israel
Nr. 44041  Sharon Adi  Israel
Nr. 44040  Liliane Garzetta  France
Nr. 44039  Astilean Raluca  Romania you people should be ashamed of yourselves..no wonder we are all going through a crisis because of the stupidity of some people who don't deserve to live any longer..a bunch of criminals that shouldn't have been born!!!!! you don't even deserve to go to jail but you should take a bath in the sea and the rest of us should treat you the same way you have treated those wales..not funny any more? huh?
Nr. 44038  Mintra Vichata  Belgium
Nr. 44037  Laura Muresan  Romania
Nr. 44036  Dinette Venter  South Africa
Nr. 44035  Szabo Alice  Romania
Nr. 44034  Kristin Sifton  Hawaii
Nr. 44033  Cristea Robert  Romania
Nr. 44032  Kelly Appletion  Hawaii what's wrong with you people!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 44031  Carel Van Heerden  South Africa What the hel ???? Ten thousand years of civilization and this is what we have to show for it !!!
Nr. 44030  Ali Naraghi  Canada
Nr. 44029  Kate Back  Australia I cannot believe that it is 2008 and this sort of atrocity is still being committed. Why does this country not join with most of the rest of the world in ensuring the safety and survival of these beautiful creatures? I wonder what it would be like for them if they come back as whales in this area?
Nr. 44028  Susan Orloff  California The journey of our life is brief we need to live it with respect for all creatures and in harmony with nature.
Nr. 44027  Zernan Mataya  Philippines As caretakers of our planet please stop this barbaric pratice. promote the culture of care for the animals. Please stop the unreasonable killing of the dolphins.
Nr. 44026  Daniele Volpe  California STOP IT!!!
Nr. 44025  Milan Vachler  Czech Republic No comment...
Nr. 44024  Armand Bano  Canada
Nr. 44023  Susan Brylski  Virginia that is just wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 44022  Letemple Béatrice  France Human stupidity has no limits!! But is it really a human behaviour?
Nr. 44021  Julia Ross  Australia I feel shame for the people of Denmark and the Faroe Islands.
Nr. 44020  Horemans Eddy  Belgium I am shocked. How is it possible that today a land from the European union Denmark is allowing this every year. I hope that care2 can stop this.
Nr. 44019  Karin Pointner  Austria i really respect other culture's traditions even if to me they might not seem proper. but my understanding ends where tradition goes as far as destroying valuable life for not much reason other than tradition. i hope faroese are civilized enough to reconsider that "tradition" and act intelligent. even in africa some people are starting to realize that some traditions are not for our time any more like cutting female genitals. i wish a lot faroese are a bit quicker in their wise consideration otherwise it will be to late for a species - who knows what the effects will be?
Nr. 44018  Jocelyn Cicatko  Hawaii
Nr. 44017  Vanessa Tang  Malaysia
Nr. 44016  Rhonda Russell  California You must stop this insane practice of slaughtering these wonderful animals.
Nr. 44015  Christine Loew  Mexico It is beyond imagination that a civilization in the 21st century is still slaughtering animals and exploiting the world like this. STOP THIS NOW
Nr. 44014  Sirrine H  Arizona I think this is absolutely sick and wrong. We all talk about how war and genocide is wrong and needs to stop but its ok to murder these wonderful creatures for nothing. This is animal genocide. These people need a huge wake up call and I hope and pray God gives them one soon!!!!!!!
Nr. 44013  Adrian Oros  Canada It's a disgrace that we transform all this Earth however we wantjust for the love of giving us "pleasure".Shame!
Nr. 44012  Angela Burnell  Australia
Nr. 44011  Beck Mcnab  Australia
Nr. 44010  Peter Mac donald  Canada
Nr. 44009  Jill Shade  Georgia Words cannot even describe my disgust.
Nr. 44008  Isobel Lindley  Australia
Nr. 44007  NIky SV  Romania NIky
Nr. 44006  Tom Chappell  Australia Simply horrific. How can any so called civilised country sanction such barbarism?
Nr. 44005  Jocelyn Co  Philippines How can they be so evil? Stop the killing of whales! It's their blood that should be spilled and not the whales!
Nr. 44004  Jane Meier  Australia I am personally horrified at this barbaric act. It must be stopped it is inhumane!!!!!!! I can't believe my eyes.
Nr. 44003  Bj D  Florida

Nr. 44002  Kelsey Woods  Wisconsin For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 44001  Moanalani Ke`alohilani Roquette  Hawaii We will all stand and be judged one day.
Nr. 44000  Debra Douglass-Berger  Australia Only a human being could cause such damage to another being that has just as much right to live on this earth. If this is what "civilised" beings do- then god help us.
Nr. 43999  Manesh G  India Whales are sensitive social animals with highly developed nervous systems. They have a profound capacity to suffer distress terror and pain. Each year the Faroese kill pilot whales and other small cetaceans.
Nr. 43998  Retegan Virgil  Romania Unbelivable its a shame such a crime in 21th century in Europe with no reasonsa prison is the right place for that men.
Nr. 43997  Jan Umlauff  Germany Shame on these primitives
Nr. 43996  Rohit Venkatraman  India
Nr. 43995  Daniela Melton  Argentina
Nr. 43993  KC Choi  China Why are the Faroe islanders still living in the past? If this was something they did in the past perhaps it was because for survival reasons but in the present why are they killing these gentle mammals? As fellow beings of this planet we have an obligation to protect the weak including those that cannot speak. I plead with the Faroe islanders to come to their senses...
Nr. 43992  Geru Mirela  Romania
Nr. 43991  Bryan Aukett  United Kingdom There can be no possible justification for such meaningless slaughter
Nr. 43990  Daniel Schröder  Germany
Nr. 43989  Durand Jeanne  France
Nr. 43988  Carmen Nechita  Romania
Nr. 43987  Christopher Tunnicliffe  United Kingdom Surely in this day and age with polution and overfishing of the oceans depleting fish stocks to critical levelswe should be nurturing all species to try and redress the damage caused by the human race. The slaughter of these animals is just another nail in the coffin not just for the Dolphins and Whales but for all the other marine creatures and plant life that are critically linked into the Bio-cycle which maintains sustainability and balance of all marine life.
Nr. 43986  Armin Suess  Germany
Nr. 43985  DUTA SIMINA  Romania STOP!!!
Nr. 43984  Ian Lawton  United Kingdom Sickening
Nr. 43983  Francesca Romani  Italy
Nr. 43982  Marco Tosi  Italy Stop this medieval tradition. Just imagine to be one of those animals. And think about your sons.
Nr. 43981  Oana Blindu  Romania
Nr. 43980  ELISA PICOLLO  Italy killlllerssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 43979  Katju¹a Bo¾iè  Slovenia What`s wrong with this people?They are killers!!!!
Nr. 43978  LILI HALIP  Romania This disgusting tradition must end!!!
Nr. 43977  Terje Larsson  Sweden This is just so terrible. How such a thing can go on in our modern times it's beyond comprehension.
Nr. 43976  Siegenthaler Peter  Switzerland
Nr. 43975  Foarce Daniel  Romania
Nr. 43974  Dana Ivan  Romania
Nr. 43973  Della Schiava Simone  Austria I am disgusted - how barbarous can human beings be? If the 'comes around goes around rule' would kick in - only then they might start to think? I am very ashamed and sad that such massacres are done by the 'most intelligent beings on earth'. WOW
Nr. 43972  Valentina Cesnjevar  Slovenia
Nr. 43971  Bodea Elena  Romania
Nr. 43970  RAMONA RAD  Romania I can't believe something like this is still happening in our times. We call ourselves "civilized" but we are the worst thing that ever happened to this planet. We have no respect for life. PLEASE STOP THIS ACT OF BARBARISM! RESPECT LIFE!
Nr. 43969  Cristian Ionitoiu  Romania You are a savage if you tolerate this primitive behaviour in name of tradition.
Nr. 43968  Estelle Van Deventer  South Africa
Nr. 43967  Trif Corina  Romania We think we're living in a civilized world but we are obviously mistakend! It is horrible that this crimes agains the animals are still happening in the XXI century!
Nr. 43966  Spirea Irina  Romania
Nr. 43965  Ada Benea  Romania
Nr. 43964  Oliver Fies  Germany I can´t believe what I´m seeing! whales are creatures are like "you" and "me" and they deserve to live!!!
Nr. 43963  Bernd Vogel  Austria
Nr. 43962  Ionut Oltean  Australia I feel shame for the people of Denmark and the Faroe Islands.
Nr. 43961  Gyöngyi-Incze Andras  Hungary This is shameful and outrageous!!!
Nr. 43960  Anthony Cox  France I received an email tis morning containing photographs of the butchery of (highly intelligent)dolphins and could not believe my eyes or that human beings could commit such atrocities in this day and age.
Nr. 43959  Pasca Ioana  Romania
Nr. 43958  Gabor Szabo  Hungary
Nr. 43957  Jennifer Swallow  United Kingdom How can one look at the blood-stained water and not realise that what they are doing is wrong???
Nr. 43956  Ovidiu Marian  Romania you are creazy?
Nr. 43955  Alejandra Islas  Argentina Outrageous unnecessary WRONG. This is seriously not necessary by no mean. It MUST BE STOPPED.
Nr. 43954  Maja Duvnjak  Croatia I wonder if this will help... I bet they don't care what the world thinks. There are many of their kind all over the world. And it'll prolong for at least another generation unless it's legally sanctioned. And heavily too.
Nr. 43953  Alexandru Florin Lazar  Denmark
Nr. 43952  Iakab Sandor  Romania in plm masacru...:(
Nr. 43951  FABRIZIO BO®IÈ  Slovenia
Nr. 43950  Tutuianu Andreea  Romania
Nr. 43949  Stefano Eterno  Italy
Nr. 43948  Kryoo Thierens  Belgium Dit moet stoppen.Een schande voor dit land.
Nr. 43947  Sally Reeve  Virginia
Nr. 43946  Lavinia - Cristina Iosif  Denmark This is shameful and outrageous!!! People who do this do not desirve anything else than to be treated in the same manner that they treat these poor whales and dolphins! STOP THIS AT ONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 43945  Ioan Mocanu  Romania
Nr. 43944  Toma Mihail  Romania This is more atrocity no hope fore that animals. Maybe all togheter sensibily the autority.
Nr. 43943  Alexandru Maruntel  Romania This is sometihng incredible!!!! I dont think that in 21 century this is something very normal for that citizans
Nr. 43942  Elena Niculae  Denmark It's inhuman what they are doing to those animals wake up we're living in the 21st century!!!
Nr. 43941  Sandra Annen  Switzerland
Nr. 43940  Dirk Nilsson  Germany
Nr. 43939  Frida Tkatchenko  Germany I just cannot believe it. Imagine those hundred of hungry dolphin and whales cubs  without their mother´s milk whose mother had been unsenslessly detroyed like this. SHAME ON THE PEOPLE OF THIS ISLAND!
Nr. 43938  Camillia Bollozos  Philippines stop the killing!
Nr. 43937  Karlheinz Rothballer  Germany
Nr. 43936  Melinda Szabo  Romania
Nr. 43935  Rita CHRAIBI  France STOP STOP STOP
Nr. 43934  Lara Aucamp  South Africa This is barbaric
Nr. 43933  Alexandru Patru  Romania
Nr. 43932  Primrose Barretto  India
Nr. 43931  GIANMARCO BELLINI  Italy Fate veramente schifo.You are very small men...
Nr. 43930  Marlene Agenbag  United Kingdom
Nr. 43929  ADRIAN DUICA  Romania
Nr. 43928  Adriana S.  Romania aproape incredibil!!!! si spunem ca suntem in secolul 21?????????oare aceasta planeta este numai a noastra?? cine ne da dreptul sa ne cosideram stapanii absoluti ai altor specii???
Nr. 43927  Hugo Matthee  Belgium I think the Denmark people are not worth to call them a human being.
Nr. 43926  Flavius Lombrea  Romania We must prove that we are human!!!!!!
Nr. 43925  Bortos Gianina  Romania
Nr. 43924  Moldovan Ramona  Romania ce fel de oameni mai suntem cand asa ceva se intampla? trebuie sa luam atitudine! Semnati si dati mai departe. Ramona M.
Nr. 43923  Niculescu Andrei  Romania I wonder if there are no wales left will they start killing themselves....as a proof of their manlyhood.
Nr. 43922  Carolyn Scott  Australia
Nr. 43921  Tibor Kerekes  Romania For the name of the Holly God stop that crime !
Nr. 43920  Daniel Mihaela  Romania
Nr. 43919  Marissa Radtke  California Save these beautiful animals...
Nr. 43918  Frank Lemmens  Belgium
Nr. 43917  Sebastian Brown Arias  India ok
Nr. 43916  Tibor Sikolya  Hungary Stop this!
Nr. 43915  Tia Reiss  California

Nr. 43914  Leo Ramos  Florida Hi I signed the petition "End Whale & Dolphin Slaughter in the Faroe Islands!". I'm asking you to sign this petition to help us reach our goal of 10000 signatures. I care deeply about this cause and I hope you will support our efforts.
Nr. 43913  Tristan Cox  Hungary
Nr. 43912  Ruxandra Teodoru  Finland
Nr. 43911  Dave Fletcher  Florida This is a horrible tragedy. It's even worse if there is no legitimate commercial use for the meat. If we are truly a civilized society we must stop this barbarism.
Nr. 43910  Michael Muehlbauer  Germany The food supply on these islands must be really bad in order to justify those actions.
Nr. 43909  Bazil Cucu  Romania
Nr. 43908  Delia Dura  California
Nr. 43907  Danilo Salvau  Italy Stop the Whales Massacre!
Nr. 43906  Arianna Pascucci  Italy
Nr. 43905  Kristen Thompson  Canada An absolute tragedy
Nr. 43904  Sharon Valencik  New Jersey
Nr. 43903  Florin R  Romania
Nr. 43902  Esmeralda Rucci  Italy
Nr. 43901  Ngyuen Le thanh Quynh  Germany
Nr. 43900  Franciska Fagyas  Hungary
Nr. 43899  Zsofia Meszaros  Hungary
Nr. 43898  Fons Claessens  Belgium
Nr. 43897  Joanne Laurenson  Germany
Nr. 43896  Andras Kun  Germany I find it untolerable that such barbarism happens in Europe the cradle of civilisation. I demand as EU-Citizen a ban on dolphin/whale slaughter in the EU!!! For those who take part in the bloodbath for me they are criminals who must be punished!
Nr. 43895  Stop Vanatorii  Romania sad... why do some people do not undestand the unnecesarly and horible fact thet they are doing...?
Nr. 43894  Tari Lynn Dul  Connecticut I am physically nauseous after seeing the photos of this slaughter. This is sickening. I would love nothing more than to take each and every man that participates in this 'ritual' - and shove a huge hook up HIS spine!!! I'm beside myself ... and disgusted.
Nr. 43893  Martignon Gianluca  Italy
Nr. 43892  Ferenc Rudolf  Hungary This people must die!
Nr. 43891  Bradford Reid  Virginia
Nr. 43890  Hafsa Alaoui Alaoui Abdellaoui  Italy
Nr. 43889  Francesca Di Giulio  Italy
Nr. 43888  Carmela Scarpato  Italy Dolphin in life!!!!!!!
Nr. 43887  Andras Balogh  Hungary
Nr. 43886  Maria Orlando  Italy
Nr. 43885  Scaccabarozzi Douglas  Brazil
Nr. 43884  Flioris Evangelos  Belgium
Nr. 43883  Leka ALexandra  Belgium
Nr. 43882  Libront Françoise  Belgium
Nr. 43881  The Hirdler Family  Vermont This is appalling!
Nr. 43879  Annika Isaksson  Sweden
Nr. 43878  Birgit Piberhofer  Austria
Nr. 43877  Dezsõ Fülöp Kõhler  Hungary C'est terrible.
Nr. 43876  Solange De Santis  New York This incredible barbarism must stop. I am ashamed for the Danish nation.
Nr. 43875  Patrice Paoletti  Switzerland Saint François d'Assise avait fait des animaux nos frères ne l'oubliez pas !
Nr. 43874  Andrea Lewis  Australia I sincerly cannot find the right words to describe what these images do to my soul. Karma has a big job to do in Denmark!
Nr. 43873  Monique Mironesco  Hawaii What a horrendous way to exhibit someone's masculinity by preying on whales and dolphins. That doesn't make anyone a man in my book it just makes one a barbarian.
Nr. 43872  Aurora Imburgia  Italy
Nr. 43871  Otto F. Villamil  Mexico I do hope that mankind realizes that the planet is not exclusive for him/her... People need to go back to the basics open their eyes and work towards the best for every inhabitant of the planet instead of avoiding the responsability that comes with knowledge...The world deserves better.
Nr. 43870  Sabina Canabal  Mexico
Nr. 43869  Amine Zazueta  Mexico
Nr. 43868  Maarten De Moor  Belgium
Nr. 43867  Fix Emmanuelle  France c barbare complètement inhumain et inutile
Nr. 43866  Dorisz Klakk  Hungary I just can't belive this could happen. How can those people call themsleves human? And let children see all this? This is horrible. STOP IT!
Nr. 43865  Patricia Tanghe  Belgium
Nr. 43864  Bhakti Foster  Virginia
Nr. 43863  Raphael Harris  California
Nr. 43862  ALFONSO TORRES  Mexico Unbelievable in this XXI century and just for tradition!!! what does this teach to that children?? Almost the rest of the world are concern about the extintion of some of the marine mammals and this people celebrate as carnival their killing ¿¿¿¿???? are they coming from another planet??
Nr. 43861  Irina Martin  Romania killing animals who are like our own brothers and sisters is totaly wrong! Wake up people! We are not in the 16th century anynore!
Nr. 43860  Diane Paradis  Canada Je suis de tout coeur avec vous et j'envoie ce lien à tous mes contacts pour venir grossir cette pétition. Courage vous y arriverez.
Nr. 43859  Tomislav Cuk  Croatia Terrible. Stop this.
Nr. 43858  Wayne Fullerton  Sweden Everyone's attitude is relative and seeing this shows how scary things can be or much more. It just makes me sad.
Nr. 43857  Ali Miller  Colorado
Nr. 43856  Chauvin Mireille  France
Nr. 43855  Victoria Goodson  Florida
Nr. 43854  Maurizio Gavazzi  Italy
Nr. 43853  Diana Zanzi Ferrando  Sweden I am discussed! I will not visit this country until this horribel slaughter ends!
Nr. 43852  Vuscan Andrei  Romania
Nr. 43851  Jean-Pierre Liebenberg  South Africa I cannot believe that Denmark can do this. I thought they were civilised!!!@!!
Nr. 43850  Suzanne O'meara  South Africa
Nr. 43849  Carole Evans  Australia shame on all the people involved how do you sleep at night
Nr. 43848  Zoltan Nemeth  Mississippi What a barbaric nation!!! This idiotic tradition must stop!
Nr. 43847  Giovanna De Gennaro  Canada
Nr. 43846  Jason Lewis  Canada This must stop!!!!!!
Nr. 43845  Patrick Creupelandt  Belgium Dit moet stoppen.Een schande voor dit land.
Nr. 43844  Kristel De Bock  Belgium How can people who do this sleep at night??
Nr. 43843  Ronald Commers  Belgium Though guys and stupid traditions kill the world. Throw them out of the EU and ask whether the 'boys' wouldn't sign for a mercenary humanitarian job in Goma or Darfour.
Nr. 43842  Leticia Lara  Mexico Its a sin to kill this animals only because its a tradition.
Nr. 43841  Jocelyn Goulet  Florida If killing these whales does not provide food and shelter to the Faroe people continuing this 'tradition' simply for cultural purposes is a nonsense and must be stopped.
Nr. 43840  Badea Cristian  Belgium Killing animals as a tradition should be done only if in need of food. Any tradition can be changed it just needs the will of those who are killers of innocent animals.
Nr. 43839  Elad Machtey  Italy
Nr. 43838  Sandra Zanolla  Italy All this is disgusting and barbaric stop it!!!
Nr. 43837  Su'maa Earthstar  Australia
Nr. 43836  TODOR TIBERIU  Romania Most of the people understand tradition and culture but these are means to improve the living as long as they are not involving masacres and killings of inocent animals. The authorities have to stop this primitive behaviour  we are not in 10th century anymore.
Nr. 43835  Mihaela Zaharia  Romania
Nr. 43834  Alison Field  United Kingdom This is a barbaric practice outdated by centuries. In addition to being cruel and pointless this is damaging the ability of the children to feel empathy with animals and so I wonder if other animals on that island are treated with distain and no thought to animal welfare. Can you imagine the world headlines and the horror if those 'people' were slaughtered on such a grand scale?
Nr. 43833  Beata Toth  Hungary Unbelievable that this barbarism still can happen in the EU in 2008.It's very sad that the next generation get the same education...
Nr. 43832  Liu Hsiang Hsiang  Taiwan
Nr. 43831  Riccardi Maurizio  Italy Why soc nice creature have to take so much
Nr. 43830  Messmer Isabelle  France
Nr. 43829  Pei Ling Gan  Malaysia Stop the cruelty please!
Nr. 43828  Santosh Karmath  India For God's sake please stop this barbarism.
Nr. 43827  Linda Johnson  California
Nr. 43826  Mabel Testoni  Italy
Nr. 43825  Voicu Ionut  Romania

Nr. 43824  Sherilyn Chua  California What is wrong with these people? Among the great number of participants and watchers alike of this "ritual it's unbelievable that NOT ONE had realized how absurd and pointless it is to perform such barbarous activity! Somebody do something and end this NOW!;
Nr. 43823  Sheila Watson  Australia Just because we are the dominant (note I DO NOT say most inteligent) species at this point in time does not mean we can abuse other living creatures they have a right to live! One day a more dominant race may come to this world and behave towards these sick humans who have no respect for other living creatures the way they have behaved themselves.
Nr. 43822  Lee Roy  Hawaii
Nr. 43821  Selma Selma  Turkey Disgusting.... sickening.... Danish men! Stop your psycho act! I believe those people need some other acts as a passage to manhood!!!
Nr. 43820  Yang May ling  Malaysia
Nr. 43819  Robert Bélanger  Canada Stop killing whales and dolphins all around the world
Nr. 43818  Mark Standley  Germany You really are a bunch of charmers aren't you? One day you will be able to proudly tell your grandchildren how you continued the 'tradition' of being utter wankers! Well done. Grow up and try thinking for yourself please and then the rest of the World might stop thinking of you as retards
Nr. 43817  Ernestine Lona  California The way you treat animals is a reflection of who you really are
Nr. 43816  Roanna Campbell  Connecticut
Nr. 43815  Guido Cocchia  Mexico I propose a massive attack to all the citizens of Faroe islands. 14173 people... we could finish with them in two hours
Nr. 43814  Sorin Albu  Wisconsin
Nr. 43813  Abby Mallon  Ireland
Nr. 43812  Maria Giovanna Stringa Basile  Italy
Nr. 43811  Mihran Rovelli  Italy It really is extremely sad to get to know all this. I would not imagined that a stupid cultural event could have turned into such a very important "demonstration of courage". I am so disappointed by all this.
Nr. 43810  Letitia Wood  Australia
Nr. 43809  Ange Amon  Papua New Guinea
Nr. 43808  Amanda Wilson  Australia
Nr. 43807  Anda Craciunescu  Romania
Nr. 43806  Villeneuve Johanne  Canada johanne villeneuve
Nr. 43805  Lilian Mazzola  Italy SHAME ON YOU!! SHAME you all are such a miserable person
Nr. 43804  Claudina Galindo  Mexico STOP THIS CRUELTY!!
Nr. 43803  Metka Lozej  Slovenia I am in shock right now. I can`t belive that someone is able to do such brutal thing. This has to be stopped. I hope that this will stop soon.
Nr. 43802  Silvia Forza  Italy
Nr. 43801  Cristian Bologa  New Mexico
Nr. 43800  Bogdan Costin Badea  Romania Stop immediateley this crimes!!! It is unacceptable!
Nr. 43799  Viola Dielhenn  Germany
Nr. 43798  Helen Brittain  Australia
Nr. 43797  Iris Dielhenn  Germany I can understand that humans need to kill animals for nourishment eg the Azoran people are still allowed to hunt whales with traditional methods. But it is really disgusting to kill for fun. No animal at all does this. This slaughter on the Faroe Islands can not be excused by culture or tradition.
Nr. 43796  Adriana Mocanu  Romania Stop this masacre!!!
Nr. 43795  Mark Porter  Illinois
Nr. 43794  Diana Vink  Belgium
Nr. 43793  Dagmar Splichalova  Czech Republic
Nr. 43792  Annelies Van Oudenaarde  Netherlands Shame on you Danish governmentfor condoning this savage custom!
Nr. 43791  Chastel Marie francoise  France STOP TO ALL VIOLENCES!!!
Nr. 43790  Muresan Mirel Dan  Romania
Nr. 43789  IANCU LAURA G.  Romania
Nr. 43788  IANCU SORIN DAN  Romania
Nr. 43787  Alexandru Gherman  Romania
Nr. 43786  Steve Whittemore  United Kingdom
Nr. 43785  Jitka Holikova  Czech Republic
Nr. 43784  Sue Le Ray  United Kingdom This is obscene - you people are sick
Nr. 43783  Stervinou Cecile  France It'a awful killing Dolphins it'a not possible to continue
Nr. 43782  Flore Herman  France
Nr. 43781  Susanne Adler  Germany
Nr. 43780  Alan Ramos Saphira Andrade  Brazil
Nr. 43779  Mirella Baleotti  Italy
Nr. 43778  Riccardo D'Avino  Italy
Nr. 43777  Mia Hillen  Belgium
Nr. 43776  LEFEVRE ANNIE  France
Nr. 43775  Stella Komet  Israel This is a horrendous situation. We must all do what we can to stop the slaughter immediately!!!
Nr. 43774  Moraga Rocio  France
Nr. 43773  Monique Dontje  Netherlands This is barbaric especially since nothing is done with the meat!! Stop this terrible act.
Nr. 43772  Tan Aquacat  Malaysia
Nr. 43771  Tom Stockfish  Israel
Nr. 43770  Simionas Andreea  Romania don't kill!
Nr. 43769  Luiza Machado Miguez  Brazil
Nr. 43768  Sebastian Militaru  Romania
Nr. 43767  Zita Papp  Hungary
Nr. 43766  Kevin De Groot  Singapore Stop the unnecessary killing of these beautifull sea creatures. The world is watching and we don't like what we see. Respect the world as it is from all of us!
Nr. 43765  Silvia La Rosa  Italy
Nr. 43764  Miklos Eszter  Romania
Nr. 43763  Sandor Olah  Romania
Nr. 43762  Dijkstra Esther  Netherlands
Nr. 43761  Ricardo Damen  Netherlands
Nr. 43760  Lucian Mindrila  Romania
Nr. 43759  Mirna Puzak  Croatia
Nr. 43758  Chris Boggs  California
Nr. 43757  Edna Fuentes  Philippines
Nr. 43756  Elizabeth Vernieri  Brazil
Nr. 43755  Margaret Murphy  Virginia
Nr. 43754  Julie Watkins  Florida Your tradition is not making us look good as a human race. Please end the brutality that plagues your country.
Nr. 43753  Hubert Emeline  France It's a high time to stop acts like this.
Nr. 43752  Pop Silviu ionut  Romania
Nr. 43751  Mathias Klaus  Germany
Nr. 43750  Carla Quevedo  Maryland
Nr. 43749  Allan Shelby  New York
Nr. 43748  Antoinette Jansen  South Africa
Nr. 43747  Biljana Bosnjakovic  Italy It's a shame! This is 21st century and we should stop this massacre this tragedy! I can't believe that this horror is true! Is it true? It's a shame for a Danmark shame for humanity!!!
Nr. 43746  Denise Pili  Italy
Nr. 43745  Bianca Trandafir  Romania
Nr. 43744  SPELEMAN HELENA  Belgium It's really very cruel. Have mercy. We love these animals and cannot tolerate such a cruelty. It has to be forbidden because it is really horrible.
Nr. 43743  Victoria Gates  California Absoulutly disgusting and inhumane!
Nr. 43742  Alina Rogozan  Romania
Nr. 43741  Lia Robb  Kansas
Nr. 43740  Kimberly Gates  California This is duscusting and those people shpuld be shot. Harmeless mamuals who are being slaughtered for the purpose of what? I can't belive that this is tolerated.
Nr. 43739  Alexandra Todea  Romania
Nr. 43738  Adrian Bolboceanu  Romania
Nr. 43737  Ioana Todea  Romania :(((((
Nr. 43736  Micalizzi Marco  Italy
Nr. 43735  Joanna Samson  United Kingdom
Nr. 43734  Richard Strom  Pennsylvania
Nr. 43733  Concerned Obguia  Philippines I completely disagree with tis cruelty. We are all creatures of God and we have in any means no right to kill God's creation. Danish government should stop this asap!!!
Nr. 43732  Amanda Dupont  Massachusetts
Nr. 43731  J Prins  Netherlands This is unacceptable! The thougt only makes me sik. Please let it stop!!
Nr. 43729  Neamtu Roxana iulia  Romania
Nr. 43728  Postiglione Diana  Italy
Nr. 43727  Clara Hällgren  Sweden
Nr. 43726  Neamtu Jose Adrian  Romania
Nr. 43725  Kenneth Svensson  Sweden
Nr. 43723  Marco Lisiero  Italy End this horrible blooshed immediately!
Nr. 43722  Elisabeth Cantarin  Italy
Nr. 43721  Merja Torppa  Finland
Nr. 43720  Adalyn O.  Canada Stop it please.
Nr. 43719  NATEA FLOAREA  Romania
Nr. 43718  LACOSTE Didier  France I have decided to cancel my future trip in march to the feroe Islands...
Nr. 43717  Rocafull Pauline  France I can't believe that European Union accepts this!!! So inhuman... from an another century!
Nr. 43716  Tamara Annabelle Schapitz  Germany THIS "tradition" must stop!!
Nr. 43715  Steve Watson  United Kingdom
Nr. 43714  Olivier Bras  Belgium Poor people poor mankind...
Nr. 43713  Grigore Gutu  Moldova  Republic OfOpriti varsarea de singe este o grozavie ce se face in insulele Feroe
Nr. 43712  Mieke Segers  Belgium
Nr. 43711  Anneleen Uitdenhouwen  Belgium OUTRAGEOUS ! ! ! ! !
Nr. 43710  Linley Weir  United Kingdom Stop stop stop the slaughter!!
Nr. 43709  Leo Krahé  Belgium
Nr. 43708  Pignotti Giuseppina  Italy Stop this unnecessary slaughter.
Nr. 43707  Marko Kuve?di?  Croatia
Nr. 43706  Shibaanie Somani  United Arab Emirates
Nr. 43705  Shyne U  United Arab Emirates
Nr. 43704  Michelle Newton-Carline  United Kingdom There is no need for this kind of slaughter in this day and age. No excuse could allow such a terrible thing. These beautiful animals are the heart of our seas...Please sign this petitiion.
Nr. 43703  Van Roy Mia  Belgium What can I do To stop this cruelty.
Nr. 43702  ALAIN TYTGAT  Belgium
Nr. 43701  Kiss Gabor  Hungary

Nr. 43700  Sameer Joshi  India its hell! stop it now
Nr. 43699  Sheida Sattari  Netherlands
Nr. 43698  Bastian Hüster  United Arab Emirates Just like the Japanese with their " Scientific Whale Hunts" I would have expected these Faroese to be more educated and globally aware than this. Certain cultural traditions MUST be abandoned or at least strictly limited to ensure the future survival of all and any endangered species!!!
Nr. 43697  John Clarkson  United Kingdom
Nr. 43696  Emilia Williams Hietala  Sweden This is so inhuman. Slaughter animals like this!! This is so sick. I also believe that the people who do this is distrubed by nature.
Nr. 43695  Caroline Prentice  United Kingdom I cannot believe that something like this is allowed to continue in this supposed civilsed age that we live in it is unbelievable that children are taken to watch such barbaric acts what hope is there. It must be stopped
Nr. 43694  Uta Meyer  United Arab Emirates We try so hard to rehabilitate single sea mammals while they are slaughtering thousands. It is inhumane and tragic and needs to be stopped.
Nr. 43693  Elizabeth Hood-Phipps  United Kingdom My young sons and I saw the pictures of the whales being slaughtered and we were absolutley appalled. Even a 5 year old and a 7 year old know this is wrong these people are dispicable!
Nr. 43692  Nick Foster  United Kingdom Totally gratuitous it would seem.
Nr. 43691  Ingles Ingles  Armed Forces Pacific They are not humans. I hope PM J. E. will finally open his eyes to the barbaric acts of these men.
Nr. 43690  Abby Harwood  Australia
Nr. 43689  Paul Van Roy  Belgium Are that humans?
Nr. 43688  Richard Foster  Japan For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 43687  Alicia St.john  Virginia
Nr. 43686  Judith Gregory  United Kingdom
Nr. 43685  Betanija Latvija  Latvia
Nr. 43684  Glitter Moreño  Philippines I read that residents of Faroe island have been hunting pilot whales for centuries now in order to have food stocks for the winter. Given this is true surely there are other more ethical sources for food today. Appalling to see the sea turned red!
Nr. 43683  Rose Sarkany  Australia
Nr. 43682  Varga Iulia Coset  Romania They are a soul like us.They suffer like us.It is only cruelty! Be veg!
Nr. 43681  Tom Hain  Australia
Nr. 43680  Sue Footner  Australia How on earth can these savages call themselves men.
Nr. 43679  Rolf Meier  Australia
Nr. 43678  Marco Durepos  Canada
Nr. 43677  Iqbal Khan  Missouri Be sane be human. Stop the cruelty !
Nr. 43676  Swetha Vishwanath  Canada all those who are involved in this are a parasite to nature and the world and should be slaughtered themselves. STOP KILLING SUCH BEAUTIFUL CREATURES FOR SELFISH PURPOSES!
Nr. 43675  Cheryl Lee  Canada
Nr. 43674  Faiza Samad  Pakistan i was horrified by this sight. please stop it
Nr. 43673  Katrina Gartrell  Brunei Darussalam No matter what country we live in we only have one world. I beg Denmark to come up with a better way to express themselves because this activity doesn't make their boys into men it makes them an example to the world on what evil looks like - Danish Men.
Nr. 43672  Irene Phillips  Australia this MUST be stopped. these people are monsters and are destroying important species. this can not go on!!!
Nr. 43671  Gilgenmann florence Florence  France
Nr. 43670  Jose Pajon  Georgia In my opinion I think those "young" boys should be treated the same way as the cetaceans are treated by them but as that would be as cruel as they are I think that the EU should punish the killers and the sailors from the boats that push them to shore with prison for life and a high and severe fine for anyone over 13 years old watching the massacre!!!
Nr. 43669  Jeffrey Birnbaum  New Mexico the murder of mammals that have larger brains than humans and take many years to rear their you and have a true means of communication that is complex is abortive to me. Jeffrey Birnbaum DN
Nr. 43668  Natasha Pearce  Australia I think this practice is cruel and barbaric. We go on about the Japanese and what they do to the whales while this is going on and all for some kind of initiation for young boys what are they teaching their young men to be cruel to animals. The very sight of these pictures were most disturbing for me. I hope your organization can do something about it. Regards Natasha Pearce
Nr. 43667  Collette Crowley  United Kingdom I dont understand why anyone would want to do this!!! Its disgusting!!! Those poor animals!!
Nr. 43666  Alfredo Barroso  Canada
Nr. 43665  Megan Daggar  New Zealand These are 'human beings' spreading mentally sick twisted and psychotic behaviour down through generations of people. When animals kill another animal it is usually in pure self-defence for survival and food. When humans kill animals it is done as entertainment 'sport' in blood-thirst or as a manifest of some sadistic tendencies. If their government turns a blood eye and does not care then there is truly something very rotten within the culture of those people in that part of the world.
Nr. 43664  Melanie Davies  New Zealand STOP THIS KILLING NOW!!! PLEASE EVERYONE SIGN
Nr. 43663  Isabelle Lambert  Canada this is inacceptable... who are we to pretend we are a superior species and eliminate another??
Nr. 43662  JANICE LOVE  North Carolina
Nr. 43661  Cameron Chandler  California
Nr. 43660  Julie Lomas  Australia
Nr. 43659  Angelique Leclerc  Australia This is a disgusting practice and you should be ashamed of yourselves. A person's ability to kill an innocent animal does not define his manhood. His inability to take action and stop this cruel practice does however speak volumes about his character. I am truly disgusted!!!
Nr. 43658  Carol Crunkhorn  New Zealand BOYCOTT DANISH GOODS!
Nr. 43657  Cynthia Mcbride  Canada
Nr. 43656  Daniel Chris  Australia Unbelievable that this can still take place
Nr. 43655  Robert Woodhouse  Ireland You ought to be ashamed of yourselves you have no right to be called decent people.
Nr. 43653  Camilla Lejon  Sweden stop this torture
Nr. 43652  Linda Graham  Australia Shame on Denmark. The whale slaughter in the Faroe Islands MUST STOP. Civilised people do not do this in the false name of "tradition". A conscientious government would stop it immediately. Please do so. This slaughter of sentient animals is abominable.
Nr. 43651  Andreas Edvinsson  Sweden
Nr. 43650  Manuela Premoli  Italy I'd like to know why they feel the need to kill dolphins What if dolphins slaughted us?
Nr. 43649  Melina Tensen  Australia It is unbelievable that such a practice should be allowed to continue in this day and age. Regardless of tradition and culture animals should not have to undergo pain suffering and distress. This practice is totally unnecessary and must end immediately. I will certainly be disuading people I know who intend on going to the Faroe Islands to rethink their decision.
Nr. 43648  Nina Schaefer  Germany For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 43647  Cristina Lalu  Romania
Nr. 43646  Schuerman Annick  Belgium so sad. Why kill these animals especially as the flesh is not needed for consumtion or survival.
Nr. 43645  Magdalena Chapkunoska  Macedonia  The Former Yugoslav Republic Of
Nr. 43644  Johanne Andersen  Norway
Nr. 43643  Sam Colligan  Australia We must stop this sensless and disgusting cruelty
Nr. 43642  MAX GODET  Brazil Please help protect our innocent wildlife. This practice is disgusting and needs to be stopped...
Nr. 43641  Agnes Lansink  Netherlands
Nr. 43640  Anne Grima  Malta
Nr. 43639  Raluca Pop  Romania
Nr. 43638  Liviana Ladisa  Italy
Nr. 43637  Benvenuto Lara  Italy
Nr. 43636  Tiffany Hartwell  Australia This practise is a disgrace to human kind. It must stop now!
Nr. 43635  Iuliana Musat  Romania Please stop! It's cruel and barbaric!
Nr. 43634  Wim V  Belgium Stop this slaughter not tomorrow but today !!
Nr. 43633  Ans Van Hoesel  Netherlands This has to STOP
Nr. 43631  Majella Gee  Australia This is an absolute disgrace. Shame shame shame on all who participate.
Nr. 43630  DE VREESE ROMAIN  Belgium it's terrible
Nr. 43629  Megan Campbell  Australia Some traditions do need to be broken also think of your own health if you don't have the heart to think of the whales.
Nr. 43628  Sandra B.  Illinois
Nr. 43627  Jennifer Barlow  United Kingdom
Nr. 43626  Marcello Carugo  Italy
Nr. 43625  De cocker Ignace  Belgium
Nr. 43624  Sonia Vitale  Italy For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 43623  Albulescu Mariana  Romania
Nr. 43622  Rottiers Raoul  Belgium As a former professor in medicine at the university of Ghent (Belgium) where I have tried to educate students not only in the scientific and clinical aspects of human disease but also in the moral duties of all human beings I can but express my deep disgust for this overt lack of respect for the welbeing of any living creature on earth of which free living and innocent animals are an integral part. There is but one name for this attitude: a crime against mother nature.
Nr. 43621  Cristina Bartolotta  Italy
Nr. 43620  Julien Matthys  Belgium What are the kids in Faroe learning at school? Cruelty? They must be very proud about there family. Stop this massacre know or boycot this land.
Nr. 43619  Anita Stelzer  Austria Stop it right now. You don't need to eat dolphin or whale. And it's not ok to do this in an athmosphere of entertainment - like a kermes (fair).
Nr. 43618  Petra Holzinger  Austria I am aghast!!!
Nr. 43617  Graham Pearce  Australia A disgrace on man kind let their blood be upon your head. A senseless waste of Gods Creatures.
Nr. 43616  Zainea Mioara  Romania incredibil! Ce barbarie!Ce face Greenpeace?Sau alte asociatii si organizatii?
Nr. 43615  Nastasia Alexandra  Romania STOP THE MASSACRE!!! NOW
Nr. 43614  Stanimir Hristov  Bulgaria
Nr. 43613  Vedran Cokorilo  Bosnia And Herzegovina They will all have to be judged by GOD.
Nr. 43612  Hajnalka Hudi  Hungary
Nr. 43611  Dordai Cosmina  Romania PLEASE STOP THIS MASACRE....
Nr. 43610  Dan Stanacar  Romania
Nr. 43609  Alex Ku  Philippines What's next to this practice? When they come short of dolphin supply then maybe they can start with human beings just so their ritual can be accomplished. I think this is just their way of pouring out whatever anger or negative feelings that they have been harboring and once a year they have this barbaric ritual as a way to let it all out.
Nr. 43608  Yin Wei Kan  Malaysia
Nr. 43607  Aurelia Visa  Romania
Nr. 43606  Joanna Lyzette Doydora  Philippines For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 43605  Maggie Poole-Johnson  Australia I felt ill reading about this kind of barbaric and senseless killing. This is the lowest common denominator of human behaviour. What is it with some people? I wonder how the Faroese treat each other with this kind of training in mindless cruelty. The alternative is respect care and compassion opening us to the wonder of these marvellous creatures and helping us to refine our own lives. True happiness has been shown to be strongly connected to acts of kindness towards others and that includes our fellow creatures.
Nr. 43604  Wilna Van Zyl  South Africa Stop It!!!!!!! Think about the future......
Nr. 43603  Romola Hunter  New Zealand This is a cruel and pointless ritual please reconsider and stop this insane killing.
Nr. 43602  Helen Shaylor  Australia Please stop thes barbaric acts for the sake of these beautiful creatures and also for the sake of our planets fragile and delicate eco system. We only have one planet and we need to start to manage it better (and quickly at that)! Think for the future not about obsolete and outdated traditional practises. We live in a different world to when these activities were sustainable (for whales dolphins and man kind).
Nr. 43601  Gerdi Pretorius  South Africa
Nr. 43600  Mihai Fetcu  Romania
Nr. 43599  Paula Van Dyk  South Africa

Nr. 43598  Mitchell Wathey  Canada Ridiculous
Nr. 43597  Faye Cayabyab  Philippines we here in our country love the sea and its sea life whatever their traditions are they must put an end to it. we are past that age where tradition is life itself. Please stop these killings now.
Nr. 43596  Sandeep Talwar  Texas How can human beings be so cruel? This is an awful way to prove adulthood.
Nr. 43595  HILDE VAN DEN BERGHE  Belgium
Nr. 43594  Valerie GRANDURY  California The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated. I hold that the more helpless a creature; the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man.Ghandi
Nr. 43593  Megan Payne  Texas Whales do not belong to humans!
Nr. 43592  Sabine Von Fischer  Switzerland I only learned about this today and I am shocked! Why are the policies for protecing sea mammals and fishes not respected? Don't we live in a globalized informed world?
Nr. 43591  Thieu Hendriks  Netherlands Stop these brutal killings Thieu Hendriks
Nr. 43590  Sabine Wiersch  Germany For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 43589  Antoine Celine  France i love dolphins they're great!! stop slaughtering them!!!
Nr. 43588  Sighinolfi Paolo  Italy
Nr. 43587  Brami Michèle  France
Nr. 43586  Naomi Mas  Belgium poor animals!!!!!!
Nr. 43585  Keith Riddle  United Kingdom disgusting cruel slaughter
Nr. 43584  Micheline Cantarella  Belgium
Nr. 43583  Renée Van Brakel  Netherlands Hi Danish men I am not against hunting and I eat meat. But what you do is so very against fair play. Our ancestors who hunted in small groups with primitive boats started this tradition. But you should know better!! So grow up and STOP IMMEDIATELY. You will feel much better!!
Nr. 43582  Freudenberger Mirjam  Germany
Nr. 43581  Emily Engle  Michigan
Nr. 43580  Diane Allman  Canada How so called civilized men can still engage in this type of barbaric ritual is beyond me. There is absolutely no need for this massace other than to continue a "tradition". It's appalling and must be stopped.
Nr. 43579  Andrei Trandu  Romania
Nr. 43578  Camilla Iaconi  Italy E' orribile tutto questo...purtroppo la conquista di una cultura ecologica e civile passa anche atttraverso massacri come questo..ed è assolutamente impensabile rimanere attaccati ad antiche trdizione che forse avevano il loro perchè ma non è più il tempo!!!l'uomo può mostrare la sua maturità facendo scelte diverse da questi inutili sacrifici!!Noi uomini determiniamo la vita o la morte di questo pianeta già solo con il nostro semplice esistere immaginate quanto valore hanno le nostre scelte consapevoli!!
Nr. 43577  Andy Adkins  Maryland
Nr. 43576  Romain Manssens  Belgium Are these people real DANISH?
Nr. 43575  Bart Kohnhorst  Texas I understand traditions but this is wrong!
Nr. 43574  Rosalind Gerchow  Australia The barbaric slaughter of pilot whales and other ocean mammals belittles us all as a species. It is time for such sensless cruelty to stop.
Nr. 43573  Rosalind Gerchow  Australia That these things happen and continue to happen belittles us all as a species.
Nr. 43572  FAUR ANDREEA  Romania Murderers
Nr. 43571  Thoné Vivianne  Belgium
Nr. 43570  Mona Pieper  France
Nr. 43569  Michela Riotti  Italy
Nr. 43568  Chinmaya Dunster  India Such barbarism has NO place in a civilized society like Denmark's. It is your country's shame to allow this in this day and age.
Nr. 43567  Isolde Vartzbed  United Arab Emirates
Nr. 43566  Ilana Mitchell  United Kingdom
Nr. 43565  Nelissen Frank  Belgium stop this crazyness leave the whales alone
Nr. 43564  Hugh Osborn  Australia If you want a way to become a man Faroe Islanders of Denmark how about you get yourself a nice girlfriend and take her for a walk on this beach when it's dead-whale free. I'm sure there's plenty of girls out there who don't need to see you slaughter whales to be interested in you (don't worry it's okay that you're not smart and have a small penis)! I had no idea you "men" were so desperate for attention as this. Start a speed dating club! Organise a party! Have courage to talk to the pretty girls they won't laugh at you. Hope you can kick this sick addiction Faroe Island and find yourself a real tradition not this barbarism.
Nr. 43563  Jessica Kinsella  Australia Whales and Dolphins should get as much respect as humans do because they are just as special and no living creature deserves to be slaughtered.
Nr. 43562  Rebecca Williams  United Kingdom This is a barbaric crime against these innocent defenceless precious animals. It has got to end now!!. What must your god above be thinking when he looks down at this pool of blood and butchary of these very precious lifes which were put there for us to cherish and respect as a fellow living being??
Nr. 43561  Caroline Deckers  United Arab Emirates The defamation of Denmark! This brutal and useless slaughter of these poor innocent animals is really a shame for mankind. Those people should be ashamed of their selves. I'm really shocked and this slaying should come to an end fast!
Nr. 43560  Niki Gianni  Illinois
Nr. 43559  Lisa Rodrigues  Australia Dear Prime Minister We are in the 21st century and it is time for your country to move into it. It is completely immoral what your fellow country men do to these whales and for what? For fun? Get real and begin the movement of change. A very angry Australian who will not consider visiting Denmark until this stops Lisa
Nr. 43558  Sheridan Wendt  Australia Unbelievable!
Nr. 43557  Sharon Prior  Australia What do Australian's say to Prince Frederik and Princess Marys next time they come to Australia to see her family? "Hey Mary have your people killed entire families of Whale and Dolphin this year?" GO HOME SICK PEOPLE will be more like it.
Nr. 43556  Kate Bagshaw  Australia
Nr. 43555  Leonie Hayes  Australia
Nr. 43554  Krishna Mungekar  California To respected Mr. Prime Minister  I am a housewife from California USA. I was sent information about this dolphin slaughter through email by my sister who is a veterinary doctor in India. I was shocked and cried on seeing this terrible act of barbarism. I have small children and when I look into their innocent faces I wond er how their life depends on me and it makes me feel so responsible towards them. These dolphins too are like small curious innocent kids completely unknown to the beastly act they are going to face. I sincerely and earnestly request you to please request you to do everything possible in your capacity to put an end to this unimaginable cruel act which is played as a sport. If it was physically possible I would kneel down join my hands and request these people to stop this act. Please help Yours sincerely  Krishna Mungekar and family
Nr. 43553  Peace Lover  India The people need to understand that they do not need to kill another intelligent life to enter adulthood. With appropriate education in the media this can be stopped.
Nr. 43552  Heather Sellick  Canada I believe that all living creatures should be treated with respect and that when this kind of regard is shown to another living being be that man or animal it reflects the inner most part of the people or persons who are able to take part in the act. To me this type of cruelty and barbarism depicts the absolute worst of humanity.
Nr. 43551  Saul Cardenas  Florida sad... can't even comment on this...
Nr. 43550  Babul Hossain  Bangladesh
Nr. 43549  Naveena Goffer  India
Nr. 43548  Dumitru Marius  Romania F*CK YOU denmark !!!
Nr. 43547  Denita Cragg  Australia this is just senseless and so cruel I wish someone would bash them over the heads. I hope Princess Mary hears about this and gets it changed immediately
Nr. 43546  Paulette Garcia  Mexico
Nr. 43545  Truong Ngoc Tan  Viet Nam ?úng là không tin vào n?i m?t mình.
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Nr. 43543  Nguyen Phuong  Viet Nam
Nr. 43542  Lin Ashton  Australia Truly revolting footage.
Nr. 43541  Elaine Cole  United Kingdom I am stunned that a so called civilised country like Denmark can allow such foul and barbaric treatment of these beautful creatures. What mentality! Denmark will certainly not be on my holiday destination list.
Nr. 43540  Samantha Clark  Australia Absolutely disgusting and unnecessary
Nr. 43539  Brendan Matthey  Australia

Nr. 43538  Albert Bedke  Philippines Stop this useless uneconomical and brutal killing. Just think If you were a whale would you want to see your family slaughtered?
Nr. 43537  Alessandra Rossi  Italy It's really horrible . Shame on who is doing such things.
Nr. 43536  Peter Bracey  Australia What possible justification can there be for this cruelty?
Nr. 43535  Eugenio Fogli  Italy we can't tolerate such contempt of intelligence !!!!
Nr. 43534  Helen Willis  Australia How barbaric and incredibly tragic that such senseless acts of violence still occur in our so called civilised world!
Nr. 43533  Katharine L Baskin  Florida I don't see what good this can possibly do since without War you simply can't dispute what another government condones or condemns.
Nr. 43532  Susan Wallace  Australia Please please stop this cruelty.
Nr. 43531  Katrina Morris  Florida I appreciate the significance of the ritual which was no doubt vital to the survival of Faroe Island inhabitants in the past. However it is needless today as well as potentially toxic to those eating the whale meat - mercury PCBs etc. Perhaps there could be some sort of alteration to the tradition one which honors the past but spares the whales' lives and the inhabitants' health.
Nr. 43530  Rebecca Balestrin  Australia
Nr. 43529  Elizabeth Schembri  Malta I hate seeing animals being killed. These people should be punished. They are hateful.
Nr. 43528  Michela Scolaro  Italy Una crudeltà e una barbarie inaccettabili. Vanno fermati e puniti senza pietà tanto non sanno di cosa si tratta
Nr. 43527  Dan Jecan  Romania Stop the whale killings!
Nr. 43526  Helen Butler  Australia
Nr. 43525  Ruben Montes Lopez  Spain repugnante una verguenza para la raza humana.
Nr. 43524  Tabitha Linder  Georgia This is despicable! How can the senseless killing of these animals be tolerated? This is a barbaric act.
Nr. 43523  Elaine Robe  United Kingdom There is no excuse for this barbaric slaughter it is cruelty beyond belief. In a civilised world our collective conscience should put an end to the suffering these fellow creatures have to endure at the hands of some of the 'human' species.
Nr. 43522  Nethery Nethery  Australia this is really hard to belive. how barbaric. i will never visit. Purchase Danish goods while this practice continues. i thought you were a mobern country.
Nr. 43521  Roland Browne  Australia The activities depicted are a disgrace and should be halted.
Nr. 43520  Regine Whittlesey  Maine How shameful can Humans be? It makes me sick to think that in these days and age we still act savagely with the animal world. Please stop this crual and undignified hunt. May all Beings Humans and animals be safe and happy. Thank you for listening. Regine Whittlesey
Nr. 43519  Dolf Kohnhorst  Netherlands Shame on Denmark It seems incredible that this revolting bloody event enfolds each year on the Feroe Isles in spite of Denmark’s reputation as a ‘civilised’ nation within the European Union. Very few people are aware of this initiation ritual and there are few rites of passage in ‘primitive’ societies to match the barbarity with which these CALDERON dolphins are slaughtered by the local young men to prove their masculinity. This event is ‘celebrated’ annually and apparently nobody does anything to prevent it happening again next year and the years there after. By exposing this shameful practice we hope that the Danish authorities will take action to stamp the practice out once and for all.
Nr. 43518  Silvia Bose  Italy How can we call us "human beeings?" Nothing "human" in our behaviour... Stop all cruelties vs animals!!!
Nr. 43517  Federico Ballardini  Italy to further support actions aimed to end the whale dolphin slaughter in the Faroe please visit: http://www.seashepherd.org/whales/danish-faeroe-islands.html thanks Federico
Nr. 43515  Udani Rahman  Malaysia So cruel!!!
Nr. 43514  Satu Sulkunen  Finland This has to stop!
Nr. 43513  Ijlal Ahmed  Pakistan this is really something which spoil the act of peace. i dont know y Denmark people are going so much at extreme position. first they point our holy prophet and then doing these type of stupid things. they must feel shame.rascals....
Nr. 43512  Patrizia Petrolati  Italy
Nr. 43511  Stefano Fazzi  Italy
Nr. 43510  Reggie Mom  Netherlands
Nr. 43509  Ornella M.  Italy IT'S A SHAME!!!! In a world that is supposed to move on and to safeguard the future of our children there are still people pretending to live in the Middle Age!! Please stop this barbarian! Let those poor creature live!
Nr. 43508  Taeko Briggs  Australia
Nr. 43507  Alessandra Schiavi  Italy Aiutateci a salvare queste povere creature. E ricordiamoci che la civiltà di un popolo la si vede anche da come tratta gli animali.
Nr. 43506  Tristan Gredley  Australia Disgusting!!!!!! Ignorant!!!
Nr. 43505  Tony O'Callaghan  Ireland This seems a very brutal slaughter of fellow mammals!
Nr. 43504  Mary Jane  United Kingdom This is totally unnecessary and sickening.....and for what ? There are easier and better ways to show that one is a man.
Nr. 43502  Heidi De Block  Belgium
Nr. 43501  Gail Raw  Australia How can anyone possibly condone this mindless slaughter? Denmark I am dismayed that you can allow this cruel and senseless tradition to continue.
Nr. 43500  GRUPPIONI MARCO  Italy
Nr. 43499  Soffritti Paolo  Italy
Nr. 43498  Elizabeth Chapman  Australia
Nr. 43497  Eleonora Soldà  Italy
Nr. 43496  Christina Ritchie  Australia Peace to all beings
Nr. 43495  Selena Magotti  Italy
Nr. 43494  Giulia Savito  Italy
Nr. 43493  Melis Alain  Belgium
Nr. 43492  Sandra Savito  Italy
Nr. 43490  Cristea Mirabela  Romania
Nr. 43489  Bilal Hashmi  Pakistan sign is ridiculous
Nr. 43488  Luisa Naldi  Italy What could possibly be the justification for such heartless cruelty?
Nr. 43487  Margarite Reynolds  California
Nr. 43486  Taddia Nicoletta  Italy NO MORE!
Nr. 43485  Jennifer Beer  Australia
Nr. 43484  Alyce Jackson  Australia
Nr. 43483  Jane McGellin  Australia I understand killing for meat. I don't understand killing for 'tradition' or 'initiation' of young boys. If killing of any animal must be done it should be done in a quick and humane way not killing a huge animal with a 15cm knife slashing it's way through the blubber and flesh to the spinal column. Imagine the pain fear and confusion that these intelligent animals feel before their sad death. Disgusting and tragically sad.
Nr. 43482  April Rodriguez  Michigan
Nr. 43481  Jennifer MacLeod  South Africa Stop the slaughter!
Nr. 43480  Ali Raza  New Jersey I have no words to express my feelings on this cruel act.May God show them the right way.....
Nr. 43479  Bobby Orillaneda  Philippines
Nr. 43478  Veethi Tal  Israel
Nr. 43477  Alessandro Panetto  Italy
Nr. 43476  FRANCA ZANELLA  Italy I of course condemn all this. But what make me fool of anger is that the reason to justify all this is just fun. Where is the respect for what beatiful and unique God gave us? Where is the respect for the Earth and its inhabitants and nature which make this world unique in this universe. Why hit someone unable to defend itself. Unable to tell you "please don't"
Nr. 43475  Alessandro Contadini  Italy i'm disgusted
Nr. 43474  Rodolfo Ghirardello  Italy
Nr. 43473  Van de vijver Agnes  Belgium
Nr. 43472  Tracey Ward  United Kingdom These are intelligent wild creatures being slaughtered in horrendously traumatic circumstances. Please take some time to consider whether slaughter of this many of these animals in this awful way surrounded by this much controversy is really the best idea for the future of your islanders.
Nr. 43471  Koller Dominique  Switzerland
Nr. 43470  Carlos Valone  Brazil
Nr. 43469  Leonardo Leno  Belgium War will be a part of human life as long as people are killing animals  for whatever reason. So stop killing these dolphins you retards!
Nr. 43468  Philip Donohoe  Ireland
Nr. 43467  Ann-Marie Hyland  Ireland Its disgracful - hard to believe they still get away with it.
Nr. 43466  Kay Wilson  Italy
Nr. 43465  Jennie Lytton  Ireland This is disgusting you should be ashamed of yourselves in this day n age. I will never visit Denmark because of this.
Nr. 43464  Reka Nagy  Romania
Nr. 43463  Helen O'Neill  Ireland
Nr. 43462  Lugli Susanna  Italy
Nr. 43461  CHANTAL WRIGHT  United Kingdom I can't believe that this is still happening!!! The Wales and the Dolphins are sacred creatures and should be treated with the respect they deserve. In this day and age we are supposed to be civilised there is no need to resort to such atrocities this is just greed. Please stop this from happening again.
Nr. 43460  Trefor Howard  United Kingdom what is happening in the faroe islands is barbaric and the islanders should be thoroughly ashamed
Nr. 43459  Mirna Oresan  Croatia
Nr. 43458  John Kirk  United Kingdom It's not the sort of thing a civilised person would do !
Nr. 43457  Maria teresa Leo  Italy
Nr. 43456  Ilea Cristian  Romania Stop killing whales!!!
Nr. 43455  Dubau Andreea  Romania STOP these criminals!
Nr. 43454  Decamp Alexia  France
Nr. 43453  Frits en Miriam Bogie  Netherlands It's a great shame
Nr. 43452  Cristina Magnani  Italy
Nr. 43451  ANDONE MIRCEA IOAN  Romania Plese STOP these criminals!
Nr. 43450  Cosmin Tanase  Romania
Nr. 43449  Herdlicska Attila  Romania
Nr. 43448  Debondt Kelly  Belgium
Nr. 43447  LAURA MANTINI  Italy
Nr. 43446  Anneke De Vries  Netherlands
Nr. 43445  Concetta Caselli  Italy How can we call us human beings? These wonderful animals are better then us and we kill them. Shame on Denmark!
Nr. 43444  Dora Nassetti  Italy Continuo a dire che la razza "umana" dovrebbe estinguersi a beneficio del mondo intero
Nr. 43443  Chiara Ottolini  Italy stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 43442  Moira Mattioni  Italy
Nr. 43441  PERRIN MARINE  France this history is terrifing!!! Im affraid by this barbary !! In 2009 it's no possible to be continue. there is other way of proving its virility. I am shocked.
Nr. 43440  Francesca Sarti montanari  Italy
Nr. 43439  Fulvia Vergano  Italy

Nr. 43438  Catia Tselovalnikov  Portugal i live in azores island.... back in the days there was a long wales hunt tradition in this islands now thankfully transformed into protection of species . its hard to see that this is possible in the twenty first century and the united nations should put a end on this shame....
Nr. 43437  Patricia Wynn  Florida Hunting for food is one thing but hunting for sport and/or amusement is barbaric and sickens me.
Nr. 43436  Wostyn Bernette  Belgium Please stop the cruelty! I never visit Denmark as long as this cruelty exist! Bernette Wostyn
Nr. 43435  De laet Mady  Belgium
Nr. 43434  Ida Melissant  Netherlands Please stop this
Nr. 43433  Renate Kronreif  Austria STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 43432  Eduard Lazarescu  Romania Barbaric is not even the word to describe this. In this day and age I thought idiotic things like this were something of the past but they're obviously not. It's a huge shame a country that calls itself civilised allows this to happen. So sad...
Nr. 43431  H. Hattawi  United Arab Emirates Please stop the slaughter
Nr. 43430  Lela Stanley  Washington D.C.
Nr. 43429  Lucia Piemontese  Italy who is the animal???!!!!!!
Nr. 43428  R A  Canada please stop this act I believe that if you one needs to prove his adulthoodthere are many other responsible ways to do so not by killing so barbarically. If a lady needs to prove that she is a woman then she is not one!! Hope the plea of so many people reach the right authorities and this atrocies act is stopped.
Nr. 43427  Dumitrescu Robert  Romania
Nr. 43426  Dorothée Van Derkelen  Belgium Dit is idd een schande!
Nr. 43425  Stephanie De Becker  Belgium verschrikkelijk
Nr. 43424  Peter Hessens  Belgium They should do the same to those man once. Maybe than they will stop and think for 1 second how barbaric they are. In my eyes they are not man becaus they can kill harmeless animals. Let them try it once with sharks see how manly they are than.
Nr. 43423  J Colberts  Netherlands
Nr. 43422  A Mobeen  Pakistan Stop this cruelty. This is inhuman and must be stopped. How these people will feel if someone slaughter them.
Nr. 43421  Anat Bloch  Israel
Nr. 43420  Razvan Miron  Romania
Nr. 43419  SHANNON BORRE  Wisconsin
Nr. 43418  Michael Jehlik  Illinois Please stop the torture and killing. Fish have emotions hopes dreams and intelligence the same as you and I. The oceans are in trouble due to pollution over fishing and global warming. Please start nurturing the waters a healthy ocean is needed to sustain life on earth. Best Michael Jehlik Brookfield IL USA
Nr. 43417  Ionescu Roxana  Romania
Nr. 43416  Pascu Ciprian  Romania
Nr. 43415  Miko Prorok  Netherlands Please do something creative instead of something destructive...
Nr. 43414  Donatella Gualandi  Italy stop at massacre!!!
Nr. 43413  Cristina Ionescu  Romania STOP IT!
Nr. 43412  Iulian Hamza  Romania
Nr. 43411  Christopher Ridgers  United Kingdom
Nr. 43410  Beretta Emiliano  Italy
Nr. 43409  Sarah Muehlegger  Austria
Nr. 43408  Hamza Mihai  Romania
Nr. 43407  Sue Smith  United Kingdom I feel soooo sooo sad that this can continue. It brings tears to my eyes that humanity (who is apparently an advanced species) can be so brutal and appear not to have any feeling at all. When are people going to wake up to themselves and realise that through this brutality we are only hurting ourselves.
Nr. 43406  SUSI VALENTINI  Italy e' un orrore e una sofferenza assolutamente ingiustificata mi vergogno per ogni "uomo" con le mani insanguinate dal sangue di questi esseri innocenti. Queta carneficina per dimostrare di essere veri uomini? Voi siete solo dei crudeli assassini
Nr. 43405  Harry Kiafoulis  Greece Barbaric!
Nr. 43404  Miriam Termini  Italy
Nr. 43403  Helle Mortensen  Sweden Dear Prime Minister! I urge you to stop the whale &dolphin slaughter! With kind regards // Helle Mortensen
Nr. 43402  FAURE-MARTY DAMIEN  France enought to see how Danmark is a crualty country. Shame on them. It is a crime we should punished them. Killing whales and dolphins is like killing human being. It is a CRIME they should not have the right to do this. They must be stop immediatly. We must say NO the worl must say NO ENOUGH.
Nr. 43401  Lourie Durante  United Kingdom Gruesome. When humans behave infinitely worse than the animals what hope do we have for the planet and survival?
Nr. 43400  Brenda Bigbee  Alabama this is truly inhumane and ungodly. if they needed them to survive it would be a different story. i just hope they can figure this out.
Nr. 43399  Vanessa Santamaria  Florida i think what they are doing is horrible and i hope it is stopped
Nr. 43398  ATTILIO ADAMO  Italy
Nr. 43397  Helen Valentino  United Kingdom For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 43396  Kelsie Bedard  Colorado this is absolutely terrible. cultural richness should not come at the cost of taking unnecessary animal lives!
Nr. 43395  Petrisor Ciprian  Romania
Nr. 43394  Mihai Carstea  Romania
Nr. 43393  Nikola Laskov  Bulgaria
Nr. 43392  Mark Barrow  United Kingdom
Nr. 43391  Nadia Travaini  Italy But that civilization is this? Neither I neither my knowing friends and will never visit Denmark until will be spotted much blood.
Nr. 43390  Eleonora Bertoni  Italy vergogna!!
Nr. 43389  Raffael Trimmel  Austria
Nr. 43388  Sheree S  Canada This is disgusting behaviour Im appalled at this slaughtering of these dolphins.. I wont be visitng your country anytime soon. I will be sure to forward this petition to all I know to sign.
Nr. 43387  Becky Nordlum  Florida This slaughter needs to be STOPPED & IMMEDIATELY!!!!
Nr. 43386  Scott Ashton  Australia
Nr. 43385  Andrade Andre Luis Chauvet de  Brazil
Nr. 43384  Vito Matera  Italy
Nr. 43383  Mirko Pezzano  Italy
Nr. 43382  Su Bacon  California Where are the environmentalists???? Why is this not being shown in cable and TV???
Nr. 43381  Antonia De meo  Italy
Nr. 43379  Debra Padula  Texas One may expect a third world nation to be so undereducated and lacking in basic humanity but for this horrific yearly slaughter to be protected and condoned by a protectorate of Denmark is absolutely unacceptable and Denmark as an EU member should be held accountable and forced by the international communicty to take steps to stop this slaughter. Otherwise boycott tourist travel and begin to affect their economy...people tend to listen then.
Nr. 43378  Tomislav Magdaleni?  Slovenia
Nr. 43377  Petros Evdokas  Oregon My great thanks to Cathryn Swan who alerted me and other Greens to this cause. Petros http://petros-evdokas.cyprus-org.net/Another-sort-of-Introduction.html
Nr. 43376  Decommere Melissa  Belgium
Nr. 43375  Elcana De Tender  Belgium
Nr. 43374  Heidi Eekelaers  Belgium Sad sad people !!!!
Nr. 43373  Deji Dinu  Romania
Nr. 43372  Umar Shaikh  Saudi Arabia
Nr. 43371  Federica Rubini  Italy
Nr. 43370  Mihaela Floarea  Romania Stop this crime!
Nr. 43369  Campi Maria cristina  Italy STOP IT!
Nr. 43368  Sally Hatton  United Kingdom
Nr. 43367  Claudia Espana  Virginia
Nr. 43366  Le leyzour Karine  France
Nr. 43365  Joanne Schaffer  Florida
Nr. 43364  Katrina Turnbull  United Kingdom
Nr. 43363  RAFFAELLA MARCHI  Italy Too cruel!!!!!! I'm crying!!!!!!!! No one Uman could commit these a massacre so much horrible!!!!!!!!! THIS "SPORT" SHOULD BE STOPPED INDEFINITELY!!!
Nr. 43362  Anthony Wright  United Kingdom What a sad sight. The betrayal of a trust... Denmark is a Country I would never have associated with this kind of atrocity. Please STOP this in the name of Mother Nature.
Nr. 43361  Angie Arnold  Colorado
Nr. 43360  Emelie Karlsson  Sweden It it very much ethically wrong to kill animals by inflicting pain. It must be stopped immediatley.
Nr. 43359  Anne Ardolino  New York this is a horrible practice that is so uncivilized I can only imagine that the children who witness such carnage never recover and spend their lives oblivious to the love and joy in nature. meanwhile to leave the meat to rot is the last straw. Forgive me but I don't think I like these people very much as they remind me of pigeon shooters in Pennsylvania.
Nr. 43358  Franco Ricart  Spain You are worse than devil to allow such a crime to happen...
Nr. 43357  Auro Montanari  Italy
Nr. 43356  Alon Raviv  Israel Maybe someone should hunt the Faroese just for the fun.
Nr. 43355  MARIA LUISA BISOGNIN  Italy please stop the whales massacre in Fær Øer.
Nr. 43354  Anita P  India
Nr. 43353  Monica Marzocchi  Italy
Nr. 43352  Gherardi Nicoletta  Italy
Nr. 43351  Mimmi Devis  Italy STOP DOLPHIN SLAUGHTER
Nr. 43350  Stefano De Marchi  Italy Fermate questo strazio!!!! Please stop this massacre
Nr. 43349  Mihai VOICU  Romania
Nr. 43348  ANTONIONI TOMAS  Italy
Nr. 43347  Ingrami Jessica  Italy
Nr. 43346  MARINELLA BETTI  Italy
Nr. 43345  Herre Counye  Belgium
Nr. 43344  Cagalli Chiara  Italy
Nr. 43343  KATHY LINES  Australia
Nr. 43342  William Cass  Australia
Nr. 43341  FARAH AHMED  India This is disgusting! how can this be ever allowed it needs stop immediately.Pls take action.
Nr. 43340  Dhaval Shah  India
Nr. 43339  Simone Anshuman  India STOP THIS CRUELTY!!!
Nr. 43338  Katy Smith  Australia
Nr. 43337  Nishita Amin  India
Nr. 43336  Daniel Mataragiu  Romania
Nr. 43335  Lusiana Kusuma  Indonesia life of animal are to be preserve ... Not to be Slaughter ..... if
Nr. 43334  Eva Anderberg  Australia Please for God sake stop the senseless slaughtering!
Nr. 43333  Catherine Miller  Australia I am sure there will not be a single Australian who is not appalled at this practice and these photos. Please pass on my strongest possible disgust and dismay to the Danish and Faroe Island govts - such barbaric practices have VERY definitely deterred me from ever wanting to visit either of these two places.
Nr. 43332  Michael THORNTON  Australia Most people think of Denmark as a highly civilised country. However these actions are the actions of barbarians and they reflect very poorly on the people of Denmark as a whole.
Nr. 43331  C. Chandra  Indonesia Dear Prime Minister Joannes Eidesgaard.. GOD tells us to love each other including His other creatures animals and plants.. Looking for what you've done it seems like you don't regard what GOD has created.. So Please stop it! You can't keep doing that abusive sadistic brutal  barbarous  demonic tradition.. 
Nr. 43330  Jack Pliskin  New York

Nr. 43329  Christina Vo  California
Nr. 43328  Heidi Robson  Australia This is a disgusting waste of life! These are beautiful intelligent sensitive creatures which are harmless to people. How can a civilised community think this is acceptable? Stop!!!
Nr. 43327  Ian McGraw  United Kingdom I know that a lot of people would class me as a hypocrite as I am a meat eater however this is being done for sport (much like fox hunting) rather than any need for food. I am saddened and appaled that in the 21st century this still happens - and worse it happens on our doorstep
Nr. 43326  Andrea Ganora  Italy I whas left speachless from the pictures of the Whale & Dolphin massacre that year afther year happens in the Faroe Islands. Please  put a stop to this cruelty .
Nr. 43325  Felicity Nightingale  United Kingdom We are responsible for looking after and caring for the animal kingdom. Children should be taught to treat all creatures with dignity and respect for how we behave towards our animals is reflected back to us in our own society.
Nr. 43324  Devon Ellingham  Canada STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'( :'( :'(
Nr. 43323  Thomas Kristan  Canada
Nr. 43322  Silvia Gnudi  Italy
Nr. 43321  László Unyi  Hungary I would like to know that if this happened to the people who killed those poor animals...that if their family was to be slaughtered the same way as these animals and people just watching...doing nothing other then watching and enjoying themselfs how would those people who killed the them how would they feel?Because they too...are living creatures that deserve to live!!!!
Nr. 43320  April Mosen  New Jersey Shame on you!
Nr. 43319  John Conn  United Kingdom I used to regard Denmark as a civilised country...
Nr. 43318  D Chapman  Australia
Nr. 43317  Anne Biddle  Florida These animals have no voice of their own and rely on us to help them. Please listen and do what is right! This needless suffering must end. Thank you.
Nr. 43316  Sue Wilkinson  United Kingdom How can anyone be so cruel
Nr. 43315  Robin Shaud  New York Just because something as barbaric as whale killing is considered a "tradition" doesn't make it right. Please stop the killing and step into the 21st century.
Nr. 43314  Emily Vigue  Oregon
Nr. 43313  Raffaella CApello  Italy
Nr. 43312  Anna Maria Osteo  Italy
Nr. 43311  Dawn Matthews  Maryland
Nr. 43310  Michael Schwartz  Massachusetts For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 43309  BARBARA SALAROLI  Italy
Nr. 43307  Claudia Atti  Italy I sign up now for alerts to protect the beauty and health of our planet and all its creatures.
Nr. 43306  Gloria Tozzi  Italy you ought to be ashamed of this slaughter of innocents !
Nr. 43305  Valentina Mantini  Italy
Nr. 43304  Patrick Ward  Ireland our duty is to be caretakers of our planet and all that live in it to hand on in pepetuity to our childrens children NOT tp destroy murder and kill for short term gain.
Nr. 43303  Avi H  Israel
Nr. 43302  Cherie Harrs  Australia This is the most grotesque act of barbaric cruelty and their terror must stop. this makes me sick to my stomach and cry and ocean of tears
Nr. 43301  Sonia Serra  Italy
Nr. 43300  Cocconi Gessica  Italy
Nr. 43299  CHAUVEL Claude-Isabelle  France Cette manifestation est d'une brutalité d'une sauvagerie inimaginable et en plus totalement gratuite il reste beaucoup à faire contre la cruauté gratuite des hommes. On ne peut que condamner cette pratique grotesque et d'un autre âge. Les dauphins sont des êtres vivants et doivent être traités en tant que tels et respectés. Il faut exiger du gouvernement danois l'arrêt immédiat de cette coutume moyenageuse.
Nr. 43298  Allison Bonilla  Australia No living breathing being deserves such a brutal monstrous killing. They must be stopped!
Nr. 43297  Gayle Maree Raymer  Australia Calling these people "human beings" is an absolute insult to the rest of us across the world. They are pure evil to do this to such innocent animals.
Nr. 43296  Dalia Zipoli  Italy
Nr. 43295  Dinu Marinela  Romania
Nr. 43293  Yossi Hevroni  Israel
Nr. 43292  Emma Almira  France This is total ignorance and should be banned.
Nr. 43291  Marco Sacchetti  Italy
Nr. 43290  Myriam Sica  Italy
Nr. 43289  Francesca Gruppioni  Italy stop this slaughter!
Nr. 43288  Ann Spiessens  Belgium
Nr. 43287  Emil-domide Pop  Romania opriti criminali
Nr. 43286  MONICA ALBANO  Italy
Nr. 43285  Raymond Merks  Netherlands I am ashamed that this happens in a EU country. Thought we are a civelised part of the world.
Nr. 43284  Max Aram  Romania Don*t kill !
Nr. 43283  David Marks  Virginia
Nr. 43282  Paolo Zecchini  Italy
Nr. 43281  Sorina Cazacu  Romania
Nr. 43279  Eleonora Negroni venturini  Italy
Nr. 43278  Zlata Trost-Stanojevic  Serbia And Montenegro
Nr. 43277  Arianna Buffa  Italy
Nr. 43276  ERRICO ANNA  Italy Please stop this cruelty!
Nr. 43275  Bernabei Elisa  Italy please please stop it!
Nr. 43274  Danilo Pugliese  Italy
Nr. 43273  David Arnold  California This is barbaric
Nr. 43272  Emma Cobb  New York
Nr. 43271  Maileen Chan  Philippines Ruthless people!!! I hope you could feel their pains! Save these wonderful and lovely sea creatures! Before it's too late.
Nr. 43270  Eitan Raviv  Israel please stop this now
Nr. 43269  PANOS PAPATHANASIOU  Greece Stop this useless killing..
Nr. 43268  William VanRee  Canada Killing for fun and showing/teaching the kids how to do it as well because it's a tradition. You Faroe Islanders are truly a sophisticated bunch....
Nr. 43267  Zsolt Várkuti  Hungary Biztosan a Delfinek is így ünneplik a "férfivá válásukat"! Vagy tévedek? "STOP IT"
Nr. 43266  Lorenzo D'Amelio  Italy Salviamo gli animali marini!
Nr. 43265  Simona Evangelista  Italy siamo davvero esseri superiori?????l'essere umano è la bestia più feroce al mondo....mi vergogno di far parte di questa specie ANIMALE!!!!
Nr. 43264  CANEVA ENRICO  Italy
Nr. 43263  Renato Cardim  Brazil It's a monstrosity.Don't combine with the international Denmark image.Please stop it quickly.
Nr. 43262  Hornea Isabela-Miruna  Romania
Nr. 43261  Gene Hughes  Texas I'm not a religious man but I remember it says in the Bible that God gave man the domain over the beasts of the field the birds in the sky and the fish (and mammals) in the sea ... I don't think this is the kind of stewardship he had in mind.
Nr. 43260  Jayne Picciolo  Arizona I cannot believe that this horrific act is allowed and being done for fun. Are we humans this cannabilistic where we can kill precious animals and feel absolutely nothing. This has got to be stopped.
Nr. 43259  Nitica Isabela  Romania Together we can do a lot of things for this planet. Save the whales and the dolphins!
Nr. 43258  Alexandru Cezar  Romania
Nr. 43257  Catarama Elena  Romania
Nr. 43256  Olteanu Gratiela  Romania
Nr. 43255  Gaby Turcu  Romania We are sorry for those whales ... Hope something good might be made to stop that !!
Nr. 43254  Muntianu Ilinca  Romania Vand fan!
Nr. 43253  Radu Daniela  Romania What kind of humanity and civilisation is this?In romania we are not alowed to kill the domestic piggs only after the UE rules.Where are these rules in the case of poor slaughtered wales?
Nr. 43252  De feo Fabrizio  Italy
Nr. 43251  Chiara Testi  Italy
Nr. 43250  Cocuz Raluca Ana-Maria  Romania
Nr. 43249  Vincenzo Castriotta  Italy siamo noi i veri animali........
Nr. 43248  Frumusanu Cristian  Romania
Nr. 43247  Ada Miron  Romania
Nr. 43246  Dominika Kowalewski  South Africa
Nr. 43245  Juan Van Niekerk  South Africa
Nr. 43244  Sandie Kelly  United Kingdom
Nr. 43243  Barbara Resca  Italy
Nr. 43242  Mauro Biasioli  Italy
Nr. 43241  Monica Nilsson  Sweden
Nr. 43240  Elena Gal  Romania
Nr. 43239  Jonatan Nyberg  Finland
Nr. 43238  Karen Holmes  United Kingdom I absolutely cannot believe that this is going on in 2008 in a Western European country! It must stop!!!!!!
Nr. 43237  Melania Mattiacci  Italy
Nr. 43235  Lisa Capucci  Italy
Nr. 43234  Marco Coppi  Italy
Nr. 43233  Palko Lenard Levente  Romania I can't believe that in a developed country like Denmark these kind of scenes can happen
Nr. 43232  Doris Schoning  Ohio
Nr. 43231  Lisa Tumilson  United Kingdom
Nr. 43230  Gyori Csaba  Romania Shame danmark!!!!
Nr. 43229  Rotem Y  Israel
Nr. 43228  Sheetal Martin  California In this day when we are so educated it is sad to see such barbarism. If this is indeed a ritual "rite of passage into adulthood" then this is even worse because what we teaching is to become an adult one has to be able to kill an unarmed being. If they want to do something let them build a house or a church something other people can use instead of killing ruthlessly. Please stop this atrocity!
Nr. 43227  Adeline Plesa  Canada Stop cruelty! It's time to take action! NOW!
Nr. 43226  Dom Christofis  Australia Do we deserve those beautiful creatures?????
Nr. 43225  Sushma Sanal  Canada Yes I would like to support and sign this petition
Nr. 43224  Ewa Zaczek  Illinois
Nr. 43223  Melissa Mobeck  Washington

Nr. 43222  Jennifer Marino  New Jersey Sick just sick senseless killing of a wonderful creature we were all put on this earth for a reason and no one has the right to take any form of life away from another! STOP!
Nr. 43221  Carmen Redfern  Australia This is barbaric
Nr. 43220  Nora Loman  Mexico It´s not human what they are doing. They are acting like animals
Nr. 43219  Roslyn Mantach  Australia I simply don't understand how people can be so cruel and then to justify this barbaric act as their right of passage to adulthood. I would suggest their passage is to some place sinister that the world does not need in any way shape or form.
Nr. 43218  Smokey Kitt  Canada
Nr. 43217  Iye Choukroun  California STOP THE KILLING
Nr. 43216  Alice Borio  Italy stop cruelty!
Nr. 43215  Anna Jose  Canada I actually feel ashamed to be a human when I saw these!!Is this what comes with intelligence barbarism!!??They should be ashamed of themselves!!Just because they are helpless animals doesn't give these heartless people the right to kill them!!How can they do it??Can they not see the cruelty in their actions!! I can't believe no one is going to do anything about this!!someone needs to stop this now!! All life is precious I can't understand how poeple don't get that!! Tuh and we call ourselves "Children of God". Would "Children of God" do this!!
Nr. 43214  Laurentiu Plesa  Romania horrible savage attitude! we're in 21-st century! or...?
Nr. 43213  Alison Richmond  Australia Just cruelty.....we need to stop doing this.
Nr. 43212  Cathryn Swan  New York It's time this "tradition" was changed. There is no reason in this day and age with all we know about different species to inflict such suffering. We need to teach children coming up in the world to respect other beings and each other.
Nr. 43211  Sedighe Afkar  Sweden
Nr. 43210  Kellie Attwood  Australia The People of Denmark Should be totally ashamed of the way they treat these beautiful creatures maybe someone should do the same to them and see how they like it!!!!!
Nr. 43209  Pamela Doherty  United Kingdom this is an atrocity Faroe Islands should be ashamed of themself
Nr. 43208  Simone Bonazzi  Italy I think it'S not human to kill animals like whales.for what reason a man can became so cruel?only for a little money more?I hope this massacre will be stopped.
Nr. 43207  Luigi Santosuosso  New York Cultural traditions do not justify the perpetuation of acts that have lost meaning as a result of the changed social and economic conditions in which people live today. If this massacre might have had a meaning whenever it started it clearly has no significance today besides reminding us the degree of disrespect of animal life by humans.
Nr. 43206  Tristan Winkler  Switzerland Stop the killing!!!
Nr. 43205  Chris Smidtman  Netherlands The people doing this have not the right to live on this planet STOP THIS NOW!!! you bloody Feroes butchers
Nr. 43204  Jason Wright  United Kingdom WORDS FAIL ME THIS IS AN OUTRAGE IT MUST STOP
Nr. 43203  Graziella Ferraris  Italy
Nr. 43202  Barbara Cavara  Italy
Nr. 43201  Anita Roy  Canada Since the food is no longer a survival issue for Faroe Islanders and the animal is contaminated anyway because the pilot whales are on top of the food chain and because the whales dont' have a chance of survival with motor boats and because the meat is wasted there is nothing manly or traditional that makes this action justifiable. I can see it justified if food is scarce rowboats are used and all the meat is consumed and utilized locally. But none of these things are true any longer. The slaughter / hunt today appears only to be barbaric.
Nr. 43200  Van Alboom Frederik  Belgium this is not human shame on you Denmark
Nr. 43199  Lorena Beatriz Guerrero  Argentina
Nr. 43198  My Duyen Pham  Germany
Nr. 43197  Patrizia Filippi  Rhode Island Does anybody know a civilized place in this world of ours? Even places that one would like to imagine more advanced are in reality inhabited by the same horrendous beasts: humans.
Nr. 43196  Roberto Dantas Cavalcante  Brazil Stop this murder now !!!
Nr. 43195  Hootan Farzad  Iran  Islamic Republic Of
Nr. 43194  Rodica Ghita  Romania stop the massacre! it is too much pain
Nr. 43193  Francesca Giunchi  Italy
Nr. 43192  Gabriella Ursini  Italy e' scandaloso...da far venire le lacrime agli occhi....e diseducativo per le nuove generazioni!
Nr. 43191  Nanda Ramrattan  Trinidad And Tobago
Nr. 43190  Shalene Ali-Khan  Trinidad And Tobago This is an outrage!!!!!!!! I can't believe stupidity like this still exists for a ritual of adulthood!!!
Nr. 43189  Angela Brescia  Italy
Nr. 43188  Ana Mariela Ruiz Rodríguez  Costa Rica
Nr. 43187  Laura Chotai  Trinidad And Tobago Its gut sickening to watch what these people do to animals. They have too much time on their hands. Plant a tree or something to symbolise this stupid tradition.
Nr. 43186  De Gasperin Diego  Italy It's unbelievable what a human been (but in fact i don't consider them a true human been!!!) dowith no sense. Why have somedy to destroy the naturefor any reason? I hope that some public autorithy take disciplinary measures against the responsibles of this stupid masaacre.
Nr. 43185  SILVIA SUSANA VIDAL  Argentina is a shame all people should be defend a this animales.
Nr. 43183  Biagio Felicia  Italy
Nr. 43182  Bianca Pogna  Italy
Nr. 43181  T H Nguyen  Canada
Nr. 43180  JOEL HENRY  Trinidad And Tobago
Nr. 43179  Paula Staszkiw  Argentina
Nr. 43178  Hakan Akcaöz  Switzerland
Nr. 43177  Laszlo Miklos  Hungary STOP IT!
Nr. 43176  Zsofia Pinter  Hungary
Nr. 43175  Szabolcs Nemethi  Hungary That's a shame!
Nr. 43174  Magdolna Doka  Hungary
Nr. 43173  Ors Megyeri  Hungary STOP!
Nr. 43172  Marco Sérgio Batista Xavier  Brazil Lamentável Dinamarqueses
Nr. 43171  MARINA HOFMANS  Belgium
Nr. 43170  Elena Del Signore  Italy
Nr. 43169  Silvia Calzoni  Italy
Nr. 43168  Kim Engeli  Italy
Nr. 43167  Andreea Bulboaca  Romania
Nr. 43166  Danciu Dejeu Dorin  Romania
Nr. 43165  Averil Tyrrell  Ireland Stop it
Nr. 43164  Monica Carini marchioni  Italy
Nr. 43163  Nicola Minoccheri  Italy stop at massacre to the delphins
Nr. 43162  Ioana Zob  Romania
Nr. 43161  Laura Budriesi  Italy
Nr. 43160  Anthony Stevens  United Kingdom This is barbaric!
Nr. 43159  T Lindeijer-Klaverweide  Netherlands This has to stop!! This is not the way to save the world!!
Nr. 43158  Juan Ice  Philippines
Nr. 43157  Elisabeth O'Sullivan  Australia
Nr. 43156  Marina De gasperin  Italy I can't believe that in our century it is still necessarry kill all this animals in that way to demonster that guys have become men!! and the horrible thing is that the children are there to see what is happening!!! STOP THIS MURDER!! I THING DANISH PEOPLE CAN'T PERMIT THIS AGAIN!!
Nr. 43155  SIMONA SABBIONI  Italy
Nr. 43154  Buzila Ancuta  Romania
Nr. 43153  Lisa Pierce  California
Nr. 43151  Khaled Safadi  United Arab Emirates
Nr. 43150  Perry Nguyen  Canada Please stop this slaughter as it has serious impact on your own environment and your children for many generations to come !
Nr. 43149  Tiffany Luu  Australia How could these people do this horrible act of barbarism
Nr. 43148  Tanya Sloan  Australia
Nr. 43147  Winston Wong  Singapore For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 43146  Natalie Santiago  Puerto Rico
Nr. 43145  Roman Gertsch  Switzerland Stop the killing!!! This is unbelievable what happens in a "civilized" european country!!!
Nr. 43143  Stefan Marcela  Romania Shame on you !!!
Nr. 43142  Sjaak Adriaanse  Netherlands Homo sapiens was here I am ashamed of my species.
Nr. 43141  Stefan Iulia  Romania No Comment !!!!!
Nr. 43140  Agnes Peeters  Belgium Stop the killing of wild animals !!!!
Nr. 43139  Eveline Pinseel  Belgium Stop the killing of these beautiful animals !!!
Nr. 43138  Sarah Pinseel  Belgium Stop the killing of whales. It's cruel and senseless.
Nr. 43137  Joris Pinseel  Belgium Stop the slaughter of these beautiful animals. It's a shame civilezed human beings are doing this.
Nr. 43136  Mertens Christophe  Belgium Is this what we should teach our childeren? is this what they have to remember.
Nr. 43135  Carol Thompson  Pennsylvania
Nr. 43134  Eugen Cirlea  Romania Shame shame shame Danemark !!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 43133  Angela Chamberlain  Wisconsin
Nr. 43132  Diana Dietiker  Switzerland
Nr. 43131  Chris J.  Canada
Nr. 43130  Julie Winters  California The real problem is in the hearts and minds of men. It is not a problem of physics but of ethics. It is easier to denature plutonium than to denature the evil from the spirit of man. -- Albert Einstein
Nr. 43129  Balazs Juhacsek  Hungary Whale population is not endless unlike human stupidity...
Nr. 43128  Janie Gangadeen  Trinidad And Tobago
Nr. 43127  Wouter Vanwesenbeeck  Belgium Stop the killing of those innocent animals now! It's a shame!!!!
Nr. 43126  Jenny Engström  Sweden How long does it have to take before we humans learn to live in harmony with nature and respect other living creatures? It should be the easiest and most natural thing in the world..
Nr. 43125  Gustavo Loman  Mexico
Nr. 43124  Dave Van Laere  Belgium How sick can you be!? Sad!
Nr. 43123  Susanna Cinti  Italy
Nr. 43122  Denise Schrama  Netherlands
Nr. 43121  Dave Waugh  Texas This is unacceptable direct action is fully justified against the criminals inflicting this carnage.
Nr. 43120  Carey Smith  Trinidad And Tobago

Nr. 43119  J Hocker  Netherlands In am crying I have no words. My heart is bleeding Who will stop them?
Nr. 43118  WAROUX Hennie  Belgium Please stop this pointless and cruel ritual immediately. Killing animals for entertainment is a serious crime and should be punished accordingly. The Danish government cannot afford to look the other way.
Nr. 43117  Eric Goeman  Belgium
Nr. 43116  Francesca Prete  Italy
Nr. 43115  Zoltan T.  Hungary Denmark Danish nation this sick people are your shame.
Nr. 43114  Raj Mohammed  Trinidad And Tobago RAJWATEE MOHAMMED
Nr. 43113  M. E. P. Barcellano  Philippines
Nr. 43112  Andrea Vallo  Hungary
Nr. 43111  Federica Zecchini  Italy Please stop this cruelty!!!! I think no one must deserve this horrible death!!! Also the animal can suffer as well as human being does!!! And the worst part of this trajedy is the involvement of children!
Nr. 43110  Hannah Berglund  Sweden This is a terribly pschycopatic unhumanly cruel happening from heartless humans that cannot be called humans!
Nr. 43109  Wettstein Melanie  Switzerland
Nr. 43108  Stef Haverkamp  Netherlands I don't believe it. It looks like we still live in de stoneage.
Nr. 43107  Victoria Korber Hari  Hungary It's a shame! Stop killing animals!
Nr. 43106  Maria Lisa Vignoli  Italy
Nr. 43105  Calzolari Sara  Italy
Nr. 43104  John Warnes  Australia
Nr. 43103  Paolo Bassini  Italy
Nr. 43102  Jackie Verkamman  Australia I am shocked that this is 2009 and that we as in humans are actually slaughtering such amazing beautiful creatures. I do understand that every culture has certain values and traditions but in all honesty...what's the point in this?????!!! Killing beautiful animals living beings who have a right to live just like us! The people in the Faroe Islands don't even use them for food as they leave the killed animals behind it is done purely by tradition. This just makes me SICK!!!!!! I am upset and I am wondering why it is not possible to change legislation and preserve our environment!!! Why aren't they for example trying to make money by organising eco-tourism in that area and this way trying to treasure what they have been given. I am sad and upset and I hope that something can and will be done in order to save the beautiful animals. They are such magnificent and peaceful creatures....I just can't understand why this is still happening! Jackie
Nr. 43101  Debbie Ervine  Canada Stop the slaughter now. You are all insane.
Nr. 43100  Robin Tunderman  Australia
Nr. 43099  Suchi Vasuki  Australia This is terrible! This unacceptable event must be banned and all those involved should be reprimanded. How can anybody be so heartless??? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop the killing :(
Nr. 43098  John Gaston  Florida Wonderful majestic creatures are being slaughtered like this? This is so sad. Stop this nonsense!!!
Nr. 43097  Ashleigh Bowden  United Kingdom I am extremly saddenedhorriefied and speechless. please stop. This is seriously distressing.
Nr. 43096  Pernille Stent  Australia Let's evolve ourselves away from these barbaric ways
Nr. 43095  Marijana Milicic  Croatia
Nr. 43094  Joseph Bongiorno  New York This is sickening horrifying and plain EVIL. These disgusting desensitized people must be made to stop their "tradition" of savagery. It is a blight on Denmark and on the human race. Shame on the Faroe Islanders!
Nr. 43093  Natalie Smith  Australia I am not an animal person but this imagery and information disgusts me. This butchery is unnecessary and completely and utterly inhumane. This practice should be outlawed and any participants should be arrested. The unnecessary slaughter of so many whales is disheartening. Especially when they are killed for no reason whatsoever. At least Japan kills whales for "scientific research" and food - at least there's a reason!! To show man hood or as part of some tradition festival is not acceptable. This is the 21st century after all. Tradition does not dictate laws!
Nr. 43092  Sue Ridings  Australia
Nr. 43091  Keryn Cooper  Australia
Nr. 43089  Stijn Raymaekers  Belgium How is it possible that such cruelty still prevails in so-called civilized countries... ?!
Nr. 43088  Paul Hancock  United Kingdom Call ourselves human more like inhumane.
Nr. 43087  DE SMEDT Willem  Belgium
Nr. 43086  Belinda Wright  Australia This sort of sensless barbaric practice should not be happening in the 21st Century.
Nr. 43085  Francesca Onali  Italy For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 43084  Mike Gerousse  Belgium
Nr. 43083  Christel Van Laerhoven  Belgium
Nr. 43082  Raymond De Smet  Belgium
Nr. 43081  Casey Romig  Kansas
Nr. 43080  Dirk Vilijn  Belgium
Nr. 43079  Gemma Lakin  United Kingdom Horrfic
Nr. 43078  Tonny Peeters-Bisschops  Netherlands
Nr. 43077  Van bogaert Erik  Belgium it is not human this behaviour !!
Nr. 43076  Johanna Bengtsson  Sweden
Nr. 43075  Tracy McCardle  Canada
Nr. 43074  Zury Dabbah  Mexico Yano maten mas ballenas
Nr. 43073  Jesus Chacon felix  Mexico this should end it´s no right>
Nr. 43072  Jeremy Demey  Belgium
Nr. 43071  Guy Huylebroeck  Belgium
Nr. 43069  Ilse García  Mexico it is time of which these bloodthirsty traditions finish we must do something against them we can do something
Nr. 43068  Karen Rinehart  Michigan
Nr. 43067  Lucy Dabbah  Mexico I'ts is so shamed to see those imagenes of so much blood and all this injustified crimes.THIS FACTS MUST END RIGHT NOW WHAT EVER IS NEEDED TO DO PLEASE. We are in the year 2008 .and THIS MUST NOT HAPPEN.
Nr. 43066  Benito Castro  Mexico Join 4 this Cause
Nr. 43065  Cecilia Vazquez  Netherlands Antilles
Nr. 43064  Ranson Jan  Belgium
Nr. 43063  Flavius Bogdan  Romania That will have to stop. !!!!!!!!!!!1 SHAME
Nr. 43062  Blanka Meszaros  Hungary
Nr. 43061  Jan Verdonck  Belgium
Nr. 43060  Randy Ramkissoon  Trinidad And Tobago
Nr. 43059  Michelle Dean  United Kingdom
Nr. 43058  Milou Van Kooi  Netherlands This is just crazy... what more do we have to say
Nr. 43057  Grigore Iulian  Romania Nu le pasa!!! Si e grav
Nr. 43056  Dali Ivanovic  United Kingdom The brutal and unecesary slaughter of marine life from our seas is abhorrent what century are we living in? This must be STOPPED.
Nr. 43055  Justine Lepoutre  France
Nr. 43054  Martina Paolini  Italy
Nr. 43053  Garcia Ana maria  France
Nr. 43052  Istvan Feli  Hungary What a massacre! I believed it Denmark a civilized country! Let' stop doing this!
Nr. 43051  Hisham Al-Fayyadh  Saudi Arabia this is one of the most brutal primitive irresponsible behavior i've ever seen in my life! what kind of fun is this? have people already turned into merciless monsters?? it's totally pointless! in Saudi Arabia we celebrate Al-Adha Day by doing a number of activities one of them is slaughtering sheep to EAT them and distribute them to the poor and needy people to EAT them. So there is a moral and social wisdom behind us slaughtering sheep on that day. But here with these poor lovely dolphins  i really can't see any point whatsoever!! please guys if you understand their motives  clarify them to me for God's sake. Hisham Riyadh-Saudi Arabia
Nr. 43050  Laura Del buono  Italy
Nr. 43049  CLAIRE Joubert  South Africa
Nr. 43048  Eric Zhang  Australia What a shame!! how can human do such things?? STOP IT NOW!!
Nr. 43047  Gunther Vergauwen  Belgium
Nr. 43046  Pearl Babu  Australia
Nr. 43045  Jan Van den Bussche  Belgium Whale meat is no longer necessary in these modern times. Marine life is severely threatened. We should protect it.
Nr. 43044  Sonia Sin  Netherlands Certainly in this day & age we as MANKIND should exercise more respect for nature and creatures from the sea that already have difficulties with OUR pollution our CO2 and warming waters. Eat less meat in all forms!!!!
Nr. 43043  DUMITRESCU ANDREI  Romania
Nr. 43042  Matei Eugenia georgiana  Romania
Nr. 43040  Laura Gamba  Italy
Nr. 43039  Sorin Mascas  Romania This from a country so called civilised... with unlimited acces to information. What can one expect from a third world country if the "civilised" world acts like that? I guess common sense kindness and respect for nature is not taught in Faroe's schools.
Nr. 43038
Nr. 43037  Michelle d Cook  Australia THis is so shooking i can't believe this is happening and noone is doing anything about it.
Nr. 43036  Katia Nastasi  Switzerland
Nr. 43035  Meier Yolanda  Belgium Dit is ronduit afschuwelijk dat dit nog bestaat. Afschaffen die handel!!!!!!
Nr. 43034  Bogdan Ilies  Romania
Nr. 43033  Demeter Robert  Romania stop the anachronic barbarian behaviour!
Nr. 43032  Steyn Van Zyl  South Africa Senseless is the word. There is more meaning to life than this. The world needs healing not more killing.
Nr. 43031  Iulian Ionut  Romania STOP!...protect don't kill.....
Nr. 43030  Amneris Maffei  Italy
Nr. 43029  Xander Breuls  Netherlands
Nr. 43028  Daniela Suhner  Switzerland
Nr. 43027  Elena Rusu  Romania
Nr. 43026  Karin Heidmann  South Africa Please stop this immediately !!!! Such cruelty towards these intelligent helpless animals are unacceptable!
Nr. 43025  Alexandra Axinte  Romania This must stop at once. Only once I have seen something just as shocking: the butchery of foxes in some fur factory from Ucraine. That was awfully cruel. But this is so much like it...
Nr. 43024  KATERINA TOULOURA  Cyprus
Nr. 43023  Matsi Yasei  Texas
Nr. 43022  Jennifer Beere  Australia
Nr. 43021  Rosalind Scovill  Canada So very very sad that this happens to any animal on this earth and especialy for such an egotistical reason. We are terribly upsetting the whole balance of nature on this beautiful planet and it will be to our own detriment!
Nr. 43020  Geneva Hagen  Canada Cetaceans are an endangered intelligent species whose brains are larger than humans'. It is criminal to kill them for commercial reasons.
Nr. 43019  Kirsty Dow  Australia

Nr. 43018  Bouwen Julien  Belgium STOP
Nr. 43017  Valentina Righini  Italy
Nr. 43016  Driessens Gerald  Belgium For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 43015  Ieva Ozere  Latvia !!!
Nr. 43014  Corinne Lamb  Canada I would think that in todays world this type of senseless slaughter would not exist..........these are gentle creatures whom deserve more from the hand of man than this. I would pray that as the dominant species on this planet that we become more intelligent and learn that we are to be the protectors not the destoyers that we are at this stage.
Nr. 43013  Sebastian Benavides  Michigan
Nr. 43012  Greetje Aerts  Belgium Verschrikkelijk aub stop dit stop!!!!
Nr. 43011  Chiara Faglia  Italy
Nr. 43010  Daniel Sermer  Hungary For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 43009  Judit Rohonyi  Hungary Incredible at par with genocide. The worst is the training of children to inflict such pain and distruction and actually enjoy and celebrate it.
Nr. 43008  Dace Balode  Sweden
Nr. 43007  Cid Martins  Portugal
Nr. 43006  Sam Gramann  United Kingdom Please stop this uneccessary barbarism.
Nr. 43005  Gordana Zdjelar  Serbia And Montenegro
Nr. 43004  Zsuzsanna Farkas  Hungary
Nr. 43003  Rita Hagen  Canada I can't believe that this is done "as a ritual into adulthood"???? This is so barbarian and pointless but how can we stop it? Maybe we should round up the islanders and move them to the mainland somewhere where there is no access to the oceans.
Nr. 43002  Sara Bidese  Italy
Nr. 43001  David Hunt  Barbados I'm ashamed to think that White Europeans engage in such barbarism. Jesus I thought it was only the backward Japanese. STOP THE MADNESS of slaughtering our fellow mammals PLEASE!
Nr. 43000  Ana Ana  Romania
Nr. 42999  Mónika Takács  Hungary
Nr. 42998  C.M. Houbolt  Netherlands This ritual is cruel very damaging to the ecosystem and not necessary. Please make it stop
Nr. 42997  Leandro Della Vedova  Brazil
Nr. 42996  Dirk De Backker  Belgium
Nr. 42995  JR Welch  Canada The time has come to embrace our human power through the responsibility of stewardship instead of the (presumed) right of slaughter. Please stop unnecessary harms.
Nr. 42994  Goranka Nadrèiæ  Croatia This is not the world that I have brought my baby to live on...
Nr. 42993  Crisan Stefania  Romania
Nr. 42992  Porla Garratt  United Kingdom
Nr. 42991  Don Gwillim  United Kingdom
Nr. 42990  William Maliepaard  South Africa This is a barbaric practice - we need to put an end to this including shark fin harvesting!
Nr. 42989  Tina Campbell  Tennessee I just can't believe that these customs are considered okay. Just think that if these young men are taught to slaughter in this way what they may become capable of in their futures.
Nr. 42988  Jacolien Van Vaardegem  Netherlands Stop this
Nr. 42987  Maurizio Franco  Italy Animals kills animals..... Who are the bastards!!??????? merrez
Nr. 42986  David Spieler  Barbados
Nr. 42985  Darja Gavocanov  Croatia This must be stopped!
Nr. 42984  Bronwyn Pelser  South Africa This is disgusting... nothing more than murder!!!
Nr. 42983  Bax Kristien  Belgium
Nr. 42982  Yaakov Ben-Basat  Israel What a pointless and barbaric ritual- The Denmark goverment has to make them stop!
Nr. 42981  Julie Verachtert  Belgium MADNESS!!!!
Nr. 42980  Predrag Stefanovic  Serbia And Montenegro
Nr. 42979  Biljana Ercegovic  Serbia And Montenegro Why? For what reason does a man decide to slaughter??? This has to stop! These innocent creatures deserve to live! They are not toys for humans brutal games! What is the future of human kind if this is what we are? Does any of these "people" have eyes hearts souls conscious? This is horrible...
Nr. 42978  Clarisse Todoran  Romania
Nr. 42977  Kim Schrooten  Belgium
Nr. 42976  Kate Parker  United Kingdom
Nr. 42975  De Knijf Geert  Belgium
Nr. 42974  Annalisa Dotti  Italy
Nr. 42973  Mees Herwig  Belgium
Nr. 42972  DANNEELS Godelieve  Belgium Cruelty holds a terrible grip of human kind and each individual who chooses to celibrate such a disgusting slaughtery of whales who most of all still carry with them the secret of existance. Incredible guilt is layed upon the ones who let burn such a witnessing of slaughtering in the eyes of a child an impression that emprisons them for even more than a lifetime.
Nr. 42971  Ruta Ðarkovska  Latvia
Nr. 42970  Annelies Van Herrewegen  Belgium This is so wrong!!!!
Nr. 42969  Lija Puncule  Latvia
Nr. 42968  Wouter Van Landuyt  Belgium Mumbay at the faroer
Nr. 42967  Benja Vinie  Italy
Nr. 42966  Paul De Haes  Belgium For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 42965  Giorgio D'Albano  Italy Pilot whales are listed as 'strictly protected' by the Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats. Yet every year some 2000 whales are savagely massacred just for an archaic 'rites of passage' ritual
Nr. 42964  Van Den Bogaert Jorn  Belgium
Nr. 42963  Borglevens Hendrik  Belgium
Nr. 42962  Smiljana Prpa Rok  Serbia And Montenegro
Nr. 42961  Esmeralda Borgo  Belgium
Nr. 42960  Bart Van Gelder  Belgium
Nr. 42959  Alison Lynch  United Kingdom
Nr. 42958  Cyndi Trip  France
Nr. 42957  Dirk Symens  Belgium
Nr. 42956  Jan Vanwynsberghe  Belgium Under the pretext of 'folklore'... Scandalous and totally unacceptable!!
Nr. 42955  Andre Sikkema  Netherlands
Nr. 42954  Kurt Boux  Belgium
Nr. 42953  Van de Water Jozef  Belgium Please stop the killing !!!
Nr. 42952  Jozef Jacobs  Belgium Stop deze onnodige slachting.
Nr. 42951  Dikshita SOna  India
Nr. 42950  Anastasija Antonenko  Latvia
Nr. 42949  Tomas Willems  Belgium
Nr. 42948  Marcela Moraga murga  Chile Basta de crueldad¡¡¡¡¡¡ Es necesaria esta masacre?
Nr. 42947  Thijs Calu  Belgium
Nr. 42946  Sarah Wiedmer  Switzerland
Nr. 42945  Christof Van Ackere  Belgium
Nr. 42944  Dros Pieter  Belgium Dear Prime Minister It is unbeliveble that in 2008 there are still people who like too kill whales for fun. criminal behaveure. please stop this sport!!
Nr. 42943  Bram Vogels  Belgium
Nr. 42942  DE SCHEEMAEKER FRANK  Belgium
Nr. 42941  Egija Na?ivaiko  Latvia
Nr. 42940  Griet Nijs  Belgium
Nr. 42939  Liliane Van Waes  Belgium Please stop the slaughtering!!!
Nr. 42938  Karin Tebbe  Netherlands Shame on you!
Nr. 42937  Johan Debuck  Belgium
Nr. 42936  Aija Vikmane  Latvia
Nr. 42935  Kirsten De kimpe  Belgium
Nr. 42934  Corthout Paula  Belgium STOP
Nr. 42933  Bart Pattyn  Belgium
Nr. 42932  De Vlieger Monique  Belgium
Nr. 42930  Arne Iserbyt  Belgium
Nr. 42929  Kristine Polakevica  Latvia
Nr. 42928  LEILA SALAME  Mexico
Nr. 42927  E. De Bruin  Netherlands This killing should stop immediately!
Nr. 42926  Sarita Danny Heylen-Dederen  Belgium
Nr. 42925  Jimmy Strömberg  Sweden
Nr. 42924  Catherine Ruys  Belgium
Nr. 42923  Susan Woods  Australia In todays society this saddens me. Indeed I believe in tradition but not when it is committing genocide. These are endangered species and every year it is damaging their chances of survival. Wake up to the responsibility you have to your children and grandchildren to ensure these species survive.
Nr. 42922  Marta Andjelic  Croatia i hope this petition would have some progress in stopping sloughters in the faroe islands!
Nr. 42921  Nena Lovinger  Oregon This shameful barbaric practice must end. The harassment and torture of these sentient creatures is unconscionable.
Nr. 42920  Trudy Bennett  Texas
Nr. 42919  Mary Brickner  Colorado
Nr. 42918  Denise Kolmodin  Sweden
Nr. 42917  Noosheen Vaghar  Florida Life on Earth exists in a circle & once we make a damage to any species in the circle of lifewe destroy ourselves.If we continue killing any living creaturewe will be doomed on Earth in no time.
Nr. 42916  Ann Matthews  United Kingdom I am ashamed & disgusted...This is somewhere i have never visited but would have one day not any more!
Nr. 42915  Leonor Garza  Mexico I was absolutely outraged by seeing this type of butchery. I could not believe my eyes and worst that it is done just for pleasure. I consider that a civilization that considers themselves as real human beings wouldn't do this type of massacre. I urge tha authorities to take action against this barvarian act.
Nr. 42914  Melina Dandreti  Australia I t's ashame this same crulety isn't inflicted onto the people who do these inhumane acts.
Nr. 42913  Denise Cain  South Africa get with the times .
Nr. 42912  Stephanie Dejou  Canada This is completely disgusting. I can't believe that people actually come and stand to watch. And a school day off just to kill these dolphins??!! That assh*le of a government should be locked up for animal cruelty. As for everyone that killed those poor dolphins. Turning 18 is great and all but it sure ain't a reason to kill animals. There's other ways to celebrate your 18 years.
Nr. 42911  Jewel Courville  Texas STop this autrosity. We know that the japanese are greedy and kill way to many whales.
Nr. 42910  Ilenia Baronio  Italy i don't know english but i said one things STOP WITH CRUELTY FOR THE ANIMALS STOP VIOLECE ON THE DOLPHINS!!!
Nr. 42909  M  paul Pauls  FloridaAbsolutely barbaric and a disgrace to human kind.
Nr. 42908  Zsolt Beke  Hungary
Nr. 42907  Wuyts Griet  Belgium
Nr. 42906  Jennifer Jager  New York
Nr. 42905  Pescar Paula  Romania DarKanGelIne7
Nr. 42904  Christopher Truedsson  Sweden
Nr. 42903  Thomas Engels  New Jersey
Nr. 42902  Michelle Gertsch  Switzerland
Nr. 42901  Lynn Mycroft  Tennessee
Nr. 42900  Ava Hornung  California I want to help stop the killing of dolphins and whales..please wont you stop...
Nr. 42899  ALLEGAERT Patric  Belgium Dear Prime Minister It is unbeliveble that in 2008 there are still people who like too kill whales for fun. This is really criminal behaviour stop this Some people should be put in jail for this
Nr. 42898  Eva Kwolek  United Kingdom

Nr. 42897  Robert Kwolek  United Kingdom
Nr. 42896  Christine Mize  Georgia This is a shame to see such things going on. This whole country should be embarrassed by this horrific practice. These people will feel the wrath of God some day. It truly breaks my heart and the hearts of many.
Nr. 42895  Bracke Rita  Belgium STOP - STOP - STOP !!!!!
Nr. 42894  VELTER CLAUDE  Belgium No humain person let animals suffer that way!
Nr. 42893  Pallavi Bhattacharyya  India
Nr. 42892  Jose Estrada Lopez  Germany As mentioned before....I would never consider putting some money in your economy until you guys stop this so called tradition. You need to think that we are not anymore in the middle ages and now every one depend on each other. Anyway... sometimes we need help for others and I am sure Faroe Islands may need help of others and right now I do not think you are in a good position in terms of good image towards the world. It is a shame that as long as you google "Faroe Islands" you get this gross pictures. Well I think it is well deserved.
Nr. 42891  Sonja Gosink  Germany Stop this barbarism! Start to be human! I will never ever consider visit your f... country!
Nr. 42890  Neyt Rita  Belgium
Nr. 42889  Moldovan Raluca  Romania
Nr. 42888  M. Ghyssels  Belgium it's a shame for denmark.
Nr. 42887  TERESA MILLER  Canada
Nr. 42886  Michelle Discombe  South Africa Disgusting that in this day and age man can actually enjoy doing this most inhumane act of murder.
Nr. 42885  Szejke Lorand vilmos  Romania terribil
Nr. 42884  Aleksa Aleksa  Serbia And Montenegro It is a disgrace stop the killing immediately
Nr. 42883  Darren Charlesworth  France
Nr. 42882  Jennifer Morrell  Australia Stop this barbaric activity and teach your children how to respect all living creatures. Not only is this abuse to our sea life it is child abuse to allow your children to be traumatized by the sight of defenseless creatures being brutalized. Wake up to yourself Denmark give a damn and do the RIGHT thing!!!
Nr. 42881  Todd Nelson  Australia
Nr. 42880  Geerits Tom  Belgium
Nr. 42879  Frans De Schamphelaere  Belgium This is not tradition it's just showing how uncivilised one can be. Think about the opportunities whale tourism etc. could bring to you but in stead you just keep on killing these pilot whales which is beneath any human dignity and the whole world knows you're doing this. You're losing some enormous chances there's a whole economy around whale and dolphin whatching. But all you do is act like some frustrated people together on an island who tell their children how important their so called 'tradition' is but I can tell you that everybody is shocked about your behaviour we're not living in the dark ages anymore it's the 21th century... I can assure you that you're not longer getting away with this  we're not taking these cruelties. So be reasonable and stop this extremely cruel practice
Nr. 42878  Vernon Cole  Oklahoma
Nr. 42877  Angela Raab  Austria When is this senseless killing going to stop? For what? So boys can be men? There are a lot of rituals that do not include animal pain...I feel ashamed that a country a member of the European Union is part of an ongoing slaughter in times like these- times when we should preserve all living things- SHAME ON YOU DENMARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 42876  Farcas Raluca  Romania
Nr. 42875  Esther Szabo  Netherlands
Nr. 42874  Susanne Ewenstein  Germany
Nr. 42873  Koen Devos  Belgium
Nr. 42872  Divya Shetty  India Please stop this immediately......
Nr. 42871  Fiona Pinto  India
Nr. 42870  Srikanth MN  India
Nr. 42869  De pauw J  Belgium
Nr. 42868  Bedoret Hubert  Belgium
Nr. 42867  Valerie Goethals  Belgium Please stop slaughtering these beautiful whales and dolphins just because this is a historical practice. You don't need the food anymore. And the way you kill these magnificent creatures is so terrible. They are dying very slowly and in a lot of pain and stress. This must end NOW!
Nr. 42866  Cazacu Bogdan  Romania This is absolutely outrageous! HUNDREDS of whales? What the hell are they doing with all the meat? WHY KILL THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE!? Do this on more time Faroe islanders and i'll personaly be there next time and slaughter you all...lets see how's that going to fell... X( god damn idiots!
Nr. 42864  John O'Connor  United Kingdom This is disgraceful and savage behavior. If Faroe islands were closer to the European mainland civilised people could stop it by force but we feel we are helpless to protect these graceful creatures as Faroe is so far away. Those who practice is should be ashamed of themselves and are idiots. I am irish and look to poetry literature and folklore to define my culture - why do these people have to engage in barbaric behavior to define theirs?
Nr. 42863  Blondeel Antoon  Belgium Respect for wildlifeit's as simple as that!
Nr. 42862  Biolcati Luciana  Italy per favore impariamo a rispettare la vita!!!!! basta alle stragi!!!!
Nr. 42861  Stephanie Motz  United Kingdom
Nr. 42860  Guido Van Steen  Belgium
Nr. 42859  Jacqueline Schoonhoven  Netherlands It is a disgrace. Please stop this slaughter!
Nr. 42858  Cornelis Bakker  Sweden It is a disgrace for human kind. Man are not beasts they are monsters.
Nr. 42857  Seeuws Eddy  Belgium Ronduit afschuwelijk dat dit nog kan ik schaam mij in hun plaats. In plaast van hun "mannelijkheid" bewijzen ze hun beestachtigheid!!!
Nr. 42856  Alberta Phillips  Michigan This is a bloodbath that has no place in a civilized world. Killing defenseless animals as a 'right' for entering into manhood is barbaric to say the least. Please stop the brutality! The sight of such brutality is sickening.
Nr. 42855  Ivan Rok  Serbia And Montenegro
Nr. 42854  Jan Van Grimbergen  Belgium
Nr. 42853  Tibor Endredy  Hungary I understand national traditions but I think humanity should globally reconsider it's relation to nature and other species.
Nr. 42852  Ion Stefan  United Kingdom
Nr. 42851  Miklos Fulop  Hungary It is horrific and intolerable. Perhaps a few hundred of us could attend this event next year and give those guys a "NICE" initiation ceremony!
Nr. 42850  Vineeta Sinha  India
Nr. 42849  Irén Boros  Hungary
Nr. 42848  Osan Anda Maria  Romania
Nr. 42847  Anita Ipsa  Slovenia
Nr. 42846  Jennifer Myers  Indiana Please stop this horrible slaughter!!!
Nr. 42845  Emma Stock  Australia
Nr. 42844  Joyce Tay Ming Ming  Malaysia stop cruelty!!!
Nr. 42843  MIKE Huynh  California Please stop killing our lovely Whale and Dolphin. Your killing action is not humanity and destroying our planet. Please act as human and live with humanity life. Thanks. Mike Huynh
Nr. 42842  Puskas Csaba  Romania
Nr. 42841  Donna D Katz  Pennsylvania How in the world can this be allowed by these heartless people. Shame on them and shame on you Prime Minister Eidesgaard.
Nr. 42840  Herb Schulsinger  California People who indulge in such senseless barbaric cruelty are a blight on our planet. 
Nr. 42839  Shannon Mason  Federated States of Micronesia The people involved in this should have to endure this themselves!!
Nr. 42838  Bob Crouch  Australia
Nr. 42837  Bob Bessey  Canada
Nr. 42836  Peter Collaerts  Belgium
Nr. 42835  A.vander Kooi Van der Kooi  Netherlands L.s. ow is it possible that even in this time people on the FarOer islands are killing and slaughtering whales and dolphins. For me it's a reason not to go this islands as a tourist. A.v.d.Kooi
Nr. 42834  Steven Keteleer  Belgium Indrdible
Nr. 42833  Judith Minkin  New York I know hunting whales is an important part of Faroe Island Culture and even survival but there has got to be another way.
Nr. 42832  Karen Gansemer  Canada This is to show that boys are now men???? They should not participate in this slaughter and show that they are human!!
Nr. 42831  Werner Sonck  Belgium
Nr. 42830  Genevieve Smith  New York As educated individuals we are aware of the earth's demise due to our poor choices as the most intelligent mammal. After veiwing these photos I reconsider our intellegence and character we should be a voice for our environment and the beauties who live in it. Appauling.
Nr. 42829  Madalina Nicolescu  Sweden Dear Mr Prime Minister You have probably heard many things from diferent organisations about this matter during the yearsyet it has been no result no matter how hard anyone has tried. Hopefully in the nearest future that will change. I believe it is wrong to kill innocent animals just for the pleasure to kill and for a local tradition that even though has lasted for hundreds of years
Nr. 42828  SCHOLS Roger  Belgium
Nr. 42827  Berkeszi Zsolt  Romania
Nr. 42826  Hilde Vanwildemeersch  Belgium
Nr. 42825  Petré Guy  Belgium Schande!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 42824  Taelman Paul  Belgium Everybody who has seen these creatures in the wild will understand the beauty of these sea mammals and wil undeerstand that there can be no reason to explain why in our cultivatred society such a cruel and meaningless slaughter should still continu.
Nr. 42823  Giustiniani Cristina  Italy se gli animali potessero parlare ...
Nr. 42822  Dayse Anny de Souza Silva  Brazil Please stop this killing ceremony! NO ONE has no right to do it!
Nr. 42821  Felicia Negrutiu  Romania please stop those bipedal beasts somehow !
Nr. 42820  Lydia Geens  Belgium stop killing those animals SHAME on you Denmark !!!!!!!!
Nr. 42819  Robson Santos  Brazil Basta de Tanta crueldade as baleias e a Vida Animal e Vegetal de nosso planeta.
Nr. 42818  Helga Tomsity  Hungary
Nr. 42817  Eliane Costa  Brazil
Nr. 42816  Eva Lambrecht  Belgium

Nr. 42815  Jos Jonckheere  Belgium
Nr. 42814  Geert Hufkens  Belgium
Nr. 42813  Elena Innocenti  United Kingdom
Nr. 42812  Ane Marie larsen  Denmark Hvor er jeg flov over jer!! Ja jeg mener virkeligt at det ville være godt om I ville løsrive jer fra Danmark! Både I og hele Danmark skulle skamme sig over hvad der foregår! Danmark skulle stoppe det!!
Nr. 42811  Petya Kirkova  New York
Nr. 42810  Sherif El Gazzar  Greece
Nr. 42809  Frederique Everaert  Belgium STOP! STOP! STOP!
Nr. 42808  Noëmi Plante  Canada
Nr. 42807  Oana Macarie  New Zealand If you ''attack'' the nature the nature will fight back someday!
Nr. 42806  Mara Montezuma Assaf  Brazil
Nr. 42805  Kristen Southard  California It is absolutely appalling and heart-breaking that the annual slaughter of whales and porpoises by the people of the Faroe Islands is still allowed to happen.
Nr. 42804  Jennifer Love  Canada
Nr. 42803  Peggy Fugate  Ohio Mankind needs to be more aware of the needs of nature & wildlife than their selfish greed. We need to live in harmony with these beautiful creatures. How would they like to be treated the way they do the animals?
Nr. 42802  Sanda Jovanovic  Serbia And Montenegro
Nr. 42801  Roberto Rodriguez  Puerto Rico Vikings days are gone be civilized
Nr. 42800  Ioana Bunea  New York Wake up people! Animals are not to be killed. That is a crime! You beat a dog here you are arrested. You kill whales you must go to....
Nr. 42799  Aileen Baldoman  California
Nr. 42798  PInky Rose Lustre  Philippines
Nr. 42797  Adrienne Smith  New York
Nr. 42796  Ante Petricevic  Croatia
Nr. 42795  Nicole Paccione  New York This display of animal cruelty is beyond belief! A right of passage for young boys all it is showing is how to kill for sport. They can be men with out killing innocent animals. And prancing around in their blood bath.
Nr. 42794  Gustaaf Wyckmans  Belgium
Nr. 42793  GRAZIA MINARELLI  Italy
Nr. 42792  Johan Wyckmans  Belgium
Nr. 42791  Darcene Carriere  Canada
Nr. 42790  Albert Schrooten  Belgium
Nr. 42789  Natalie Arien  Belgium
Nr. 42788  Guido Bellens  Belgium
Nr. 42785  Adrian Pop  Romania
Nr. 42784  Geraldine Jacobs  Belgium it's horrible that these slaughters happen in an industrialised country in the 20th C!!
Nr. 42783  Baiba Logina  Latvia
Nr. 42782  Jan Van Der Voort  Belgium
Nr. 42781  Koen Delva  Belgium
Nr. 42780  Jan Verhoeye  Belgium
Nr. 42779  Elena Goaga  Romania
Nr. 42778  Jessie Thomas  Australia
Nr. 42777  Lyudmil Nikov  Bulgaria
Nr. 42776  Hum Narin  Cambodia
Nr. 42774  Dalibor Careviæ  Croatia
Nr. 42773  Emil Nikov  Bulgaria Stop killing animals for fun and be a human!
Nr. 42772  Joachim De Maeseneer  Belgium Dit is toch niet meer van deze tijd.
Nr. 42771  Rothschild Irit  Israel
Nr. 42770  Judy Pollitt  United Kingdom This is truely disgusting. I had no idea it was STILL going on.
Nr. 42769  Remaut Frank  Belgium For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 42768  Dina Kuis  Croatia I cannot understand why man is capable of butchering live animals and feeling glory onlookers enjoying the sight - it is the SAME LEVEL OF A GLOBAL CRISIS as famine political wars crimes against children and elders - in most all cases it is a CRIME AGAINST THE INNOCENT.
Nr. 42767  Jelle Van den Berghe  Belgium Stop the killing of these rare and wonderfull animals now!
Nr. 42766  Hilde De Nolf  Belgium with this petition I ask you seriously to stop this anual horribly killing to stop this stupid tradition. The whole world thinks with horror of the faroer people. How can you tell the faroer children this is a normal entertainment? You must be ashamed!! Hilde De Nolf (Belgium)
Nr. 42765  Alfredo Blondet  Wisconsin End this barbaric act now!!!
Nr. 42764  Rachel Lane  Canada I'm astounded that we consider ourselves a highly educated and advanced society and yet we continue to abuse our power and strength in these barbaric ways. We think of ourselves as being above animals and yet animals don't kill needlessly. They kill if they kill for survival. And only for survival.
Nr. 42763  Natalini Anna rosa  Italy
Nr. 42762  De Smet Dirk  Belgium
Nr. 42761  Jessica Fonti  Italy
Nr. 42760  KLINCKE CONNY  Belgium
Nr. 42759  Melinda Sipos  Hungary
Nr. 42758  Bart Mundus  Belgium
Nr. 42757  Gabrielle Silverans  Belgium WE like the Faroe Islands their beauty their fauna and their flora. From the first time we came their we knew we would come back. But if this slaughter continues we wil change our minds and make sure not to support such blameworthy economy !
Nr. 42756  D Mullen  Colorado So I am happy to sign this. It is only one of many I attach my name to each year. I must ask this question of myself and all that sign here. Is this the only extent we will go to to prevent this slaughter in the name of "manhood"? Putting our names to a worthy cause is commendable but action speaks louder than even the mighty pen at times. After seeing this today I am even more firmly driven to make these hideous contemptible and utterly atrocious acts banned from all so-called civilized societies.
Nr. 42755  Amber Williston  Canada this is an unneccessary act. please let it end with this generation. thank you.
Nr. 42754  Robert Kulp  Maryland Our task must be to free ourselves... by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and it's beauty. -Albert Einstein
Nr. 42753  Pettitt Tom  Australia
Nr. 42752  Donna Johnston  Canada
Nr. 42751  RENATO GARAVAGLIA  Brazil
Nr. 42750  Patricia Troy  New York
Nr. 42749  Hannah Fraser  Australia This meat is contaminated with toxins is mostly wasted and its a barbaric outdated practice that reflects badly on your country. PLEASE STOP NOW!
Nr. 42748  Jesus Tapia  Nevada
Nr. 42747  Gabriel Moraes Moraes  Brazil Meu Deus que crueldade isso é uma vergonha estou impressionado com a tamanha barbaridade é algo realmente triste e chocante.
Nr. 42746  Fernandez Veronica marisa  Argentina
Nr. 42745  Warwick Davis  Australia
Nr. 42744  Marta Murreddu  Virginia Non si può rimanere insensibili di fronte a tanta crudeltà gratuita.
Nr. 42743  Thiago Navarro Dragoni  Brazil It would be much interesting if it were those islanders bleeding mutilated in the blood red water. Just think about it.
Nr. 42742  Monica Wakefield  United Kingdom How disgusting - can't believe that it is allowed to happen in this day and age when we are supposed to be protecting what we have got. Hope that this petition helps to go some way towards stopping this slaughter.
Nr. 42741  Dimitar Tzankov  Bulgaria Stop kill Whales . SAVE THEM
Nr. 42740  Ewa Pajuk  Poland
Nr. 42739  Teresa Wright  Australia Stop this sluaghter now! I don't understand why you think you should be exempt from this behaviour. We need to save animals not kill them. Teresa Wright
Nr. 42738  Savina Djoreva  Illinois
Nr. 42737  Carol Sadler  Arizona We have so much to learn as human beings.
Nr. 42736  Yvon Princen  Belgium Dear Prime Minister The middle ages are over also on the Far Oer. So it is time to definitely stop middle age practices. If the world population had remained below 50 million people I should probably tolerate this kind of things. But now we are already 7 billion on this planet. If everyone of them should claim to take part at this kind of practices all biodiversity will be gone next year already in stead of within 30 years if we continue like we are doing in this world.
Nr. 42735  Bo?ena Jemc  Slovenia
Nr. 42734  Vanoppre Stefan  Belgium stop this madness. If you don't love animals you don't love people
Nr. 42733  Willem Boogaardt  Netherlands
Nr. 42732  Norma Applegate  California
Nr. 42731  Mahshid Adrisi  Netherlands
Nr. 42730  Marc Ernst  Belgium
Nr. 42729  Kathryn Finch  Connecticut
Nr. 42728  Sake Oostra  Australia
Nr. 42727  Louise Roworth  Australia Please stop the slaughter of these magestic creatures now.
Nr. 42726  Patrick a.m. Dewolf  Belgium
Nr. 42725  Van Herrewegen Remi  Belgium I hope in de future we have soen more respect for evry living thing on or plannet
Nr. 42724  Sabrina Belleri  Italy
Nr. 42722  Melvyn Willmore  Belgium This practice is like something out of the middle ages! I had hoped that we ALL knew how to treat nature and our environment but evidently the Faeroe Islanders have not yet progressed that far. This must stop...it is barbaric!
Nr. 42721  Katinka Van den Brink  Netherlands Are they insane??? There are no words to describe the horror I feel.
Nr. 42720  Maria Hammarstrand  Sweden
Nr. 42719  Bamelis Rik  Belgium
Nr. 42718  FELICIDAD SERRANO  Florida
Nr. 42717  Robert Dunlavey  New Hampshire
Nr. 42716  Agneta Wall  Sweden
Nr. 42715  Savu Stefan  Romania Criminals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 42714  Angelica Soddu  Italy é una vergogna umana ! uno schifo assurdo devono smetterla !!
Nr. 42713  Arianna Colameo  Italy

Nr. 42712  Meta Premuš  Slovenia
Nr. 42711  Brigide Dekeyser  Belgium
Nr. 42710  Luc Derynck  Belgium
Nr. 42709  Dominique Dewaegenaere  Belgium Up to 20000 signatures!
Nr. 42708  Geert Lauwers  Belgium
Nr. 42707  Edwin Paree  Netherlands There is absolute no need for this killing!
Nr. 42706  Clive De carle  United Kingdom
Nr. 42705  Doncho Todorov  Bulgaria This look like as cannibalism before 150 years when the savage people eat captain James Cook. Shall we kill earthing that pass next to our doors ? Stop this massacre.
Nr. 42704  Vannieuwenhuyze Roland  Belgium
Nr. 42703  Kyara Gorthuis  Netherlands
Nr. 42702  Wuyts Diana  Belgium
Nr. 42701  Elisa Simoni  Italy
Nr. 42700  Antonella LONATI  Italy
Nr. 42699  Goedele Verbeylen  Belgium
Nr. 42698  Amanda Sobchinsky  New Jersey This first thing to come to my mind is that this is a VERY sick practice. VERY SICK. Those people are barbarians.
Nr. 42697  Pamela Ierubino  New Jersey
Nr. 42696  Fluff Thorne  United Kingdom we are not separate from creatures or anything else. there is enough food and water for all living beings without having to slaughter! please stop the cruelty and see how good you will feel!!! in love and gratitude fluff
Nr. 42695  Govaert Eva  Belgium Why do people have to kill and torture for fun?
Nr. 42694  Paul De Cnodder  Belgium
Nr. 42693  Ellen Houlihan  New Jersey
Nr. 42692  LIEVE VAN BOCKSTAEL  Belgium It's a shame this massacre ! A civilised country as Denmark should stop it. Hundred years ago some people in little Belgian cities throw cats and rats from the tower of the City Hall. This stopped also while the people didn't accept anymore this barbary. I hope Denmark will do the same and stop this hourible action !
Nr. 42691  Adela Alonso Alonso  Spain I don't even know what to say....i'm so shocked about things like this happening in the XXIst century...it's a terrible act of masacre and vandalism that should have been fordidden ages ago.
Nr. 42690  Olexandr Knysz  Ukraine
Nr. 42689  Piacenti Vania  Italy
Nr. 42688  François Goemaere  Belgium
Nr. 42687  Stabel Davina  Belgium Are we living in 2008? This is 1008 i think!!! Let the dolfphine live!!!!!!!
Nr. 42686  Anne-Laure Simoens  Belgium
Nr. 42685  Barry Redrup  United Kingdom
Nr. 42684  Colin Small  Australia Sick Sick Bastards they need a hook in their guts. Mindless Muntants animals not Humans what a guttless act.
Nr. 42683  LUCA GREGUOLI VENINI  Italy For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 42682  Bamelis Gunther  Belgium
Nr. 42681  Lilian Markgraaf  Netherlands Stop this cruelty!!! Dolfins are inteligent animals that feel pain en feel the lost of familiemembers! The animals here are the humans.
Nr. 42680  Monica Mariani  Italy I just it so cruel. There will be never a reason strong enough to allow such a massacre. We are though to be civilized people and we should care and respect other living beings like they do with us!
Nr. 42679  Paul O'Dell  United Kingdom
Nr. 42678  Christophe Manent  France
Nr. 42677  CRISTINA STOCCHI  Italy
Nr. 42676  Helena Coudenys  Belgium
Nr. 42675  J Meens  Netherlands
Nr. 42674  Pieter Van Dorsselaer  Belgium I'm speechless... This cruelty is medieval...
Nr. 42673  Wim Keereman  Norway
Nr. 42672  Adelina Daescu  Romania
Nr. 42671  Lilith Verdini  Italy
Nr. 42670  Judy Lowenthal  Hawaii I am sickened by the act of this much violence taught to children world-wide. Please consider the terror and horror felt by these mammals. Please consider their neccessary contribution to our eco-systems.
Nr. 42669  Karen Dial  Florida I always think of Japan when this kind of evil happens. I was shocked to hear a so called civilized nation condones this.
Nr. 42668  Christine Roach  Australia
Nr. 42667  Mars Shallow  New York What a horrific massacre of lives. Please stop the cold blood mass killing of these animals.
Nr. 42666  Karim Basile  Australia The people of Faroe need to seriously reconsider their annual tradition of whaling in such a barbaric way. One way to get their attention would be to stop supporting their tourist and export industries which may encourage Faroeians to preserve the natural state of their environment. I'm sure many people around the world would tour this region to whale watch instead of detest the slaughtering of whales in this region.
Nr. 42665  Jose Donoso  Canada
Nr. 42664  Lena Sullivan  Massachusetts I am so saddened to see this happening...I know it does happen but pictures are worth a thousand words.
Nr. 42663  Kerry & Karen O'Reilly  Australia I will not buy another Danish product until I know this has stopped
Nr. 42662  Osvat Mihai  Romania
Nr. 42661  Raymond John Davies  United Kingdom Barbaric pointless demeaning of human sensitivity apart from being contrary to conservation and regard for wildlife - a practice that must be stopped!! NOW Ray Davies
Nr. 42660  Helen Fielder  Australia We thought the Japanese were bad enough but this is just barbaric.
Nr. 42659  Lynne Davies  United Kingdom This is horrific. I recently went on a cruise just to see these beautiful creatures!
Nr. 42658  Paula S  Belgium One must really be an animal to be able to do such a thing! Where is the humanity??? It's really brutal and horrific
Nr. 42657  Annette Culpan  New Zealand I feel disgusted and disappointed to see human beings acting in this way. These are beautiful and highly sensitive animals and this inhumane slaughter must be stopped. This reflects incredibly poorly on the people of Denmark.
Nr. 42656  Amanda Wilkinson  Australia I wonder how they would feel if we killed their freinds and family infront of them before slitting their throats. Do unto others as they do unto you.
Nr. 42655  Sharman Maher  Australia I cannot believe in this age of environmental awareness and the fragility of our planet that these barbaric practices are allowed to continue. What the hell are the UN and Greenpeace doing about this slaughter
Nr. 42654  Miriam Ruffini  Maryland To anybody with power It's understandable where this genocide is taken place. An island in the middle of nowhere (I wonder if there are even schools there)  but pls pls somebody let these people know that we already entered the third millenium (21st century) and those kind of barbaric acts have to come to an end.
Nr. 42653  Carolyn Davies  Australia
Nr. 42652  Mario Giannone  Italy
Nr. 42651  Angelo Spano  Italy
Nr. 42650  Enzo Mulas  Italy
Nr. 42649  Catherine Wilson  United Kingdom Its time we stop distroying the habitat in the ocenas and get real about what impact it is having on the planet!!
Nr. 42648  Renate Vullings  Netherlands Respect life!!!
Nr. 42647  ROGER VAN POYER  Belgium
Nr. 42646  Roger De wolf  Belgium barbaric
Nr. 42645  Dawn Higgins  Wisconsin
Nr. 42644  Joan Powles  Australia Makes me sick to the stomach never underestimate human cruelty and stupidity
Nr. 42643  Koen Geurts  Belgium
Nr. 42642  Jack Sheng  California
Nr. 42641  Jennifer Sorensen  Wyoming
Nr. 42640  D'hose Marleen  Belgium In a place where men slauther inocent animals and women and children are watching this spectacle we are not far away from the cruelty of the Roman gladiators. How mutch longer will this madness of male-agression continue to rule the world in killing inocent live?
Nr. 42639  Dan Dunca  Romania killing a human being is called murderr. killing animals is then a tradition?
Nr. 42638  Emily Greenlaw  Maine
Nr. 42637  Olivia Ferrie  Egypt It is a shame that today these practice are still permitted by the local and the International community !!!
Nr. 42636  Shiva Shabatian  California
Nr. 42635  Ric Guevara  Pennsylvania Please show the World you do deserve the civilized country name. Stop this animalistic practice !! The world is watching you with this atrocity. Thank you for listening
Nr. 42634  Robert Davidson  Florida
Nr. 42633  Eleonora Zanin  Italy
Nr. 42632  Sheri Steels  Canada
Nr. 42631  McKenna Tomlin  Texas
Nr. 42630  Bernardi Elisa  Italy
Nr. 42629  Sara Bodner  Connecticut stop the cruelty.
Nr. 42628  J.Scott McNeill  Pennsylvania
Nr. 42627  Amina Aladhami  Romania Imagine if instead of killing whales and dolphins they were killing your mother children wife. Would that still be legal?
Nr. 42626  Carina Cetinel  Romania This is not fair! They don't do anything wrong to anyone and them they continually and mercyless attack the poor animals just for profit! What if they were instead of the whales? This is outrageous!
Nr. 42625  Colleen Ryan  Florida
Nr. 42624  Sue Armstrong Brown  United Kingdom If we are to call ourselves a civilised people this kind of mindless brutalism cannot be tolerated.
Nr. 42623  Maas Bakker  Netherlands it is really a shame that this is happening in a country who is with the eu. For the young man too show theit manhood ?? rediculeus. Man : children are it. shame on you denmark !!!!
Nr. 42620  Rakefet C  Israel
Nr. 42619  Lina Bengtsson  Sweden
Nr. 42618  BALDENWECK ANNICK  France
Nr. 42617  Mar Muyco  California I thought we stopped this cruelty years ago! Thanks for making me aware of this inhumane act. Now it's my turn to educate another.
Nr. 42616  Stefan Petrov  Bulgaria
Nr. 42615  Florin Petcu  Romania This people did not develop since the 10th century!?
Nr. 42614  Jan Van kalken  Netherlands
Nr. 42613  Vinicius Russo  Brazil
Nr. 42612  DAMBROSIO TIZIANA  Switzerland
Nr. 42611  Alessandra Tromboni  Italy
Nr. 42610  Tracie Robbins  Pennsylvania
Nr. 42609  Laura Abrudan  Romania
Nr. 42608  Eden Garden  South Africa We must have an international animal rights and eco court in the Hague. We must jail those criminals plundering and raping the planet from 2000 or even before. We must hold those accountable for their criminal decisions and behaviour that harm the planet and it's inhabitants and they must go to prison.
Nr. 42607  Dan Michaels  Australia

Nr. 42606  Maes Sara  Belgium
Nr. 42605  Karlene Newnham  Australia
Nr. 42604  Catherine Gray-Remes  New Jersey
Nr. 42603  Manon Wilmering  Burkina Faso
Nr. 42602  Colleen Williams  South Africa I cannot believe that it is possible for such cruelty to be perpetrated even today I actually thought it must be a hoax. To my shock and dismay I found it is true! I cannot believe that people can be so cruel! and from the photographs I saw it seems as if they actually enjoy the killing. While hundreds of other people standby on shore watching this horrifying event. Please stop the killing!
Nr. 42601  Philip Espin  United Kingdom You really don't need to keep doing this please show leadership and wisdom and ask your people to exercise self restraint over their personal freedom.
Nr. 42600  C. Winter  Netherlands Absolute meaningless hunting. You Danes can feed yourself by all your over fishing you do! No need to kill whales as well!
Nr. 42599  Diana Jeurissen  Netherlands
Nr. 42598  Carlota Pires  Portugal if were you or your family being killed you wounld't act like that! for sure!
Nr. 42597  Jelena Tasic  Serbia And Montenegro this must stop !!!
Nr. 42596  Athena Ruth Elsie Connell  Australia For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 42595  Arnoštka Jelínková  Czech Republic
Nr. 42594  Angelique Wren  Netherlands If Humans only had the intelligence these whales and dolphins have...but they don't.
Nr. 42593  Dunkler Ovidiu  United Kingdom
Nr. 42592  S Schuurbiers  Netherlands Just to show that you are a man ??? Strange people Strange law And for food ??? We live in the 21 cenury there are allot off otherways to get food And this isn't one off them
Nr. 42591  Angus Hogg  United Kingdom Surely the Faroese can do better than this. Presumably the products are obtainable from another or various other sources. Either way this barbaric pursuit does not do much to portray a civilised society!
Nr. 42590  Francis Stahl  Netherlands
Nr. 42589  N Nijhuis  Netherlands Please let those beautiful whales LIVE!!
Nr. 42588  Silvia Hesseling  Belgium Show respect to animals
Nr. 42587  PEIC DACIAN  Romania
Nr. 42586  Jennifer Keyser  Connecticut
Nr. 42585  Erwin Trzeciak  New York as we kill so we will be killed. Enlightened we are not.
Nr. 42584  Adam Veres  Hungary They are not man and they will never be a man without responsible thinking! Lets give the some hungry white-shark!!!
Nr. 42583  Allan De Guzman  Philippines This is one of the worst tradition ive ever seen.
Nr. 42582  Irene Mills  Oregon This hunt was abandoned elsewhere many decades ago and is outlawed by other European states. The inhabitants of the Faroe Islands have NO SUBSISTENCE NEED for whale meat and much of the flesh is LEFT TO ROT it cannot be exported as it is polluted with heavy metals and other toxins and therefore cannot meet EU heath standards for human food.
Nr. 42581  Ryna Furtado  United Arab Emirates Please this barbaric tradition has to be stopped.
Nr. 42580  Kaemmanee Kaochinda  Thailand If such bloody kill happened to the killers' family what would you think?
Nr. 42579  Minoo Samadi  Canada
Nr. 42578  Maria Aiam Dulay  Philippines this is totally barbaric..what's the sense in killing 2000 helpless whales just for traditional practice.. and children are given a school day off just to watch this barbaric tradition? i can't believe that this is really happening when i saw the pictures it looks like there's a red tide or something i never thought that man can do such cruel things to this helpless whales.. this is so heart breaking..please stop this traditional non-sense before it's too late..
Nr. 42577  Niccolò Berardi  Italy i feel lost when i come upon these news...how can it be that human beings like me can do things like that? HOW?! ç_ç
Nr. 42576  Jillian Hidalgo  Philippines This is so sad...
Nr. 42575  Dennisse Paonessa  Wisconsin
Nr. 42574  Ann Drechsler  Hawaii
Nr. 42573  Melinda Rankins  Iowa
Nr. 42572  Tracey Jones  Australia
Nr. 42571  Matthew Mcinerney  Australia the most barbaric thing i have seen Lets round up the Denmark people the same way and we'll all rejoice like they do incelebrating the murder of an animal on earth (like man)
Nr. 42570  Donna Sargent  Australia
Nr. 42569  Selina Schecroun  Virginia
Nr. 42568  Dick Arentsen  Netherlands STOP IT !!!
Nr. 42567  Danielle Morrison  Canada STOP NOW
Nr. 42566  Marius Teodoru  Romania I can't believe it !!! how can this people do this murder??? MURDERERS !!! you criminals leads this world to perdition! how can you do it ??? i just can't understand... do you have a soul ? do you have a heart ??? oh God... this makes me cry :( ... it's so sorrowful :(
Nr. 42565  Ida Leijon  Sweden
Nr. 42564  Lisa Lewis  North Carolina
Nr. 42563  Anne-Marie Dib  Australia I'm amazed this still happens today & only for the welcoming of man hood. It is cruel to the animals & a misguided from of becoming a man. Are you a civilised country. It is a waste of life. Shame on you for such a practice.
Nr. 42562  Zara Ali-Khan  Trinidad And Tobago
Nr. 42561  Osvaldo Accogli  Italy For more impact add a personal comment here Per più d'impatto aggiungere un commento personale qui
Nr. 42560  Polya Stanev  California Madness!!!
Nr. 42559  Dick Peeren  Netherlands
Nr. 42558  Karolina Tham  Sweden
Nr. 42557  Aleksandra Prvulovic  Serbia And Montenegro
Nr. 42556  Jetty Middelkoop  Netherlands It is a disgrace for a species that calls itself "intelligent" and "superior to animals" as we are supposed to be the only creatures with common sense to brutally kill other intelligent creatures. It is already bad enough that we kill our own kind - let us just let other - much more peacefull - fellow creatures live in peace and not be slaughtered by our murderous kind!
Nr. 42555  Yelverton Tegner  Sweden
Nr. 42554  Cecilia Tegner  Sweden
Nr. 42553  Parisot Marie-Claude  France I'am absolutetely horrified by the way of treating whales it's unbearable for these animals. MCParisot
Nr. 42552  Dieudonne Frederic  France I'm asking you to sign this petition in the name of humankind.
Nr. 42551  Ivica Pripeljaš  Croatia
Nr. 42550  Danijela Vranic  Croatia
Nr. 42549  Mirna-Dora Ristic  Croatia
Nr. 42548  Rachelle Cohen  California
Nr. 42547  Johan Geens  Belgium This needs to be stopped NOW.Discusting
Nr. 42546  Bogdan Blai  New York They act like barbarians...
Nr. 42545  Sergiu Baran  Romania
Nr. 42544  Monika Sedlmayr  Germany
Nr. 42543  Nanjapa Bopana  India
Nr. 42542  Iva Oresic  Croatia Support the change!Be free of all Violence!!
Nr. 42541  TODA MIHAI RARES  Romania please stop this killing
Nr. 42540  Bruno Marion  Croatia
Nr. 42539  Divina Marion  Croatia
Nr. 42538  Katja Belan  Croatia
Nr. 42537  Joyce Miliati  Brazil
Nr. 42536  Tanya Malevana  Moldova  Republic Of
Nr. 42535  Dascalescu Veronica  Romania
Nr. 42534  Francesca Bernabei  Belgium
Nr. 42533  Morana Panjkota  Croatia
Nr. 42532  Joke Van Zanten  Netherlands
Nr. 42531  APOSTOL DAN  Romania STOP THIS!
Nr. 42530  Jan Woodley  Australia
Nr. 42529  Svetla Petrova Kyurova  Bulgaria
Nr. 42528  Ivana Bertovic  Netherlands
Nr. 42527  Veselina Tzankova  Bulgaria I'm horrified from these inferior barbarian actions.
Nr. 42526  Ljiljana Nakic-Petrina  Croatia Awfull awfull awfull ...
Nr. 42525  Vita Bordonaro  Italy
Nr. 42524  Marina Beloklokova  Russian Federation Live in peace and harmony!
Nr. 42523  Äàíèëà Ãóëèí  Russian Federation íå ïîíÿë êàê ìîæíî äîêàçàòü «ìóæåñòâåííîñòü» óáèâ áåççàùèòíîãî
Nr. 42522  Lotte Hendriks  Netherlands
Nr. 42521  Nikitin Kirill  Belarus Ýòî óæàñíî!!! Ïîçîð âàì!!!
Nr. 42520  Artur Sinelshchikov  Russian Federation
Nr. 42519  Svyatoslav V  Ukraine
Nr. 42518  Komarov Sergey  Russian Federation
Nr. 42517  Katie Gagarinova  Russian Federation This is not just cruel it is so stupid! I've never seen anything crazy like this! Finally i pray that killers' life will punish them for hundreds of innocent animals' lives.
Nr. 42516  Nikita Dedik  Russian Federation Just awful. Unbelievable. Impossible in the modern world.
Nr. 42515  Alyona Lysenkina  Russian Federation
Nr. 42514  Nadya Kuzilenkova  Russian Federation
Nr. 42513  Balakina Maria  Russian Federation
Nr. 42512  Silvia Paracchini  Italy
Nr. 42511  Delfino Silvia  Italy
Nr. 42510  Julia Barsukovskaya  Russian Federation
Nr. 42509  Maksimov Aleksander  Russian Federation
Nr. 42508  Elena Rudneva  Russian Federation
Nr. 42507  Gian Luca Marras  Italy Dear Prime Minister Jòannes Eidesgaar i like that someone will do that to you!
Nr. 42506  Sonja Hrestak  Croatia
Nr. 42505  Julia Orlova  Russian Federation This is inhumancruel!!
Nr. 42504  Sharleen Andrysik  Australia
Nr. 42503  Anna Fokina  Russian Federation
Nr. 42502  Deb Asquith  Australia

Nr. 42501  Luisa Sergio  Australia I think this is discusting Everyone of those men should be charged and spend jail time for what they have done to these poor animals. And the poeple standing around watching these young men ''Enter man hood'' WHAT A JOKE!!! Denmark you have nothing to be proud of and all your young men are a bunch of murders not men!
Nr. 42500  Roy Grant  Australia These barbaric acts need to be stopped in todays alleged civilised society. There needs to some significant deterent at an EU level to prevent this from continuing.
Nr. 42499  Alistair Mackay  Australia This is the year 2008 not 1208 this should be stopped now!!!
Nr. 42498  Jane Hebiton  Australia We've been so busy deriding Japan's "scientific" whaling we've overlooked this far more brutal practice. How can you really look a defenceless and intelligent creature in the hire and then needlessly kill it? Please stop this.
Nr. 42497  Shannon Meilak  Australia What a disgrace!
Nr. 42496  Alice Bass  Florida
Nr. 42495  Manuel Jose Humeres Gormaz  Chile how can a first world country do that?? como puede un pais de primer mundo permitir algo asi simplemente son los seres menos incivilizados! (desprecio)
Nr. 42494  Gary Longhurst  Australia You F@
Nr. 42493
Nr. 42492  Caroline Marczak  Australia
Nr. 42491  Marion White  New Zealand Enough of this senseless slaughter...
Nr. 42490  Bharata Robinson  Wisconsin Thanks for providing this merciful act of humanity! I really hope this drive makes a difference in those very foreign places where I never imagined my words would have an impact. I will tell others.
Nr. 42489  Kathleen Honrade  Philippines
Nr. 42488  Garrett Drago  Australia We are a supremely intelligent species with knowledge no other organism is capable of........ i hope one day we can express our intelligence wisdom and restraint.
Nr. 42487  Brenda Shaw  Australia Im shocked that such a violent tradition is still carried out in this day and age.This cruelty must stop '.Would you treat humans in this manner'
Nr. 42486  Angela Riley  Australia
Nr. 42485  Mirtha Diale  Argentina Salvemos a los delfines!!! No seamos bestias inhumanas.
Nr. 42484  Adrienne Emmett  Australia How sad it is to see these beautiful creatures the trusting loving animals driven to their death when for the most part it has been done for no reason except tradition. Change the tradition!!!!!!
Nr. 42483  Robin Lukens  Florida Enough is enough!! Stop these senseless killings now!
Nr. 42482  Fionnuala Sullivan  United Kingdom
Nr. 42481  Lee O'Leary  New Zealand This is totally barbaric. Stop this violence now. Shame on you Denmark!
Nr. 42480  Alin Selicean  Romania Why don't you all whale killers commit mass suicide so whales can enjoy life ?
Nr. 42479  Maria Lezhneva  Russian Federation Stop it!please!!!
Nr. 42478  Daria Nikonorova  Russian Federation
Nr. 42477  Alexandra Dzherelievskaya  Russian Federation
Nr. 42476  Ksen Fro  Russian Federation please let's do something to stop that murder
Nr. 42475  Anastasia Makhmudova  Russian Federation STOP THIS!
Nr. 42474  Kirill Kostin  Russian Federation no comments just tear((((((
Nr. 42473  Yulia Savinova  Russian Federation
Nr. 42472  Elena Borisova  Russian Federation They are maral'nye freaks.By unhappy zoons assert the proudness!Âîò on whom it is necessary to throw down an a-bomb!
Nr. 42471  Kuzma Palkin  Russian Federation
Nr. 42470  Ildus Isanbirdin  Russian Federation
Nr. 42469  Ivan Litvak  Russian Federation shocked..
Nr. 42468  Dinara Kontuganova  Russian Federation
Nr. 42467  Katalin Rappay  Hungary
Nr. 42466  Marinin Alexnader  Russian Federation
Nr. 42465  Vechersky Alexandr  Russian Federation
Nr. 42464  Alexey Ignatov  Russian Federation Please stop murders of dolphins! Present itself on their place!
Nr. 42463  Andrey Grandia  Russian Federation No KiLL! Dolphins is life!
Nr. 42462  Dmitriy Ermakov  Russian Federation Fu..ing idiots! We all will burn in hell just because of you and the islamic terrorists!!!! We have the soulution for the second ones - nuclear weapon. Do you want the same!?!?!
Nr. 42461  Tejal Pandey  India It's a seriously inhuman practice like many others that are kept alive in the name of tradition and culture.
Nr. 42460  Artyushin Youry  Russian Federation
Nr. 42459  Alexey Neretin  Russian Federation
Nr. 42458  Robyn Dennis  United Kingdom
Nr. 42457  Diana Poga  Russian Federation
Nr. 42456  Igor Belous  Russian Federation
Nr. 42455  Anna Maslennikova  Ukraine Terrible
Nr. 42454  Sam Shiriakin  Russian Federation
Nr. 42453  Hadar Lev  Israel
Nr. 42452  Naila Sadid  Russian Federation
Nr. 42451  Antonio Ballesteros  Russian Federation This is terrible...
Nr. 42450  Ella Kelaskina  Russian Federation Stop this horror!!!
Nr. 42449  Anna Golubkova  Russian Federation Stop it!!!
Nr. 42448  Cristian Dascalescu  Romania Shame on you!
Nr. 42447  Bogacheva Tanya  Russian Federation
Nr. 42446  Âåðà Áàðàíîâà  Russian Federation Ïðåêðàòèòå ýòî áåçóìèå... ïîæàëóéñòà...
Nr. 42445  Debbie Baker  United Kingdom Please open your eyes to this - it is not a festival but brutal butchery.
Nr. 42444  Paniv Galya  Russian Federation
Nr. 42443  Kirill Kuprashevich  Russian Federation
Nr. 42442  Klaus Miser  Italy
Nr. 42441  Marta Ostrowski  Australia
Nr. 42440  Moskvina Natalia  Russian Federation
Nr. 42439  Anna Dubkova  Russian Federation So sad please STOP!
Nr. 42438  Maxim Kolotilin  Russian Federation Ýòî íå ëþäè! Çà ýòî èõ âñåõ íàäî ðàññòðåëÿòü!
Nr. 42437  Ann Nerusheva  Russian Federation Don't kill!
Nr. 42436  Roman Vavilov  Russian Federation STOP THIS!!!
Nr. 42435  Irina Nosova  Russian Federation
Nr. 42434  Darya Bashvinova  Russian Federation Why in êà÷åñòå victims so harmless beings are chosen? The majority of the young man can will prove leaving with barehanded on lions or tigers?
Nr. 42433  Koji Nakata  Russian Federation Stop killing dolphin
Nr. 42432  Sofie Vanmaele  Belgium
Nr. 42431  Alina Saltykova  Russian Federation stop it please
Nr. 42430  Galina Amyotova  Russian Federation I want this inhuman murdes stop!
Nr. 42429  Genkulova Margarita  Russian Federation Such people are animals! They should be arrested and put in prison for whole life
Nr. 42428  Alyona Marinina  Russian Federation
Nr. 42427  Vasya Volkov  Estonia
Nr. 42426  Sasha Pokhvalin  Russian Federation I dunno. I appreciate customs and all that but could they use some artificial animals to prove they are worthy? Or at least some who can give them a proper answer. It's just not civilized. So pitiful.
Nr. 42425  Sharon Streets  Australia
Nr. 42424  Sorokin Alexsey  Russian Federation FU busters
Nr. 42423  Ilana Zholubovskaya  Russian Federation This is terrible! Such things must not take place in our world. I wish we could stop this.
Nr. 42422  Ilona Belyavskaya  Russian Federation
Nr. 42421  Yuliya Obukhova  Russian Federation
Nr. 42420  Grankin Ivan  Russian Federation stop it please!
Nr. 42419  Benjamin Katz  Russian Federation Beasts!
Nr. 42418  Guy Oren  Israel killing animals=killing earth=killing ourselves
Nr. 42417  Maria Rodina  Russian Federation
Nr. 42416  Wilma Platje  Netherlands
Nr. 42415  Sergei Voskresenski  Russian Federation ??? ???????????! ??????????!
Nr. 42414  Vivien Meekins  United Kingdom When will the human race realise that life for any living thing is not a dress rehersal!you get one shot at it.
Nr. 42413  Anna Bankova  United Kingdom
Nr. 42412  Ida Karlström  Sweden
Nr. 42411  Shchepenok Evgeniya  Russian Federation I think this custom is barbarous almost animal! It is inadmissible in a modern society it is a pity to me that such occurs somewhere on the Earth
Nr. 42410  Evgenia Samoilova  Russian Federation
Nr. 42409  Filatov Misha  Russian Federation
Nr. 42408  Yana Kondratenko  Russian Federation ×åëîâå÷åñêàÿ æåñòîêîñòü îìåðçèòåëüíà! Óáèéñòâî - ïðåñòóïëåíèå!  ñîâðåìåííîì ìèðå òàêèå äèêèå òðàäèöèè íå äîëæíû ñóùåñòâîâàòü.
Nr. 42407  Komarova Nastya  Russian Federation Please stop the whale- hunt!!!!!
Nr. 42406  Roman Klyukvin  Russian Federation
Nr. 42405  Pavel Risenberg  Russian Federation
Nr. 42404  Alex Klyuchnik  Ukraine
Nr. 42403  Vaclav Kaplan  Germany Hoping that you realise to live in 21 century. Hoping that your realise being human. Hoping that you realise that being human means having no fun in killing. By the way with each animal we kill and with each tree we fall the human being is coming closure to the own end.
Nr. 42402  Sergey Pushkin  Russian Federation end whale & dolphin slaughter!
Nr. 42401  Turkina Kate  Russian Federation
Nr. 42400  Sabina Chagina  Russian Federation needless ritual dissatisfaction medieval wildeness
Nr. 42399  Elizaveta Moroz  Russian Federation It must be stopped!!
Nr. 42398  A. M.  Russian Federation It is similar to madness!!!
Nr. 42397  Ispravnikova Anna  Russian Federation
Nr. 42396  Daniel Nova  Russian Federation This is barbarism. The centuries of bloody rituals ended. In our time this is called crime.
Nr. 42395  Oleg Kosoy  Russian Federation Beasts stop killing animals!!!
Nr. 42394  Pletneva Elina  Russian Federation Stop it please!!!
Nr. 42393  Irina Kornoukhova  Russian Federation It's monstrously!!!!!!!!
Nr. 42392  Ivan Uyrtaikin  Russian Federation killers
Nr. 42391  Irina German  Russian Federation
Nr. 42390  Krasow Ivan  Russian Federation End Whale & Dolphin Slaughter in the Faroe Islands!
Nr. 42389  Galina Sergeevna  Russian Federation
Nr. 42388  Polina Chernevina  Russian Federation
Nr. 42387  Viktorai M Naoi  Russian Federation eto yjasno..
Nr. 42386  Yolande Speedy  South Africa
Nr. 42385  Alexandr Zakotyansky  Russian Federation ïðîñòî íå âåðèòñÿ ((
Nr. 42384  Veronica Boyko  Russian Federation It is necessary to stop this intolerable cruelty!
Nr. 42383  Bragin Artem  Russian Federation Kill th0se people!(
Nr. 42382  Angelina Aronova  Russian Federation
Nr. 42381  Alex Pavlova  Russian Federation Stop this. This is awfully!!! Dolphins are beautiful animals be a human!
Nr. 42380  Klim Losovskiy  Russian Federation for humanity humans!
Nr. 42379  Anna Romanova  Russian Federation
Nr. 42378  Boris Kuznetsov  Russian Federation
Nr. 42377  Sofia Araslanova  Russian Federation young peoples are killersits horrible!
Nr. 42376  Daria Nevermind  Russian Federation Stop this madness. Stop killing dolphins. It's impossible in 21'th century.
Nr. 42375  Ilya Grigoryev  Russian Federation It's horrible to kill animals they are our friends. It's not humanly to do harm for them!!! It is unfair! JUST STOP!
Nr. 42374  Nataliia Stoikova  Ukraine
Nr. 42373  Ioana Chivaran  Romania
Nr. 42372  Mary Klimova  Russian Federation So Long and Thanks for all the Fish
Nr. 42371  Jean Illina  Ukraine
Nr. 42370  Lisa Kharichkina  Russian Federation
Nr. 42369  Aleksandr Tsibulsky  Belarus Stop blood!
Nr. 42368  Stepanov Ivan  Russian Federation This is insane. I was shocked. No way this is 21'st century and a european country.
Nr. 42367  Smirnov Alexey  Russian Federation stop this terrible thing pls unbelievable violence!!
Nr. 42366  Olga Mukovnina  Russian Federation
Nr. 42365  Slava Zhidkov  Russian Federation
Nr. 42364  Zakharova Evgenya  Russian Federation This cruel action is horrible!This slaughtering must be stopped!The inhabitants of the Faroe have no heart if they kill sensitive social animals and friendly cetaceans!!!do they want to prove they are coming of age by killing kind and unprotected animals?but they just show they are weak and inhuman to the whole world...
Nr. 42363  Maxim Vladimirovich  Russian Federation
Nr. 42362  Akimushkin Igor  Moldova  Republic OfThat is so cruel and meaningless!!!!!! STOP IT!
Nr. 42361  Dasha R.  Russian Federation For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 42360  Birgitta Wright  Australia I am ashamed to be a European when I see something as outrageous as this MURDERING OF WHALES happening in a so called'civilized Western Country'!!! Shame on the Danish People to support this!!
Nr. 42359  Igor Trepescenok  Latvia
Nr. 42358  Anastasiya Gorbacheva  Russian Federation
Nr. 42357  Kira Gingazova  Russian Federation we can stop it
Nr. 42356  Robert Anton Metzer  Netherlands When I saw pictures of this and learned about the un-necessity of it I was very amazed and shocked that this is possible under the Danish flag.
Nr. 42355  Maysova Uliana  Russian Federation Is imposible to believe that young people keeps alive this horrible tradition
Nr. 42354  Zabarushchiy Mikhail  Russian Federation Kill defenseless creatures to prove their manhood??? by doing this they prove their backwardness!
Nr. 42353  Popov Artem  Russian Federation
Nr. 42352  Keely Banks  United Kingdom This is absolutely disgusting and it needs to stop immediately!
Nr. 42351  Kostina Ksenia  Russian Federation Please stop the whale- hunt. What will be our world without those smart sensitive animals?
Nr. 42350  Kcenia Momireva Sergeevna  Russian Federation Unjustified cruelty We should protect instead of kill!
Nr. 42349  Anna Bondarenko  Russian Federation

Nr. 42348  Irina Reh  Russian Federation
Nr. 42347  Helen Litvinenko  Russian Federation it is very very bad!!!
Nr. 42346  Semenova Nadua  Russian Federation
Nr. 42345  Evgeny Zaitsev  Russian Federation If they want to be a brave young men let's go to the army and go to war
Nr. 42344  Varvara Chehova  Russian Federation THIS IS HORRIBLE!STOP IT!
Nr. 42343  Helen Koritina  Russian Federation
Nr. 42342  Masha Zakharova  Russian Federation CAN'T BELIEVE SOME PEOPLE THINK OF KILLING AS A JOY!! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?! STOP THE VIOLENCE!! that's really horrible.. it doesn't have to be so. SHAME ON YOU!
Nr. 42341  Natalia Chigireva  Russian Federation STOP THE CRIME!
Nr. 42340  Alena Kudasheva  Russian Federation Tradition is one thing pointless massacre of intelligent creatures is another. Find a way to respect your ancestors in a civilized way or beat each other with axes why your medieval folks used to do so!
Nr. 42339  Mairi Lelievre  United Kingdom It is time for us to repect fellow creatures with whom we share this world
Nr. 42338  Anamaria Czap  Romania
Nr. 42337  Robin Zoeger  Germany
Nr. 42336  Igor Zhuk  Russian Federation idiots!
Nr. 42335  Denis Starov  Russian Federation Too much violence for one place. Kill each other with those knives if you want to. I didn't want it but i suddenly understood that i already DO hate every person that i see on those pictures.
Nr. 42334  Alexandra G  Russian Federation Please stop this cruelty. In other way the nature will beat you as much as it cans
Nr. 42333  Amy Schumacher  Ohio
Nr. 42332  Xenia Kokos  Russian Federation stooped it!it's hottible!don't forget about animals right on life!!!
Nr. 42331  Buriak Maria  Russian Federation
Nr. 42330  Alexey Grigoriev  Russian Federation
Nr. 42329  Alexander Radayev  Kazakhstan It is difficult to believe that today in civilised Europe there are such barbarous customs. A life too big riches that murder was tradition. A shame to these people a shame to this country which has given birth to these people a shame to people who have powers to stop these murders. Killing dolphins such way and it is so aimless you lose the right to be called as people!
Nr. 42328  Evgeniya Biricheva  Russian Federation
Nr. 42327  Simona Vista  Italy
Nr. 42326  Maxim Ivanov  Russian Federation Ýòî ðàçâå äîêàçàòåëüñòâî çðåëîñòè? Ýòî äîêàçàòåëüñòâî ïîëíîé äåãðàäàöèè è èñêëþ÷èòåëüíîé òóïîñòè. Îíè áû ñ àêóëàìè òàê - âîò ýòî áûëî áû äîêàçàòåëüñòâî.
Nr. 42325  Àíäðåé Àíäðåé  Russian Federation Àáñîëþòíî âñå ðàâíî. Ñòàòüñÿ - ôåéê ïîäãîòîâëåííàÿ äëÿ ìàññ - íå áîëåå.
Nr. 42324  Alexey Pilipenko  Ukraine
Nr. 42323  Kateryna Martynenko  Ukraine Stop doing this!!!!
Nr. 42322  Mircea Miron  Romania I can't imagine how this barbaric massacre helps them prove anything. What next beating on their women to prove they are real men? Denmark: A SHAME!
Nr. 42321  Prikhodko Anna  France It's just horrible!
Nr. 42320  Gabriel Sas  Denmark shame shame  shame. I live in denmark for 6 years now danes are not a violent nation but their ignorance towards this barbarism is unforgivibile.
Nr. 42319  Zelenkova Nastya  Russian Federation ÎÑÒÀÍÎÂÈÒÅ ÓÁÈÉÑÒÂÎ!
Nr. 42318  Muhrat Jenuridze  Russian Federation
Nr. 42317  Pavel Romanov  Russian Federation
Nr. 42316  Nena Revo  Spain I can't comment that awful thing
Nr. 42314  Sabine Claeys  Belgium
Nr. 42313  Farida Yarullina  Russian Federation
Nr. 42312  Olga Nizovskaya  Russian Federation
Nr. 42311  Mitenev Kostya  Russian Federation People-you are beasts!
Nr. 42310  Vlad Levitskiy  Ukraine
Nr. 42309  Yuliya Katre  United Kingdom
Nr. 42308  Elisabetta GUSULFINO  Italy THIS IS INCREDIBLE !!!!!
Nr. 42307  Maria Kurkina  Russian Federation Thanks for your activity. In Russia we're not indifferent and support you.
Nr. 42306  Eduard Haiman  Russian Federation
Nr. 42305  Evgeniy Rogathcev  Russian Federation
Nr. 42304  Somayeh Alizadeh  Iran  Islamic Republic Ofplease stop slautering those beautiful creatures
Nr. 42303  Olga Gumenyuk  Russian Federation It's terriable!!!
Nr. 42302  Ksemia Girya  Russian Federation
Nr. 42301  Rita Van de Voorde  Belgium This slaughter is disgusting. I'm ashamed to be a human being.
Nr. 42300  Anita Bonita  Russian Federation please save the dolphins
Nr. 42299  Julia Spirina  Russian Federation
Nr. 42298  Alina Bikbaeva  Russian Federation
Nr. 42297  Brigitte Wirth  Switzerland What a shame for a whole country! Stop this sensless unacceptable killing right now.
Nr. 42296  De Jong Stella  Netherlands Vreselijk! dat dit soort "vermaak" nog voorkomt
Nr. 42295  Ian Calder  United Kingdom Dreadful
Nr. 42294  Nikita Dudnik  Russian Federation The meaning of this act is really twisted. The world has changed and there is no place for motorboat serial killers in it. This horrible tradition must be stopped. It's not acceptable for the so called civilized country.
Nr. 42293  Natasha Mokrousova  Ukraine
Nr. 42292  Denis Kotenko  Russian Federation Please stop the whale- hunt
Nr. 42291  Matvei Grebnev  Russian Federation Matvei A Grebnev
Nr. 42290  Sean Khoury  Arizona
Nr. 42289  AM Deisz  Netherlands
Nr. 42288  Louis Carlet  United Kingdom If this barbaric slaughter is what these man have to resort to in order to prove their manhood than it is probably best that they remain children!!!
Nr. 42287  Anya Sova  Russian Federation
Nr. 42286  Renata Carlet  United Kingdom
Nr. 42285  Manuela Curti  United Kingdom
Nr. 42284  Alexander Rybyakov  Russian Federation It's not right
Nr. 42283  Faina Khaet  Russian Federation
Nr. 42282  Renata Kotalikova  Czech Republic It is so sad!!!
Nr. 42281  Dasha Starchenko  Russian Federation
Nr. 42280  Ian Churchill  United Kingdom Barbarous Bastards !!!!!!!
Nr. 42279  Kate Skakun  Russian Federation THIS IS AUTROCIOUS! PLEASE STOP!
Nr. 42278  Anastasiya Pilevina  Russian Federation I hope my voice will help to cancell this acts of vandalism and violence.
Nr. 42277  Vitaliy Korneev  Russian Federation
Nr. 42276  Gal Chepkina  Russian Federation
Nr. 42275  Tracey Thomas  Connecticut
Nr. 42274  Jolitha Van Offeren  Netherlands so awfull they should kill the people who do this!
Nr. 42273  Andrew DeGannes  Canada This makes me ashamed to be human. These "people" are the lowest of the low.
Nr. 42272  Arsen Abayan  Russian Federation
Nr. 42271  Gina Carroll  Canada
Nr. 42270  ANASTASIYA KOPAEVA  Ukraine U are stupied bustards I hope someone will kill u like u killed this beautiful animals
Nr. 42269  Koval Alice  Russian Federation
Nr. 42268  Skubina Jane  Russian Federation those who do this are not humen
Nr. 42267  Maria Shaposhnikova  Russian Federation
Nr. 42266  Dan Gor  Germany zachem...
Nr. 42265  Irina Tretyakova  Ukraine
Nr. 42264  Marina Dorzhieva  Russian Federation How awful!Please stop the cruelty!
Nr. 42263  Alisa Mazure  Latvia
Nr. 42262  Kristina Kulik  Ukraine
Nr. 42261  Philipp Kuzmin  Russian Federation !!!!!!!!!
Nr. 42260  Ekaterina Goldman  Russian Federation It's disgusting! Dolphins are the most beautiful animals on our planet!!!
Nr. 42259  Zamurueva Anna  Russian Federation stop it please
Nr. 42258  Katherine Petropavlovskaya  Ukraine what could be worse than that "tradition"? why not start killing people to prove you're a man already?
Nr. 42257  Donna Miall  Australia Absolutley barbaric I cannot believe that this is allowed to happen.
Nr. 42256  Leonard Novick  Netherlands This slaughter of sentient mammals in this way for no reason except 'tradition' is an affront to nature and an affront to God if you believe in one.
Nr. 42255  Elsabie Orris  United Kingdom
Nr. 42254  Cristina Cavallucci  Italy
Nr. 42253  Ivanov Denis  Russian Federation
Nr. 42252  Erwin Scherer  Germany
Nr. 42251  Balter Irina  Russian Federation
Nr. 42250  Penny White  Netherlands Stop killing these beuatifull animals. We don't need to do it.
Nr. 42249  Elena Makarycheva  Russian Federation Be human.
Nr. 42248  Max Ink  Ukraine STOP! This is idiotism! I hate Faroe Islands people!
Nr. 42247  Oleg Grakelo  Moldova  Republic Of
Nr. 42246  Ustinov Ilya  Russian Federation
Nr. 42245  Anastacia Chervoniy  Ukraine
Nr. 42244  Sonya Demidova  Russian Federation I'm shockedthis doesn't make sense at all
Nr. 42243  Marcia Guess  United Kingdom
Nr. 42242  Alex B  Ukraine
Nr. 42241  Vedeneev Sergey  Ukraine Very very stupid mens
Nr. 42240  Vika B  Russian Federation
Nr. 42239  Mscajsvkzf Mscajsvkzf  Aruba vJ5lRz mrftairoivtq [url=http://gxsejxolxjyd.com/]gxsejxolxjyd[/url] [link=http://hubdzredoosk.com/]hubdzredoosk[/link] http://uesquketdsow.com/
Nr. 42238  Serge Bodnev  Russian Federation Please STOP THE SLAUGHTERING !
Nr. 42237  Evgeniy Golechihin  Russian Federation STOP THE CRUELTY! STOP THE MURDER!!!
Nr. 42236  Jeffrey Lim Pay Kuen  Singapore
Nr. 42235  Maureen Hurly  Canada This is really horrible. Please leave these beautiful intelligent and sensitive creatures alone.
Nr. 42234  Jenny Ng  Singapore
Nr. 42233  Carolyn Leo  Singapore PLS STOP THIS INHUMANE BEHAVIOR!!!
Nr. 42232  Anton Sorokin Sorokin  Russian Federation it's "barbarian story" we are in XXI century now and you behaive like...(i have no words on it...only uncensored) ANYBODY KNOW THE ANSWER - WHY ? I HOPE GOD WILL SEND A BIG WAVE TO ALL YOUR ISLANDS VERY SOON
Nr. 42231  Murbo Dagldiyan  Russian Federation
Nr. 42230  Lorraine Meilak  Australia I was deeply saddened by these pictures and i was particulary distressed to think that denmark could have a link to these people comon princess mary and get the government of denmark to stop this being from australia u should know that all australians would be disgusted by this action knowing how we love our whales here
Nr. 42229  Maggie Northrop  United Kingdom
Nr. 42228  Misha Musin  Russian Federation Stop killing dolphins!
Nr. 42227  Vaverova Maria  Russian Federation nononono!! please..
Nr. 42226  Ellen Fuchs  Indiana
Nr. 42225  Ksenia Sheveleva  United Kingdom
Nr. 42224  Matthew Robinson  Australia If the images I am seeing are truly from a so called custom or right of passage Denmark and the people of the Faroe islands should be deeply ashamed of themselves. These are protected species that are seemingly hunted for nothing more than sport. Shame on you. If it was for legitimate food purposes and done in a controlled way it could be understood however the way in which this is conducted is senseless and violent embarrasment to humanity. Stop the killing. M.Robinson Australia
Nr. 42223  Chrystal Miall  Australia this is absolutely disgusting!! How can they get away with this??????? it must stop
Nr. 42222  Darko Omrcen  Croatia
Nr. 42221  Stopkina Lena  Russian Federation
Nr. 42220  Dan Toomey  California Thank you for bringing this atrocious matter to worldwide attention. Such a barbaric ceremony should be immediately halted before the entire food chain of the species is gravely endangered. The Faroese government should take appropriate steps to halt this activity.
Nr. 42219  Dmytro Ieremenko  Ukraine
Nr. 42218  Fedulov Nickolay  Russian Federation Stop this please. What a shame for people of Faroe Islands!!!
Nr. 42217  Natasja Zeegerman  Netherlands ik vind dit echt DIEP TRIEST!!!!! hou daar nu eens mee op!!!
Nr. 42216  Ilya Romanenkov  Russian Federation It's awful
Nr. 42215  Fimyshkin Dmitriy  Russian Federation Óáëþäêè!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 42214  Monakhov Dmitriy  Russian Federation
Nr. 42213  Alexey Zakharov  Russian Federation Stop killin dolphins bustards.
Nr. 42212  Chrisos Kirillos  Greece Oi! a whole land of f***king freaks!!!
Nr. 42211  Liat Mariash  Israel
Nr. 42210  Buali Anna  Russian Federation
Nr. 42209  Dina Kafarova  Russian Federation And this we call a civilized country... seems like middle ages were less barbaric and cruel
Nr. 42208  Ivan Chernyshev  Russian Federation Fascists!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 42207  Tobias Fritz  Germany May the dolphins be happily reborne without any suffering.
Nr. 42206  Marco Zeegerman  Netherlands Stop Killing these great annimals for no reason
Nr. 42205  Jill Williams  Australia
Nr. 42204  Anton Fedorov  Russian Federation Save the Nature fuckin' human!!!
Nr. 42203  Lazareva Olga  Russian Federation
Nr. 42202  Chekina Katerina  Russian Federation barbarism!b I would never belive if I haven`tt seen the fotos!
Nr. 42201  Nastya Kasheeva  Ukraine
Nr. 42200  Alexander Perepelkin  Russian Federation
Nr. 42199  Lissanka Romero  Nicaragua Stop killing those animal they have to right to live because God create everything human or animal live in the word. Please dont kill them...
Nr. 42198  Aleh Plashchynski  Sweden
Nr. 42197  Puiu Ion  Romania
Nr. 42196  Viktor Uhharski  Estonia ß ëè÷íî ïëàâàë ñ äèêèìè äåëüôèíàìè â êðàñíîì ìîðå ïî ñâîåìó îïûòó ñêàæó ÷òî óðîâåíü ñîçíàíèÿ è èíòåëåêòà ó äåëüôèíà ðàâåí ÷åëîâå÷åñêîìó !!! À òàêàÿ áîéíÿ ìíå íàïîìèíàåò òî ÷òî óñòðàèâàëè ôàøèñòû â ãîäû 2 ìèðîâîé âîéíû !!!
Nr. 42195  Kurilov Vladimir  Russian Federation Ýòî ïèçäåö ïðîñòî....
Nr. 42194  Sergey Shapkin  Russian Federation
Nr. 42193  Moshkovsky Pavel  Russian Federation
Nr. 42192  Roger Gahler  Switzerland For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 42191  Alexander Trukhin  Russian Federation Murders!
Nr. 42190  Elfriede Schotsmans  Belgium
Nr. 42189  Sergey Murzin  Russian Federation Stop Killing!
Nr. 42188  Mikhael Mi  Russian Federation Stop it!
Nr. 42187  Nikolaev Stas  Russian Federation
Nr. 42186  Vitaliy M  Russian Federation Stop IT!!!!!
Nr. 42185  Eugeny Yarlykov  Russian Federation Stop. You are not a humane.
Nr. 42184  Vitaly Sirbul  Moldova  Republic Of
Nr. 42183  Alexander Lipatov  Russian Federation It's evil. It shouldn't happen anymore
Nr. 42182  Aleksey Rizhov  Russian Federation
Nr. 42181  Konstantin SV  Russian Federation You must Die
Nr. 42180  Eugene Lanbin  Ukraine
Nr. 42179  Viacheslav Vdovenko  Russian Federation ïðåêðàòèòå óáèâàòü æèâóþ ïðèðîäó!!! Óáåéòå ëó÷øå ñåáÿ!!!
Nr. 42178  Xxx Xxxxx  Ukraine ÑÓÊÀ ÃÀÍÄÎÍÛ
Nr. 42177  Sergius Plotnikov  Russian Federation Please stop!!!
Nr. 42176  Âàëèóëëèí Ðàôàýëü  Russian Federation Æåñòü
Nr. 42175  Vyacheslav Frantsuzov  Ukraine Stop the massacre!
Nr. 42174  Àííà Âàëåðüåâíà Áóñåë  Russian Federation
Nr. 42173  Vladimir Vorobyov  Russian Federation Blyad urody. Bolshe zhrat nechego?
Nr. 42172  Alexey Kulakov  Russian Federation
Nr. 42171  Rose Milstead  Florida
Nr. 42170  Ivanov Ivan  Russian Federation
Nr. 42169  Andrey Torrop  Russian Federation Ýòî óæàñíî! Ýòî íóæíî íåìåäëåííî çàïðåòèòü!
Nr. 42168  Vsevolod Khamuev  Russian Federation Stop killing dolphins!
Nr. 42167  Evgeniy Sibirev  Russian Federation
Nr. 42166  Dmitriy Sidorchev  Kazakhstan STOP THE CRUELTY!
Nr. 42165  Helen Solnechnaya  Russian Federation
Nr. 42164  Aleksandr Alekseev  Russian Federation Stop killing
Nr. 42163  Koolk Kirilow  Russian Federation Kill your self!
Nr. 42162  Stanislav Stanislav  Russian Federation stop now you idiot
Nr. 42161  Altynay Abdramanova  Kazakhstan
Nr. 42160  Ilya Aladashvili  Kazakhstan
Nr. 42159  Julia Karpenko  Russian Federation JKarpenko
Nr. 42158  Kritinin Oleg  Russian Federation For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 42157  Anton Evtushenko  Russian Federation
Nr. 42156  Ãàìçàòîâ Âàëåðèé  Tajikistan Óáëþäêè!
Nr. 42155  Chaimovits Andrea  Romania

Nr. 42154  Svyatoslav Vishnevsky  Russian Federation
Nr. 42153  Zaur Kuliyev  Ukraine Ñïàñ¸ì æèâîòíûõ îò ðóê ëþäåé!
Nr. 42152  Charlotte Venter  South Africa I can not believe that there are still using these barbaric rituals as a right of passage. How about teaching them to rather care for the animals loving them and respecting the environment they live in. Our youth are so bloodthirsty because parents have no more sense of care!!!!!!! Shame on those parents who still teach their children to slaughter helpless animals who have done nothing to provoke such an obseninty!!!!!!!!! It is not like they need the meat as sustanance or the skin to make clothes to keep warm in the winter!!
Nr. 42151  Ruslan Shchelkunov  Russian Federation
Nr. 42150  Ilya Vorobiov  Russian Federation
Nr. 42149  Dmitriy Slipchenko  Ukraine
Nr. 42148  Serbin Anryj  Ukraine öå ï³çäºö
Nr. 42147  Nikita Egorov  Russian Federation
Nr. 42146  Noah Vearn  Malaysia so much for protecting the lives of the animals. i feel extremely disgust with their behaviour. only people like zombies or no brains will act like this.
Nr. 42145  Stepanova Natalya  Czech Republic
Nr. 42144  Ãàíþøêèí Àëåêñàíäð  Russian Federation äà óæ ðàçóìîì ÷åëîâåêó äî äåëüôèíîâ åùå äàëåêî.. äà è îò îáåçüÿí ìû ïîõîæå îòñòàëè..
Nr. 42143  Andrey Ivanov  Ukraine
Nr. 42142  Denis Romanenko  Russian Federation MF
Nr. 42141  Ildar Zyabbarov  Russian Federation
Nr. 42140  Ïàâåë Îãóðöîâ  Russian Federation Animal!
Nr. 42139  Áà÷óðèí Âèòàëèé  Ukraine Óþèéñòâî äèëüôèíîâ - âîïèþùàÿ æåñòîêîñòü. Ïðîøó ïðåêðàòèòü áåñ÷åëîâå÷íûé ïðîìûñåë
Nr. 42138  Samael Sataroth  Russian Federation Âû áëÿäè îõóåëè... ëó÷øå ïðèçíàêîì âàøåãî ñîâåðøåííîëåòèÿ ñ÷èòàëîñü îòðåçàíèå ñàìîìó ñåáå õóÿ. ÏÈÄÀÐÀÑÛ
Nr. 42137  Sergey Popov  Russian Federation
Nr. 42136  Denis Sizikov  Russian Federation It is not necessary for such cruelty!!! Our world can be lost from ourselves!
Nr. 42135  Nikolay Savin  Russian Federation It must be stopped...Horrible crime!!!
Nr. 42134  Edward Lazaridis  Greece
Nr. 42133  Pavel Koval  Russian Federation There is no limit of human cruelty...
Nr. 42132  Àíèñèìîâ Äìèòðèé  Russian Federation ß ðàçà÷àðîâàí äàò÷àíàìè.
Nr. 42131  Petra Nel  South Africa
Nr. 42130  Bat-Erdene Zorigtbaatar  Mongolia
Nr. 42129  Alexandr Medvedev  Russian Federation kill yourself but don`t kill whale and dolphin! Stop it! ---------------------------------------------------
Nr. 42128  Sergio Karlovskij  Ukraine
Nr. 42127  Tayigin Aleksander  Russian Federation
Nr. 42126  Annalisa Bertolazzi  Pennsylvania this is absolutely disgusting inhumane senseless useless: I cannot find enough words to convey my disgust. Unbelievable that "civilized" people would enjoy slaughtering intelligent wonderful creatures for no reason. Barbaric and atrocious and it needs to stop!
Nr. 42125  Arnold Du Plessis  South Africa
Nr. 42124  Eugene Nesterenko  California
Nr. 42123  Zanell Janse van Vuuren Janse van Vuuren  South Africa Cant believe stuff like this is happening in European countries expected this kind of thing from the Chinese!!!
Nr. 42122  Ozgun Ilhan  Turkey For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 42121  Kibardina Karina  Russian Federation
Nr. 42120  Zalina Kozyreva  Russian Federation
Nr. 42119  Bondarenko Taras  Russian Federation I really think that MAN must kill someone to become a real man. But you d better go with no no weapon on a wolf or a bear. Are you not enought man for these?
Nr. 42118  Alexandr Mishin  Russian Federation Óðîäû îñòàâüòå æèâîòíûõ â ïîêîå!!!
Nr. 42117  Andrew Kobzariov  Russian Federation
Nr. 42116  Roussos Alexandros  Greece Hope my vote will help to stop murderers.
Nr. 42115  Adrei Karelin  Russian Federation
Nr. 42114  Alexey Kazantsev  Russian Federation It's awful! It is cruel and violent. I do not see any aim in this. Sure it's a good idea to keep traditions and customs. But only if they are harmless to anybody. Alexey Kazantsev Kurgan Russian Federation
Nr. 42113  Oksana Khmelevskaya  Ukraine Die killers of dolphins!!!
Nr. 42112  Mihail Mihailov  Ukraine Kill yourself not dolphins!
Nr. 42111  Anzej Semionov  Lithuania we must hire a killer to destroy faroerian islands government
Nr. 42110  Åâãåíèé Ïóñòûíöåâ  Russian Federation ×åðòîâû âàðâàðû êàê ìîæíî óáèâàòü òàêèå ïðåêðàñòíûõ æèâîòíûõ?
Nr. 42109  Katrin Shevtsova  Russian Federation let the dolphins live!
Nr. 42108  Leshchinsky Konstantin  Russian Federation
Nr. 42107  Dzuarov Iles  Russian Federation Jeg er chokeret uvidennym! Hvordan kan vi gøre det?? De er ikke mennesker du - de dyr! I am shocked uvidennym! How can we do so?? you are not people you - the beasts!
Nr. 42106  Andrij Kravchenko  Ukraine Stop the killing!
Nr. 42105  Nikoloz Alavidze  Georgia For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 42104  Vadim Barinov  Russian Federation Stupid barbarians!!!
Nr. 42103  Grigori Grigoryan  Armenia barbarian
Nr. 42102  Andreev Fedor  Russian Federation ñêîòû ïåðåñòàíüòå óáèâàòü èëè ìû óáüåì âàñ
Nr. 42101  Alexey Muchanko  Russian Federation n/a
Nr. 42100  Yarovaya Varvara  Russian Federation STOP THE KILLING !!!
Nr. 42099  Roman Ivanov  Russian Federation
Nr. 42098  Ivan Golubovich  Belarus Ñóêà âûðîäêè!!!
Nr. 42097  Dmitry Sivaev  Russian Federation
Nr. 42096  Dmitry Korovkin  Russian Federation ...
Nr. 42095  Sereda Aleksey  Ukraine Please stop the whale hunt.
Nr. 42094  Alexander Chernjaev  Russian Federation Achtung!!! Do not kill the dolphins!!!
Nr. 42093  Ksenia Demkina  Russian Federation Stop!!!
Nr. 42092  Ivo Angelov  Bulgaria That is so cruel... I have no words
Nr. 42091  Vladimirovich Sazonov Ilja  Russian Federation
Nr. 42090  Vasiliy Zobnin  Russian Federation
Nr. 42089  Alexey Kozlov  Russian Federation Looks like insanity to me. They got mad definitely. What's the point in such a "fun"?
Nr. 42088  Alexander Shuraev  Ukraine For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 42087  Gocan Claudia Laura  Romania
Nr. 42086  Aleksandr Sautkin  Russian Federation
Nr. 42085  Alexandre Ganine  Russian Federation
Nr. 42084  DRAGAN ANA - VERONICA  Romania They act worse than animals.I can t believe that our days it s possible to have this kind of cruelty.
Nr. 42083  Gordon Eduard  Israel
Nr. 42082  Oleg Kor  Russian Federation
Nr. 42081  Elena Yanson  Russian Federation Ýòî ïðîñòî îòâðàòèòåëüíî! ß ïðîòèâ!
Nr. 42080  Alexis D'Lok  Russian Federation This is terrible! I with killing dolphin to killing human.
Nr. 42079  Susanne Max  Czech Republic
Nr. 42078  Perper Alexander  Israel Ýòî ïðîñòî âàðâàðû!!!(((
Nr. 42077  Tanya Kuzmina  Russian Federation
Nr. 42076  Dmitry Malyukov  Russian Federation
Nr. 42075  Sergey Lukmanov  Ukraine stop this
Nr. 42074  Vasiliy Grevtcev Moscow  Russian Federation This sickeningly
Nr. 42073  Gabriella Benassi  Italy
Nr. 42072  Turi Lo Sardo  Italy
Nr. 42071  Henry Veld  Netherlands This is not normal. and why do people this. i hope we can STOP this killing. that's why i hope they never be a part of the EU.
Nr. 42070  Vladimir Levashoff  Russian Federation Stop murder
Nr. 42069  Akimov Arsen  Russian Federation no comments..
Nr. 42068  Eduard Karapetyan  Armenia
Nr. 42067  Alek Romankov  Russian Federation It's impossible to read about this horrorble tradition! Stop this murder! You gotta be psycho if You do this. Try cut off Your stupid heads instead of killing whales!!!
Nr. 42066  Alexander Kopeykin  Russian Federation There's a good book connected with this topic. A. Clark Deep Range. let's love the place where you live in
Nr. 42065  Denis Gershtoga  Russian Federation I don't understand WHY... this is just violent... too violent to exist. I'd say to put us on their place!... when they grow up - we'd die. They'll catch us and kill... for no reason at all.
Nr. 42064  Dmitriy Ogorodnikov  Russian Federation
Nr. 42063  Valeria Marasco  Italy
Nr. 42062  Daniela Onofrei  Romania
Nr. 42061  Bochkaryova Lena  Russian Federation
Nr. 42060  Carmen Campean  Romania This must be stopped!
Nr. 42059  Kopov Sergey  Russian Federation They are abject cowards.Go on a bear!
Nr. 42058  Ucod Axon  Russian Federation
Nr. 42057  Ìèõàèë Ñâåòëîâ  Russian Federation Ýòî âàðâàðñêèé îáû÷àé. Âîçìîæíî â ïðîøëîì îí áûë íåîáõîäèì ÷òîáû âûæèòü íî ñåé÷àñ âåäü äðóãèå âðåìåíà. Îäóìàéòåñü!!! Îñòàíîâèòåñü!!!
Nr. 42056  John Viktorov  Ukraine
Nr. 42055  Emin Sadykhov  Azerbaijan Please Stop the Killing
Nr. 42054  Yuriy Pazderskij  Ukraine
Nr. 42053  Julia Savva  Ukraine
Nr. 42052  Seamus Millstone  Russian Federation Fuckin' killers... They musy be prisoned...
Nr. 42051  Baruh Claudia  Israel
Nr. 42050  Voldir Otojogoff  Russian Federation STOP !!!
Nr. 42049  Tamerlan Dziov  Russian Federation
Nr. 42048  Yuriy Gulentsov  Russian Federation
Nr. 42047  Rjabov Dmitry  Russian Federation
Nr. 42046  Dagmar Kjuèuková  Czech Republic
Nr. 42045  Roxana D  Romania Stop it at once. This is unhuman!!!
Nr. 42044  Ksenija Arharova  Russian Federation
Nr. 42043  Andrii Dobrovolskyi  Russian Federation Than "these" differ from fascists communists ... etc?
Nr. 42042  Artem (Fast) I  Russian Federation Ñóêè. àø ñëîâ íåò...!!!...óáèòü áû òàêèõ...ïðèäóðêîâ...òàêîå êðàñèâîå ìëåêîïèòàþùèå......(((((
Nr. 42041  Natalia Hill  Russian Federation
Nr. 42040  Elizabeth Nikonova  Russian Federation
Nr. 42039  Mircea Apostol  Moldova  Republic Of
Nr. 42038  Andrey Radishin  Ukraine
Nr. 42037  Aleksandrov Sergey  Russian Federation
Nr. 42036  Andrey Pykas  Russian Federation STOP!!! THE CRUELTY! You are monsters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 42035  Andrey Pavlidis  Russian Federation
Nr. 42034  Julia Fedukova  Russian Federation They after all the live!!! Present that such would make with your children - after all they too are defenceless as well as dolphins.
Nr. 42033  Nikita Leskov  Russian Federation
Nr. 42032  Maxim Kononov  Russian Federation Stoopid idiots:(
Nr. 42031  Denise Rousseau  Belgium STOP IT
Nr. 42030  Igor Kartashov  Russian Federation STOP!!!
Nr. 42029  Sergey Shedow  Belarus Êàçëû!!!
Nr. 42028  Gennady Vladimirovitch Shteling  Russian Federation they are crazy!!!
Nr. 42027  Sergey Berdyugin  Kazakhstan Èõ áû ìóäàêîâ äà íà ìåñòî äåëüôèíîâ. Áûëî áû ñàìî òî.
Nr. 42026  Dolinkov Alex  Russian Federation STOP!
Nr. 42025  Nicoleta Marinescu  Romania they are the worse animal i ever seen!
Nr. 42024  Sobolev Oleg  Russian Federation Ñîâåðøåííî íåëåïàÿ íåîáúÿñíèìàÿ ì ïîäëàÿ æåñòîêîñòü.
Nr. 42023  Andrey Taradaev  Russian Federation
Nr. 42022  Taras Vityk  Ukraine ?????!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 42021  Mag Archil  Russian Federation they are out of mind
Nr. 42020  Alexander Lyulko  Russian Federation Madness!!!
Nr. 42019  Kalitko Pavel  Belarus savages
Nr. 42018  Katrin Lashkevitch  Russian Federation Ýòî óæàñíî è áåñ÷åëîâå÷íî ÿ îò âñåé äóøè âûñòóïàþ ïðîòèâ ýòèõ óáèéö....
Nr. 42017  Ilona Isayan  Georgia The world has gone mad
Nr. 42016  Helen Tucker  United Kingdom
Nr. 42015  Aleksandr Fomin  Ukraine
Nr. 42014  Victor Kuznetsov  Russian Federation I really hate those people who kill dolphins. Only soleless persons can kill such a beautiful animal.
Nr. 42013  Francisc Molnar  Romania
Nr. 42012  Karin Engel  Switzerland I cannot belief what I have seen. How can any being be so cruel?
Nr. 42011  Sletov Evgeniy  Russian Federation
Nr. 42010  Alexander Belyak  Russian Federation
Nr. 42009  Jana Vieyra  South Africa
Nr. 42008  Ìèøêà Èâàíîâ  Russian Federation Ïðåäëàãàþ óñòðîèòü îòñòðåë æèòåëåé Faroe Islands. Òàê áóäåò ïðèðîäå íàíåñ¸í ìèíèìàëüíûé óùåðá.
Nr. 42007  Nick Kulagin  Russian Federation Busterds....
Nr. 42006  Alex Rover  Russian Federation stop the cruelty barbarians!
Nr. 42005  Ruslan Trekov  Georgia
Nr. 42004  Alexander Savchenko  Ukraine
Nr. 42003  Alexandr Ivanov  Ukraine Âû òàì âààùå îõóåëè ïðèäóðêè êîí÷åííûå!
Nr. 42002  Olga Poliukh  Ukraine
Nr. 42001  Alexander Vasiliev  Moldova  Republic OfEnd Whale & Dolphin Slaughter in the Faroe Islands!
Nr. 42000  TATYANA KOMAROVA  Russian Federation stop this unnecessary crueltyplease!!!!!!!!!! what a shame!!!!!where are ur hearts????? U must STOP!!!!!!
Nr. 41999  Arvid Kriger  Russian Federation What if we had such a tradition to kill one person from Faroe Islands to become full age
Nr. 41998  Dmitry Zykov  Russian Federation You have to change this cruel tradition instead of killing - sing a songs dig a graves for example.
Nr. 41997  Viktoriya Balashova  Russian Federation

Nr. 41996  Krasnomovets Roman  Ukraine
Nr. 41995  Katya Puchkova  Russian Federation
Nr. 41994  Alex Ivanov  Russian Federation
Nr. 41993  Anosov Dmitriy  Russian Federation
Nr. 41992  Sergey Kazakov  Russian Federation
Nr. 41991  Elena Nikolaeva  Russian Federation
Nr. 41990  Igor Zimin  Russian Federation
Nr. 41989  Igor Bondar  Estonia I suggest these brave young men to show their mettle in another way for example in Russia earlier in the bear walked with a wooden pitchfork. That in any case honestly.
Nr. 41988  Maxim Zakharov  Russian Federation Stop this barbaric tradition! People do not have rights to do it..
Nr. 41987  Roman Oryol  Russian Federation
Nr. 41986  Coenegrachts Bianca  Belgium This is horrible. This I don't understand...It's just pure slaughter...If you do this you're not human!!
Nr. 41985  Mirlan Talatbekov  Kazakhstan
Nr. 41984  Nikita Butakov  Russian Federation Why you are killing animals?
Nr. 41983  Timothy Ilyin  Russian Federation
Nr. 41982  Åâãåíèé Ãàâðèëîâ  Russian Federation
Nr. 41981  Anton R  Russian Federation This barbarity!!!
Nr. 41980  Vladislav Dulgerov  Russian Federation I hope it will be the end of this insensate cruelty
Nr. 41979  Nelly Alexanyan  Russian Federation
Nr. 41978  Max Crazy  Israel
Nr. 41977  Gillian Turner  United Kingdom
Nr. 41976  Sergey Grig  Russian Federation its awwfull foê me.
Nr. 41975  Edvard Ed  Russian Federation
Nr. 41974  Christian Hirschmann  Austria Stoped this stupid Killing!
Nr. 41973  Morne Dunn  South Africa
Nr. 41972  Sidorov Alexander  Russian Federation terrible!
Nr. 41971  Sergey Gavrilov  Russian Federation
Nr. 41970  Anton Gradov  Ukraine Please stop the killing of dolphins! This animal has a high intellect the man closest animal ...
Nr. 41969  Laguta Sergey  Russian Federation
Nr. 41968  Alexander Semyonoff  Russian Federation With every year and every century the human species is growing in numbers and degrading in other respects. What you will do next when no wildlife is left on the planet at all?
Nr. 41967  Anton Ivanov  Russian Federation FOR GOD'S SAKE STOP!!!!!!!!
Nr. 41966  Dmitry Vinokurov  Russian Federation
Nr. 41965  Aleksandr Smolin  Russian Federation Ó÷èëèñü áû ëó÷øå èãðàòü â ôóòáîë. They should spend more time playing football instead killing animals.
Nr. 41964  Marina Lunkina  Russian Federation This terrible action is unworthily for a sensieble people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 41963  Teylon Teylon  Russian Federation
Nr. 41962  Alex Lutsenko  Georgia And that is european civilisation? it looks even more barbarous than terrorism because people are protected by police and government and those creatures and protected by NO ONE !!! STOP THE MURDERS !!!
Nr. 41961  Aleksander Lee  Kazakhstan We must stop this killing
Nr. 41960  Alexey Rodionov  Russian Federation This is awful! We had to stop this nightmare!
Nr. 41959  Alexandr Homenko  Russian Federation
Nr. 41958  V1rGo Alinkin  Russian Federation It's very very bad
Nr. 41957  Oleg Bystran  Ukraine STOP killing dolphins!!
Nr. 41956  Alexei Vasilyev  Russian Federation
Nr. 41955  Fedorov Alexei  Russian Federation Please stop the whale- hunt. What will be our world without those smart sensitive animals?
Nr. 41954  Valeriy Bondarenko  Russian Federation Stop doing this. It not just cruel it is absolutely unhuman.
Nr. 41953  Laura Van Esveld  Netherlands I don't think the pictures need any more words Murder is illegal! so why isn't this?
Nr. 41952  Andrey Pautov  Israel
Nr. 41951  Volkonskiy Nikolay  Russian Federation Vseh k ugolovnoy otvetstvennosti!!!!!!!
Nr. 41950  Nadia Sav  Russian Federation
Nr. 41949  Andrei Lukkonen  Estonia Stop the damn killing bastards :(
Nr. 41948  Ôðîëîâ Àíäðåé  Russian Federation Âûðîäêè!
Nr. 41947  Evgeniya Rafalson  Russian Federation
Nr. 41946  Pedro Madruga  Portugal Mr.Prime Minister Jóannes Eidesgaard Ocean is blue NOT red!
Nr. 41945  Ivan Kilin  Russian Federation Animals
Nr. 41944  Steve Ipatov  Russian Federation Murdering innocent animals for absolutely no reason is a CRIME. Please stop it!
Nr. 41943  Lipatov Vladislav  Russian Federation
Nr. 41942  Oleg Zanin  Russian Federation STOP!!!!!
Nr. 41941  Maria Derzhavina  Russian Federation Stop killing dolphins!
Nr. 41940  Alexander Zyuzin  Russian Federation
Nr. 41939  Igumnov Alexey  Russian Federation ß ïðîòèâ!!
Nr. 41938  Eugeny Marchenko  Russian Federation
Nr. 41937  Elena Sumina  Russian Federation
Nr. 41936  Erika Simon  Hungary
Nr. 41935  Valeri Eremeev  Russian Federation
Nr. 41934  Ivan Popov  Russian Federation Stop it!Think again!
Nr. 41933  Dan Kuznetsov  Russian Federation
Nr. 41932  Vitaliy Vakula  Ukraine Crazy impotents go try any other way to become strengthen!
Nr. 41931  Yuriy Chernenko  Ukraine The real man will never offend more weak. They became adult but will not become men.
Nr. 41930  Kazakova Olga  Russian Federation
Nr. 41929  Doesntmatter Doesntmatter  Russian Federation
Nr. 41928  Sytnikov Vladimir  Russian Federation
Nr. 41927  Anton Novaxx  Russian Federation Óáëþäêè ñ äèêàðñêèìè îáû÷àÿìè. Ãîðåòü èì âñåì â ãèåíå îãíåííîé.
Nr. 41926  Gushchin Alexander  Russian Federation
Nr. 41925  Alexander Govorunov  Russian Federation Stop killing a dolphins!!!
Nr. 41924  Viktor Petrov  Ukraine
Nr. 41923  Ilia Jivotovski  Ukraine
Nr. 41922  Diana Dumitru  Romania
Nr. 41921  Helena Eriksson  Sweden
Nr. 41920  Xenia Goren  Russian Federation Please stop the cruelty! I belive that man can live in peace with all the creatures of the World and that you can help it! Please!
Nr. 41919  Serghei Alekseieff  Russian Federation 21 century... so sad.
Nr. 41918  Dmitry Ilin  Russian Federation
Nr. 41917  Grecky Alex  Belarus
Nr. 41916  Oleg Kuprikoff  Ukraine Ýòî íå ìóæ÷èíû ýòî îòáðîñû ÷åëîâå÷åñòâà. Ñâîëî÷è îäíèì ñëîâîì òå êòî ýòî äåëàåò.
Nr. 41915  Àíäðåé Òîïîðêîâ  Russian Federation
Nr. 41914  Anton Osipov  Russian Federation Please stop the whale hunt
Nr. 41913  Oleksiy Filatov  Ukraine Is it still 1000 BC? Let me check my calendar....
Nr. 41912  Anthony Naydish  Russian Federation What do you do swine?
Nr. 41911  Bruno Guerra  Brazil
Nr. 41910  Sergey Podvigin  Russian Federation Ëþäè îñòàíîâèòåñü! Ëó÷øå óáèâàéòå áîãàòûõ âïåð¸ä ê ïîáåäå ìèðîâîé ðåâîëþöèè!!!
Nr. 41909  Alina Varchenko  Ukraine Stop it please!you are killing angelic animals!!!
Nr. 41908  Cotin Karl  Russian Federation
Nr. 41907  Àëåêñåé Ôðàíöåâ  Russian Federation Áîìáó íà Äàíèþ è âñå äåëà. Èáî íå õóé.
Nr. 41906  Victor Rem  Russian Federation Ýòèõ âûðîäêîâ ñàìèõ íàäî ïîä íîæ. Óáèéöû
Nr. 41905  Anton Umnitsyn  Ukraine Don't kill our little brothers!
Nr. 41904  Kadrov Nikita  Russian Federation
Nr. 41903  Dovgal Ilya  Russian Federation
Nr. 41902  Fomin Evgeniy  Russian Federation
Nr. 41901  Nikita Voroshilin  Russian Federation Ïèäîðàñû ïîãàíûå òå êòî óáèâàþò äåëüôèíîâ
Nr. 41900  Steven Yew  Malaysia This is the 21st century and we are not barbarian. Please STOP THIS unneccesary killing. Stick to Salmons (sorry Salmon friends).
Nr. 41899  John Somerset  Canada This disgusting slaughter is barbaric inhumane and unworthy of any country which regards itself as civilized.
Nr. 41898  Maxim Bagreev  Ukraine Kill people save dolphins!
Nr. 41897  Vladimir Voropaeff  Russian Federation that is not right! You must stop this actions!!! Immediately!!! This people are freaks!!!
Nr. 41896  Igor Gorshkov  Kyrgyzstan
Nr. 41895  Alexandro Romano  Ukraine It`s extremely inhumanly to kill for entertainments...Stop this horrible crime!
Nr. 41894  Timur Yagilev  Russian Federation
Nr. 41893  Galin Yotov  Bulgaria STOP STOP STOP !!!!!!!!!
Nr. 41892  Aleksandra Davydova  Russian Federation It's cruel! Stop that!
Nr. 41891  Trykov Paul  Russian Federation Madness..
Nr. 41890  Rene Vonk  Netherlands Mahatma Gandhi: De grootheid van een natie en zijn morele progressie kan men aflezen aan de manier waarop men er zijn dieren behandeld.
Nr. 41889  Alex Ivanov  Russian Federation Why don't they begin with killing their cats and dogs at home? It would be a good training. Next step to join the georgian army of Saakashvili to kill old age people and children of neighbour countries. Such experienced people would be of great demand there. We all together must ban this cruel tradition because whales and dolphins are free and don't belong to islanders neither to any other country but the whole planet and all population of it will suffer of such massacre.
Nr. 41888  Artem Borodai  Ukraine Don't kill black dolphins!!!
Nr. 41887  Alexsey Stepanov  Russian Federation Varwars!!!!
Nr. 41886  Nataliya Kurekina  Russian Federation a man stepped over through nature and became an evil. it is a tragedy for all of us. it is a brand of disgrace for a man. let spase our planet our souls together.
Nr. 41885  Chernisheva Alla  Russian Federation For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 41884  Kondratovich Andrew  Russian Federation Bloody bitches. Burn in hell bastard.
Nr. 41883  Sergey Aleksandrovich  Russian Federation Óáèéñòâî äåëüôèíîâ = óáèéñòâó ëþäåé  è äàæå õóæå òàê êàê ëþäè ìîãóò ïðîòèâîñòîÿòü. È âû åùå ñ÷èòàåòå ñåáÿ ãóìàííûì è ïðîñâåùåííûì îáùåñòâîì ? ÕÀ - ÕÀ Òå êòî óáèâàåò êèòîâ - ïîãàíîå çâåðü¸
Nr. 41882  Huang Huiling  Singapore I am appalled by this mass slaughtering of whales. Can you imagine if there's a practice of mass killing children that are healthy who've yet to spoken by the age of 3 year old? It's insane ridiculous and hardly justified! Please ban such a barbaric act which does not mark the coming of the age of adulthood but rather it signifies that we human beings are worst off than beast and we have not yet gotten rid of that barbaric streak within us! Please stop such a cruel and inhumane act right now!!!
Nr. 41881  Êðþêîâ Íèêîëàé Àíäðååâè÷  Russian Federation
Nr. 41880  Valerius Michailov  Russian Federation
Nr. 41879  Roberto Casiraghi  Italy STOP STOP STOOOOOOOOOOOP
Nr. 41878  George Flint  Cuba Stop the slaughter!!!
Nr. 41877  Roman Golovchenko  Norway
Nr. 41876  Yuriy Dudiy  New York
Nr. 41875  Kozak Ivan  Russian Federation
Nr. 41874  Julii Andrey  Russian Federation You murderer! Stop!
Nr. 41873  Alexey Chernakov  Russian Federation
Nr. 41872  Zhestkov Igor  Russian Federation Be a human!!! Even animals do not kill for the sake of entertainment.
Nr. 41871  Alexey Vorozheykin  Ukraine Let people make kim themselves but not other creatures
Nr. 41870  Rumiantsev Oleg  Russian Federation
Nr. 41869  Maria Shashkova  Russian Federation I beleive we can stop it...
Nr. 41868  Vladislav Zamyatin  Russian Federation
Nr. 41867  Eugeny Chuvachsky  Russian Federation Why this tradition still don`t stopped?
Nr. 41866  Patricia Streeter  United Kingdom
Nr. 41865  Anton Sinezhskiy  Russian Federation STOP!!!!
Nr. 41864  Michael Kanev  Russian Federation

Nr. 41863  Anton Pankratov  Russian Federation That seems for me as cruel and evil fact. What the democratical and human rights are discussed in so developed countries? I see now those who behave themselves as people who deserve apocalypsys .)
Nr. 41862  Karpik Anton  Russian Federation
Nr. 41861  Èëüÿñ Ãèççàòóëëèí  Russian Federation ß ïðîòåñòóþ!
Nr. 41860  Dmitrij Miroshnychenko  Ukraine Its murder kill dolpin you kill you soul.
Nr. 41859  Oleg Stremin  Canada that's disgusting! What are you doing gays??? Try to kill yourself if you have no soul but don't touch dolphins!!! STOP !!!!!!
Nr. 41858  Ayrat Bulatov  United Kingdom I can't believe it> a whole country of psychos in Europe!!! Do they actually know what they're doing??? In Russia you can get up to 8 years in jail for killing one animal in such way these people kill rare animals in thousands!!!
Nr. 41857  Marco Orfano  Italy
Nr. 41856  Andrey Smirnoff  Russian Federation
Nr. 41855  Nikolaev Konstantin  Russian Federation
Nr. 41854  Hello Gogo zombie  Russian Federation
Nr. 41853  Dascalescu Casiana  Romania
Nr. 41852  Anton Korobeinikov  Russian Federation
Nr. 41851  Alex Sneg  Russian Federation Be human not animal
Nr. 41850  Zelenco Sergiu  Moldova  Republic OfOnly a sick nation can do such crazy things. Do we really need to kill someone to prove our supremacy? Madness.
Nr. 41849  Gaby Luk  Moldova  Republic Ofnatural fashism
Nr. 41848  Moshkin Pavel  Russian Federation Èäèîòû! Íàäî óñòðîèòü äåíü ñîâåðøåíîëåòèÿ äåëüôèíîâ è ïîðóáàòü òàê íåñêîëüêî äåñÿòêîâ æèòåëåé äàóíèè
Nr. 41847  Petra Kauwen  Netherlands I'ts a shame that this still happens!!!! I always thought that Denmark was a animal friendly country....guess not and they will never see me there. The dolphin is such a beautifull and friendly animal I can't believe people can do this without feelings. SHAME ON U people of Denmark SHAME ON U!!!!!!
Nr. 41846  Alexandr Rozov  Ukraine Îòìåíèòü äàííûé îáû÷àé íàõåð!
Nr. 41845  Sergey Rozhin  Russian Federation
Nr. 41844  Dmitry Alexeev  Russian Federation
Nr. 41843  Fox S  Ukraine Óðîäû âû ìîðàëüíûå. Æàëü íå ìîãó ê âàì äîòÿíóòñÿ õîòåëîñü áû íà âàñ ñîâåðøåííîëåòèå äîêàçàòü.
Nr. 41842  Ruslan UFO  Russian Federation ×òî æå òâîðèòñÿ â íàøåé ñòðàíå? êîøìàð! çà ÷òî? âåäú îíè óìíåå íàñ! çà ÷òîâ û èõ òàê? ñâîëî÷è! Âàñ áû òàê ïîðåçàòü è èçíè÷òîæèòü! Òâàðè!
Nr. 41841  Julie Kleinert  Utah
Nr. 41840  Lemuel Rafanan  Philippines
Nr. 41839  Sergey Komelov  Russian Federation black cruelty... STOP! STOP! STOP!!!
Nr. 41838  Konstantin Shilin  Russian Federation don't kill them/They are good
Nr. 41837  Zafar Kamalov  Russian Federation STOP Kills! Don't be animal!
Nr. 41836  Riza Perreras  Philippines for the better good of lives concerned stop killing the whales. This ensures healthy babies by not consuming the meat.
Nr. 41835  Daria Kozhina  Russian Federation Don't do that!!!
Nr. 41834  Roman Moiseev  Russian Federation It killings must be stopped!!! I am shocked!!!
Nr. 41833  Popov Konstantin  Ukraine Ïåðåñòàíòå óáèâàòü äåëüôèíîâ!
Nr. 41832  Sergey Zhukoborskiy  Israel
Nr. 41831  George Shirokov  Russian Federation
Nr. 41830  Chantal Koolwijk  Netherlands Those peoples should be punished just like they do to those dolphins. its absurd that they have to do that to prove they are a man this only prove's that they are animals and worthless. I swear if i see one of those mens i would kill them myself
Nr. 41829  Erica Frankel  Pennsylvania
Nr. 41828  Shahparonyan Hayk  Armenia Stop killing Whale adn Dolphin
Nr. 41827  Nico Amodei  Italy
Nr. 41826  Anna Goremykina  Russian Federation Is killing animals fun for you?I'm shocked..you aren't humans
Nr. 41825  Andrew Shustrov  Russian Federation Don't kill
Nr. 41824  Yuri Popov  Ukraine STOP THE CRUELTY!
Nr. 41823  Dmitry K  Russian Federation Pederasts you nasty
Nr. 41822  Eugene Eugene  Russian Federation For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 41821  Alexey Green  Russian Federation STOP
Nr. 41820  Artem Serebrennikov  Russian Federation
Nr. 41819  Simoné Jalon  Pennsylvania
Nr. 41818  Demidova Tatiana  Russian Federation Ýòè ëþäè õóæå çâåðåé. Íåò óáèéñòâàì!
Nr. 41817  Elena Petunina  Russian Federation Stop the Whale and Dolphin Slaughter!!! You're not worth to be called people!
Nr. 41816  Avalon Mehta  Maryland
Nr. 41815  Oleg Sudarikov  Russian Federation STOP THE CRUELTY!
Nr. 41814  Danilov Konstantine  Russian Federation This not people this barbarians. They not worthy lifes.
Nr. 41813  Khasan Buriev  Uzbekistan No Slaughter
Nr. 41812  Jess Greenbaum  Canada
Nr. 41811  Andy Alekseenkov  Russian Federation Barbarians real barbarians not worthy to be named Europeans
Nr. 41810  Ivan Kodabashyan  Russian Federation i hate murder
Nr. 41809  Serge Vorobioff  Russian Federation
Nr. 41808  Holly Swint  Florida
Nr. 41807  Vitaliy Zibnitskiy  Russian Federation
Nr. 41806  Alexey Yaroslavsky  Russian Federation
Nr. 41805  Tatsiana Hirko  Belarus Dolphins are more better than we are. Killing them we are killing our plannet.
Nr. 41804  Euge Shevchenko  Russian Federation stop babarians...
Nr. 41803  Nicu Cretu  Moldova  Republic OfIDIOTS StOP THIS WHO CANNN !!!!!!!
Nr. 41802  Stela Vulpe  United Kingdom Crying to Heaven! These innocent creatures don't deserve something like that! We are destroying our world and we dont care too much about that but we'll see someday what we they have done! Im olny prayin for those souls yes! Souls like us!
Nr. 41801  Anton Suvorov  Estonia
Nr. 41800  Colbasevici Alexander  Romania I can't understand why modern society still do it...
Nr. 41799  Alessandra Rigano  Italy
Nr. 41798  Madiha Siddiqui  California This is outrageous!! Please help take an action against this!
Nr. 41797  Anna Bogumilchik  Russian Federation I in a shock! I hope the Lord will punish for the such!
Nr. 41796  Bianca Piers  Netherlands
Nr. 41795  Ksu Borisova  Israel
Nr. 41794  Polina Alistratenko  Canada
Nr. 41793  Denis Deripasko  Ukraine Kill people save dolphins!!!
Nr. 41792  Artyom Trilisser  Israel
Nr. 41791  Dr.Kitty Litta!  Maryland Why is your name Billy Has A Dick?
Nr. 41790  DIANA Cazacu  Moldova  Republic Ofthis is awful and completely un-human there is a strong need for our planet's welfare to stop this horror acts..
Nr. 41789  Þðèé Ìåëèõîâ  Russian Federation
Nr. 41788  Connie Fehlau  Australia Senseless killing. When will this human race finally get it?! Will they ever?
Nr. 41787  Billy Has A Dick  Washington They are stupid. They SHOULD suffer!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 41786  Nikolai Besschetnov Anatolievich  Russian Federation I love dolphins - and this... I think u understand and after all... There is no need in comments.
Nr. 41785  Alexandru Pisarenco  Moldova  Republic OfFor more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 41784  Elizabeth Sporrer  Pennsylvania
Nr. 41783  Olivia Lingle  Illinois
Nr. 41782  Cornutiu Ilinca  Romania should we still ask why nature is turning against us?
Nr. 41781  Paul Bostan  Moldova  Republic Of
Nr. 41780  Maxim20082008 2008  Russian Federation beasts!
Nr. 41779  Cezar Neds  Moldova  Republic OfStupid people... THEY are wild animals not the ones I see on Animal Planet..
Nr. 41778  Ruslan Stelea  Moldova  Republic Of
Nr. 41777  Trevor Gunby  United Kingdom This barbaric and pointless slaughter must be stopped - human beings must not be allowed to kill these harmless animals for fun!!
Nr. 41776  Romanov Sergey  Russian Federation
Nr. 41775  Volodymyr Lutsan  Ukraine No comentsDolphin terror
Nr. 41774  Anne Keller  California How can you allow this to happen. The Danes are known for their humanity in the past. Where did it go. End this hideous act of murder now.
Nr. 41773  Aleksei Filippov  Ukraine A senseless murder this is the only name for this terrible thing. It's a pity that the whales couldn't answer in the same way.
Nr. 41772  Anatoliy Kuzmichov  Russian Federation Stop!!!
Nr. 41771  Kate Trofimova  Russian Federation
Nr. 41770  Novikov Vasilii Viktorovich  Russian Federation Âñ¸ ÷òî òàì ïðîèñõîäèò âûõîäèò çà âñå ðàìêè ìîðàëè...
Nr. 41769  Zaharov Anton  Russian Federation
Nr. 41768  Piter Krushka  Moldova  Republic OfI'm opposed to this action.
Nr. 41767  Jaclyn Greenbaum  Connecticut
Nr. 41766  Ð’италий МацибоÑ?ка  Ukraine За что Их!? Дельфинов за что!!! Я пÑ?осто в шоке. Как в наше вÑ?емя такое убийство может быть!? ЛÑ?ди что вы твоÑ?ите. Что вы пытаетесь доказать каму!?
Nr. 41765  Morozov Uri  Russian Federation
Nr. 41764  Valery Parnikova  Russian Federation
Nr. 41763  Johanna Holmes  United Kingdom This is one of the most disgusting and barbaric things i have ever seen and it must stop at once. How do those people sleep at night.
Nr. 41762  Jason Seniram  Moldova  Republic OfPlease stop this............
Nr. 41761  Katharina Schönfeld  Germany Stop doing this!! It's such a horriblebrutal and stupid thing!!!
Nr. 41760  Silvia Lippai  Slovenia Stop killing whales!
Nr. 41759  Tudor Cojocaru  Romania STOP this insanity!
Nr. 41758  Anastasia Samoylenko  Russian Federation STOP DOING THIS!!!!!! ((((((((((
Nr. 41757  Peter Milburn  United Kingdom What a thing to show there children to show just how much life is worth maybe we should make them eat what they kill
Nr. 41756  Aytalina Nikolaeva  Russian Federation Please stop it!Really at you is not present though a pity drop to them? I in a shock! It should not be admissible!!! Be a human!!!! KillersI hate you!! It is very owful!
Nr. 41755  Nutsa M.  Moldova  Republic Of
Nr. 41754  Anatolii Osipov  Russian Federation Çàïðåòèòü óáèéñòâî äåëüôèíîâ
Nr. 41753  Gea Huisman  Netherlands Te erg voor woorden
Nr. 41752  Efimov Gavril  Russian Federation
Nr. 41751  Sergey Matveev  Ukraine
Nr. 41750  Victor Kraev  Russian Federation
Nr. 41749  Habyrys Olesov  Russian Federation Stop to kill dolphins
Nr. 41748  Semionov Gavril  Russian Federation inhumanly...
Nr. 41747  Alex Mal  Russian Federation
Nr. 41746  Claude Robert  Canada
Nr. 41745  Stef Hol  Netherlands For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 41744  Fedor Rakhleev  Russian Federation
Nr. 41743  Ayaal Pavlov  Russian Federation Please replace the tradition on what that another. And that will kill all their sort which float in your seas.!!!
Nr. 41742  Alexey Bolotov  Russian Federation
Nr. 41741  Efimov Nikolai  Russian Federation End Whale & Dolphin Slaughter in the Faroe Islands!
Nr. 41740  Jenny Dooley  Australia
Nr. 41739  Dmitriy Boyarko  Russian Federation
Nr. 41737  Serghei Reabchiuk  Moldova  Republic OfIt is so beautiful creatures and the kill them bastards if I had a possibility I would do the same thing with this unhearted people. :angry: PLEASE STOP THE SLAUGHTER!!!
Nr. 41736  Tony Semenoff  Russian Federation Stop this Madness!!!
Nr. 41735  Angel Grekoff  California it's brutal and crazy. Stop it!!!
Nr. 41734  Albert Muysin  Russian Federation
Nr. 41733  Anatoliy Samayev  Russian Federation It's terrible !!!!!
Nr. 41732  Aleksey Kozhevnikov  Russian Federation I am shocked!
Nr. 41731  Danik Fedorov  Russian Federation STOP IT!!! STOP KILLING OUR FRIENDS!!!
Nr. 41730  Margaux Young  Canada
Nr. 41729  Fabien Broquard  France This is so barbaric... How do these people sleep at night knowing they kill whales and slaugther for no purpose at all! Addressed to the people who did this: what would you think if someone came to your family and did the same to you relatives killing them brutally for no reason at all? This is a disgrace Please stop it!
Nr. 41728  Mariya Polyakova  Ukraine
Nr. 41727  Alexander Antonov  Russian Federation
Nr. 41726  Diana Royal  Russian Federation How probably to be such malicious? Even animals do not kill for the sake of an entertainment. These people - are worse than wild animals!
Nr. 41725  Melissa Ware  Iowa What are we doing just because you can doesn't mean you should.
Nr. 41724  Mironov Dumitru  Moldova  Republic Of
Nr. 41723  Yana Ulman  Russian Federation
Nr. 41722  CROUZEVIALLE Franck  France
Nr. 41721  Olga Tetenova  Russian Federation
Nr. 41720  Ghelbet Masha  Moldova  Republic Of
Nr. 41719  Dmitry Bazuev  Russian Federation Ýòî ÷òî çà çâåðñòâà?
Nr. 41718  Marion J. Schildman  Oklahoma The slaughter of so many helpless whales is barbaric! Horrible!!! At that rate they are doing their part to make these beautiful creatures become extinct.
Nr. 41717  Paola Van der werf  Netherlands It is a big big shame
Nr. 41716  Sergey Safonov  Moldova  Republic Of
Nr. 41715  Kaizan Chooi Tan  Malaysia

Nr. 41714  Vitaliy Ivanov  Russian Federation Ýòî óáëþäî÷íàÿ òðàäèöèÿ. Ñóùåñòâåò ìíîæåñòâî äðóãèõ ñïîñîáîâ äîêàçàòü ñâî¸ ñîâåðøåííîëåòèå.
Nr. 41713  Anastacia Averkina  Russian Federation SAVE THE DOLPHINS AND WHALES!!! STOP THE CRUELTY!!!
Nr. 41712  Prohnitchi Stefan  Moldova  Republic Of
Nr. 41711  Edgar Polkin  Russian Federation I think nature will never forgive such mad things!
Nr. 41710  Vadim B.  Moldova  Republic OfIdiots!
Nr. 41709  Glenda Benner  United Kingdom I have just been forwarded pictures of the slaughter of hundreds of beautiful and harmless dolphins by the people of the Faroe Islands and was thoroughly shocked and sickened to think that a so-called civilised community could indulge in such activities. This horrific spectacle is witnessed by crowds of people so it is something the natives expect to see! Please please stop this inhuman practice immediately !!
Nr. 41708  Yana Agafonova  Russian Federation Stop it!!
Nr. 41707  Richie Tan  Philippines Poor creatures could not defend themselves. Such carnage is indespicable. Such irresponsible wastage. Why not kill themselves and have them bathe in their own bloodbath.. Very infuriating indeed. STOP THE KILLING!
Nr. 41706  Tatiana Tverdohleb  Ukraine It's terrible to see so cruel human's behavior!
Nr. 41705  Alexander Razuvaev  Russian Federation it so stupid i hate humans. our friends needed protect!
Nr. 41704  Marcel Bragari  Moldova  Republic Ofwe should protect nature she is the most valueble rassource we have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 41703  Filippo Scòzzari  Italy
Nr. 41702  Gasnas Inga  Moldova  Republic OfOh my God i can`t belive that exist such cruel people... Shame on you..
Nr. 41701  Andrian Moscovciuc  Moldova  Republic Of
Nr. 41700  Ciobanu Andrei  Monaco No please!
Nr. 41699  Cherdevara I  Moldova  Republic OfStop killing these dolphins !
Nr. 41698  Nastya Sidorova  Russian Federation Stop the dolphin and whale killing!!!
Nr. 41697  Vasiliy Aksyonov  Russian Federation
Nr. 41696  Alexander Elizarov  Russian Federation
Nr. 41695  Denis Bukas  Russian Federation pleasestop slaughter!!! we are humans!!!!!!
Nr. 41694  Denis Ustinov  Russian Federation
Nr. 41693  Theodor Botan  Moldova  Republic Of
Nr. 41692  Eugene Isjko  Latvia It a big problem !!! I hate this !
Nr. 41691  Carrie L.  Canada
Nr. 41690  Goia Fabian  Romania They not in Africa  they have enouh food
Nr. 41689  Anna Eltcova  Russian Federation
Nr. 41688  Vadim Skorobogatyy  Russian Federation
Nr. 41687  Raymond De Jonge  Netherlands How can people do such a brutal thing. Can't they imagine how painfull it must be for the whale or it's surviving calf? They must have a real cold hart......it starts freezing in my room when I think about it.
Nr. 41686  Constantin ?uiu  Moldova  Republic OfHey u killerdo you know that dolphins are one of the most brained animals..their allmost like us.You should be a dophin to be killed like that.....shame on you
Nr. 41685  Victor Terent'ev  Russian Federation
Nr. 41684  Samael Shwarz  Armenia Don't kill dolphinsplease!
Nr. 41683  Borcan Narcisa  Romania
Nr. 41682  Andrey Panchenko  Russian Federation
Nr. 41681  EME Anne-Laure  France
Nr. 41680  Silke Weber  Germany
Nr. 41679  Alexandr Kuznetsov  Kazakhstan MAKE THIS BASTARDS SUFFER
Nr. 41678  Alexeyev Michael  Russian Federation
Nr. 41677  Sally Tripp  New Zealand This is a barbaric practice. Please stop this event. Find something to do that is better for the planet than killing.
Nr. 41676  Arturs Indrikovs  United Kingdom i have nothing to say... i'm speechless... that's unforgivable.. please stop that.. please..
Nr. 41675  Vern Mukt  Russian Federation
Nr. 41674  Kim O'Brien  Canada Maybe we should do the same thing to the Faroese barbarians and see how they like it....they are an embarrasement to mankind
Nr. 41673  Claire Shepherd  Australia
Nr. 41672  Roman Cornelia  Moldova  Republic OfIt`s horrible! Those people are just mentally retarded ones! Dolphin have the right to live and no one has the power to take it!
Nr. 41671  Tina Rubin  California this is a barbaric and inhuman practice and should be outlawed by the international community. A segment about the killing of these whales in the Faroe Islands came on CNN and my 5 year old walked in and saw these whales being mutilated and it traumatized him. Please help stop the slaughter of these peaceful creatures.
Nr. 41670  S. P.  Russian Federation Stop it!
Nr. 41669  Jacob Nygren  Sweden
Nr. 41668  Arthur McKinley  Australia If this is civilized Denmark God help us if we are to see the uncivilized pictorial version. Where is Greenpeace to protest against this barbarity? Arthur McKinley Queensland Australia
Nr. 41667  Brenda Harvey  Australia I have just been forwarded pictures of the slaughter of hundreds of beautiful and harmless dolphins by the people of the Faroe Islands. This horrific spectacle is witnessed by crowds of people so it is something the natives expect to see! What is need is education to bring these "PRIMITIVE" people into the 21st Century or perhaps I am insulting primitive people. Please stop this inhuman practice immediately !!
Nr. 41666  Renee Deurloo-gasille  Netherlands Men never learn
Nr. 41665  Jane Veenstra  Netherlands
Nr. 41664  Gina Cogeasca  United Kingdom
Nr. 41663  Tyler Landes  Texas PLEASE.
Nr. 41662  Jackie McGuckin  Pennsylvania
Nr. 41661  Lieselotje Antonis  Belgium It's terrible what some people do to innocent creatures this is plain murder!
Nr. 41660  Elina Khannanova  Russian Federation
Nr. 41659  Anton Vasilachii  Georgia That is sick!
Nr. 41658  LECARDONNEL Fabienne  France Je suis horrifiée de voir les atrocités commises sur les animaux. L'homme ne mérite pas le qualificatif "d'être humain". Il tue pour le plaisir non pour survivre comme les animaux dans la nature.
Nr. 41657  Linda Steward  Ireland Any rightminded person can NEVER agree with this mass slaughter. An intelligent animal doing no harm to even the only 'animal' on this planet hell bent on wholescale distruction of their own environment and apparently anything of beauty sharing this wonderful World.
Nr. 41656  Golubtsova Anastasia  Russian Federation Stop the whale slaughter!
Nr. 41655  Svetlana Kotelkova  Russian Federation
Nr. 41654  Beatrice Popescu  Romania
Nr. 41653  Cristina FILIPOV  Moldova  Republic OfDolphin is one of the most beautiful and kind animal! save them! stop kill!
Nr. 41652  Natalie Soudets  Russian Federation Stop killing dolphins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 41651  Vyacheslav Trotsenko  Russian Federation
Nr. 41650  Pavlo Mohylevyts  Norway this is a stupid way to proove...
Nr. 41649  Igor Cozac  Moldova  Republic OfPlease stop killing these dolphins! Igorek
Nr. 41648  Samanta Feinberg  Italy
Nr. 41647  Alutza Cojocaru  Moldova  Republic Ofprea mult synge
Nr. 41646  Brunchi Andrei  Moldova  Republic Of
Nr. 41645  Ike Van rosendaal  Netherlands
Nr. 41644  Julia Kim  Russian Federation
Nr. 41643  Valeri Pypkin  Ukraine Pidarasu ix samix nado tak zamo4it' yblydkov
Nr. 41642  Tammy Smith  Iowa
Nr. 41641  Jim Wilcox  Virginia
Nr. 41640  Sunii Sunievitch  Russian Federation One should stop this cruelty!
Nr. 41639  Fija De With  Netherlands It is crazy to show your manhood this way. For me these are not real men.
Nr. 41638  Olga Montani  Italy For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 41637  Palamari Radu  Moldova  Republic Of
Nr. 41636  Luca Cuccurullo  Italy
Nr. 41635  Kirill Burmakov  Russian Federation ...dark ages...it's worst than holocoust!
Nr. 41634  Alexander Shevchenko  Russian Federation I am shocked to see these pictures! I ask to stop bloody slaughter of these fine creations of the nature
Nr. 41633  Bella Oganyan  Russian Federation It's cruel and awful people are really bastards. For God's sake in my country it's a crime.
Nr. 41632  Alexandra Alioshina  Russian Federation
Nr. 41631  Costea Coada  Moldova  Republic OfI never thought there are such "people".. this has to be stopped
Nr. 41630  Bahanova Daria  Russian Federation
Nr. 41629  Bilyalov Elvis  Ukraine
Nr. 41628  Michel Theys  Belgium Een traditie die mag stoppen!
Nr. 41627  Dorina Tîmbur  Moldova  Republic OfIt's absolutelly orrible!!!!!!!!! I'm sick..
Nr. 41626  Catheline Van bauwel  Belgium
Nr. 41625  Irma CHheidze  Russian Federation
Nr. 41624  Dmitry Stolyarov  Russian Federation be a human
Nr. 41623  Olga Ponomaryova  Russian Federation
Nr. 41621  Oleg Pavlovich  Russian Federation
Nr. 41620  Evita Hibšmane  Latvia
Nr. 41619  Katie jane Cardwell  United Kingdom
Nr. 41618  Visothkey Vladimir  Moldova  Republic OfStop this!
Nr. 41617  Anastacia Perepadya  Ukraine Humans are the most intelligent on the Earth. How can they murder these innocent animals?
Nr. 41616  Anne Gals  Philippines
Nr. 41615  Larisa Filippova  Russian Federation
Nr. 41614  Niculcea Alexandru  Moldova  Republic OfYou should take measures against these habits. Who are we as we take in life that way? Why Greanpeace not do anything? Why dolphins are not the same people? We humans or animals? STOP the massacre of these innocent animals!
Nr. 41613  Robyn Henderson  Australia Please stop this act IMMEDIATELY. Such an inhumane babaric and aggressive act against such beautiful trusting and helpless animals is horrific. I cried and cried when I saw it. It is even worse than the Japanese you are allowing such an act for no reason other than tradition based. You should be ashamed and worse still you should be subjected to such terror and agony yourself. Put yourself in this position. If you truly think about what you are doing I can't imagine you could continue to allow this to happen.
Nr. 41612  AnimalWarrior Martz  Indiana
Nr. 41611  Jennifer Jerram  Australia
Nr. 41610  Melissa Mahar  Australia
Nr. 41609  Bill Hakin  Australia This has got to stop...in no way can this barbaric slaughter be jsutified!
Nr. 41608  Heath Biggs  Australia
Nr. 41607  G M Higinbotham  Australia
Nr. 41606  Stacy McCullen  Missouri
Nr. 41605  Stanislav Troskin  Russian Federation It is terrible...I can't beliåve that it has occurred in 21 cetury
Nr. 41604  Agustina Beron  Argentina I can't believe this massacre! STOP!
Nr. 41603  Maria Mastroianni  Australia please end this disgusting ritual
Nr. 41602  Makarov Dmitriy  Russian Federation People - illness on an earth body... I hate them.
Nr. 41601  Mirjana Pretnar  Slovenia
Nr. 41600  Dmitriy Popravka  Ukraine stop killing!!!
Nr. 41599  Olga Sokolenko  Estonia
Nr. 41598  Dolores Proubasta  Texas Why does a civilized nation engage in such savagery? Are the actions of a minority of bloodthirsty islanders worth compromising the image of a vast majority of Danes? I will not buy any products or services from Denmark nor visit the country and encourage others to do likewise as long as the Faroese continue the slaughter of dolphins and whales. It's outrageous!
Nr. 41597  Iuliia Proskurina  Ukraine it makes me mad! stop this useless cruelty!
Nr. 41596  Yulia Buchatskaya  Germany For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 41595  Anna Levkovskaya  Russian Federation STOP MURDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 41594  Alina Semenova  Ukraine
Nr. 41593  Daria Pushkareva  Russian Federation
Nr. 41592  Fiorella Aprosio Macchi  Italy Facciamo finire questa vergognosa ed inutile carneficina 1 volta x tutte !!!
Nr. 41591  Ochievschi Dima  Moldova  Republic Of
Nr. 41590  Rita Moya McWilliam  Australia
Nr. 41589  Snezhana Robinson  Belarus Stop terror!!!
Nr. 41588  Alexander Menshikov  Moldova  Republic OfSTOP IT! ONOTOLE WILL KILL YOU!
Nr. 41587  Alexander Chusov  Russian Federation =(
Nr. 41586  Gromova Yana  Russian Federation
Nr. 41585  Alexandra Shakirova  Russian Federation /
Nr. 41584  Daria M.  Russian Federation
Nr. 41583  Alexandra R.  Russian Federation
Nr. 41582  Leonid Rashkovsky  Israel This is disgusting behavior. Killing just for fun is immoral. As a progressive and civilized country as Denmark is you (people of Denmark) should be ashamed of yourself and you government for allowing stuff like that to happen.
Nr. 41581  Irina Dankova  Russian Federation
Nr. 41580  Diana Solomindki  Israel Stop this!!!
Nr. 41579  Irina Gornak  Russian Federation
Nr. 41578  Daniela Brzobohata  Austria
Nr. 41577  Oprea Lucia  Moldova  Republic Ofuu suck u should be kill like that
Nr. 41576  Stanka Merzel  Slovenia Just look at your work !!! The world would be kinder without heartless killers that's what you are and be ashamed !!!
Nr. 41575  Geffroy Huiskens  Netherlands I recent the 'en masse' killing. the animals experience their dead and "being killed" fellow species while awaiting their own kill. That is in my point of view the most horrible fact.
Nr. 41574  Oanea Cristian  Romania com poti sa inrosesti o mare intreaga cu sangele nevinovat al unor...balene nenorocitilor!!!
Nr. 41573  Olga Pegova  Russian Federation In our century of high technology and progress  this situation is unnormal and real awful. Stop killing!
Nr. 41572  Artem Mandryka  Ukraine  öèâèëèçîâàííîì îáùåñòâå ïîäîáíîå íåäîïóñòèìî. Åâðîïà ÿâëÿåòñÿ äëÿ ìåíÿ ñèìâîëîì äåìîêðàòèè è êóëüòóðû è ÷òî ýòîò ñèìâîë ïîêàçûâàåò???
Nr. 41571  Alan Low  Singapore STOP the killing!!! You are killing own mankind by changing the whole ECO system.
Nr. 41570  Gavril Andrei  Romania

Nr. 41569  Maria Kobylyanskaya  Russian Federation
Nr. 41568  Myo Van de Kerkhof -Felipa  Netherlands This must be stop!!!
Nr. 41567  Yelena Kusnetsova  Ukraine Stop it please. Be the human...
Nr. 41566  Alexandr Doc  Latvia Ñöóêå Âàñ áû òàê áîãîðèêîì...
Nr. 41565  Mikchailova Liudmila  Russian Federation
Nr. 41564  Irina Peshnova  Russian Federation
Nr. 41563  Cindy Koumans  Netherlands All economical and social bonds with Denemarken and these islands should be cut off untill they fully stop hunting whales dolphins and other sea mammals!!
Nr. 41562  Anna Pricskaja  Germany
Nr. 41561  Gregory Bilinkis  Russian Federation
Nr. 41560  Salim U. Bangladesh  Papua New Guinea Urlum kyrdyk! Jekuyinghaf esh kerger eshme!!!
Nr. 41559  Cristina Ciacchella  Italy Meritate di fare la stessa fine!!!!!
Nr. 41558  Georgy Urushadze  Russian Federation
Nr. 41557  Irina Ahmedhadzajeva  United Kingdom God's creatures dying because of our greediness.Let's stop useless killing and protect them altogether!
Nr. 41556  Yershova Maria  Russian Federation I feel shocked of thier behaviour:(
Nr. 41555  Sh Y  Iran  Islamic Republic Ofdo not slaughter whale &dophin.
Nr. 41554  Julie-Marie Skinner  United Kingdom Pointless barbaric slaughter of gentle creatures
Nr. 41553  Elena Meshkova  Russian Federation
Nr. 41552  Sabina Gasanova  Russian Federation
Nr. 41551  Jelena Kopilova  Latvia
Nr. 41550  Sofia Korablyova  Russian Federation
Nr. 41549  Sergei Yuryshev  Russian Federation I feel a shock
Nr. 41548  Alex Az  Russian Federation This murder with inhuman cruelty
Nr. 41547  Yurova Darya  Russian Federation Shock!!! no comments...
Nr. 41546  Rebecca Van amersfort  Netherlands this is terrible that this till happens these days! this has to stop!
Nr. 41545  Sergey Bogatyrev  Russian Federation I could not believe that such a disgrace takes place in Danmark!!!
Nr. 41544  Zhansultan Orazgaliev  Kazakhstan YA PROTIV!!!
Nr. 41543  Spiridon Liviu  Romania Please stop this "party"!!!
Nr. 41542  Podshibyakin Andrey  Russian Federation For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 41541  Wyleen Clark  Texas This has got to stop.. I cant believe a country would let this go on and then to let their children know it is okay to do ...
Nr. 41540  Anita Tang  Canada Don't kill what you can't eat.
Nr. 41539  Oksana Shcherbakova  Russian Federation I against murder of dolphins!!! It is monstrous!!!
Nr. 41538  Vladimir Kovalenko  Ukraine In today's world modern Europe modern country - such barbarism? This is more than abnormal people. I am astonished!
Nr. 41537  Åëåíà Ôèëþøèíà  Russian Federation
Nr. 41536  Robak Julien  France
Nr. 41535  Anton Radchenko  Russian Federation À áîëåå ÷åëîâå÷åñêîãî ñïîñîáà íåò? Èïàíàòû!
Nr. 41534  Pugachev Denis  Russian Federation Who if we dont? When if not now?
Nr. 41533  LAHCEN ESTELLE  France Humans are horrible and animals are innocents Our planet is dying under our eyes
Nr. 41532  Linda B  Hungary
Nr. 41531  Victor Chernov  Russian Federation
Nr. 41530  Ildiko David  Hungary Stop!
Nr. 41529  Balas Cristina  Romania Imaginile m-au socat....a fost macel acolo...
Nr. 41528  Victoria Zabarsky  Israel
Nr. 41527  Daniil Khoroshko  Russian Federation The gift of life is given by the Most High and He's the only who can take it back..
Nr. 41526  Hicham Ghalbane  Netherlands The barbaric vikings from Denmark still live. No respect.
Nr. 41525  Alexander Nerezenko  Russian Federation Lets stop killers
Nr. 41524  Yara ...  Russian Federation STOP STOP STOP
Nr. 41523  Toporov Yury  Russian Federation Do not kill another civilisation!!!
Nr. 41522  Alice Vieira  Brazil ridiculus!
Nr. 41521  Anna Severinova  Russian Federation The whole story and pictures are horrible... People who are responsible for this regular murder should be punished by the law. What a wildness and inhumanity!
Nr. 41520  Bob Windsor  United Kingdom Words fail me that a supposed civilised society continue to slaughter whales in such a barbaric way
Nr. 41519  Russell Schwerdt  Australia Will it be too late before people wake up to this unesesary slaughter and more precious species are made extinct.
Nr. 41518  Maria Donchenko  Russian Federation
Nr. 41517  NIcu Istrate  Moldova  Republic Of
Nr. 41516  Erika Ocsenás  Hungary
Nr. 41515  Savely Hmelnitski  Israel This is hell.
Nr. 41514  Andy Uncu  Moldova  Republic OfDEBILI PLEA!
Nr. 41513  Jessica Åström  Sweden Absolutly awful!! I despite this behavior!!
Nr. 41512  Elena Komnatskaya  Russian Federation
Nr. 41511  Dmitri Buloitsik  Estonia It's rather sad and terribly to know that such weird action is being in tradition somewhere.
Nr. 41510  Veronika Suba  Hungary
Nr. 41509  Il`ina Elena  Russian Federation
Nr. 41508  Johanna Kuuramaa  Finland
Nr. 41507  Magdi Daróczi  Hungary
Nr. 41505  Robert Bulanov  Russian Federation Íåëþäè!
Nr. 41504  Csaba Juhasz  Hungary This is lurid....
Nr. 41503  Ivan Ivanov  Russian Federation
Nr. 41502  Yana Krylova  Russian Federation Stop the cruelty!
Nr. 41501  Markovchina Oksana  Russian Federation
Nr. 41500  Safronova Dasha  Russian Federation
Nr. 41499  Asel Suleeva  Russian Federation
Nr. 41498  Mikhail Klimanov  Russian Federation For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 41497  Äìèòðèé Óøàêîâ  Russian Federation
Nr. 41496  Kseni Romanova  Russian Federation Please stop it!
Nr. 41495  George Blagoveshensky  Russian Federation
Nr. 41494  Lucie Brown  Kentucky
Nr. 41493  Shitikova Jane  Russian Federation
Nr. 41492  Sjoukje Hiemstra  Netherlands
Nr. 41491  Chertov Maxim  Russian Federation stop killing dolphins!!! I want drop nuclear bomb on Faroe Islands!!!
Nr. 41490  Natalia Zakharova  Russian Federation
Nr. 41489  Lana Geidane  Latvia
Nr. 41488  G Voerman  Netherlands we respect your culture does your culture respect others?
Nr. 41487  Asya Lebedeva  Russian Federation A Murder for a Murder ! Death for Death !
Nr. 41486  Òàòèàíà Õðóñòàëåâà  Russian Federation
Nr. 41485  Megan Blyth  United Kingdom
Nr. 41484  Dasha Di  Russian Federation Stop it
Nr. 41483  Irene De Jong  Netherlands The people of the Faroe Islands should be ashamed of themselves. Irene
Nr. 41482  Niki Baglivo  Pennsylvania
Nr. 41481  Nadejda Murzina  Russian Federation
Nr. 41480  Helen Iljina  Russian Federation Stop these murders!!!
Nr. 41479  Melanie Twigs  Russian Federation i hate these people stop it immediately!
Nr. 41478  Viktorija Ahmedhadzajeva  United Kingdom
Nr. 41477  Zsolt Domokos  Hungary
Nr. 41476  Mike Rogoff  Russian Federation How dare they in 21st century treat innocent animals like that?! This is a TERRIBLE CRIME against morality. They will burn in hell for that.
Nr. 41475  Axelle Lahcen  France Man is the most intelligent creature on Earth....???!!??!?
Nr. 41474  Chris Potter  California This killing is not business this is not survival this is mass murder. In-human and outrageous acts of violence.
Nr. 41473  Mara Oana  Romania
Nr. 41472  LAHCEN Jean-Louis  France au diable les ordures qui font de l'argent avec la mort
Nr. 41471  Kolar Congor  Hungary If they children want to kill send them in Iraq. The dolphines don't shoot back.
Nr. 41470  Inna Postnikova  Russian Federation
Nr. 41469  Anna Lukovkina  Russian Federation
Nr. 41468  Tavernier Thibault  France Scary !
Nr. 41467  Zubin Davierwalla  India STOP IT DENMARK....THE WORLD IS OUTRAGED !
Nr. 41466  Tim Bayliss  United Kingdom upholding tradition is key in most walks of life however when tradition relys upon the indescriminate slaughter of another creature for no gain in either health well being or even profit then the people must stop look and re-think their actions.
Nr. 41465  Parel Voerman  Netherlands
Nr. 41464  Alejandro Perez rulfo torres  Mexico
Nr. 41463  Marina Alex  Russian Federation why don t they try to kill sharps with their knifes for stupped initiation? jist a few ceremonys - & there s no more bloody Faroeans
Nr. 41462  Adrian Orasan  Romania They are really crazy !!!
Nr. 41461  Sara Olsson  Sweden I hate what you are doing!! Its so cruel I cant even understand HOW you can let this continue?! Shape up!! We're living in the year 2008 and this is the year when we start respecting the world around us!! COME ON!! This is not ok! Make a change!!
Nr. 41460  Dmitry Sidorov  Russian Federation Stop kill the whales!
Nr. 41459  Tatyana Kargina  Russian Federation we all one in this world in this universe. killing and hurting any creature we kill and hurt ourselves. and this creature tears and pain return to us it's the law of the universe. i believe every person will awake one day. let's awake today the earlier the better and help to awake to others - for their happiness and for happiness of all of us. change your life in very little details - more and more every day. and one day other people will follow you. don't speak a lot - just act. begin today
Nr. 41458  Elizabeth DePre  Pennsylvania
Nr. 41457  Ervin Katona  Hungary
Nr. 41456  Anne Hill  Virgin Islands  U.s.
Nr. 41455  Anna Palamarchouk  Russian Federation
Nr. 41454  Victoria Horvath  Hungary
Nr. 41453  Ëþäìèëà Ñàìîðîêîâñêàÿ  Russian Federation Ëþäåé î÷åíü ìíîãî è íå ñòîèò óáèâàòü òàêîå êîëè÷åñòâî æèâîòíûõ èç-çà ýòîãî. Ïóñòü ëó÷øå èãðàþò â ôóòáîë.
Nr. 41452  Marjolein Van den Hombergh  Netherlands STOP ThEse Barbarians!
Nr. 41451  Viktoria Nakelska  Sweden Just Horrible! Should never be legal!
Nr. 41450  Stanislav Fedorovich  Russian Federation ÿ âîîáùå â øîêåêàê òàêîå âîçìîæíî=)íà ÷òî ñìîòðÿò âëàñòè Äàíèè????????ýòî ïðîñòî ñóìàøåñòâèå)))))çà òàêîå íàäî ñàæàòü â òþðüìó!!!!!!!!!!!!!ïóñêàé ðåæóò ñâîèõ ðîäíûõòîæå ìíå êðóòûå))))æèâîòíûõ áåççàùèòíûõ òàê èñòðåáëÿòü!!!!!!!!!!ïèçäåö âàì!!!
Nr. 41449  Anton Serikov  California No animal should suffer.
Nr. 41448  Daria Nakelska  Sweden This is not humans its just a low cast of living monsters. No living creature should suffer the way they suffer!
Nr. 41447  Alexandr Pochtarkin  Russian Federation
Nr. 41446  Jan Weiss  California
Nr. 41445  Alex Samoylov  Russian Federation It's very terible stop this!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 41444  Vanda Seitz  Slovenia
Nr. 41443  Andrew Sverkunov  Russian Federation For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 41442  Kozlova Julia  Russian Federation
Nr. 41441  Julia Odi  Russian Federation ... kill me then kill its
Nr. 41440  Wagner Truppel  Denmark
Nr. 41439  Svetlana Mancina  Russian Federation
Nr. 41438  Charlotte Lefevre  France
Nr. 41437  Andrey Naumov  New Jersey
Nr. 41436  Rose Ward  Australia How disgusting and barbaric. Unbelievable that children celebrate this vile event
Nr. 41435  Petrusinskaya Nataly  Russian Federation
Nr. 41434  Kovkhaeva Maria  Russian Federation
Nr. 41433  Matros Matros  Russian Federation Stop the madness!!!
Nr. 41432  Laila Rizk  Egypt in order to increase your influence when you call upon people and nations to protect rights you should start with yourself. this isa shame to your cuontry people and th entire european continent. please stop these massacres.. there's enough bloo shed each day! thank you in advance
Nr. 41431  Fraiman amit Adi  Israel i never thought i would see something like this comming out of denmarkthis is pure evil!  there is no excuse for these acts!no matter what these people tell themselves
Nr. 41430  Ordean Gratiana  Romania
Nr. 41428  Oleg Tikhonov  Russian Federation Fuckin' idiotz
Nr. 41427  Alexander Zheglov  Russian Federation
Nr. 41426  Palaghia Oana  Romania
Nr. 41425  Kathryn Taylor  United Kingdom There is no justification for this slaughter. It must stop.
Nr. 41424  Pacurar Georgiana  Romania we can't name 'human being' those who kill animals
Nr. 41423  Pandea-Antonescu Mihaela-Irina  Romania We don`t have Whales in Roumania but we have harts... and dreems for ours childrens living in a rich word without animals mammals trees how can we live?
Nr. 41422  Svitlana Mukharowska  Ukraine
Nr. 41421  Lecardonnel Elisabeth  France je suis révoltée de ces massacres et comment l'homme traite les autres habitants de cette planète
Nr. 41420  Elyon De Luna  Ukraine For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 41419  Irina Yarohina  Kazakhstan
Nr. 41418  Trushnikov Andrey  Russian Federation
Nr. 41417  Elizaveta Bayazitova  Russian Federation
Nr. 41416  Dorien Van Beusekom  Netherlands
Nr. 41415  Nick De Sylva  United Kingdom What a disgrace. A complete let down. The real maturity comes with not commiting such disgusting acts. It rests on their minds for the rest of their lives. Bastards
Nr. 41414  Amanda Bell  United Kingdom I thought this was banned!!!! Someone want to club the people to death instead of harmless creatures!!!!
Nr. 41413  Christel Rosenberg  Sweden This does really NOT give a good impression of the Farooe Islands! There are ALOT of people out here in the worl who care about ALL living beings who will think badly of the Faroe Islands for now and forevere on probably. Is this REALLY necessary is the question I would pose myself!!
Nr. 41412  Tatyana Gulyaeva  Russian Federation
Nr. 41411  Ricardo Fernandes  Portugal
Nr. 41410  Linda Dekker  Netherlands
Nr. 41409  Valery Vdovenko  Russian Federation

Nr. 41408  Corrine Todd  United Kingdom Why is this still being allowed in the 21st century?!!!!! end it now it is evil and barbaric. STOP IT NOW
Nr. 41407  Alexey Leontovich  Russian Federation
Nr. 41406  Majid Ebrahimian  Netherlands Please help stopping the slaughter on these wonderfull creatures. These creatures are very sensitive and social. Just look at the extraordinary experiences that people have had with them. The smile they can put on a child's face. Just swiming once with them changes your live.
Nr. 41405  Tracie Greenaway  United Kingdom
Nr. 41404  Jos Fabri  Netherlands Please listen to your hart
Nr. 41403  ROGER COMLEY  United Kingdom
Nr. 41402  Yvonne Van Ophem-de Rijk  Netherlands please don't hurt those fantastic animals they are wonderful creatures.
Nr. 41401  William Withers  United Kingdom
Nr. 41400  Yavor Kirov  Bulgaria Kick a punch bag to exhaustion instead of killing animals without necessity!
Nr. 41399  Gervase Winn  United Kingdom I cannot understand why in this age this practice is still carried out when little meat from the whale is ever used. It is outrageous!
Nr. 41398  ANN SHCHERBAKOV  Russian Federation
Nr. 41397  David Bailey  United Kingdom
Nr. 41396  Linda Bailey  United Kingdom Words escape me...
Nr. 41395  A Jagersma  Netherlands People hunting animals for food is ok but not in this manner and not in our western world where there is enough food and other ways to supply people's need for food. This slaughter for pleasure only because it is a tradition is discusting it should be forbidden right a way!
Nr. 41394  Robert Hilders  Netherlands silence prevails
Nr. 41393  Kristina Nechitaylenko  Russian Federation
Nr. 41392  Irina Lulf  Florida Murderers! Can not believe this is really happening.
Nr. 41391  Mazdak Afshari  Sweden It's almost unbelievable! It seems the human blodthirst has no end!
Nr. 41390  Sarai Van de boel  Netherlands Think! New times. Animals are starving. People are spoiling nature.
Nr. 41389  Lidia Krinova  Russian Federation World went crazy!
Nr. 41388  Monica Thun  Sweden I´m ashamed and feel very very sad.....
Nr. 41387  Catherine Deriglazova  Russian Federation ITs cruel!
Nr. 41386  Malcolm Murugan S.  Singapore Dear Mr Prime Minister this is needless unnecessary and cruel killing of innocent creations of the God Almighty!
Nr. 41385  Arseny Dmitrievich  Kazakhstan
Nr. 41384  Elena Steinberg  Russian Federation i just can't believe in what i've read...that's just beyond my brain
Nr. 41383  Daniel Ho  Singapore Please stop killing them! I cannot believe children are given holiday to see how those whales are killed. Aren't they supposed to be educated to protect these marine lives? And I do not think it is fun at all to see such cruel massacre. Daniel
Nr. 41382  Krot Vadim  Russian Federation
Nr. 41381  Ghazal T  Canada
Nr. 41380  Jemma Hicks  Australia Please stop this unncecessary barabarism. This is a pointless disgusting exercise. What a shamefull thing.
Nr. 41379  Paul Andrews  Canada
Nr. 41378  Eric Lim  Singapore
Nr. 41377  Andrey Yakunin  Kazakhstan Stop it!
Nr. 41376  Peter Ravine  Australia Whale and dolphin slaughter is abhorrent
Nr. 41375  Tsoy Irina  Russian Federation
Nr. 41374  Virginia McKelvey  Colorado
Nr. 41373  L Daniels  United Kingdom End Whale & Dolphin Slaughter in the Faroe Islands.
Nr. 41372  Gheorghe Raducan  Romania WE ARE IN XXI CENTURY
Nr. 41371  Elena Danilenko  Russian Federation So this is civilizaition the modern world? I am shocked to see these pictures! Please stop the whale-hunt!
Nr. 41370  Sabrina Van Bemmelen  Netherlands
Nr. 41369  Nina Granberg  Sweden
Nr. 41368  Neto José Reinoso  Ecuador Por Dios qué gente cabeza hueca!!!
Nr. 41367  Julie Bristow  United Kingdom Totally barbarric.... how can this still be allowed!!!
Nr. 41366  Sergey Votyakov  Russian Federation
Nr. 41365  Cosma Alina  Romania the human from feroe should be kill the same way !!!!!! this must be stopped !!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 41364  Michelle G  Romania they should receive same treatement... murderers :(
Nr. 41363  Elif Ozsezen  New York why? plain and simple...
Nr. 41362  Marius Onica  Romania
Nr. 41361  Lala Ili  Estonia
Nr. 41360  Igor Klepikov  Russian Federation
Nr. 41359  Vladimir Kiselev  Russian Federation It is awful that in such advanced country such massacre are created. These fleecers need to be judged on all severity of the law. It is necessary to cancel this custom as soon as possible.
Nr. 41358  IRIS GARCIA  Spain
Nr. 41357  Grigoryi Sergin  Russian Federation Oh no!
Nr. 41356  Prathamesh Shenoy  India
Nr. 41355  Sylvia Wijsman  Netherlands
Nr. 41354  Daria Zakharova  Russian Federation
Nr. 41353  Gelske Van Beusekom  Netherlands For a modern western nation and given the fact that the oceans are overfished this is an unnessecary and cruel act!
Nr. 41352  Ñåðãåé Áåëîóñîâ  Russian Federation Let's not allow to kill dolphins!!
Nr. 41351  Cindy Stevenson  United Kingdom
Nr. 41350  Sarah Houston  United Kingdom Im really realy upset and gutted by the going on's on that island. How can human beings be so cruel to those beautiful animals!! I am very against animal cruelty and i belive that the sick people who do this should be serverly punished.
Nr. 41349  Julie Hand  Australia How is it that these people can teach their children to be murderers? This practice is barbaric and their Government officials should be locked up. Julie Hand
Nr. 41348  Alexey Butko  Russian Federation ANIMALS !!!
Nr. 41347  FREDDY ERUCH MISTRY  India Pl make earth a better place to stay for all leaving beings
Nr. 41346  Femke Kwak  Netherlands
Nr. 41345  Darren Ma  South Africa how can such a civilized country commit such savage acts of cruelty.
Nr. 41344  Laszlo Budavári  Hungary
Nr. 41343  Nora Kristjuhan  Estonia i am against whale and dolphin killing!
Nr. 41342  Cornelia Wiegleb  Germany
Nr. 41341  Damian Cooney  United Kingdom I was shocked and dissapointed to find that Denmark is involved in outdated and crual practicies like this slaughter of whales/dolphins. My opinion of Denmark has changed for ever and I will never now travel there or buy any of Denmarks produce. D Cooney
Nr. 41340
Nr. 41339  Katerina Ivanova  Ukraine
Nr. 41338  C Carling  United Kingdom
Nr. 41337  Evelina Dolgopolova  Sweden
Nr. 41336  Elizabeth Haney  United Kingdom The fact that children are allowed to stand and watch this sickens me. If I were to show these pictures to my children they would have nightmares for months afterwards. If the shoe was on the other foot maybe they would think twice about such sport. May God forgive them and enter their lives.
Nr. 41335  Pavel Kudjashev  Russian Federation ýòî íå ëþäè äàæå íå æèâîòíûå ïîòîìó ÷òî æèâîòíûå íè÷åãî ïîäîáíîãî íå äåëàþò
Nr. 41334  Jodie Hellingman  Australia this is the most horrific and disturbing unintelligent procedure i have ever seen in my life this needs to stop and i want to be a huge part in helping to end it! they are inhumane and disturbing people.
Nr. 41333  Tracy McCabe  Australia i feel so disgusted and sad to see that this barbaric and cruel act is allowed to continue it is heartless and pointless and disturbing that humans in this day and age would find any joy in carrying out such painful cruelty to innocent and harmless and beautiful trusting creatures! we need to do everything we can to stop this NOW
Nr. 41332  Sean Baker  United Kingdom
Nr. 41331  J Eradus  Netherlands Bizar ...............stop them
Nr. 41330  Samantha Neale  Australia
Nr. 41329  Blake Van Hoy  Tennessee Killing when you don't need the food is strictly a european "civilized" culture tradition Japanese tradition and wild cats hunt for "fun". Native americans and eskimos only hunt for food. Or at least use the food. To waste a living natural resource and butcher it is a waste and should be criminal. I hold the Japanese in great loathing for their whale slaughter and lack of control to change their culture when they don't need the food. Now i guess you guys are in the same boat. I used to hunt deer rabbit racoons etc. BUT I ATE THE MEAT. When I no longer needed the sustenance I quit hunting and watch the animals instead. When there are no animals to watch enjoy the very peaceful  sterile waters.
Nr. 41328  HUGH PARKINSON  Australia
Nr. 41327  Allexander Fetisov  Russian Federation For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 41326  Oleg Kasatkin  Russian Federation
Nr. 41325  Carol Watson  United Kingdom Do Governments still allow this to go aheaed in this day & age!! It's abominable!
Nr. 41324  Olga Novikova  Russian Federation Why dolphins???? Are they fierce??? There are so defenceless animals...
Nr. 41323  Makarov Mikhail  Russian Federation
Nr. 41322  Alina Ungureanu  Romania Even the animals are more human than us... we have so many examples! for so many reasons i am not proud for my species. till it is not too late STOP this !
Nr. 41321  Gabriela Georgiana  Romania
Nr. 41320  Aleksandr Shishkin  Russian Federation It is brutal! Stop these unnecessary murders!
Nr. 41319  Derevnina Inna  Russian Federation Please stop the cluelty!
Nr. 41318  Yevgenia Ivanova  Russian Federation
Nr. 41317  Andrey Oreshenkov  Virginia Please stop this terrible violence over our nature. Think about your relatives and friends instead whales and dolphins. Will you kill your frineds your kids or your parents?????
Nr. 41316  Evelina Gevorkyan  Russian Federation
Nr. 41315  Glebova Alexandra  Russian Federation stop this violence please
Nr. 41314  Helga Markova  Russian Federation
Nr. 41313  Marisa Giorgio  Canada
Nr. 41312  Anastasija Baikova  Estonia stop it plz...
Nr. 41311  Alina Sokolova  Russian Federation We should stop this wild custom!!
Nr. 41310  Melanie wilken Netherlands  Netherlands stop!!!!!!
Nr. 41309  Bec Williamson  Australia
Nr. 41308  Alina Gadzhieva  Russian Federation Jesus Christ what incredible and pointless and inhumane butchery. Please make it stop.
Nr. 41307  Patrick Kleerofski  Russian Federation Stop the bloodbath!!
Nr. 41306  Zhdanov Nikolay  Russian Federation
Nr. 41305  Hanna Karlsson  Sweden People suck sometimes =/
Nr. 41304  Lia Konings  Netherlands it's cruel to kill an animal only for the purpose of killing it
Nr. 41303  Robert Smith  United Kingdom How do these people sleep at night?
Nr. 41302  John Kirk  United Kingdom This is disgraceful and barbaric. Political pressure should be brought on the governments of Denmark and the Faroe Islands to get it stopped.
Nr. 41301  Drozdov Michail  Russian Federation It not people. They are malicious and severe creatures. Here their children so killed. I would admire them.
Nr. 41300  Troznai Denes-Csaba  Romania The XXI Century must change many things. FIRST of all STOP the ENVIRONMENT KILLERS .
Nr. 41299  Mikheeva Anastasiya  Ukraine Godless...
Nr. 41298  Lena Sklyar  Russian Federation
Nr. 41297  Karmen Vrhovnik  Slovenia
Nr. 41296  Jen Sei  Maryland
Nr. 41295  Morgachev Batyr Igorevich  Russian Federation
Nr. 41294  Katarzyna Ciwilska  Russian Federation Ïðåêðàòèòü æåñòîêîñòü
Nr. 41293  Tatyana Nikitina  Russian Federation
Nr. 41292  Trish McPhee  Australia Be kind human beings.
Nr. 41291  MARYAM MOHAMMADI  Iran  Islamic Republic Of
Nr. 41290  Waneukem Corine  Belgium
Nr. 41289  Munteanu Maria  Romania stop this madness
Nr. 41288  Martin Huizinga  Netherlands And we tell japan to stop walling.we first have to look to our selfs
Nr. 41287  Kanishev Andrey  Russian Federation Urody
Nr. 41286  A Hondius  Netherlands
Nr. 41285  K McE  Australia into adult hood these are not adults they are barbarians!
Nr. 41284  Pavlova Sasha  Russian Federation
Nr. 41283  Andrei Isupov  Russian Federation
Nr. 41282  Alex Moy  Spain
Nr. 41281  Tom Kloosterman  Netherlands Stop this nonsense! It's totaly useless to slaughter these whales/dolphines. How would you like it if we reverse it?
Nr. 41280  Olga Makhatkova  Russian Federation
Nr. 41279  Sergio Kotovich  Russian Federation ITWT
Nr. 41278  Angela Morris  United Kingdom This would not be so atrocious if the meat was actually consumed and the animals were "hunted" in a fashion where they stood a chance of escape as is the custom with the native inhabitants of Alaska up at the Arctic circle.
Nr. 41277  Maxim Valuyev  Russian Federation
Nr. 41276  Mary Shaw  United Kingdom Stop the slaughter stop the pollution we need a green and pleasant world
Nr. 41275  Karen Bennell  Australia it is all too easy to ignore such a tragic event when it is so far away but if this were a scene at my local beach you can bet that every single person within a 200km radius would head for that beach to stop it. No one would stand by and let this happen here in Australia. Let our voices join in number where our physical presence can not and lets stop this forever.
Nr. 41274  Dries Van Herrewegen  Belgium
Nr. 41273  Lisalee Lee  Australia
Nr. 41272  Joanne Barnes  United Kingdom
Nr. 41271  Chara Zovadelli  Italy
Nr. 41270  Bettina King  Australia I can't believe how disgusting human beings can be this has to be one of the worst crimes!!
Nr. 41269  Alli Holmes  Australia All beings have the right to exist in this world without being slaughtered!!! What are they doing in Denmark and what are we going to do about it now???
Nr. 41268  Matt Bennell  Australia This would have to be up there with my "top 10 things I would change in the world" wish - man I hope I get that wish soon
Nr. 41267  RAENA REDDY  India
Nr. 41266  Andrei Demshin  Russian Federation Ýòî ÷óäîâèùíî! Ìû âñå - äåòè ïðèðîäû! Îõðàíÿòü å¸ - ýòî íàøà îñíîâíàÿ çàäà÷à!
Nr. 41265  Jeremy Weeks  Canada Dear Sir I know our Country is condemend for the seal hunt however there seems no need for this senseless slaughter for what looks like emerely ntertainment! Please do what you can to stop this at once. Respectfully Jeremy Weeks
Nr. 41264  Sergey Davletshin  Russian Federation
Nr. 41263  Akbar Simonse  Netherlands DENMARK SHOULD BE ASHAMED!!!!
Nr. 41262  Valerie Travis  Russian Federation
Nr. 41261  Peijun Bao  Australia Please!!! Stop that do you want your children to see this bloodbath? How would they think?
Nr. 41260  Jarkko Lepistö  Finland
Nr. 41259  Desiree Salas  New York

Nr. 41258  Andy Ferrara  Italy
Nr. 41257  Thomas Kristan  Canada
Nr. 41256  Stas Myachikov  Belarus Dont kill...
Nr. 41255  Robyn Barnes  North Carolina
Nr. 41254  Leo Vogelenzang  Netherlands The Føroyar Islands are very beautiful and her people are very friendly. I visited your country several times on my way to Iceland with your great ferry The Norröna from the Smirill Line. I’m even collecting the stamps of Føroyar and Iceland. Not because I’m a philatelist (I’m not) but because I like both countries so much. I spite of all this I have a very big problem with your terrible tradition of slaughtering pilot whales and other small whales. I think you do know – otherwise you should know – that whales are very intelligent friendly and social living animals. It’s a very big shame that you are still continuing with this archaistic primitive uncivilized useless and cruel practice. And don’t say now that hunting whales is an old and valuable tradition because we don’t live in the middle ages anymore and with the evolution of mankind we should sublimate our primitive instincts by admiring and protecting and not murdering these wonderful animals. Leo Vogelenzang biologist and nature photographer.
Nr. 41253  Erica Herron  Wisconsin Though some may view this "tradition" as a cultural practice and to prohibit it is to deny one's right to their beliefs i must ask how can we defy the rights of nature? We form legislation on behalf of unborn babies and innocent children vulnerable to exploitation of adults yet sit idle at the attempts of HUMANITY to destroy the harmony and balance that nature provides to all living things on earth and earth itself! How do we protect one over the other? How do we defend the vulnerability of one species over another who is just as innocent and helpless? It is time the world understands that we are all interconnected beings -- NATURE itself when we unjustly kill an animal we are killing ourselves.
Nr. 41252  Scott Hill  Canada
Nr. 41251  Wendy Robertson  Australia If hunting foxs with hounds has been banned in the UK because it is cruel then what does that make this mass slaughter.
Nr. 41250  Julia Bogdan  Russian Federation I am shocked! Stop it!
Nr. 41249  Chris M  Russian Federation
Nr. 41248  Ïîðîõíèíà Íàäåæäà  Russian Federation
Nr. 41247  Michael Majorov  Russian Federation Lord himself would blush!
Nr. 41246  Viktor Krylov  Russian Federation I vote against this slaughter
Nr. 41245  Rebecca Chamley  United Kingdom
Nr. 41244  Lauren Blair  New York
Nr. 41243  Andrew Lyapin  Russian Federation
Nr. 41242  Berezin Kirill  Russian Federation
Nr. 41241  Dmitry Kolonin  Russian Federation Such practices - signs of a backward and underdeveloped countries!
Nr. 41240  Renate Albers  Netherlands You can´t kill protected animals just for fun or because it´s a tradition. Please end the whale and dolphin slaughter. Instead otganize other whale and dolphin events like whale watching trips and swimming with the dolphins trips. This way people can enjoy them alive in their natural habitat. Fun for people and the animals are not harmed.
Nr. 41239  Lisa Webber  New York We need whales and dolphins in order to balance the ecosystem. If whale and Dolphin numbers keep dwindling then other species will also be harmed and the oceans will be in trouble. Furthermore an unhealthy Ocean means putting the well-being of people at risk. Whether we like it or not we are all connected to nature therefore by destroying nature we are essentially destroying ourselves. 
Nr. 41238  Anna Kostina  Russian Federation
Nr. 41237  Vorobiov Sergei  Russian Federation Please stop the whale- hunt.
Nr. 41236  Sara Ekström  Sweden
Nr. 41235  Svetlana Sh  Russian Federation
Nr. 41234  Amy Robinson  New Zealand
Nr. 41233  Anastasia Porokhina  Russian Federation
Nr. 41232  Tanyaas Elena  Turkey
Nr. 41231  GAVRILOV Sergei  Russian Federation
Nr. 41230  Juliana Coelho Marcussi  Brazil Estupidez. Ignorância. Crueldade. Burrice.
Nr. 41229  Gloria Mognon  Italy
Nr. 41228  Vinicius Picolotto  Brazil
Nr. 41227  Ida Rylöv  Sweden Please stop killing those who can't even defend themself..!
Nr. 41226  Valeria Levshina  Russian Federation I can't stand killing defenseless animals.
Nr. 41225  Julia Lakishyk  Belarus
Nr. 41224  Markov Sergey  Russian Federation
Nr. 41223  Puzanova Olga  Russian Federation STOP KILLING DOLPHINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 41222  Ira De  Russian Federation
Nr. 41221  Lisa Zdorenko  Estonia STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 41220  Rebekah Dunne  United Kingdom Guys this is sooo wrong!!! Please sign!
Nr. 41219  Robert Kamphuis  Netherlands
Nr. 41218  Helen 1  Russian Federation !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 41217  Bharti Maru  India this barbaric thying has to be stopped !!!
Nr. 41216  Válent Ottó  Slovakia
Nr. 41215  Michele Glick  California
Nr. 41214  Sergey Ignatyev  Russian Federation For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 41212  Lisa Hockemeyer  Italy Unresponsible behaviour in the 21st Century! SHAME!
Nr. 41211  Andrei Shchebet  Germany If you wanna feel yourself a real hunter--go to Siberia and hunt a bear. Alone.
Nr. 41210  Mariya Pavlova  Russian Federation Stop Cruelty.
Nr. 41208  Tina Pepperdine  Canada
Nr. 41207  Yurij Zanin  Russian Federation
Nr. 41206  Andrey K.  Russian Federation Stop these murders !!!
Nr. 41205  Renato Baricevic  Croatia
Nr. 41203  Irina Skripacheva  Russian Federation people!!! what are u doing!! i am sick!!!!!
Nr. 41202  Ekaterina Belousova  Russian Federation Save them!!!
Nr. 41201  Stina Jarenskog  Sweden Please stop this cruel masacre!
Nr. 41200  Shamil Akhmetzyanov  Russian Federation STOP Whale & Dolphin Slaughter in the Faroe Islands!
Nr. 41199  Julia Pilugina  Russian Federation STOP please. It is terrible.
Nr. 41198  Mikhael Dyakov  Russian Federation
Nr. 41197  Ulyuk Elena  Russian Federation It's unfair!!! It's a real slaughter!!!
Nr. 41196  Alexander Borzin  Russian Federation Wild people! Stop killinig the Dolphins!!!
Nr. 41195  Diane Yeardley  Australia
Nr. 41194  Victoria Alekseeva  Russian Federation
Nr. 41193  Nikolay Bulanov  Russian Federation
Nr. 41192  Carol Tottman  Australia Please make them stop the slaughter. They are the gentlest mammals in the world. Don't people realise that they have healing powers alive not dead.
Nr. 41191  Ciornaia Irene  Moldova  Republic Of
Nr. 41190  Ocheredko Sergey  Ukraine people who kils the dolfins not have write to live
Nr. 41189  Napo Cayabyab  Philippines
Nr. 41188  Umer Baloch  Pakistan Horific and should be banned.
Nr. 41187  Mona Abdallah  California This is outragous. Hoew can humans be so barbaric? This this inhumane treatment must stop!
Nr. 41186  Mihir Panchal  India I do not know what or who gives the right to these people to slaughter these intelligent creatures for the mere pleasure of being proved a man. If their standards hold true 99.99% of the people in this world are not men. They are not grown enough cruel enough testosterone crazy enough and mindless enough to be called Men!
Nr. 41185  Angela Soh  Hong Kong
Nr. 41184  Megan Towell  Australia they should be ashamed. how disgusting!
Nr. 41183  Stef Malikov  Kazakhstan ß ïðîñòî â øîêå!!! ×å çà ïåðâîáûòíûå îáû÷àè? Îïîìíèòåñü! Çâåðè âèäóò ñåáÿ ëó÷øå è íå óáèâàþò ðàäè çàáàâû!
Nr. 41182  Sina Saitova  Kazakhstan :((((
Nr. 41181  Jennifer Klapproth  Australia
Nr. 41180  Merlinda Huston  Australia Dolphin is one of the most beautiful creature in the world I think what the Japanese is doing is so mean and horrible.
Nr. 41179  Christine Nolan  Ireland
Nr. 41178  Beverly Cummings  Iowa Being a creative people I'm sure the Faroe Islanders can come up with a better "sport" and right of passage than killing friendly dolphins.
Nr. 41177  Vladimir Kozionov  Russian Federation
Nr. 41176  Debra Nelson  Australia
Nr. 41175  Ildar Sitdikov  Russian Federation stop the murder!!!
Nr. 41174  Vladimir Drozdov  Russian Federation
Nr. 41173  Gaelle Le Clef  Belgium Describing this slaughter as savage and "bestial behaviour" is assuming that animals would behave like this. They don't. Only humans do.
Nr. 41172  Darya Stavtseva  Russian Federation stop that cruelty we live in the 21 century and we can live without those deaths
Nr. 41171  Mariya Viter  Russian Federation ..in the name of life..
Nr. 41170  Kate Gusakova  Russian Federation We have to save whales and dolphins...we have to be humans...
Nr. 41169  Sergey Volkov  Russian Federation Ýòèõ óðîäîâ ñàìèõ òàê íàäî
Nr. 41168  Dmitriy Tsvetkov  Russian Federation please stop killing dolphins
Nr. 41167  Helen Falter  Russian Federation
Nr. 41166  Masha Ant  Russian Federation
Nr. 41165  Alice May  California
Nr. 41164  Kosyukov Sergey  Russian Federation
Nr. 41163  Hanne Bille  Malta Please Stop the Obnoxious and Medieval whale slaughter in the Faroe Islands Now !
Nr. 41162  Dmitry K  Israel stop this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 41161  PaLbl4 Poman  Ukraine
Nr. 41160  Mirisa Mills  Florida
Nr. 41159  Mateja Presern  United Kingdom Lost for words.
Nr. 41158  Phyllis LAMB  Canada Mass slaughters of all wildlife must END NOW!!!! Does no one understand that the day is coming soon when the last one of a species will be killed!! Everyone screams "our rights"....."our livelihood"....what about the animals' rights to life? And if all people can do is think about themselves......."what about their livelihoods after the species has been wiped from the face of the earth?" Either type of thinking ends up the same......mass extinction for many species.......mankind is pushing many to the brink........what is wrong with us??????
Nr. 41157  Elena Tsvetkova  Russian Federation
Nr. 41156  Eugenia Turanski-Winterstern  New York
Nr. 41155  Bianka Bruder  Hungary
Nr. 41154  Claudia Dellosso  Canada
Nr. 41153  Lucian Urdea  Romania
Nr. 41152  Ekaterina Sellas  Cyprus
Nr. 41151  Julia K.  Russian Federation
Nr. 41150  Sara Bateman  United Kingdom this is mindless cruelty - you should be ashamed.Stop now.
Nr. 41149  Veja Alex  Romania
Nr. 41148  Ana Banica  Romania
Nr. 41147  BARBIERU BIANCA  Romania
Nr. 41146  Sorin Costea  Romania
Nr. 41145  Alexandra Popa  Romania
Nr. 41144  Julie Simpson  United Kingdom
Nr. 41143  Sonia Marin  Romania
Nr. 41142  Ela Arvai  Croatia
Nr. 41141  Anna Klince  Latvia I think it's not normal and horrible.....:(
Nr. 41140  Sergei Ivanov  Russian Federation
Nr. 41139  Evgenia IPughj  Russian Federation
Nr. 41138  Andreeva Irina  Russian Federation
Nr. 41137  Cindy Middleton  Australia Inhuman inhumane
Nr. 41136  Lena Marquez  California
Nr. 41135  Francesco Corte  Italy Please stop this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Nr. 41134  Chantal Kirschner  Germany
Nr. 41133  Permyakov Valentin  Russian Federation
Nr. 41132  Luuk Van de Beld  Netherlands
Nr. 41131  Anton Eliseev  Russian Federation
Nr. 41130  Joshua Del Signore  Canada Unbelievable... you know.. a species superiority over another is best conveyed when you know you have absolute power but do not use it.. humanity still.. after thousands of years in existence cannot fathom this concept.
Nr. 41129  Claudia Ortiz  Argentina Does anybody that kills animals for business ever THINK "what if the situation was the other way around??" ?? Could you tell me why if an animal kills a person it's shot and if a person kills an animal there's no punishment at all??? "Human beings" should not mess with animals since they don't mess with "human beings". Think about it!! PLEASE prevent hunting from keep happening. Be intelligent be an animal.
Nr. 41128  Joana De Sousa  Portugal
Nr. 41127  Doronin Evgenij  Russian Federation
Nr. 41126  Katya Ruzyakova  Russian Federation
Nr. 41124  LIES VANDERCOILDEN  Belgium
Nr. 41123  Solodkova Valery  Russian Federation
Nr. 41122  Yulia Nikitina  Russian Federation
Nr. 41121  Arun Sudesh Richard  Guyana In this day and age it is absolutely horrendous to see that this is happening. I can understand the argument of this being the barbaric remnants of an ancient culture but there are times when cultures too must change. Perhaps the need to exhibit dominance over these creatures can be exhibited in another way a more humane way by allowing them to survive without threat. This practice is certainly subhuman for these times.
Nr. 41120  Justin Griffin  Australia i wont be coming to denmark now
Nr. 41119  Ivonne Duis von Damm  Netherlands
Nr. 41118  Eugenia Pyntikova  Virginia It's time to move on to more evolved forms of entertainment. Please stop the hunt! Every culture has a bloody history but there is no reason we cannot respect our tradition without this NEEDLESS and HEARTLESS slaughter.
Nr. 41117  Julia Romanova  Russian Federation Çà ÷òî òàêàÿ æåñòîêîñòü ê áåäíûì æèâîòíûì? Óðîäû ñâîëî÷è è íåëþäè äåëàþò òàêèå âåùè.Âîò òàê âîò ñîáðàòü âñåõ ýòèõ âûðîäêîâ â îäíîì áàñåèíå è ðàññòðåëÿòü íàôèã!
Nr. 41115  Ingrid Van Marwijk  Netherlands

Nr. 41114  Marcia Machtiger  Pennsylvania
Nr. 41113  Kathleen Sloggatt  Netherlands
Nr. 41112  Romana Topescu  Romania For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 41111  A. Cleypool  Netherlands monsters without a heart!!
Nr. 41110  Kira Gromova  Estonia
Nr. 41109  Max Kirichenko  Russian Federation barbarians! :(
Nr. 41108  Irene Lim  Malaysia Hi friends I've read the article and it is such a cruel action.Pls join us to sign this petition. thanks.
Nr. 41107  Alexander Popov  Russian Federation We must stop it water is remember it...
Nr. 41106  Mikhailova Anna  Russian Federation STOP THE CRUELTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 41105  Mei Leng Chan  Malaysia Please end this cruel inhuman act for the sake of all humanity. Have a blessed life by always loving and appreciating any living thing in the world.
Nr. 41104  Kolesavin Roman  Russian Federation ß ïðîòèâ óáèéñòâ äåëüôèíîâ - ýòî æåñòîêî è áåññìûñëåííî.
Nr. 41103  Andres Garcia  Ecuador
Nr. 41102  Eewen Teoh  Malaysia Were the whales and dolphins harmful to the residents? Why do they have to do that? Did they benefit by slaughtering them?
Nr. 41101  Jody Bennett  New York
Nr. 41100  Arthur Fernando  Philippines Please stop the killing
Nr. 41099  Rossella Fiore  Italy é una cosa non solo priva di senso ma che mette dentro una rabbia enorme..ci si sente impotenti davanti a tutto questo..
Nr. 41098  Anastacia Barykina  Russian Federation
Nr. 41097  Elizabeth Gilbert  Missouri I am part of the boycott as well.
Nr. 41096  Nathalie Oreletskaja  Ukraine
Nr. 41095  Vladimir Vorsin  Russian Federation
Nr. 41094  Susanne Löfmarck  Sweden
Nr. 41093  Natalia Terekhina  Russian Federation
Nr. 41092  Galina Larina  Russian Federation
Nr. 41091  Karen Kean  California
Nr. 41090  Brittany Quandt  Florida What reason have you to kill innocent creatures. Stop hurting animals they have more right to be here than we do!
Nr. 41089  Stephen E Robinson Jr  Texas Stop the useless and unnecessary slaughter. It's time to step up and take progressive actions to bring our own race out of the chaos and destruction we reign down on ourselves and other creatures on our planet.
Nr. 41088  MANUELLE Aurore  France
Nr. 41087  Maria Maria  Russian Federation
Nr. 41086  Sarah Qandeel  Switzerland STOP IT NOW.
Nr. 41085  Evgeny Zlobin  Russian Federation
Nr. 41084  Vladimir Spassky  Russian Federation
Nr. 41083  Pavel Alexander  Russian Federation Óðîäû è ñëàáàêè!
Nr. 41082  Turbatu Dan  France Only God can forgive this beasts
Nr. 41081  B Erskine  Australia Traditions evolve so must we.
Nr. 41080  Katarina Zima  Russian Federation Please stop the slaughter...
Nr. 41079  Sonia Shabaka  Egypt
Nr. 41078  Jeanette Hess  Texas i think that whaling is cruel and brutal. we are doing a current events project in one of my classes and i did it on whaling so everyone will be aware. also i have made poster and i have them in stores shopping centers around school. whaling has got to end.
Nr. 41077  Barbara Oudejans  Netherlands Stop deze zinloze slachting!
Nr. 41076  Bostan Victor  Moldova  Republic Ofour world is our home
Nr. 41075  Antony Pratap  India I cannot believe such atrocities exist in today's world!! What is the matter with these people?!! Have they no feelings? No compassions? No love? Does ice water runs through their veins instead of those red blood that they so joyfully bled into the shore from the animals?! I think they are the animals. In cases like this I wish we have a law that will penalize and sentence the same penalties to the murderers as we do for human lives. Is an animal's life so worthless?
Nr. 41074  Alona Stavrova  Russian Federation
Nr. 41073  Magor Balassy  Romania wow stop this
Nr. 41072  Ena Silva  California
Nr. 41071  Tracy Russell  Australia Please can this STOP!! Why would people want to do this to the warm blooded animals of the ocean...or to that animal for that matter. Where is people's compansion? It makes really wonder about the so called high intelligent human race.
Nr. 41070  Msdflkmse Sgfhtyjhs  Anguilla
Nr. 41069  Melissa Jaivin  California
Nr. 41068  Hannah Evans  Australia This is a terrible practice I am amazed that I have never heard of this. I really hope this practice is banned soon!
Nr. 41067  Jesse Peldo  Illinois Horrible Horrible acts of violence toward whales. What is this world coming too?
Nr. 41066  Lida Kanashova  Russian Federation ìíå ïëîõî
Nr. 41065  Efefewfrdf Wdewfefrf  Brazil
Nr. 41064  Alihan Dinaev  Russian Federation
Nr. 41063  Paolo Bartoli  Italy STOP THIS! NOW!
Nr. 41062  Luba Aupova  Russian Federation
Nr. 41061  Vekemans Yolanda  Belgium this is "not human"!
Nr. 41060  Alexandra Vasilyeva  Russian Federation
Nr. 41059  Ivan Loza  Russian Federation stop bastards
Nr. 41058  Ashley ..............  Costa Rica
Nr. 41057  Linn Andersson  Sweden Think about it just close your eyes and imagine what is happening with the poor animals. Then do something about it please.
Nr. 41056  Mike Thomson  Canada Can we not expect more from humans in this day and age? Anyone can kill a helpless animal especially if one has a weapon. How sick that they're manhood is defined by expressing superiority over these gentle giant. As an alternative lock the men in a cage where only one man can exit alive then drop them in the freaking ocean. May the best man survive. Get with the times people and stop this cowardly expression of manhood.
Nr. 41055  Jagersma Teade  Netherlands why kill them?
Nr. 41054  Vika Homenko  Russian Federation Please stop cruelty!!!
Nr. 41053  Mahdi M.K  Iran  Islamic Republic Of
Nr. 41052  Katie Ekroth  Canada This practice is barbaric and outrageous. Please use your considerable influence to stop this brutal practice as quickly as possible. Thankyou.
Nr. 41051  Diana Vlahiniè  Slovenia
Nr. 41050  Urska Anumanchi  Slovenia
Nr. 41049  Andreja Frankovic  Slovenia Unbelievable :(((
Nr. 41048  Ana Poliènik  Slovenia
Nr. 41047  Natalija Horvat Medved  Slovenia
Nr. 41046  Irina Bayborodina  Russian Federation Áàéáîðîäèíà
Nr. 41045  Anastasia Korytzina  Russian Federation
Nr. 41044  M Steen  Netherlands Its a disgrace this has to stop now!!!!!! And so say all my friends who dont have a computer. Lets do our best to stop it thanks for trying.
Nr. 41043  Birgit Hofmann  Germany Macht dem ein Ende!!!
Nr. 41042  Jesse Beale  Australia Please! There is absolutely no justification for this senceless slaughter.
Nr. 41041  Ann Mityagina  Russian Federation
Nr. 41040  Victory Lonnquist  Washington This is disgusting!! You must put an end to this now!
Nr. 41039  Tatyana Shmeleva  Russian Federation I hate these people. Shame on you monsters
Nr. 41038  Julia Allison  Australia
Nr. 41037  Huzeifa Husein  India
Nr. 41036  Adeel Lodhi  Pakistan Please STOP this vicious way of making money.
Nr. 41035  Jane Ferbrache  Australia The language they speak is yet to be understood. We need them in the Oceans to teach us.
Nr. 41034  Chris Mudry  Canada killing somthing smarter than us way to go. just because they dont have thumbs or walk around on land.
Nr. 41033  Murry Cohen  Virginia
Nr. 41032  Tatyana Titimova  Latvia
Nr. 41031  Irina Sally Manukyan  California
Nr. 41030  Celeste Oehl  Texas
Nr. 41029  Kim Saeytydt  Belgium
Nr. 41028  Griny Georgescu  Romania
Nr. 41027  Simone Van Essen  Netherlands
Nr. 41026  Evgeniya Kim  Russian Federation from where is there so much cruelty in people?
Nr. 41025  Monika Erdman  Estonia Its terrible! Please stop it!
Nr. 41024  Kamal Sayah  Netherlands This is f´in unbelievable...! Stop this evil act!
Nr. 41023  Ulrike Odling  Australia This is absolutely disgusting and I am horrified that in this day and age a progressive country like Denmark is still practising such an outdated custom. It is senseless and causes enormous pain and horror to inoccent animals. This has to stop !
Nr. 41022  Manu Robinson  United Kingdom Stop this! If you hunt to eat by all means but just for fun? How cruel. How can the human race kill animals for sport and fun alone? I thought we evolved more than that... How can the rest of Denmark stand by this ritual and not get upset?
Nr. 41021  Anthony Suarez  Philippines That was too much!
Nr. 41020  Alison Brown  Australia
Nr. 41019  Andrej Robnik  Slovenia For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 41018  Natali Kirika  Russian Federation salvar la vida!!!
Nr. 41017  Dare Gozdnikar  Slovenia Ustavimo to!
Nr. 41016  Tasha Close  Canada This is a disgrace to humanity. Where are the animal rights. This should be banned.
Nr. 41015  Tom Bug  Slovenia
Nr. 41014  Mandy Baca  California
Nr. 41013  Lazeikina Uliya  Russian Federation
Nr. 41012  Enesa Markovi?  Slovenia
Nr. 41011  Mary Twomey  Australia
Nr. 41010  Anita Daud  Singapore What have these whales done to deserve such a gruesome fate in the hands of brutal men?!
Nr. 41009  Sharon Alcock  New Zealand
Nr. 41008  Amberlynn Topham  Canada
Nr. 41007  Paul Hogervorst  Netherlands Shame
Nr. 41006  John Van de Cauter  Belgium very pitty to see what human can do and have no respect for nature and animals.
Nr. 41005  Andrey Degtyarev Maratovich  Russian Federation the roots of this problem is in satanic organizations that rule and control human's consience. they integrated this "traditions" and people do them like a zombi-robot.
Nr. 41004  Marianne Teugels  Belgium il faut arrêter de tuer ces dauphins les traditions c'est bien mais pas à ce prix là et si l'on vous tuait vous pour une traditionvous trouveriez ça normal? please stop
Nr. 41003  Vera Rybakova  Estonia
Nr. 41002  Àíÿ Ñûðåéùèêîâà  Russian Federation
Nr. 41001  P. Bos  Netherlands Respect life!
Nr. 41000  Lisa Puharich  Canada
Nr. 40999  Alina Shakirova  Russian Federation
Nr. 40998  CLAUS HELENA  Belgium
Nr. 40997  Vitaliya Havrylenko  Ukraine
Nr. 40996  Larisa Bukovec  Slovenia i am ashamedthat i am a part of this kind of group called people! sick!
Nr. 40995  Benjamin L'Haridon  France Je ne peux pas croire que des actes aussi barbares aient encore lieux à notre époque. Quelle stupidité!
Nr. 40994  Fábio Luiz  Brazil
Nr. 40993  Christina Juppe  United Kingdom How can these perpetrators sleep at night? Denmark - stop this at once!!!
Nr. 40992  Krystyna Spanell  Canada disgusting. i am ashamed to be human when i learn more and more how insensitive and cruel we are. i am so sorry.
Nr. 40991  Christa Sloan  Canada

Nr. 40990  Elizabeth Ekroth  Canada I am absolutely disgusted that this continues to happen in this day an age. Its an outrage and must stop.
Nr. 40989  Matej Hercog  Slovenia Are they insane? Stop it now!
Nr. 40988  Emese Szõcs  Hungary
Nr. 40987  Bernarda Hercog  Slovenia
Nr. 40986  Froukje Anne Karsten  Netherlands
Nr. 40985  Mihaela Burzo  Romania
Nr. 40984  Jane ...  Latvia save animalssave world.
Nr. 40983  Oleksiy Yanchyck  Ukraine
Nr. 40982  Ilse Declercq  Belgium
Nr. 40981  Jan Van de Velde  Belgium
Nr. 40980  Kobi Bass  Israel Do not let them to be killed. ACT bvefore it will bve TOO LATE!!!!
Nr. 40979  Anthony Pearce  Australia Beauty should be embraced not destroyed.
Nr. 40978  Alexis Corey  California
Nr. 40977  Lisa MacLeod  Arizona
Nr. 40976  Heather Stevens  Pennsylvania For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 40975  Patricia Van Vugt  Netherlands We have to sign this we can't keep our eyes shut! For the horrific murder on animals all over the planet has to STOP NOW!..It just happens to satisfy bloodthirsty people. There's plenty of other food to fill your stomach.
Nr. 40974  Patricia Morris  California
Nr. 40973  Janette Koning  Australia Viewing this carnage makes me feel physically ill and fills me with grief. It also makes me ashamed to be a part of the 'human' race. How can people treat another living creature with such brutality?
Nr. 40972  EJ Mcm  Canada
Nr. 40971  Jo-Anna Dawe  Australia
Nr. 40970  Melissa Guinn  Tennessee
Nr. 40969  Lauren Barbour  Australia
Nr. 40968  Geer Bleiinga  Netherlands geer bleijinga
Nr. 40967  Vangeneugden Patrick  Belgium Please stop this...!!
Nr. 40966  RJC Buijs  Netherlands Gewoon niet doen dit gesodemieter!
Nr. 40965  Dragos Flueraru  Moldova  Republic Of
Nr. 40964  Demianowicz Dorota  Belgium This MUST be stopped!!! By seeing this horrible thing  I am deeply ashamed to be part of the human race...! We are living in the 21st century how is it possible that such things still do excist...????
Nr. 40963  Wendy Van Maren  Netherlands This brutal slaughting must be stopped!
Nr. 40962  Claudia Reuteler  Switzerland It's a disgrace.
Nr. 40961  Ulrika Sorelius  Sweden
Nr. 40960  Michel Dierickx  Netherlands missing link.. mentality.!!
Nr. 40959  K Herrera  United Kingdom This slaughtering of innocent creatures MUST STOP NOW!
Nr. 40958  Pierluigi Vigotti  Italy
Nr. 40957  Francesca Berselli  France
Nr. 40956  Valéria santos Santos  Brazil Please stop!
Nr. 40955  Geoff Fleming  Canada This has to stop.
Nr. 40954  Andy Muzio  Canada
Nr. 40953  Clint Poelmans  Belgium Never knew stuff like this was still going on. Obviously this has to end. Celebrate your manlyhood by drinking until you pass out or something.
Nr. 40952  Sylvia Newman  Virginia This practice although cultural is also barbaric and we should be better than this by now. Mankind has to have better sense than to show manhood by the slaughter of innocent animals. Not manly.
Nr. 40951  Sarah Lievens  Belgium
Nr. 40950  Fabienne Eeckhout  Belgium Please kill me instead of the whales
Nr. 40949  G Hollander  Netherlands Stop this useless killing!
Nr. 40948  Aliona Petrova  Ukraine
Nr. 40947  Berbel Hoogerheide-Korenhof  Netherlands Stop killing those animals to prove how strong you are! maybe in the middle ages you needed to prove it in such a barbaric way. But in a world that supposed to be civilized but is so cruel we need to stop those useless an psychotic forms of behavior! Its a waste of beautiful animals who you just leave to rot! I would never want my son to kill such a great beautiful animal I would want him to respect and love it!! That would make him a strong man in my eyes!!
Nr. 40946  C. Stevens  Netherlands Stop killing wales and dolfins! Respect the lives of these animals!
Nr. 40945  Pierre Stevens  Netherlands this slaughter should be stopped immediately and be subject to severe penalties
Nr. 40944  Frans Meulman  Netherlands And they are a member of the Human race I am ashamed to be one as well if I see this. Its disgusting Frans Meulman ps and we want to save this Earth WHAT A JOKE........
Nr. 40943  Jorn Giezen  Netherlands Please stop this madness how can they live with themselves
Nr. 40942  Mihai Campean  Romania Live and let live.
Nr. 40941  Fred Provoost  Belgium And Denmark is a member of the European Union! It's a shame!
Nr. 40940  Maria Edilene Da Silva  Brazil Save the whale!
Nr. 40939  Zhenglong Wong  Singapore I a 12-year-old have more sense than to allow this senseless slaughter continue and feel I should do my part in stopping these odious acts of barbarism and lack of intelligence.
Nr. 40938  Balasubramanian Prasanna  Singapore Kindly stop this act. Do an Art of Living Course in Denmark as soon as possible! See the difference in your attitude yourself! Blood sea should disgust anyone! Please wake up!
Nr. 40937  Valcke Kate  Belgium When will we learn to have some more respect for the animals and nature around? They are not 'the beast' we are!
Nr. 40936  Ron Avila  California
Nr. 40935  June magdaline Garduque  Philippines pls stop this insensitivebarbaric beliefwithout respect for life itself..
Nr. 40934  Eisan Seto  Singapore Years of evolution has gone. Its ironic that something about us never changed. Please give all life a chance. Whales have feeling too. Thank you.
Nr. 40933  Giulia Prandini  Italy
Nr. 40932  Trish Yeo  Singapore whales can feel pain too!
Nr. 40931  HANNELE KUOSMANEN  Sweden its discusting-all this evil things the humans inflickt on the poor animals-it seems to never stop!!!stop it!!!
Nr. 40930  Spidey Goku  India
Nr. 40929  Salomaho Margo  Russian Federation
Nr. 40928  Attilio Augusto Angellotti  Italy
Nr. 40927  Anubhav Verma  India For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 40926  Milena Tepic  Serbia And Montenegro
Nr. 40925  GOMES Eric  Belgium Horrible! That does not prove you are a man but rather an inhu-man and a shame for whole mankind i.e. man kind.
Nr. 40924  Kristien Van Remortel  Belgium this slaughering shoul de stopped
Nr. 40923  Jennifer Crawley  Oregon
Nr. 40922  Dan Lindquist  California I find this to be disgusting and saddened that people would be apart of this horrendous act and government officials would allow this to happen. Everyone involved in this act should be throw in jail. The government officials that run this town should be thrown out of office and jailed as well.
Nr. 40921  Christine Japar  Indonesia
Nr. 40920  Christina Pavlic  Pennsylvania
Nr. 40919  Neelam Mishra  Singapore
Nr. 40918  Gouri Jayachandran  Hong Kong The world is disgusted with these pictures from such an otherwise developed country... Make this cruelty stop. Show us you can change yourselves to make the world better.
Nr. 40917  Navvab Afrashteh  Iran  Islamic Republic Of
Nr. 40916  Agota Cseh  Ireland
Nr. 40915  Paula Reynolds  Australia
Nr. 40914  Michael Salvas Jr  Massachusetts
Nr. 40913  Boris Ninic  Serbia And Montenegro
Nr. 40912  Kristine Ditchfield  Australia The massive slaughter and trauma to these animals sickens me.
Nr. 40911  Rianne Nijsingh  Netherlands
Nr. 40910  AndreiGrishanin AndreiGrishanin  Russian Federation
Nr. 40909  Bennie van der Heide J.B. van der Heide  Australia Stop the klilling immediately or kick them out of europe.
Nr. 40908  Maarten Van Damme  Belgium
Nr. 40907  Valentina Mereuta  Romania
Nr. 40906  Ann Vesna  Russian Federation
Nr. 40905  Aylin P  Philippines i had goose bumps when i first saw the photos...they are so cruel with no heart and care for the living. karma will get them.
Nr. 40904  Sy De hinde  California I have no words for this atrocity make it STOP!!!
Nr. 40903  Sharon Beracha  Mexico This is NOT HUMAN!!!
Nr. 40902  Shuli Zhuo  Singapore
Nr. 40901  Winnie Ang  Singapore
Nr. 40900  Michael Perrine  New York I would like to suggest that the focus of your tradition shift to honoring the whales rather than destroying them. You will gain great respect from the world for doing this.
Nr. 40899  DENA GARCIA  Florida
Nr. 40898  Steve O'Neil  North Carolina I find the hunt and slaughter of Pilot whales and other small cetaceans in the Faroe islands to be cruel and apalling. Although I do somewhat understand the cultural reasons behind the hunt I do not believe that it is needed and justified in todays world. I strongly believe that the Faroese people should consider banning the grindadráp whale hunt.
Nr. 40897  Sage Oswald  Canada
Nr. 40896  Mary Brettell  Australia This is a totally barbaric practice on gentle creatures. Some human beings are totally INhumane!
Nr. 40895  Ingrid Westrik  Netherlands
Nr. 40894  Daisy Castro  California the hunting of innocent and helpless animals for fun and sports until extinction should not be allowed in any society.
Nr. 40893  Jasse Demol  Belgium
Nr. 40892  Stacia Pairish  California This is inhumaine... I can't beleive a government would allow such cruelty let alone celebrate it and make it a holiday for children. This has to be stopped. What can we do to save the whales and dolphins.
Nr. 40891  Claudia Baethgen  New Jersey This practice is cruel and disgusting. It demonstrates a lack of respect for life. There is no sensible reason for murdering these animals especially in such large quantities.
Nr. 40890  Hofkens Filip  Belgium stop this! right now... truely discusting
Nr. 40889  Mone Andreea  Romania
Nr. 40888  M Amersbeek  Netherlands
Nr. 40887  Sarah Burns  United Kingdom
Nr. 40886  Grebnev Dima  Russian Federation Âîò è Ðîññèÿ ïîäêëþ÷èëàñü! Íàäî ýòî äåëî îñòàíîâèòü! Ìîäåðàòîðû - ðàñïðîñòðàíÿéòå ññûëêó íà ýòî äåëî!!!
Nr. 40885  Mikhail Pomzov  Russian Federation
Nr. 40884  Mikhail Novoselov  Russian Federation
Nr. 40883  Oleg Horoshavin  Russian Federation
Nr. 40882  Serge Vasilyev  Russian Federation I can't believe my eyes!!! And this "people" think that they are "civilisian"??? It's so meanly!!!
Nr. 40881  Äåíèñ Åâãåíüåâè÷  Russian Federation ýòî íåðåàëüíî îñòàíîâèòå ýòî.... 21 âåê íà óëèöå....
Nr. 40880  Alexander Ospin  Russian Federation Stop this cruel barbarism!!!
Nr. 40879  Fred De Zwart  Netherlands Grow UP!!
Nr. 40878  Natassia Di Franco  California
Nr. 40877  Bernard Wrigley  United Kingdom For an apparently liberal society this is bloody disgusting. No excuses - STOP NOW
Nr. 40876  Vingerhoets Tom  Belgium stop it now!!!!
Nr. 40875  Beloysov Aleksey 2918129181  Russian Federation They will kill people if we not stop it.They are 18 years old and all them are KILLERS!!!They are not peoples.They are not animal.Animals not kill if they are not wont eat!!!Evil in us!!!
Nr. 40874  Angelica Lira  Mexico Please do something to stop these stupid murders!
Nr. 40873  Angelo Sijbel  Netherlands This is barbarism unnecesary in these times. Such beautiful and social creatures they are betrayed by their own naieve trust in human beings.
Nr. 40872  Kari Andreasen  Pennsylvania
Nr. 40871  Bassim Saleh  Yemen
Nr. 40870  Locufier Hugues  Belgium STOP THIS PLEASE
Nr. 40869  Amanda Lamb  Canada I am just 20 years old and am getting very depressed to hear about animals becoming extinct almost daily. Every species is required in the circle of life and we must become more aware of each and every animals part in this circle before it is too late.
Nr. 40868  Maxim Neff  Germany
Nr. 40867  Khimin Oleg  Russian Federation
Nr. 40866  Gowrishankar Venkatraman.  India Destroying nature for pleasure is the biggest blunder of the man kind. see nature as something that has given birth to youlike your mother. protect it if not atleast stop harming it. there is no point in just see repenting after a something becomes extinct. save the the whales.
Nr. 40865  Katrijn Van Den Corput  Belgium
Nr. 40864  Sam Van Asschot  Belgium
Nr. 40863  Luchezarova Natalya  Russian Federation
Nr. 40862  Sylvain RObbens  Belgium
Nr. 40861  Laurens Lens  Belgium
Nr. 40860  Anton Belyakov  Russian Federation Murders kill yourself!!
Nr. 40859  Nepomnyashchih Anton  Russian Federation
Nr. 40858  Stijn Verschooten  Belgium Stop this now!!!
Nr. 40857  Spulber Gina  Romania
Nr. 40856  Dicky Van der Kamp  Netherlands
Nr. 40855  Olga Yachigina  Russian Federation I can't say how it's terrible. Dolphins are my favourite animals I can't see them suffering & dying. Stop this slaughter! Have a heart! Or God will make you suffer even more!
Nr. 40854  Tim H  Belgium
Nr. 40853  Yenty Wong  Indonesia End Whale & Dolphin Slaughter in the Faroe Islands!
Nr. 40852  DiOndree' Baldwin  New York Live & let Live!
Nr. 40851  Noor Goemaere  Belgium
Nr. 40850  Kevin Springell  United Kingdom man will not learn till it is to late ( but is it to late ) ?
Nr. 40849  Sonia Trimboli  Italy For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 40848  Ðîãîåâ Ñåðãåé  Russian Federation Äëÿ áîëüøåãî êîëè÷åñòâà âîçäåéñòâèÿ äîáàâüòå ëè÷íûé êîììåíòàðèé çäåñü
Nr. 40847  JM Betgen  Netherlands
Nr. 40846  Paolo Ciarcelluti  Italy
Nr. 40845  Jos Horsten  Belgium
Nr. 40844  Raf Devillé  Belgium
Nr. 40843  Robert Bajs  Croatia
Nr. 40842  Marius Lazar  Romania
Nr. 40841  Ace W  Singapore Imagine being killed by another species when you didn't do anything to them.
Nr. 40840  Anosov Vitaliy  Russian Federation
Nr. 40839  Lutgard Lahousse  Belgium
Nr. 40838  Sergey U  Russian Federation
Nr. 40837  Serena Fermo  Italy
Nr. 40836  Svetlana Gaydamovich  Russian Federation
Nr. 40835  David Basstanie  Belgium
Nr. 40834  Bert Adriaensen  Belgium Bastards
Nr. 40833  Suzanne McIntyre  Florida
Nr. 40832  FoxeR Russia  Russian Federation So this is civilization? Denmark....
Nr. 40831  Yakov Negrey  Russian Federation
Nr. 40830  Lauren Chiong  California This may be a long-held practice of the native communities but I agree with the point that this practice is no longer sustainable due to the many dangers the whales face--they are dying out all over the world from overhunting and soon the effects of global warming will take their toll. It's time to show compassion and honor this species by ending this barbaric practice.
Nr. 40829  Ken Vanhoecke  Belgium Lets go to denmark and slaughter some young men to prove our testosteron...never knew there are people with such a low EQ........ numb
Nr. 40828  Kseniya Barabanova  Russian Federation Please stop the whale- hunt. What will be our world without those smart sensitive animals?
Nr. 40827  Melissa DuBow  New York
Nr. 40826  Debra West  South Africa please don't kill earth's creatures. animals are sentient beings and deserve their place on the earth they deserve to be treated with respect as you would like to be. you will earn respect if you choose to be powerful over yourself and not over other creatures. please don't kill any more.
Nr. 40825  Aleksandr K.  Russian Federation
Nr. 40824  ZOTTI DANIELA  Alabama VERGOGNA....
Nr. 40823  Ineke Boonaerts  Netherlands This is barbaric and makes me sick.You should be ashamed............... STOP IT!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 40822  Toby Neal  Canada
Nr. 40821  Sonia Pena  Romania
Nr. 40820  Alex Donato  Pennsylvania
Nr. 40819  Karin Strandberg  Sweden
Nr. 40818  Linus Forss  Sweden
Nr. 40817  John Deltour  Belgium Stupid it's the only word I can think of when I hear that ...
Nr. 40816  Horm Samon Sam  Cambodia As Human being should stop killing these so pity Dolphin as it would give impacts in so cruel and bloody slaughter sample to young generation that this might also happening the same to human when they have fully seen bloody image.
Nr. 40815  Zsuzsi Alitisz  Hungary
Nr. 40814  Danka Obradovic  Serbia And Montenegro
Nr. 40813  Daniëlle Goossens-Klinkers  Netherlands
Nr. 40812  Sofia Andreevna Tuleneva  Russian Federation
Nr. 40811  Stijn Mees  Belgium
Nr. 40810  Katia Arickx  Belgium het is een grote schande wat ze met die dieren doen
Nr. 40809  Bock Hanspeter  Thailand Did somebody mention being civilized in the EU?
Nr. 40808  Danny Handschoewerker  Belgium schandalig heb toch een beetje respekt voor uw en onze natuur !
Nr. 40807  Cecile D. Van Agtmaal  Netherlands Horrible
Nr. 40806  Tom Van Mieghem  Belgium
Nr. 40805  Rayson Sim  Singapore These are senseless killings.. It's no difference comparing it to what the terrorists have been doing.. To these animals.. We human beings are the terrorists..
Nr. 40804  Karen Van Der Aa  Belgium This is cruel!!! It's realy discusting! How can people threat animals like this? They don't have the right to do something like this! This people should be in prison!
Nr. 40803  Naomi Langerock  France I don't even dare to forward the message it is too shocking!!!
Nr. 40802  Luigi Mancini  Italy
Nr. 40801  Angelica Rivera  New York
Nr. 40800  Neil D  India Absolutely disgusting. You people need to be ashamed of yourselves. Not just are you killing so many whales but youre also encouraging small kinds to continue this shameful act.
Nr. 40799  Alison Williams  Texas
Nr. 40798  Jerie Johnson  New Mexico I think this is cruel and inhuman. It brakes my heart to read stuff like this. It seems to me these people are just kill happy.They even give the children a day off from school. Something must be done!
Nr. 40797  Debra Constance Ansin  Malaysia Stop killing this beautiful creatures..
Nr. 40796  Christian Contardi  Canada
Nr. 40795  Zoe Onichan  Japan STOP IT NOW!!!
Nr. 40794  Shastine Van Vugt  New York I like Denmark please don't give me a reason to feel ashamed for you. Stop killing whales and other marine mammals for sport. Using meat for food is one thing--but killing and leaving the beasts to rot? That is worse than animal behavior. Be human be moral. Stop killing.
Nr. 40793  Amy Orsatti  Australia
Nr. 40792  Sonia Gruszowski  Belgium
Nr. 40791  Jarod Margrain  New Zealand This is disgusting! Why are we letting them get away with this? the government and/or forces should be getting involved to stop this from happening!
Nr. 40790  Emma Troedsson  Sweden

Nr. 40789  Steve Maes  Belgium
Nr. 40788  Nusi Erdös  Belgium
Nr. 40787  Pieter Rumbaut  Belgium
Nr. 40786  Martin Gallagher  Australia
Nr. 40785  Victoria Sun  California
Nr. 40784  Eugenia Semenova  Russian Federation
Nr. 40783  Brandie Dennis  Maryland
Nr. 40782  Bolle Frank  Netherlands Dear Prime Minister Jóannes Eidesgaard you have so much butter on your head you can't straighten your back anymore. The only decision you make is to look away for all the wrong reasons. Please start acting as a leader. You are responsible and can make the difference! One day you will have to answer to all the pain inflicted up on your fellow living creatures. I wish you courage!
Nr. 40781  Daniel Dad  Russian Federation Stop the massacre.
Nr. 40780  Evelien Vantomme  Belgium Horrible! Disgusting! This has to stop!!
Nr. 40779  Lisa Holmström  Sweden Stop killin whale and dolphin it is wrong what you people doing to this animal!
Nr. 40778  Claire Nankhonya  United Kingdom just discusting
Nr. 40777  Anita Vervoort  Netherlands
Nr. 40776  Henri-J Boonen  Belgium
Nr. 40775  Suresh N  United Arab Emirates
Nr. 40774  David Mendoza  New Jersey
Nr. 40773  Stefan Van oeckel  Belgium this is just above all imagination how cruel can humans be.
Nr. 40772  Yvonne Josefsson  Sweden
Nr. 40771  Debbie Burnup  Australia STOP this ridiculous killing of whales. Find some other way to prove your manhood. How 'caveman' can you get.
Nr. 40770  Kim Anderson  Philippines i shout STOP!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 40769  Zhanna Okonosova  Russian Federation You must not kill dolphins
Nr. 40768  Meenakshi Srinivas  India barbaric act.I condemn it and urge you stop it
Nr. 40767  Lois Saenz  Spain how can we pretend to be close to God if we only continue to cause pain... life is priceless your's mine and theirs!
Nr. 40766  Igor Ivanov  Russian Federation
Nr. 40765  Dormaels Nathalie  Belgium
Nr. 40764  Mandy Reinhold  Florida
Nr. 40763  Lesley Parker  Australia The senseless act of agression against these companion creatures will have repurcussions that we cannot even comprehend. Where is the human heart in all of this?
Nr. 40762  Cazac Maria  Romania
Nr. 40761  Eric Simpson  Australia
Nr. 40760  Jessica Ogden  New York
Nr. 40759  Vicki Tabor  Tennessee Please please stop the cruel and mean killing of whales and dolphins. These are beautiful social animals that are just being slaughtered. It is so disgusting.
Nr. 40758  Debra Munro  Australia what an absolute disgrace
Nr. 40757  Sharon Whitewood  Australia
Nr. 40756  Angela Mackey  Canada This is the saddest thing. How could any one do this to such beautiful sensitive animals. Entire families being killed. This makes me sick. Shame on the Faroe Islands. STOP THIS NOW!
Nr. 40755  Katrina Craton  California
Nr. 40754  Cristina Zenato  Bahamas
Nr. 40753  Katiee Bestevaar  Australia
Nr. 40752  Virginie MURRAY  France
Nr. 40751  Luis Papa  New Jersey Get a new hobby slaughter politicians
Nr. 40750  Marco Sotgiu  United Kingdom
Nr. 40749  Andrew Baca  Illinois
Nr. 40748  Estefania Puigdemont  Spain Stop the massacre please!
Nr. 40746  Stefan Lemoine  Belgium
Nr. 40745  Thomas Leonardi  Italy
Nr. 40744  Steve Azzara  New York This Must Stop!!
Nr. 40743  Margaret Haitana  New Zealand When are we evergong to learn that every creature has it's place in our beautiful world. This has to stop it is barbaric!!
Nr. 40742  Fiona Braybon  Australia What's the point? None. Fun can be found in more edifying ways and very simply too. Use your brain for this and cease the slaughter.
Nr. 40741  John Elliott  United Kingdom This is ghastly pointless and sick. Set a civilised example and ban this now.
Nr. 40740  Jacki Hendy  Australia Please stop the heartless horrendous and completely unnecessary slaughter of our beautiful creatures in this case the whales and dolphins. It is inhumane and barbaric behaviour. Jacki Hendy
Nr. 40739  Paula Peck  Utah
Nr. 40738  Dirk Eisermann  Germany
Nr. 40737  Ana Efros  Moldova  Republic OfThis is horrible. We should definitely stop these people.
Nr. 40736  Hartmann Laurence  France
Nr. 40735  Kim `s Gravemade  Netherlands
Nr. 40734  Marilyn Raggett  Australia
Nr. 40733  Louise Nettle  Australia
Nr. 40732  Trish Bain  United Kingdom Please stop this needless slaughter of whales and dolphins in your country. Spend time with these wonderful mammals to fully understand the barbarism of your country men's actions.
Nr. 40731  Krisztina Maraszto  Hungary
Nr. 40730  Jade Bromhead  Australia I am disgusted at what these people do to such peaceful and beautiful animals. They must be insane to hurt these creatures. I hope they get this message and stop!!! slaughtering whales and dolphines
Nr. 40729  Renee Bromhead  Australia This is a descipable act of cruelty. I can not believe that such a cowardly attack can take place in a so called modern country!! They are barbaric cave men who need to grow up!
Nr. 40728  Marjanne Zwanenburg  Netherlands End this horrible slaughter. The way on which people of the Faroe Islands entertain themselves is not human it is a disgrace to humanity to them and to the Islands. There is not one single excuse for this yearly battle fields. End this barbarian massacre right now.
Nr. 40727  Jennifer McNeill  Australia I can't believe that supposedly intelligent human beings could do this. This is a barbaric monstrous and totally despicable practice and those perpetuating it should be rounded up and subjected to the same and see how they like it.
Nr. 40726  Daniela Pena  Romania
Nr. 40725  Annette Hurley  Australia
Nr. 40724  Wing Leong Chan  Malaysia harmful culture must be stopped! That is how humans evolve
Nr. 40723  Cecilia Bowerman  Australia What horrible photos they are!! Is descusting! shame on you Denmark!!Hope you can STOP THE KILLING NOW!!
Nr. 40722  Shelley Logan  New Zealand
Nr. 40721  C Morgan  New Zealand I cannot believe that so called civilized countries and individuals still participate in these acts of inhumanity
Nr. 40720  Eric Peters  Netherlands THIS MUST STOP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!!
Nr. 40719  J SNijders  Netherlands
Nr. 40718  Andres Vasquez  Massachusetts Put an end to all the unnecessary killings now. Please put in heavy fines and punishment for those responsible i nthe killings. Aku Soku Zan.
Nr. 40717  Patricia Tinney  New York
Nr. 40716  Philippe Kerckx  Belgium
Nr. 40715  Aleksandr Dubovitskiy  Russian Federation This is horrible.
Nr. 40714  Mia Jauert  Ecuador
Nr. 40713  Dianne Silk  Canada I am absolutely discusted at the horrible way we on this earth treat animals and i think you no better than a serial killer or child molester or or mentally unstable human to be able to do this kind of thing and go home to your family and sleep at night.please understand that doing thsi t a helpless animal is the same as doing it to a child or person they have feelings love and feel pain as we do.I ask with all my heart that you STOP this cruel practice once and for all.PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE !!!!!!!!
Nr. 40712  MARIE DALERSTEDT  Sweden This is discusting!! Shame on you!!
Nr. 40711  Andrew Faragher  United Kingdom
Nr. 40710  Julia Khabeeva  Russian Federation
Nr. 40709  Mary Nealon  Australia Living creatures deserve our respect and protection
Nr. 40708  Chris Jachniewicz  Australia
Nr. 40707  Carly Synnott  Australia
Nr. 40706  Hupperetz Jean  Belgium Disgusting. Shame on the Faroe people.
Nr. 40705  Jack Dolphin  New York Stop dolphine's killing!
Nr. 40704  Alexandru Crasmariu  Canada Please stop this evil act!
Nr. 40703  Nameera Ahmed  Pakistan Shameful and horrific!!
Nr. 40702  Aldwin P.  Philippines Stop this cruelty to animals!!! You people should be ashamed of your traditions.
Nr. 40701  Patti Dail  Nevada
Nr. 40700  Beatriz Gomes  Brazil
Nr. 40699  Debbie Mccall  Maryland
Nr. 40698  Annie Kurenkova  Russian Federation
Nr. 40697  Julia Sharapova  Russian Federation Õâàòèò!! Ýòî íå ëþäè è ýòî íå öèâèëèçîâàííûé ìèð ïîêà ïðîèñõîäèò òàêîå!! Please stop this!
Nr. 40696  Yurchenko Maria  Russian Federation It's the severelyest thing that i've ever seen
Nr. 40695  Romanov Roman  Russian Federation
Nr. 40694  Nikitina Marina  Russian Federation
Nr. 40693  Maxim Rudenko  Russian Federation Its a horror/
Nr. 40692  Petra Braun  Texas
Nr. 40691  Angeltony Santos  Philippines you have no soul to do that.stop doing that no mercy killing.
Nr. 40690  Pchelin Ivan  Russian Federation stop it stupid assholes!!!
Nr. 40689  Ioana Sileanu  Romania
Nr. 40688  Lorraine Houlihan  France
Nr. 40687  ElliAnna Reneasha  Trinidad And Tobago this is so disgusting i really wish these people will get a heart an show some compassion to these beings it is so sad to hear about these things i more than agree to support this petition an will encourage others tooo please lets make a difference
Nr. 40686  Janet Halikas  Canada How utterly wasteful of this planet's life. Plain sickening !!!
Nr. 40685  Craig Schulze  United Kingdom This is totally pointless and needs to be stopped right away!! 100's of these mammals are being wiped out and entire gene pool's are becoming extinct. Please end this now!
Nr. 40684  Peter Rybakov  Russian Federation STOP THIS!!! (
Nr. 40683  Sandra Wentworth-Oral  Massachusetts Please stop this brutality. It's inhuman :( The reality of what is happening here has brought me to tears. These animals have a right to live. We should be killing only what is needed for food.... no more....
Nr. 40682  Lee Dmitryi  Russian Federation i hate this ppl. wanna blood - kill yourself
Nr. 40681  Ksenia Zhmotova  Russian Federation
Nr. 40680  Sandy Hernandez  California
Nr. 40679  Mangasarov Ivan  Russian Federation Ånîugh!
Nr. 40678  Angelina Saari  Finland STOP IT! ANIMAL LIBERATION!
Nr. 40677  Sonia Malygina  Russian Federation
Nr. 40676  Jane Bartova  Russian Federation
Nr. 40675  Romanov Ivan  Russian Federation Òàê æå áû ýòèõ þíîø ïîðóáàòü
Nr. 40674  Kathy Stanley  Canada This is obsene and senseless. I cannot describe how revolted I am. Put a stop to this practise.
Nr. 40673  Danny Ruiz  Venezuela Me pregunto si ellos les gustaria ser la presa para la madurez de los delfines.......Creo que no.... CREEN CONCIENCIA.......NO HAGAN LO QUE NO LES GUSTARIA QUE LES HICIERAN.......
Nr. 40672  Trudy Lookinglass  Canada I'm Horrified!!!!!
Nr. 40671  Holly Chisholm  Michigan
Nr. 40670  Luch Felicia  Moldova  Republic Of
Nr. 40669  Lisbeth Svensson  Sweden Why?
Nr. 40668  Hayley Raggett  Australia
Nr. 40667  Serge Balandin  Ukraine I'm shocked.
Nr. 40666  ORIETTA MARRI  Italy
Nr. 40665  ELENA CARUSO  Italy
Nr. 40664  Kate Jenkins  United Kingdom
Nr. 40663  Helen Miller  Australia This is 2008 not 1888. Now is the time to stop this mindless slaughter.
Nr. 40662  George Michael Taylor  South Africa
Nr. 40661  Isabela Perkins  Australia Love all creatures great and small
Nr. 40660  Martin Davis  Germany Revolting
Nr. 40659  Caroline Hug  United Kingdom BARBARIC IDIOTS. THIS MUST STOP NOW!!!!!
Nr. 40658  Tamara Galloway  United Kingdom These are protected species and the hunters do not even need to eat them!
Nr. 40657  Migda Elizabeth  Venezuela
Nr. 40656  Cam Buchanan  Australia
Nr. 40655  Roshana Molai  Netherlands
Nr. 40654  Andrew White  Australia
Nr. 40653  Paul Mannings  Australia Every year the Faroe islanders embark on what they consider is fun: they drive hundreds of wales and dolphins into a bay trap and then brutally slaughter them. I can't even comprehend why someone leave alone large number of people would act in such a brutal and senseless manner. I think those Faroe Islanders who support leave alone partake in this insane ritual have lost any right to be called civilised you guys are worse than barbaric! I call on you to stop this brutality immediately.
Nr. 40652  Lauren Lemon  Texas
Nr. 40651  Georgia Bailey  Australia Surely we are conscious enough as a species to know that killing and bloodshed is barbaric and unnecessary.... enough already... these gentle giants are a gift to us... leave them to live in a gracious world...
Nr. 40650  Kate Fancher  Washington
Nr. 40649  Jonas Abreu  Brazil
Nr. 40648  Juergen Gebert  Germany
Nr. 40647  Marlize Albers  United Arab Emirates
Nr. 40646  Olga Yafarova Bonvin  Switzerland
Nr. 40645  Lena Vorob'eva  Russian Federation
Nr. 40644  Anne Jenkins  United Kingdom Please stop this senseless slaughter of innocent creatures. Boys can become men without having to kill a defenceless creature. Surely a test of strength and agility could be devised that would provide fun and entertainment without teaching children to be needlessly cruel and violent against a creature that does them no harm. Please become a humane country. Until this trade is stopped I will send this email to 25 people every month and implore them to sign the petition vow never to visit your country and send the email on to 20 friends or acquintances with the same request. The power of email and internet is vast. Please be aware of the voices of humane people who deplore the destruction of any species whether protected or not and please give up this outdated and barbaric tradition. Yours sincerely Anne Jenkins
Nr. 40643  Katja Braeunlich  Germany
Nr. 40642  Barbara Durant  Maryland This is useless death and suffering. Please stop these people!
Nr. 40641  Debbie Sitzer  Canada
Nr. 40640  Rosa María Avila Rivera  Mexico
Nr. 40639  Catherine Garrigus  Ohio
Nr. 40638  Marc Hess  Germany
Nr. 40637  Rainer Boskovic  Netherlands
Nr. 40636  Eliza Wolfs  Netherlands
Nr. 40635  Patrick Hess  Germany Please stop this.
Nr. 40634  Tanya Dushenko  Ukraine
Nr. 40633  Verfaillie Claudine  France stop a la barbarie
Nr. 40632  Ron Rowbottom  United Kingdom I would wish you a happy christmas but feel that any country condoning these actions cannot possibly christian.
Nr. 40631  Àííà Îòðàäíîâà  Russian Federation
Nr. 40630  Irene Vais  Greece
Nr. 40629  Ekaterina Nikishina  Russian Federation better to kill them than animals
Nr. 40628  Miss Papillon  Indonesia
Nr. 40627  George Konyaev  Russian Federation Stop kill dolphins!
Nr. 40626  Sarah Reynolds  Pennsylvania
Nr. 40625  Eric Mercuriadis  Greece
Nr. 40624  Glenn Simonds  Minnesota This dophin and whale killing has got to stop
Nr. 40623  Andrew Fedotov  Russian Federation stop cruelty!
Nr. 40622  Gianluigi Tebano  Italy
Nr. 40621  Îëåñÿ ×àïöåâà Îëåñÿ ×àïöåâà  Russian Federation
Nr. 40620  Jana Mark  Russian Federation It's not a civilization. Stop it :(
Nr. 40619  Sergey Guzenko  Russian Federation ...
Nr. 40618  Nastya Kuret  Russian Federation Ýòî íåäîïóñòèìî! Çà÷åì æå ìû äåëàåì íàøó ïðèðîäó áåçíðàâñòâåííîé????
Nr. 40617  Kristina Palii  Russian Federation stop to do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!stop killing!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 40616  Veronica Lach  Romania
Nr. 40615  Croitor Lilia  Moldova  Republic Of
Nr. 40614  Mariya Ushakova  Russian Federation
Nr. 40613  Aleksander Reznik  Russian Federation
Nr. 40612  Max Vyazovsky  Russian Federation What are they doing. I'm taking my AK-47 and going up there to make them feel the pain...
Nr. 40611  Natalia Pushkareva  Russian Federation PLEASE SWITCH ON BRAINS AND STOP SUCH A MEANINGLESS CRUELTY!!!!
Nr. 40610  Olga Kolesova  Russian Federation
Nr. 40609  Erica Neville  Australia i dont see how japs can kill these wonderful animals. even when look at pictures of this it makes me cry and think why that can do this. i no its for foos or what ever the silly reason it is but there getting endangered and soon we will have no more left. so i rilly want this to stop asap :(
Nr. 40608  Juraj Visvader  Slovakia
Nr. 40607  Erik Jorgensen  California It is a terrible atrocity of sea life and as a danish born citizen I am ashamed of the practise.
Nr. 40606  Sian Lewis  United Kingdom this sickening practice needs to be stopped now. You should be ashamed that you continue to allow this to happen.
Nr. 40605  Connie Hawkins  Pennsylvania For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 40604  Daniel Vetter  Switzerland Animals deserve to be treated with respect! I can't believe this happens in a so called developed country from so called educated people of the first world!!
Nr. 40603  Lindsey F. Jacobson  Minnesota
Nr. 40602  Melinda Dastrup  Utah
Nr. 40601  Viviana Scarcela  Uruguay

Nr. 40600  Raphaëlle Durrer  Switzerland
Nr. 40599  Louis Ng  Singapore
Nr. 40598  Julie Maldonado  Ohio
Nr. 40597  Sudarshan Iyengar  Singapore Dear Prime Minister Jóannes Eidesgaard You have the power to stop this horrifying practice and educate the people of Faroe islands. Thank You. Kind Regards Sudarshan.
Nr. 40596  Lily Arnauts  Belgium
Nr. 40595  Siv Ekra  Norway
Nr. 40594  Diane Pellew  United Kingdom This is a totally senseless and shameful conduct.It cannot be toleratedand will not be tolerated by decent humane beings..We the undersigned pledge to fight on regardless.Diane Pellew Andrew Fairbairn David Parker Doris Parker........SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 40593  Shirley Morgan  Missouri
Nr. 40592  Sheila Zeeman  Australia This is slaughter and totally inhumane cruelty you sow what you reap and are creating bad Karma for yourselves. Please STOP NOW NO MORE!!!!!
Nr. 40591  Karen Campbell  California
Nr. 40590  C. Busby  Tennessee
Nr. 40589  Sidorova Elena  Russian Federation
Nr. 40588  Alyssa Losee  New York
Nr. 40587  David Triggs  Australia This would have to be one of the most disgraceful acts of Animal Slaughter i have seen....an abomination to the Human Race!!!!!
Nr. 40586  Sarah Smith  United Kingdom
Nr. 40585  Carsten Eckelmann  Australia How can there ever be peace in the world if we still follow a tradition of brutality? As long as violence is celebrated in our cultures killing and murder of our own people will keep going on. Stop the violence in your hearts and the world will be at peace! - Carsten Eckelmann Australia
Nr. 40584  Marina Donets  Russian Federation
Nr. 40583  Leïla MANSOURI  France Humans being are so stupid  we had to inspire of the animal's society they kill only for suvive whereas humans kill like they breath.
Nr. 40582  Licia Vangone  Italy
Nr. 40581  Judith Abel  Switzerland
Nr. 40580  Diana Skinner  Iowa
Nr. 40579  Juliana Stinghen  Brazil
Nr. 40578  Felipe Gregory Nascimento Silva  Brazil spread love not blood
Nr. 40577  Svetlana Zotova  Russian Federation No!!! Íåëüçÿ óáèâàòü äåëüôèíîâ!!!
Nr. 40576  Louise Holsters  Belgium Its terribel its not hummen
Nr. 40575  Tony Gallett  United Kingdom All animals deserve to be treated humanely. I hope you take this in account when deciding what needs to be done. Tony Gallett
Nr. 40574  Nicole Imhof  Germany
Nr. 40573  SCHMIDT JOACHIM  Germany
Nr. 40572  Elke Bolinski  Germany
Nr. 40571  Errol Brummer  Ukraine Stop this insane acts of savagery immediately .
Nr. 40570  Brigitte Weik  Germany
Nr. 40569  Harry Ohlsen  Australia I cannot believe that sane human beings could even contemplate the kind of disgusting treatment meted out to these defenceless intelligent creatures. Stop this instanity now!
Nr. 40568  Wendy Theisen-Halsey  Michigan This is a horrible event. That we can witness the slaughter of these animals and do nothing is incomprehensible. Please let me know what I can do to help!
Nr. 40567  Larry Dagg  Canada It is deplorable that a civilized country engage in such a despicable act of wanton bloodshed.For what purpose is this slaughter of whales and other cetaceans warranted?
Nr. 40566  Leonie Pretsel  Australia
Nr. 40565  Ann McGrath  Massachusetts
Nr. 40564  Jakob Grabner  Austria
Nr. 40563  Pawel Komisarski  United Kingdom
Nr. 40562  Magdalena Szaszorowska  United Kingdom
Nr. 40561  Larissa Nys  Belgium
Nr. 40560  Alejandro Gaya  Mexico This madness MUST STOP ASAP!
Nr. 40559  Judy Keys  Illinois A "rite-of-passage" tradition??? This proves that a Faroe Islander is a MAN??? It would only prove an Islander as a Man in my book if the Pilot Whales were able to fight back!!
Nr. 40558  Catherine Hainsworth  United Kingdom
Nr. 40557  Sabine Steffen  Germany
Nr. 40556  Tiago Santos  Portugal
Nr. 40555  Éric Perron  Switzerland Stop and ban this needless so cruel slaughter.
Nr. 40554  Nadia Laine  France
Nr. 40553  Nathalie Grootenboer  Netherlands disgraceful I think one word sums it up
Nr. 40552  Tatiana Korolevskaya  Russian Federation
Nr. 40551  Nikki Balzer  Australia
Nr. 40550  Tristan Van Oosten  Netherlands There is nothing wrong with fishing (while respecting nature) but this is cruelty. Why does the Faroer slaughter so many anyways ? Since it cannot be consumed and exported it is even more senseless needless and downright cruel and insane and this "practice" should be banned.
Nr. 40549  Jeffery Jim  Malaysia Do you need to eat these animals when you have a lot of other kind of fishes and chicken to eat? You are inhuman! I will not drink Danish Beer anymore!
Nr. 40548  CHIARA CODELUPPI  Italy
Nr. 40547  Alex Gunzer  Estonia Please stop the whale- hunt!!!!
Nr. 40546  Jennifer Gardner  Florida
Nr. 40545  Kim Alfredsson  Sweden Please stop this uggly hunting for whales dolphins & other animals. Leave them alone! Not even the tourists like this hunting.
Nr. 40544  Ank Meijboom  Netherlands
Nr. 40543  Elizabeth Linares  Florida This massacure is not only killing the dolphins and whales but the people who eat the meat! Eliminating these and other animals will only lead to our own self-destruction!
Nr. 40542  Aditya P  India This is cruel  they should stop doing this to the whales.
Nr. 40541  Alexandra Pinter  Hungary
Nr. 40540  Adrienn Szabó  Hungary
Nr. 40539  Jacque Burney  Oregon
Nr. 40538  Gabriella Katona  Hungary
Nr. 40537  Amy Anoniem  Netherlands
Nr. 40536  Eugenia Veryaskina  Russian Federation Mr.Jóannes Eidesgaard All this situation is awful. Please do something to stop this unfair cruelty. People MUST be humane!
Nr. 40535  Aprosina Julia Julia  Russian Federation
Nr. 40533  Sharon Spicer  Australia
Nr. 40532  Hay Hofmans  Netherlands schandalig dit zouden ze met hun moeten doen wat ze nu de dieren aan doen anders moeten ze maar iets anders zoeken om zo hun mannelijkheid te bewijzen
Nr. 40531  Richard Svensson  Sweden
Nr. 40530  Annie wijnhoven Wijnhoven  Netherlands schandalig dit moet wereldwijd bekent worden
Nr. 40529  Elza Eggens  Netherlands I'm disgusted. Elza Eggens
Nr. 40528  Rob Henry  South Africa Just shows barberism is alive and well in the 21st centuryand not just in Africa.I weep for the loss of the animals. How do we educate them to stop this slaughter!
Nr. 40527  Ana Eco  Romania
Nr. 40526  Steve Lemarcq  Belgium
Nr. 40525  Anastacia Kuliamova  Russian Federation .
Nr. 40524  David Nisbet  United Kingdom
Nr. 40523  Sarah Puylaert  Belgium
Nr. 40522  Gyöngyi Gosztonyi  Hungary
Nr. 40521  Attila Sztrik  Hungary Its a bloody massacre.
Nr. 40520  Marcelle Pallier  France
Nr. 40519  Suzy McEwen  Australia Bastards....!!!!!
Nr. 40518  Maria Joseph  Illinois
Nr. 40517  Worawan Driskill  California This barbarism needs to stop!
Nr. 40516  Maria Naynova  Russian Federation im love animals
Nr. 40515  Frida Lindén  Sweden This is absolutely outrageous and cannot under any circumstances be allowed to continue.
Nr. 40514  Jerry Bresnahan  Illinois
Nr. 40513  Carolina Sorrentino  United Kingdom where is your compassion?
Nr. 40512  Maria Sluginova  Russian Federation
Nr. 40511  K. Howard  Pennsylvania For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 40510  Victoria Ivashkova  Russian Federation Stop kill whales and dolphins it's great shame! We are people don't forget it...
Nr. 40509  Jean Stadnyk  United Kingdom barbaric murderers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 40508  Shelly Winkler  California
Nr. 40507  Anne RainboWolf  United Kingdom
Nr. 40506  Patrick Raeymaeckers  Belgium
Nr. 40505  Monique Lallemang  Luxembourg
Nr. 40504  Anton Andrée  Sweden A truly terrible act.
Nr. 40503  Aine Whelan  Ireland Just can't believe the Islanders still think this kind of historical ritual is acceptable. Have they no souls or consciences?
Nr. 40502  Novel Annie  France
Nr. 40501  Karen Fagan  Canada
Nr. 40500  Corine Julle  Belgium When you have finished to kill all the precious animals species i suppose that to entairtain your barbarians feelings you will kill the weakest persons after the poorest....Stop to hit your murders behind the excuse of scientist researchs. Liars! Corine Julle
Nr. 40499  Rogiers Benny  Belgium This killing MUST be stopped NOW!!!
Nr. 40498  Gunda Rueders  Germany
Nr. 40497  Abbie Richardson  United Kingdom
Nr. 40496  Edmund Conway  United Kingdom
Nr. 40495  Rose Rose  United Arab Emirates
Nr. 40494  Anna Szaszorowska  Poland For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 40493  Vedharajan Balaji  India
Nr. 40492  Lea Athena Molina  Philippines Dear Prime Minister Jóannes Eidesgaard I deeply oppose to this barbaric practice of slaughtering cetaceans. Cetaceans are already facing global warming so why should you further endanger them by slaughter? You're already lucky because you see cetaceans. How about the other approximately six billion people in this world that would very much like to see them? How about the future generations to come? Would you want them to doubt that cetaceans are not true because they would be already extinct? Please sir please do stop this slaughter of cetaceans. It is a very inhuman thing to do.
Nr. 40491  Rosh Parab  India How come the young generation on the island are willing to do such a cruel act? Some one needs to open their eyes. The revolt against this must begin from within the island. PLEASE STOP THIS CRUEL ACT.
Nr. 40490  Adrian Dancu  Romania Faroe Islands - Stop this madness!!! I don't care about your traditions this is outrageous! Get other traditions to celebrate whatever you want - but avoid this stupid burst of neanderthal practices! Start living in the current century! Opriti masacrul opriti nebunia!
Nr. 40489  Kecsedi Andrei  Romania
Nr. 40488  Andrzej Szaszorowski  Poland
Nr. 40487  Ralph Fraser  United Kingdom Leave 'em be!!! Also the same goes for the Rain Forests!!!
Nr. 40486  CC Ruitenberg  Netherlands
Nr. 40485  Stanka Zura  Slovenia
Nr. 40484  J. Lawrence  New York
Nr. 40483  James F. Bard  Jr.  MarylandI am not a "bleeding heart" animal lover but I find this practice absolutely barbaric.
Nr. 40482  Deanna Albert  Trinidad And Tobago
Nr. 40481  Darina Fedorova  Russian Federation STOP IT!!! =`(((
Nr. 40480  Jaclyn Jenkins  United Kingdom Please stop this senseless slaughter of innocent creatures. Boys can become men without having to kill defenceless creatures. Surely a test of strength and agility could be devised that would provide fun and entertainment without teaching children to be needlessly cruel and violent against a creature that does them no harm. Please become a humane country. I vow never to visit your country unless it is stopped and will send an email on to 20 friends with the same request. The power of email and internet is vast. Please be aware of the voices of humane people who deplore the destruction of any species whether protected or not and please give up this outdated and barbaric tradition.
Nr. 40479  Risica Caputi  Florida
Nr. 40478  Glenn Schreider  Arizona
Nr. 40477  Katherine Tyrrell  United Kingdom This is inhumane. How could people do this to these defenceless animals. They have done nothing to harm them so why do it? What do they need from the whale? Nothing
Nr. 40475  Alicia Vargas  California How can we do this to living beings this is horrible.
Nr. 40474  Maura Lai  Italy
Nr. 40473  Bernadette Dufour  France
Nr. 40472  Tammi Crider  Missouri
Nr. 40471  Irina Permiakova  Israel
Nr. 40469  Arvind Kumar  India For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 40468  Zara Ivanova  Bulgaria
Nr. 40467  Lorin King  Texas
Nr. 40466  Mohammed El-mahmadi  Sweden This is inhumane and hopefully my sayings will have some impactalong with othersto stop this brutal mistreatment of these poor animals.
Nr. 40465  Amanda Barrett  Oklahoma We raised beef cattle. We feed them and cared for them to make sure they were safe for consumption. We then slaughtered them for food consumption. We never cut a baby from its mother's womb nor did we allow them to lay and bleed to death. Their is no reason for what these people are doing. Wiping out entire groups of whales is ignorant. Teaching your young children to follow in your footsteps is ignorance in the making. These people must be stopped!
Nr. 40464  Susanne Noske  Australia This is unbelieveable! Surely Princess Mary of Denmark has knowledge of this shocking crime? Is this some genetic weakness passed down from the brutal Danish Vikings who glorified death on the battlefield? This slaughter by the Faroese of the defenceless whales and other mammals is indeed barbaric in the extreme. I hope the power of the internet can bring pressure to bear on this guilty government.
Nr. 40463  Muriel Mudge  Colorado
Nr. 40462  Tracie Pennypacker  California Dolphins are a lot like us and killing them is murder.
Nr. 40461  Peter Feenstra  Australia It's time for this sensless butcherry to stop.
Nr. 40460  Ute Benz  Germany
Nr. 40459  Maya Bohan  Netherlands
Nr. 40458  Jill Carlson  Maryland
Nr. 40457  Roni Seabury  California
Nr. 40456  Lara Nikolic  Slovenia
Nr. 40455  Domenico Plantamura  Italy it's time for those islanders to wake up ! subhumans sadisitc very sick people they're simply sick..why don't you get a hobby losers
Nr. 40454  Zara Stoyanova  Bulgaria
Nr. 40453  Rebeka Nikoliè  Slovenia
Nr. 40452  Isak Sandberg  Sweden ''The Faroese celebrate the butchery of their victims in an carnival atmosphere of entertainment. Indoctrinated from an early age children are often given a day off school to watch the fun. They run down to the bay and clamber over the carcasses of slaughtered whales. '' That is the most twisted thing ive ever heard.. Who let their children watch this sort of torture? ..
Nr. 40451  Gary Duckering  United Kingdom
Nr. 40450  Peter Nisbet  United Kingdom Stop the slaughter and abuse of all beings."Unlock the cages yes open all the doorsWatch as the captives run free across the floorTurn the key of your heart let the blind seeAnd let all the children run wild and free."
Nr. 40449  Marie Sekund  Sweden
Nr. 40448  Fire Fairy  United Kingdom
Nr. 40447  Aaron Stone  Arizona
Nr. 40446  Johan Grandin  Sweden
Nr. 40444  Eileen Simpson  United Kingdom This is inhumane and barbaric please stop this slaughter immediately and listen to the voices of common sense and compassion.
Nr. 40443  Todd VanderMolen  Florida As a practicing vegetarian I am repulsed by the slaughter of any animal. In the case of the marine mammals whose advanced sentience rivals our own such slaughter is even more abhorrent. It feels like the murder of a fellow human being. The cetaceans are our spiritual cousins and we must fellowship with them not exploit them. It is time we activate the Golden Dolphin legend and set forth a new spiritual period for all creatures. It is time for humankind to enact real 'kind'ness in principle by devoting itself to an ahimsa lifestyle and that begins with the adoption of vegetarianism.
Nr. 40442  Ira Gayll Zamudio  Philippines i absolutely adore these marine mammals and it kills me to see them get slaughtered!! this cannot continue because they never did anything to deserve this!
Nr. 40441  Stefano Melis  Italy
Nr. 40440  Ilenia Podda  Italy
Nr. 40439  Claudia Van Westen  Netherlands Stop the killing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 40438  Beng Beng  Netherlands leven en laten leven is jullie zwijnen duidelijk onbekend. mja begin maar eerst met zelf een leven bouwen zodat je misschien nog als een iemand beschouwt word en zo onschuldigen ook nog eens laat leven
Nr. 40437  Leon Roes  Netherlands what a mess. can't say more then this i guess. human beings behave......please in a proper way. respect the way you want to be treated by other people or animals. bleh.
Nr. 40436  Chantal Schrassert Bert  Netherlands Bizar!!!!!!Stop animalcruelty! Keep the whale and dolphin a life! It makes no sence stop it now! From The Netherlands!
Nr. 40435  Mieke Van den Berg  Netherlands STOP THIS!
Nr. 40434  Mark Ploeger  Netherlands
Nr. 40433  Pieter Smit  Netherlands Please stop this madness!
Nr. 40432  Carliene Zweers  Netherlands
Nr. 40431  Georgio Schultz  Netherlands just horrible! no other words! i'm so angry!!!!!!!!
Nr. 40430  Katie Scarth  United Kingdom this is wrong so wrong .. it is vile !!! it needs to be stopped !!!!
Nr. 40429  Belean Carmen  Romania
Nr. 40428  Susan Benson  United Kingdom This ritual is absolutley barbaric in this age something has to be done by the EEC/Brussels to bring change
Nr. 40427  Tanta Alin  Romania
Nr. 40426  Cassio Emilio  Italy

Nr. 40425  Niederlander Andrea  Netherlands
Nr. 40424  Julie Britton  United Kingdom
Nr. 40423  Nas'ka T.  Russian Federation
Nr. 40422  Sara Portugal  Portugal
Nr. 40421  Michael Finlay  Canada
Nr. 40420  K. Bontenbal  Netherlands
Nr. 40419  ELia Capodarca  Italy STOP
Nr. 40418  Nick Thamphya  Utah
Nr. 40416  Bob Pienkowski  Connecticut
Nr. 40415  Matthew Smentek  North Carolina
Nr. 40414  Vicki Mata  Illinois How cruel can someone be? This is sickening.
Nr. 40413  Naomi Grayson  Australia What people do to animals of all sorts is DISTURBING & WRONG!!! How would you like it if what people do to these INNOCENT LIVING LOVING creatures was done to you?
Nr. 40412  Eva Montealegre  California Whales and dolphins are isensitive ntelligent and important barometers of the ocean's well being. This slaughter is inhumane and shameful.
Nr. 40411  Fernanda Soares Godoy Martins  Brazil Um absurdo sem tamanho... Em nome da tradição é aceito muita coisa nesse mundo.
Nr. 40410  Brooke Pitcairn  Australia This really needs to stop we see this happening every where except there is no end to it. I'm ashamed to be human
Nr. 40409  Lynda Muckle  Canada Why is this not front page news? And we are suppose to be the civilized animals on this planet.....This awful slaughter should be stopped now.
Nr. 40408  Rhyannon Watt  Australia
Nr. 40407  Vladimir Melnikov  Russian Federation
Nr. 40406  Kim Smith  Oregon
Nr. 40405  Ton Boelaars  Netherlands
Nr. 40404  Margaret Klg  Russian Federation STOP KILL DOLPHINS!!!!!!!
Nr. 40403  Joao Batista de Queiroz Bezerra  Brazil Não da pra acreditar... Os homens sao os maiores animais.
Nr. 40402  Joanne Davey  Australia
Nr. 40401  Roblin Severine  France You have more to learn to be proud and human by living with them than to kill it.
Nr. 40400  Iulia Arbune  Romania
Nr. 40399  Lisanne Veraart  Netherlands Really terrible and totally unnecessary!!
Nr. 40398  Auke Wieringa  Netherlands
Nr. 40397  Saskia Van der Linden  Netherlands
Nr. 40396  Ina Klugt  Netherlands
Nr. 40395  Dragana Davidov Radojcic  Serbia And Montenegro
Nr. 40394  Marina Naumenko  Ukraine !!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 40393  Jurjen Nutterts  Netherlands I can not believe wats here happensits a shame for The Faroe Islands en this must stop.STOP KILLING
Nr. 40392  Dennis Robbemond  Netherlands
Nr. 40391  Alanna Armstrong-McCarroll  United Kingdom
Nr. 40390  Chandra Merx  Netherlands
Nr. 40389  Deborah Van Aalst  Netherlands This is so unnecessary!!!!! Please stop
Nr. 40388  Marie-Elise Goebbels  Netherlands
Nr. 40387  Mir Verkaaik  Netherlands This is theribble and in this time there is no need to kill annimals like dolphins... a specially on tht brutal way how unhuman!
Nr. 40386  Gelmarean Alin  Romania
Nr. 40385  Esther Koning  Netherlands

Nr. 40384  D. Wijnants  Netherlands Please stop this brutal violence. It's insane that this still happens. Animals should have the same rights as human! These men should be convict to jail.
Nr. 40383  Bianca De jong  Netherlands it most stop what else can we do here in Holland?
Nr. 40382  Ari R. Kolman  Canada I’m sickened and disgusted. Please stop the Holocaust already!! Animal Abuse and Sick Behavior. The World Is Watching You and we will take action.. How do you sleep at night? People who do these things to innocent animals (who scream and cry and feel the pain) should be arrested and put in jail. And I will work on this to happen.
Nr. 40381  Els Van der Reep  Netherlands This is horror. How can people do this. I cried when I saw the pictures. Animals are better creatures than humans so how is it possible that we think we have the right to do these things.
Nr. 40380  Sabina Blom  Netherlands
Nr. 40379  EEva Smit  Netherlands This is insane!
Nr. 40378  Stefano Paluello  Denmark
Nr. 40377  S.C. Van Schagen  Netherlands
Nr. 40376  Paul B  Netherlands Weet zelluf.
Nr. 40375  T.M. Lakeman  Netherlands It's time to stop this brutal display of human beastianity...!!!!!
Nr. 40374  Van Stockum  Netherlands
Nr. 40373  Ana Cunha  Brazil I just CAN'T belive that this does exist... I'm crying... Cruel ones :( STOP PLEASE!
Nr. 40372  Ivan Sanders  South Africa
Nr. 40371  Miryam Faken  Netherlands It's of no use that these beautiful intelligent animals get slaughtered like this.Please stop the killing so our grandchildren and their children can still enjoy the beauty of the whales.Thanks for your time and effort Miryam Faken
Nr. 40370  Andrew Bobrovitskiy  Ukraine Where is Greenpeace?
Nr. 40369  Julia Eitner  Netherlands
Nr. 40368  Autumn Sun  California
Nr. 40367  Bernard Ho  Hawaii Please stop this slaughter of Whale and Dolphin in the Faroe Islands.
Nr. 40366  Shanna Dunn  New Mexico
Nr. 40365  Hennie Van der Ziel  Netherlands
Nr. 40364  Karla Gunner  New Zealand I am absolutely disscusted there is no need for this and they should not get away with this.
Nr. 40363  Laura Cyr  Washington
Nr. 40362  Paultje De Rooij  Netherlands ow my god that's horror:S.. how would they like if we did that to them:S... this is not normal this is monsterlyk:(...
Nr. 40361  JuliNNA RICKMAN  Virginia
Nr. 40360  Katana Elbrecht  Wyoming This must be stopped!!
Nr. 40359  Alex Smit  Netherlands
Nr. 40358  Manu Donkers  Netherlands it's just f*ckin' HORROR !!!!!!!!!
Nr. 40357  Mariska Hooites  Netherlands
Nr. 40356  Annelore Van herwijnen  Netherlands
Nr. 40355  Bob De Leng  Netherlands
Nr. 40354  Natasja Bouman  Netherlands
Nr. 40353  D.J. Jansen  Netherlands Why does anyone need to increase the impact of this letter? Simply watch the pictures... Very weird that the people who are part of this slaugthering think of themselves as HUMAN beings... It makes me sick...
Nr. 40352  Ingeborg Breuers  Netherlands
Nr. 40351  Ingeborg Breuers  Netherlands
Nr. 40350  Aalders Hak  Netherlands T.A.H.
Nr. 40349  Rachel Philippoz  Switzerland It's a shame...
Nr. 40348  Gloria Weidum  Netherlands This is such a terrible way of ending other beings life and it is absolutely unacceptable. Is has to stop!
Nr. 40347  Anett Kulcsar  Netherlands tradition or not Im sure u wont be a better man if u do this...
Nr. 40346  Duncan Lispet  Netherlands
Nr. 40345  Angelique Van boxtel  Netherlands please let me feel like a sensitive social animal!!!!! We as humanbeings are not superieur 2 whatever creature.
Nr. 40344  Peter Henneman  Netherlands
Nr. 40343  Mahalia Van Vliet  Netherlands Disgusting. What year do we live in again? We should know better.....This should not be tolerated!
Nr. 40342  KYLIE HEALY  Canada Are we not more evolved than this?
Nr. 40341  Shanna Mumm  Canada Please stop the killing and show some respect for our oceans our earth! We are slowly killing ourselves by disregarding the balance of the universe.
Nr. 40340  Loretta Harnarine  Canada There are no words to describe how upset and disgusted I am and feel when I see what humans are capable of. How horrible is this?
Nr. 40339  Antonello Imborgia  Italy
Nr. 40338  Joost Van den driest  Texas go dolphins!
Nr. 40337  Susan Esselman  Netherlands I love all the animals and people should have more respect for all of them.
Nr. 40336  Mare Van Oosterhout  Netherlands This is just disgusting... I can't look at the pictures they are to horrible to watch!
Nr. 40335  Rory Blokzijl  Netherlands I think it is horrible and almost surrealistic that these kind of things happen in this modern century. They should be ashamed of themselves!
Nr. 40334  Jeroen Robbertsen  Netherlands Shame on you!
Nr. 40333  Valetko Alina  Belarus
Nr. 40332  Debby Biekart  Netherlands i couldn't look at those horrible pictures this insanity got to stop NOW!!!
Nr. 40331  Lisa Noort van  Netherlands please stop this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 40330  Niederländer Greet  Netherlands
Nr. 40329  Marc Haarman  Netherlands STOP THIS INSANITY!
Nr. 40328  B B  Netherlands
Nr. 40327  Quicita Martin  Netherlands
Nr. 40326  P Demer  Netherlands
Nr. 40325  Irene Campfens  Netherlands If this is the way for young men to show the world they are true and brave men then Denmark should grow up herself! This is a really shocking ritual and I'm very sorry that the world didn't know about this earlier...
Nr. 40324  Bercea Sorin  Romania Opriti aceste masacre!
Nr. 40323  G. j. Klugt  Netherlands
Nr. 40322  Martijn Eversen  Netherlands
Nr. 40321  Susan De graaf  Netherlands NO more whale and dolphin slaughtering anymore PLEASE!!!!
Nr. 40320  Shirley Hendriks  Netherlands
Nr. 40319  Judith Spendel  Netherlands
Nr. 40318  R. Kraan  Netherlands
Nr. 40317  Sabine Fraaije  Netherlands
Nr. 40316  Els Van der Ham  Netherlands
Nr. 40315  Nannette Van der Meij  Netherlands man is not superior the earth is not here to serve us! if we were blessed with our mind why don't we think about these actions? if we were blessed with our mind and we can develop and come up with such great ideas that we no longer have to live in a cave... Why do we still behave like caveman??
Nr. 40314  Alison Williams  Australia Disgusting & barbaric.
Nr. 40313  Marc Hoogenboom  Netherlands I am a vegetarian and if i was not i would be after seeing those pictures! How cruel can a human be?! This must stop. Those guys are crazy. I will not go there (or to Denmark as i planned for summer 2009) for a holiday untill it stops! PLEASE STOP THIS KILLING!
Nr. 40312  Sandra Veggelers  Netherlands Vreselijk de beelden. op deze aardbodem zijn wij DE MENS het grootst en het gemeenste DIER!!!!! Dieren slachten elkaar af omdat zij moeten overleven kwa voeding maar wij DE MENS krijgen er blijkbaar een kick van. Gelukkig ik niet. Ik schaam me hiervoor VOOR DIEGENE DIE ZOIETS DOEN DOEN DOEN!!!!!!
Nr. 40311  Amanda Wooll  South Africa This is too shocking for words living in SA we have some of the best whaling sighting in some of our coastal areas and to think something like this is happening across the world is too terrible. May the perpatrators go to hell....and know why!
Nr. 40310  Rachel Hawkins  United Kingdom This should be stopped immediately it's cruel and totally disgusting.
Nr. 40309  Isabel Madelung  United Kingdom Although the petition uses inflammatory language and does distort the facts slightly I am totally against the senseless and brutal killing of these intelligent creatures whales and dolphins alike. Considering the whale meat is apparently contaminated with mercury and cadmium it even presents a health risk to the people eating it! So stop this terrible practice but help the islanders find a cheap alternative source of meat.
Nr. 40308  C. De Vin  Netherlands Stop the blood bath of these wonderful creatures!
Nr. 40307  Carly Tarett  United Kingdom
Nr. 40306  Bas Woudsma  Netherlands Stop these barbaric acts! It is 2009 now. We do not live in the stone age anymore! We are civilised now. These creatures have done you no harm at all. You will not even use them for food. You kill them for the pleasure of killing. This is intolerant behaviour! You kill them just to show your manly hood? If you are a real man you would not kill a defenceless innocent whale. Breaking such a horrible tradition will not be a shame for you It will give you lots of credits all over the world! Replacing old horrible traditions with new more sophisticated ones is not a bad thing! Many have don so before you.
Nr. 40305  Mirjam Duin  Netherlands
Nr. 40304  Mihai Farcas  Romania I wish those criminal to be whales and to get exacly what they are doing to them. They are criminal and nothing in the world could explain their killings.
Nr. 40303  Tony Driessen  Netherlands to kill these highy developped living beings will make the killlers karma go bad BIG TIME.... so for all you "fisherman' ....good luck with your future live(s) you'll be needing it...or become human... and stop your activities please.. find alternatives... so you can live in light and with compassion in your hart
Nr. 40302  Michael Barnes  Australia Danes and Faroe Islands people are too civilized to condone this inhumanity - PLEASE respect our wild life and stop this slaughter now!!!!
Nr. 40301  Mariska Steeman  Netherlands STOP IT NOW!
Nr. 40300  Amanda Best  California
Nr. 40299  Leslie McFarland  Ohio
Nr. 40298  Cammie Burke  Georgia I am shocked and appalled that this practice continues. It is not for sustenance and it is wasteful and cruel. Please put a stop to it!
Nr. 40297  Zen Crosby  Australia Wheres the respect
Nr. 40296  M. Kroes  Netherlands
Nr. 40295  Roland Hendriks  Netherlands
Nr. 40294  M Volpe  California
Nr. 40293  Sjaak Lammers  Netherlands
Nr. 40292  Nicole Haras  Netherlands stop killing dolphins and whales it's really sad that in the year 2009 killing of these animals still takes place and in a very shocking way!
Nr. 40291  Darren Ohare  United Kingdom
Nr. 40290  Shirley Arntz  Netherlands Stop killing these beautifull creatures of the sea!!
Nr. 40289  Kioon Tamo  Netherlands
Nr. 40288  Jeannot Stéphane  France It is proven that Dolphins have mind soul are being with thoughts and feelings. Even if this customs are diving into Feroe's history nowadays this is just a crime.
Nr. 40287  Bianca Fermont  Netherlands
Nr. 40286  Sonja Koomen  Netherlands For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 40285  Katalin Rozsa  Hungary
Nr. 40284  Janice Burke  New Jersey
Nr. 40283  Charlotte Hoogenboom  Netherlands
Nr. 40282  Rob Van 't Hullenaar  Netherlands Selfish Bastards !!!!
Nr. 40281  Maarten Huisman  Netherlands Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Give me one good reason to keep up this killing when it's not because the Faroese people are start starving!
Nr. 40280  Marc Van de Velde  Netherlands
Nr. 40279  Katia Kojina  Russian Federation Dolphin to kill easier it will not harm. Go to kill sharks!!! Start up will gobble up you!!
Nr. 40278  Natasja V zeeland  Netherlands nobody wants this so why kill more? STOP THIS BULL SH.. !!!!!!!!
Nr. 40277  Vincent Velema  Netherlands Give the whalers another way of getting their income so the whales and dolphins can be safe!
Nr. 40276  Susan Church  Colorado
Nr. 40275  Sakina Malaihollo  Netherlands
Nr. 40274  Lisamarie Dean  Texas These are SENTIENT beings not commodities. Besides eating animal protein from ANY kind of living being is hazzardous to your health.
Nr. 40273  Marlene Pitarello  Brazil Estou chocada e envergonhada dos seres humanos ao ver tamanha barbárie no site http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrJfsH7wsFc Parem imediatamente com tamanha barbárie!
Nr. 40272  Erin Koke  Netherlands it's too brutal and it should be stopped as soon as possible. it's unbelieveble that this can go on. where's the humanity
Nr. 40271  Vera Fleischhauer  Netherlands
Nr. 40270  R Schaaf  Netherlands It has to be stopped it's a shame!!
Nr. 40269  Wendy Breedijk  Netherlands I think it is absolutely disgusting what's going on. Animals and humans need eachother and are equal in their own way. If men would be slaughtered this way then it would be a different story and the whole world would get into action. But now... why not now???
Nr. 40268  Jacq Van Son  Netherlands
Nr. 40267  Karrie Hockenberry  Pennsylvania
Nr. 40266  Carolien Schra  Netherlands STOP THE KILLING
Nr. 40265  Lucy Russell  United Kingdom Stop this vile act now. To say that I am sickened would be an understatement. This is one of the most disgusting examples of man's idiocy I have ever seen. You should be ashamed.
Nr. 40264  E Roor  Netherlands
Nr. 40263  Jerrene Meier  Illinois THIS IS BARBARIC-STOP IT NOW!!!
Nr. 40262  Ineke Stolk  Netherlands
Nr. 40260  A. Taylor  Netherlands
Nr. 40259  Renske Rombouts  Netherlands
Nr. 40258  Ida Samara  Netherlands
Nr. 40257  Nicole Hagoort  Netherlands stop
Nr. 40256  Monique Jaspers  Netherlands Giving children a day off school to watch the fun!!!???? How sick can anyone be? Strange that everything goes so bad in the world if this is how children grow up these days!
Nr. 40255  Manja marijse Van Opdorp  Netherlands PLEASE STOP KILLING IN THIS WAY AND IN THIS AMOUNT!!!
Nr. 40254  Mirjam Ras  Netherlands
Nr. 40253  Inesa De Bruin  Netherlands
Nr. 40252  Marjon Van Angeren  Netherlands It's terrible! Now a times we have several foodsupplies to eat and it isn't necessary to kill the humanloving whale! Stop killing the whale and eat something else! You have not to do it anymore for hunger!
Nr. 40251  Lauren Bennett  United Kingdom
Nr. 40250  Tolga Catalkaya  Turkey Hope those killers will reborn as whales and suffer the same
Nr. 40249  Eline Lotter Homan  Aruba This is horrible!!!! Truely an act of barbarism and pointlessness.
Nr. 40248  Jelleke Cremers  Netherlands
Nr. 40247  Bas Janssen  Netherlands STOP the senseless and brutal killing of these intelligent creatures NOW!
Nr. 40246  Syl Hermsen  Netherlands shame on you animal torturer
Nr. 40245  Fatin Maryam Mohd Khalid  Malaysia I was shocked and speechless by these barbaric acts from this supposedly civilised country. This act is pointless and an embarressment. This mindless slaughter must be stopped by all means necessary as they are killing innocent whales and dolphins without sympathy or regret.
Nr. 40244  Danielle Van der Poel  Netherlands
Nr. 40243  Lizel TaN  Philippines
Nr. 40242  Sas Slijkhuis Buck  Netherlands Its really horrible  we must stop it!!!!
Nr. 40241  Patty Wijnants  Netherlands It's a shame that men who are insecure about themselves think that this kind of ridicules and absurt behaviour proves that they're men. It's simple: It does'nt!
Nr. 40240  M.G. Unck  Netherlands This is terrible!!!! I didn't know a country like Denmark allows such tragic events. If I had a boyfriend who did THIS to prove he's a man... I would take away his manly things!!! This MUST STOP!!!!
Nr. 40239  Jacqueline Dante  Netherlands
Nr. 40238  Karen Sawyer  United Kingdom Seeing the pictures of this slaughter has left me very distressed and cannot believe that so called intelligent human beings are responsible for such a meaningless massacre
Nr. 40237  Carola Goulooze  Netherlands
Nr. 40236  Sascha Schaufeli  Netherlands IT HAS TO STOP NOW!!!!!!! MURDER!!!!!
Nr. 40235  Hilma Schonewille-Kroezeb  Netherlands I can't believe this!!! I've never heard of this slaughter before and cannot believe that this is happening in a country like Denmark!!!
Nr. 40234  Lara Sala  Netherlands I thought that you Denemarken was a land like the Netherlands. But you look moore like afghanistan Congo Eretrea Iran. Please Chance!!!! This is a SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 40233  Leontien De graauw  Netherlands opmerkelijk: allemaal mannen. .MAARGOED. Let these man go do something else with their sparetime. Losers.
Nr. 40232  Van hecke Edwina  Belgium
Nr. 40231  JJM Van Lanen  Netherlands
Nr. 40230  Amber Davis  United Kingdom The horrific killing of these beutiful and gentle creatures needs to be stopped now!!!this kind of cruelty should not be acceptable but rather punished severely!!!!
Nr. 40229  Stefania Cucca  Italy
Nr. 40228  A.A. Zijlstra  Netherlands
Nr. 40227  Senkala Pavlos  Netherlands For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 40226  Eelco Goosen  Netherlands It is incredible that men to be are capable of killing innocent whales and dolphins just to show their masculinity! It is an atrocity against the living species. This really has to stop! Please start to use common sense in the name of the animals.
Nr. 40225  P.W. Volbeda  Netherlands
Nr. 40224  Ronald Aan de Wiel  Netherlands It's a crime what people all over the world are doing to the whales and all sorts of other animals!!!
Nr. 40223  Jeroen Van els  Netherlands a shame for mankind
Nr. 40222  Nina Ooijman  Australia please stop the killing off these beautiful animals people we should be ashamed off our selfs for destroying this planet.
Nr. 40221  Carlo Ponti  Netherlands Crazy world Crazy People!
Nr. 40220  Kimberley Kersemakers  Netherlands
Nr. 40219  C.T. Van der Ven  Netherlands Stop the Killing
Nr. 40218  Albert Jamieson  South Africa This is simply barbaric and why are you allowing to continue?
Nr. 40217  Thanh hang Le  Viet Nam

Nr. 40216  Joan McKay  Australia I think the needless slaughter of these fine animals is disgusting! We are supposed to be an intelligent & feeling species but it is not proved by these dreadful actions!!
Nr. 40215  Teresa Dixon  New York
Nr. 40214  Nam Nhu  Viet Nam Don't kill the whale and dolphin they aren't hurt people...
Nr. 40213  Tobias Duysens  Netherlands For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 40212  Brian Driscoll  Illinois
Nr. 40211  Richard Notenboom  Netherlands
Nr. 40210  Sandra Van den Oetelaar  Netherlands Belachelijk. Dit zijn geen beesten het zijn monsters van mensen. Dieren doen zoiets niet die hebben respect! Walgelijk. Die mensen hebben het recht niet om zélf te leven!!! Deze mensen moeten nog veel leren over respect!!! Klootzakken zijn het! Laat het alsjeblieft stoppen en wel héél snel!!!
Nr. 40209  Megan Crozier  Pennsylvania “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”. Mahatma Gandhi
Nr. 40208  Maxine O'Connor  United Kingdom The slaughter of these beautiful creatures must be stopped!
Nr. 40207  Ash Tamboer  Netherlands OMG WTF?! This is unnatural... Denmark folks are weird!
Nr. 40206  Britt George  Netherlands This has to stop right now ! People who do this don't even belong on this earth i hate them!
Nr. 40205  Ronald Verkaaik  Netherlands Shame on you people !!!!
Nr. 40204  Priscilla Hoek  Netherlands yhey have to stop this nonsense. I would rather let them kill eachotter to find out who's the real men. because these people are just a bunch of immiture idiots!!
Nr. 40203  MIRO HAZUCHA  Slovakia human is so stupid
Nr. 40202  Jolanda Van Nunen  Netherlands STOP IT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!
Nr. 40201  Samiracles debane Debane  Netherlands
Nr. 40200  Helen Knapen  Netherlands Amazing that this happens in a "civilized" country! Shame on you!
Nr. 40199  Elmy Weijtmans  Netherlands
Nr. 40198  M Mennen  Netherlands stop it!!
Nr. 40197  Yolanda Heusschen  Netherlands Stelletje idioten hebben die niks beters te doen nou die mannelijkheid die is meteen flink gedaald volgens mij.
Nr. 40196  Leo Munson  United Kingdom
Nr. 40195  Shiona Franke  Netherlands I'm shocked to have seen this message! Very horrible this! Very UNCIVILIZED!
Nr. 40194  Gary Sumpter  Missouri
Nr. 40193  L Scholten  Netherlands
Nr. 40192  Samantha Ernst  Netherlands I really hate the people who can do this i just dont understand how you can hurt a animal at sucha cruel way shame on the people who kills this greatsweet and beautiful animals
Nr. 40191  José Spaargaren  Netherlands
Nr. 40190  Mirjam Jansen  Netherlands Please don't do this!!!!!
Nr. 40189  Marga Van Asten  Belgium
Nr. 40188  Elke Wolvinya  Netherlands
Nr. 40187  Veronique Wolff  France I have heard of this and I reported to Born free Foundation
Nr. 40186  Karin Mantz  Netherlands Wie zijn hier de beesten
Nr. 40185  Clive Vince Frendo  Malta And this is considered a sport.. what is the world coming to?
Nr. 40184  Cristel Meeuwissen  Spain Eve animals don´t do this to each other!
Nr. 40183  Johan Van der meer  Netherlands
Nr. 40182  Alma Luttje  Spain
Nr. 40181  NE Emmer  Netherlands Disgusting sickening gruesome... There isn't a word excisting that can express this horrible faint action.
Nr. 40180  Kelly Derkx  Netherlands stop this horror!
Nr. 40179  Bregtje Halenbeek  Netherlands Stop this slaughter!!!
Nr. 40178  Maria Hiriart  Argentina
Nr. 40177  Jolanda Van Eenennaam  Netherlands Mayby we can try this bij the boys self? I don't understand this how can you life with your self if you can do such horror things. Jolanda
Nr. 40176  Carolyn Eaves  Netherlands
Nr. 40175  Ellen De bruine  Netherlands Niet normaal dit moet echt zo snel mogeljk stoppen
Nr. 40174  Agata Wajsowicz  Netherlands PLEASE STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 40173  Anouk Smit  Netherlands I can't believe this happens in Europe! Stop the killing !!!!!!!!!!!!! I've never seen such a horrible thing!
Nr. 40172  Eduardo Osorio  Venezuela Just Barbarian to allow these kind of things in the 21th century!! Very Sad!!!
Nr. 40171  Nanda Kornelissen  Netherlands please STOP this killing this is barbaric!!!!!!
Nr. 40170  F Van Leeuwen  Netherlands
Nr. 40169  M. Keuter  Netherlands
Nr. 40168  Debbie Rhebok  Netherlands
Nr. 40167  A  Douma  Netherlands
Nr. 40166  Muriel Colier  Netherlands I cannot believe that this is happening.. Im so sad and angry this is happening in this world. Please end this horror today!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 40165  Cristian Mocanu  Romania
Nr. 40164  Steven Dow  Netherlands
Nr. 40163  Kelly Berg  Netherlands
Nr. 40162  FJ Prinsloo  South Africa If you need to prove something join the army and go and fight a war. Don't pick on defenseless animals because that just proves that you're inferior and scared!
Nr. 40161  Marjolein Koek  Netherlands
Nr. 40160  Rene De Groot  Netherlands Quit slaughtering innocent animals. If you want to show your manhood to others go armwrestling
Nr. 40159  Eveline Beuman  Netherlands We need the dolfin-energy!!!
Nr. 40158  Alex Jellema  Netherlands
Nr. 40157  Rob Van der Wiel  Netherlands IT'S A DISGRACE!!!!!!!
Nr. 40156  Lienie Knier-koster  Netherlands stop the killing!!!!!!!
Nr. 40155  Antonia Vittori  United Kingdom
Nr. 40154  Diana V/d Bok  Netherlands
Nr. 40153  Hazel Coverley  United Kingdom you still think we were the chosen race? maybe God should have chosen whales - they'd be more likely to look after the planet. there are so many examples of this sort of thing and it makes me ashamed to be a human every time i hear about one. one good thing about being a human - i have the power to make it stop and i will try my level best
Nr. 40152  Laurie Groenink  Netherlands
Nr. 40151  Anneke Bras  Netherlands
Nr. 40150  Djamel De Ligt  Netherlands It makes me sick this is still happening in the year of 2009. You would think the human being is more developed than these action. I wish more people would see the bigger picture... Do people really think that we're a chosen race. We're all chosen also these animals.
Nr. 40149  Renee Dekker  Netherlands
Nr. 40148  Linda Van Opijnen  Netherlands Sick Sick Sick people...disgusting STOP killing these lovely animals
Nr. 40147  Matthew DeVoe  Connecticut
Nr. 40146  Karin Sanders  Netherlands Each time i see such a horror i cry inside and it also makes me angry. Those animals also have a right to live. Stop this senseless killing.
Nr. 40145  Karin Andringa  Netherlands Are you nuts? Stupid idiots! I thought Denmark was a civilized country. Can't you see this is murder!! You don't kill animals and definately not dolphins!!
Nr. 40144  D.O Nijenhuis  Netherlands STOP the murder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 40143  Tyronne Fourie  Namibia
Nr. 40142  Von Corstjens  Netherlands I will never visit Denmark again if this does not stop!!!! Awfull
Nr. 40141  Marije Harteman  Netherlands WHY?????
Nr. 40140  Simone Bierman  Netherlands
Nr. 40139  J.M.L. Van Lieshout  Netherlands I cannot believe this is happening! SHAME SHAME SHAME
Nr. 40138  Annemarie Arends  Netherlands
Nr. 40137  Giovanni Hoek  Netherlands
Nr. 40136  Suzanne Klappe  Netherlands
Nr. 40135  Yvonne David  Georgia
Nr. 40134  J.C. Groeneveld  Netherlands JG
Nr. 40133  Marjolijn Van donk  Netherlands Stop this horrible slaughter of innocent anImals NOW!
Nr. 40132  Jade Neff  Pennsylvania
Nr. 40131  Miranda Van den dobbelsteen  Netherlands
Nr. 40130  Angelique Kenter  Netherlands
Nr. 40129  Jennier Lorenzi  Italy stop stop stop...immediately stop this horror!!!
Nr. 40128  Sharon Bridgeman  Missouri
Nr. 40127  Bianca Schuster  Netherlands This is sick what's kind of idiots they are to kill these beautiful creatures? When I see this I'm a shame to be a human....
Nr. 40126  Lot Monhemius  Netherlands STOP THIS MURDERERS NOW!
Nr. 40125  Jessica Lindsay  Washington the whales deserve peace and if the people cant learn that right now then ill go over there and teach them a lesson!
Nr. 40124  Sijtje Jansen  Netherlands this is too discusting to talk about! stop the nonsense start some awereness. Are we not ready yet to take responsibiltiy for our own actions? please look in their eyes when you slaughter these wise animals
Nr. 40123  Nguyen Hong Phuong Thao  Viet Nam I can't believe all whale were killed terribly .Why have a silly custom like that?It's really a evil
Nr. 40122  Jordy Bulten  Netherlands I can understand the need for meat studies or other things this animals might be killed for. But this is a massacre for fun with very inteligent creatures who are is stress. I cant's accept this to go on like this!
Nr. 40121  Rita Jordao  United Kingdom No words are needed to discribe this crime that keeps being commited by a fellow european state. Shame on them! And shame on us to let this happen in the 21st century.
Nr. 40120  Linda Blomqvist  Sweden
Nr. 40119  Judith Versluis  Netherlands People who do that don't have a heart...I would love to do the same thing to the people who do this...I have no words for it...this is very very cruel... this cannot go on..we have to do something!!
Nr. 40118  Ronald Van Breemen  Netherlands Please stop this cruel ritual!!!
Nr. 40117  Marjolijn De Nijs  Netherlands
Nr. 40116  Fabienne Dier  Netherlands These animals do not deserve this!! This is absolute madness!!!!!
Nr. 40115  Job Blaas  Netherlands
Nr. 40114  Ìóíòÿíó Ìèõàèë  Russian Federation
Nr. 40113  Elimor Bader  Netherlands
Nr. 40112  Lex Den Hartog  Netherlands This needs to be stopped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 40111  Maggie Bourgonje  Netherlands This has to stop!!!
Nr. 40110  Lettie Poldervaart  Netherlands The stupid people think they are strong but its week to KILL.STOP/STOP/STOP THE KILLING
Nr. 40109  Job Van amerom  Netherlands Bloody shame
Nr. 40108  J.L. De Jonge  Netherlands Stop !!!
Nr. 40107  AJW Moes  Netherlands
Nr. 40106  Joyce Luteyn  Netherlands STOP THIS SLAUGHTINGH NOW!!!!!
Nr. 40105  Schruijer Michael  Netherlands
Nr. 40104  Candice Davis  Texas
Nr. 40103  Cees Tanja  Netherlands These guys are criminals and Killers they should go to jail!!!
Nr. 40102  Rachael Boggs  New Zealand I am disgusted and shocked that such violent cruelty exsists especially in todays world what a disgrace and shame on humans!
Nr. 40101  Hennie Pol  Netherlands STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP
Nr. 40100  Jeannine Ardita  Massachusetts
Nr. 40099  Kirstie Robertson  Australia This is sick - with all of the problems in the world that we cannot fix surely disgusting activities such as this should come to an end. Why would anyone want to do something like this? what are they used for?? It's mass murder these are mammals letting this continue is a crime a crime against the whales and dolphins a crime against nature - all who participate in this blood bath should be ashamed and named! Please please stop this killing frenzy.
Nr. 40098  Dara Wakely  New Zealand
Nr. 40097  Abigail Dela cruz  Philippines please end this inhuman killings =(
Nr. 40096  Jo Tagg  New Zealand Please... End Whale & Dolphin Slaughter in the Faroe Islands
Nr. 40095  Daniela Sirocchi  Arizona I couldn't believe this incredibly brutal act is actually real. Are we still in the dark ages?????
Nr. 40094  Piek Rinaldhi  Indonesia
Nr. 40093  Jogien Wilms  Netherlands
Nr. 40092  Elisabeth Westerlund  Sweden
Nr. 40091  Valesca Zandvliet  Netherlands
Nr. 40090  Kristel Noordergraaf  Netherlands Can we compare Denmark with Japan?? It sure looks like it...
Nr. 40089  Américo Domingos  Portugal Kill your dads and than you show that u are a men.
Nr. 40088  Paulina Szatanska  Netherlands I have no words for this!!!!!!
Nr. 40087  Jan O. Staal  Netherlands Stop these ridiculous activities!
Nr. 40086  Danielle Den Edel  Netherlands This should not be happening in 2009.....stop this!!!
Nr. 40085  Faye Worner  Australia Please stop the whaling now!!!
Nr. 40084  Marco Brokken  Netherlands Somethings you dont do as a human. This is on of those things. Killing living animals is bad.
Nr. 40083  Renee Van Dongen  Netherlands This has to stop! Only sick peoplebehave like thi!
Nr. 40082  A.M. Van den Berg  Netherlands
Nr. 40081  Liza Barbetsea  Greece
Nr. 40080  Bertram Hofmann  Netherlands
Nr. 40079  Dannielle Bloos  Netherlands
Nr. 40078  Mark Beckers  Netherlands
Nr. 40077  Tanja Korenhof  Netherlands It's for our own benefit and future that we treat ourselves others and everything that lives with love and respect if we don't we have to take the consequences for the world and our own spirit..I pray for the day that human beings will take their responsibility for the sake of our planet..
Nr. 40076  D.K. Daane Bolier  Netherlands
Nr. 40075  Nicole De Raad  Netherlands stop this nonsens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 40074  Carol Wagner  Canada
Nr. 40073  Stephan ullrich Ullrich  Netherlands
Nr. 40072  Willem Kom  Netherlands
Nr. 40071  Andrei Mahalnischi  Romania What a shame! There is really no other economic alternative to be offered to the whale-killers? I think it's also the BIG FAULT of the buyers: if they wouldn't ask for "whale-products" nobody would sell them so whales would be secure.
Nr. 40070  Christi Stewart  Texas
Nr. 40069  Van Roest  Netherlands
Nr. 40068  Monica Hopman  Netherlands Dit moet stoppen dit mag niet zomaar doorgaan vreselijk!!! STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT
Nr. 40067  Eva Hoogenboom - Plomp  Netherlands
Nr. 40066  Bas De Leeuw  Netherlands These animals have feelings.
Nr. 40065  Norbert Waaijer  Netherlands
Nr. 40064  Frederico Gonsalves  Portugal
Nr. 40063  Brenda Brenda  Netherlands
Nr. 40062  Irene Stolker  Netherlands
Nr. 40061  Saskia Daane Bolier  Netherlands Please stop this murdering! Dolphins are intelligent and amazing creatures. No animal or human being should be treated this way!
Nr. 40060  Malerba Maria  Italy
Nr. 40059  Jessica Heesen  Netherlands
Nr. 40058  J. Moes  Netherlands
Nr. 40057  A van der Voort Smit  Germany
Nr. 40056  Jantje Brandinga  Netherlands
Nr. 40055  Rob De Waal  Netherlands Unbelievable horrorble highest animal cruelty!!!
Nr. 40054  Lara De graaf  Netherlands
Nr. 40053  Annemarie Veen  Netherlands
Nr. 40052  Nanette Hoven  Netherlands Wat denken die mensen wel niet? Dit mag toch niet gebeuren. Die ONSCHULDIGE dolfijnen worden gewoon afgeslacht om helemaal niks. Sommige mensen deugen echt niet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 40051  Nick Hoogervorst  Netherlands If they dont stop kill those animals i will come denmark !!!
Nr. 40050  Emmy Bink  Netherlands Only horrible people can be so cruel! I'm shocked!!
Nr. 40049  Jacques Van Hesteren  Netherlands How sick you must be to do these barbaricidiot murders.
Nr. 40048  Judith Lommen  Netherlands I couldn't believe my eyes. This in Europe??? I am very sad people think they can make more of their manhood whit this getverdemme!
Nr. 40047  Barbara Van Gool  Netherlands
Nr. 40046  Ron Mulder  Netherlands
Nr. 40045  Siccama Irene  Netherlands I am very shocked!!!
Nr. 40044  Norma Van Deurzen  Netherlands Please stop this brutal murder at once and make sure this will never happen again ever. It is a shame that the young men in your country slaughter these whale-dolphins. Again please stop this at once!
Nr. 40043  S Van hesteren  Netherlands I can hardly believe it - is this true? If so can it please stop a.s.a.p.? And: these people have to be prosecuted for animal-tormenting.
Nr. 40042  Andrea Senci  Serbia And Montenegro this is one of the most barbaric rituals i have ever heard of... killing an innocent creature for fun? and teaching your children that this is acceptable by giving them a day off from school? this is attrocious!... please stop this madness before it's too late! :(
Nr. 40041  W. Rosbag  Netherlands This is too absurd for words really. I would expect something like this (sadly enough) in Asia but Denmark? I thought Denmark to be more cultivated than that. Sad.
Nr. 40040  Lysianne Plieger  Netherlands
Nr. 40039  Nikla van der Horst Van der Horst  Netherlands
Nr. 40038  Robin V Casteren  Netherlands Looks like the world is going insane.
Nr. 40037  Alexander Jansen  Netherlands Stop this cruelty now
Nr. 40036  Faye Verkroost  Netherlands Please stop this killings!
Nr. 40035  L Schreuder  Netherlands
Nr. 40034  Andrew Sirocchi  Washington
Nr. 40033  Bonnie Beckman  Florida How very very sick! If this is "entertainment it is one of the most disgusting things I've ever heard of. And children are given a day off from school to watch this? How sick.;
Nr. 40032  Nicole Whitaker  California
Nr. 40031  Danny Sopacua  Netherlands
Nr. 40030  Phaedra Kwant  Netherlands
Nr. 40029  Ramon Franklin Doornekamp  Netherlands It is the impossibility of reason and total disregard towards life that defines these men.
Nr. 40028  Janek Keizer  Netherlands
Nr. 40027  Ted Van Vliet  Netherlands Incredible! Please stop this whale and dolphin slaugther!!!
Nr. 40026  Estel Nieuwenhuize  Netherlands
Nr. 40025  Bardo Hogendoorn  Netherlands Please stop this killing of innocent dolphins!
Nr. 40024  Carla Repossi  Italy
Nr. 40023  Kimberley Mandemaker  Netherlands
Nr. 40022  Nadine Romero  California This is horrific. The pictures alone are disturbing but the story is much worse. The words are so impactful that I couldn't stand to read through the whole story much in the same way I can't stand to watch a scary/horror movie. Imagine I was being chased this way and then brutally murdered. Whales and dolphins are sensitive and smart they feel the pain and the horror of the events that are taking place. What's worse is they don't die immediately. They suffer brutal attacks on their bodies and their psyche. Please stop the brutality. Thank you.
Nr. 40021  Ann Filonova  Russian Federation awful!!
Nr. 40020  Sander Breggeman  Netherlands to find a truth reaching further then our materialized world is just to look around and see what nature has to give us
Nr. 40019  Zaïra Margaritha  Netherlands
Nr. 40018  E Wijngaarden  Netherlands
Nr. 40017  Barbara Kloster  California
Nr. 40016  Robert Xxx  Netherlands The most intelligent animals on our planet Killed.. by the need for consumption.. Before u use the word 'humanity'.. think of what mankind did to these animals! This MUST end!!!
Nr. 40015  C. Van der Veeken  Netherlands A Western European country with disgusting middle aged barbaric traditions. WTF????
Nr. 40014  Trudy Alijk  Greece
Nr. 40013  Camilla Young  Pennsylvania
Nr. 40012  Jacqueline Vm  Netherlands laat het aub stoppen!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 40011  Sara Venniker  Netherlands STOP!!!!!
Nr. 40010  Serge Pokorny  Netherlands This is a shame for humanity.
Nr. 40009  Shalia Spears  Florida Words cannot express the sorrow I feel at seeing this horrible picture. Are we not trying to save the Earth and all the creatures for our children and the future generations to enjoy and learn? These being were put on this Earth for a reason - do not take them away by letting this madness continue.
Nr. 40008  Joyce Voskamp  Netherlands Please stop this horrible slaughting! Why does a men has to proove he is a man?????
Nr. 40007  Nani Barnes  California Please put an end to these brutal killings. These are some of the most precious marine life our world has to offer! Respect their right to live.
Nr. 40006  Marjan Meester  Netherlands
Nr. 40005  Annie D.  Estonia
Nr. 40004  Aretha Crout  California Whales and dolphins are sensitive intelligent social animals. This hunt equates to torture of the most horrific variety. Please stop this medieval and barbaric ritual!
Nr. 40003  Sylvana Oliviero  Netherlands it is disgusting that this lovely and intelligent animal is treated this way. Please show some respect for this special seacreatures!!!! Sylvana Oliviero
Nr. 40002  Jolanda Jansma  Netherlands
Nr. 40001  Helle Lindskog  Sweden

Nr. 40000  Jildou Wijnstra  Netherlands I have no words for this...
Nr. 39999  Deborah Giesen  Netherlands Stop deze schandalige gebeuren!!!!!
Nr. 39998  Irene Hoekstra  Netherlands Please stop this madness... are those people in Danmark crazy... my god it is 2009 and still it is possible for people to behave like this?!... Please STOP THIS STUPID MAN
Nr. 39997  Leonie Pluyter  Netherlands
Nr. 39996  Robin Heimsoth  United Kingdom
Nr. 39995  Tiago Sousa  Portugal [The whale meat] cannot be exported; as it is polluted with heavy metals and other toxins and therefore cannot meet EU heath standards for human food. -- this is IMHO more criminal than the whale killing itself and with blame spread over a much wider community.
Nr. 39994  Debby Meurs  Netherlands
Nr. 39993  Korenhof Korenhof  Netherlands
Nr. 39992  L. Van Boven  Netherlands This is just horror!! What kind of beast could do this to any innocent animal? It has to stop now!
Nr. 39991  Marleen M. Van Ooststroom  Netherlands
Nr. 39990  Martijn Tanger  Netherlands
Nr. 39989  K. Visschers  Netherlands STOP THESE CRUEL MURDERS !!!!!
Nr. 39988  Silvia Tallian  Austria Stopp immediately to killing the whales!! What a stupid tradition!!!
Nr. 39987  Michaela Rakuscha  Austria Please stop this unhuman killing!!!
Nr. 39986  Remy Postma  Netherlands
Nr. 39985  Karin Winkelbauer  Austria
Nr. 39984  Karin Boon  Netherlands
Nr. 39983  Mike Van der Velde  Netherlands Where is the love ... ?? Danmark open your eyes
Nr. 39982  Esther Ruu  Netherlands
Nr. 39981  Vivienne Baanders  Netherlands This must be stopped!!!!!!!
Nr. 39980  Tanya Scott-Tomlin  United Kingdom
Nr. 39979  Ilona Van Leeuwen  Netherlands
Nr. 39978  Rodney Ijzer  Netherlands STOP!!!
Nr. 39977  E.C.P. Van de Pas  Netherlands The Whale & Dolphin Slaughter is a shame for humanity.
Nr. 39976  Gigi Broekhart  Netherlands Gigi (10):I am so happy that I have a normal daddy.
Nr. 39975  Ron Broekhart  Netherlands Unbelievable these guys are no men but beasts. We have to protect the animals against the beasts.
Nr. 39974  Julia Ermakova  Russian Federation Íåëþäè!!!! Ãîñïîäè äà ÷òî æå ýòî òàêîå!!! Êóäà ñìîòðÿò îðãàíèçàöèè Greenpeace!!!!
Nr. 39973  Sharmila Ramdhani  Netherlands
Nr. 39972  Sydney Walper  California
Nr. 39971  Felix Garza  Texas
Nr. 39970  Courtney Colton  Canada this is sick! and not to mention completely unnecessary!
Nr. 39969  Denise Donaldson  New Zealand There are many longstanding rituals which need to be stopped. I don't know why this one ever started but for heavens sake please don't let it continue.
Nr. 39968  MAXIM Devichinsky  Russian Federation Ïðèâåò! Äóìàþ÷òî íóæíî ïðèâëå÷ü ê ýòèì ñîáûòèÿì æóðíàëèñòîâòåëåâåäóùèõ è ïðîñòî ïîïóëÿðíûõ ëþäåé. Îá ýòîì íåëüçÿ ìîë÷àòü!!!!!! Ýòè êàäðû äîëæíû áûòü íà ìíîãèõ ñòðàíèöàõ â èíòåðíåòå. åñëè ÿ ìîãó ïîìî÷ü- îáÿçàòåëüíî íàïèøèòå!
Nr. 39967  Den Hollander  Netherlands Dear Faroeer men we all have to leave certain habits if we want to preserve earth. Please end this killing and find something else to impress each other. If you have the courage to end this the world will be impressed by you...
Nr. 39966  Esther Roels  Netherlands sorry it makes me speachless 2 see such brutal eliminations of one off gods most beautiful creatures.
Nr. 39965  Mariet poschkens Poschkens  Netherlands
Nr. 39964  Lennart Pieters  Netherlands Please do what you can to prevent this slaughter
Nr. 39963  Sandra Ronza  Netherlands Very Very sick and stupid 'tradition'. Please stop it!!! It's 2009!!!
Nr. 39962  Carola Stolk  Netherlands O my god those people really makes me sick!!!
Nr. 39961  Bastiaan Baaij  Netherlands As a human I love to feel and care for a warm and loving enviroment. As a musician I feel and play what nature gives me. As a buddist of the SGI I seek for the Kosen rufu. I pray that these men find the love in them self and not have convince there manhood by killing a loving creature. Let them stop and find peace for humankind and animals. Nam-myho-renge-kyo. Go with love and a smile. Bastiaan Baaij DMDP Music & DMDP Records inc. with The Didgeridooschool Rotterdam the Netherlands www.dmdp.nl www.didgeridooschoolrotterdam.nl
Nr. 39960  M Staal  Netherlands How can this be happening in I thought to be civilized world? It's mediaeval unnecessary and most of al cruell!!
Nr. 39959  Anna Voorthuijsen  Netherlands
Nr. 39958  Vicente Jiménez  Spain
Nr. 39957  Miguel Albert Verdú  Spain
Nr. 39956  Trinidad Payá  Spain
Nr. 39955  Jesús Graciá  Spain
Nr. 39954  J Vd linden  Netherlands
Nr. 39953  Kimberly Kol  Vermont For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 39952  David Hersey  New Hampshire If humans are to live in Peace how can killing animals lead to this. Such killing for sport or just plain pleasure can only lead the a lack of respect for human life as well.
Nr. 39951  P. Van Rijn  Netherlands
Nr. 39950  N. Gardenier  Netherlands
Nr. 39949  Claudia Verdaasdonk  Netherlands THIS CRUEL ACT MUST BE STOPPED!!!! How could those people do this. I would really like to know if those people liked it when it is the other way around so that the people wil be cut open!!!
Nr. 39948  Maurice Van de velde  Netherlands
Nr. 39947  Marcosss Game  Netherlands marco sssssss game
Nr. 39946  Shaun Walker  Arizona www.Nesara.us
Nr. 39945  Pia Samson  Philippines Tragic. People should stop being so selfish.
Nr. 39944  Elisa Brongers  Netherlands
Nr. 39943  Judith Van den Hoogen  Netherlands This is insane!!!! They can better fight to each other if they want to do something with their male hormones
Nr. 39942  Olivia Sohn  New York
Nr. 39941  I. L. Barkey  Netherlands
Nr. 39940  Adriana De Jong  Netherlands Stop it! I'ts the 21th century don't behave like fools!
Nr. 39939  Rik Veenhuijsen  Netherlands
Nr. 39938  Barend Mechielsen  Netherlands
Nr. 39937  Nancy Fields  Florida This has made me physicall ill....these beautiful gentle & loving creatures are being slaughtered - with no regard to how special they are and also without regard to the pain they experience. STOP THIS USELESS TORTURE NOW!
Nr. 39936  Tamara Matulessy  Netherlands
Nr. 39935  Mandy Zwemmer  Netherlands
Nr. 39934  Ralph Van der Wel  Netherlands It's really a big shame killing animals on this way.
Nr. 39933  Anastasia M  Russian Federation
Nr. 39932  Daniela Greco  Italy
Nr. 39931  Robert Castein  Netherlands Stop killing animals!
Nr. 39930  Angélique Van Greuningen  Netherlands Stop killing animals!
Nr. 39929  René Van Hertum  Netherlands Humans think !! ... What to do with conscience if we block it most of the time !! We THINK we rule the world but we are becomming LESS than them ... Humans are so smart ... We kill for pleasure
Nr. 39928  Rob Dupper  Netherlands
Nr. 39927  Kamile Hengelmolen  Netherlands
Nr. 39926  Le Neillon Isabelle  Netherlands Stop!
Nr. 39925  Erwin Brunink  Netherlands
Nr. 39924  A Kouwenhoven  Netherlands belachelijk
Nr. 39923  Dominikas Swietlik  Netherlands
Nr. 39922  Véronique Beekhuis  Netherlands
Nr. 39921  MURIEL SMITH  United Kingdom
Nr. 39920  Patricia Donners  Netherlands this is a horrible thing and needs to be stopped immediatley i never knew humans could be this cruel and inhuman
Nr. 39919  Helma brouwer Laurentzen  Netherlands
Nr. 39918  Denise Borburgh  Netherlands F*ckers
Nr. 39917  Michael Boggs  New Zealand Senceless slaughter
Nr. 39916  Maaike Van der Kaaij  Spain Seems even worse than the bullfighting in Spain! Although thats horrible too!!! I dont understand how human can be so cruel
Nr. 39915  Simone N  Netherlands Stop hier mee!!!! Je slacht elkaar toch ook niet af!!! dat kun je beter doen dan die onschuldige dieren........die zo lief zijn voor de mensen! Stop hier mee als je blieft!!!! Het is niet om aan te zien.....
Nr. 39914  Judith Kommeren  Netherlands
Nr. 39913  Martine Blesgraaf  Netherlands I am horrified... I know bad thinks happen in the world with animals... and this is one of them... Cruel mean horrible.. words can not say what I feel when I see this... STOP THIS NONSENCE AT ONCE !!!
Nr. 39912  Roxanne De Leeuw  Netherlands Why!!!!!
Nr. 39911  Anita Clemmer  Maryland
Nr. 39910  Cor De jager  Netherlands keep your hands off
Nr. 39909  Cristian Van de Sande  Netherlands S.O.B.!!!!!!!
Nr. 39908  Paul Troalic  United Kingdom This is disgusting and barbaric. Stop it now. The Faroese are a disgrace to the human race.
Nr. 39907  Albert Mannak  Netherlands This has to stop.
Nr. 39906  Carry Van Rijn  Netherlands people who can do this terrible act must be put in jail!
Nr. 39905  Jolanda House  Netherlands this has to stop!!!
Nr. 39904  Sandra K  Netherlands Offcourse I'm signing in. Any kind of animal slaughter has my support !!! It makes me sad and breakes my heart !!!
Nr. 39903  Wiebe Hoogakker  Netherlands
Nr. 39902  Johan Boshuis  Netherlands
Nr. 39901  Ria De Graaf  Netherlands stop deze belachelijke walgelijke bezigheden.
Nr. 39900  Elizabeth Kingdom  United Kingdom
Nr. 39899  Shelley Popp  Texas
Nr. 39898  Dorian Hacking  Netherlands
Nr. 39897  Mariette Meester  Netherlands increadable.
Nr. 39896  Jeroen Buter  Netherlands sick stuff should be illegal those ppl doing that should get death sentence
Nr. 39895  Salih Cinar  Netherlands WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 39894  Kirsten Drooger  Netherlands
Nr. 39893  Jan Kramer  Netherlands
Nr. 39892  Luchi Elena  Italy vergogna!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 39891  Van hal I H A G  Netherlands
Nr. 39890  Bruna Sampaio Gluszewicz  Brazil
Nr. 39889  Satiri Giuseppe  Italy CIVILTA'?!
Nr. 39888  Shirley Van der leeden  Netherlands Ongelooflijk!! Diep triest vind je eht logisch dat walvissen en dolfijnen verdwijnen....:S
Nr. 39887  Daniel Ratsch  Netherlands
Nr. 39886  Kees Put  Netherlands
Nr. 39885  JP Van Deurzen  Netherlands I don't understand these people. Really i don't
Nr. 39884  Julia Leonhardt  Virginia
Nr. 39883  Debbie Sommer  United Kingdom
Nr. 39882  Claudia Degeling  Netherlands
Nr. 39881  Esther Nahuijsen  Spain Stop this horrible waistless killing life is about sharing and respecting. For humans aswell animals!!!
Nr. 39880  Joclyn Barnett  Indiana You should be ashamed. This is a disgusting & brutal act which display the EXACT OPPOSITE of maturity.
Nr. 39879  Kas Butter  Netherlands
Nr. 39878  Jean-luc Romeijnders  Netherlands
Nr. 39877  Nirvana Flier  Netherlands This is a disgrase to our so called modern European status. Please make sure that this kind of mis- behavior will end!!!
Nr. 39876  Nayana Dell'Armelina Rocha  Italy
Nr. 39875  R. Kroos  Netherlands
Nr. 39874  Wendy Van Dijk  Netherlands This is horrible!
Nr. 39873  Lukas Henretta  Sweden
Nr. 39872  MISTY MOORE  North Carolina
Nr. 39871  Marianne Beyers kasbergen  Netherlands
Nr. 39870  Karin Lute  Netherlands really horror please stop this horrible actions
Nr. 39869  Pepijn Van halderen  Netherlands To my opinion no whales or dolphins should be killed worldwide!
Nr. 39868  Gerda Veldman  Netherlands

Nr. 39867  Manon Van assema  Netherlands killing makes a man?????are we living 20.000 years ago? everything is growing with the earth every plant and animal is trying to grow and adjust that is normal and the way she (earth)works. it is only because of humans there is not enough time. verything is working together (see BBC Planet Earth) good question: what are WE doing here???
Nr. 39866  Esther Baptiste-Schopenhouer  Netherlands
Nr. 39865  Eva Hendriksen  Netherlands This is absolutely too cruel too be true. Stopp the killing!
Nr. 39864  Patricia Van Nieuwpoort  Netherlands
Nr. 39863  Valerie Reinartz  Netherlands this is a schame! The animals must pretected for this beast as a human! How can they be so crull to the dolfins. We must love the animals and dont hurt them...
Nr. 39862  Ruth De Kleiijn  Netherlands How grown up and masculin can you be beating an innocent animal......
Nr. 39861  Ivonne Maijer  Indiana I have never seen such barbaric slaughter in my life and for what.... to show your a man... try your muscles on each other why don't you....but don't take it out on innocent dolphins... You're a bunch of cowards and your tradition stinks!!
Nr. 39860  Marlies Dortmundt  Netherlands it's really horrible!
Nr. 39859  Candice McMilan  Canada
Nr. 39858  Chris Dalitz  Germany stop this slaughter humans don't need this in modern times i want that my grand children this beautiful creatures can see in real life and not just in history books and i have too tell them look that where beautiful dolphins but we human beast have slaughter them and thats why they now are extinct i would shame myself from the botom of my hart
Nr. 39857  Anne Chan-Ly  New York Please stop the killing of innocent animals it is such a sad scene I beg of you to stop this.
Nr. 39856  Karin Halsall  Australia In a modern society like it is today (2009) it's unhuman to kill these beautiful creatures for so called manhood! It's because of these kind of acts we dig our own grave in the end. We need the animals more than they need us! Without them there's no life on earth! Respect the food chain (eat pray not the hunter and don't kill for fun!) and stop these barbaric cruelty before it is too late!!!
Nr. 39855  Tasya Moiseeva  Russian Federation
Nr. 39854  Artem Chepurnoy  Ukraine
Nr. 39853  Vincent Lotter Homan  France Guys please stop this awfull cruelty. Everyday we see war stupid men slaugther pollution animal slaugther nature being demolished. And now this stupid unneeded animal cruelty. We life to share this world with all other species in the hope our children will be able to life as we do. If this continuous you grandchildren will read your stupid acts in history books and will never be able to a real life whale themselves.
Nr. 39852  Hans R. Holdijk  Netherlands I didn't believe this ! In Denmark ?
Nr. 39851  Laura Swift  California
Nr. 39850  Lya Gijsenbergh  Netherlands
Nr. 39849  Kristey Tobiassen  Canada I can't believe that this kind of barbaric act is still allowed in this day and age.What have we accomplished in the past 100 years that we think this kind of act is still okay.These are creatures with feelings and yes even families.Shame on all of you.
Nr. 39848  Nathalie enochina Fransen  Netherlands ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!!!!!!!
Nr. 39847  Laura Jongerden  Netherlands
Nr. 39846  Denis Van ostaijen  Netherlands for the people who do these thingsi don't have any sympathy. what if we haunt them and kill them one by onehow will they feel then.
Nr. 39845  Wanda Perry  Wyoming
Nr. 39844  Eva Van Grootel  Netherlands Stop thisplease!!!
Nr. 39843  Helen Van Grondelle  Netherlands
Nr. 39842  Anita Forster  Netherlands
Nr. 39841  Jacqueline Kock  Netherlands
Nr. 39840  Ashutosh Mishra  Netherlands
Nr. 39839  Djana Buenaasia  Netherlands
Nr. 39838  Patricia ...  Netherlands
Nr. 39837  Marike JANSEN  Netherlands
Nr. 39836  Claudia Heemskerk Schepers  Netherlands wat een zonde!! wat een schande!! en wat een 'mannen'!! dit zijn lafaards die gebruik maken van de nieuwgierigheid en de vriendelijkheid van deze dieren!! ze moeten zich juist vereerd voelen dat deze dieren zo graag contact met ze willen maken en in plaats daarvan krijgen ze dit!!ze worden gewoon keihard VERMOORD!!!!
Nr. 39835  Rosalinda Barneveld  Netherlands
Nr. 39834  Tatyana Solovyova  Russian Federation
Nr. 39833  Sara Leenhouts  Netherlands
Nr. 39832  Tamara De Glas  Netherlands
Nr. 39831  Daniel Vanrunxt  Taiwan Dear people involved in the meaningless massacre of those animals please do reflect that any harm you do to any others WILL come back to yourself to your environment. As no sincere prayer goes in vain no senseless act of violence goes in vain. Committers of violence are harming their very selves their families their countries our earth. That's the rules of the game brothers. Are you prepared for that? - No jokes or silly threats here.-
Nr. 39830  Marissa Lenting  Netherlands STOP KILLING THE DOLPHINS YOU ...........!!!!!
Nr. 39829  P. Rebel  Netherlands
Nr. 39828  Jessica Peelen  Netherlands Danmark: SHAME ON YOU!!!!!! I can`t believe this is happen in Europe!!!! There is no reason for killing this beautiful Animals to prove that your a man! Such SICK traditions....when you have a D*ck between your legs that also to prove that your a man right???? If not then you had none.....This makes me sooo ANGRY!!!! I can not understand the danisch gouverment...are they blind or totaly insane???? Maybe they make some money out of this sick traditions and thats the reason for closed their eyes for this sickness!! GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 39827  Renee Essary  Pennsylvania I have found whales to be fascinating creatures since learning of their existence in elementary school. I have even more respect for them as an adult. Why must a society celebrate wanton acts of cruelty in the face of the world? Can something be done to protect these majestic sea animals from this slaughter. If so please make us aware so the killing can be stopped!
Nr. 39826  Olaf Hendriksen  Netherlands
Nr. 39825  Merel Boer  Netherlands
Nr. 39824  Petronella Bruinsma  Netherlands Dolphins must live please let this cruelty stop
Nr. 39823  Lammert De Vries  Netherlands Please stop this cruelty to the dolphins please
Nr. 39822  Lies De Vries  Netherlands Please stop this cruelty to the whales
Nr. 39821  Danielle Dirken  Netherlands
Nr. 39820  Kitty Gabriels  Netherlands I cant believe that people still think that killing poor defendless animals in such a cruel en cowardly manner is an act of bravery and a proof of your manhood! Even if it is tradition it does not mean that it is a valid reason for this madness. It makes me sick to my stomach and ashamed of my fellow Europeans: the Danish people! Please start a new tradition for your young man one that does not include the torture of these beautiful animals. As you are intelligent people I am sure you can find an other way. Thank you!
Nr. 39819  W. Nijdam  Netherlands stop this brutal killing imediately.
Nr. 39818  Julie White  United Kingdom Please stop this horrific slaughter. There must be better things your young people could do to show they are grown up.
Nr. 39817  Hero Werkman  Netherlands Stop slaughtering and eating animals they have consciousness too and there DNA is almost like ours. Why violence when you can choose love
Nr. 39816  Marcel Takken  Netherlands
Nr. 39815  Marjolein Kelder  Netherlands I was shocked when i saw these pictures you would think that it is not possible now in 2009 for these things to happen. This has to stop!
Nr. 39814  Aradhna Changoer  Netherlands
Nr. 39813  Nico Sandman  Netherlands
Nr. 39812  Huub De Graaf  Netherlands When the meat is left to rot on the beaches no economic purposes are served by these deeds then these acts are a clear sign of barbarism and left overs of traditions that are clearly not from these times.
Nr. 39811  Yvonne Meester  Netherlands
Nr. 39810  Hein Brik  Netherlands This DOLPHIN-SLAUGHTER is dreadful. This is horrible. This is cruelly and inhuman. How come a decent government like the Danish government can let this happen??!!
Nr. 39809  Albert Borkent  Netherlands Denmark wake up! World wake up! AL
Nr. 39808  Elly Nierop  Netherlands
Nr. 39807  Federico Lai  Italy
Nr. 39806  Van Sijll  Netherlands The whale and dolphin slaughter in the Faroe island is horrible disrespectufl to the animals rights to liva and inhuman behaviour. I strongly ask you to do all you can to stop this outrageous activity. your sincerely
Nr. 39805  Iduna Schrijvers  Netherlands
Nr. 39804  Majella Zwart  Netherlands
Nr. 39803  Simone Duffin  Australia
Nr. 39802  Lokamata Dasi  Netherlands A disgrace for the human race!!!
Nr. 39801  Lieselotte Van tilburg  Netherlands
Nr. 39800  Dan Bekkering  Netherlands Human and animalrights go hand in hand loose one and the other shall loose too.
Nr. 39799  Courtney Damen  Australia
Nr. 39798  Charles Ayers  Pennsylvania STOP THIS!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 39797  Lee Allen  Canada
Nr. 39796  Johan Klarenbeek  Netherlands New evidence in scientific research suggests incredible intelligence of dolphins in general. Dolphins are capable of constructing and understanding complex gramatical constructions of language in a matter that was only seen in the mammal world by humans. I understand that the meat is great & tasty but I recon that a lot of cannibal tribes must have thought that too!
Nr. 39795  Ana Kavnik  Slovenia Unbelievable. The killing must stop!
Nr. 39794  Hielkje Kloosterman  Netherlands
Nr. 39793  JOHAN KONING  Netherlands You don't believe this happens  with so many dolpins
Nr. 39792  Ad Vermeent  Netherlands
Nr. 39791  Maria m. Soto Valentin  Puerto Rico please stop animal cruelty maria m. soto valentin
Nr. 39790  Van der Meulen  Netherlands I will never go to Denmark ever again! I'm shocked and have cancelled my plans for the summer. Denmark must not be proud of the killing of these animals for I have not seen it in any of the hollidaybrochures! Disgusting!
Nr. 39789  Floor Van Huizen  Netherlands
Nr. 39788  A Van der Beek  Netherlands it let my threw over bleeeh this is horror
Nr. 39787  Chris MacKrell  California
Nr. 39786  Kuba Dmyszewicz  Netherlands Hell on earth!
Nr. 39785  Fred Kruys  Netherlands Schande dat zoiets nog steeds kan in 2009!!
Nr. 39784  Karin Nierop  Netherlands Please listen to the cry of the whale! They are God's beautiful creatures and should not be killed for the mere purpose of hunting & cultural celebrations. Please hear our cry give these wonderful creatures the chance to survive in an already endangered environment for which we bear the responsibility. Sincerely Karin Nierop Amsterdam The Netherlands
Nr. 39783  Ilse Verhagen  Netherlands
Nr. 39782  Mireille Gehlen  Netherlands
Nr. 39781  J.C. Van der Lee  Netherlands
Nr. 39780  Julie Testin  California
Nr. 39779  Roberta Menzak  Canada This is absolutely outrageous and these people should be ashamed to call themselves humans.
Nr. 39778  Harry Wassink  Netherlands This is really horrible.
Nr. 39777  Sven Calis  Netherlands Stop it now! Whales are sensitive social animals!
Nr. 39776  Alie Oehlenschlager  Netherlands
Nr. 39775  Cindy Van vugt  Netherlands
Nr. 39774  Myra Driessen  Netherlands Give me one good reason why to kill the dolphins. There is no And that's what they know This is a message to all haunters... Hope you will be a dolphin yourself next life. !
Nr. 39773  Anke Den Brok  Netherlands it is a disgrace for the human race!!!
Nr. 39772  Monika Taušová  Czech Republic
Nr. 39771  Barbara Del court konig  Netherlands sensitivity will help us all especially human beings...
Nr. 39770  Jennie Van der goot  Netherlands ???? WHy!
Nr. 39769  Simone Vaas  Netherlands Make a end of the whale and dolphin slaughter! It is not done in this time in which we know how we need them en respect their intelligence. Why must those sensitive and social animals suffer and for what!? Nothing can makes this right! Please stop!
Nr. 39768  Gaya Branderhorst  Netherlands Why???
Nr. 39767  E Van Velzen  Netherlands Stop this cruel slaughter! It's really disgusting!!!!!
Nr. 39766  Yem Van leeuwen  Netherlands this really has to end as soon as possible
Nr. 39765  Filep Kirihio  Netherlands I am appalled by these atrocities and I can hardly believe that some people can commit these crimes. I pray that this petition will end this senseless slaughter.
Nr. 39764  Viviane B  Belgium Please stop the whale and dolphin slaughter !!!! I find this barbaric and horrible ! How hartless are these people who do this ??? They destroy mother natures most intelligent and kind creatures in a sickening way... PLEASE put an end to this !
Nr. 39763  Lisette Groot  Netherlands it must stop!
Nr. 39762  Leonsito Reina  Netherlands
Nr. 39761  Jaffar Dawood  Bahrain
Nr. 39760  Ed Peelen  Netherlands
Nr. 39759  Floor Van der hart-Roosenschoon  Netherlands Animals are innocent creatures humans are the beasts mostly!
Nr. 39758  Bérard Hervé  France
Nr. 39757  Christian Oskamp  Netherlands
Nr. 39756  Bob Van der Vliet  Netherlands People don't know what the impact is when they do these foolish actions. This has to stop! Maybe a role for Greenpeace?
Nr. 39755  Nancy Van der winden  Netherlands
Nr. 39754  M Van soolingen  Netherlands
Nr. 39753  Merel Jagt  Netherlands There is no need to kill the dolphins
Nr. 39751  Natalie Van der Most  Netherlands Stop It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 39750  Bev Seguna  Canada Unbelievable!!!
Nr. 39749  Kuna Portier  Netherlands
Nr. 39748  Gill Lee  United Kingdom Such ugly barbarism is totally unacceptable in the EU today. If the faroese were starving to death & had to hunt them in the wild for food and desptached the animals humanely - that might be defensible.
Nr. 39747  J. McKay  Netherlands Stop this and please let the people of Denmark know that this is against all we stand for.
Nr. 39746  Henri De Weert  Netherlands Let those young men fight eachother to proof their manhood instead of slaughtering innocent and defenceless animals. This is absolute madness.
Nr. 39745  Marieke Den Boer  Nepal Stop it!!!
Nr. 39744  Suzanna Van der Voort  Netherlands Are the people in Denmark still living in the stone ages having fun in killing beautiful mammals in this way? Is this what they are teaching their children the adults thinking persons of Tomorrow? It is a disgrace for the entire nation of Denmark to be proud of such a bloody and brutal slaughter of innocent animals also children of the Earth. I urge you to stop the killing and change your attitude and history into one of respect and compassion towards all living creatures on this planet. There is enough violence and disrespect in the world and we humans are in desperate need of Leaders who whill stand up for a life with common sense righteousness and with the use of conscienceness towards all living things.
Nr. 39743  Johannes Tiemens  Netherlands
Nr. 39742  Juan carlos Machado  Canada
Nr. 39741  Andries Tromp  Netherlands
Nr. 39740  Astrid Huizer  Netherlands
Nr. 39739  Astrid Van Oostrom  Netherlands This is unbelievable! I thought the Danish people where intelligent. Now I know beter.
Nr. 39738  Anastasia 1  Russian Federation
Nr. 39737  Clive Dodd  Malta Please stop this butchery
Nr. 39736  Nataliya Tykhonchuk  Ukraine
Nr. 39735  Anna Mazzini  Italy
Nr. 39734  Annalous Kuijlenburg  Netherlands
Nr. 39733  A Van vilsteren  Netherlands Discusting that people can do this. here are no words for
Nr. 39732  Sigrid Lagerroth  Sweden
Nr. 39731  Anouk Kruseman  Netherlands
Nr. 39730  Jan Van den Berg  Netherlands
Nr. 39729  Zacharias K  Netherlands STOP KILLING GODDAMN BASTARDS
Nr. 39728  Mariska Coenen  Netherlands stop It please these animals dont deserve this so STOP IT!
Nr. 39727  Alexandra Keddeman  Netherlands The difference between humans and animals is that humans can decide what's good or not. And killing those animals just to show off your manlyhood is wrong! History thought us that humans can always defeat animals if they want and how it is done here proofs only cowardness everybody can kill an animal that is driven into a closed bay by others. Nowadays we have the insight we have to take care of the earth and this is doing the opposite. I think he UN has to do something about this!
Nr. 39726  Dasha Kotelyanets  Ukraine SUCH RAW TREATMENT IS DULLY AND INHUMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 39725  Sanne Meijerink  Netherlands
Nr. 39724  Anja Biemold  Netherlands
Nr. 39723  Hans Den Besten  Netherlands Stop It
Nr. 39722  Harriette Tigchelaar  Netherlands boycot Denmark!
Nr. 39721  R.B. Vogelaar  Netherlands There is no animal as cruel as the human being. Shame on the evolution as it has to take such sacrifices
Nr. 39720  J.L. Karrenbeld  Netherlands
Nr. 39719  Karlein Jansen  Netherlands omg this is horable!! i really dint know this is happening right there.... it has to stop now!!!!!
Nr. 39718  Chhiv Leng Koeu  Australia
Nr. 39717  Mirella Burgess  Australia
Nr. 39716  Alyne Venson  Brazil For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 39715  Christine O'Connor  Australia This cruelty has to STOP!!
Nr. 39714  Thomas Nordwest  Austria Dear Prime Minister Johannsen and the Tourist board of the Faroe Islands This is a shameful tradition for a modern country like yours! As a successful international artist and composer I will do everything in my power to boycott your country if you don't stop that insanity at once! Regards Thomas Nordwest
Nr. 39713  Ewald Brouwer  Netherlands
Nr. 39712  Karin Kloet  Netherlands
Nr. 39711  D.K.V. Van Kleef  Netherlands it is truly unbelievable that we still alow this kind of cruelty.
Nr. 39710  P.J De Sterke  Netherlands
Nr. 39709  Theo De Nier  Netherlands
Nr. 39708  Bernice Horstink  Netherlands
Nr. 39707  M. Burger  Netherlands Dit is toch verschrikkelijk. Daar moet onmiddelijk mee gestopt worden.
Nr. 39706  Estella Horstink  Netherlands horrable
Nr. 39705  Ingrid Kraal  Netherlands
Nr. 39704  Stef Sanders  Netherlands
Nr. 39703  Donny Straube  Netherlands
Nr. 39702  Mike Elshout  Netherlands I have no words for the horror that goes on there. Maybe we must take a few of those so called men and repeatedly hammer 2.2 kg metal gaffs into their living flesh see if they like that.
Nr. 39701  Matthew Record  United Kingdom
Nr. 39700  Yuliya Yarullina  Russian Federation
Nr. 39699  Glenda Stunz  Missouri
Nr. 39698  Marloes Sont  Hong Kong
Nr. 39696  Angela Dean  Illinois This has been going on long enough!
Nr. 39695  Tanner Gill  North Carolina
Nr. 39693  Bertha Boersema  Netherlands zijn geen woorden voor! walgelijk!!!!
Nr. 39692  Gina Smits  Netherlands this is not right !!!!We sll are living creaturs but the animals are the one that are honest !!!!!
Nr. 39691  Auke Pool  Netherlands give me a shotgun and alot of bullits  and this problem is history
Nr. 39690  Wim Hoogendoorn  Netherlands w r hoogendoorn netherland
Nr. 39689  Georgios Petropoulos  Netherlands
Nr. 39688  Lina Dreesen  New Jersey I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw and read this disgusting piece. Those people should be ashamed of themselves. This should be outlawed with stiff penalties when barbarians do this type assault on innocent creatures.
Nr. 39687  Catherine Droog  Canada
Nr. 39685  Arwin Oosterbos  Netherlands some people are the biggest animals. go find bird egs in the hills or somthing like that
Nr. 39684  Virgie Saija  Netherlands
Nr. 39683  Menna Hartog  Netherlands This people do NOT understand the meaning of life! they are so repulsive they make me sick! How is it possible that this kind of traditions still go on???? Will people ever learn there place in Nature ? ITS DISGUSTING !!!
Nr. 39682  Y Vrijhof  Netherlands
Nr. 39681  Paul Cadier  France
Nr. 39680  Irina Oostrum  Netherlands
Nr. 39679  N. Dmyszewicz  Netherlands Shame on mankind. When there is no need for killing why kill...
Nr. 39678  Gabriella Ferrai  Italy
Nr. 39677  Eric Johnson  Washington Stop this cruel slaughter.
Nr. 39676  Christine Ploegman  Netherlands

Nr. 39675  Vitaly Policshuk  Ukraine
Nr. 39674  Rozemarijn Land  Netherlands
Nr. 39673  Annet Reitsma  Netherlands So sick! En very bad example for the rest off the world. No danmark for me we had plans for the holidays but noway!
Nr. 39672  Z. Mienes  Netherlands Pure crAZINESS Why produce so much pain and stress for hope to have a nice family life? I m speechless is this slaughter thing realy DEnmark?
Nr. 39671  Marijn Willigenburg  Netherlands Beautiful and smart animals. Stupid and ignorant people who kill them.
Nr. 39670  Natasha Khmara  Ukraine The Animals must live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 39669  Ellen Palm  Netherlands Dear Prime Minister Johannsen and the Tourist board of the Faroe Islands This is a shameful tradition for a modern country like yours! I will do everything in my power to boycott your country if you don't stop that insanity at once! Shame on denmark!!!!!!
Nr. 39668  Fortunal Tora  Serbia And Montenegro
Nr. 39667  Lidiya Milytina  Russian Federation STOP THIS!!!!!!
Nr. 39666  Lisette Kreischer  Netherlands This is terrible. How can people do this. This is pure murder! Stop this nonsense!
Nr. 39665  William Chaky  New Jersey
Nr. 39664  Manon De Smet  Netherlands
Nr. 39663  Victor Roks  Netherlands This isn't human... Stop killing these poor animals!
Nr. 39662  Julie Anderson  Illinois
Nr. 39661  Cristina Mafteiu  Belgium Doe people need more signs that things really need to change??? Please stop this slaughter!
Nr. 39660  C Halman  Netherlands
Nr. 39659  Karey Materi  Canada Make them stop what they are doing to these pilot whales is horrific and barbaric.
Nr. 39658  L Dekkers  Netherlands
Nr. 39657  Tamara Kerpel  Netherlands shame on denmark!!!!!!
Nr. 39656  Hedwig Henneman  Netherlands THIS IS NO GO!!!!!
Nr. 39655  Jill Tew  Florida
Nr. 39654  Leo Capko jr.  Slovakia crazy... oceans should be used more wisely!
Nr. 39653  Oscar Van Leeuwen  Germany It's insane!!
Nr. 39652  Amy Schipper  Netherlands
Nr. 39651  Deborah Van der helm  Netherlands
Nr. 39650  Annemieke Spits  Netherlands This is horrible and must stop!!!!!
Nr. 39649  E.j.m. Koelemans  Netherlands This is not normal!!!? I say Boycot Denmark and the faroe islands
Nr. 39648  Carla Waque  Netherlands
Nr. 39647  Angelique Bus  Netherlands
Nr. 39646  Thom Hujanen  Sweden Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep
Nr. 39645  Christel Bijl  Netherlands
Nr. 39644  Monica Costa  Portugal It makes me wanna vomit that this still happens. that these creatures are STILL suffering such horrible actions. STOP ONCE AND FOR ALL!!
Nr. 39643  Ana Simeonova  Bulgaria
Nr. 39642  Cornelia Reitinger  United Kingdom
Nr. 39641  Eva maria Mijs  Netherlands Animals posess the BUDDHANATURE as well as all other livinng beings! So this negative cause u are making will come back as a negative effect in your own lifes! So please better be concious about LIFE and it's Laws! Nam Myoho Renge Kyo= the Mystic law of cause and effect that rules our planet! Greetings Eva Maria
Nr. 39640  Elizabeta Stief-Musec  Croatia For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 39639  Marijke Groeneveld  Netherlands Horrible!I don't have words to describe how sorry I feel a civilized (?) country would permit a tradition like this!!
Nr. 39638  Jane Swan  Latvia Stop it please!!!
Nr. 39637  Richard Noorland  Netherlands It's a crime stop the killing.....
Nr. 39636  Tilda Lehmussalmi  Sweden cruel.. horrible.. disgusting. can't understand how those people can live with themselves. they all deserve to die instead of the whales. assholes.
Nr. 39635  Tejan Pillay  South Africa And the seas turned red...
Nr. 39634  Jurgen Veldman  Netherlands
Nr. 39633  Deborah Winkel  Netherlands We can make a difference.
Nr. 39632  Karin Kraal  Netherlands
Nr. 39631  Avital Tal  Netherlands wish all living being weather in animal or human body the right to live their lives in peace.
Nr. 39630  Marita Boulogne  Netherlands It is hard to believe that this goes on in a civilized world! Put a stop to this as soon as possible!
Nr. 39629  Natalie Loek  Netherlands
Nr. 39628  Patricia Jury  Chile These acts of cruelty prove that humans are more animals than animals themselves. They don't even know the damage they're doing to this world. We see it as something that will never come but it will if we keep killing and destroying like this.
Nr. 39627  Anouk Van Brummelen  Netherlands
Nr. 39626  Van Warmerdam  Netherlands
Nr. 39625  Eric Achilles  Netherlands
Nr. 39624  Marlies Lokker  Netherlands
Nr. 39623  Carlo Josee  Netherlands
Nr. 39622  Ripudaman Singh Gahunia  India what d hell???? r they mad
Nr. 39621  Mike Carpenter  United Kingdom The treatment of any form of animal in this way in the 21st century is or should be unthinkable---please take steps to ensure that this slaughter is prohibited at once.
Nr. 39620  Monique Krimp_Ploegman Krimp-Ploegman  Netherlands what dit the ever do to you???????????????????????
Nr. 39619  Mpc Sloos  Netherlands
Nr. 39618  M.m. Versteijne  Netherlands
Nr. 39617  Anika Kastner  Germany
Nr. 39616  Rory Bock  Netherlands This is absolutely disguisting and should be stopped ASAP
Nr. 39615  Colin MacKenzie  United Kingdom I first saw the pictures of the slaughter on an Arabic website where they are using them as anti-wetersn propagada. They say thay we are not civilised because we do this mass murder to these innocent animals. This outrage MUST be stopped. The petition is only a start we must write letters to the Faroes government and use all the publicity in the world to stop this insane massacre. Lets hit these barbaric morons where it hurts. STOP ALL tourism to the Islands until the slaughter is made illegal. Write to the faroe Isles tourist board and tell them. Write to your MP Senator / anyone that will listen! I feel physically sick after seeing the pictures.
Nr. 39614  Tony Worrall  United Kingdom For a so-called civilised society this slaughter is dispicable and should be discontinued as a matter of urgency. Danish society is usually one many of us admire but in this respect it certainly isn't.
Nr. 39613  Bernadette Stark  Netherlands I think it's disgusting!
Nr. 39612  Jacqui Southern  United Kingdom
Nr. 39611  Annika Jonkman  Netherlands
Nr. 39610  Vicky Rowe  Georgia What kind of man does it take to actually do this? This is a shameful and barbaric tradition that should be outlawed...
Nr. 39609  Linda Zaal  Netherlands
Nr. 39608  Larry De Jonge  Belgium
Nr. 39607  Jana Jonkman  Netherlands Are you out of ya mind!!!!! :@:@:@:@:@:@
Nr. 39606  Leonie Bollebakker  Netherlands Disturbed people!!!!
Nr. 39605  Ingmar Sterke  Netherlands
Nr. 39604  Chantal Kouwenhoven  Netherlands
Nr. 39603  Ilonka Scholte  Netherlands
Nr. 39602  Robbert Van der Velde  Netherlands Why do we have to do this in a barbaric kind of killing? Slauthering like this is the most awfull way to do die Nature itself is gonna turn on us one day and this is one of the reasons why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 39601  Esther Pouw  Netherlands Please stop this!!
Nr. 39600  Susan Werff  Netherlands Susan Werff
Nr. 39599  Ellen Palm  Netherlands
Nr. 39598 Mervi Rantala Finland Stop ALL whaling NOW!!!
Nr. 39597 Sylvie Ries Luxembourg
Nr. 39596 Patrick Patton United States
Nr. 39595 Henk Vos Netherlands
Nr. 39594 Michaela Stoff Germany Please stop all whaling and dolphin slaughter!!!!
Nr. 39593 heidi wollum Sweden
Nr. 39592 angel trust Canada
Nr. 39591 farnault linda France
Nr. 39590 Terry Burridge Canada
Nr. 39589 Maria Treneva Bulgaria
Nr. 39588 Kochhan Norbert Germany Stop whaling!
Nr. 39587 Laus Jacques Belgium
Nr. 39586 Jennifer Queen United States
Nr. 39585 nicolette Germany
Nr. 39584 Julie Goldman United States It's time for the human being to stop killing the animal's that were NOT PUT here for OUR entertainment and not for sport
Nr. 39583 Lisa Koehl United States
Nr. 39582 Rahul Roshan India Please STOP whaling
Nr. 39581 Laura French United Kingdom
Nr. 39580 Ann Cawley United States
Nr. 39579 Christina Pascalidou Greece
Nr. 39578 Monique Zeller Costa Rica
Nr. 39577 Heribert Kuepper Germany
Nr. 39576 Tiffany Arnold United States
Nr. 39575 Mike Downs United States
Nr. 39574 doreen gendon Germany
Nr. 39573 Nadezhda Peneva Spain
Nr. 39572 Marco Gazzola Italy
Nr. 39571 Renate Thomee Netherlands
Nr. 39570 Vic Bostock United Kingdom
Nr. 39569 christophe Lepretre France
Nr. 39568 Gaye Gamble United States
Nr. 39567 D.J. Rombach Germany
Nr. 39566 Jason J Green United States
Nr. 39565 Georg  Portugal
Nr. 39564 Kim Larsen United States
Nr. 39563 annmarie devine Ireland
Nr. 39562 Maho Masuda Sweden
Nr. 39561 kyle russell United Kingdom
Nr. 39560 helican ingrid France
Nr. 39559 amy camptell United States Please stop this....NOW!
Nr. 39558 pia Forss-Saarinen Finland
Nr. 39557 Agata Staniak Poland
Nr. 39556 Anne Holmberg Denmark
Nr. 39555 cinzia giannella Italy
Nr. 39554 Maryam Iran Islamic Republic Of
Nr. 39553 alessandra goggiano Italy
Nr. 39552 Stephanie Stoddard United States
Nr. 39551 Margaret Buyukkurt Turkey
Nr. 39550 Patti Hay/Walker United States Please stop the murder of God's creatures especially the whales.
Nr. 39549 Marija Popovic Serbia And Montenegro
Nr. 39548 Salmon Pascale France
Nr. 39547 mamapasta France
Nr. 39546 Christina Fontaine Canada
Nr. 39545 Cindy Beaudoin United States To still allow this behavior to occur in this day and age is outrageous and need to be stopped before we destroy the oceans and then ourselves.
Nr. 39544 susie straughan Canada The whales and dolphins are  beautiful mammals and are a part of Gods creation.Our duty as a humane societyobservant and dedicated to overseeing the wellbeing and non harm of innocent beings whom we co-exist with on Mother Earth, is a committment necessary.Amen.
Nr. 39543 Daniele TRANCHANT France
Nr. 39542 Gerard Halimi Italy We need to respect thoses beautifuls creatures !!!!!!
Nr. 39541 Rebekah Bischoff United States
Nr. 39540 Lori Mastriani United States
Nr. 39539 tortarolo menton Francele respect est due autant aux animaux  quaux humains!!
Nr. 39538 laborie norma France
Nr. 39537 Mercedes Morelli Italy In the name of God Please don't kill.  Don't kill dolphins neither whales.  Don't kill.
Nr. 39536 Wing In Chu United States Please stop all whaling and dolphin slaughter !
Nr. 39535 xuxa France
Nr. 39534 Nathalie Perras Canada
Nr. 39533 Monika Coufalova Czech Republic
Nr. 39532 Miguel Dias United States
Nr. 39531 perthuisot France
Nr. 39530 Sonia Fey Canada
Nr. 39529 Glen Chell United Kingdom
Nr. 39528 mario zoncada Ireland
Nr. 39527 Graca United Kingdom
Nr. 39526 Margaret Ross United States Whales deserve to live in peace. Their ocean home is already in enough peril. There is NO humane way to kill a whale. People who believe otherwise need to open up their minds and think about it.
Nr. 39525 LAURA CALCHI United States
Nr. 39524 Steffi Finnerty United States
Nr. 39523 Gloria Clements United States
Nr. 39522 Barry Seth United States
Nr. 39521 Bill Knapp United States
Nr. 39520 mathy merbis Belgium
Nr. 39519 Nick Dalzell United States
Nr. 39518 Debra Castellana United States
Nr. 39517 Nina Ceccarelli France
Nr. 39516 Nadia Davidovich Argentina
Nr. 39515 Jaubert Alexandre France
Nr. 39514 MONTET Maurice France
Nr. 39513 Idda Bruschetta France
Nr. 39512 Benjamin Stimson United Kingdom No need for whale slaughter in this day & age.
Nr. 39511 vanbuggenhout Viviane Belgium
Nr. 39510 Jana Pereira Figueiredo Portugal
Nr. 39509 pichonneau pascale France
Nr. 39508 Matt Harrison United Kingdom
Nr. 39507 Jobé Liliane Belgium
Nr. 39506 Angelo Conti Italy
Nr. 39505 Matthew Pintar United States
Nr. 39504 Patricia Verkuijl Canada
Nr. 39503 Veralynne Pepper United States This is the 21st Century. It's time we got serious!
Nr. 39502 Urosh Sredojevich Bosnia And Herzegovina
Nr. 39501 lorenzo oggioni Italy

Nr. 39500 digiacomo laura Italy
Nr. 39499 gemma Avci Australia stop whaling
Nr. 39498 JOSEPH BARNETT United States
Nr. 39497 samantha thorburn New Zealand
Nr. 39496 Ceriwyn O'Callaghan United Kingdom
Nr. 39495 Luciana Amado United States no room for killing of intelligent cetaceans in the 21st century!!!!
Nr. 39494 Gaby Rossbach Germany
Nr. 39493 Holly Wynn United Kingdom
Nr. 39492 Mimi AuYeung Japan
Nr. 39491 alina soto United States
Nr. 39490 Andrea Ambrogio Italy
Nr. 39489 Holly Swint United States
Nr. 39488 Sherry Neuhaus United States
Nr. 39487 Vinnie Scarola United States
Nr. 39486 Jackie Gardner United States
Nr. 39485 Isabelle Roeland Belgium
Nr. 39484 Mandi TT United States
Nr. 39483 svetlana nedeljkovic Serbia And Montenegro
Nr. 39482 Christine Georgiou United States
Nr. 39481 CECCARELLI Nina France
Nr. 39480 Delliana of the Sea United States
Nr. 39479 Zach Affolter United States
Nr. 39478 Dianne Snow Australia
Nr. 39477 Aquaman Koehler United States
Nr. 39476 Marilyn sass United States
Nr. 39475 Darlene United States
Nr. 39474 Evi Schlottke Germany
Nr. 39473 rose becke Australia
Nr. 39472 Emmanuel Tse Canada
Nr. 39471 Rick Pearson United States
Nr. 39470 Linda Reitman United States Whales & Dolphins are wonderful creatures and they should be protected. Stop the massacres before you not only wipe out the species but you further the destruction of our environment as well.
Nr. 39469 tim bain United Kingdom
Nr. 39468 Frank Bettencourt United States Stop the killing of sentient beings.
Nr. 39467 Breuil Herve France
Nr. 39466 Shelly Emans United States
Nr. 39465 Carmella Scarpa United States
Nr. 39464 Alan Winstanley Australia
Nr. 39463 Mercedes Bolanos Vera Mexico
Nr. 39462 person France
Nr. 39461 horiot marc France
Nr. 39460 predon steph France
Nr. 39459 levron christophe France
Nr. 39458 daumas christine France
Nr. 39457 cedric gallois France
Nr. 39456 leon zankiw United States
Nr. 39455 Diane Symons United States
Nr. 39454 Derek Gendvil United States
Nr. 39453 Sue Turcotte United States
Nr. 39452 Suzybell Hughes United States
Nr. 39451 Agnes N. Thailand
Nr. 39450 lisa rees Australia
Nr. 39449 Cindy Forth United States
Nr. 39448 Lisa Bxx United States
Nr. 39447 Melinda Scali Canada
Nr. 39446 Joo Kyung Eum Argentina
Nr. 39445 Karla Rodgers New Zealand
Nr. 39444 S. Frame United States
Nr. 39443 Aylene coia United Kingdom
Nr. 39442 Bruce Berry United States
Nr. 39441 Andres Benedicto Chile
Nr. 39440 Jean-Pierre Furio Belgium
Nr. 39439 Patricia Acevedo Chile Stop the massacres  please!!!
Nr. 39438 Martine Polain Belgium
Nr. 39437 Roland Collignon Belgium
Nr. 39436 krisitha chacon Peru
Nr. 39435 Betsy Reiss United States
Nr. 39434 julio Cesar Perez Aguilar Mexico dolphins are whales too respect 
Nr. 39433 Audrey christophery United Kingdom
Nr. 39432 Chum R Canada
Nr. 39431 Sacha Young New Zealand
Nr. 39430 Rocio Torres United States
Nr. 39429 Jennifer Prerau Australia
Nr. 39428 Roseann Dudrick United States
Nr. 39427 Adriana Readinger Venezuela
Nr. 39426 Simone Duffin Australia
Nr. 39425 Rachael Ward United Kingdom
Nr. 39424 franceschini enzo Italy ...sempre per loro e con loro
Nr. 39423 Caroline Prout France
Nr. 39422 Patrick Prout France
Nr. 39421 Marie-france Zamblera France
Nr. 39420 Lucette Cabrilhac France
Nr. 39419 Scott Strauss United States
Nr. 39418 Maren Heinig Australia
Nr. 39417 Katrien Vandevelde Belgium
Nr. 39416 Rose Dreier Australia Whaling should be stopped it needs to be! There is no need for such brutality in this day and age its cruel and unfair whales are trully magnificent so peaceful and true beauty i had the lucky experience about 10 months ago to see them come in to the beaches and migrate along the coast it was trully spiritual moment I'd hatethink the whales i seen or any for that matter are pointlessly being killed !! 
Nr. 39415 Ioannis Zambartas Greece
Nr. 39414 Judith Leon United States
Nr. 39413 Vicky Thomson Australia
Nr. 39412 Radostina Dubarova Bulgaria
Nr. 39411 Philip Dubarov Bulgaria
Nr. 39410 Boyan Dimitrov Bulgaria
Nr. 39409 Daniel Soulas France
Nr. 39408 Stephanie Schützinger Germany
Nr. 39407 Olivia Seynaeve Belgium After decades of needless slaughtering of majestic whales it wayyy past time to stop the cruelty! 
Nr. 39406 Senninha Seynaeve Belgium
Nr. 39405 zingraff christiane France
Nr. 39404 Panagiotis Rigopoulos Greece
Nr. 39403 Kylie lee Australia
Nr. 39402 Shelley French Australia
Nr. 39401 Richter Klaus Germany
Nr. 39400 Dee Day Australia
Nr. 39399 Mathilde VERNEREY France
Nr. 39398 Kerstin Strobl Germany
Nr. 39397 pourret anne France
Nr. 39396 Jonas Abrahamsson Sweden
Nr. 39395 Allen Henderson United Kingdom Its time to do something !!!!!!
Nr. 39394 Petra Haisam Egypt
Nr. 39393 Ingo Kaiser Germany its enough to kill them by sonar and underwater noise stopp any hunt now!
Nr. 39392 detournay isabelle Belgium
Nr. 39391 Chuck Parker Belgium
Nr. 39390 Val Miller Australia
Nr. 39389 Chetna Pittea United Kingdom
Nr. 39388 Andreas Kjallman Sweden
Nr. 39387 Georgeanne Wilcox United States
Nr. 39386 Velvet Park United States
Nr. 39385 Rimantas Lakickas Ireland
Nr. 39384 simonetta guidi Italy
Nr. 39383 dawn zegledi United States Please stop and protect the whales dolphins and sharks from being hunted/killed in our oceans. They deserve to be protected from killings in our oceans. Thank you so much for your time.
Nr. 39382 dutrieux patricia France
Nr. 39381 caroline raward Australia
Nr. 39380 marta de la fuente Spain
Nr. 39379 Leah Mae Macrohon Philippines full ban!!! it's the right thing to do.these beautiful creatures should not be a food source!
Nr. 39378 nonnenmacher Alain-Yves France
Nr. 39377 Jouen Hélène France
Nr. 39376 irene combes Australia Life is to be lived not to be destroyed. For those who value all life is where your humanity resides. Don't let a man made law destroy life in the oceans.
Nr. 39375 Gina Bella Mag Australia
Nr. 39374 Thomas Zinnecker Germany
Nr. 39373 Nicolás Paz Argentina
Nr. 39372 AMANDA BRUCE Australia
Nr. 39371 gentreau marilyn France
Nr. 39370 hayley dawn United Kingdom it is truely an evil act that does not need to be going on! please stop this!
Nr. 39369 Alvaro CF Figueiredo Portugal
Nr. 39368 bigotclaude France
Nr. 39367 David United States
Nr. 39366 Melissa Webber South Africa
Nr. 39365 Jur Metselaar Netherlands
Nr. 39364 Dorianne Andros United States
Nr. 39363 Kim Merville United States
Nr. 39362 Lynne Hooper United States
Nr. 39361 Denise Conte United States
Nr. 39360 Jessica Ryle United States
Nr. 39359 Sarah Woods United Kingdom
Nr. 39358 Christopher Borger United States
Nr. 39357 Tammy Campbell United States
Nr. 39356 Elizabeth O'Halloran United Kingdom
Nr. 39355 Elisabeth KELDENICH France
Nr. 39354 Mai A- Philippines
Nr. 39353 Nancy Carter United States
Nr. 39352 Lorenita Huaripoma Peru
Nr. 39351 Adam Podlasinski Poland
Nr. 39350 Ingrid Andersson Sweden
Nr. 39349 MARIA EUGENIA Mexico
Nr. 39348 Yrna Miryana Indonesia
Nr. 39347 BROOKE WELCH United States
Nr. 39346 Hasan Cetin Turkey
Nr. 39345 Alicia Armstrong United Kingdom
Nr. 39344 Bethany Heard United Kingdom PLEASE protect these creatures STOP killing them!!
Nr. 39341 daniella Shaw United States
Nr. 39340 Jennifer Campa United States Full Ban on Whaling and Dolphin hunt!!!
Nr. 39339 Jeszi Adkins United States
Nr. 39338 poepiesnoepie k Philippines
Nr. 39337 Guido Krieger Germany
Nr. 39336 carreres melanie France
Nr. 39335 brenda collins United Kingdom
Nr. 39334 Beba Hojt Canada Stop the barbaric killing of whales and dolphins!!  It is a disgrace !!
Nr. 39333 haussaire sophie France
Nr. 39332 Lori Kondro United States
Nr. 39331 ana ines villaverde Argentina
Nr. 39330 Carole Blakey United States
Nr. 39329 Frances Sims United States
Nr. 39328 Angie Whiteman United Kingdom
Nr. 39327 Cristóbal Andrés Gana Poblete Chile
Nr. 39326 clare howell United Kingdom
Nr. 39325 Rebecca Engel United States
Nr. 39324 Tammy United States
Nr. 39323 Lisa Germany
Nr. 39322 Thomas Rau United States
Nr. 39321 Blanka Remisz Poland
Nr. 39320 Ekaterina Trayt Russian Federation
Nr. 39319 Christina Babst United States
Nr. 39318 Dinda Evans United States
Nr. 39317 Mary Ann Merville United States
Nr. 39316 Lucy Zamudio Ponzzi Mexico
Nr. 39315 Ellaine Lurie-Janicki United States
Nr. 39314 michele corbin United States
Nr. 39313 Natali ME United States
Nr. 39312 Ewa Piasecka Poland
Nr. 39311 Marjorie Retana Costa Rica They deserve to live like you andI. What is the good side to kill beautiful creatures? Let them live free.
Nr. 39310 Claudio Castro Chile Vivan y dejen vivir Thank´s
Nr. 39309 Aaron Reid United Kingdom
Nr. 39308 Valerie Stein United States Please end this barbaric hunt.  Even their food is not good. Let them be free........ Please stop this senseless killing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 39307 jean lord United States
Nr. 39306 Pamela Newlove Canada
Nr. 39305 Ali Odabash
Nr. 39304 erika olivia ortega arias Mexico i just think that there´s no animal in the world no matter if is a mouse a rat a mosquito or a whale.
Nr. 39303
Nr. 39302 howie cooke Australia the whales and dolphins are a great race of people living in the sea they are international living treasures belonging to no human or country they deserve total freedom and protection of their world and their rights
Nr. 39301 chad collins United States

Nr. 39300 Darlene Schueler United States
Nr. 39299 Danielle Aubin United States
Nr. 39298 Connor Hocking Maryland 
Nr. 39297 Kenneth Sands New Zealand
Nr. 39296 thierry brusa France
Nr. 39295 Lidija Wolf Croatia
Nr. 39294 Biljana Nikolic Serbia And Montenegro
Nr. 39293 Ronald Blom Netherlands No more killings
Nr. 39292 mahmoudi cecilia Algeria
Nr. 39291 chris beal United Kingdom
Nr. 39290 Sophia Paraschou Greece
Nr. 39289 charles mclachlan United Kingdom
Nr. 39288 Nicole Lauder United Kingdom Recite the Sutra of Golden Light for Peace and Global Harmony
Nr. 39287
Nr. 39286 Eureka Morrison South Africa
Nr. 39285 Carmen Stauss United States
Nr. 39284 liz Canada
Nr. 39283 Edison Tan Malaysia
Nr. 39282 Mike Masley United States
Nr. 39281 Romina Flema Spain
Nr. 39280 Maribel Martin Marqués Spain Good luck¡¡¡
Nr. 39279 karen lyons kalmenson United States
Nr. 39278 Nyack Clancy United States
Nr. 39277 Margaret Sweeny United Kingdom
Nr. 39276 Kelly Patrick United States This is incredibly wasteful completely without regard for the health and welfare of the rest of the world and most assuredly not a sustainable activity.
Nr. 39275 Rebecca Webber United Kingdom I urge you to take a stance be proactive and make a decision in favour of the whales and dolphins. We are caretakers of this planet we should not be the destroyers.
Nr. 39274 Ahusan Waheed Maldives hope this petition could make a change
Nr. 39273 Simon Robson United Kingdom
Nr. 39272 Jaime Cammarata United States
Nr. 39271 Jeff Henley United States Whaling is barbaric outdated and unnecessary. 
Nr. 39270 Ingrid Plaza Mexico
Nr. 39269 Marci Horn United States
Nr. 39268 Nick Bariloni United States
Nr. 39267 marcelis Canada
Nr. 39266 Rae Marie Wilson United States
Nr. 39265 Olyme Moreno United States
Nr. 39264 William C G Murray United Kingdom
Nr. 39263 ALPHA WI Germany
Nr. 39262 Elena Carpinteri Italy
Nr. 39261 Mia Huolman Finland
Nr. 39260 Denise Lytle United States
Nr. 39259 Maria Maddalena Boscarino Italy
Nr. 39258 Marcin Sztwiertnia Poland
Nr. 39257 Christiane Henker Germany
Nr. 39256 Jeremy Carr Canada The Whale/Dolphin hunt is disgusting and serves no purpose for the betterment of the human race.  
Nr. 39255 Horinecki Philippe Belgium
Nr. 39254 Tierney Grinavic United States
Nr. 39253 Julie Menkin Norway
Nr. 39252 Julia United Kingdom There is no justification for killing these majestic and endangered animals millions of years of evolution destoyed by a few selfish and ignorant people over such a short space of time... its disgusting and a disgrace. ITS TIME TO STOP... NOW!
Nr. 39251 Madeleine walker United Kingdom Whaling and the killing of dolphins MUST stop
Nr. 39250 susan webb United States
Nr. 39249 Miriam Shahd Germany
Nr. 39248 Dee C. United States
Nr. 39247 bourne steph France we haveto stop killing dolphins !!!!
Nr. 39246 giorgia vincenzi Italy
Nr. 39245 francesca zucca Italy la caccia ai delfini  e alle balene è nn solo inutile ma addirittura dannosa per l'uomo..... aboliamola..... delfini e balene arricchischino il nostro mondo da VIVI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 39244 rosadini cinzia Italy
Nr. 39243 Francesca Foscolo Italy
Nr. 39242 Luana M. Italy
Nr. 39241 Linda London United States
Nr. 39240 Jos Fryer New Zealand We will not tolerate these barbaric practices.
Nr. 39239 Ileana Carmen Carare Norway
Nr. 39238 benvenuti flo France
Nr. 39237 Maria Oniga Romania
Nr. 39236 Katrin Sax Germany
Nr. 39235 marjolein soederhuizen Netherlands
Nr. 39234 MACHADO SANDRA France
Nr. 39233 emilia maja Italy
Nr. 39232 MANTOVANI Audrey France
Nr. 39231 Maria Fongaro Italy
Nr. 39230 Tammy Wolfanger United States
Nr. 39229 halbguerac michele France
Nr. 39228 Joanne Kelly Ireland Cruelty inflicted on these animals has to stop. Please stop all the killing.
Nr. 39227 Diana Umana Costa Rica
Nr. 39226 rita galzignato Italy
Nr. 39225 Erin Reese United States
Nr. 39224 paul moss New Zealand STOP all Whale and mammal killing stop over-fishing protect and care for our sea and its contents.
Nr. 39223 Sheila Joyce Gibbs Canada
Nr. 39222 Matthew Rutherford United Kingdom
Nr. 39221 Helen Higgins Ireland Whales and dolphin by their very nature are joyful and share that with mankind.. the world would benefit more from nurturing and treasuring whales and dolphins than slaughtering them.
Nr. 39220 Pat Goldberg United States
Nr. 39219 Hazel Seymour Canada
Nr. 39218 Rachel Scott United States
Nr. 39217 Nancy Poopatanapong United States
Nr. 39216 Lianne Brown Australia
Nr. 39215 Ben Claypole Australia
Nr. 39214 Tania Indonesia
Nr. 39213 Karen Neubauer Australia BAN WHALING and DOLPHIN HUNTING!!!
Nr. 39212 Michaela Kayser Germany Stop slaughter these beautiful and intelligent animals! The oceans don't have to be a battlefield!
Nr. 39211 Agnieszka Sarna Poland
Nr. 39210 vallario gaetano Italy
Nr. 39209 Lous Zurcher Netherlands
Nr. 39208 Elisa Della Santa Italy
Nr. 39207 Diana arikane Ireland
Nr. 39205 silvia falconetti Italy
Nr. 39204 Alisha Migliore United States
Nr. 39203 Dana Fillion United States
Nr. 39202 Christine Lepore United States
Nr. 39201 berti silvia Italy
Nr. 39200 alessandra davide Italy
Nr. 39199 Gravina Giuseppe Italy fermate queste mattanze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 39198 Tabatha Horn United States
Nr. 39197 Roberto Manzoni Italy
Nr. 39196 William Harper United States
Nr. 39195 teresa grande Italy
Nr. 39194 alexia quaranta Italy
Nr. 39193 Regina Dickerson Alabama
Nr. 39192 jen anderson Canada
Nr. 39191 Christiane Duts Mexico
Nr. 39190 Kimberly Hurtt United States
Nr. 39189 Stephen Delehanty United States DO THE RIGHT THING!!
Nr. 39188 Denise Dawson United States
Nr. 39187 Lourdes Abeyeratne United Arab Emirates
Nr. 39186 bramand marjorie France
Nr. 39185 Megan Stypulkoski United States
Nr. 39184 Cheryl Ross United States
Nr. 39183 Aminath Zoona Maldives
Nr. 39182 Cheree Million United States
Nr. 39181 Lynae Woods United States
Nr. 39180 Kyra Papin Canada They have done nothing wrong and dont deserve to be killed
Nr. 39179 Hasnath Syeda Hussaini United States
Nr. 39178 Pam Boland United States
Nr. 39177 Arvind Kumar India
Nr. 39176 Soo United Kingdom' they' don't have a voice but we do
Nr. 39175 anne crowther Australia
Nr. 39174 Deni Hall United States
Nr. 39173 Masami Mizuguchi United States
Nr. 39172 Yuen Ping Loo Malaysia
Nr. 39171 Mary Hemphill United States
Nr. 39170 Joanna Clarke Canada
Nr. 39169 Patricia Cannell Canada
Nr. 39168 FELICIONI Italy
Nr. 39167 Keiko Krahnke United States Cruelty and barbarism should have no place in a civilized world.
Nr. 39166 Giacomo Dainesi Mexico
Nr. 39165 maria ester pazo Argentina
Nr. 39164 Carl Rosenstock United States
Nr. 39163 Candace Henderson United States
Nr. 39162 Julie Uelman United States
Nr. 39161 Tori Bush United States
Nr. 39160 Gili Kahana Israel
Nr. 39159 Alberta Camillo Italy
Nr. 39158 George Rix United Kingdom The time has come to stop all this.
Nr. 39157 Alex Harrison India
Nr. 39156 sarah zechmann Austria
Nr. 39155 Ira Poliakova Russian Federation
Nr. 39153 Heather Busse United States
Nr. 39152 Nicole Hardin United States
Nr. 39151 Clara Gardasevich United States
Nr. 39150 Mikaela Pons Sweden
Nr. 39149 Alissa Jockett United States
Nr. 39148 Thomas Arnold Antarctica
Nr. 39147 Darlene Davis United States
Nr. 39146 Pamela Goeller United States
Nr. 39145 Lyhann O'Shaughnessy Mexico
Nr. 39144 Dagmar Wunderlich Germany
Nr. 39143 Brandon Leady United States
Nr. 39142 Daniela Trudu Italy
Nr. 39141 Paola Villani Italy
Nr. 39140 dian wright United States
Nr. 39139 Glenn Odagawa United States
Nr. 39138 Tracy Pinckard United States
Nr. 39137 Anouk Gouvras United Kingdom
Nr. 39136 Jovana Kesic Serbia And Montenegro
Nr. 39135 Eileen Mclean United Kingdom
Nr. 39134 Nancy Bruno Luxembourg
Nr. 39133 Caroline Roberts United Kingdom
Nr. 39132 Andrea Fanara Argentina
Nr. 39131 Penni Norman United States
Nr. 39130 Megan Cutler United States
Nr. 39129 Maianna Fitzgerald Canada
Nr. 39128 Karen Burch United States
Nr. 39127 Larry Lawhorn United States
Nr. 39126 LIZ WOLOSKI Canada
Nr. 39125 Ellie hall United States
Nr. 39124 Rebecca McKenney United States
Nr. 39123 Anthony Montapert United States
Nr. 39122 Stacey Rakic United States
Nr. 39121 susanne heddles Australia
Nr. 39120 M. Stefania Petrucci Italy
Nr. 39119 Lindsey Lobin United States
Nr. 39118 Yuka Azuma United States
Nr. 39117 Stephanie Vargas United States
Nr. 39116 Patrice Marsille France
Nr. 39115 Sabine Sedlina Latvia
Nr. 39114 Melanie Sievernich Spain
Nr. 39113 Victor Montalvo United States Please stop the slaugther of dolphins and whales.
Nr. 39112 Ineke Top Netherlands
Nr. 39111 Sara Faoro Italy
Nr. 39110 Seamus King Ireland KARMA !
Nr. 39109 Anne Padilla United States
Nr. 39108 Lonnie Farrell United States
Nr. 39107 Rolli Catherine Switzerland I strongly oppose whaling and dolphin hunt in Faroe Islands and worldwide 
Nr. 39106 Ana Marija Dinic Croatia
Nr. 39105 Brigitte Van Olmen Belgium
Nr. 39104 Haley Pratt United States
Nr. 39103 Tamara Carne Australia These are the most beautiful creatures in the world. They have been on Earth for eons and when humans are evolved they are nearly wiped out in an instant. That doesn't seem right to me does it?? I beg of you to PLEASE stop the slaughter 
Nr. 39102 Sylvia Quinones United States
Nr. 39101 David calderwood United Kingdom i cant believe they kill these lovely creaturesthey are more intelligent than some humans
Nr. 39100 Mikhail Trushko Russian Federation
Nr. 39099 annick le parque Canada The greatness of a nation and it's moral progress depends on how it's animals are treated.  Ghandi.
Nr. 39098 Jordan Gustin United States
Nr. 39097 Sebastiaan janssen Netherlands
Nr. 39096 Shannon Wright United States
Nr. 39095 John W. Konstantakis Greece
Nr. 39094 Sam Wylde United Kingdom
Nr. 39093 Chloe Bowman Australia disgraceful behaviour
Nr. 39092 Ann Twinklelake Australia
Nr. 39091 Sandra Stoyanova Bulgaria
Nr. 39090 Octavian Paul Draja Romania
Nr. 39089 stefania marcelli Italy Basta con questo scempio...
Nr. 39088 Ann United States This destruction must stop!!! We have no vital need for products from whales or dolphins. They are not hindering our way of life. They do not reproduce in multitudes like human beings
Nr. 39087 Ray English Ireland We dont need to kill Whales or Dolphins for food research or any other reason. Please listen to the people of the world and stop the mindless slaughter 
Nr. 39086 Bernard Kim Canada
Nr. 39085 Erin Kim Canada
Nr. 39084 Prabash Livera Canada
Nr. 39083 Tricia Wiles Australia:NO WHALING.
Nr. 39082 yvonne english Ireland
Nr. 39081 Janice Fernandes United Arab Emirates
Nr. 39080 Zara Stoyanova Bulgaria
Nr. 39079 Louise Holton United States
Nr. 39078 Carrie McGrane United States I am an avid surfer here on the east coast of Florida and I can personally tell you that dolphins are some of the most intelligent protective and playful creatures on our planet. There is absolutely no good reason for the mass slaughter of these intelligent self-aware graceful animals.  The meat gleaned from the processing of the slaughter is not fit for consumption by humans or any other animal due to the toxic levels of mercury in their systems.
Nr. 39077 janine stokes United States PLESE  SAVE OUR ANIMALS
Nr. 39076 Kyndra biggy Canada this is sick and needs to stop.
Nr. 39075 scholler juliette France
Nr. 39074 Filippo Avilia Italy
Nr. 39073 Ilaria De Angelis Italy stop killing innocents!
Nr. 39072 Nogara Loris Italy
Nr. 39071 Valentina Falanga Italy
Nr. 39070 Ippolita Bonfiglio Italy
Nr. 39069 enrico miolli Italy
Nr. 39068 Naimy Terzi Italy
Nr. 39067 Giuseppina Colaianni Italy
Nr. 39066 Claudia Dattilo Italy
Nr. 39065 claudia carniel Italy
Nr. 39064 Angela Bravetti South Africa
Nr. 39063 Annalisa Balzano Italy
Nr. 39062 Allen Henderson United Kingdom
Nr. 39061 Matteo Bona Italy
Nr. 39060 marika serra Italy
Nr. 39059 Arianna Dattero Italy
Nr. 39058 Marina Kuleshova Russian Federation stop killing these wonderful creatures!
Nr. 39057 federico Italy
Nr. 39056 DE SIMONE PAOLO Italy
Nr. 39055 Hannah Hh United States
Nr. 39054 tiziana cardone Italy
Nr. 39053 rosadini cinzia Italy
Nr. 39052 Giacomo Dreoni Italy
Nr. 39051 letizia cuscela Italy
Nr. 39050 antonietta sansone Italy
Nr. 39049 francesca aceti Italy
Nr. 39048 rita Italy
Nr. 39047 Eugenia United States
Nr. 39046 elvira bullo Italy
Nr. 39045 Carin Zellerman Sweden
Nr. 39044 stefania barsi Italy BASTA!!!
Nr. 39043 maiocco pamela Italy
Nr. 39042 Elena Garuti Italy
Nr. 39041 claudia zanchi Italy
Nr. 39040 Liliana De Cao Italy
Nr. 39039 marina giulianelli Italy
Nr. 39038 Paola Alessandra Vacalebre
Nr. 39037 Cristina Rinaudo Italy
Nr. 39036 Daniela Di Maro Italy
Nr. 39035 ines aldrigo Italy
Nr. 39034 chiara rubrianti Italy
Nr. 39033 emy fontanella Italy
Nr. 39032 Katerina Stojkoska The Former Yugoslav Republic Of  
Nr. 39031 Nadia Abagnale Italy
Nr. 39030 eliana pieralice Italy Please stop them!
Nr. 39029 fabio caprio Italy
Nr. 39028 patrizia pellegrino Italy fermate questa azione del branco
Nr. 39027 Josey coyle New Zealand
Nr. 39026 sergio calabro Italy
Nr. 39025 Tiziana Stefanelli Italy
Nr. 39024 Yael Veenstra Netherlands
Nr. 39023 Carlo Spagnoli Italy
Nr. 39022 Lara Merenda Italy
Nr. 39021 Lara Dominguez Mateos United Kingdom I also sign to consider this practices a CRIMINAL OFFENSE
Nr. 39020 Vanditta Diwakar Fiji
Nr. 39019 fabiano rota Italy
Nr. 39018 Alessio D'Ilario Italy
Nr. 39017 Eva Gutierrez Spain
Nr. 39016 Pierfrancesco Leopardi Italy Leave these animals enjoy life
Nr. 39015 Deborah Vanacore Italy
Nr. 39014 valentina paris Italy
Nr. 39013 pietro rizzi Italy
Nr. 39012 alberto nardecchia Italy
Nr. 39011 kelly gibbs United States
Nr. 39010 Seung Kim United States Let's end the whaling!!!
Nr. 39009 michela nicoletti Italy
Nr. 39008 Alvaro Spain
Nr. 39007 ilaria ilari Italy
Nr. 39005 Nemo Leone Italy
Nr. 39004 David Fiacchini Italy
Nr. 39003 Frank Gerry United States For goodness sakes time to ban this whale slaughter!
Nr. 39002 valentina papa Italy
Nr. 39001 alfredo parlavecchio Italy
Nr. 38999 john bryan padilla Philippines
Nr. 38998 breanna elsea United States
Nr. 38997 Giovanni Grimaldi Italy
Nr. 38996 Fred Page Australia
Nr. 38995 Nicola Basso Italy
Nr. 38994 Sansolini Patrizia Italy
Nr. 38993 sozzi paola Italy no more kill
Nr. 38992 Lisa Nolan Australia Please no more whaling at all ever leave our gentle giants in peace :(
Nr. 38991 Daniel Moreno United States
Nr. 38990 etiana bellan Italy
Nr. 38989 Giacomo Daniele Tandurella Italy
Nr. 38988 Matteo Contaldi Italy not needed to fish and kill dolphins and whales. 
Nr. 38987 esther Spain
Nr. 38986 Peg Oberse United States
Nr. 38985 MARIEL OROZCO Germany
Nr. 38984 filomen  Italy
Nr. 38983 Miriam Letoto United States This is pointless primitive and shameful. We're all on the same team here on earth. Treating anything with such brutality is a direct reflection on how we treat others in our lives. 
Nr. 38982 Albanese Giorgia Italy
Nr. 38981 Hannah louise williams New Zealand
Nr. 38980 enza de feo Italy
Nr. 38979 Marco Reggiani Italy
Nr. 38977 Julia Maeder Germany
Nr. 38976 Marina Miliutina Russian Federation
Nr. 38975 Celeste Poulsen South Africa
Nr. 38974 Erica Magera United States
Nr. 38973 Giuliana Tomassetti Italy
Nr. 38972 Roberto Nicolai Italy
Nr. 38971 linda mei Italy
Nr. 38970 DeafNT Inc Australia
Nr. 38969 Olivia Skinner Australia
Nr. 38968 Deanna Zimmerman United States
Nr. 38967 Alessandra Barbieri Italy
Nr. 38966 Marija Stojanovic Serbia And Montenegro
Nr. 38965 Jo Tohara New Zealand
Nr. 38964 Loredana Camelia Romania
Nr. 38962 Julie Vilton United Kingdom
Nr. 38961 Helga Hansmann Germany Whaling and the Dolphin hunts are not only inhumane and cruel actions but also outdated! We are living in the 21st century! This all has to stop now once and forever!
Nr. 38960 Darren Tebbutt United Kingdom Please can you take notice of this petition to which so many people feel strongly about. It has already been noted by scientist that there are high levels of mercury in whale and dolphin meat so it should not be promoted as food for consumption
Nr. 38959 Waja Theodosaki Germany
Nr. 38958 Senay Altmann Germany
Nr. 38957 Andrew Musgrave Australia Dolphins and whales should be seen as the magnificent beings that they are instead of resources to be exploited by humans. There are no valid reasons for continuing to destroy them.
Nr. 38956 Youness Taguenit Morocco PleasePleasePleasePlease stop the hunt!!!
Nr. 38955 Dean Edridge New Zealand
Nr. 38954 Kathleen Cain United States The hunts of these majestic sea wonders who have been proven to have spindle brain cells much like our own is barbaric and has no place in the 21st century.  What kind of country does this?
Nr. 38953 Monika Dudziak Italy
Nr. 38952 Veronika Herkova United Kingdom
Nr. 38951 Julie Dervan United States
Nr. 38950 Mariya Williamson Bulgaria Be human do human.
Nr. 38949 fabio pascucci Italy Please stop hunting dolphinsare extraordinary creatures stop killing
Nr. 38948 Eva Hoerler United States Let the dolphins and whales live and be free!Thank you!
Nr. 38947 Gaby Rossbach Germany
Nr. 38946 breton celine France
Nr. 38945 Agnes Bayatti Ozdemir France Dolphins and whales are wonderful creatures : please stop this !
Nr. 38944 Tara Coll Ireland
Nr. 38943 berthelot charly France
Nr. 38942 Thibault Florkin Belgium
Nr. 38940 Sabina Buciolacchi Italy
Nr. 38939 Linda Blake Canada Man has killed for long enough.The practise of whale and dolphin hunting has been outlawed around the world for years
Nr. 38938 Pearl Millard United Kingdom
Nr. 38937 Anne-Marie Monarovic Australia
Nr. 38936 ferreira marie françoise France
Nr. 38935 Barbara Minotti Italy
Nr. 38934 Bruna Giunti Italy
Nr. 38933 Emma Lotus Australia
Nr. 38932 Sara Gonçalves Portugal
Nr. 38931 Susan Ferrara United States
Nr. 38930 michele b United States
Nr. 38929 Courtney White Australia
Nr. 38928 Carol LINCZ United Arab Emirates
Nr. 38927 Jane MacGibbon Australia
Nr. 38926 VIRGINIA BROJU Italy
Nr. 38925 Cathala Corine France
Nr. 38924 Kathleen Brabender United States
Nr. 38923 Melyssa Cotreau United States Whaling is completely unnecessary and should be stopped completely!
Nr. 38922 Veronica Sivenkova Belarus
Nr. 38921 james robb United Kingdom
Nr. 38920 KAIRIS Patrick Belgium Those crime aren't not useful for human being who loves the life the nature the earth. We need to preserve all creature on earth to preserve our eco system. Thanks for earing my wish and respect my opinion.
Nr. 38919 Jennifer Kilgore United States
Nr. 38918 Adelaire Daniel Belgium
Nr. 38917 farvaque christelle France
Nr. 38916 emmanuel tailhardat France
Nr. 38915 fuss gerald Switzerland
Nr. 38914 rathqueber delhia Belarus
Nr. 38913 arielle digoy France SHAME
Nr. 38912 saint -céran marie-annick France
Nr. 38911 MAGALI FEUGIER France
Nr. 38910 sylvie pare Canada
Nr. 38909 Gdalewitch Sylvia Belgium
Nr. 38908 Gudrun Dennis United States
Nr. 38907 silvia brognoli Italy
Nr. 38906 Ilona Karme-Scalisi Australia We need to ensure the entire world's available for this migrating gentle giant!
Nr. 38905 Nick Greinert United States
Nr. 38904 Matthew Norlander Australia
Nr. 38903 Maria Nikolaeva Russian Federation I think what happens particularly in Faroe islands is highly disturbing and unacceptable in the civilised world.. Dolphins are some of the most highly intelligent and friendly animals on our planet and the fact that people can do this to them makes the humankind look disgusting. I really hope this problem will receive more attention
Nr. 38902 Titova Evgenia Russian Federation
Nr. 38901 Uliana Andreeva Russian Federation

Nr. 38900 Polina Konstantinova Russian Federation This “tradition” is a murder and a huge shame on humans. Unforgivable behavior which must be stopped immediately. Killing of any animals is terrible but killing of dolphins is similar to war.
Nr. 38899 Albert_v vdov Ukraine
Nr. 38898 Natasha Zarzhinskaya Russian Federation
Nr. 38897 Elena Solomonjuk Russian Federation
Nr. 38896 Dmitriy Khokhryakov Russian Federation It is amoral
Nr. 38895 Pauline Gounaud France
Nr. 38894 Daria Konstantinova Russian Federation
Nr. 38893 Dan Vic Russian Federation
Nr. 38892 Sun Ktulochovich Russian Federation Nya ^^~
Nr. 38891 Barbara Pinto Portugal
Nr. 38890 Adam Atherton United States
Nr. 38889 Debbie Castro United States This must be stopped!!!
Nr. 38888 Frey Jacqueline France Merci
Nr. 38887 Jayden Carslake Australia I beleive that we can survive in a world without whaling. I will be posting this to everyone I know.
Nr. 38886 Olga Sokolnikova Russian Federation We'll change the world if we change our mind. Remember we're only  small part of this huge world. Let's be human!
Nr. 38885 Sasha Grey Russian Federation
Nr. 38884 Jan Geren United States
Nr. 38883 Ekaterina Nikolaeva Russian Federation
Nr. 38882 Vladimir Yanbaev Russian Federation
Nr. 38881 Elena Yanbaeva Russian Federation
Nr. 38880 Arkadij Konstantinov Russian Federation
Nr. 38879 Tatyna Zarzhinskaya Russian Federation
Nr. 38878 Polina Karelina Russian Federation They mustn't be killed.
Nr. 38877 Martin Asenov Bulgaria
Nr. 38876 Ana Angelova Bulgaria
Nr. 38875 Svilena Angelova Bulgaria
Nr. 38874 Marchenkova Anastasia Russian Federation
Nr. 38873 Zdravko Hristov Bulgaria
Nr. 38871 Adrian Rodriguez Martinez Spain
Nr. 38870 Ekaterina Koynova Russian Federation It's really terrible! We must stop it!
Nr. 38869 Aleksandr Kurkov Russian Federation
Nr. 38868 Sergey Shestakov Russian Federation
Nr. 38867 Anna Aleshkevich Russian Federation
Nr. 38866 Marina Jeludkova Russian Federation
Nr. 38865 Vlad Brilov Russian Federation
Nr. 38864 Svetlana Badmaeva Russian Federation Please!!! STOP it!!!
Nr. 38863 rhianna loten Australia
Nr. 38862 Svetlana Kashkina Russian Federation
Nr. 38861 Kateryna Chupayeva Ukraine
Nr. 38860 Stéphanie Omnes France
Nr. 38859 Edouard Omnes France
Nr. 38858 Agnès Quenza France
Nr. 38857 Dryagin Gennady Russian Federation
Nr. 38856 Mike Moore United Kingdom
Nr. 38855 iya eremenko Russian Federation
Nr. 38854 Karelina Tatiana Russian Federation Stop killing!
Nr. 38853 Gavriil Zhdanov Russian Federation
Nr. 38852 Nina Zagaevskaya Russian Federation
Nr. 38851 Den Karpov Russian Federation
Nr. 38850 Dmitriy Verhozin Russian Federation STOP!!!
Nr. 38849 Foreva Sammer Russian Federation
Nr. 38848 Olga Shabalina Russian Federation
Nr. 38847 Vova Shabalin Russian Federation
Nr. 38846 Elena Shabalina Russian Federation
Nr. 38845 Alexandre Andreyanichev Russian Federation Don't kill dolphins be humans be humane
Nr. 38844 Valentin Balyshev Russian Federation
Nr. 38843 Spike Smith Russian Federation It's it cannot be tolerated
Nr. 38842 samuel ramadeen Canada
Nr. 38841 Daniel Stavskiy Russian Federation
Nr. 38840 Kirill Naumov Russian Federation
Nr. 38839 Vlad Gerasimov Russian Federation
Nr. 38838 Irina Konstantinova Russian Federation
Nr. 38837 Nick Komariv Russian Federation
Nr. 38836 Melissa Mitchell Canada
Nr. 38835 Rasty Shekelford Russian Federation
Nr. 38834 Steve Corlett New Zealand
Nr. 38833 Dmitry Savin Russian Federation Its a very bad thing
Nr. 38832 julia Lutsenko Russian Federation
Nr. 38831 Chernosheykina Diana Russian Federation
Nr. 38830 Constantine Poulakis Greece
Nr. 38829 vincenzo montò Italy
Nr. 38828 Rowan Burton Australia It is beyond belief in this day and age that anyone would want to kill a whale or a dolphin!!! let go of the past and embrace the future!!!! STOP THE KILLING!!!
Nr. 38827 Zavershinsky Aleksander Russian Federation
Nr. 38826 Francesca Bronzo Italy
Nr. 38825 Morgan Burkey United States Our oceans are in a critical state as it is. We dont need to destroy another species.
Nr. 38824 Dmitry Pavlov Russian Federation
Nr. 38823 Rodion Ermolaev Russian Federation
Nr. 38822 Anastasia Ermolaeva Russian Federation
Nr. 38821 Christine Hill Canada
Nr. 38820 nadija anderson United States
Nr. 38819 tarah lynch United States
Nr. 38818 Brett Hobbs Australia
Nr. 38817 Vanessa Gutierrez United States
Nr. 38816 terri jones United States
Nr. 38815 Lorrie Morris United States It's time to stop slaughtering these intelligent and peaceful creatures.
Nr. 38814 Georgie Dicks Australia There is no need to kill whales and dolphins... It's a greedy want and we don't want it!!
Nr. 38813 Robert Black United States They is a senseless act of greed and tasteless regard for our respect for the animals of the world.  There is no need for this to continue and it should be banned immediately.
Nr. 38812 Catherine Xaria Singapore Whaling & dolphin hunt must end NOW!
Nr. 38811 Yulia Masko Russian Federation No more killing!
Nr. 38810 Nana Trongratanawong Thailand
Nr. 38809 Nicole Verbist Belgium
Nr. 38808 Stéphanie Rossenu United States
Nr. 38807 annick van noeyen Belgium
Nr. 38806 jackie Philippines
Nr. 38805 loredana versaci Italy
Nr. 38804 Cindy Torrey United States
Nr. 38803 Sharon Prymaka United Kingdom
Nr. 38802 Connee Robertson United States This is lunacy! In the year 2010 we are allowing illegal poaching and consumption of whale meat and dolphin meat! These animals are on par with our intelligence and they are top of the food chain in the ocean. Therefore they are at high levels for mercury which turns human brains into swiss cheese! STOP KILLING ALL CETACEANS! We the people of the world are getting tired of governments not listening to us!!
Nr. 38801 carmen vasile Italy
Nr. 38800 christian mulquin Belgium Il faut tuer la bêtise pas les animaux
Nr. 38799 Nancy Petitjean Belgium
Nr. 38798 Jennifer Schwartz United States
Nr. 38797 Ginamarie Colorio United States
Nr. 38796 Laura Daub Canada
Nr. 38795 Philippe Tomballe Belgium
Nr. 38794 lafond adeline France it's must be urgent to stop this massacre !!shame on danemark
Nr. 38793 kerry burkhardt United States
Nr. 38792 carole gaudin France
Nr. 38791 Daniele Dolleans. France
Nr. 38790 Philippe Dolleans. France
Nr. 38789 Viviane TITS Belgium
Nr. 38788 Brigitte Bard United States
Nr. 38787 Sergey Stepanov Russian Federation
Nr. 38786 france fayet France
Nr. 38785 daniel feret France
Nr. 38784 simon fayet France
Nr. 38783 phoebe chayance United Kingdom
Nr. 38782 Laus Jacques Belgium
Nr. 38781 Annie PEYSSON France
Nr. 38780 Kseniya Vidineyeva Russian Federation It is extremely cruel! And also it is very destructive for the ocean's eco-systems.
Nr. 38779 Ekaterina Filchakova Russian Federation
Nr. 38778 Chantal Brixy Belgium
Nr. 38777 petit wendy France
Nr. 38776 Tony Searancke Australia
Nr. 38775 Hadar Ben-Simon United States
Nr. 38774 Hector Hickmott United Kingdom
Nr. 38773 Anna Surovaya Russian Federation
Nr. 38772 Michelle Bethune Australia
Nr. 38771 Deborah Migliorini Italy
Nr. 38770 alcaras carine France
Nr. 38769 Tahmina Mehrojzoda Russian Federation
Nr. 38768 Jean PIERRARD France
Nr. 38767 Antoniucci marc France
Nr. 38766 hieber kugelman josiane France
Nr. 38765 Giancarlo Vayra Italy
Nr. 38764 Chantal Buslot Belgium
Nr. 38763 schweikardt audrey France
Nr. 38762 Annie Dillon United Kingdom
Nr. 38761 Alex Dillon United Kingdom
Nr. 38760 kim michaels Australia
Nr. 38759 Paula Welling United States
Nr. 38758 Tiffany LePoidevin Australia
Nr. 38757 Carrie Voss United States
Nr. 38756 Joël Mahy Belgium
Nr. 38755 Monique Wright New Zealand
Nr. 38754 luc  United Kingdom
Nr. 38753 Anne Seidel Germany
Nr. 38752 Amanda daly Ireland this is sick........... i seen some videos on this and it makes me sick 
Nr. 38751 Julie Zakidalskaia United States
Nr. 38750 Henriette Matthijssen Canada
Nr. 38749 Chris Vaughn United States
Nr. 38748 Trish GEIDEL Australia
Nr. 38747 prost jessica France
Nr. 38746 Ralph Xx Germany
Nr. 38745 Aleksandra Shalgunova Russian Federation Thats disgusting!
Nr. 38744 Lynn Thelen United States
Nr. 38743 Rada Chugai Russian Federation
Nr. 38742 Pavel Razgulyayev Russian Federation
Nr. 38741 Nadine Lavallé Belgium
Nr. 38740 Alexey Matyushin Russian Federation
Nr. 38739 Peggy Acosta United States
Nr. 38738 Marie-Rose HECKMANN France
Nr. 38737 Odile HECKMANN France
Nr. 38736 Jean-Luc PALAZOTTO France
Nr. 38735 Nicolas Belleudy France
Nr. 38734 Carole Belleudy France
Nr. 38733 James Howie United Kingdom
Nr. 38732 Alex Slavenko Israel
Nr. 38731 Alfonso Megido Spain
Nr. 38730 EMMANUEL DEL ROSARIO Australia
Nr. 38729 Igor Ogorodnikov Russian Federation
Nr. 38728 Raymonde Paneels Belgium
Nr. 38727 Odette Chauve France
Nr. 38726 Monique Gabetty France
Nr. 38725 Bill Woehr Switzerland stop killing whales it makes no sense to kill
Nr. 38724 Ruth Pruiksma United States
Nr. 38723 Mishline Sleiman Canada
Nr. 38722 Patrick Feller United States
Nr. 38721 ROUX josette France
Nr. 38720 gossiaux genevieve Belgium
Nr. 38719 Raphaelle Walsh- Beauchamp Canada
Nr. 38718 PAULA WHITE Canada
Nr. 38717 Tori Reyes United States IT NEEDS TO BE STOPPED!
Nr. 38716 ANGELO ALBERTI Italy
Nr. 38715 Michael Pieper United States It is The Greatest Madness to perpetuate Whale and Dolphin hunting any Longer.  Their Survival is so Vital to Our Own Survival.
Nr. 38714 Sabre de Romeo Malaysia
Nr. 38713 Kaityn Reyes United States
Nr. 38712 Eadie Wiggins Australia I believe we cannot deny the fact we have the need to 'destroy' some plants and animals in order to live but needless cruel slaughter of 'any' living thing is not acceptable at any level.
Nr. 38711 Shelly Butcher Australia
Nr. 38710 Sue Ross Antigua And Barbuda This practice is so barbaric and must be stopped!
Nr. 38709 Shaktiva Irahs Netherlands
Nr. 38708 lev lunev Russian Federation
Nr. 38707 VIER Eva France 
Nr. 38706 Kurt Valentine Netherlands
Nr. 38705 Kimberly Gaskey United States It is horrible that in the 21st century countries are still engaging in this barbaric practice.  Haven't the oceans and its inhabitants been exploited enough.  Enough!
Nr. 38704 Ben Tucker United States
Nr. 38703 Belinda Lauer Germany
Nr. 38702 monique gallagher New Zealand
Nr. 38701 aurora ferlenghi Italy
Nr. 38700 skylaar amann United States
Nr. 38699 Britta Gehler Germany
Nr. 38698 PAMELA CIOCCHI Argentina
Nr. 38697 Jessica Ogden United States
Nr. 38696 Jamie Torrence United States
Nr. 38695 katherine beavis-browning United Kingdom I feel there really is no real reason  to kill whales and dolphins any longer.
Nr. 38694 Joy Wong Malaysia
Nr. 38693 Chris Fortney United States
Nr. 38692 Nick Anzelmo United States
Nr. 38691 Jabrane Fatima France
Nr. 38690 Lou Durand France
Nr. 38689 Scott Thorp Australia Kujira to Iruka o tasukete onegaishimasu.
Nr. 38688 Danica Rushing United States
Nr. 38687 sarah jackson United Kingdom
Nr. 38686 aysha bhatti United States Please leave these incredible creatures alone! Let them be and live in peace!!!!
Nr. 38685 Dawn Crouse United States
Nr. 38684 Harald Schmidl United States The world is an offensive place without the natural world. Leave what remains of it intact.
Nr. 38683 Andrew Paterson South Africa
Nr. 38682 Tamara Yin United States Stop killing everything!
Nr. 38681 Dug Stuart New Zealand This is 2010 people!!!  Its time to stop raping our planet and grow up.  Whether u believe in Karma or Action/Reaction - we will sooner or later have to face up to the carnage we have ravaged upon our Earth.
Nr. 38680 Elisa Minakis Canada
Nr. 38679 Max Webb Australia Please do not back down to pseudo cultural justifications for the hunt
Nr. 38678 Cathy Nutter United States The slaughter of these magnificent creatures is senseless murder!
Nr. 38677 ria kemp New Zealand The time is now
Nr. 38676 Andy Wainwright Japan
Nr. 38675 Bridgette Gower Australia
Nr. 38674 Chris Koller Kenya
Nr. 38673 Dave Anderson United States
Nr. 38672 Gert Klimanschewski Germany
Nr. 38671 sandra dattoli United States
Nr. 38670 Susanna Wajner Sweden
Nr. 38669 Daryl Haynes United Kingdom
Nr. 38668 Irfan Syafiq Bin Zainal Abas Singapore If it isn't about your survival why do it? You don't need to eat whales to survive... Yes you may lose a part of tradition but this is nature. Nature's way is change. So therefore change is needed to save lives and evolve to a higher state of being.
Nr. 38667 sara harper United States The slaughter of the dolphns should stop. There is no reasoning to these killings
Nr. 38666 rey flores United States
Nr. 38665 Dunia Vanessa Zamora Costa Rica
Nr. 38664 Tatiana Postnikova Russian Federation
Nr. 38663 Jo Richards Australia This has to stop Lets come together fellow humans and fight for the whales and dolphins right to life.
Nr. 38662 Chris Jones United States Save the dolphins
Nr. 38661 Shelly Glasser United States
Nr. 38660 Natalia Carolina Guerra Argentina
Nr. 38659 Marie ISAIA France
Nr. 38658 Regine Descamps-Hulin Belgium
Nr. 38657 Sarah Brown United States
Nr. 38656 melissa constantinidou Cyprus
Nr. 38655 Debra Rose United Kingdom
Nr. 38654 Ayse Ekinci Turkey
Nr. 38653 Mario Erginbas Turkey
Nr. 38652 Patty Silenzi Italy
Nr. 38651 Robert Donald Australia
Nr. 38650 joanne riotte United States
Nr. 38649 Silke Dallmann United Kingdom
Nr. 38648 Cynthia Villaume France
Nr. 38647 POIGNON Aurelie France
Nr. 38646 Lori Lopez United States We cannot back down on doing what is right!  Progress means moving forward not backwards and must always be done with a conscience.  Whales and dolphins are being slaughtered and it must end once and for all.  
Nr. 38645 Weber Coryn Germany
Nr. 38644 Maren Dallmann United Kingdom
Nr. 38643 Joanne Dunford Canada We must stop the killing of these animals immediately. Our oceanic ecosystem is in extreme danger these animals are more than sentient and work in family groups and this meat is dangerously toxic. The only thing constant in life is change and this practice must change.
Nr. 38642 Rafael Lopez United States
Nr. 38641 Nancy Murawski Germany
Nr. 38640 Christina Delle Fave Italy
Nr. 38639 Fatma Loose Germany Please save our world and the whales belong to it also!!! Don't destroy everything.
Nr. 38638 Cherie Miquelon United States STOP THE KILIING !!
Nr. 38637 Philip Charman Australia
Nr. 38636 Ian Garland Australia
Nr. 38635 kerry giblett Australia
Nr. 38634 penny spanorriga Greece
Nr. 38633 LAURENT siloret France
Nr. 38632 Troy Palmer United States
Nr. 38631 Katherine Matulis United States
Nr. 38630 Randy Wong Singapore Please leave the whales alone.
Nr. 38629 Mike Head New Zealand
Nr. 38628 Juha-Matti Suorsa Sweden Whaling is cruel and unnecessary. It is barbaric thus it should not belong to the modern times we live in.
Nr. 38627 hollis United States
Nr. 38626 Jason Eden United Kingdom
Nr. 38625 Roberta Wallace United Kingdom
Nr. 38624 Amanda Ford Australia It's so cruel! it need's to stop!
Nr. 38623 john deboeck Canada
Nr. 38622 Lisa Jacobs New Zealand
Nr. 38621 Lisa Cannata Australia Please end this cruelty.
Nr. 38620 Barbara Abatti Italy Whaling is unsustainable and cruel. There's no need for whaling in this day and age!
Nr. 38619 Barbara Cannata Australia Don't only think of today - you must think of tomorrow.
Nr. 38618 Scott Hughes United States
Nr. 38617 Molly Maria Greger Norway
Nr. 38616 Mandy thomson Australia
Nr. 38615 sarah chawner United Kingdom
Nr. 38614 Lisa Redditt United States
Nr. 38613 Juraj Mlcoch Slovakia
Nr. 38612 molly cartwright United Kingdom this really needs to stop just like animal testing.. it's all pointless!
Nr. 38611 Sue Webber Canada We should be learning from these amazing creatures instead of destroying them.
Nr. 38610 Joseph Barron United States
Nr. 38609 Trine Frammer Norway
Nr. 38608 Angelique Mialon France Arrêtez le massacre!!!
Nr. 38607 Elisabeth Frammer Norway
Nr. 38606 Roddy Kerrigan United Kingdom
Nr. 38605 Anne Bartholomaeus Germany
Nr. 38604 Howard Wu United States
Nr. 38603 Melissa Pinheiro Portugal
Nr. 38602 Eric Irizarry United States Please stop whaling and dolphin hunt! Without them there would be no order in the ocean children's imagination would be lost forever and whales and dolphins would be nothing more than just a story to tell.
Nr. 38601 Jason Caumartin Canada
Nr. 38600 Benoit Mussche Belgium
Nr. 38599 ClaireFrost United Kingdom
Nr. 38598 Heather DeLancett United States
Nr. 38597 Juli Hopwood Australia
Nr. 38596 Tina Lalonde Canada
Nr. 38595 Laraine Stevens Australia
Nr. 38594 Marilyn Mangione Australia Humas must stop the slaughter of mammals and slaughter of all species that are wild and doing us absolutely no harm.
Nr. 38593 Vivienne Ortege Australia Whales should be free from torture and horrific deaths.  They are needed in our ailing oceans.
Nr. 38592 Brenda Brown Australia
Nr. 38591 Diana Acevedo United States
Nr. 38590 Robert Wilke Canada
Nr. 38589 Christina Louise Australia
Nr. 38588 Katrin Waite New Zealand
Nr. 38587 peter vonarburg` Australia
Nr. 38586 lisa Demirgil Turkey
Nr. 38585 Hasan Cetin Turkey
Nr. 38584 Donovan Teal Australia
Nr. 38583 Mandy Nicholls Australia
Nr. 38582 Margaret Morton United Kingdom Whalea and dolphins are intelligent mammals who share our planet.  They should be protected - I totally oppose any killing of these beautiful creatures.
Nr. 38581 Tomasz Matuszkiewicz Poland
Nr. 38580 Martine PHELOUZAT France
Nr. 38579 adam stamper United States
Nr. 38578 Andi Crisp United Kingdom
Nr. 38577 Lilah Gardner United States
Nr. 38576 Elizabeth Harrod United Kingdom
Nr. 38575 ruthbencini Bencini Italy
Nr. 38574 Karen Kirk United Kingdom
Nr. 38573 Leah Travaline Canada We should be learning from these amazing creatures instead of destroying them.
Nr. 38572 Francesca Vandelli United Kingdom
Nr. 38571 John Setchell New Zealand STOP KILLING WHALES
Nr. 38570 tortiller jean luc France
Nr. 38569 Janet Mulder Netherlands
Nr. 38568 Filomena Lomba Viana United Kingdom
Nr. 38567 Hess Fortunée France
Nr. 38566 Zelime Matthews United States
Nr. 38565 Mike Vandenboer Canada
Nr. 38564 Natalie Kallenbach United States
Nr. 38563 Phoebe Chayance United Kingdom
Nr. 38562 Maud Vasseur France
Nr. 38561 Nicola Kerridge United Kingdom PLEASE protect these most incredible and beautiful creatures.
Nr. 38560 Andrea Bartha Hungary
Nr. 38559 Sally McClain United States Stop the senseless slaughter!
Nr. 38558 Elza Defraeije Belgium
Nr. 38557 Henry de Villiers South Africa
Nr. 38556 Rav Coughlan Canada
Nr. 38555 Shaun Gardiner United Kingdom
Nr. 38554 Simon PHILBRICK United Kingdom Stop the destruction of all whales.
Nr. 38553 Eva Angsuco United States
Nr. 38552 Keegan Rumsey United States
Nr. 38551 Leslie Witmer United States
Nr. 38550 Hanna Erkel Hungary
Nr. 38549 BOSC France
Nr. 38548 kim phillips United States I am sad that I have to explain to my children that this beautiful Earth has some of the most awful. We as the human race have the power to make the entire Earth become one planet in harmony. Instead the human monsters are ruining it for the future generations. Not respecting life. This is our Mother Earth.We are taking away her precious life..
Nr. 38547 Cynthia Cawthon United States PLEASE stop allowing whales and dolphins to be slaughtered!!!! We must respect and honor our sea life because our oceans are so polluted that they may not be around for future generations to cherish and appreciate so we must stop the madness of needlessly destroying God' creations!!!! The time is now!!!! Thank you and God Bless You(\0/)
Nr. 38546 Beatriz Tur Brazil
Nr. 38545 John Harriss United States
Nr. 38544 Kim Heyman United States
Nr. 38543 Ankita Gupta India Treat the dolphins as your familyyou would'nt like to see anyone 'slaughtering' yours would you?
Nr. 38542 Slavica Vukelic Serbia And Montenegro
Nr. 38541 scott walker United States
Nr. 38540 Hoi Lam TAM Hong Kong
Nr. 38539 Dolly Austin United States
Nr. 38538 Caitlin Schmedlin United States
Nr. 38537 Justina Powell United States
Nr. 38536 Dillon Burroughs United States
Nr. 38535 Thomas Sandman United States

Nr. 38534 Mary Foley Ireland
Nr. 38533 Bill McGlone United States
Nr. 38532 Mary Truelove United States
Nr. 38531 Raymond Wells United Kindom
Nr. 38530 erin reese United States
Nr. 38529 Valerie Miles United States
Nr. 38528 annmarie devine Ireland
Nr. 38527 CINDY COLLIER United Kingdom
Nr. 38526 ivonne carlson United States
Nr. 38525 Jessie Humphrey United States
Nr. 38524 Roswitha von Heissen Germany
Nr. 38523 T Baker United States
Nr. 38522 Nan Bongiovanni United States
Nr. 38521 Pam Fioretti Australia
Nr. 38520 Traci Newcomb United States
Nr. 38519 Alan Haggard United States
Nr. 38518 Kate N United States
Nr. 38517 Luis Fernando Parra United States
Nr. 38516 Fulvia Marino Italy
Nr. 38515 Star Star United States
Nr. 38514 Janis Gummel United States
Nr. 38513 Sky Sunday United States
Nr. 38512 Paulo Santana United States
Nr. 38511 karen ericson United States
Nr. 38510 Keth Luke United States
Nr. 38509 VIRGINIA LIONATTO Argentina
Nr. 38508 pete giacca United States
Nr. 38507 Katrien Vandevelde Belgium
Nr. 38506 Christina Jones United States
Nr. 38505 katrina goodwin United States
Nr. 38504 Rachel Shprintzen United States
Nr. 38503 Angela Ara United Kingdom
Nr. 38502 Joy Bergstrom United States
Nr. 38501 giustina damiano Italy
Nr. 38500 Charlie Luna United States
Nr. 38499 Caroline Prout France
Nr. 38498 Richard Hollister United States
Nr. 38497 Reba Smith United States
Nr. 38496 JoAnne Hager United States
Nr. 38495 Pearl Gilman United States
Nr. 38494 Sarah Confer United States
Nr. 38493 Matthew Cloner United States
Nr. 38492 Jeanette Dovheden Sweden
Nr. 38491 Paul Dorn United States
Nr. 38490 Melissa Slack United States
Nr. 38489 Marianne Skoczek United States
Nr. 38488 Dean Leh United States
Nr. 38487 carol Haven United States
Nr. 38486 Laurie Brewer United States
Nr. 38485 mike moore United Kingdom
Nr. 38484 Delliana of the Sea United States
Nr. 38483 Jeramie Dreyfuss United States
Nr. 38482 lori weber United States
Nr. 38481 Sara Thomas United States
Nr. 38480 Christy Hill Canada
Nr. 38479 Debbie Kreuser United States
Nr. 38478 William Lowe United States
Nr. 38477 Karolina Lisewska United States
Nr. 38476 Vivien Prince United States
Nr. 38475 Dallmann Silke United Kingdom
Nr. 38474 Susan Esposito United States
Nr. 38473 Kelly Cleveland United States
Nr. 38472 ebru mutevellioglu Turkey
Nr. 38471 German Mendez United States
Nr. 38470 Fenia Yfandi Greece
Nr. 38469 charles mclachlan United Kingdom
Nr. 38468 Deb Brown United States
Nr. 38467 Lisa Lehman United States
Nr. 38466 Gregory Esteve United States
Nr. 38465 Despina Ioannidou Greece
Nr. 38464 Nicole Maschke United States
Nr. 38463 ellie luna Los United States
Nr. 38462 JoAnn Bouikidis United States
Nr. 38461 Diane Gandee Sorbi United States
Nr. 38460 Tony Sandlin United States
Nr. 38459 Tanwi Sandelwood United States
Nr. 38458 Gudrun D United States
Nr. 38457 amanda stokell United States
Nr. 38456 evelyne flament rFrance
Nr. 38455 Kristy Mitchell United States
Nr. 38454 Fabienne Amnesty For Animals Netherlands
Nr. 38453 gail dair Australia
Nr. 38452 Deanna Zimmerman United States
Nr. 38451 Joe Park United States
Nr. 38450 Terrance Godfrey Travelers Rest Sweden
Nr. 38449 Rachel Russell United States
Nr. 38448 Barbara McNamara United States
Nr. 38447 Eleni Michaels Australia
Nr. 38446 Bobbie Murray United States
Nr. 38445 monique waitzer United States
Nr. 38444 Brigitte James United States
Nr. 38443 Spencer Shoop Vernon CT
Nr. 38442 Michael Pacholski  United States
Nr. 38441 Kari Dyrdahl United States
Nr. 38440 monica russo Italy
Nr. 38439 Chelsea Madison United States
Nr. 38438 Charlie Blackwolf United States
Nr. 38437 Anne Davidson United States
Nr. 38436 Alisha Nickols United States
Nr. 38435 Laurie Bint United States
Nr. 38434 alison Johncox United States
Nr. 38433 Darlene Therrien Canada
Nr. 38432 Serge Jordan United States
Nr. 38431 Brenda Stepp United States
Nr. 38430 Joanna Kara Bulgaria
Nr. 38429 Alison Smith United States
Nr. 38428 Milla Öst Sweden
Nr. 38427 Tami Palacky United States
Nr. 38425 Sarah Panullo United States
Nr. 38424 angela fazzari United States
Nr. 38423 Veronika Hompo Hungary
Nr. 38422 Joel Clasemann United States
Nr. 38421 Hélène Fernandez France
Nr. 38420 Jytte Nhanenge Mozambique
Nr. 38419 Laura Broenink Netherlands
Nr. 38418 Jennifer Wade United Kingdom
Nr. 38417 Jorgen Deman Belgium
Nr. 38416 Isobella Merritts United States
Nr. 38415 Virginie DURIS France
Nr. 38414 Suzie Gordon United States
Nr. 38413 Erin Kathleen United States
Nr. 38412 Jean-Pierre CHARRY France
Nr. 38411 James Doeppers United States
Nr. 38410 elena georgiadou Greece
Nr. 38409 Darlene Davis United States
Nr. 38408 Damian McDonnell United States
Nr. 38407 Cosmic Rhino Ranger United States
Nr. 38406 Brianne Cameron United States
Nr. 38405 Michael Mahoney Canada
Nr. 38404 Mario Aguilar United States
Nr. 38403 Teresa Kaplan United States
Nr. 38402 Clark Davis United States
Nr. 38401 Valerie Hildebrand Canada
Nr. 38400 Samantha L United States
Nr. 38399 Deborah Outman United States
Nr. 38398 Christopher David Moore United States
Nr. 38397 Jamaka Petzak United States
Nr. 38396 Patrick Kelly United States
Nr. 38395 Tom Stilwell United States
Nr. 38394 Marc Schoenberg United States
Nr. 38393 C. John Bengiovanni United States
Nr. 38392 Hema Bedasie United States
Nr. 38391 Jezreel del Rosario United States
Nr. 38390 betty geist United States
Nr. 38389 Ashley Jager United States
Nr. 38388 Grace Neff United States
Nr. 38387 Jacquelyn Mystic United States
Nr. 38386 Juliet Johns United States
Nr. 38385 Beth Patterson United States
Nr. 38384 Sugar Bouche United States
Nr. 38383 Christine Williams United Kingdom
Nr. 38382 Yee Yean Lim Malaysia
Nr. 38381 Frank Eukitis United States
Nr. 38380 Sharon Cohen United States
Nr. 38379 chrystal stillwell United States
Nr. 38378 Elisabetta Errani emaldi Italy
Nr. 38377 Tammy Campbell United States
Nr. 38376 darija mandic Montenegro
Nr. 38375 Deanna DSouza United States
Nr. 38374 Ileana Carmen Carare Norway
Nr. 38373 Michelle Bafik-Vehsl... United States
Nr. 38372 Joanna Welch United States
Nr. 38371 Nick Ponomarev Canada
Nr. 38370 Katrin ForAllAnimalsSax  Germany
Nr. 38369 Julia González Calderón Spain
Nr. 38368 sherry breznicki United States
Nr. 38367 Soodle Billy Ireland
Nr. 38366 Julie Goldman United Kindom
Nr. 38365 Lori korunka United States
Nr. 38364 Candi Ausman United States
Nr. 38363 corinne ramsden United States
Nr. 38362 Sarah Parker United States
Nr. 38361 Douglas Richardson United States
Nr. 38360 yael kv Netherlands
Nr. 38359 Diana Seifert United States
Nr. 38358 Alicia Franco Denmark
Nr. 38357 Dan Jones United States
Nr. 38356 Diana Arikane Ireland
Nr. 38355 arthur poletti United States
Nr. 38354 kat yazzie United States
Nr. 38353 AHADI Community Kenya
Nr. 38352 Melissa Webber United States
Nr. 38351 Heather Carlson United States
Nr. 38350 Mike Schena United States
Nr. 38349 Tamara Williams United States
Nr. 38348 joyce waldie United States
Nr. 38347 Cheree M. United States
Nr. 38346 Vivien Green United Kingdom
Nr. 38345 Chantal Buslot Belgium
Nr. 38344 Julie van Niekerk South Africa
Nr. 38343 Sevgin Billur Korkmaz Turkey
Nr. 38342 Steven Stratford United States
Nr. 38341 Chris Drumright United States
Nr. 38340 John McKinnon United States
Nr. 38339 Patrick Cuddihy Ireland
Nr. 38338 Veronica Goddard United Kingdom
Nr. 38337 leslie smith United States
Nr. 38336 Amy A. United States
Nr. 38335 marilyn miller United States
Nr. 38334 Patrick Taylor United States
Nr. 38333 Cheryl Bryant Australia
Nr. 38332 Nora Jones Australia
Nr. 38331 Alice McGough United States
Nr. 38330 Carl Nylund United States
Nr. 38329 Charles Daeda United States
Nr. 38328 Ann Cawley United States
Nr. 38327 laura raforth United States
Nr. 38326 Jennifer Rose United States
Nr. 38325 natali m United States
Nr. 38324 Paula Cano United States
Nr. 38323 Leslie Baker United States
Nr. 38322 Josette Pavlick United States
Nr. 38321 Jenny O'Neil United States
Nr. 38320 Linda London United States
Nr. 38319 Sara Turner United States
Nr. 38318 karen lyons kalmenson United States
Nr. 38317 Barb Knight United States
Nr. 38316 Jeanne MacDonald Canada
Nr. 38315 Geynell Eskite United States
Nr. 38314 Vladimir Tarlo Canada
Nr. 38313 Ronald Babcock United States
Nr. 38312 Blue Ape With A Drum United Kingdom
Nr. 38311 Heather Aurelia United States
Nr. 38310 Zacharias Affolter United States
Nr. 38309 Rhonda Maness United States
Nr. 38308 Jacob Johnston Italy
Nr. 38307 Colleen Klaum United States
Nr. 38306 Adam Izak-Sunna Netherlands
Nr. 38305 Nick Hardy United States
Nr. 38304 Christina Campbell United States
Nr. 38303 Nyack Clancy United States
Nr. 38302 Tom Kozel United States
Nr. 38301 Ron Avila United States
Nr. 38300 Arlene Robins Canada
Nr. 38299 kathleen wissenz United States
Nr. 38298 connor hocking United States
Nr. 38297 Savina Veselinova Bulgaria
Nr. 38296 jennifer rivers United States
Nr. 38295 Yessenia Gonzalez United States
Nr. 38294 Phyllis Pleasants United States
Nr. 38293 Linda Gottschalk Green Bay WI
Nr. 38292 Stephan Turner United States
Nr. 38291 Cher Clarke Canada
Nr. 38290 Angel Warrior United Kingdom
Nr. 38289 chris beal United States
Nr. 38288 Lisa Huskisson United Kingdom
Nr. 38287 Terrie C. Williams United States
Nr. 38286 Manuela R. Montenegro
Nr. 38285 gwenn meltzer United States
Nr. 38284 Nisa Bedwell United States
Nr. 38283 Yrna Miryana Indonesia
Nr. 38282 Cheryl Fish United States
Nr. 38281 Yannis Karaouzas Greece
Nr. 38280 marissa abramovic United States
Nr. 38279 Melissa Buchanan United States
Nr. 38278 Pastor Tim Redfern United States
Nr. 38277 Paul Weiss United States
Nr. 38276 Beth Stephens Scott Stephens and Vicky Fuller Our Family Canada
Nr. 38275 thomas thirion United States
Nr. 38274 Maggie A United States
Nr. 38273 Jonna Korsberg Finland
Nr. 38272 Lisa Koehl United States
Nr. 38271 Paola Ghidotti Italy
Nr. 38270 bonnie pelton United States
Nr. 38269 Jennifer Hall United States
Nr. 38268 Pamylle Greinke United States
Nr. 38267 Pam Steele United States
Nr. 38266 Jimmy Armstrong United States
Nr. 38265 gabriella rusticali fItaly
Nr. 38264 Ángel Marina Spain
Nr. 38263 heidi wollum Sweden
Nr. 38262 Katherine McGill United States
Nr. 38261 Julia Tawyea' Lake Ariel PA
Nr. 38260 Sharon Balloch United States
Nr. 38259 Marianne Good Sweden
Nr. 38258 Penni Norman United States
Nr. 38257 Theodore Spachidakis Greece
Nr. 38256 Jim T Australia
Nr. 38255 Gevorg Der-Galesta... United States
Nr. 38254 Jimmy Kat United States
Nr. 38253 Dr. Kerstin Huf Germany
Nr. 38252 fees lotta Germany
Nr. 38251 Wendy Benay Watson United States
Nr. 38250 Jenny storaker United States
Nr. 38249 Bob Ramczyk United States
Nr. 38248 Yasiu Kruszynski Poland
Nr. 38247 Ron. Price United States
Nr. 38246 Alan Kardoff United States
Nr. 38245 pamlynn montgomery United States
Nr. 38244 Dynamic Ecology United States
Nr. 38243 Jennifer Shupe United States
Nr. 38242 Martine Derouaux Belgium
Nr. 38241 Jason J Green United States
Nr. 38240 Karen Sheaffer United States
Nr. 38239 Bernell Trapp United States
Nr. 38238 Steven Ayala-Miller United States
Nr. 38237 Charlene Inglis United States
Nr. 38236 Mandi Traut Saratoga CA
Nr. 38235 Michael Prince United States
Nr. 38234 Deana Palmer United States
Nr. 38233 Dorothy Dotson United States
Nr. 38232 dian wright United States
Nr. 38231 Kim Carter United States
Nr. 38230 Thomas Shelton United States
Nr. 38229 Pieter Pottas Indonesia
Nr. 38228 JOAN YIELDING United States
Nr. 38227 Bryan D. Freehling United States
Nr. 38226 Hannah H. United States
Nr. 38225 Olja Kaludjerovic United States
Nr. 38224 Stephane Rector United States
Nr. 38223 De Andre Nickens United States
Nr. 38222 Maneesh Pangasa United States
Nr. 38221 Barry Seth United States
Nr. 38220 Dee University United Kingdom
Nr. 38219 Gabriele Martinec Austria
Nr. 38218 ines vasquez Venezuela
Nr. 38217 Kevin Silvey United States
Nr. 38216 Bruce Combs United States
Nr. 38215 Filomena Viana United States
Nr. 38214 josephine skitt United Kingdom
Nr. 38213 jake wolfhart Peace Dude United States
Nr. 38212 Sally Tully-Figue... Puerto Rico
Nr. 38211 Natasha Leite de Moura Brazil
Nr. 38210 Chris Gamble United States
Nr. 38209 Gaye Gamble United States
Nr. 38208 Nadezhda Peneva Spain
Nr. 38207 Adriana Stancheva Bulgaria
Nr. 38206 Patrizia Scally United States
Nr. 38205 Jamie Horneman United States
Nr. 38204 Anneke Hut Netherlands
Nr. 38203 Andrew Heugel United States
Nr. 38202 joelle coudriou France
Nr. 38201 Louann Smith United States
Nr. 38200 Marie Bernat France
Nr. 38199 Cristi Sturgill United States
Nr. 38198 veronica pankiw Canada
Nr. 38197 Renate Thomee Netherlands
Nr. 38196 Robert Crooks wayne MI
Nr. 38195 Tracey Harp United States
Nr. 38194 Brenda Pelletier United States
Nr. 38193 Sherry Watts United States
Nr. 38192 Maria F. Italy
Nr. 38191 Danièle TRANCHANT France
Nr. 38190 Arthur Liles United States
Nr. 38189 Bojana Bjelovic Serbia
Nr. 38188 tortiller jean-luc United States
Nr. 38187 George Martin Portugal
Nr. 38186 Alice Diane Celebre United States
Nr. 38185 pia forss-saari... Finland
Nr. 38184 Loredana Versaci Italy
Nr. 38183 Jo Daniels United Kingdom
Nr. 38182 Marco Gazzola United States
Nr. 38181 barbara strickland United States
Nr. 38180 nicolette ludolphi Germany
Nr. 38179 Pamela Pourreyron United States
Nr. 38178 Pam Johnson United States
Nr. 38177 Nina Serman Netherlands
Nr. 38176 vivian lombardozzi United States
Nr. 38175 jamie greer United States
Nr. 38174 susana alcázar United States
Nr. 38173 Barbara Monaco United States
Nr. 38172 Anne Padilla United States
Nr. 38171 Sophia Mosconi United States
Nr. 38170 Susana Francisco Portugal
Nr. 38169 Monika Laubach Germany
Nr. 38168 dora St Greeze
Nr. 38167 Maria Cohila Greeze
Nr. 38166 Cris Berjac United States
Nr. 38165 Susan Iarra United States
Nr. 38164 marina krikunova Russian Federation
Nr. 38163 Kate Shield United States
Nr. 38162 Concepcion Ahuja United States
Nr. 38161 SARAH HAMILTON United States
Nr. 38160 jozon florence France
Nr. 38159 Mervi Rantala Finland
Nr. 38158 Caleb Laieski United States
Nr. 38157 Iris Pereira Spain
Nr. 38156 Gabrielle Sweet United States
Nr. 38155 Carrie Gleason United States
Nr. 38154 Edward Laurson United States
Nr. 38153 Mary Zimmerman United States
Nr. 38152 Alina L:ewicka Poland
Nr. 38151 Verena Ellis United States
Nr. 38150 tortiller jean-luc United States
Nr. 38149 Jamie Baughman United States
Nr. 38148 R Kok United States
Nr. 38147 Kurt Frees United States
Nr. 38146 Stormy Hebrew United States
Nr. 38145 Laura Tatti Italy
Nr. 38144 Margarita L. Russian Federation
Nr. 38143 Marina Parfenova Russian Federation
Nr. 38142 Kurt van der Blom Netherlands
Nr. 38141 Catherine Chambers United States
Nr. 38140 Asfa Aman Singapore 
Nr. 38139 Andre Clarke United States
Nr. 38138 Andrew Frenette United States
Nr. 38137 georgina lecuona Mexico
Nr. 38136 Michele Landis United States
Nr. 38135 Jacki Hileman United States
Nr. 38134 vercknocke pascal France 
Nr. 38133 Marilynn Smith United States
Nr. 38132 Tobie Mangione Canada
Nr. 38131 Helen Beasley United States
Nr. 38130 stephane le pierres France 
Nr. 38129 tom gilbert United States
Nr. 38128 james m nordlund United States
Nr. 38127 Albert Mah Australia
Nr. 38126 Carol Kaito United States
Nr. 38125 Christopher Lewis United States
Nr. 38124 Liz Johnson United States
Nr. 38123 Darlene Schueler United States
Nr. 38122 Darcy Schreiner United Kingdom
Nr. 38121 Sherrie Estes United States
Nr. 38120 Maria Vazquez United States
Nr. 38119 tara lav United States
Nr. 38118 Artemis Asproyerakas United States
Nr. 38117 Mark Tazelaar United States
Nr. 38116 CAROL HANDRAS United States
Nr. 38115 collette novak United States
Nr. 38114 Toni Dudlo United States
Nr. 38113 Taina Diaz-Reyes United States
Nr. 38112 Lois Hemm United States
Nr. 38111 gregory kubera United States
Nr. 38110 Dr. Sandra Kinghorn United States
Nr. 38109 Daniela Guzmán Bolivia
Nr. 38108 lisa salazar United States
Nr. 38107 Sarah Chi United States
Nr. 38106 Erik Garbe Sweden
Nr. 38105 Jackie Tryggeseth United States
Nr. 38104 Ellinor Sandberg Sweden
Nr. 38103 berens jean-marc France
Nr. 38102 Erin C. United States
Nr. 38101 nanette smith United States
Nr. 38100 Philippe Dolleans France
Nr. 38099 Danièle Dolleans United States
Nr. 38098 Susan Mock United States
Nr. 38097 Domenico Buono Italy
Nr. 38096 Anke Dam Netherlands
Nr. 38095 Bozzola Eliette France
Nr. 38093 harold treinen United States
Nr. 38092 Cinzia Maddalena United States
Nr. 38091 Carlo Zucchi Italy
Nr. 38090 Christophe CLEMENT France
Nr. 38089 Anne Andrew United States
Nr. 38088 Florence Stanley Australia
Nr. 38087 Erzsebet Ilona Horvath Hungary
Nr. 38086 Wilton Mui United States
Nr. 38085 Christopher White Istanbul Turkey
Nr. 38084 kristjan nielsen Denmark
Nr. 38083 Lena Dahlberg United States
Nr. 38082 rudi kici Albania
Nr. 38081 andres navarro Spain
Nr. 38080 Tomina Meyers United States
Nr. 38079 Stephen Cardwell United Kingdom
Nr. 38078 Jennifer Pritchard United States
Nr. 38077 Abhinav Goel India
Nr. 38076 MAGALI FEUGIER France
Nr. 38075 Petra Ruskovska Slovakia
Nr. 38074 Kate Freeth United Kingdom
Nr. 38073 Judy de Groot United States
Nr. 38072 Andrew Swaffield United Kingdom
Nr. 38071 Christiane Berckmans United States
Nr. 38070 stéphanie rossenu United States
Nr. 38069 Isabelle Piller France 
Nr. 38068 Markus Reppermund Germany
Nr. 38067 Dariusz Ozarowski Poland
Nr. 38066 Daniela Holmes Germany
Nr. 38065 Jane Armstrong Canada
Nr. 38064 Françoise Bonté France
Nr. 38063 Yolanda Stopforth South Africa
Nr. 38062 Colin Hope South Africa
Nr. 38061 Nanda Kruiswijk Netherlands
Nr. 38060 Irene Broßeit United States
Nr. 38059 Valjean O'Neill United States
Nr. 38058 Beverly Combs United States
Nr. 38057 Andrea Oefinger United States
Nr. 38056 Shane Sylvester United States
Nr. 38055 Debb Lovett United States
Nr. 38054 megan condon United States
Nr. 38053 hadeel alnajjar Kuwait
Nr. 38052 john hedrick United States
Nr. 38051 John Rokas United States
Nr. 38050 Cassandre Miller United States
Nr. 38049 Debra Harpole United States
Nr. 38048 elaine berman United States
Nr. 38047 mark holmgren United States
Nr. 38046 Katie Ingham United States
Nr. 38045 Beverly Barth United States
Nr. 38044 martha leahy United States
Nr. 38043 Marie-Anne Lecouté-Lo... France
Nr. 38042 doug krause Canada
Nr. 38041 Joyce Grajczyk United States
Nr. 38040 Christopher Bryant United States
Nr. 38039 bonnie schwab Canada
Nr. 38038 mary perry Costa Rica
Nr. 38037 Darren Tachine United States
Nr. 38036 Pam Courts United States
Nr. 38035 H.Marie Ostrander United States
Nr. 38034 James Mulcare United States
Nr. 38033 Michael Parsons United States
Nr. 38032 Ewa Piasecka Poland
Nr. 38031 Miriam Noemi Ivaldi Argentina
Nr. 38030 Mary Alexander United States
Nr. 38029 KAYAU Shiu India
Nr. 38028 glena bowen United States
Nr. 38027 Marie-Ange + Jules Berchem-Lem... Luxembourg
Nr. 38026 andre cowdery United Kingdom
Nr. 38025 Raetsch Carlo Italy
Nr. 38024 Stephen Lum Canada
Nr. 38023 Greg Noneman Sherwood OH
Nr. 38022 Mary Fuller United States
Nr. 38021 Fernanda Silva United States
Nr. 38020 Robert Riley United Kingdom
Nr. 38019 Rebekah O'Brien United States
Nr. 38018 sophie tesson United States
Nr. 38017 Willy Troch Belgium
Nr. 38016 Laus Jacques United States
Nr. 38015 Noris Nunez United States
Nr. 38014 liaudat claudia France
Nr. 38013 Sandra Halsall United Kingdom
Nr. 38012 BRUNA GHEZZI Italy
Nr. 38011 Kathy Chavez Netherlands
Nr. 38010 Saran Kirschbaum United States
Nr. 38009 egault felicia France
Nr. 38008 Lynda Bagot-Parker United States
Nr. 38007 Michael Dontas United Kingdom
Nr. 38006 Gabriele Tanner Canada
Nr. 38005 Connie Gitter United States
Nr. 38004 Caitlin Glidden United States
Nr. 38003 Wendy Forster United Kingdom
Nr. 38002 Christina Hadgkiss United States
Nr. 38001 Clayton L. Cole United States

Nr. 38000 John Andrew United Kongdom
Nr. 37999 Melina Washington United States
Nr. 37998 Jennifer Spring United States
Nr. 37997 Anita Clemmer United States
Nr. 37996 Alex Woolery Portland OR
Nr. 37995 Rose Akin Turkey
Nr. 37994 David Tsosie United States
Nr. 37993 Terrance Saporito United States
Nr. 37992 Christine Riches. United Kingdom
Nr. 37991 Vicki Perizzolo United States
Nr. 37990 Anne Marsden United Kingdom
Nr. 37989 Sanja Lali? Vale?i? Croatia
Nr. 37988 Angie Gunawan Indonesia
Nr. 37987 gini justice France
Nr. 37986 Barbara Duval Germany
Nr. 37985 Marta Barahona Spain
Nr. 37984 Thomas Jones United States
Nr. 37983 Andrea Tackett United States
Nr. 37982 Kim Good United States
Nr. 37981 Ho-Sun Kim United States
Nr. 37980 Sunny Kim United States
Nr. 37979 Steven Mento United States
Nr. 37978 Ilana Schnuafer United States
Nr. 37977 Shirley Strang United States
Nr. 37976 annie cowling United States
Nr. 37975 Iris Chynoweth United States
Nr. 37974 Leslie Wilson United States
Nr. 37973 Christine Knighton United States
Nr. 37972 Judy stufflebeam United Stated
Nr. 37971 Peggy Acosta United States
Nr. 37970 Kellie Smith United States
Nr. 37969 Mathew Wallace United Kingdom
Nr. 37968 gerlinde palsingh United States
Nr. 37967 Barbara Abatti Italy
Nr. 37966 kiana sweet United States
Nr. 37965 Joanne Ferguson United States
Nr. 37964 Becky Le Compte United States
Nr. 37963 richard allgoewer United States
Nr. 37962 Barbora Petrikovicova Slovakia
Nr. 37961 Cemal Inceler United States
Nr. 37960 Rita Buckhannon United States
Nr. 37959 Brendan Miller United States
Nr. 37958 Graciela Patrón Mederos United States
Nr. 37957 Richard Crane United States
Nr. 37956 carole hagen United States
Nr. 37955 MARIA CHORATTA United States
Nr. 37954 Diane Wyles United Kingdom
Nr. 37953 Carin Zellerman United States
Nr. 37952 sabine weiler Germany
Nr. 37951 Mary Rausch United States
Nr. 37950 yvonne jansson Sweden
Nr. 37949 Denise Chapman United States
Nr. 37948 fabienne roudaire United States
Nr. 37947 enrico miolli Italy
Nr. 37946 Lynda Thornhill United States
Nr. 37945 marchand tony United States
Nr. 37944 gallois cedric United States
Nr. 37943 daumas christine United States
Nr. 37942 Delphine Duprez France
Nr. 37941 predon stephane United States
Nr. 37940 MICHELE DEVINE United States
Nr. 37939 Christophe Levron France
Nr. 37938 horiot marc FRANCE
Nr. 37937 person christel France
Nr. 37936 Or Wolman  Israel
Nr. 37935 Mordehai Aaron  Israel i will kill the most man on plant only the goods i dont kill that they told to children ana next ganeraision to love ana care all animals in world and dont kill them only love and live amung them and respet all.
Nr. 37934 OLGA RINCON  New Jersey
Nr. 37933 Greta Malkotzoglou  Greece
Nr. 37932 Atar Abramson  Israel
Nr. 37931 Lilach Luria  Israel please stop this horrible slaughter of an innocent animals. cleare up the water and make them blue again not red.
Nr. 37930 Rotem Goren  Israel I always considered Denmark people as an exception humanity of Europe since they helped many Jewish in World War II. Please show your compassion goes to non-human too.
Nr. 37929 Tammy Brown Cole  Canada
Nr. 37928 Raffaela Göhrig  Germany
Nr. 37927 Irina Dassler  Germany
Nr. 37926 Karima S.  Arizona
Nr. 37925 Heike Kleusener  Germany
Nr. 37924 Sina Steuernagel  Germany
Nr. 37923 Manthei Michael  Germany
Nr. 37922 Ivan Rascon  Arizona They should find another tradition- they don't need the meat for sustenance.
Nr. 37921 Angelica Hernandez  North Carolina Amazing to have this on 2008! please do something!
Nr. 37920 Gaby Bisecker  Austria
Nr. 37919 Jose Hernandez  Arizona I cant believe it!!!! I am glad at least someone is writing this letter.
Nr. 37918 Michael Green  Arizona
Nr. 37917 Christina Hammerton  Arizona This is a complete outrage. Stop this barbarous activity NOW!
Nr. 37916 Olga Rodriguez  New Jersey
Nr. 37915 Maye Crisman  California
Nr. 37914 Ester Jackson  Germany the greatness and moral advancement of a nation are being judged upon how they treat animals "MAHATMA GHANDI"
Nr. 37913 Jana Ziem  Germany
Nr. 37912 Irmgard Grever  Germany
Nr. 37911 Karl-Heinz Fechner  Germany
Nr. 37910 Bianca Fechner  Germany
Nr. 37909 Ingrid Fechner  Germany
Nr. 37908 Doris Spiess  Switzerland
Nr. 37907 Iris Pfister  Germany
Nr. 37906 Renate Völkel  Germany
Nr. 37905 Irene Götz  Germany It is already horrifying to observe that humans kill animals without any justification just because they feel they have the "right" to do
Nr. 37904 Julia Fromm  Germany STOP THAT NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 37903 Frederik Van Der Vyver  France
Nr. 37902 Rowena Wyckoff  Germany
Nr. 37901 Kerstin Ruhsam  Austria
Nr. 37900 Thomas Kollmann  Austria
Nr. 37899 Ilona Remmert  Germany
Nr. 37898 Susanne Häger  Germany Stop killing animals!It is a shame!
Nr. 37897 Schmidt-Rompf Elfriede  Germany
Nr. 37896 Ingrid Hammele  Germany
Nr. 37895 Jürgen Gerlach  Germany
Nr. 37894 Nohemy Bunch  California It is indeed a shame that slaughter of these animals is taking place please please stop!
Nr. 37893 Jacinthe Vigneault  Canada
Nr. 37892 Lilian Blumenthal  Brazil
Nr. 37891 Donna Smith  North Carolina
Nr. 37890 Eveline Krainer  Austria For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 37889 Emese Lörincz  Austria
Nr. 37888 Georg Martinka  Austria
Nr. 37887 Heather Banks  Australia We are humans and we are still acting barbaric towards these beautiful creatures. I am ashamed to be human. I thought we were a kind and compassionate race. I was mistaken. RESPECT ANIMALS NOT KILL THEM!
Nr. 37886 Jafar Emami  Austria
Nr. 37885 Elisabeth Emami  Austria
Nr. 37884 Elisabeth Rohan  Austria
Nr. 37883 Richard O'Barry  Florida Stop the madness!
Nr. 37882 Christian Peter  Switzerland
Nr. 37881 Martin Reifinger  Austria
Nr. 37880 Leen Raats  Belgium
Nr. 37879 Kelly Bula  Switzerland
Nr. 37878 Lupyta Miranda  Mexico
Nr. 37877 Christina Block  Germany
Nr. 37876 Mareike Heiser  Germany
Nr. 37875 Ursel Chikhaoui  Germany
Nr. 37874 Christine Kistler  Switzerland
Nr. 37873 Marion Pfaff  Germany
Nr. 37872 Tina Franzgrote  Germany
Nr. 37871 Karla Mueller  Germany
Nr. 37870 Melanie Reinhardt  Switzerland
Nr. 37869 Martine Van adorp  Belgium This is not acceptable. Tradition is no reason to have animals suffering. Stop it now.
Nr. 37868 Weber Sabine  Switzerland
Nr. 37867 Weber Michael  Switzerland
Nr. 37866 Frauke Lympius  Germany
Nr. 37865 Renee Kirkpatrick  Texas
Nr. 37864 VEDA Bolivia  Bolivia
Nr. 37863 Ursula Gasser  Switzerland
Nr. 37862 Sylvia Laver  Switzerland It's cruel and disgusting. A decent society doesn't allow it. Cruelty to animals is barbaric and should not be condoned in a civilized society STOP THE KILLING!!! EACH CREATURE HAS A GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO BE ALIVE AND WELL!!!
Nr. 37861 Mara Langner  Germany
Nr. 37860 Pietra Von muehlenen  Switzerland
Nr. 37859 Fabian Von muehlenen  Switzerland
Nr. 37858 Dora Hardegger  Switzerland Die dänische Regierung sollte sich schämen ein derart grausamnes Gemetzel an Tieren zuzulassen.Wir befinden uns nicht mehr im Mittelalter sondern im 21.Jahrhundert u. sind aufgeklärte Menschen!.
Nr. 37857 Klaus Ruppert  Germany
Nr. 37856 Maik Schaffer  Germany Stop the stupid slaughter!! Cetaceans are more intelligent than you!!
Nr. 37855 Beate Fabian  Germany
Nr. 37854 Angelika Scheidt  Germany
Nr. 37852 Martina Szyszka  Germany
Nr. 37851 Nicole Hodges  Germany
Nr. 37850 Angela Schulz  Germany I hate all people who are celebrating this butchery. They are not worth to treat them well. They are like creatures like bad aliens..... Swimming in blood and feel good! unbelievable!!! They are ill....
Nr. 37849 Francisco Sampaio  Brazil It's Horrible!!!
Nr. 37848 Maura Gomes  Brazil
Nr. 37847 Peter Jansen  Germany
Nr. 37846 Ion Surdu  Romania
Nr. 37845 Oana Moufarrege  Germany
Nr. 37844 Neide Poyart  Brazil
Nr. 37843 Gabriele Schmidt  Germany
Nr. 37842 Claudia Ebert  Germany
Nr. 37841 Stefanie Mendola  Germany
Nr. 37840 Eva Rossetti  Switzerland
Nr. 37839 Birgit Zach  Germany
Nr. 37838 Ingrid Bergmann  Germany
Nr. 37837 Jochen Giebelmann  Germany
Nr. 37836 Denise Shomaly  Chile These are among the oldest living creatures in the planet. Please I beg of you !give them a chance!
Nr. 37835 Nancy Lolas Silva  Chile
Nr. 37834 Claudia Cumsille  Chile
Nr. 37833 Alfonso Paulus D.  Chile Let it not be said to remain the same barbaros a simple act means both a respite in a world full of this a step more to reunion of mankind.
Nr. 37832 Paula Montt  Christmas Island
Nr. 37831 Marcela Pinto  Chile
Nr. 37830 William Allen  California
Nr. 37829 Paula Pinto  Chile
Nr. 37828 Zisis Zisis  Greece Shame on you!!!!Animals!!!!
Nr. 37827 Karen Mondale  California
Nr. 37826 Annelies Ooms  Belgium
Nr. 37825 Steve Gross  New Mexico I am saddened by the continued slaughter of cetacean wildlife in the Faroe Islands. Though I comprehend full and well the cultural and historic reasons for this practice today their is no economic basis for the continued practice as you are probably well aware of. We appeal to you and your countrymen to combine your courage and compassion to end this needless barbarism.
Nr. 37824 Christiane Degenhardt  Germany
Nr. 37823 Alberto Paquola  Italy
Nr. 37822 Diana Ely  Ohio
Nr. 37821 Ellen Apitz  Germany
Nr. 37820 Ulrike Paulus  Germany
Nr. 37819 Chad Halsey  Indiana
Nr. 37818 Maria Armer  Germany
Nr. 37817 Erika Herbst  Germany
Nr. 37816 Andrea Herbst  Germany
Nr. 37815 Claudia Martin  Germany
Nr. 37814 Birgitta Oberting  Germany Please stop it fast!!!!
Nr. 37813 Martina Nierhaus  Germany
Nr. 37812 Bojan Stojanovski  Macedonia  The Former Yugoslav Republic OfKarma will get the killers!
Nr. 37811 Alexandra Delomez  France
Nr. 37810 Dolléans Danièle  France
Nr. 37809 DOLLEANS Vincent  France
Nr. 37808 Emilie Dumont  France
Nr. 37807 Stéphanie ROSSENU  France
Nr. 37806 Díaz Esther  Spain Sadly cruelty against animals is never ending. Humans feel they are superior and will never respect life for itself.
Nr. 37805 Stelios Karagiannis  Greece
Nr. 37804 Stefan Ade  Germany
Nr. 37803 Evelyn Rohrbach  Germany Alles; was der Mensch den Tieren antut; kommt auf den Menschen wieder zurück. Pythagoras
Nr. 37802 Pablo Sánchez Rodríguez  Spain
Nr. 37801 Nina L.Marrocco  Florida Blood Lust! Your MAKER is looking on with much saddness and there is a price you WILL pay when the time come's if you do not take heed and rectify what you are doing. STOP the BLOODLETTING NOW!
Nr. 37800 Jamie Scott  Texas
Nr. 37799 Carine Binon  Belgium
Nr. 37798 Monika Schneider  Germany Es geht nicht darum ob Tiere denken oder sprechen können. Es geht einzig und allein darum ob sie leiden können. Jeremy Benthan
Nr. 37797 Anja Kögel  Germany Es geht nicht darum ob Tiere denken oder sprechen können. Es geht einzig und allein darum ob sie leiden können. Jeremy Benthan
Nr. 37796 Ellen Schulte-Klausch  Germany
Nr. 37795 Hadar Feingold  Illinois This is absolutly disgusting. I cant believe denmark takes part in such a repulsive display. Please end the Slaughter!
Nr. 37794 Christina Willms  Germany
Nr. 37793 Nikolopoulou Georgia  Greece
Nr. 37792 Matthias Hofmann  Germany
Nr. 37791 Andreas Miliaresis  Greece
Nr. 37790 Karolos Koutsogiannopoulos  Greece You guys are homo sapiens. Stop killing whales and sea mamals
Nr. 37789 Rouli Christopoulou  Greece
Nr. 37788 Sonja Wickleder  Germany
Nr. 37787 Maike Podolske  Germany
Nr. 37786 Doris Zerva  Greece I really can't find the proper words to describe my feelings about this carnivalism. I am ashamed to be named "human". These people should not be named "human". I wish sharks surround them and torture them the same way they torture whales.
Nr. 37785 Martin Oster  Germany
Nr. 37784 Konstantinos Katsaros  Greece
Nr. 37783 Costas Kaloghiros  Greece
Nr. 37782 Eirini Mavromara  Greece
Nr. 37781 George Dimitriadis  Greece You are killers and criminals !!Please stop it !!
Nr. 37780 Ville Lehtinen  Finland Another mindless tradition
Nr. 37779 Lizza Reed  California This is so unnecessary and makes your country look barbaric.
Nr. 37778 Penelope Kontogianni  Greece help save this world!
Nr. 37777 Alejandra Rodriguez Martinez  Finland A terrible shame. This should be seriously punished. There is just no words to describe this.
Nr. 37776 EVAN STOURNARAS  Greece Move the islanders into the sea and start chasing them with 10 klg metal gaffs.
Nr. 37775 Belén Rambla Lop  Finland
Nr. 37774 Malu Saiz  Finland
Nr. 37773 Jasmin Piatek  Germany
Nr. 37772 Tanja Alm  Germany
Nr. 37771 Susanne Fiebich-Hübner  Germany
Nr. 37770 Katrin Heins  Germany
Nr. 37769 Karen Wirsing  California Where do people find fun and humor in acts of absolute brutality?
Nr. 37767 Zaganakou Eustathia  Greece Why???????
Nr. 37766 Silke Fischer  Germany
Nr. 37765 Diane Scarazzini  New York
Nr. 37764 Yvonne Andres  Germany
Nr. 37763 Kenny Hogg  United Kingdom
Nr. 37762 Doris Lieser  Germany
Nr. 37761 Vanessa Garvy  Illinois Awful and absolutely horrific.
Nr. 37760 Metochianaki Katerina  Greece
Nr. 37759 Petra Oster  Germany
Nr. 37758 Mark Smith  Louisiana
Nr. 37757 Christine Kibler  New York
Nr. 37756 Aimee Rokni  Virginia SHOCKING!
Nr. 37755 Gayle Papas  California
Nr. 37754 Heiko Schiemann  Germany
Nr. 37753 Heike Hansen-Schiemann  Germany
Nr. 37752 Annette Coderre  Canada
Nr. 37751 ANGELA LONG  Colorado
Nr. 37750 Dan Miller  Colorado Please stop this practice/tradition.
Nr. 37749 Christopher George  Colorado Its the 21st century for God's sake. Use synthetics!
Nr. 37748 Jordan Howard  Colorado
Nr. 37747 Jennifer Bocanegra  Colorado I can't beleive this day in age anyone would still think this kind barbaric act is still ok. Unbelievable!!
Nr. 37746 Britta Bähr  Germany
Nr. 37745 Sonja Hagemeister  Germany
Nr. 37744 ARTEMIS VELAORA  Greece
Nr. 37743 Petra Von Kopp  Germany
Nr. 37742 Antonietta Tumminello  Germany
Nr. 37741 Gertrude Schuhmann  Austria
Nr. 37739 DIMITRA POULOU  Greece
Nr. 37738 Alessandra Häusermann  Germany
Nr. 37737 Beate Rusch  Germany
Nr. 37736 MARIA KOURI  Greece
Nr. 37735 Maria Paschalidou  Greece
Nr. 37734 Kirsten Heinzel  Germany
Nr. 37733 Serge Popper  Virginia Shocking revolting, barbarous, disgusting etc. To carry something forward from the tenth century because it is a tradition is moronic. In those days every ounce of the whale was used. Today it is a crass inhumane tragedy.
Nr. 37732 Anna LaChance  New York
Nr. 37731 Sapountzaki Maria  Greece
Nr. 37730 Gabriele Buchheister  Germany
Nr. 37729 Fundacion Ciudad Paraiso  Colombia
Nr. 37728 Rita Burdack-Wagner  Germany
Nr. 37727 Johanna Tapio  Finland whales a re important for the planet
Nr. 37726 Andrea Schwarze  Germany
Nr. 37725 Olivia White  Texas
Nr. 37724 Takuji Soyama  Japan
Nr. 37723 Merrill Kramer  Florida
Nr. 37722 Jan Hulsebos  Netherlands
Nr. 37721 Mervi Rantala  Finland Please stop this slaughter right now!!!!
Nr. 37720 VASILIOS DIMAKOS  Greece Is this civilazation??
Nr. 37719 Johanna ROTTER  Austria
Nr. 37718 Everett Halligan  Louisiana  Get out of the demented Dark Ages and in to the 21st century!!!
Nr. 37717 Rick Woosley  Maryland This practice is not only unneccessary but also completely barbaric and sickening. How can we as human beings ever claim to be truly civilized when such barbaric practices are allowed to continue?
Nr. 37716 Kelly Royal  Indiana Just because something was at one time a tradition does not mean it should always be. History has tried to teach us this terrible lesson again and again. In our modern times we should be well aware of what a cruel and horrible act the slaughter of these creatures is. It is time to stop the so-called tradition and act ethically as conscious people. We absolutely must work to protect the whales and dolphins from such devastation at the hands of humans.
Nr. 37715 Will Tuttle  California We have a moral obligation to respect life especially the highly sensitive and intelligent marine mammals who are being so traumatized by humans.
Nr. 37714 Lupi Alonso  California
Nr. 37713 Chuck Ambrus  Texas
Nr. 37712 Richard & Maya Caudill  California
Nr. 37711 Elsiabeth Petras  Germany Plaese dont torture the whales!
Nr. 37710 Sabine Jedzig  Germany
Nr. 37709 Merrilee Cichy  New Jersey  MURDERED by these savages.A tradition of cruelty that must end in the 21st century.
Nr. 37708 Heike-Ingeborg Karwatzki  Germany
Nr. 37707 Paz Carretero Algora  Spain I am horrified¨. I have no words to express the feelings those images have made on me. What is wrong with men and I mean MEN. I do not think women who are conected with their feelings more would do that. Why MEN. What is wrong with men??? The violence of men...
Nr. 37706 Louise Salant  New York
Nr. 37705 Beat Soltermann  Switzerland I dont know what to say. People just simply crazy. Live will sern them.
Nr. 37704 Bettina Heilmann  Germany Please stop this kind of behaviour!!
Nr. 37703 Thomas Bergmann  Germany
Nr. 37702 Bettina Roeder  Germany
Nr. 37701 Valjean O'Neill  California
Nr. 37700 Barbara McLendon  Georgia
Nr. 37699 Dan Ginsburg  Washington D.C. I respect Denmark's tradition as a country with high moral standards and this slaughter is totally contrary to this.
Nr. 37698 Pinkyjain Pan  California
Nr. 37697 Karen McAbeer  California Unethical and insensitive to these sentient beings.
Nr. 37696 Matt Moulton  Wisconsin This is such a barbaric and unnecessary activity.
Nr. 37695 Eloïse Dottore  France
Nr. 37694 Jody Hansell  California
Nr. 37693 Sigurður Atlason  Iceland Please stop this kind of behaviour. It is not suitabe for those concerning them modern.
Nr. 37692 Laisa Wurmbach  Germany
Nr. 37691 Kelly McNulty  Florida Please have compassion for all life.
Nr. 37690 Torsten Braun  Germany
Nr. 37689 Lisa Koehl  Connecticut All ethical feeling people are against animal slaughter in your case especially of whales. Future of the earth will be without killing animals!
Nr. 37688 Paula Lasersohn  South Africa
Nr. 37687 Anne Peebles  Washington They have no voice we must be it!
Nr. 37686 Robert Schwentker  California Don't kill mammals.
Nr. 37685 Julio Guerrero  California
Nr. 37684 Marie-Francoise Kuss  Germany
Nr. 37683 Brad Gaffney  California
Nr. 37682 Vera Resch  Ireland Stop the slaughter!
Nr. 37681 Arianna Cecchetti  Italy
Nr. 37680 Barbara Focke  Germany
Nr. 37679 LAZAROS ALIVANOGLOU  Greece For how long we will keep killing the planet animals?
Nr. 37678 Frank Augustin  Germany
Nr. 37677 Narendra Devadas  California It is cruelty to life that is Karma. As long as cruelty to life exists Nazi-ism exist in europe and elseware in different forms to resurface. The arrogance and insensitivity of stupid humans needs to stop now !
Nr. 37676 Taigen Dan Leighton  Illinois Please stop killing these highly intelligent mammals.
Nr. 37675 Denise Forest  California Dear Danish Representatives We already have species die-off at 27000 creatures per year. The planet will be a lonely place without the creatures.
Nr. 37674 Helena Guerrero  California Please stop this masacre now... it is unbelivable that the Danish goverment is allowing this... I was very surprised to find out about it..
Nr. 37673 Sonja Sieber  Austria
Nr. 37672 Patai Etelka  Austria
Nr. 37671 Etelka Patai  Austria
Nr. 37670 Dee C.  New York
Nr. 37669 Peter Schneeweiss  Germany Stop this slaughtering
Nr. 37668 Marina Schätzl  Germany
Nr. 37667 Andrea Hagn  Austria
Nr. 37666 Doris Kummer  Austria
Nr. 37665 Rita Vrabl  Austria
Nr. 37664 Gerda Krebs  Austria
Nr. 37663 Braunert Braunert  Germany Any comment would be too mild to espresswhat I consider these human monsters really are and to condemn their doings.
Nr. 37662 Christina Kremer  Germany
Nr. 37661 Francisco Plank  Austria
Nr. 37660 Robert Derbeck  Germany
Nr. 37659 Elisabeth Richter  Austria
Nr. 37658 Bettina Elze  Germany
Nr. 37657 Karin Ulich  Germany Is it a good image to your country if people in other countries at once have associations to whale-slaughter and a lot a lot of blood in the sea, when they here hear or read "Island" or "Denmark"? Well i can´t help. First I think of blood and cruelity, not of wide fine hills with horses. It should not be difficult, to change your image. Also happy tourists would give power to your economy not only products of whales. Karin Ulich
Nr. 37656 Hartmut Karwatzki  Germany
Nr. 37655 Heike-Ingeborg Karwatzki  Germany
Nr. 37654 Stefan Schneider  Belgium End this now!
Nr. 37653 Claudia Diaz  Florida
Nr. 37652 Peter H. Arras  Germany Das Leben ist heilig - die Wahrheit Gesetz!
Nr. 37651 Friederike Grünthal  Germany
Nr. 37650 Michaela Treffil  Germany
Nr. 37649 Corina Tragouda  Belgium
Nr. 37648 Hilde Kotsch  Germany hello stopt this senseless and cruel murder to innocent and intellegente animals! There is feeling natures. A nation shows its size and moral how it treats the animals! of Mahatma Gandi I legend: Give in all countries to animals your voice! They cannot assign lawyers against injustice! It is moral the obligation of everyone responsible person humans to rise against this Greuletat! We do not leave it longer too that murderers and feelingless businessmen which social lives to determine! Economics can look differently! We all are insulted in our feelings there? we doless with this massacre to watch are! RESISTS YOU for the DELFINE AND for YOUR SATISFACTION IN the LIFE! Hilde Kotsch
Nr. 37647 Nadine Lavallé  Belgium
Nr. 37646 Gerhard Heybrock  Germany All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. (Edmund Burke)
Nr. 37645 Miriam Basedau  Germany
Nr. 37644 Ana Cristina Sousa  Portugal
Nr. 37643 Foteini Polyzou  Belgium It's only the young generation that can stop this disgrace...Teach your children how NOT to become barbars!!
Nr. 37642 Christina Ledermann  Germany
Nr. 37641 Sabine Voigt  Germany Stop the slaughtering!
Nr. 37640 Steinhauser Janka  Germany
Nr. 37639 Jutta-Maria Geyken  Germany All ethical feeling people are against animal slaughter in your case especially of whales. Future of the earth will be without killing animals!
Nr. 37638 Manfred Schwarzer  Germany Die dänische Regierung sollte sich schämen ein derart grausamnes Gemetzel an Tieren zuzulassen.Wir befinden uns nicht mehr im Mittelalter sondern im 21.Jahrhundert u. sind aufgeklärte Menschen!
Nr. 37637 Johanna Schwarzer  Germany Es ist eine Schande und eine Verantwortungslosigkeit die ihres gleichen sucht.Dänemark gibt ein denkbar schlechtes Bild in der EU ab und das Immage des Landes ist äußerst negativ. Wir werden Dänemark in jeder Hinsicht meiden und natürlich dänische Erzeugnisse boykottieren.
Nr. 37636 Catherine Pelchat  Canada
Nr. 37635 WDSF Juergen Ortmueller  Germany Please stop this slaughter Faeroer's! It't not about our civilized world. We understand about your traditions but we have to live together in a civilized world - peaceful with you and the pilot whales!
Nr. 37634 Philipp Johannes  Germany
Nr. 37633 Tina Stenz  Germany
Nr. 37632 Birgit Hehn  Germany Shame on you!Stop this horrific slaughter immediately!
Nr. 37631 Slavica Mazak Beslic  Serbia And Montenegro All lives are precious-all life is sacred! STOP this barbaric killings ! Animals have The Right to Live FREE- THE SAME LIKE YOU AND WE.
Nr. 37630 VIER Eva  France je l'ai déjà dit les fous il faut les enfermer et pour pouvoir faire des choses pareils il faut être complètement cinglé et de plus dangereux- ARRETEZ CES MASSACRES
Nr. 37629 Daniela Baer  Germany You must stop this incredibly cruel and heartless way of acting towards whales and dolphins. No one in this world has the right to do such abysmal cruelty to any being whatsoever - what is being done to them is entirely senseless as is any kind of slaughtering torturing and killing of animals!
Nr. 37628 Mariola Heinrich  Germany Stop this bloody horror barbarians!!!
Nr. 37627 Lydia Brunner  Germany
Nr. 37626 Franziska Gerhardt  Germany
Nr. 37625 Christine Engelschall  Germany I want you to stop this barbaric killing at once!
Nr. 37624 Lizzie Magalen  Iowa
Nr. 37623 Mari-Ann Kelam  Estonia To have something so primitive and cruel taking place in "civilized Europe" is almost beyond belief. I had some acquaintances who live in the Faroes - I will tell them how shocked and saddened I am and ask them to take action. I will also inform all our mutual acquaintances. This is not how people should be treating God's creatures.
Nr. 37622 Antonio Imposimato Nash  Venezuela
Nr. 37621 Marcel Caron  Canada
Nr. 37620 LECOURT LAURA  France
Nr. 37619 Gauthy Valerie  Belgium
Nr. 37618 Caestecker Laurent  Belgium
Nr. 37617 Gossiaux Genevieve  Belgium
Nr. 37616 Carolyn Vanini  France
Nr. 37615 Marie-france Zamblera  France
Nr. 37614 Caroline Prout  France
Nr. 37613 VERHAEGEN DENISE  France
Nr. 37612 Alice Grebu  France End Whale & Dolphin Slaughter!!!
Nr. 37610 DONZEL Elisabeth  France
Nr. 37609 Véronique Ciesielski  France
Nr. 37608 Leveque Virginie  Belgium
Nr. 37607 Jackie Baut  Philippines
Nr. 37606 Yolande Rauscher  France
Nr. 37605 Brittney Dyer  Indiana
Nr. 37604 Mauguy Eric  France
Nr. 37603 Mahy Joël  Belgium Quelle ignoble boucherie!!! et ce pays fait partie de l'Europe!!! Honte sur le Danemark!!!
Nr. 37602 Roolandt Angélique  Belgium
Nr. 37601 Chanah Rosenbaum  Netherlands This killing of highly sensitive beings inflicts horrible suffering to them. Is it still possible that Denmark allows and supports this?!

Nr. 37600 Leclercq Aurore  France
Nr. 37599 Chris Lepretre  France Denmark : an ecologist country ? An asshole country !
Nr. 37598 Anne-Marie MARC  France
Nr. 37597 E G  Belgium
Nr. 37596 Laetitia Panetier  France
Nr. 37595 Nicole Verbist  Belgium
Nr. 37594 Leclercq Marie  Belgium
Nr. 37593 Marchal Christele  France C EST UN VERITABLE MASSACRE A VOMIR C EST HONTEUX !!!!!
Nr. 37592 Anke Wevers  Belgium
Nr. 37591 Chantal Buslot  Belgium
Nr. 37590 Krishnasami Vasumathi  India
Nr. 37589 Amal EL BEKRI  Morocco
Nr. 37588 Vercknocke Pascal  France
Nr. 37587 Lisa Simeoni  Switzerland
Nr. 37586 Odette Chauve  France human beings are really damned bastards !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 37585 Annie PEYSSON  France
Nr. 37584 Pley Nicole  France oh la la maintenant c'est le Danemark qui fait des horreurs mais où va-t-on! Vous êtes en train de participer à la destruction des espèces! ARRÊTEZ!!!!!!!
Nr. 37583 Nancy Petitjean  Belgium
Nr. 37582 Demaret Marie  France
Nr. 37581 Marrot Jean-frédéric  France
Nr. 37580 Carole BELLEUDY  France
Nr. 37579 Odile HECKMANN  France
Nr. 37578 Stephanie Garber  Germany
Nr. 37577 Matthias Herrmann  Switzerland
Nr. 37576 Daniela Wergen  Germany Stop immediatly this Slaughtery against the whales. I cannot believe what you are doing there.
Nr. 37575 Christina Halisch  Germany
Nr. 37574 Nicole Leiner  Germany
Nr. 37573 Christine Maier  Germany
Nr. 37572 Bettina Krail  Switzerland
Nr. 37571 Tanja Schumacher  Germany
Nr. 37570 Melanie Ruschmeyer  Germany
Nr. 37569 Anja Mügge  Germany
Nr. 37568 C. Konrad  Germany
Nr. 37567 Nicole Giger  Switzerland
Nr. 37566 Jessica Roesel  Germany Shame on you!!!!
Nr. 37565 K Byrnes  Missouri
Nr. 37564 Ernesto Daniel  California
Nr. 37563 Sue Anderson  Australia This is just shocking to see these murders you must stop it is all done in the name of greed.
Nr. 37562 Candace Anne Pfau  Florida There will be a hell reserved for you whale killers. What you do shall be done to you.
Nr. 37561 JAY Antol  Virginia
Nr. 37560 PipperLea Nicol  Canada How sad it is that you have such little respect for LIFE! Let alone these BEAUTIFUL WHALES.DENMARK STOP THIS INHUMANE AND CRUEL ACT NOW!!!!!!!!
Nr. 37559 Mildred Utroska  Puerto Rico
Nr. 37558 Oana Ichim  Romania
Nr. 37557 Jennifer Deuster  Georgia
Nr. 37556 Carol Narick  Ohio
Nr. 37555 Cheryl Silkett  Missouri
Nr. 37554 Nicole Tribehou  France
Nr. 37553 Phyllis Pleasants  Virginia
Nr. 37552 Victoria Chapman  Florida Such a terrible atrocity and sheer waste of life for the gratification of blood thirsty savages. Please put an end to this senseless slaughter!
Nr. 37551 Olga Martin  Argentina
Nr. 37550 Audrey Mealiff  Ireland
Nr. 37549 Milca Van Den Steene  France
Nr. 37548 Chloe Ekman  New Zealand
Nr. 37547 Megan Sparks  Pennsylvania
Nr. 37546 John Hinds  Oklahoma
Nr. 37545 Sierra Vincent  Washington
Nr. 37544 Cassandra Taylor  United Kingdom
Nr. 37543 Deborah Cooper  United Kingdom
Nr. 37542 Dawn Bolin  Ohio
Nr. 37541 Elizabeth Oehrn  Sweden
Nr. 37540 Alim OROVA  Turkey
Nr. 37539 Eliz Konrad  New York
Nr. 37538 Carmen Stauss  Indiana
Nr. 37537 Pedro Baranda  Bahamas I've worked with marine mammals for up to 18 years. You are killing my brothers and sisters.
Nr. 37536 Ivy SK  India
Nr. 37535 Bella Fitzpatrick  New York
Nr. 37534 Cecy V. Aguirre López  Mexico Leave those magnificent creatures alone... they don't harm no one...
Nr. 37533 Cristy Lloyd  West Virginia For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 37532 Ana Loa  California
Nr. 37531 Christine Pearson  Arizona
Nr. 37530 Heather Me  California
Nr. 37529 Angela Duquette  New Hampshire
Nr. 37528 Sardine Tea  New York
Nr. 37527 Pam Shelton  Idaho
Nr. 37526 Nelly Pinasco  Peru
Nr. 37525 Callie Tracy  Nebraska
Nr. 37524 Keri Isenberg  Pennsylvania
Nr. 37523 Elle Jordan  Massachusetts Well here is another insane group of people. A carnival atmosphere where children delight in watching this? You are really sick individuals. These children will grow up thinking the torture of animals is a sport. I will never understand people like you.
Nr. 37522 Valeriya Sholokhova  New York
Nr. 37521 Nicolas BELLEUDY  France
Nr. 37520 Vivien De Boer-Harm  Belgium
Nr. 37519 Marie-Rose HECKMANN  France
Nr. 37518 Suzie Gordon  New Hampshire
Nr. 37517 Kim Sixty Three  Missouri
Nr. 37516 Meow Mau  Colorado
Nr. 37515 Kelsey Turk  Texas Only through our efforts; can we truly make a difference. -Kelsey Turk [www.myspace.com/kelseyturk]
Nr. 37514 Joyce Roark  Kentucky
Nr. 37513 Morgan Griffith  California
Nr. 37512 CAROLINA MAJLIS  Denmark
Nr. 37511 Geneviève Pieroni  France
Nr. 37510 Leone Lawrence  Australia
Nr. 37509 Anastasia Elchinskaya  Russian Federation
Nr. 37508 Annette Elledge  Washington
Nr. 37507 Jyotsna V  India
Nr. 37506 Lynda Anna Marie Harding  United Kingdom
Nr. 37505 Maria Dixon  Spain
Nr. 37504 Sally Read  Oregon
Nr. 37503 Evert Jan Klein Velderman  Netherlands
Nr. 37502 Black Tiger Petersen  Canada
Nr. 37501 Kit Dugan  South Carolina
Nr. 37500 Henna K  Illinois
Nr. 37499 Orla Nyhan  Ireland
Nr. 37498 Myriam Aggoun  France
Nr. 37497 Aleasha Casaretto  Texas
Nr. 37496 Alet Zwarts  Netherlands
Nr. 37495 Daniel Lechner  Netherlands
Nr. 37494 Romona Hanes-Troxell  Pennsylvania
Nr. 37493 Lucy Winslow  United Kingdom
Nr. 37492 Sandra Seiça  Portugal
Nr. 37491 Alicia Montecinos  Chile This people is insane. Is sick.
Nr. 37490 Elena Gageanu  Romania STOP THE SLAUGHTER YOU HEARTLESS MURDERERS!!!!! You are all INSANE!!!
Nr. 37489 Diana Nymand  Germany I'm appalled by this cruel mass murder on innocents it has to be stopped immediately!
Nr. 37488 Beatrice Baxter  United Kingdom
Nr. 37487 Anais Drux  France
Nr. 37486 Emi Richard  Canada
Nr. 37485 TAYLOR WEIDNER  Colorado
Nr. 37484 Ruud Hulspas  Massachusetts
Nr. 37483 Harley Wiggs  Illinois
Nr. 37482 SIGROS LORINE  France
Nr. 37481 Beth Tatum  Alabama I have never heard of this practice before and I must say that the picture accompanying this petition is sickening. This barbaric practice must be halted NOW. PLEASE DO NOT allow another generation to continue this slaughter.
Nr. 37480 Angela S  California
Nr. 37479 Kelsey Evans-Harrison  Australia we need to stop this unnecessary slaughter! Whales are beautiful creatures!
Nr. 37478 Brian H  Canada Unnecessary bloodshed.
Nr. 37477 Jill Adamson  United Kingdom I sickens me to know what the human race is capable of. This is so cruel.
Nr. 37476 Pao Pallares  Colombia
Nr. 37475 Sharon Buazard  Illinois I don't think we need to continue with all the cruelty and killing.
Nr. 37474 Alanna Lewis  Trinidad And Tobago
Nr. 37473 Rebeca Miles  Virginia Please make the sensible decision ans put an end this attocity.
Nr. 37472 Sharon Hull  California
Nr. 37471 SANDRA ROCHA  Portugal Stop cruelty!
Nr. 37470 Munteanu Gabriela  Romania
Nr. 37469 Kathleen Cole  Ohio
Nr. 37468 Roberto Angarita Vargas  Colombia
Nr. 37467 Vanessa Neves  Portugal
Nr. 37466 Lori Peacock  Georgia I always think of Denmark and Sweden as the most humane people in the world. We in the United States aspire to be. Please don't allow this to continueyou are a model for the rest of the world. We need to show less developed countries what humanity to animals looks likenot just preach to them about it.
Nr. 37465 Naseema Paruk-vawda  South Africa
Nr. 37464 Karin Braunsberger  Florida
Nr. 37463 Betty McCombs  Illinois
Nr. 37462 Ana Kowalczyk  Turkey
Nr. 37461 Jacki Reynolds  Texas
Nr. 37460 Maud Nilsson  Sweden
Nr. 37459 Anja M  Netherlands
Nr. 37458 Nikki Boys  Australia Could it be time to reconsider the tradition and transform the slaughter to a ceremonial acknowledgement of the whale's importance to your past today and future without the need to waste life? I like to hope so.
Nr. 37457 Carys Jones  Canada
Nr. 37456 Sandy Sanderson  California
Nr. 37455 Michelle Prophett  United Kingdom
Nr. 37454 Brigitta MacMillan  Canada These are sentient beings that should be protected from such suffering.
Nr. 37453 Liz Casey  Canada
Nr. 37452 Rebecca Madden  Virginia
Nr. 37451 Jacqueline Tremlin  Idaho
Nr. 37450 Patrizia Gonzalez  Costa Rica
Nr. 37449 Monica Siebe  Colorado
Nr. 37448 SANDRA Segovia  Mexico STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY!
Nr. 37447 Pat Redner  Maine
Nr. 37446 Tekla Drakfrende  Sweden
Nr. 37445 Emma White  Netherlands
Nr. 37444 Cindy Crawford  California
Nr. 37443 Dawn Livingston  California What the hell?!!!!
Nr. 37442 Shelley O'Reilly  Canada this is so horrible!
Nr. 37441 Jacqueline Vreeland  Washington
Nr. 37440 Felicitas Wolnisty  Germany
Nr. 37439 Brenda Hodges  Louisiana
Nr. 37438 Samia Lalani  Canada This is terrible. The slaughter must be stopped.
Nr. 37437 Johnny GILBERT  New Jersey
Nr. 37436 Athanasia Giagtzidou  Greece
Nr. 37435 David Sastre  Spain
Nr. 37434 Richard Mann  Australia To slaughter Whales and Dolphins in this day and age is outrageous. Dolphins have brains the size of humans and are just as complex. Whales communication skills have been proven by scientists and researchers to be five times more complex than that of humans. To swim with Whales and Dolphins is a unique and Heartwarming experience. To slaughter These Sentient Gentle Beings is not only cowardly it's disrespectful to the very Mother that gave us ALL Life. How sad.
Nr. 37433 Martha Rickman  California
Nr. 37432 Robin Dolezal  Illinois
Nr. 37431 Rob Sullivan  Texas
Nr. 37430 John Sodrel  Indiana This is a barbaric practice that needs to end!
Nr. 37429 Inge Boey  Belgium
Nr. 37428 Terry L. west  West Virginia
Nr. 37427 Kat Johns  Australia
Nr. 37426 Chris Kuhar  Virginia
Nr. 37424 Millie Delaney  California Why is this senseless slaughter continuing? Stop it now.
Nr. 37423 Bob Wilson  California
Nr. 37422 Leslie Postin  Illinois
Nr. 37421 Selina Day  Texas
Nr. 37420 Crystal Jack  Florida
Nr. 37419 Anna Kelly  Ireland
Nr. 37418 Jan Brady  Texas
Nr. 37417 Monica M  Italy
Nr. 37416 Michele Speirs  Cyprus Please stop this cruelty now or do you plan to empty our oceans of the creatures living there?
Nr. 37415 Sandra Weatherby  Canada
Nr. 37414 Kat Ferrara  New Jersey
Nr. 37413 Nicola Florentine MacDonald  New Zealand Have a heart .Think before you destroy them all .
Nr. 37412 Jaime Cammarata  RD  Pennsylvania
Nr. 37411 Andy Mack  Hong Kong The Denmark flag is dyed with blood of dolphins and whales.
Nr. 37410 Eve Jennings  Australia
Nr. 37409 Maristella Fois  Italy
Nr. 37408 Lorena Silva  Mexico
Nr. 37407 Rosalind Alcock  Germany
Nr. 37406 Anna Caterina Boccia  Italy
Nr. 37405 Ruzica Beric  Australia
Nr. 37404 Robyn Harvey  Australia
Nr. 37403 Melissa Richardson  Canada Just step back a second and look at this beautiful peaceful amazing and magestic creature. Where do we even compare..with our war nature and our selfishness and desire for control and power. They are full of peace and love and keep close nit families and communities. We have a lot to learn from these teachers and only show our shallowness in this pathetic masacre we have been doing to them for so long!!
Nr. 37402 Pamela Harris  Australia Denmark turns the sea to blood. It's obviously not the progressive country we thought it was.
Nr. 37401 Monique Bortoli  Australia
Nr. 37400 Matthew Fernandes  Canada
Nr. 37399 Amy Hamilton-Grazier  United Kingdom
Nr. 37398 Emma Smith  Canada
Nr. 37397 Samantha Kyser  Texas
Nr. 37396 Eveline Van geel  Belgium
Nr. 37395 Donna Salisbury  New York
Nr. 37394 Melissa Lalonde  Canada
Nr. 37393 Hayley Foster  United Kingdom
Nr. 37392 Sandy Domine  Michigan These are living breathing feeling beings. This brutality must stop!
Nr. 37391 Susan Owens  Florida
Nr. 37390 Tony Fields  Australia This is such an archaic practice. It is just as bad as the inhumane Japanese Taiji dolphin and sperm whale slaughter. Whales are sentient beings with a higher intelligence than humankind and should not be mass murdered. Shame Shame Shame for allowing this to happen in the 21st century.
Nr. 37387 Joao Novo  Portugal
Nr. 37386 Menkit Prince  California The Faroese are barbarians and obviously completely unaware of the beneficial impact of whales and dolphins to the marine ecosystem. The oceans are dying and at the rate we are going nothing will be left in the oceans by 2048 except toxic algae blooms anerobic bacteria and jellyfish. Without plankton in the oceans we will lose 70-80% of the oxygen in the atmosphere which spells disaster for all of life on Planet Earth. Please stop the ferocious Faroese from this horrific blood bath.
Nr. 37385 Diana Martz - Animalspirit  Indiana
Nr. 37384 Butterfly Fairy  Mauritius
Nr. 37383 Pete Haddow  United Kingdom
Nr. 37382 Karia Shackelford  Texas
Nr. 37381 Kayla Philbrick  Maine
Nr. 37380 Courtney Boeck  Michigan
Nr. 37379 Lori Bembanaste  Florida this is absolutely disgusting i hope the world is aware with what you are doing and karma comes back 2 fold on your society
Nr. 37378 Sarah Ross  United Kingdom I find it sick and appalling that in this day and age such barbaric practices are still regarded as perfectly normal behaviour. Cessation of these practices should have been outlawed years ago!!
Nr. 37377 Christine Conti-Cole  Massachusetts
Nr. 37376 Simon Sol kemp  Oregon
Nr. 37375 Sharon K.  Mexico
Nr. 37374 Fiona Walsh  New York
Nr. 37373 Sonia Luna Alhamydy Jiménez-Millán  Spain
Nr. 37372 R. Schiweck  Canada
Nr. 37371 Helleniana Elle  Serbia And Montenegro
Nr. 37370 Arnaud Hussard  France
Nr. 37369 Annica Klein  Germany
Nr. 37368 Dinah Wilson  Tennessee Please have a heart and stop this brutal killing!
Nr. 37367 Kirsten George  Canada
Nr. 37366 Caroline Bissey  New Zealand
Nr. 37365 Laura Zanoli  Italy
Nr. 37364 Alison Lambert  Rhode Island
Nr. 37363 Tatiana Costa  Brazil
Nr. 37362 Sandra Castro  Texas
Nr. 37361 Barbara Schiano  New York
Nr. 37360 Nicole Thebeau  Canada
Nr. 37359 Megan S  Minnesota
Nr. 37358 Merry Loscalzo-Stumpf  Iowa
Nr. 37356 Claire Fairchild  Michigan
Nr. 37355 INGRID PEETERS  Spain
Nr. 37354 Renee Breazeale-Baer  Nevada SHAME SHAME SHAME ON YOU!!! Is your County and so-called "government" this hard-up for food and/or money? These are magnificent mammals so what can you be thinking of to do such a stupid fool-hardy and an un-needed cruelty. Your Country will be on the world's "hate list" along with Japan and Canada.
Nr. 37353 Sophie Szeferowicz  France I think those mass murders are not good for the reputation of beautiful Denmark around the world.
Nr. 37352 Jill Bierman  California
Nr. 37351 April Blois  Canada STOP THE SLAUGHTER!
Nr. 37350 Catherine Godfrey  Canada
Nr. 37349 Dee Emry  Iowa
Nr. 37348 Rene Siracusa  Texas THE WORLD IS WATCHING
Nr. 37347 Barry Seth  Illinois Stop killing these beautiful animals.
Nr. 37346 Marlane Barker  Georgia
Nr. 37345 Naya Diamanti  Greece
Nr. 37344 Alexandrina Leitão  Portugal
Nr. 37343 Annie Outram  United Kingdom
Nr. 37342 J Dearling  United Kingdom
Nr. 37341 BiLL Fowlie  Maine
Nr. 37340 Mirna Markovic  Croatia
Nr. 37339 Leah Chamberlin  Pennsylvania
Nr. 37338 LISA VANNAME  New Jersey
Nr. 37337 Leah Cox  United Kingdom Makes me ashamed to be human. Animals don't senselessly and purposely cause harm.
Nr. 37336 Helena Frangogiannis  Greece Stop that senseless killing!!!
Nr. 37335 Anne Seidel  Germany
Nr. 37334 Cecilia Durieux  Switzerland
Nr. 37333 Anna Söderberg  Sweden
Nr. 37332 Can Atik  Turkey
Nr. 37331 Kayla Kuzniar  Arizona
Nr. 37330 William Harper  Georgia
Nr. 37329 Nuntanit Bumrungsap  Thailand
Nr. 37328 Maureen Nunes  Nevada End this barbaric torture and slaughter of innocentintelligent animals that feel pain.This is crueland if the meat is toxicwhat's the point of all of this?For the dolphins&whales as well as humans' sakeend the killing now.
Nr. 37327 James Rudy  New York
Nr. 37326 Jose Suarez  Peru
Nr. 37325 Jennifer Page  Virginia This is sickening. End this Now!
Nr. 37324 Megan Comey  Iowa
Nr. 37323 Anthony Montapert  California
Nr. 37322 Andrea Londoño  Colombia
Nr. 37321 Sanne W  Denmark
Nr. 37320 Crystal M  Wisconsin
Nr. 37319 Sylvia Alfonso  Florida
Nr. 37318 Christine Taylor  Florida
Nr. 37317 Teresa Davinson  Virginia PLEASE STOP
Nr. 37316 Christoph Poss  Germany
Nr. 37315 Silvia Schiffgen  Austria
Nr. 37314 Robert Shennan  United Kingdom
Nr. 37313 Diva Muni  India stop it be human
Nr. 37312 Marina Ferrarini  Italy
Nr. 37311 Ines Seidel  Germany
Nr. 37310 Eva Seto  Indonesia
Nr. 37309 Tobi H.  Nevada This Is Terrible. Imagine How They Feel As They Are About To Be Killed. How Do Their Families Feel Once They Have Been Removed From Their Lives.
Nr. 37308 Bente Joergensen  Denmark
Nr. 37307 K Folke  Sweden
Nr. 37306 Debby R  New Zealand
Nr. 37305 Christina Maddalozzo  Louisiana
Nr. 37304 Carolyn Leath-Watson  Canada
Nr. 37303 Nicole Hepburn Pye  New Zealand
Nr. 37302 Jocelyn Nunes  Nevada It's cruel how these animals are killeddriven into bayshooks sunk into their fleshlike something out of a horror moviesadly it's real.They don't deserve to suffer through this torture and horrible slaughterespecially since their meat is basically toxic anyway.So what is the point of all this senseless killing?These animals DO feel painand there is no reason strong enough in the world to support the widespread slaughter of beautifulintelligentPAIN FEELING animals.
Nr. 37301 Kerry Helfner  Indiana
Nr. 37300 Carol Lynch  Canada This is absolutely disgusting! STOP THIS SENSELESS SLAUGHTER RIGHT NOW!!!
Nr. 37299 Phil Herrington  Nevada
Nr. 37298 Silky Wyld  Wisconsin
Nr. 37297 Cara Gubrud  Minnesota
Nr. 37296 Amy Walker  Indiana Dolphins are beautiful animals that will not hurt people. Please be a voice to those who can not speak for themselves. Thank you.
Nr. 37295 Yvonne Walker  United Kingdom
Nr. 37294 Véronique Brière  Canada
Nr. 37293 Greg Bostwick  Alabama
Nr. 37292 Aileen O'Brien  Louisiana
Nr. 37291 Leona Gerichter  California your country has a social system that is better than the u.s. and I implore you to have humane actions toward very intelligent animal species!
Nr. 37290 Liz Pelonzi-Roy  New Hampshire
Nr. 37289 Louraisha Shaw  Canada Please put an immediate end to the pointless slaughter.
Nr. 37288 Sofie Pettersson  Sweden It's brutal and against innocent animals. Why?
Nr. 37287 Olja Kaludjerovic  Serbia And Montenegro
Nr. 37286 Crystal Morrison  Florida
Nr. 37285 Debi Skelton  Minnesota
Nr. 37284 Laurel Watson  Arizona
Nr. 37283 Holly Swint  Florida
Nr. 37282 Beverly Dixon  Pennsylvania
Nr. 37281 Jennifer Lee  Georgia
Nr. 37280 Falqui Massidda massimo  Italy
Nr. 37279 Lucy Souza  Portugal
Nr. 37278 Karla Wood  Minnesota
Nr. 37277 Kim Harmon  Florida
Nr. 37276 Beverly Sanders  Virginia
Nr. 37275 ROBERT STREBECK  Texas
Nr. 37274 Dave Sennett  Pennsylvania
Nr. 37273 Karen Stillwell  Tennessee
Nr. 37272 Louise Wheeler  United Kingdom Please stop the slaughter
Nr. 37271 Olaya Garcia  Spain
Nr. 37270 Fred Hendrickson  Oklahoma This practice is barbaric and atrocious! Anyone who participates or condones it should hang their head in shame!
Nr. 37269 Tristan Fallis  Montana
Nr. 37268 Liz Duane  Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
Nr. 37267 Tom Maxwell  California
Nr. 37266 Ana Marina Dyson Santos  Portugal
Nr. 37265 Lisa Weilandt  Austria
Nr. 37264 Zdravko Jovanovic  Serbia And Montenegro
Nr. 37263 Catherine Carr  South Africa End this barbaric custom. There is no reason to continue this murder of inncocent creatures.
Nr. 37262 Elizabeth Goldstone  Israel
Nr. 37261 Teresa Grieshaber  South Dakota
Nr. 37260 Melanie Sickle  Iowa
Nr. 37258 Clair Leary  South Africa This is a senseless act. Are we still living in the barbaric ages? We say that we are the more evolved species but we act like this!
Nr. 37257 Narina Wilson  Australia Please stop this appalling slaughter it is disgusting. Maybe our Australian Princess Mary can use some of her influence here to put an end to this in Denmark.
Nr. 37256 Isil Soyupak  Washington
Nr. 37255 Victoria Thomas  Wyoming
Nr. 37254 Shirley Shaw  California
Nr. 37253 Christine Montgomery  California
Nr. 37252 Stuart Thomas  Arizona Please stop now and forever the inhumane slaughter of whales dolphins and porpoises.
Nr. 37251 Jeremy Martin  Missouri
Nr. 37250 Melissa Sutton  Michigan
Nr. 37249 Frances Tan  Kansas
Nr. 37248 Sam Lynch  Massachusetts that is awful ..i dont why people kill these type animals .. it just makes me want to cry .. and go up to the person who is doing this and kick or punch them in the face
Nr. 37247 Lorie Mc Cracken  Mexico Men are capable of such horror..and then we are suprised of cruelty of man towards man. Denmark is another example of the inhumanity of mankind. What a shame.
Nr. 37246 Anneke Kaat  Netherlands
Nr. 37245 Elisa Penschinski  Germany
Nr. 37244 Kaitlin Vallee  Illinois This is horrible dreadful..devstating. Leave the animals alone put yourself in there position. Not fun right?
Nr. 37243 Carolyn Tonahill  Louisiana
Nr. 37242 Guisselle Grillo A.  Florida
Nr. 37241 Mary Halwa  Pennsylvania
Nr. 37240 Frank Scavelli  New Jersey
Nr. 37239 Kyaram Warutian  Illinois
Nr. 37238 Annika Isaksson  Sweden
Nr. 37237 Pearl Millard  United Kingdom
Nr. 37236 Brian Donlon  North Carolina
Nr. 37234 Larry Mix  Florida
Nr. 37233 Blythe Stephens  California
Nr. 37232 Alberto Paquola  Italy Mr.Mirabai Maya from Maldives thought that Denmark was a superior country!!! and I too!!!... but - now - I have doubts about it...
Nr. 37231 Elisabeth Schneider  Oregon Whales are highly intelligent mammals. Their slaughter must stop!! What gives us the right as a species to torture and kill all other species. Are we that evil?? Man kind's arrogance is unbelievable!
Nr. 37230 Debra Gakeler  Kansas
Nr. 37229 Pilvi Mikkola-Ylänne  Finland
Nr. 37228 Bernadette Go  Philippines
Nr. 37227 Patrik Wennström  Sweden
Nr. 37226 Tracey Messercola  New York
Nr. 37225 Caitlin Tillman  Ohio
Nr. 37224 Veronica Scuppa  Israel
Nr. 37223 Eilish Burlock  Canada
Nr. 37222 Soledad Posac  Argentina Please end dolphin and whale slaughter
Nr. 37221 Julie Washburn  Arkansas
Nr. 37220 Jenny Beere  Australia
Nr. 37219 Joanne D. Ferguson  Ohio
Nr. 37218 Christina Beeson  Spain
Nr. 37217 Kunihiko OkinaABuddhist priest  Japan It is extremely an atrocity. Do not people of massacre have the heart of the mercy?
Nr. 37216 Albert Helminger  Germany
Nr. 37215 Dorothy Tanaka  Canada
Nr. 37214 Sampa Biswas  India
Nr. 37213 Kristina Cirkovic  Serbia And Montenegro
Nr. 37212 Jeremy M  California
Nr. 37211 Steven Heaver  New Jersey
Nr. 37210 Amy Gelevski  Australia Please do not allow this butchery to continue on innocent animals. They are not your magnificant creatures to kill.
Nr. 37209 Jacolin Schultz  Wisconsin Please End Whale & Dolphin Slaughter !!
Nr. 37208 John Kamradt  Illinois
Nr. 37207 Karen Lilburn  Canada
Nr. 37206 Alfred Neuman  Australia
Nr. 37205 Karen Wirtz  New Jersey
Nr. 37204 Amanda Mikalson  Washington This is disgusting. I am completely disgusted with you people. Not only are you heartless but you are greedy money hungry and something to be loathed more than anything on this earth. Grow a heart if you possibly can. P.S. I was thinking of spending tons of money studying abrod in your country. Isn't going to happen now.
Nr. 37203 Mirabai Maya  Maldives I thought Denmark was a superior country!!!
Nr. 37202 Jaime Trainer  West Virginia
Nr. 37201 Christine Gu  California

Nr. 37200 Marian Elliott  Wyoming
Nr. 37199 Jennifer Posanka  Illinois
Nr. 37197 Martha Leahy  Massachusetts
Nr. 37196 Catherine Anne Galvin  New Jersey This slaughter of whales is so horrific. It needs to end! This is NOT a sport it is the murdering of whales and it is unnecessary and horribly cruel and inhumane. This "sport" disgusts me!
Nr. 37195 Florence Curchod  Switzerland
Nr. 37194 Sharon Miller  Indiana
Nr. 37193 Denise Lytle  New Jersey
Nr. 37192 Richard T.  Wisconsin Whales around the world are in danger of extinction. Please end this barbaric practise.
Nr. 37191 Rachel Dowden  Louisiana
Nr. 37190 Salli Seyqour  Tennessee
Nr. 37189 Bonnie Reeves  Pennsylvania
Nr. 37188 Michele Domsky  California
Nr. 37187 Eileen McNaughton  New Zealand
Nr. 37186 Thomas Pirovano  Switzerland Yes!
Nr. 37185 Alicia Ruiz Cantú  Mexico
Nr. 37184 Christina Johnsen  California
Nr. 37183 Nicole Hardin  Alabama
Nr. 37182 Cher Isbell  Texas you people are barbarians!! To corner these magnificent smart creatures then brutally kill them like you do is an injustice!! This has to be stopped!! You are killing one of Gods most magnificent creations and you will be sorry for it
Nr. 37181 Carla Johnson  New Jersey This is absolutely senseless and it needs to stop now!
Nr. 37180 Deborah Smith  Pennsylvania Sounds like an infraction of international law not to mention that it is a barbaric act that should make these people ashamed to call themselves human. This should be stopped!
Nr. 37179 Becky Brower  Washington I will think twice before visiting YOUR country. Barbarians.
Nr. 37178 Olivia Alperstein  New Jersey
Nr. 37177 Diane Reese  Oklahoma
Nr. 37176 Gabrielle Bertrand  France
Nr. 37175 Sarah Grunwald  California
Nr. 37174 Christine Kamradt  Illinois
Nr. 37173 Pam Boland  Georgia
Nr. 37172 Alan May  Illinois
Nr. 37171 Sandy Rusch  Illinois
Nr. 37170 Kenneth Lapointe  Canada Denmark show some ethics and end the slaughter of whales in your country.
Nr. 37169 Joan Roberts  Canada
Nr. 37168 Pavel Movchanov  Russian Federation
Nr. 37167 Tom Martin  Virginia
Nr. 37166 Alicia Campbell  California
Nr. 37165 Jennifer Shaw  California
Nr. 37164 Ângela Pereira  Portugal
Nr. 37163 Fabio Savio  Italy
Nr. 37162 Barbara Tatti  Italy
Nr. 37161 Maya Robinson  New York
Nr. 37160 Sofia Santos  Portugal
Nr. 37159 Isa Videira  Portugal PUT AN END TO THE SLAUTHER RIGHT NOW!!!!
Nr. 37158 Dogan Ozkan  Turkey
Nr. 37157 Michelle Murphy  Pennsylvania
Nr. 37156 Beba Hoyt  Canada These barbaric practices have to stop -butchering innocentloving animals is a crime against this planet and God!!Anyone who believes in compassion and love can see this is unacceptable-I have been vegetarian for several years and my health is great--there is no need to murder animals--they are innocents-until we see that all creatures are connected and until we stop brutalizing defenseless creatures-we will never have peace!!
Nr. 37155 Ruth Ahmed  Virginia
Nr. 37154 Isabel Maria De sousa  Portugal
Nr. 37153 Courtnie Schmidt  Pennsylvania
Nr. 37152 Caroline Smith  Illinois
Nr. 37151 Penelope Phillips  Australia
Nr. 37150 Ruth Pruiksma  New Jersey For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 37149 Ramona Gehl  Canada
Nr. 37148 White Owl  Australia
Nr. 37147 Izzy Wilhelmsen  Norway
Nr. 37146 Laura Raymann  Germany
Nr. 37145 Erin Childs  Massachusetts
Nr. 37144 Sven Beuckelaers  Belgium
Nr. 37143 James West  United Kingdom
Nr. 37142 Cherie Davis  United Kingdom
Nr. 37141 Connie Paterson  Michigan Please stop the cruelty!
Nr. 37140 Aubrey Sullivan  Connecticut
Nr. 37139 Rebecca Schneider  Arizona Why is this even at all necessary in a supposedly "civilized" world? Disgusting!
Nr. 37138 Agnes Durante  Brazil
Nr. 37137 Larry Kuntzman  Florida
Nr. 37136 Nenad Mihajlov  Macedonia  The Former Yugoslav Republic OfTHIS IS SICK AND TWISTED!!!!!This is the work of crazy people. They let their children watch this???? And we ask ourseves how this slaughter continues????Is it obvious???They brainwash their children to think that this is normal and to do what their SICK parents do. I didnt think that Japan people have so problems with their people there.They dont deserve to have that beautiful animals there. Just because that they are there living doesnt mean that they have the rights to do what they like especialy to all the nature there.Rong plase at the wrong time.Stupid predators. Im sick and tired of all this!!!!!!
Nr. 37135 Marcin Sztwiertnia  Poland
Nr. 37134 NettiUK Tammaro  United Kingdom
Nr. 37133 Adrian Lewis  South Africa
Nr. 37132 Dinda Evans  California
Nr. 37131 Gail Dair  Australia
Nr. 37130 Matthew Brock  Arizona
Nr. 37129 Karenlee Holland  Arizona
Nr. 37128 Laurel Burns  Maine
Nr. 37127 Laurel Eckert  Missouri
Nr. 37126 Dominik Zurawski  United Kingdom
Nr. 37125 Monica Bertolazzi  Argentina
Nr. 37124 Honeysucklebarb Liebowitz  New Jersey
Nr. 37123 Henry Story  Georgia
Nr. 37122 Jess Moon Senour  California
Nr. 37121 Laura Stringer  Maryland Please protect these amazing creatures.
Nr. 37120 OLY Diaz  Florida
Nr. 37119 Mylene De la fuente spoor  Mexico
Nr. 37118 Elaine Secondo  Connecticut
Nr. 37117 Ceci M M  Florida For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 37116 Celestial AJ Wheeler  New York
Nr. 37115 Ron Matthews  United Kingdom
Nr. 37114 Lynn Haineau  United Kingdom
Nr. 37113 Shoshana Bernard  Colorado
Nr. 37112 Laura Horning  Ohio This is not "fun" this is MURDER of innocent beings!! Stop the killing NOW!!
Nr. 37111 David Dunkleberger  Pennsylvania
Nr. 37110 Mark Foote  Washington
Nr. 37109 María Del Carmen Bregante  Argentina
Nr. 37108 Andrée HUSSARD  France
Nr. 37107 Alexandra SUSINI  France
Nr. 37106 Chantal Chavassieux  France
Nr. 37105 Anne Romanow  Illinois
Nr. 37104 Terri K.  Ohio
Nr. 37103 Annie Bertrand  France
Nr. 37102 Linda Giordano  Canada Stop this terrible disgusting ritual NOW. How can you be so cruel to these mammals. Shame on you!
Nr. 37101 Gran Pat  Texas
Nr. 37100 Mireille Azouzou  France
Nr. 37099 Peggy Singh  California
Nr. 37098 Eric Duprat  France
Nr. 37097 Jean Marie Trincali  France
Nr. 37096 Josette Roux  France
Nr. 37095 Nicky Elizabeth  Maine
Nr. 37094 Jean-damien SUSINI  France
Nr. 37093 Tamara Atanasoska  Macedonia  The Former Yugoslav Republic OfIn the ancient days...none knew better...but we do now!At least we say we do...
Nr. 37092 Amy Montezuma  Illinois
Nr. 37091 Sandy Lazarevic  New Jersey
Nr. 37090 James Hobbs  United Kingdom Fellow Europeans Please stop this cruel and worthless slaughter of whales and dolphines the terror and distress the creature must be put through is distressing and serves no purpose. please us what powers you have to end this blood bath!
Nr. 37089 Tracey M L  Alabama
Nr. 37088 Joseph Thong  Malaysia
Nr. 37087 David Mann  Maine Totally disgusting!
Nr. 37086 Megan Laumb  Arkansas
Nr. 37085 Sandra Stubbs  Delaware
Nr. 37084 Robert Richardson  Pennsylvania
Nr. 37083 Maya Puerta  France
Nr. 37082 JoAnna B.  California
Nr. 37081 Jo Carlyle  Australia Stop the Slaughter of these beautiful animals.
Nr. 37080 Margaret Docherty  United Kingdom I am amazed in these days of supposed enlightenment that this barbaric custom continues. Especially as it would have originated to feed the population. The fact that the meat is contaminated and cannot be used and is therefore left to rot makes all the more despicable. Surely the Faroe population can be made to understand the custom is long overdue for being abandoned.
Nr. 37079 Judy Killingbeck  New York
Nr. 37078 Rebecca Everhart  Indiana
Nr. 37077 Ali Hirst  Australia
Nr. 37076 Maureen A. Schiener  New York
Nr. 37075 Thouverez Maryline  France
Nr. 37074 Kenneth Robertson  Fiji
Nr. 37073 Judy Malley  Canada
Nr. 37072 Kelly Garbato  Missouri
Nr. 37071 Sara Sang  Nevada How can any human being or any civilized beings call such killing a sport or even education for kids? like our domestic dogs and cats these whales do and can experience pain fear and suffering. by butchering them with weapon while these creatures are alive and concious is just cruel! there is no need for such killing and definitely uncivilized to encourage the next generation to do the same.
Nr. 37070 Michele Quintric  France
Nr. 37069 Marianna Padolsky  Canada
Nr. 37067 Germain Puerta  France
Nr. 37066 * Zentura  Wyoming
Nr. 37065 Nancy Ruble  Ohio
Nr. 37064 Maria Soares  Portugal Stop this cruelty!
Nr. 37063 Loles Mateo Lasheras  Spain
Nr. 37062 Anthony J. Gerst  Iowa
Nr. 37061 Stanley Pendze  Pennsylvania For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 37060 Sara K. Bakker  California
Nr. 37059 Phil Heinlein  New York
Nr. 37058 Maria Magdalena  California Whales & Dolphines are our friends and are needed for our well being. Live & let live!
Nr. 37057 Verneita Pezet  Michigan
Nr. 37056 Joy Rubi  Missouri
Nr. 37055 Rene Bordelon  California
Nr. 37054 Marissa Waldron  California
Nr. 37053 Randy A  New York Peace to all beings!
Nr. 37052 Stela Vasques  Portugal
Nr. 37051 Mary Owens  Georgia
Nr. 37050 Gail Freel  New Mexico
Nr. 37049 KATHLEEN WISSENZ  Pennsylvania
Nr. 37048 Yvonne White  Illinois
Nr. 37047 Angel Halloran  Virginia
Nr. 37046 Roger Mcmullan  Washington
Nr. 37045 Aiz T  Canada
Nr. 37043 Kalindi McAlpine  Florida They should be ashamed!
Nr. 37042 Daniela Balinca  Romania
Nr. 37041 Atie Van De Plasse  Aruba
Nr. 37040 Iris Young  Georgia
Nr. 37039 Nancie Barnett  California what the country of denmark is doing is disgusting! We must PROTECT THESE INTELLIGENT AND COMPASSIONATE MAMMALS! Those islanders are the true reflection of evil- since they do not kill the whales and dolphins for survival- only for FUN!!! OUTRAGEOUS!!! DISGUSTING!!
Nr. 37038 Cris Colombi  Argentina
Nr. 37037 Emm S  United Kingdom
Nr. 37036 Nikki Gerrior  Bermuda
Nr. 37035 Panagiotis Rigopoulos  Greece
Nr. 37034 Barbara Campbell  Texas
Nr. 37033 RIVER FRANCE  Canada
Nr. 37032 Carina Nilsson  Sweden
Nr. 37031 Brianna Fritchey  South Carolina
Nr. 37030 Michael Brewster  Michigan We must stop this practice now. These animals have every right to live just as much as we do. The things made from them can be made in other ways I am sure. Let them live.
Nr. 37029 Severine Stockling  France
Nr. 37028 Ginger Geronimo  Alabama
Nr. 37027 Taylor Johansen  Kentucky
Nr. 37026 Victoria Mary Stong New York Who the hell do you think you are mass murdering God's precious creatures? How would you like if someone came to your home and mass murdered YOUR family? You murderers need to beg God for forgiveness and then do a lot of very special things to HELP WHALES AND DOLPHINS due to your heartless slaying and slaughtering torturously the beautiful gifts God has given you and us all
Nr. 37025 Ian Jones  United Kingdom
Nr. 37024 Vicki McCauley  Texas
Nr. 37023 Elisabeth Karcher  France
Nr. 37022 Leyla Roberson  Germany Why killing those animals? Live them along.
Nr. 37021 Steve Aschenbrenner  Kansas
Nr. 37020 Lin Teachenor  Washington
Nr. 37019 Veronica Hadsell  California
Nr. 37018 Hillary Kozel  California These beautiful intelligent loving animals do NOT deserve this!
Nr. 37017 Catherine Smalley  United Kingdom
Nr. 37016 Theresa Z  California
Nr. 37015 Michele Eder  Maryland
Nr. 37014 Karen Brozek  Maine
Nr. 37013 Patty Jones  South Carolina
Nr. 37012 George Hummel  California
Nr. 37011 Gillian Miller  United Kingdom I do not know much about the Faroe Islands and what I do is limited to the cruel unnecessary and inhumane practice of slaughtering whales & dolphins. This is in fact the total sum of knowledge about their life country and politics. It is an awful fact of life that this country is only known as inhabited by those whose unprincipled acts of cruelty and violence make them unworthy of being learned about. STOP this barbaric hunt it is not needed for survival and may help make both your country & their country appear civilised!
Nr. 37010 Vedrana Mastela  Croatia
Nr. 37009 Franziska Eber  Germany
Nr. 37008 Anna Nash  Texas These are God's creatures NOT OURS!!!! May God have mercy on your souls...
Nr. 37007 Amina Agami  Missouri
Nr. 37006 Ian Wilson  United Kingdom
Nr. 37005 Shannon Lack  North Carolina
Nr. 37004 Shirin Vasheghani  Canada
Nr. 37003 Ingrid Nordenstrom  Florida
Nr. 37002 Jeannie Blackwell  Florida
Nr. 37001 Eva Theodosiadis  New York
Nr. 37000 Alexander Day  California I have visited your beautiful country in the past and would like to again. What on earth is the Danish government thinking when it allows its protectorate to slaughter animals that don't belong to any world nation? Such wasteful practices (most of the whale meat rots on the beach?) must be stopped.
Nr. 36999 Chrissy O'Neil  Kentucky
Nr. 36998 Ulla Weiland  Finland
Nr. 36997 Malissa Romero  Arizona
Nr. 36996 Aisha Esha Rafeeq  California
Nr. 36995 Joy Ephraim  Canada Please stop and set a good example. What have you got to lose?
Nr. 36994 Karen Sheaffer  Pennsylvania
Nr. 36993 Leanne Ferraro  Virginia
Nr. 36991 Beatrice Barbu  Romania Stop the insanity and cruelty against the cetaceans. It's plain murder not even economically justified. For the future of humanity you should teach your children the respect for any living sentient creature which means the respect for life itself not the things you are teaching them now - how to enjoy the slaughter of innocent and harmless creatures. Shame!!!
Nr. 36990 María Victoria CARRILLO GARCÍA  Spain
Nr. 36989 MARIO CHIOZZA  Tennessee
Nr. 36988 Carolyn Barnes  New York
Nr. 36987 Glyn Daniels  United Kingdom I hope you murderers have a slow painfull death
Nr. 36986 Kathy Bean  Florida
Nr. 36985 Laila Thornberg  Denmark Danes certainly don't want this and our government knows this very well!! Start listening to your people AND the rest of the world!
Nr. 36984 Gitte Thornberg  Denmark Stop this senseless activity. We are better then this!!! Denmark should not be knows world wide as a country that supports animal cruelty!
Nr. 36983 Brittany Carr  Mississippi
Nr. 36982 Karen Gray  Indiana
Nr. 36981 Debi Koscielski  Ohio
Nr. 36980 Paula Cline  Georgia Please stop this barbartic practice. It's truly disgusting.
Nr. 36979 Irene Thomas  United Kingdom It's absolutely barbaric how can these people justify inflicting such pain and cruelty to a defensless animal for absolutely no reason whatsoever. How about next year we chase them into deep waters stabbing and cutting at them "just for fun"?
Nr. 36978 Lou G  Pennsylvania
Nr. 36977 Miguel Lazo Vega  El Salvador
Nr. 36976 Jan Hale  Tennessee
Nr. 36975 Ron Silver  Florida
Nr. 36974 Laura Diamante  Argentina
Nr. 36973 LL Abbott  Ohio This petition is a plea to one's humanity. There comes a time when a nation whether it be large of small MUST look at what it does and how it affects the greater whole and common good of all things. This petition is a window to your world and how you are seen by the rest of humanity. Just because a thing [this very brutal act] has been done for however long does not mean it cannot change. And in order for you to make this a better world it is a thing that must change. Show those who are watching you know a better way.
Nr. 36972 Maria Isabel Silva  Portugal
Nr. 36971 Glen Venezio  Puerto Rico Unimaginable cruelty that must be stopped. Makes the Faroe Islands and their citizens look like barbarians not people who belong in the 21st century.
Nr. 36970 Tatiana Seiça  Portugal
Nr. 36969 Petra Spevec  Croatia
Nr. 36968 Verbiest Kelly  Belgium For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 36967 Kevin Martin  Canada
Nr. 36966 Jo Ann Thornton  Mississippi
Nr. 36965 Chris And Dani Stanton  Alabama
Nr. 36964 Alicia Smith  Illinois
Nr. 36963 Ruth Ferreira  France
Nr. 36962 Laurie Fahrner  Wyoming
Nr. 36961 Susan Walker  California
Nr. 36960 Fred Fall  New Jersey
Nr. 36959 Esmeralda Guimaraes  Portugal
Nr. 36958 Kenneth Fort  Minnesota Barbaric!!! Have they not yet moved into even the 20th century??? What happens when they have depleted their "game"? Do they start chasing tourists into alleyways for their "sport"? Cruel and unwarranted...Must be stopped immediately.
Nr. 36957 Kalyana Krishna  India
Nr. 36956 Zelda DiCaprio  Texas
Nr. 36955 Eva Lightfoot  Maryland
Nr. 36954 Scott Carter-K  Alabama
Nr. 36953 Houyoux Corline  Belgium
Nr. 36952 Regina Marino  Connecticut please stop the killing
Nr. 36951 Susan Holmes  United Kingdom STOP this unnecessary and barbaric cruelty.
Nr. 36950 Pam Porter  Oklahoma
Nr. 36949 Alison Davison  United Kingdom Come on guys you know its wrong!
Nr. 36948 Kim Hogan  Pennsylvania
Nr. 36947 Avril Kettle  United Kingdom
Nr. 36946 Chetna Pittea  United Kingdom
Nr. 36945 Daniela Maroni  Italy
Nr. 36944 Marjory Cahill-Shelton  Florida
Nr. 36943 James H. Fitch  Pennsylvania
Nr. 36942 Rajshree Boyragee  Mauritius Please end the needless suffering of those creatures by stopping such barbaric practices!
Nr. 36941 Alessandro Barracciu  Italy
Nr. 36940 Laura Tatti  Italy
Nr. 36939 Jason Bowman  California
Nr. 36938 Candy LeBlanc  California
Nr. 36937 Martin Jonsson  Sweden
Nr. 36936 Caroline Abrahams  United Kingdom
Nr. 36935 Daniela Kousbroek  Netherlands
Nr. 36934 James Turner  United Kingdom Change your ways!!! Your Pathetic!!!
Nr. 36933 Juliana Farah  Lebanon
Nr. 36932 Fabiana Crouch-cadoni  United Kingdom
Nr. 36931 Pam Fioretti  Australia
Nr. 36930 Chris MacKrell  California Please stop doing that.
Nr. 36929 Annemiek Mulderij  Netherlands
Nr. 36928 Tania Naim  Lebanon This is so cruel!!!!
Nr. 36927 Lucien Pan Morningstar  Colorado
Nr. 36926 Christine Wolff  Netherlands Revolting barbaric cowardly and totally without any merit. Legislate to stop this senseless slaughter.
Nr. 36925 Mimi Jacoby  Israel
Nr. 36924 Cute TaoGirl  Malaysia
Nr. 36923 Ann Vanleerberghe  Belgium
Nr. 36922 Krystyna Postawa  Poland
Nr. 36921 Elfmagic Taylor  Australia THE LAW OF ONE We are all One. When one is harmed all are harmed. When one is helped all are helped. Therefore in the name of Who I AM and I am One with All I ask that only that which is the highest good of all concerned happen here. I give thanks that this is done.
Nr. 36920 Roxann Contrenchis  Louisiana This is a shameless sin against Gods creatures and must be stopped at once.
Nr. 36919 April Peterson  Illinois
Nr. 36918 Margaret B.  Florida
Nr. 36917 Julia Tawyea  Pennsylvania
Nr. 36916 Melissa Dawson Chapman  Michigan
Nr. 36915 Kevin Richardson  United Kingdom
Nr. 36914 Angela VanCleve  Florida
Nr. 36913 Serge Vrabec  Oregon
Nr. 36912 Tahney Huiet  Pennsylvania Stop the senseless killing of whales & dolphins.
Nr. 36911 Roxie Schliesmann  Wisconsin
Nr. 36910 Kristin Reid  New Mexico this is barbaric and disgraceful stop this unecessary slaughter
Nr. 36909 Glenda Parker  Australia
Nr. 36908 Tracy Brown  New Jersey
Nr. 36907 Jocelyn Koopmann  Australia NO more. Enough killed already. The way they are killed too is just disgusting.
Nr. 36906 Diane Morris  Texas
Nr. 36905 Michelle Rice  Ohio I am deeply saddened by the slaughter of dolphins. Please use your power to put an end to it.
Nr. 36904 Marcy Shaubel  Canada
Nr. 36902 Jim Treacy  Australia
Nr. 36901 R R  Washington
Nr. 36900 Ann Tuton  Texas
Nr. 36899 Annie VD  Canada
Nr. 36898 Tawnya Shields  Mississippi
Nr. 36896 Maria Cristina Almeida  Portugal This is outrageous! It's an absolute disgrace that this happens in Europe! What is wrong with you in Denmark? Others cannot hunt whales and dolphins are great but you can slaughter them?! Stop now!
Nr. 36895 Laura Peterman  Canada
Nr. 36894 Elaina Grigoryan  California
Nr. 36893 Ruth Bescript  Arizona Hang your head's in shame for the pointless slaughter.
Nr. 36892 Lilian Gallardo  Florida
Nr. 36891 Drew R~  Alabama
Nr. 36890 Pamela Russell  Florida Please end the slaughter ~ please.
Nr. 36889 Sharon Dickenson  Kentucky
Nr. 36888 DC Bass  California
Nr. 36887 Charles Schwarz  New Hampshire
Nr. 36886 Kristi Knotts  California
Nr. 36885 Whitney Pelayo  California Stop the killing.
Nr. 36884 Lynne Nichols  Texas
Nr. 36883 Pamela Finch  California
Nr. 36882 Elisa Minakis  Canada
Nr. 36881 Fia Perera  California The Greatness of a Nation can be judges by the way its animals are treated" - Mahatma Gandhi
Nr. 36880 Jerome Glassman  California
Nr. 36879 Jennifer Lau  California
Nr. 36878 Pamela White  North Carolina
Nr. 36877 Jim Kielma  Arkansas
Nr. 36876 Therese Hughes  Australia
Nr. 36875 Anthony Santosusso  New Jersey
Nr. 36874 Ariel Aguayo  Texas This is something nobody should be doing in 2008!
Nr. 36873 Donna Lewis  California
Nr. 36872 Michael Salmon  New Zealand Intelligent Cetaceans - Need i say more-STOP The SLAUGHTER*The World IS Watching*
Nr. 36871 Samantha Overy  Australia The death of these whales in the sea of blood makes a shark feeding frenzy look enticing by comparison. Sharks kill for food... To kill mammals in such a torturous manner is unconscionable and illegal. PLEASE stop it from happening.
Nr. 36870 NANCE O  California
Nr. 36869 Ange Barrett  United Kingdom
Nr. 36868 Catherine K.  Canada If Money is the root of all Eviel? This is more than Greed! Murder is Murder!!!!!!! NO SURRENDER!!! NEVER SURRENDER!!!
Nr. 36867 C. Cassidy  Colorado
Nr. 36866 Bill Farkas  California My knowledge of the Danish people are that they are a compassionate and caring people. As PM of Denmark I would hope you reflect that compassion and cease the dolphin and whale hunt in Danish waters.
Nr. 36865 Nyack Clancy  New York
Nr. 36864 Cristina Seiça  Portugal
Nr. 36863 Diana Dellamarie  California End this barbaric slaughter now.
Nr. 36862 Gayle Pierce  South Carolina
Nr. 36861 Charles stewart Mclachlan  United Kingdom
Nr. 36860 Andrea Toro  Colombia
Nr. 36859 Alex P Bostwick  Kentucky
Nr. 36858 Lissette Gomez  Venezuela
Nr. 36857 Chrissy Newman  Australia
Nr. 36856 Joanna Dulowska  Poland
Nr. 36855 Sharon Ross  United Kingdom This really needs to stop right now !! Please end this horrific and barbaric slaughter that is being inflicted upon the whales and the dolphins.
Nr. 36854 June Rice  California
Nr. 36853 Margaret Morton  United Kingdom Denmark. The World is watching you. Stop killing these intelligent and beautiful mammals who share our World - right NOW!
Nr. 36852 Brad Miller  Kansas
Nr. 36851 Frank Herrmann  Florida
Nr. 36850 Steve Dale  Australia
Nr. 36849 Stephanie Bradley  United Kingdom This is barbaric and needs to be stopped!
Nr. 36848 Alexandra Sushkova  California
Nr. 36847 Agata K  Poland
Nr. 36846 Bill McGlone  Connecticut Enough of this senseless slaughter already it's the 21st century!!
Nr. 36845 Andrea Brooks  Arizona
Nr. 36844 Beth OHara  Maine
Nr. 36843 Ginnie Diomis  Austria STOP IT RIGHT NOW!!!
Nr. 36842 Trudi Reijnders  Netherlands
Nr. 36841 Maria Lowe  United Kingdom What a complete and utter pointless waste of these beautiful creatures. This has to stop!
Nr. 36840 Rochelle La Frinere  California
Nr. 36839 Randall Lloyd  Massachusetts
Nr. 36838 Nur ARIS  Turkey
Nr. 36837 Spirit Script  Pennsylvania This is sick and heartless. It must stop!
Nr. 36836 Sarah Panullo  Pennsylvania
Nr. 36835 Betty Gregory  Indiana
Nr. 36834 Michael Sandstrom  Tennessee
Nr. 36833 Marie C Torres  Florida
Nr. 36832 Bradley A. Harris  Arkansas
Nr. 36831 Donna Lozano  Texas
Nr. 36830 Kim Harnish  California
Nr. 36829 Ross Flett  United Kingdom
Nr. 36828 Pamela WolfSong  Rhode Island
Nr. 36827 Barb Knight  North Carolina Please stop this senseless slaughter on God's beautiful Dolphins and Whales. They do not belong to YOU they belong to GOD!!! And right now GOD is NOT HAPPY with you.
Nr. 36826 Britton Vitale  Connecticut
Nr. 36825 Prima Baily  New York
Nr. 36824 Veronica Amiot  Florida I think this is terrible! Why would people celebrate the beautiful creatures of our world for fun or purposeless reasons! These people should be punished. And teaching children to do it as well. What kind of future are we looking at on our planet. These people are sick wrong heartless and do not deserve their place in this world. What makes them think they can take away one of god's creatures lives? This needs to stop!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 36823 Jill Garofalo  Texas This is disgusting to allow this kind of murder and torture to happen is cruel and inhumane there is no excuse.
Nr. 36822 Jaqui Mundell-Wachowiak  Wisconsin
Nr. 36821 JD Soriano  Canada
Nr. 36820 Fallon Jones  Texas PLEASE STOP THIS MADNESS!! These are beautiful highly sensetive peaceful mammals. There is no need for this disgusting slaughter.
Nr. 36818 Marcy Morgan  California
Nr. 36817 Carol Bischoff  Netherlands
Nr. 36816 Erika Stone  Virginia
Nr. 36815 Kiara Serafin  Minnesota This is unethical and inhumane and needs to be stopped!
Nr. 36814 Chris Stanton  Alabama
Nr. 36813 Nasale McIntyre  Canada Demark you are wrong to slaughter these animals
Nr. 36812 Arlette Scharer  Switzerland stop slaughtering animals.
Nr. 36811 Linda Bescript  Arizona Stop hating whales! All this slaughter we keep reading about is a huge disgrace.
Nr. 36810 Sharon Dundon  Canada
Nr. 36809 Jessie Seybold  Wisconsin For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 36808 Elizabeth Davidson  California
Nr. 36807 Terrie Williams  Texas
Nr. 36806 Paul V  Netherlands
Nr. 36805 Dan Jarvis  United Kingdom
Nr. 36804 Gase Hady  Cyprus
Nr. 36803 Raven Sky  Washington Denmark a westernized and civilized nation supposedly..have some integrity and call this horrid act off now! I demand it as a citzen of the world!
Nr. 36802 Dagmar FourBears  Sweden

Nr. 36801 Jerilyn Merideth  Mississippi For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 36800 Gayle Wilson  Canada Whales are sensitive social animals with highly developed nervous systems. They have a profound capacity to suffer distress terror and pain. I am sickened to learn that the Faroese celebrate the butchery of their victims in a carnival atmosphere of entertainment. Since the inhabitants of the Faroe Islands have no subsistence need for whale meat. Much of the flesh is left to rot and be dumped it cannot be exported as it is polluted with heavy metals and other toxins and therefore cannot meet EU heath standards for human food. The water runs red from the blood and is a stain on all mankind.
Nr. 36799 Stuart McCall  United Kingdom This barbaric act has no justification in this modern world the Faroese people should be ashamed. They are rapidly destructing the future of these species but I fear may only realise this when they find they have no cetaceans left to hunt.
Nr. 36798 Cristina Popa  Romania
Nr. 36797 Ann Cawley  Missouri For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 36796 Ana D. Cruz  New York For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 36795 Trevor Sherry  Australia
Nr. 36794 Debbie Low  Florida
Nr. 36793 Alexia Reis  Portugal THIS SLAUGTHER MUST STOP RIGHT NOW!!
Nr. 36792 Joycey Berry  North Carolina These horrific killings need to stop before it's too late. I am disgusted with this. Do the right thing and end it now.
Nr. 36791 Eduardo Lozano  California
Nr. 36790 Karen Kirk  United Kingdom It's not acceptable in Taiji and although there are currently fewer people know of the horrors that go on in your country that doesn't make it acceptable there. The world is appauled by these atrocious acts. Time to join the rest of the civilised world by outlawing these barbaric murdering practices of sentient creatures
Nr. 36789 Jillyanne Michelle Cape  Missouri
Nr. 36788 Veronica Lach  Romania
Nr. 36787 Bergstromjoy@ms Bergstrom  North Carolina Please stop for look at all this blood for its on your hands and I know the Lord weeps to see such things as this.
Nr. 36786 Danielle Stanton  Alabama
Nr. 36785 Paul Boast  United Kingdom The Denmark government have a resposibility to stop this violence against these beautiful creatures who do no harm. This has to be stopped NOW.
Nr. 36784 Paula Cantrell  Missouri
Nr. 36783 Jim Phillips  California This "slaughter" must not be allowed to continue. There is no value in this considering that the meat is polluted with heavy metals & toxins.
Nr. 36782 Marla De Vries  Netherlands Stop the slaughter !
Nr. 36781 Darlene Davis  Michigan
Nr. 36780 Sheila Kay  Arizona
Nr. 36779 Ana M.  Portugal
Nr. 36778 Patricia Hisey  Illinois
Nr. 36777 Shannon Donovan  California
Nr. 36776 Rayline Dean  California
Nr. 36775 Daniella Roozenburg  Netherlands
Nr. 36774 Kathy A.H.  Arizona
Nr. 36773 Tony Madsen  Arizona
Nr. 36772 Linda Lamb  Iowa
Nr. 36771 Brian Guadagno  New Jersey
Nr. 36770 Nadia Donato  New York
Nr. 36769 US CITIZEN  California
Nr. 36768 Robert Redmon  Ohio
Nr. 36767 Heather Barss  New Hampshire
Nr. 36766 Tim Redfern  Tennessee
Nr. 36765 Patrick O'Neil  New Mexico Please Act.
Nr. 36764 Debi Ackert  North Carolina Can you tell us WHY you do this...these are living things..you would not want your pets treated this way..These are migratory mammals and do NOT belong to DENMARK...I had NO idea your people were so barbaric..shame on you
Nr. 36763 Patty Williams  Georgia
Nr. 36762 Patti H.  Ohio
Nr. 36761 Dawn Higgins  Wisconsin
Nr. 36760 Art Deco  Maine April if left to their ignorant inbred ways and the intentional machinations of the control of the herd governments who are nothing but constant crooks and liars (not sometimes ALL the time) the answer is never. It has to start now and the only way to stop them is with force.
Nr. 36759 Gwen Moore  Maryland
Nr. 36757 Philippe Ducreux  France
Nr. 36756 Aelred Glidden  Michigan
Nr. 36755 Vida Roa  Spain
Nr. 36754 William Thomas  Florida End Whale & Dolphin Slaughter
Nr. 36753 Lisa Browne  Pennsylvania
Nr. 36752 Jeannie Caton  United Kingdom stop the slaughter of the innocent..
Nr. 36751 Rose Bellamy  United Kingdom
Nr. 36750 Lisa Sanderson  New York No matter how you veiw this cruelty its murder! This is a sickening and inhumane act. We as humans being what is supposed to be the most intelligent animal on this planet have the responsibility to protect the rest of the creatures we SHARE this planet with. Yes SHARE! We do not own this planet and whats in it and on it. We SHARE it with the rest of Earths creatures. We owe it to all future generations to stop all needless and senseless killings of all of our co-inhabitants so generations to come can enjoy them as we should be.
Nr. 36749 Patrick Ronan  Ireland
Nr. 36748 John Andrew  United Kingdom
Nr. 36747 Maxi Freeman  United Kingdom Whales and dolphins have a VERY human-like intelligence. This is outrageous and horrendous. The very lowest of human shame imaginable. Please stop this insane and needless cruelty and feeling knowing creatures before it is too late and they are gone for good
Nr. 36746 Robin Lyles  Arizona
Nr. 36745 John V. Peterson  Oregon
Nr. 36744 Morris Stevensen  Australia There is no reason to kill whales and dolphins. I will never more go for vacation in Danmark before they stop this senseless killing.!!!
Nr. 36743 Hans Lak  Netherlands
Nr. 36742 Kim S  United Kingdom Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen as a member of the human race I urge you to stop the senseless killing of whales and dolphins by the Faroese. As most of the world has come to understand the importance of whales and dolphins and have banned their hunting it shames your country to continue to allow this particularly as it seems the hunt is nothing more than sport and includes children. Please Sir stop this mass murder of our whales and dolphins!
Nr. 36741 Helen Brown  Missouri
Nr. 36740 Rena Lawrence  Texas
Nr. 36739 T Williams  Minnesota This cruelty to the whales dolphins and other aquatic animals MUST STOP... The bloody inhumane slaughter demonstrates just how uncivilized & barbaric humans can still be...
Nr. 36738 Simon Angelov  Bulgaria
Nr. 36737 Kayla Brennan  Canada
Nr. 36736 Pete Middleton  United Kingdom
Nr. 36735 Kathy G  United Kingdom
Nr. 36734 LISA SWAIN  Texas
Nr. 36733 Cher Clarke  Canada
Nr. 36732 Raluca Abudicioai  Romania
Nr. 36731 Monika V  France
Nr. 36730 Gail Costic  Pennsylvania Humans are absolutely the most cruel destructive murderous species on this planet. Killing for the sheer joy of it shows a sick twisted mind without compassion humanity or conscience. The slaughter of these precious innocent whales and dolphins must stop!!!!
Nr. 36729 Lorraine Kay  United Kingdom This cruel act must stop now it's sick!!
Nr. 36728 Elena Pintilie  Canada
Nr. 36727 Kim Kostiew  New Hampshire
Nr. 36726 Jenny Vegan  United States Minor Outlying Islands This bloody massacre is senseless heartless and totally unacceptable.
Nr. 36725 Sammantha Lyle  Indiana Why is it that some humans take such delight in inflicting terror and pain? This is why we have wars.
Nr. 36724 Anne Thompson  United Kingdom
Nr. 36723 Kay Carter  Georgia I have said many times there is no place for this type of inhumanity and slaughter of animals!
Nr. 36722 Jaylena Greenfield  Ohio Stop this cruelty to these beautiful whales! It is so wrong.They are apart of this world just as you and I. They deserve better care.
Nr. 36721 Wayne Campbell  Australia
Nr. 36720 STEPHANIE COLSON  Oklahoma
Nr. 36719 Dellianan Of the Sea  Colorado
Nr. 36718 Karen Katsbulas  Florida
Nr. 36717 FreeSpirit Running  Florida Why?...the senseless killings man?..this is wrong!..Stop the killings or face your destiny karma is a bite on the butt let me tell you...we need these mammals..leave them alone!!!
Nr. 36716 Anu Saarinen  Finland
Nr. 36715 Sabina Podjed  Slovenia
Nr. 36714 Dusty Ravenwolf  Florida
Nr. 36713 Anna Hickl  Germany
Nr. 36712 Animal Lover Claudia P  Netherlands this cruel and needless practise has been going on now for far too many years against much protest worldwide protest STOP IT NOW !!!
Nr. 36711 Indian Hat  United Kingdom Stop this bloody slaughter its my world too and i object!
Nr. 36710 NANCY MIA G  Utah
Nr. 36709 JUDY HOFFLER  Florida
Nr. 36708 Kyle Glanville  United Kingdom Stop this madness. It's disgusting how can this ever be condoned?
Nr. 36707 Mike Something  Illinois PLEASE stop this
Nr. 36706 Charles Stewart mclachlan  United Kingdom
Nr. 36705 Helen Forsythe  United Kingdom Absolutely disgusting and pointless you are damaging the web of life in the North Atlantic and the North Sea - UNACCEPTABLE BRUTAL MASS SLAUGHTER.
Nr. 36704 Helena Satori  Virginia How is this neccessary? There is absolutely no reason for the killing of these mammals.
Nr. 36703 Kathy Chadwell  Indiana Educate yourselves to the damage you're doing. Stop and think for a change. Try compassion and save yourself
Nr. 36702 Nikoleta Tzenova  Italy
Nr. 36701 Karen Mccarroll  United Kingdom STOP THIS CRUEL OUTDATED AND NEEDLESS PRACTISE NOW !!!
Nr. 36700 Luke Jongens  Austria
Nr. 36699 Lisa Moffat  United Kingdom Humans? Civilised? Don't make me laugh when so-called civilised human beings are carry on in such a manner. This is disgusting barbarism towards sensitive creatures that are perfectly capable of suffering...and they do.
Nr. 36698 Michelle Lee  Florida This saddens me and angers me!!!!
Nr. 36697 Tess Thomson  Australia You must stop this horror now!
Nr. 36696 Rebecca Monaghan  Oregon This is the most barbaric hunt ever! The cruelty is horrendous. These people act like slashing these beautiful creatures isn't nothing more than a walk in the park! It's disgusting pathetic and immoral! Whales/dolphins are mammals and feel pain. They have a strong connection to their families and before or as they are dying are listening to the screams of their families. How can anyone be so heartless and murder an entire family without any consequences? This must be stopped!
Nr. 36695 Mark Jordan  Washington Please stop this horrific act. It is a disgrace to your country.
Nr. 36693 Jet Ezra  New Mexico
Nr. 36692 Paul Cruickshank  United Kingdom Please stop this senseless act now. Dolphins and Whales have a right to live FREE.
Nr. 36691 Nicole Speach  New York This is sick and barbaric. Whales and dolphins are not food there are many other types of fish these aren't fish! dolphins help people. The way you slaughter them is terrible and allowing children to watch is disgusting.
Nr. 36690 Susan McDonald  Virginia
Nr. 36689 Chris Gredzinski  Pennsylvania
Nr. 36688 Elke B.  Germany
Nr. 36687 Sheila Gredzinski  Pennsylvania these creatures obviously have more heart and love and loyalty than all mankind I cannot believe how humans can cut down everything in their paths for monetary gain. STOP THE KILLING!
Nr. 36686 Darlene Williams  Iowa You are barbaric evil and horrid excuses for humans. STOP THIS ATROCITY IMMEDIATELY. It is because of people like you that evilness exists in this world - if one can kill innocent life in this manor they can certainly kill humans in the same heartless coldblooded way. SHAME ON YOU. YOU WILL BE JUDGED!
Nr. 36685 Liz Siple  Florida
Nr. 36684 Heather Hogge  Virginia
Nr. 36683 Naomi Dutch  California Please stop this slaughter now. The only tradition that is being taught is cruelty towards other living beings.
Nr. 36682 John Koehler  Maryland Take action and stop the subsidy that supports this senseless slaughter in the name of tradition!
Nr. 36681  Cathala Corine  France
Nr. 36680  Tammy Campbell  Florida
Nr. 36679  Kathy Johnson  Minnesota
Nr. 36678  Isabel Baptista  Portugal
Nr. 36677  Christopher Mcfadden  Ohio
Nr. 36676  SANJA LALIC VALECIC  Croatia
Nr. 36675  Anne-Marie Monarovic  Australia
Nr. 36674  Nadezhda Peneva  Spain
Nr. 36673  Sophia Papadohatzaki  Greece
Nr. 36672  Adam Podlasinski  Poland And it happens in Denmark?! They act like savage people from jungle but even they don't do it for fun but for living purposes! I didn't know that Denmark is savage country!
Nr. 36671  Lisa McKnight  Idaho
Nr. 36670  Panagiotis Rigopoulos  Greece
Nr. 36669  Emma Bryan  Australia DISGUSTING THIS MUST STOP!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 36668  Coninx Mireille  Belgium
Nr. 36667  Heidi Wollum  Sweden
Nr. 36666  Billie Derbyshire  Australia
Nr. 36665  Carolyn Barnes  New York
Nr. 36664  Eva Gatz  Germany
Nr. 36663  Deniz Irengun Suyolcu  Turkey
Nr. 36662  Steve Dale  Australia
Nr. 36661  Andre Gatz  Germany
Nr. 36660  Nicolette Ludolphi  Germany
Nr. 36659  Elsa Oliveira  Portugal
Nr. 36658  Sharon Purcell  Alaska
Nr. 36657  Andrei Mudure  Romania
Nr. 36656  Dana Fillion  Connecticut
Nr. 36655  K s Goh  Singapore
Nr. 36654  Luann Bailey  Kentucky This is unbelievable!!!
Nr. 36653  Andreas Kjallman  Sweden
Nr. 36652  Maryam Beik Baghban  Iran  Islamic Republic Of
Nr. 36651  Ann Twinklelake  Australia
Nr. 36650  Christel Dieltjens  Belgium
Nr. 36649  Radostina Dubarova  Bulgaria
Nr. 36648  David Tsosie  Arizona What kind of mesage does this send to kids? why not cut your own testicals off and make it an offering.
Nr. 36647  Marleen Geudens  Belgium
Nr. 36646  Andrea Dietrich  Austria
Nr. 36645  Amitav Dash  Canada
Nr. 36644  Boyan Dimitrov  Bulgaria
Nr. 36643  Mia Huolman  Finland
Nr. 36642  Jenny Casey  Arizona
Nr. 36641  Ambrose Merly  Connecticut sick
Nr. 36640  Liz Woloski  Canada
Nr. 36639  Raquel Barreto Arguello  Brazil Para obter mais impacto adicionar um comentário pessoal aqui
Nr. 36638  AUREA ABRANTES  United Kingdom This is unbelievable!!! They won't turn into men but gruesome violent monsters!!! I URGE the authorities to interfere and stop this imediately. The world is already too violent without this macabre ritual
Nr. 36637  Brenda Rodriguez  California
Nr. 36636  Kim Phillips  California How could someone do this to a whale or dolphin?
Nr. 36635  Maria Perez  Puerto Rico
Nr. 36634  Sarah Dungan  Canada
Nr. 36633  Julie Stuckey  Florida
Nr. 36632  Penny Gregorio  Hawaii
Nr. 36631  Judy Khan  Canada Enough of the gruesome killings!!!!!
Nr. 36630  Octavian Paul Draja  Romania
Nr. 36629  Buffy F.  Germany
Nr. 36628  Olga Astapova  Russian Federation
Nr. 36627  Michael Falzarano  Massachusetts
Nr. 36626  Time Out DontKillAnimals  United Kingdom
Nr. 36625  GABRIELA ANDRADA  Argentina
Nr. 36624  Lorraine Fletcher  Puerto Rico
Nr. 36623  Jelica Roland  Croatia
Nr. 36622  Ruby Schuldt  Australia
Nr. 36621  LYNETTE SCHULDT  Australia
Nr. 36620  Ines Vasquez  Venezuela
Nr. 36619  Jo Tohara  New Zealand
Nr. 36618  Gillian Miller  United Kingdom
Nr. 36617  Ewa Piasecka  Poland
Nr. 36616  Myra Gordon  New York
Nr. 36615  Animal Activist  Canada Please sign my petition urging the Canadian government to include animal rights in the constitution! http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/put-animal-rights-into-the-constitution
Nr. 36614  Mervi Rantala  Finland Stop the dolphin massacre NOW!!!
Nr. 36613  Andrea Dunster  Colorado
Nr. 36612  Kellie Smith  New Hampshire
Nr. 36611  Dinda Evans  California
Nr. 36610  Veronica Gudmundson  Sweden Stoppa Delfin slakten! Det här är sjukt!!!!
Nr. 36609  George Martin  Portugal
Nr. 36608  Vic Bostock  United Kingdom
Nr. 36607  Julie Goldman  Missouri its no wonder the animals are going extinct humans are the cruelest beings in the world we belong in the cages
Nr. 36606  Alicia Franco  Denmark Stop slagtningen af hvalerne pÃ¥ Fæerøerne!! Der bliver holdt øje med os!! Dette her kan vi ikke være bekendt!!
Nr. 36605  Fenia Yfandi  Greece
Nr. 36604  Sophia Paraschou  Greece
Nr. 36603  MONIQUE BENNOUN  Israel
Nr. 36602  Srete Nikolovski  Croatia
Nr. 36601  Enrico Miolli  Italy
Nr. 36600  Adriana Readinger  Venezuela
Nr. 36599  Borut Kumar  Slovenia
Nr. 36598  Yael Veenstra  Netherlands
Nr. 36597  Peggy Acosta  Pennsylvania
Nr. 36596  Anna Tekhova  Ukraine
Nr. 36595  Carin Zellerman  Sweden
Nr. 36594  Katharine McHenry  Virginia
Nr. 36593  Renate Thomee  Netherlands
Nr. 36592  Marcin Sztwiertnia  Poland
Nr. 36591  Tin Leng Lim  Malaysia
Nr. 36590  Beng Lay Ooi  Malaysia
Nr. 36589  Gabriela Zambrana  Bolivia
Nr. 36588  Soo Seng Lim  Malaysia
Nr. 36587  Debbie Lazoff  Florida
Nr. 36586  Benicio Sanchez-Rivera  Puerto Rico
Nr. 36585  Tiina Mustajarvi  Finland
Nr. 36584  Valerie Hermant  France
Nr. 36583  Monica Perez Nevarez  Puerto Rico With all due deference to the rites of passage of Danish youth at this time when we as a society and the earth as our living envelope are going through such difficult times we must set aside all forms of activity that harm other living beings for the fun of it. A more appropriate rite of passage might be that they be rewarded for good stewardship projects instead of for the barbaric slaughter of defenseless animals.
Nr. 36582  Gruda Marie-claire  France
Nr. 36581  Leticia Frutos  Paraguay
Nr. 36580  Breteaux Marilyne  France
Nr. 36579  Suzanna Hagglof  Sweden
Nr. 36578  Facchinetti Alexandra  France protegons les animaux il sont indispensable pour la planete et si precieux
Nr. 36577  Nancy Juskowich  Pennsylvania
Nr. 36576  Demian Ecaterina  Moldova  Republic Of
Nr. 36575  Sarah Zechmann  Austria
Nr. 36574  Alicia pia Andersen  Denmark
Nr. 36573  Caitlin Rudelich  Utah
Nr. 36572  Gruda Isabelle  France
Nr. 36571  Monica Kelly Wright  Idaho
Nr. 36570  Ahmed Hasan  Egypt this is crap  wish all who do that get paralyzed
Nr. 36569  Marie Dalerstedt  Sweden
Nr. 36568  Danny Evers  Netherlands The only thing u turn into when u kill a dolphin for fun is into a murderer and its a criminal act. Killing for fun is inhuman.
Nr. 36567  Ferreira Caroline  France
Nr. 36566  Noor Laham  United Arab Emirates Please stop the slaughter they are beautiful helpless animals its murder
Nr. 36565  Jane Way  Portugal this world is full of SICK PEOPLE
Nr. 36564  Sini Keto  Finland
Nr. 36563  Cameron G.  Massachusetts Hey Everyone Please ATTENTION THIS Very Important Serious I Found Out Someone Told Us. Here: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/4/we-need-your-help I Got Mad At Governor Luis Fortuno Becuz I Did Sending Him From PetitionSite Already Around 300 Goal Until I Did No Hear From Him Response Back For One Month Until I Found Out Here Someone Tell Us. That's Explain. I Believe Governor Got Ignore From Animals Need Help. I Will Swear To God Will Forbid Governor Ignore It. God Will Send Him Wake Up SomeDay. Let's Pray Save Animals In Puerto Rico. If You Will No Pray. They Will Bad Happen To Animals Down. Please Think About It. Very IMPORTANT. Please It's Time To Pray Save ALL ANIMALS. Also Listen Please Get A This Printer And Get Your Paper For Signature With Envelope Before Send To Governor. Please Pass Your Friends and Your Family. Please Do Not Need To Wait. Go Now!! That's Website From Selena. http://www.islanddog.org/writetogovernor.html Also PAY ATTENTION PLEASE SIGN NOW - Please Save Another Animals Here More SIGN: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/help-these-animals
Nr. 36562  Antje Hauser  Germany
Nr. 36561  Zara Stoyanova  Bulgaria
Nr. 36560  Rhonda Maness  Alabama
Nr. 36559  Brenda Johnson  West Virginia sick and uncalled for this needs to STOP!!
Nr. 36558  Natalia Lonska  Illinois
Nr. 36557  David Dunkleberger  Pennsylvania
Nr. 36556  Maren Heinig  Australia
Nr. 36555  Cynthia Conner  Ohio How can you people be so barbic? stop this senseless act and find another way to let your littles boys grow up. by showing such violence will just lead to them thinking that is ok to do barbic acts againt anything or anyone. PLEASE GROW UP AND SEE WHAT YOU ARE DOING.SHOW YOUR CHILDREN HOW TO LOVE AND RESPEVT THE THINGS THAT GOD HAS CREATED BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. CYNTHIA A CONNER
Nr. 36554  Kala Gomberg  California
Nr. 36553  Erica Bellis  Netherlands
Nr. 36552  Clare Howell  United Kingdom
Nr. 36551  Fabienne Wittelings  Netherlands
Nr. 36550  Lori Kondro  California
Nr. 36549  Dennis Kaplan  Ohio
Nr. 36548  Margaretha Van Egmond  Netherlands
Nr. 36547  Mario Suyolcu  Turkey
Nr. 36546  Donna M Buckner  Tennessee these people are ignorant....what killing a friendly dolphin makes you manly??? a real man would help the dolphins the dutch men that do this arent a man how can you raise your ego buy killing such a loving creature..your pathetic
Nr. 36545  Penni Norman  Iowa
Nr. 36544  Roxie Schliesman  Wisconsin
Nr. 36543  Katerina Stojkoska  Macedonia  The Former Yugoslav Republic Of
Nr. 36542  Ludger Wilp  Germany
Nr. 36541  R Andel  Austria Med al respekt for traditioner velkommen til den kybernetiske aldre.
Nr. 36540  Clemente Gonzalez  Puerto Rico Can't mankind see that it is at the end the destruction of our own home planet with such brutal acts against nature? We are all connected and every act affects all the beings on this blue planet.
Nr. 36539  Michele B  New Jersey
Nr. 36538  Irene Krizek  New York
Nr. 36537  Ulrike Richling  Germany
Nr. 36536  Janmalte Schui  Germany
Nr. 36535  Christian Haertelt  Germany Stop this senseless cruelty immediately! I'm deeply shocked thought I could like the Danish as I did.
Nr. 36534  Carlos Codina  Germany
Nr. 36533  Else Kolarzik  Austria
Nr. 36532  Robyn Parkinson  Australia
Nr. 36531  Ulrich Eichhorn  Germany Stopp this dishonor suddenly!
Nr. 36530  Lucas Künnecke  Germany
Nr. 36529  Annelie Möller  Germany
Nr. 36528  Jane Eveland  Germany Stop!!!!!!! I love Animals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 36527  Weber Coryn  Germany
Nr. 36526  Dasch Regina  Germany
Nr. 36525  Alberto Moris  Florida
Nr. 36524  Martina Karl  Switzerland
Nr. 36523  Sandra Holliger  France
Nr. 36522  Bernd Haider  Austria
Nr. 36521  Barbara Lichtenberger  Austria
Nr. 36520  Irene Söding  Germany
Nr. 36519  Buschor Verene  Switzerland
Nr. 36518  Gaby Holzinger  Germany
Nr. 36517  Sandra Streit  Germany
Nr. 36516  Martin Miethchen  Germany
Nr. 36515  Nina Bregenzer  Switzerland
Nr. 36514  Ekaterina Trayt  Russian Federation
Nr. 36512  Oscar Cury  Florida Is it necessary to clobber like savages these defenseless animals? In what planet do you live in? Are you aware they are God's creatures too and that He does NOT approve this mercenary behaviour?
Nr. 36511  Jonathan Silva  Portugal
Nr. 36510  Helena Miller  California
Nr. 36509  Pappas Fotios  Greece
Nr. 36508  Bianca Wittkowski  Germany
Nr. 36507  Vivian Lombardozzi  New York
Nr. 36506  Natalia Gnatovska  Ukraine
Nr. 36505  Kristina Aldoshina  Russian Federation
Nr. 36504  Maria e gonzalez Gonzalez  Puerto Rico COME ON PEOPLE SIGN ON!!!
Nr. 36503  Dimitiris Manesis  Greece
Nr. 36502  Manuel Miranda  Massachusetts I was going to go to Denmark this June but have since cancelled my travel plans. This is a disgrace.
Nr. 36501  Eric Stubbe  Puerto Rico
Nr. 36500  Mag Pico  Puerto Rico
Nr. 36499  Lilian Soet  Netherlands This is even worse than the Cove these killings are just for fun! Can these people even be called humans? Where's the humanity in killing for fun? All hunting and killing of any animal for fun should be stopped everywhere in the world.
Nr. 36498  Dimitra Gkotsi  Greece
Nr. 36497  Michael Grail  United Kingdom
Nr. 36496  Maria Reyes  Florida This is very disturbing.
Nr. 36495  Odette Santini  Virginia
Nr. 36494  Christina R.  Germany
Nr. 36493  Lena Wegehaupt  Germany
Nr. 36492  Anita Brinke  Germany
Nr. 36491  Ioan Pop  Romania Stop!!!
Nr. 36490  Jens U. Loehner  Germany
Nr. 36489  Angela Sudholt  Germany
Nr. 36488  Benjamin Schlumpp  Germany
Nr. 36487  Babs Simon  Germany
Nr. 36486  Tina Müller Müller  Germany
Nr. 36485  Marie-louise Schulz  Germany
Nr. 36484  Betyna Schuler  Austria
Nr. 36483  Cristina Girleanu  Romania First I'm sorry that my english is not that great. I was absolutely horrified when I saw this trailer I couldn't even watch it until the end. I'm still impressed by the cruelty of these people. Although this was part of their culture I'm astounished that this is still happening today. I don't understand how nobody is acting upon this matter (I thought that there must be an organimsm in the European Council or Parliament that has to take actions) I hope that by signing this petition I can somehow help stop this slaughter.
Nr. 36482  Hartmut Bader  Germany
Nr. 36481  Annette Bader  Germany
Nr. 36480  Doris Mundinger  Germany
Nr. 36479  Glauser Véronique  Switzerland
Nr. 36478  Antonietta Tumminello  Germany
Nr. 36477  Paulina Smetankina  Germany
Nr. 36476  Yvonne Wiesenberger  Germany
Nr. 36475  Lars Höpker  Germany
Nr. 36474  Claudia Breitenbach  Germany
Nr. 36473  Franka Simea Schaebs  Germany
Nr. 36472  Manuela Albrecht  Germany
Nr. 36471  Koehl Willy  France
Nr. 36469  Kerstin Dietholm  Germany
Nr. 36468  Georg Pfob  Germany
Nr. 36467  Rosi Zang  Germany
Nr. 36466  Christina Schivo  Germany
Nr. 36465  Noah Heinz  Germany
Nr. 36464  Christiane Hopp  Germany
Nr. 36463  Bianca Heiden  Germany
Nr. 36462  Jens Haase  Germany
Nr. 36461  Silke und Harry Kohlstock  Germany
Nr. 36460  Susanne und Markus Seidler  Germany
Nr. 36459  Jessica Mayer  Austria
Nr. 36458  Karl Stirner  Austria
Nr. 36457  Markus Grabmayr  Austria
Nr. 36456  Monika Jansen  Germany
Nr. 36455  Stefan Hengstler  Switzerland
Nr. 36454  Lisa Miller  Germany
Nr. 36453  Liesbeth Bernhardt  Germany
Nr. 36452  Stephanie Schützinger  Germany
Nr. 36451  Irene Brosseit  Germany
Nr. 36450  Keel Carl  Switzerland
Nr. 36449  Johannes Sommerlade  Germany
Nr. 36448  Jens Leinenbach  Germany
Nr. 36447  Anton Brückler  Austria It's really unbelievable how barbaric cruel and bestial people who are claiming to be civilized could be! And this just for "fun" to prove that they become man. Wow really brave!?! In fact this rather demonstrates that they are absolute stupid and barbaric
Nr. 36446  Rudolf Dujmovits  Austria
Nr. 36445  Eltje Schiebener  Germany
Nr. 36444  Moni Anonym  Germany What is this for a primitve Nation????Stop this Hooror now!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 36443  Natasha Kuvaeva  Russian Federation Dolphins such good! It is awful (
Nr. 36442  Michelle Van Soelen  South Africa
Nr. 36441  Sanchit Poonacha  Hong Kong
Nr. 36440  Donna LiVigni  Florida
Nr. 36439  Douwe Van Oosten  Netherlands This is ridiculous and stupid in a so called civilized world
Nr. 36438  Sandra Eckstein  Germany Stop this cruel practise!
Nr. 36437  Gail Costic  Pennsylvania
Nr. 36436  T. Van Middelaar  Netherlands
Nr. 36435  Joachim Krueger  Germany
Nr. 36434  Ute Kühn-Sczepanski  Germany Dolphins are one of the most intelligent species in world and I think its as criminal to kill a dolphin as to kill a human being. Shame you all
Nr. 36433  Sandie Barriere  Canada
Nr. 36432  Anastasia D1Za  Russian Federation
Nr. 36431  Lynn Mills  United Kingdom
Nr. 36430  Dora Ponce  Florida
Nr. 36429  Liza Sergenko  Russian Federation
Nr. 36428  Monika Golembiewski  Germany
Nr. 36427  Mariola Heinrich  Germany
Nr. 36426  Severine Chance  France
Nr. 36425  Franziska Gerhardt  Germany
Nr. 36424  Sarah W  Guam
Nr. 36423  Sertaç KiÅŸin  Turkey Barbar Viking ritüeline "erkek"olduklarını kanıtlamak için katılan ama bunun için insanların dostu Calderon yunuslarını vahÅŸice katleden bu yaratıklara demokrasi ve insan hakları ÅŸampiyonu ülkelerin yasaları hiç mi iÅŸlemiyor?
Nr. 36422  Frederike Scherr  Germany
Nr. 36421  Taner Ucar  Germany
Nr. 36420  Silvana Berardo  New York
Nr. 36419  Mike Moore  United Kingdom
Nr. 36418  Jana Ziem  Germany
Nr. 36417  Karl-Heinz Fechner  Germany
Nr. 36416  Bianca Fechner  Germany
Nr. 36415  Ingrid Fechner  Germany
Nr. 36414  Christina Truog  Switzerland
Nr. 36413  Jennifer Gardner  Florida
Nr. 36412  Agnes N.  Thailand
Nr. 36411  Peter Mueller  Germany A real man don´t need this "adventure" !!
Nr. 36410  Valerija Lussi  Switzerland
Nr. 36409  Lydia Schloh  Austria
Nr. 36408  Paula Masciangioli  Argentina
Nr. 36407  John Flynn  Ireland
Nr. 36406  Matthias Kropp  Germany
Nr. 36405  Doris May  Germany
Nr. 36404  Marianna Pour  Austria
Nr. 36403  Tanya Mascari  Illinois
Nr. 36402  Karina R.  Germany
Nr. 36401  Monika Ter Hennepe  Spain

Nr. 36400  Kleinschmidt Günter  Austria Günter Kleinschmidt
Nr. 36399  Michelle Strudwick  United Kingdom
Nr. 36398  Alec Brown  United Kingdom
Nr. 36397  Yvonne Krämer  Germany
Nr. 36396  Ramona Kohz  Germany
Nr. 36395  Britta Regent  Germany
Nr. 36394  Reither Manuela  Austria
Nr. 36393  Alexandra Roth  Switzerland da fehlen einem die Worte...
Nr. 36392  Simone Glaß  Germany No more slaughter!
Nr. 36391  Sahli Claudia  Switzerland
Nr. 36390  Nicole Winter  Germany Every animal has a right to live on it!!!!
Nr. 36389  Alexandra Wirth  Germany
Nr. 36388  Klaus Beyer  Germany
Nr. 36387  Susanne Altmann  Germany
Nr. 36386  Yvonne Hobel  Austria
Nr. 36385  Claudia Bunzel  Germany
Nr. 36384  Gregor Zahorsky  Austria
Nr. 36383  Irmgard Macher  Austria
Nr. 36382  Manuela Nusser  Italy
Nr. 36381  Claudia Alraun  Austria
Nr. 36380  Vanessa Ellis  California PLEASE STOP THIS NOW!
Nr. 36379  Arlys Alford  California If you're not outraged you haven't been paying attention.
Nr. 36378  John Bruschetto  Canada Its such a shame to see God's creatures brutalized this way and especially when the dolphin is coming to seek friendship and then taken advantage of this way. The worst part is it's done just for fun and to prove that the boys are men and sadly it proves just the opposite. I hope that we can stop these brutal attacks and learn to be more kind and caring to these dolphins.
Nr. 36377  Carolyn Walker  Canada This is disgusting - how can a "civilized" country approve of such a horrific event!!
Nr. 36376  Dale McFarlan  Canada This is horrible and should be stopped.
Nr. 36375  Jonas Abrahamsson  Sweden
Nr. 36374  Gabriele Martinec  Austria
Nr. 36373  Ranbir Malhotra  India
Nr. 36372  Natali Raduschewski  Germany
Nr. 36371  Vincent Mahler  Netherlands
Nr. 36370  Susann Humeny  Germany
Nr. 36369  Matthias Densch  Germany
Nr. 36368  Sonja Nielsen  Denmark
Nr. 36367  Ina Hanifl  Austria
Nr. 36366  Mohamed Amjad  Germany
Nr. 36365  Bettina Halb  Austria
Nr. 36364  Petra Potetz  Austria
Nr. 36363  Elke Winkler  Germany
Nr. 36362  Christoph Schertz  Austria
Nr. 36361  Matthäus Vadasz  Austria
Nr. 36360  Herma Fuchs  Austria
Nr. 36359  Johann Fuchs  Austria
Nr. 36358  Robert Siegl  Austria
Nr. 36357  Dominik Halb  Austria
Nr. 36356  Catherine York  United Kingdom This annual ritual slaughter is barbaric and there is no justification whatsoever for anybody to commit such a senseless barbaric act. This needs to stop NOW. People around the world are becoming aware of this horrific "event" and many like myself will boycott your country losing your country huge amounts of money from potential tourists unless you stop this.
Nr. 36355  Sonja Brückler  Austria Stop this bestial slaughter immediately!!!
Nr. 36354  Angelika Schui-Lindthaler  Germany
Nr. 36353  Silvia Graf  Switzerland
Nr. 36352  Annemarie Rüedi-Furter  Switzerland
Nr. 36351  Kristian Markovic  Austria Stop Killing dolphins in denmark
Nr. 36350  Margarete Holzinger  Austria
Nr. 36349  Josef Hochegger  Austria Das soll männlich sein?
Nr. 36348  Rebekka Oehmen  Germany Stop this!!!!
Nr. 36347  Klaus Schühmann  Germany
Nr. 36346  Vanessa Oehmen  Germany
Nr. 36345  Silva-L. Dietrich  Switzerland Please help to stop the murderers.
Nr. 36344  Daniel Bolten  Germany For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 36343  Alexander O  Germany
Nr. 36342  Ivonne Engler  Germany
Nr. 36341  Linda Stephens USA  Tennessee How can these people be so cruel?
Nr. 36340  Barbara Stärk  Austria
Nr. 36339  Andrea Beer  Germany
Nr. 36338  Jakub Kousal  Czech Republic
Nr. 36337  Patrick Von Schuckmann  Germany
Nr. 36336  Bernd Koberstein  Germany
Nr. 36335  Manuela Albrecht  Germany
Nr. 36334  Eva Ruehrnoessl  Austria
Nr. 36333  Barbara Schweighofer  Austria
Nr. 36332  Christian Zoller  Austria
Nr. 36331  Edda Hotwagner  Austria
Nr. 36330  Martina Biermann  Greece
Nr. 36329  Martin Berger  Austria
Nr. 36328  Tüscher Monika  Switzerland
Nr. 36327  Daniela Brzobohata  Czech Republic
Nr. 36326  Andrea Strähl  Switzerland
Nr. 36325  Daniela Koetzsch  Germany
Nr. 36324  B. Dorn  Germany
Nr. 36323  Angelika Burgard  Germany
Nr. 36322  Birgit Leser  Austria
Nr. 36321  Jackie Loose  Germany PLS leave the intelligent dolphins in peace! Stop this senseless slaughter!!! NOW!!
Nr. 36320  Wolfgang Stricker  Austria
Nr. 36319  Nicole Umbreit  Germany
Nr. 36318  Brigitte Zlomek  Austria
Nr. 36317  Alexandra Zinnecker  Germany
Nr. 36316  Sabrina Vlach  Austria
Nr. 36315  Tanja Leirer  Germany
Nr. 36314  Lausch Günter  Austria
Nr. 36313  Andrea Schmitz  Germany
Nr. 36312  Honegger Judith  Switzerland
Nr. 36311  L. Jappert  Switzerland
Nr. 36310  Iris Neuwirth  Austria Es ist ein Verbrechen  diese Tiere so abzuschlachten ! Ich kann es nicht begreifen  welche Bestie der Mensch ist ! Ich verfluche diese Menschen !!!
Nr. 36309  Kathleen Scholz  Germany kathleen scholz
Nr. 36308  Hannah Dietrich  Austria
Nr. 36307  Uwe Siwek  Germany
Nr. 36306  Bruce Forster  United Kingdom
Nr. 36305  Wendy Forster  United Kingdom What nice people!!!
Nr. 36304  Christian Riese  Germany
Nr. 36303  Reichold Dagmar  Germany  Bitte stoppen Sie dieses menschenunwürdige Tun sofort!
Nr. 36302  Jürgen Borowski  Germany
Nr. 36301  Kathrin Knoke  Germany
Nr. 36300  Klaus Weber  Germany I vote for absolutely Destruction of the Dolphin- and Whale-Slaughters kill this bastards !
Nr. 36299  Monika Weber  Germany
Nr. 36298  Siegbert Hümmer  Germany
Nr. 36297  Regula Schenker  Switzerland
Nr. 36296  Winfried Herzig  Germany
Nr. 36295  Nancy Murawski  Germany
Nr. 36294  Anna Proc  Germany
Nr. 36293  Gabriele Seipp  Germany
Nr. 36292  Lars Burghardt  Germany
Nr. 36291  Steffen Rolvien  Germany
Nr. 36290  Eva Gehann  Germany
Nr. 36289  Marcel Hollenstein  Switzerland Please stop that stupid and crazy thing
Nr. 36288  Kerstin Semmler  Germany
Nr. 36287  Gudrun Stein  Germany
Nr. 36286  Rosemarie Anton  Germany
Nr. 36285  Ulrike Schneider  Germany Diese intelligenten und schönen Tiere werden für Therapie- und Heilungszwecke für uns den Menschen mit Erfolg eingesetzt. Sie helfen uns. Viele Menschen sind zudem von Delphinen und Walen vor dem Ertrinken gerettet worden. Es ist ein Frevel und eine Sünde ihnen etwas an zu tun oder sie gar zu töten.
Nr. 36284  Judy Broda  Canada
Nr. 36283  Melissa Weber  Canada For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 36282  Reka Naima Roosen  Germany
Nr. 36281  Carmen Hubeny  Germany
Nr. 36280  Birgit Zimmermann  Germany
Nr. 36279  Monika Schramm  Germany
Nr. 36278  Christian Sonnenberg  Germany
Nr. 36277  Oliver Schiegg  Germany
Nr. 36276  Natalie Rebscher  Germany
Nr. 36275  Dunja Kraft  Germany
Nr. 36274  Andrea Schiegg  Germany
Nr. 36273  Lars Hartig  Germany
Nr. 36272  Christine Müller  Germany
Nr. 36271  Franz Kalchschmid  Austria
Nr. 36270  Sabine Sterker  Germany
Nr. 36269  Eckart Freihöffer  Germany
Nr. 36268  Teichmann Anton  Germany Killing is stupid...!!! Slaughtering is ....
Nr. 36267  Mathias Steyh  Germany
Nr. 36266  Bianca Krist  Germany
Nr. 36265  Madeleine Luhzing  Germany
Nr. 36264  Midi Mermer  Switzerland
Nr. 36263  Manu Bruno  Spain
Nr. 36262  Bobby Moor  Switzerland
Nr. 36261  Heinrich Helmuth  Germany
Nr. 36260  Marie-Claude Duboil  France
Nr. 36259  Romain XAVIER  France
Nr. 36258  Van put Severine  France
Nr. 36257  MAGALI FEUGIER  France
Nr. 36256  BARON BENEDICTE  France
Nr. 36255  Wagner Christine  France Arrêtez le massacre !!! STOOOOOP !
Nr. 36254  MANIGOT Julien  France Stop Pilot Whales Slaughter for tradition. Boys to become Men like this are only an incredible silly thing. Stop whaling now !!!!
Nr. 36253  Jacques Patricia  France L'humanité ne sera pas en paix tant que la cruauté des massacres d'animaux ne cessera pas. Que l'amour des êtres vivants et le respect de leur vie guide les hommes vers la sagesse .
Nr. 36252  C Favre  Switzerland
Nr. 36251  Possot Viviane  Belgium
Nr. 36250  Stéphane Fermine  Belgium
Nr. 36249  Suzanne Pope  California Stop the Senless Butchering of Dolphins. Care About Our Planet...Please!
Nr. 36248  Christa Schmaus  Germany please stop these absurde stupid and undignified actions of slaughter
Nr. 36247  Tanja Becht  Germany
Nr. 36246  Tarequl Islam Munna  Bangladesh
Nr. 36245  Simon Hauenstein  Switzerland
Nr. 36244  LE Officer  South Africa I call on the Government of the Faroe Islands to stop this senseless killing of the whales. Thank you
Nr. 36243  Candice Stapper  United Kingdom Please think of future generations both yours and the dolphins and whales. Let all our children be able to enjoy these lovely animals forever.
Nr. 36242  Tina Drane  North Carolina
Nr. 36241  Yuka Azuma  New York
Nr. 36240  Daniel Pikarski  Egypt
Nr. 36239  Karin Hauser  Austria
Nr. 36238  Dirk Hirni  Switzerland more Respekt for Animals please.
Nr. 36237  Ella Kolar  Germany
Nr. 36236  Christin Portz  Germany
Nr. 36235  Lilly Kambabwe  Canada SAVE THEM!!!
Nr. 36234  Astrid Jung  Germany
Nr. 36233  Gilda Sensales  Italy
Nr. 36232  Paola Passafaro  Italy Stop this stupid practice
Nr. 36231  Silvia Pepe  Italy
Nr. 36230  Mimi AuYeung  Japan
Nr. 36229  Martina Zalguizuri Blasquiz  Spain
Nr. 36228  Jack Black  Pennsylvania
Nr. 36227  Karen Tucker  Florida Karen Sue Tucker
Nr. 36226  Thelio Sewell  Maryland
Nr. 36225  Felix Klingele Switzerland  Switzerland
Nr. 36224  Alessandra Areni  Italy Vergogna vergogna e solo vergogna!!!
Nr. 36223  Vladimir Tarlo  Canada
Nr. 36222  Lyndzy Gordon  Tennessee
Nr. 36221  F. Hennig  Germany Muss net sein...
Nr. 36220  Buser Nicole  Switzerland
Nr. 36219  Thiele Marie-Christine  Germany End stupidity now! How is it tolerated to do such a backward nonsense in a european country! Everyone is talking about sustainability and in denmark there are people who live like they didn't develop for thousands of years.
Nr. 36218  Stephan Moldzio  Germany
Nr. 36217  Margherita Canessa  Italy
Nr. 36216  Normen Gadiel  Germany
Nr. 36215  Spaccarotella Maurizio  Switzerland
Nr. 36214  Josua Vögele  Switzerland
Nr. 36213  Kohler Gaby  Switzerland
Nr. 36212  Patricia GYgax  Switzerland
Nr. 36211  Tricia Wiles  Australia
Nr. 36210  Daniel Pantel  Germany Meat is murder and dolphins wales etc. are meat too!!
Nr. 36209  Markus Schmidt  Germany For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 36208  Denise Audisio  Denmark
Nr. 36207  Greg Coventry  Australia for god sake it is not rocket science you are killing your children and murdering the Ocean
Nr. 36206  Liebetanz Christian  Germany
Nr. 36205  Miro Meier  Germany
Nr. 36204  Pia Forss-Saarinen  Finland
Nr. 36203  Samuel Maier  Switzerland
Nr. 36202  Kalt Leo  Switzerland
Nr. 36201  Marc Steffen  Germany
Nr. 36200  Walde Andre  Switzerland
Nr. 36199  Caro Aschauer  Germany Tradition - even if it´s inhumane ??!? Where do we live ??!!? In the year 2010 and in the mid of Europe I guess ... .
Nr. 36198  Pia Ackermann  Switzerland
Nr. 36197  Holger Schulz  Germany sick animalssick human beingssick circle
Nr. 36196  Jacob Mcrorey  Arkansas
Nr. 36195  Topuz Belda  Germany Please help them amazing wales!!! Its so brutal!
Nr. 36194  Micha Neumann  Germany
Nr. 36193  Ulrich Locherer  Germany
Nr. 36192  Ernest Saxer  Italy
Nr. 36191  Peter Warlich  Germany
Nr. 36190  Julia Schlegel  Germany stop this totaly senseless and brutal tradition.
Nr. 36189  Ralf Alteilges  Germany Ralf Alteilges
Nr. 36188  Klaus Becker  Germany
Nr. 36187  Diana Staszynska  Germany
Nr. 36186  Hester Bartels  Netherlands Many words to say but I just want to say we 'normal' people have to fight this until it stops!
Nr. 36185  Andreas Winkler  Germany
Nr. 36184  Karl-Heinz Gross  Germany
Nr. 36183  Kerstin Neumann  Germany
Nr. 36182  Steffi Wunderlich  Germany
Nr. 36181  Olaf Ruppin  Germany
Nr. 36180  Renata Janovičková  Slovakia
Nr. 36179  Josef Huss  Germany
Nr. 36178  Ariane Haffner  Germany
Nr. 36177  Ingrid Doll  Germany
Nr. 36176  Karen Bodamer  Germany I don't believe it. Inteligent human beeing kill wales an delphins like neandertaler.
Nr. 36175  Joan Rodriguez  California leave wildlife alone
Nr. 36174  Guenther Eisenhauer  Germany The tradition of wale- and Delphinkilling is to change in respect of the Faroer-tradition but to bring to an end in an higher respect of the conservation of nature and the beauty of creation.
Nr. 36173  Mandy Kraeft  Germany
Nr. 36172  Jamy Land  Netherlands How many of these butchers can the whale eaten alive? He opens his wide mouth and he will crush their bones. Thank you M for the notice
Nr. 36171  Melannie Burke  Canada We need to protect these precious creatures from being consumed. Too many species are at the endangered point and if we hunt them to extinction it will be an horrible atrocity. Plus it will change our ecosystem even more and we do not understand how many negative repercussions this will have throughout the world.
Nr. 36170  Nigel Gegde  New Zealand
Nr. 36169  Alexandra Lauchstädt  Germany
Nr. 36168  Taner Ucar  Germany
Nr. 36167  Mandy Neltner  Germany
Nr. 36166  Ingolf Rödel  Germany
Nr. 36165  Alexandra Simchen  Germany
Nr. 36164  Yasmine Voelkel  Germany
Nr. 36163  Sarina Waschnewski  Germany
Nr. 36162  Isabelle Roeland  Belgium
Nr. 36161  Lee Richmond  New Zealand
Nr. 36160  Holly Burns  Australia
Nr. 36159  Daniela Boehringer  Germany
Nr. 36158  Frederike Scherr  Germany
Nr. 36157  Elena Kreutel  Germany
Nr. 36156  Klaudia Wioletta  Poland
Nr. 36155  Dan Townsend  Maryland
Nr. 36154  Antonia Wenberg  Louisiana Whales are beautiful mammals much appreciated in Hawaii. I agree that these animals should not be killed much less consumed.
Nr. 36153  Eliana Marino  Australia No more cruelty against animals. We are rational animals in the 21st century no savages. So show that we have evoluted! For better not for worse
Nr. 36152  Malena Kaths  Germany
Nr. 36151  Sharon Prymaka  United Kingdom
Nr. 36150  Raquel BG 48622351Y  Spain
Nr. 36149  Merve Yaprak  Turkey
Nr. 36148  Stefania Barsi  Italy
Nr. 36147  Georgia Michaelides Saad  Cyprus
Nr. 36146  Teugels Cecilia  Belgium
Nr. 36145  Hendriks Nora  Belgium
Nr. 36144  Betty Gregory  Indiana
Nr. 36143  Birgit Gruber-Waldhauser  Germany
Nr. 36142  Thomas Gering  Germany
Nr. 36141  Rolf Stuber  Switzerland
Nr. 36140  Yvette C  Australia
Nr. 36139  Peter Pfitzner  Germany
Nr. 36138  Nyack Clancy  New York
Nr. 36137  Whitney Metz  West Virginia
Nr. 36136  Bill Adams  Australia your murderous activities in slaughtering defenseless whales and dolphins is disgusting the world.pox on your islands.
Nr. 36135  Auzie Oliveira  Massachusetts
Nr. 36134  Nicolas Bulostin  United Kingdom International petition to end the consumption of whale meat in the Faroe Islands
Nr. 36133  Christine Montgomery  California
Nr. 36132  Robin Kegler  California
Nr. 36130  Berg Monika  Germany
Nr. 36129  JOHN KEGLER  California
Nr. 36128  Gabriella Laczi  Hawaii
Nr. 36127  Monica Rizzelli  Italy
Nr. 36126  Karoline Schneider  Germany
Nr. 36125  Alastair Lee  United Kingdom Whales are so gracious and gentle. The other day I watched a documentary where I saw a mother protecting her baby from sharks trying to lift the little whale out of the water as they came in to attack (the mother succeeded and the tiny whale was fine). I cannot understand though how people can kill these beautiful creatures which show compassion and love. If only we could show the same compassion and love for them.
Nr. 36124  Vicki Gowenlock  Oregon
Nr. 36123  Cristina Roduner  Switzerland Imagine how you would feel if you could see the future. A future without dolphins and whales with empty oceans... because the human kind caught ate & processed every single oceanic animal. How would you feel? How would your grand children feel? They wouldn't even know what a whale is because there aren't any...
Nr. 36122  Roberta De andreis  Italy
Nr. 36121  Elena Kontogianni  Greece
Nr. 36120  Loredana Versaci  Italy
Nr. 36119  Agnieszka Zarzycka  Poland
Nr. 36118  Joern Mohr  Germany Stop this killing!!!
Nr. 36117  Rainer Köhler  Germany
Nr. 36116  Birgit Bayerl  Germany For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 36115  Manuel Hörl  Austria
Nr. 36114  Doris Lackner  Germany
Nr. 36113  Ludwig Lackner  Germany
Nr. 36112  Andrea Happ  Germany
Nr. 36111  Karl Sellner  Germany
Nr. 36110  Franz Sinseder  Germany
Nr. 36109  Andrea Sinseder  Germany
Nr. 36108  Elvira Schaeffler  Germany
Nr. 36107  Andreas Sellner  Germany
Nr. 36106  Anita Sellner  Germany
Nr. 36105  Tino Hauschild  Germany
Nr. 36104  Jeannette Bech  Germany
Nr. 36103  Monika Hoffmann  Germany Stop the cruelty now
Nr. 36102  Gabriele Smetana  Austria
Nr. 36101  Michaela Stähr  Germany
Nr. 36100  Klaus Eichner  Germany
Nr. 36099  Karen Simmons  California
Nr. 36098  Horst Schwendtner  Germany
Nr. 36097  Isolde Hermann  Germany
Nr. 36096  Denise Gruber  Germany its so horrible what people can do.
Nr. 36095  Denise LaChance  California Whaling is inherently cruel. Cruelty is wrong. Please stop.
Nr. 36094  Ute und Thomas Frey  Germany
Nr. 36093  Christof Knocke  Germany
Nr. 36092  Doris Hauser  Austria I can't look at these pictures without getting nausea. How would they feel if the dolphins suddenly came and killed some humans just for a "sign of adulthood"
Nr. 36091  Robert Beausencourt  Germany
Nr. 36090  Lori Kegler  California This is a horrible cruel slaughter! Stop it now!
Nr. 36089  Regina Richling  Germany
Nr. 36088  Mathias Liegl  Germany
Nr. 36087  Christoph M. "Pille" Steib  Germany ...just go back to your cave´s and leave the wales in peace...
Nr. 36086  Günther Ansorge  Germany
Nr. 36085  Ingo Buchner  Germany
Nr. 36084  Urs Stettler  Switzerland
Nr. 36083  Sonja Brunner  Switzerland Help to stop this unnessesery killing!!
Nr. 36082  M. Persich  Germany
Nr. 36081  Yvonne Harbering  Germany
Nr. 36080  Michelle Rice  Ohio
Nr. 36079  Brittany Roos  Canada
Nr. 36078  Giuseppina Russolillo  Germany This concerns the whole world. Please stop them from killing OUR Whales... God forgive them cause they don't know what they're doing!!!
Nr. 36077  Vivien Traxel  Germany
Nr. 36076  Hannah Darkow  Germany
Nr. 36075  Ingrid Fuerstenau  Germany
Nr. 36074  Simon Anhut  Germany
Nr. 36073  Liesbeth Bernhardt  Germany
Nr. 36072  Susanne Seidler  Germany
Nr. 36071  Daniela FLIPPE  France Its incredible! You dont have other things to eat? Its absolutely unneccessary and cruel!
Nr. 36070  Alice Mcgough  Massachusetts
Nr. 36069  Phoebe Morgan  Virginia
Nr. 36068  Diane Berings  Belgium
Nr. 36067  Mariola Heinrich  Germany
Nr. 36066  Matthias Schlarb  Germany
Nr. 36065  Christa Schuenke  Germany What a disgusting spectacle to kill animals just for the sake of killing! This needs to be stopped immediately.
Nr. 36064  Fleck Franziska  Germany For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 36063  Angela Sudholt  Germany
Nr. 36062  Lars Höpker  Germany
Nr. 36061  Egle Jancauskaite  United Kingdom
Nr. 36060  Tina Müller Müller  Germany
Nr. 36059  Katharina Weiss  Austria STOPP STOPP STOPP
Nr. 36058  Margaret Sweeny  United Kingdom
Nr. 36057  Bernell Trapp  Texas Please stop the killing of these whales! "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." -- Ghandi
Nr. 36056  Elke Winkler  Germany
Nr. 36055  Uta Seier-Maltz  Germany
Nr. 36054  Annie Dillon  United Kingdom
Nr. 36053  Katherine Maar  Virginia
Nr. 36052  Alamzeb Akhund  Pakistan
Nr. 36051  Ute Siebert  Germany
Nr. 36050  Eva-Maria Haase  Germany
Nr. 36049  Markus Lindler  Germany
Nr. 36048  Jennifer Manthey  Germany
Nr. 36047  Michaela Wiesinger  Germany Please stop it !!!!!
Nr. 36046  Ciara Gutierrez Ascanio  Germany
Nr. 36045  Katrin Lotta Carell  Germany
Nr. 36044  George Theobald  Australia
Nr. 36043  Claudia Berlinghof  Germany
Nr. 36042  Boris Steinhauser  Germany
Nr. 36041  Sabine Fath  Germany
Nr. 36040  Annelie Möller  Germany
Nr. 36039  Corina St. Martin  Indiana As a citizen of this planet I have to add that the whale's do not belong to any one group. When these whales are slaughtered you take away beauty that isn't yours to take. Please stop this horrific process.
Nr. 36038  Diana Nunes  Portugal
Nr. 36037  Patricia Grahlmann  Germany
Nr. 36036  Bernd Wolfgang Meyer  Germany
Nr. 36035  Maria Montgomery  United Kingdom this killing for no reason has to stop.
Nr. 36034  Di Anna Kruse  North Carolina
Nr. 36033  Joey Em  China
Nr. 36032  Thomas Luth  Italy
Nr. 36031  Ralph Sy Siong Kiao  Philippines
Nr. 36030  Shelley French  Australia
Nr. 36029  Laurie Sudol  Arizona
Nr. 36028  Marianne Wandahl  Sweden
Nr. 36027  Kimberly Usher  Hawaii Please understand what mercury can do to the brains of people especially the unborn and the children.
Nr. 36026  Tim Bain  United Kingdom
Nr. 36025  Kristin Swanson  Oklahoma
Nr. 36024  Bessone Frederic  France
Nr. 36023  Tracy Stock  New York
Nr. 36021  Ceci M M  Florida This is pure evil...
Nr. 36020  Chris Koller  Kenya
Nr. 36019  Uwe Kreibiehl  Germany
Nr. 36018  Petra Happacher  Austria
Nr. 36017  Willi Mittelstädt  Germany
Nr. 36016  Michela Messineo  Italy
Nr. 36015  Karin Weiss  Germany
Nr. 36014  Alena Wagenhuber  Germany
Nr. 36013  Christine Sokolowskyj  Germany
Nr. 36012  Christa Kleist  Germany
Nr. 36011  Olga Sophie Hoffmann  Germany
Nr. 36010  Ulrich Günther  Germany
Nr. 36009  Goetz Peter  Germany
Nr. 36008  Ursel Chikhaoui  Germany
Nr. 36007  Cornelia Sperl  Germany
Nr. 36006  Hildegard Eiber  Germany
Nr. 36005  Gehling Christian  Germany
Nr. 36004  Monika Staffler  Germany
Nr. 36003  Rainer Wirtz  Germany
Nr. 36002  Patricia Gollnick  Germany
Nr. 36001  Niels Ingensiep  Germany

Nr. 36000  Wilfried Kert  Austria
Nr. 35999  Carina Sach  Germany
Nr. 35998  Glaeser Monika  Germany please stopp those horrible human beings ...
Nr. 35997  Helen Beasley  Kentucky
Nr. 35996  Kathy Tressider  New Jersey
Nr. 35995  Andreas Falkenroth  Germany Dolfinkillers are chicken-hearted persons! And dolfin massacre it's a holocaust!
Nr. 35994  Sibylle Schulz  Germany
Nr. 35993  Wolfgang Ruf  Germany I am so shocked and very sad i have no more words about this real horror !! after i saw the pictures...only tears... please stop it ! how is it possible to convince the people of Faroes that this is absolutely unacceptable ??!! maybe i have a very special idea *grr...
Nr. 35992  Svenja Bayer  Germany
Nr. 35991  Sabine König  Germany
Nr. 35990  Uwe König  Germany
Nr. 35989  T. u. S. Manigk  Germany
Nr. 35988  Haag Lorenz  Belgium stop this killing immediatly
Nr. 35987  Jörg Scherer  Germany
Nr. 35986  Katharina Berger  Germany Please stop killing!
Nr. 35985  Claudia Engelbracht  United Kingdom Elephant
Nr. 35984  Margot Agostini  Germany
Nr. 35983  Stephanie Sauer  Spain Stop that cruelty NOW and respect nature and its creatures!!!!!!!
Nr. 35982  Rita Barthel  Germany
Nr. 35981  Josephine Flamm  Germany I'm lost of words.
Nr. 35980  Angela Schützendorff  Germany
Nr. 35979  Alexandra Schüle  Germany
Nr. 35978  Renate Bosbach  Germany
Nr. 35977  Sabine Tillack  Germany
Nr. 35976  Martina Bacher  Germany
Nr. 35975  Brigitte MARTOIA  France
Nr. 35974  M. Benzing  Germany
Nr. 35973  B. Benzing  Germany
Nr. 35972  Hofmann Brigitte  Germany I can´t understand that Denmark accept this cruelity. I am ashamed to see how cruel the human beiings can be. I won´t travel to Denmark till this cruel behaviour will be stopped.
Nr. 35971  PEKI Leopoldine  Austria
Nr. 35970  Marion Duchilio  Germany
Nr. 35969  Georg Langthaler  Austria
Nr. 35968  Sandra Sievers  Germany
Nr. 35967  Siegfried Senninger  Germany Please think to our childs and grandchilds. They want allthoug to live in a world with intact nature. Please stopp wale and dolphin killing!
Nr. 35966  Elfriede Krutsch  Germany How can you acept any cruel killing like that in our time now???
Nr. 35965  René Bork  Germany I feel sorry not only for the slaughtered mammals but for the ignorant people eating the contaminated meat as well. There is no reason to expose one self to the obvious danger of getting the parkinson disease or illnesses alike.
Nr. 35964  Angela Blaich  Germany
Nr. 35963  Carolin Muschalik  Germany
Nr. 35962  Edith Brandstetter  Austria How can you be so inhuman what's the sense of all this?
Nr. 35961  Bernhard Schneider  Germany
Nr. 35960  Marcia McPhail  Hawaii Cruel !!!
Nr. 35959  Justin Strasser  Germany
Nr. 35958  Patric Strasser  Germany
Nr. 35957  Gaby Strasser  Germany
Nr. 35956  Kennedy Hagner  Indiana
Nr. 35955  Debbie Topping  Spain
Nr. 35954  Shirin Gatter  Germany
Nr. 35953  Edita Bermel  Germany Stop this killing of innocent wales!
Nr. 35952  SUYATNO SANTOSO  Indonesia
Nr. 35951  Sabine Leßmöllmann-Putzer  Germany
Nr. 35950  Eva Graf-Mackrodt  Washington D.C.
Nr. 35949  Katrin Munz  Germany
Nr. 35948  Ilona Wisniewski  Germany
Nr. 35947  Sabine Neumann  Germany Please stop the whaling!
Nr. 35946  Manuel Ploechl  Australia
Nr. 35945  Brandon Niechcial  Australia my name is brandon . im discusterd at what i see im 14 years old and i am a fisher man but this makes me sick
Nr. 35944  Elke Haller  Germany I am sorely shocked abaout this sickening and barbarous cruelty. How can people who now about this thing still sleeping? The whole world is looking to your country and I (we) demand to stop whaling.
Nr. 35943  Tom Brücher  Germany
Nr. 35942  Thomas Lutz  Germany
Nr. 35941  Todd O'Connor  California
Nr. 35940  Susanne Lessmoellmann  Germany
Nr. 35939  Anja Alperstedt  Germany Macht bitte damit ein ende!! was bilden sich die leute da ein??? ich verachte menschen die tiere verachten!!!!
Nr. 35938  Thomas Nordwest  Austria
Nr. 35937  Uwe Schulze  Germany
Nr. 35936  Nelly Ilieva  Austria Stop killing helpless animals!!!
Nr. 35935  Vlahovic Ilsabe  Germany Unfassbar!!
Nr. 35934  Richard Hollister  Arizona
Nr. 35933  Andrea Fiedler-Boldt  Germany
Nr. 35932  Karin Weber  Florida Stop killing whales
Nr. 35931  Jan-Serafin Henseleit  Germany
Nr. 35930  Yvonne Hurst  Germany
Nr. 35929  Catharina Dreher  Germany
Nr. 35928  Karin Muska  Austria Stop this cruel procedure now please!
Nr. 35927  Ursi Zimmermann  Switzerland
Nr. 35926  Brigitte Lenoir  Germany I´m a veterinaryit´s horrible only horrible. Please More humanity!!
Nr. 35925  Ton Peters  Germany
Nr. 35924  Lizz Handschmann  Austria
Nr. 35923  Ronald Grösche  Germany
Nr. 35922  Anna Danielczok  Germany
Nr. 35921  Susan Goetsch  Germany
Nr. 35920  Arnulf Quentin  Germany Stop eating meat!
Nr. 35919  Angelika Burgard  Germany
Nr. 35918  Katja Klingenstein  Germany
Nr. 35917  Zuzana Kajanova  Slovakia
Nr. 35916  Mark Henkel  Germany
Nr. 35915  Barbara Tank  Germany
Nr. 35914  Vitor Domingos  Portugal
Nr. 35913  Rudolf Bruns  Germany
Nr. 35912  Christoph Walther  Germany
Nr. 35911  Samantha Wilson  California
Nr. 35910  Robyn Reichert  Florida Robyn Reichert
Nr. 35909  Caroline Ledgin  New York
Nr. 35908  Silvia Niessner  Germany
Nr. 35907  Rosemarie Sardinas Herrera  Austria
Nr. 35906  Florian Eichhorn  Germany
Nr. 35905  TerryAnn Towers  New Hampshire
Nr. 35904  Jo Skitt  United Kingdom
Nr. 35903  Anja Feikes  Germany
Nr. 35902  Jenny O'Brien  United Kingdom
Nr. 35901  Maria Bohmhauer  Germany
Nr. 35900  Marie-Francoise Kuss  Germany Caring for the wellbeing of animals means progress of civilisation.
Nr. 35899  Johanna Jahn  Germany
Nr. 35898  Roswitha Kamper  Germany
Nr. 35897  Roswitha Kamper  Germany This is very disgusting.
Nr. 35896  Günter Wurzer  Germany This is a shame for civilized human beings.
Nr. 35895  David Balfour  Hawaii
Nr. 35894  Christin Wendebaum  Germany
Nr. 35893  Michael Molsberger  Germany How can it be that something like that happens in our direct neighborhood I thought this is a civilized country with respect to the animals who don't do a harm to anybody. I have no understanding for that!!! Wake up People!!! befor it is to late!
Nr. 35892  Susanne Nitschke  Germany
Nr. 35891  Tanja Herr  Germany
Nr. 35890  Frank Hoffmeyer  Germany
Nr. 35889  Luisa Wietzorek  Germany This needs to stop! How can one do that??How can I help??
Nr. 35888  A Pieper  Germany
Nr. 35887  Susanne Draeger  Germany
Nr. 35886  Roger Eugster-Ulmer  Switzerland We are conscious that also in other countries and continents "blood events" are celebrated with cultural intentions: But as human beings we should not tolerate such cultural aberrations but see our world as a place for animals with universal dignity.
Nr. 35885  Samara Balfour  Hawaii
Nr. 35884  Alison FRENCH-LINDOP  United Kingdom The idea that man can KILL wild animals is wrong!!! Where does he get permission to kill these beautiful creatures??? And if he gets it from a group of men and woman who say yesWHAT RIGHT DO THEY HAVE????????? THEY ARE NOT THE RULERS OF THIS EARTH A FEW JUMPED UP LEADERS WHO THINK THEY ARE RIGHT!!!!!!!!!! NO-ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO SAY IT IS OK TO KILL ANIMALS.....NO-ONE!!!!
Nr. 35883  Carol Leuenberger  California Stop destroying the whales dolphins and what ever else lives in the oceans!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 35882  Ralf Graefenstein  Germany
Nr. 35881  Joan O'Reilly  Canada
Nr. 35880  Joanna Dulowska  United Kingdom
Nr. 35879  Marjolein Bruinen  Latvia
Nr. 35878  Drina Read  Canada
Nr. 35877  Camilla Goetzsche Runge Sven  Denmark
Nr. 35876  Carol Jack  New York
Nr. 35875  Marilena Vaccarini  Italy
Nr. 35874  Gesa Tilly  Germany
Nr. 35873  Carri K  United Kingdom There is no excuse for animal cruelty!
Nr. 35872  Debbie Prodger  United Kingdom
Nr. 35871  Marilyn Miller  California
Nr. 35870  Koch Saskia  Germany
Nr. 35869  Ursula Holtschneider  Germany
Nr. 35868  Lesley Branks  New Zealand Stop the killing!!!!
Nr. 35867  Euler Alexandra  Germany
Nr. 35866  Hendrik Mack  Germany
Nr. 35865  Beat Rufi  Switzerland
Nr. 35864  Gabriele Zimmermann  Switzerland For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 35863  Kim Stadtler  Germany
Nr. 35862  Ilse Eckert  Germany Please take care of this holy life
Nr. 35861  Dreissigacker Katrin  Germany
Nr. 35860  Sandra Schack  Germany
Nr. 35859  Annett Günther  Germany
Nr. 35858  Isolde Maier  Germany
Nr. 35857  Raphael Plümpe  Germany Such things are definatly out of discussion they should learn to respect nature!
Nr. 35856  Angela Franke  Germany I'm deeply frightened because of the yearly "customs" of whale massacres. Please tell your children and your youth that it's not courageously and funny to kill whales which are not able to defense themselves. And that is the fact regarding all animals on earth even if one kills one human. In fact we are killing millions of animals just for fun for stupidity.
Nr. 35855  Bea Batsch  Germany
Nr. 35854  Lucca Hemmerling  France We've left the middle age long ago - so I think we can start to behave like intelligent people.
Nr. 35853  Klaudia Duif  France Too bad and let me doubt again and again if the human is really the most intelligent being on earth....
Nr. 35852  Kerrina Becker  Germany
Nr. 35851  Susanne Zehetmeier  Germany
Nr. 35850  Pamela Newlove  Canada Stop Eating Hazardous Waste
Nr. 35849  Ingrid Schneider  Germany
Nr. 35848  Gabriela Behling  Germany Gabriela Behling
Nr. 35847  Andreea Cizmas  Germany
Nr. 35846  Judith Hannak  Austria
Nr. 35845  Allan David Bolaños Quirós  Costa Rica
Nr. 35844  Manuel Bauer  Germany I just can't believe how few people have signed this yet. Wake up everyone this is so important!
Nr. 35843  Eberhardt Sonja  Germany
Nr. 35842  Aruba Marine Mammal Foundation  Aruba Stop the slaughter!
Nr. 35841  Hans Thelen  Germany
Nr. 35840  Breakspeare Andrew  Switzerland
Nr. 35839  Ingeborg Beatty  Switzerland
Nr. 35838  Dennis Zarniko  Germany
Nr. 35837  Brigitte Felger  Germany
Nr. 35836  Andrea Peters  Germany
Nr. 35835  Pam Fioretti  Australia
Nr. 35834  Dee Day  Australia
Nr. 35833  D. Wien  Germany
Nr. 35832  O. O'Connor  United Kingdom
Nr. 35831  Raphael Grimm  Switzerland
Nr. 35830  Susanne Märki  Switzerland
Nr. 35829  Yuliyana Chalakova  Bulgaria
Nr. 35828  Martin Gattringer  Austria Ich kann das gar nicht glauben ich wohne nahe am Wald und ich könnte mir nicht vorstellen mit 200 Personen in diesen Wald zu stürmen die Tiere welche auch immer in die Enge zu treiben und abzuschlachten! Idiotisch arm bemitleidenswerte Menschen wie weit sind Sie noch vom Ziel entfernt!
Nr. 35827  Sabine Biederbeck  Germany
Nr. 35826  Andrea Mueller  Switzerland
Nr. 35825  Anna Schmidt  Germany
Nr. 35824  Malte Boellert  Germany
Nr. 35823  Haug Ruedi  Switzerland
Nr. 35822  Terry Davis  United Kingdom
Nr. 35821  Delight Sierra  Florida
Nr. 35820  Katja Goese  Germany
Nr. 35819  Jodie Von Hollstein  South Africa
Nr. 35818  Dirk Block  Germany
Nr. 35817  Dietgard Blume  Germany
Nr. 35816  Karl-Heinz Bardel  Germany
Nr. 35815  Ulrike Halmschlager  Austria
Nr. 35814  Hansjörg Ruoss  Germany
Nr. 35813  Anja Schmid  Germany
Nr. 35812  Manfred Weidner  Germany
Nr. 35811  J Leistner  Germany
Nr. 35810  Tina Ledermueller  Austria
Nr. 35809  Pia Riesebeck  Germany
Nr. 35808  Detlef Judt  Germany
Nr. 35807  Gaby Holzinger  Germany
Nr. 35806  Jean-Claude Mauroux  Switzerland
Nr. 35805  Karl Brunner  Germany
Nr. 35804  Tomas Szigeti  Germany
Nr. 35803  Melanie Witting  Germany
Nr. 35802  Jousse Patricia  Germany
Nr. 35801  Werner Hofer  Germany
Nr. 35800  F. Fey  Germany
Nr. 35799  Kuhlhoff Birgit  Germany
Nr. 35798  Frank Kalman  Netherlands
Nr. 35797  Mike Pauli  Germany Stop that bloddy nonsense
Nr. 35796  Antonio Amador  Portugal
Nr. 35795  Lucia Kubackova  Slovakia
Nr. 35794  Petra Niedermayr  Austria Wie kann man so grausam sein
Nr. 35793  Michael Martin  Germany
Nr. 35792  Carmen Lewe  Germany
Nr. 35791  Arndt Claudia  Germany Schrecklich!
Nr. 35790  Regina Reinartz  Germany
Nr. 35789  Frank Gregory  Mexico stop
Nr. 35788  FAm Rens Hanke  Germany
Nr. 35787  Bernhard Kletzenbauer  Germany
Nr. 35786  Susanna Regez  Switzerland
Nr. 35785  Karen Wille  Germany
Nr. 35784  Ulrike Lipp  Austria
Nr. 35783  Marie Trzeczak  Illinois
Nr. 35782  Tracy Tiefenbach  Canada
Nr. 35781  Susann Aderhold  Germany
Nr. 35780  Hans-Joachim Viehl  Germany
Nr. 35779  Christiane Hohensee  Germany
Nr. 35778  Julia Shaylor  Spain please stop killing these treasured animals we need them alive.
Nr. 35777  Annie PEYSSON  France
Nr. 35776  Alex Leutschaft  Germany Dear Goverment of the Faroe Island I saw this: http://ugaanimallaw.wordpress.com/2009/02/18/denmarkfaroe-islands-whaling/ and wanted to take action. Please stop this cruel and absolute unnecessary tradition!!! Best regards Alex Leutschaft
Nr. 35775  Borbala Hegedus  Hungary Sötét barbarizmus... szégyen hogy amikor mindennél jobban oda kellene figyelni a Földre az élÅ‘világra a környezetünkre akkor hagyományokra hivatkozva az elvileg fejlett civilizált nyugaton ezrével ölik a barátságos elképesztÅ‘en értelmes és ÁRTATLAN delfineket! Ilyenkor hol vannak az állatvédÅ‘k???
Nr. 35774  Birgit Rosen  Germany
Nr. 35773  Angel W.  United Kingdom
Nr. 35772  Simonn Erismann  Switzerland
Nr. 35771  Zuzana Brejcha  Austria
Nr. 35770  Thomas Held  Germany Stop it now!
Nr. 35769  Alexander Von Krempelhuber  Germany
Nr. 35768  Susan Saucedo  California PLEASE stop the slaughtering of whales. the whales cannot defend themselves. They are being murdered in excessively large numbers and this type of activity will destroy our ecosystem..PLEASE STOP THE MURDERS....
Nr. 35767  Claudia Breitenbach  Germany
Nr. 35766  Gabi Tieves  Spain
Nr. 35765  Erika Bräuning  Germany
Nr. 35764  Sebastian Antreich  Austria
Nr. 35763  NEMICHE Shyheim  France
Nr. 35762  Stefan Reck  Germany
Nr. 35761  Ulrike Andreas  Germany
Nr. 35760  Thomas Kunz  Switzerland
Nr. 35759  Lara Van Aalten  Netherlands
Nr. 35758  Alexa Weidner-Reinhardt  Germany
Nr. 35757  Alecsandra Moufarrege  Germany
Nr. 35756  Ion Surdu  Romania
Nr. 35755  Stefanie Wiesekopsieker  Germany
Nr. 35754  Kristina Pokorny  Austria
Nr. 35753  Katerina Koteva  Macedonia  The Former Yugoslav Republic Of
Nr. 35752  Bernt Moehrle  Germany Bernt Moehrle
Nr. 35751  Jürgen Stockhardt  Germany
Nr. 35750  Amedrass Driss  Switzerland AD
Nr. 35749  Russell Hawkins  Australia Whaling is inherently cruel. killing whales is unnecessary. It is time to stop.
Nr. 35748  Jona Petrikowski  Germany
Nr. 35747  Agnetha Broecker  Germany
Nr. 35746  Claudia Petrikowski  Germany
Nr. 35745  Ingrid Broecker  Germany This slaughter must be stopped !!!
Nr. 35744  Ivica Mitev  Macedonia  The Former Yugoslav Republic OfSAVAGES!!!
Nr. 35743  Ruth Schmidt  Germany
Nr. 35742  Biljana Lazarevska  Macedonia  The Former Yugoslav Republic Of
Nr. 35741  Christiane Teichmann  Germany
Nr. 35740  Sophia Schmidt  Germany
Nr. 35739  Renate M. Mayer  Germany
Nr. 35738  Ute maria Fischer-Zagst  Germany
Nr. 35737  Miriam Bohnenkämper  Germany
Nr. 35736  Sina Beer  Germany
Nr. 35735  Nina Englert  Germany I will never understand this cruelty against animals! I am ashamed of the human world doing this.
Nr. 35734  Rita Lass  Germany
Nr. 35733  Mitra Eva Baghai  Austria
Nr. 35732  Dietmar Griga  Germany It is absolutely not understandable how intelligent human beings can do such dreadful things!!!
Nr. 35731  Regula Wieser  Switzerland Mit grossem Entsetzen
Nr. 35730  Ralf Bienefeld  Germany how sick must human be to do that as an event of fun...
Nr. 35729  Roswitha Blankenmeister  Germany
Nr. 35728  Christina Hansen  Germany shame
Nr. 35727  Hochkofler Florian  Austria
Nr. 35726  Beate Dannhorn  Germany
Nr. 35725  Victoria Serrano  Spain
Nr. 35724  Beil Angelika  Germany
Nr. 35723  DeannaLoves OrganicProducts  Georgia
Nr. 35722  Ute Kaiser  Germany
Nr. 35721  Rainer Bienefeld  Germany
Nr. 35720  Sybille Schiffke  Germany
Nr. 35719  Juergen + Baerbel Schwarz  Germany
Nr. 35718  Natan Furlan  Switzerland
Nr. 35717  Petra Droessler  Germany
Nr. 35716  Andreas Kaika  Germany
Nr. 35715  Sylvia D Arnesen  Norway
Nr. 35714  Draba Diana  France Stop this senseless whale killing!!
Nr. 35713  Jablonski Haike  Germany
Nr. 35712  Heidi Rubli  Switzerland do not give up!!
Nr. 35711  Erika Rubli  Switzerland
Nr. 35710  Ingrid Feldhaus  Germany
Nr. 35709  Michael Feldhaus  Germany Killing must not be tradition.
Nr. 35708  Nicole Voß-Naujeck  Germany
Nr. 35707  Daniela Klimke  Germany
Nr. 35706  Felix Knoche  Austria
Nr. 35705  Zdravkovska Adriana  Macedonia  The Former Yugoslav Republic Of
Nr. 35704  Kirsten Rothenhäuser  Germany
Nr. 35703  Jessica Pütterich  Germany
Nr. 35702  Lieselotte Blohm  Germany
Nr. 35701  Gerd Blohm  Germany
Nr. 35700  Die Wette  Germany
Nr. 35699  Rainer Pauli  Germany
Nr. 35698  Ralf-Gunnar Lüttcher  Germany
Nr. 35697  Chantal Torlaschi  Argentina
Nr. 35696  Hartl Kindermann  Austria
Nr. 35695  Jonna Korsberg  Finland
Nr. 35694  Britta Kaeding  Germany Please notice that I am totally shocked about your "tradition" to kill these animals and in such a way. It´s no longer anachronistic these times. Especially in times of reducing the species clima change and other problems. Beside the fact that these animals and the oceans receive no respect at all. You may have heard that even the meat is usually toxic. So I appeal: PLEASE CHANGE YOUR THINKING AND YOUR BEHAVIOR. NOW AND FOR THE FUTURE.
Nr. 35693  Karin Grusdat  Germany
Nr. 35692  Susi Wegmann  Germany
Nr. 35691  Monika Paefgen-Richter  Germany cruel
Nr. 35690  Wiebke Thun  Germany
Nr. 35689  Sheila Lemmens  Netherlands stop met het doden van deze dieren! stop killing!
Nr. 35688  Mandi TT  California
Nr. 35687  Stacey Rakic  Washington
Nr. 35686  Lucio Laurenti  Italy
Nr. 35685  Rolf Reinert  Germany Are we in the 21st Century or still in mediaeval times? Where is that huge meteorite I'm waiting for?????
Nr. 35684  Jacqueline Reinert-Müller  Germany It is absolutely not understandable how intelligent human beings can do such dreadful things!!
Nr. 35683  Andrea Andre  California
Nr. 35682  Wolfgang Kreuter  Germany
Nr. 35681  Shannon Huff  Florida
Nr. 35680  Rowena Wyckoff  Missouri
Nr. 35679  Stefan Geisler  Germany
Nr. 35678  Angela Windecker  Germany
Nr. 35677  Eckhard Büttner  Germany
Nr. 35676  Gabriela Ristow-Leetz  Germany
Nr. 35675  Dana Katz  Israel
Nr. 35674  Connie Banteka  Greece
Nr. 35673  Ilona Remmert  Germany
Nr. 35672  Angela Jensen-Markhoff  Germany
Nr. 35671  Martin Weiß  Germany
Nr. 35670  Juliane Weiß  Germany
Nr. 35669  Sabine Schulz  Greece
Nr. 35668  Schneiders Ulrike  Germany grausam grausam!!! WAS ist mit der SEELE der Menschen ?? WO ist sie ??
Nr. 35667  Ronny Haardt  Germany
Nr. 35666  Suzie Gordon  New Hampshire
Nr. 35665  Steven Friedel  Germany
Nr. 35664  Sibylle Hansen  Germany
Nr. 35663  Nicole Winter  Germany Every animal has a right to live on it!!!
Nr. 35662  Ragnhild Jacobsson  Sweden
Nr. 35661  Sandra Goeldner  Germany
Nr. 35660  Carin Zellerman  Sweden
Nr. 35659  Speich Doris  Switzerland Please stop the killing!!!
Nr. 35658  Bauer Ulrike  Germany
Nr. 35657  Andrea Pulm  Germany
Nr. 35656  Yvonne Lukas  Germany bitte bitte beendet sofort das furchtbare unnötige abschlachten dieser wunderbaren meerestieren ....dieser anblick zerreist mein herz wo delphine so hilfsbereite tiere sind die auch für kranke menschen eingesetzt werden
Nr. 35655  Isabella PARFENOFF  Switzerland
Nr. 35654  Akura Jendro  Germany
Nr. 35653  Marko Jörg  Germany
Nr. 35652  Bettina Barbarits  Switzerland
Nr. 35651  Elchlepp Dorothea  Germany
Nr. 35650  Sascha Liem  Germany In my opinion the Faroese whale slauther are brutal and completely unnecessary as they are no longer needed to provide food for the people who live on the island.
Nr. 35649  Stefan Behringer  Germany
Nr. 35648  Ulla Salzbrunn  Germany Please stop this cruel slaughtering of whales and dolfins - for the protection of those endangered species as well as for the protection of the people. Bitte beenden Sie dieses grausame Abschlachten der vom Aussterben bedrohten Meeressäuger - zum Schutz der Wale und Delfine und zum Schutz der Menschen.
Nr. 35647  Elena Antonovska  Macedonia  The Former Yugoslav Republic Of
Nr. 35646  Ulrich Fügener  France
Nr. 35645  Jennifer Bartholome  Germany
Nr. 35644  Gitta Klug  Germany
Nr. 35643  Jadie Cappuccitti  Canada
Nr. 35641  Rainer Funk  Germany
Nr. 35640  Maggy Delsemme  Belgium
Nr. 35639  Manuela Marsala  Belgium
Nr. 35638  Elke Heisinger  Arizona STOP THIS NOW !!!!
Nr. 35637  Susanne Schmidt  Germany
Nr. 35636  Niarica Lubatti  Italy
Nr. 35635  Christine Harajchi  France
Nr. 35634  Felicitas Huebner-Meyerhans  New York
Nr. 35633  Nora Tomm  Germany
Nr. 35632  Maricarmen Casabella Yanes  Spain
Nr. 35631  Monika Zsifkovits  Austria For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 35630  Jennifer Beckwith  Ohio
Nr. 35629  Herdis Daugbjerg  Denmark
Nr. 35628  B. Buchanan  Canada
Nr. 35627  Alexander Schmidt  Germany This is just raw brutality and I really cannot understand people doing this without any need... Children bathing in blood â?” a great pedagogic accomplishment!
Nr. 35626  Natascha Detjen  Germany
Nr. 35625  Sylvain Parreaux  France
Nr. 35624  Gail Costic  Pennsylvania
Nr. 35623  Anne Hartmann  Germany
Nr. 35622  Heike Dunker  Germany
Nr. 35621  Pascale Farrow  Australia
Nr. 35620  Melissa Webber  South Africa
Nr. 35619  Katrin Kraus  Germany
Nr. 35618  Barbara Graham  Virginia
Nr. 35617  Oliver Müller  Germany
Nr. 35616  Andries Maritz  Australia I can't believe this is still going on. Stop this senseless barbaric activity! Better yet why not kill each other? Itâ?™s just as stupid as killing wild animals for no reason. This is a deep and inexcusable embarrassment for a first world country.
Nr. 35615  Dee Williams  New Zealand Why the heck are people eating whale meat!! That is disgusting!! Do you people enjoy eating a creature that is gentle minds its own business and has never done you any harm! Stop harming the whales!
Nr. 35614  Rahel Hufenus  Switzerland
Nr. 35613  Juan Romero Abelleira  Switzerland Before we press on for Japan to stop doing the same we really should clean up the mess in our own backyard. Faroe Islands please stop whaling.
Nr. 35612  Uli Schwantes  Germany This is terrible! In a European country - unbelievable!!
Nr. 35611  Henk Ahrue  Netherlands
Nr. 35610  Ioannis Zambartas  Greece
Nr. 35609  Sonja Hilberger  Germany It is time to think this over and to change. The whole world is looking at you and please you to stop this killing.
Nr. 35608  Katharina Kolata  Germany I cannot understand how a feeling human being can deliberately kill anything that (s)he doesn't truly need no matter how old the tradition. There are ways to change rituals in a way that no animals are hurt. Why not mark them with senders instead of killing them? That way Faröer people would help science and still have their chase.
Nr. 35607  Alan Haggard  California
Nr. 35606  Niels Ingensiep  Germany
Nr. 35605  Jan Ingensiep  Germany
Nr. 35604  Darlene Schueler  Tennessee
Nr. 35603  Andrea Schirlinger  Germany Bitte stoppt das Wal- u. Delfine morden auf den Färörer Inseln.
Nr. 35602  Alicia Franco  Denmark
Nr. 35601  Nika Breithaupt  Germany

Nr. 35600  Ana Popa  Romania
Nr. 35599  Elena Filipas  Romania
Nr. 35598  Laura Filipas  Romania
Nr. 35597  Markus Vogel  Germany Ich als Tierinspektor des Tierschutzverein Noris e.V. Nürnberg kann über solche Akionen dass immer noch vom Aussterben bedrohte Tiere so grausam getötet werden nur weinen. Andreas Morlok der uns auch sehr gut bekannt ist und immer für Tiere kämpft so wie wir setzt sich wie wir als Tierschutzverein zum Glück ein und ruft solche Petitionen auf. Ich kann nur an alle aktiven Tierschützer appelieren bitte macht mit. Markus Vogel aktives Mitglied Tierschutzverein Noris e.V.
Nr. 35596  Kat Yazzie  Kansas
Nr. 35595  Camille Andre  France
Nr. 35594  Marianne Rautenberg  Germany
Nr. 35593  Laurens Valerie  France
Nr. 35592  Christine Liebing  Germany Dieser fragwürdigen sinnlosen und grausamen "Tradition" wegen kaufe ich schon seit Jahren keine auf den Faeroer Inseln hergestellten Produkte mehr.
Nr. 35591  Emmanuel Fusier  France
Nr. 35590  Heidi Hui  Switzerland
Nr. 35589  Hristo Chuchuranov  Bulgaria
Nr. 35588  JERICA ROSE DOIRON  Canada
Nr. 35587  Antje Lindert-Rottke  Germany
Nr. 35586  Erich Kohler  Switzerland
Nr. 35585  Ruth Baumann  Switzerland Für was sind diese sinnlosen Schlachtereien? Aufhören!!!!!
Nr. 35584  Carola Brunke  Germany
Nr. 35583  Johanna Bueck  Germany
Nr. 35582  Ineke Top  Netherlands
Nr. 35581  Sonja Hafkemeyer  Germany
Nr. 35580  Ruedi Seiler  Switzerland
Nr. 35579  Jantje Friederike  Germany
Nr. 35578  Andrea Wachsmann  Germany
Nr. 35577  Alexandra Waltemate  Germany
Nr. 35576  Marion Hame  Germany
Nr. 35575  Anja See  Germany
Nr. 35574  Rita Huse  Germany
Nr. 35573  Michael Rohrer  Germany
Nr. 35572  Uschi Pawlak  Germany
Nr. 35571  Danielle Gullion  Indiana
Nr. 35570  Claudia Hensel  Germany For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 35569  Dario Bianchi  Switzerland
Nr. 35568  Amy Mulvany  Ireland
Nr. 35567  Susan Suni Ibarra  California SUCH DUMB UNTHINKABLE EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 35566  Bier André  France
Nr. 35565  Christiane Ehlers  Germany
Nr. 35564  DUPLAY Joelle  France
Nr. 35563  Carmen Ries  Germany
Nr. 35562  Jacquie Malette  California
Nr. 35561  Sheherazade HOYER  France Un entraînement abject à la barbarie une déshumanisation systématique en groupe. Comment des êtres "humains" peuvent-ils faire couler le sang de si nobles animaux et les faire agoniser lentement en étant totalement fermés à toute pitié à toute compassion... STOP STOP STOP!!!
Nr. 35560  Jenny Chin  Malaysia
Nr. 35559  Daniela Vogt  Germany
Nr. 35558  Isabell Althoff  Germany
Nr. 35557  Silvia Wohlmuth  Germany I can't understand why people can be so violent against these pieceful and intelligent animals. Never mind what problems these people might have with themselves or their live animals are not able to help it.
Nr. 35556  Frauke Landgraf  Germany
Nr. 35555  Christian Clauser  Germany demanding humanity for non-humans
Nr. 35554  E.W. Van der Wiel  Netherlands Why such violence against innocent creatures? I don't get it...
Nr. 35553  Eva Schächter  Austria
Nr. 35552  Helene Schnitzer  Austria
Nr. 35551  Renate Klinksieck  Germany
Nr. 35550  Christoph Otto  Austria
Nr. 35549  Hubertus Maßmann  Germany
Nr. 35548  Jakob Bueck  Germany
Nr. 35547  Robin Charlotte  France
Nr. 35546  Houssine NIBANI  Morocco
Nr. 35545  Beukman Margit  Switzerland
Nr. 35544  Martha Guhlich  Germany
Nr. 35543  Spermann Ulrike  Germany
Nr. 35542  Sibylla Schrag  Germany
Nr. 35541  Dirk Oosterhout  Germany
Nr. 35540  Barbara Kabadakis  Germany
Nr. 35539  Diana Sans  Germany Please stop this ongoing slaughter. It is really time to make a change to make this world a better place.
Nr. 35538  Susanne Häger  Germany
Nr. 35537  Patrick Sutcliffe  Australia
Nr. 35536  Kasprzak Irmi  Germany
Nr. 35535  Edison Tan  Malaysia
Nr. 35534  Alexander Seidel  Germany
Nr. 35533  CHRISTIAN RYAN  Texas save the kids
Nr. 35532  Mandy Kühn  Germany
Nr. 35531  Dieter Fischer  Germany
Nr. 35530  Michael Pregler  Germany
Nr. 35529  Stefan Ornetsmüller  Austria
Nr. 35528  Katja Tiepelmann  Germany
Nr. 35527  Delia Lindenau  Germany
Nr. 35526  Jeanny Kloepper  Germany
Nr. 35525  Patti McNeill  Australia
Nr. 35524  Mike Downs  Missouri
Nr. 35523  Seifert Andrea  Austria
Nr. 35522  Schädlich Andrea  Germany
Nr. 35521  Maria Radovic  Austria
Nr. 35520  Monika Lanwer  Germany
Nr. 35519  Samantha Gonzales  California We are all ONE
Nr. 35518  Tanja Roser  Germany
Nr. 35517  Kathrin Waligura  Germany
Nr. 35516  Jeannie Emanuel  Arizona
Nr. 35515  Cindy Cummings  Oklahoma
Nr. 35514  Stacey Kennedy  Texas
Nr. 35513  Anette Juhl Allton  Denmark
Nr. 35512  Gay Youens  United Kingdom
Nr. 35511  Anne Lukas  Germany
Nr. 35510  Gerhard Schorr  France Alle Lebewesen dieser Erde wurden uns anvertrautwir sollen sie beschützen...2012?????
Nr. 35509  Manfred Mueller  Austria
Nr. 35508  Micki Sievers  Virginia
Nr. 35507  Ingolf Leidig  Germany
Nr. 35506  Simone Leidig  Germany
Nr. 35505  Hannelore Barke  Germany
Nr. 35504  Christina Lutz  Germany
Nr. 35503  Tanya Riley  United Kingdom I cant believe people are eatting whales theres so much other food to eat but no you have to eat something thats dying out you sick people
Nr. 35502  Sonja Schroeder  Germany
Nr. 35501  Christine Frenzel  Germany
Nr. 35500  Ursula Varma  Austria
Nr. 35499  Inge Appenzeller  Germany
Nr. 35498  M Scherenberg  Germany
Nr. 35497  Beyser Karl  Germany
Nr. 35496  Iris Müsgen  Germany
Nr. 35495  Christine Kistler  Switzerland
Nr. 35494  Miriam Ayoub  Germany
Nr. 35493  Silvia Ayoub  Germany
Nr. 35492  Marcus VOLK  Germany
Nr. 35491  Antoinette Geake  Austria
Nr. 35490  Silvia Brändli  Switzerland
Nr. 35489  Karl-Heinz Effenberger  Germany
Nr. 35488  Connie Paterson  Michigan
Nr. 35487  Marlis Jancke  Germany
Nr. 35486  Vera Leigh  Germany
Nr. 35485  Ineta Igunaite  Lithuania
Nr. 35484  Christine Schachtner  Germany
Nr. 35483  Sacha Heise  Germany
Nr. 35482  Pirmin Weder  Switzerland
Nr. 35481  Stefanie Herrmann  Germany
Nr. 35480  Sarah Westermaier  Germany
Nr. 35479  Martina Humboldt  Germany Bitte macht diese Möglichkeit bekannt und lasst viele unterschreiben damit dieses Massaker endlich aufhört. Solche Greueltaten gehören nicht in unsere zivilisierte Welt. Es ist unvorstellbar dass Menschen dort anreisen mit Kind und Kegel um sich diese Qual der Tiere anzusehen!!!!
Nr. 35478  Elfriede Hoerl  Austria
Nr. 35477  Edith Zellweger  Switzerland
Nr. 35476  Mary Riley  Washington
Nr. 35475  Sharley De Freitas  Canada
Nr. 35474  Elke Mertens  Germany Dear Government of the Faroe Islands make your country a healthier and better place and promote the consumption of wheat meat instead of whale meat! Thank you.
Nr. 35473  Ursula Fink  Germany
Nr. 35472  Horst Fink  Germany Horst HF Fink
Nr. 35471  Sonia Sadowska  Germany
Nr. 35470  Christina Söhner  Germany
Nr. 35469  Alana Moore  Canada
Nr. 35468  Misel Balic  Germany
Nr. 35467  Gudrun Schandl  Austria
Nr. 35466  Rene Frisch  Switzerland
Nr. 35465  Ingrid Bergmann  Germany
Nr. 35464  Jackie Bade  Indiana
Nr. 35463  Renate Leide  Germany
Nr. 35462  Stacy Stjern  California
Nr. 35461  Johannes Krueckeberg  Germany Life is a constant evolution and very nation has given up traditions that do not add to the culture any longer. Why keep a tradion that endangers your people and kills wild life needlessly? Nature will survive somehow - but will mankind?
Nr. 35460  Franz-Joseph Plank  Austria
Nr. 35459  Anneken Risberg  Germany
Nr. 35458  Tony Menechella  Kentucky
Nr. 35457  Bettina Hanitzsch  Germany
Nr. 35456  Einwiller Jessica  Germany not only for protecting the people before consuming contaminated whale meat PROTECT THE WHALES TOO don't let distroy the sensitiv natural system!
Nr. 35455  Bianka Hessel  Germany
Nr. 35454  Bertold Sträßle  Germany
Nr. 35453  ROTTER Johanna  Austria
Nr. 35452  Petra Von Kopp  Germany
Nr. 35451  Franziska Gerhardt  Germany
Nr. 35450  Annelise Step  Austria
Nr. 35449  Bianca Maria Greipel  Germany
Nr. 35448  Melanie Reinhardt  Switzerland
Nr. 35447  Steinfeld Christian  Germany
Nr. 35446  Prithvijit Mukherjee  India
Nr. 35445  Renate Tschirlich  Germany
Nr. 35444  Simone Chrometz  Germany It is completely beyond me how an otherwise civilized nation can hold on to such a backward  cruel and archaic way of thinking and acting. This kind of behavior has absolutely no place in this world anymore. PERIOD! PLEASE STOP THIS UNNECESSARY BARBARIC BACKWARD CRUEL "RITUAL". May all beings know peace and a life in dignity. Let the new morning come. It can't be fast enough... IN LAKECH
Nr. 35443  Petra Simkova  Czech Republic
Nr. 35442  Holger Gross  Germany
Nr. 35441  Claudia Peters  Germany Please stop killing intelligent and harmless Wales. Noone should eat this kind of meat. It's highly polutet on quiksilver which means by eating it people get poisoned and furthermore their next generations. It's meaningless selfdistruction. All of this is so meaningless and stupid.
Nr. 35440  Katharina Dumrath  Germany Please stop whaling! I cannot think of any more superfluous way of feeding onefelf... can you?
Nr. 35439  Ingrid Bahr  Netherlands
Nr. 35438  Petra Conrad  Germany
Nr. 35437  Gabriele Vassallo  France
Nr. 35436  Petra Ries  Germany
Nr. 35435  Anne Padilla  New Mexico
Nr. 35434  Jochen Giebelmann  Germany
Nr. 35433  Ute Huebner  Germany
Nr. 35432  Janet Stafford  Maine Whales are one of Earth's most majestic creatures and should be honored and respected for their human-like intelligence not hunted like prey! We have enough meat-producing farms and in the wild. We do NOT need to reid the ocean of it's beauty!
Nr. 35431  Carmen Sander  Germany Stop the Cruel !!!
Nr. 35430  Sigrid Wellmann  Germany
Nr. 35429  Barbara Braehmer  Germany
Nr. 35428  Soula Christos  South Africa
Nr. 35427  Ines Fernando-Bolt  Austria
Nr. 35426  Sonja Klar  Germany
Nr. 35425  Traxler Claudia  Austria
Nr. 35424  Josef Ernst  Austria
Nr. 35423  Christine Puchner  Austria
Nr. 35422  Achim Lotz  Germany Dieses anachronistische und blutige Männlichkeitsritual muss gestoppt werden!
Nr. 35421  Carsten Pfitzner  Germany
Nr. 35420  Heike Metz  Austria Please stop! Seeing pictures like that I really start wishing that nature finally takes revenge... it would only be fair... But as humans we should know that revenge is no solution - so let's finally start to treat every creature like we would like to be treated! With love and respect!!!! Thank you!!!!
Nr. 35419  Ursula Waldeck  Austria
Nr. 35418  Shell Norfleet  Spain
Nr. 35417  Gypsie Rose  Australia STOP!!! The Raping and pillaging of our Marine environment... Take a stand against unnecessary and harmful whale slaughter.... in the name of human consumption.
Nr. 35416  Linda Olmos-Pino  Germany
Nr. 35415  Gail Harris  Maryland Stop teaching your children that killing is a normal act.
Nr. 35414  Charlene McCann  New York
Nr. 35413  Sherri O'Connor  Canada The consumption of any meat is unnecessary for a healthy life.
Nr. 35412  DENISE DECHEN  Brazil End the consumption of whale meat
Nr. 35411  Catherine Xaria Tay  Singapore Contaminated whale meat is not fit for human consumption! Stop harming your family!
Nr. 35410  Tasha Obrycki  Illinois Whales have the right to live out their lives. Humans have no right murdering these majestic creatures of the oceans. God gave humans the ability to care and be compasionate. Also animals share a common trait with humans and that is that they can feel unimaginable pain and suffering. Please stop these horrific acts upon whales and let them live their lives just like you would want to live your life.
Nr. 35409  Barbara Pinto  Portugal
Nr. 35408  Michelle Morel  United Kingdom if you like to see these dolphins and whales swimming free please do not eat them as there will not be any left to see soon if we keep on letting them be killed
Nr. 35407  Angela Sm  Mexico
Nr. 35406  Dean Jefferys  Australia Dont kill your kills or the whales. wake up.
Nr. 35405  Marlene Lochkrin  Canada
Nr. 35404  Darlene Keko'olani-Simmons Davis  Michigan
Nr. 35403  Anja Walther  Germany
Nr. 35402  Annmarie Devine  Ireland
Nr. 35401  Nancy Tucker  Virginia
Nr. 35400  Clarissa Gómez Villalobos  Costa Rica
Nr. 35399  Emilia Maja  Italy
Nr. 35398  Estrelle Glaeser  Germany estrelle glaeser
Nr. 35397  Nicolai Bülte  Germany For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 35396  Ana Rodriguez  Florida
Nr. 35395  Berot Hafida  France
Nr. 35394  Isabelle Zouhour  France
Nr. 35393  Mishelle Pineiro  Florida
Nr. 35392  Karen Choate  Arkansas
Nr. 35391  Laura French  United Kingdom
Nr. 35390  Lisane Van oorschot  Spain love nature and love diving
Nr. 35389  Voula Madonis  Florida SHAME!! SHAME !! SHAME!! :-((((
Nr. 35388  Gabriela Kuceva  Bulgaria
Nr. 35387  Juliette Van den Beld  Germany
Nr. 35386  Susanne Meier  Germany Stop these utmost disgusting cruel and outdated slaughters of these intelligent and sentient creatures and stop feeding this highly toxic meat to your children! Stop telling people you need that as a food source it's not true any more you get enough money from the Danish government (Danish taxpayers money!!!) you can import other products! 
Nr. 35385  Doniscia Veyssière  France
Nr. 35384  Russell Archer  Oregon
Nr. 35383  Rachel Blankenship  Colorado
Nr. 35382  Surina Ebsen  Germany Please people wake up!! Stop killing these wonderfull animals!!
Nr. 35381  Kathleen Cain  Florida
Nr. 35379  Mercedes De Windt  Netherlands Antilles Anyone who has accustomed himself to regard the life of any living creature as worthless is in danger of arriving also at the idea of worthless human lives. ~Dr. Albert Schweitzer As long as there are slaughterhouses there will be battlefields. ~ Leo Tolstoy
Nr. 35378  Rainer Hauenschild  Germany Ich fordere Sie mit sofortiger Wirkung auf das abschlachten vom CALDERON- DELFINE zu unterbinden.
Nr. 35377  Rosiane Tortarolo  France j'ai honte d'etre un humaine on a vraiment d'humain que le nom!!
Nr. 35376  Kristy Lee  Arizona
Nr. 35375  Malte Lutz  Germany
Nr. 35374  James & Shelley Poston  West Virginia
Nr. 35373  Scott Ross  Hawaii
Nr. 35372  Dayane Ferreira  Brazil
Nr. 35371  Maria Victoria Bentancur  Uruguay
Nr. 35370  Christine Hutten  New York LEAVE OUT WILDLIFE ALONE...WITHOUT THEM WE COULD NOT SURVIVE! "The time will come when men will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of man." -Leonardo da Vinci. A QUOTE TO REMEMBER. STOP SENSELESSLY SLAUGHTERING INNOCENT CREATURES. THEY ARE GOD'S CREATURES NOT OUR'S!
Nr. 35369  Elaine Carter  Illinois
Nr. 35368  Sara Prentice  United Kingdom Please stop this. It's so unneccerary.
Nr. 35367  P c Brady  Pennsylvania Please stop this senseless killing of Whales and other sea life...PLEASE...
Nr. 35366  Christos Karatzas  Greece
Nr. 35365  Shelley Hunter  Canada
Nr. 35364  Jaki Teo  Australia
Nr. 35363  Bradley Brooks  Texas
Nr. 35362  Jupp Kerckerinck zur Borg  New York I thought that Denmark was a civilized country. Is this kind of slaughter not showing the opposite? Is Denmark going back to the stone ages like the Japanese in Taiji?
Nr. 35361  Terry King  California
Nr. 35360  Alessandra Alves  Brazil
Nr. 35359  DERYCK Myriam  Belgium non à la cruauté animale sous toutes ses formes laissez les en paix
Nr. 35358  Terri Bridges  Louisiana
Nr. 35357  Ariana Ahmadzadeh  New York
Nr. 35356  Pamela Wikström  Sweden
Nr. 35355  Cecilia Bravo-Arenas  Florida
Nr. 35354  Wendy Gibson  Singapore You know that the whale meat is contaminated and yet you allow this 'harvest' of contaminated whale meat to continue. Please do the 'right thing' and prove that you belief in protecting your people their health and the generations to come. You have a choice here to be applauded & admired now by saying 'NO MORE' or be answerable to being an accomplce in crimes against nature the environment the fellow creatures and future generations that we share planet Earth with. Please no more whaling! I hope I will be able to thank you for making the right choice!
Nr. 35353  Monika Förster  Austria
Nr. 35352  Sandra Doignies  France
Nr. 35351  Yannis Karaouzas  Greece
Nr. 35350  Steffi Finnerty  Florida
Nr. 35349  Toni Lincoln  Florida
Nr. 35348  Mark Bamberry  North Carolina
Nr. 35347  Vicynthia Tjahjadi  Indonesia Please stop this!!!! It's destroying either a species and the humans who consume whale meat. You should know that any species in this world make any good contribution in this world and their existence can save our world.
Nr. 35346  Sirpa Reinikainen  Finland It is a big shame for your country and your area to help to destroy whales the way you do. It is already difficult for sea animals to cope with all over sized fishing and pollution caused by humans. There is no need to increase the damage for whales by killing and eating their meat. Eat something else and show you belong to civilized humanbeens cariing for nature.
Nr. 35345  Cheri Smith  Kentucky Please stop. It is destroying a species.
Nr. 35344  Meredith LoPresti  New Hampshire
Nr. 35343  William C G Murray  United Kingdom
Nr. 35342  Vesna Ivanic  Australia Ima BOGA
Nr. 35341  James Hamilton  Australia How can you let children witness the slaughter of thousands of these helpless harmless animals and then let them eat the toxic meat? This is no longer about historical culture it's just senseless.
Nr. 35340  Jan Hobson  United Kingdom
Nr. 35339  Jose Imbert  Florida
Nr. 35338  Bradley Vaughn  North Carolina Killing defenseless whales takes more from our oceans each year than we can recover. I think we are much bigger people than to kill for money instead of causing something that would make a difference in the world to improve our lives. Please stop this senseless killing.
Nr. 35337  Karen Kueh  Malaysia
Nr. 35336  Erik Mertens  Belgium
Nr. 35335  John Flynn  Ireland
Nr. 35334  Agata Dembiecka  Ireland
Nr. 35333  Rival Corinne  France
Nr. 35332  Nicola Vidovich  United Kingdom
Nr. 35331  Daniele TRANCHANT  France
Nr. 35330  Loredana Nollet  Belgium
Nr. 35329  Guigon Sandrine  France
Nr. 35328  Linda Townson  Canada PLease stop stop stop this cruel barbaric murder of beautiful ocean beings. My God how can you still keep on with this horror? How can your souls be so black? STOP!
Nr. 35327  Rachel Bosch  Australia
Nr. 35326  Maria Winkler  Austria
Nr. 35324  Rhonda Maness  Alabama
Nr. 35323  Dolores Margaride  Portugal
Nr. 35322  Deborah Paz de Portugheis  Israel
Nr. 35321  Sascha Humphrey  United Kingdom
Nr. 35320  Pina Lanzetti  Italy
Nr. 35319  Angela Georgiou  Cyprus
Nr. 35318  Robert Clay Glastad  Norway
Nr. 35317  Miroslava Dvoncova  Slovakia
Nr. 35316  Sonya Drüssel  Switzerland
Nr. 35315  Lisa Rees  Australia
Nr. 35314  Verginiya Atanasova  Bulgaria
Nr. 35313  Kadri Jõgiste  Estonia
Nr. 35312  Martin Mahon  Florida
Nr. 35311  Elle Simpson  Pennsylvania Please stop this senseless slaughter!
Nr. 35310  Bianca Hain  Germany
Nr. 35309  Andrej Gajic  Bosnia And Herzegovina
Nr. 35308  Langner Anna  France
Nr. 35307  Mo Carroll  United Kingdom Stop Stop Stop
Nr. 35306  Stuart Andrews  United Kingdom
Nr. 35305  Mara Algethi  Switzerland
Nr. 35304  Diego Ruiz orenes  Spain
Nr. 35303  SHANE LUTCHMAN  Canada
Nr. 35302  David Beaves  Australia stop this senseless slaughter...enough! stop killing whales...for any reason.
Nr. 35301  Ileana Carmen Carare  Norway
Nr. 35300  Agnes Hall  Australia
Nr. 35299  Michael Weber  Switzerland
Nr. 35298  Sabine Weber  Switzerland
Nr. 35297  Robert Read  United Kingdom
Nr. 35296  Barbara Zehnder  Switzerland
Nr. 35295  Leilani Wilson  California Do Faroe Islanders eat whale meat because they have the primitive superstition that eating whale will endow them with the animal's power and that whale meat will also enhance their sexual organs? I can't see any other reason to eat whale meat. The Faroe Islanders aren't starving.
Nr. 35294  JennyLynn Werner  Arizona If you're not holding on to traditions like poor hygiene diseases and outhouses then you can let go of the tradition of eating whale meat as well. It's a pathetic excuse for not doing the right thing that's all and if you really embrace the traditions of your past then you'd hold dearly to all of them instead of just picking a few you like. How pitifully convenient and despicable. Are you taking advantage of running water indoor plumbing electrical power? Got any modern electronics there? Maybe some combustion engines modern medical procedures or modern drugs? Those are all against your 'traditions' too
Nr. 35293  Frank Posselt  Germany
Nr. 35292  Nesi Gündogdu  Germany
Nr. 35291  Irmgard Borowski  Germany
Nr. 35290  Jürgen Borowski  Germany
Nr. 35289  Ute Mischo  Germany
Nr. 35288  Thomas Wittkowski  Germany
Nr. 35287  Bianca Wittkowski  Germany
Nr. 35286  Andrea Kriwonosow  Australia Stop poisoning your people with whale and dolphin meat.NOW
Nr. 35285  Jan Novotny  Florida
Nr. 35284  Georg Engel  Germany Is that massacre necessary ? We are all childs of Mother Earth. Their tears will drown us all someday.
Nr. 35283  Ingo Moegling  Germany Please stop that babaric ritual
Nr. 35282  Monika Z  Germany
Nr. 35280  Ildi Paroczy  Australia
Nr. 35279  Semra Simsek  Turkey
Nr. 35278  Haueter Anne-Marie  Switzerland
Nr. 35277  Jill Vickerman  South Africa
Nr. 35276  Brigitte Scherr  Switzerland Is this the meaning of their religion? 84 percent of the people of the Färöer-Islands are "christens" â?“ but why do they what they do ? - 13 You shall not murder - Du sollst nicht morden â?“ should be a reminder for them the politicans the public as well as their churches! Humans are not beyond animals - quite the contrary we only can learn from them because their are perfect and fair-minded as we humans never will be.
Nr. 35275  Julie Menkin  Norway
Nr. 35274  Tobias Kasper  Germany This senseless cruel killing must stop.
Nr. 35273  Kelsey Stroud  North Carolina stop killing innocent creatures! they are intelligent enough to understand what is happening to them while being slowly slaughtered. put yourself in their shoes. go sea sheperds!
Nr. 35272  Dawn Wirth  California
Nr. 35271  Joy Hirshka  Pennsylvania
Nr. 35270  Feldschmid Johann  Germany
Nr. 35269  Paul Whitehouse  United Kingdom
Nr. 35268  Jonette Tornquist  California
Nr. 35267  Alexandra Holzer  New York These are not humans. They haven't a clue as to what being human is about. May they too get clubbed in the same manner in prison. Eye for an eye. At some point they will have to answer to their actions if not here on earth elsewhere.
Nr. 35266  Walter Weese  Germany
Nr. 35265  P. Pabst  Germany It´s absolutely shocking and unbelievable that this happen in the so-called civilized Europe! There´re standing human beings looking to other h.b. murdering other beings. It´s incredible and it has immediately to be stopped!
Nr. 35264  Alicya Lima  Netherlands I don't understand why this is allowed in Europe.I am a citizen of the EU and have two children who I am teaching to protect and be respectfull to life on Earth. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/2/support4australiato-take-legal-lead-to-stop-whaling-tostophaling
Nr. 35263  Alison Osment  California This has to stop. It is absolutely barbaric and in a supposedly "civilised country".
Nr. 35262  Werner Staymann  Germany
Nr. 35261  Joanne Hall  Ireland
Nr. 35260  Mike Masley  New Jersey
Nr. 35259  Sarah Nicol  United Kingdom
Nr. 35258  Susanne Busljeta  Germany
Nr. 35257  Astrid Howes  Germany I am strongly against the killing of these or any animal whether they are extinct or not. It is time that a stop is put to this and any useless killing of animals.
Nr. 35256  Gail Cooling  Australia
Nr. 35255  Verena Hardel  Germany
Nr. 35254  Ann Mond  Arizona
Nr. 35253  Angeles Ortiz Corras  Spain
Nr. 35252  Ozan Öztürk  Switzerland
Nr. 35251  Anastasia Liatsou  Greece
Nr. 35250  Leanne Norton  Australia As humans we should know what pain and suffering is like for any living breathing creature.... shame on us - for allowing this to happen in this day and age!!!
Nr. 35249  Ursula Tscherter  Switzerland I strongly believe that things which we humans have done in the past (and seemed right at that time) look differently today and should be changed. There are other ways to make use of natural resources such as whales and dolphins. The high contamination of whale meat is a fact and such meat shouldn't be consumed by anybody. If we can't end the brutal killing of whales for the sake of the animals then it is your responsibility to end the killing for the sake of the health of your people today and all the generations to come. 
Nr. 35248  Leanne Cook  Australia
Nr. 35247  Ady Gil  California
Nr. 35246  Kylie Rae  Australia
Nr. 35245  Bridgett Heinly  California It is sickening to see the massive slaughter of dolphins and whales. And the magnitute with which this is carried out. Do these ignorant people not understand the impact this will have on our oceans. It must be put to an end.
Nr. 35244  Iputu Novyari Kuzazi  Indonesia
Nr. 35243  Nicole M  Florida
Nr. 35242  Richard Ulrich  Germany Our world is something we have to protect and treat in a respectful way! We are only guests here and have to behave like guests.
Nr. 35241  Barbara Penley  California
Nr. 35240  Strucken Wolfgang  Germany
Nr. 35239  Protap Chakravortty  India
Nr. 35238  Lynn Miller  New York
Nr. 35237  Alexandra Arpagaus  Switzerland
Nr. 35236  Dani Pen  California
Nr. 35235  Andreas Bressmer  Germany
Nr. 35234  Brigitta Axel  Spain
Nr. 35233  Curd Welsch  Germany
Nr. 35232  Hans-Curd Welsch  Spain
Nr. 35231  Marion Gnadl  Germany Hört endlich das grausame Töten auf!
Nr. 35230  Cornelia Schamicke  Germany
Nr. 35229  Ruth Pruiksma  New Jersey
Nr. 35227  Ricardo Durão  Portugal
Nr. 35226  Alan Kardoff  Florida
Nr. 35225  Patricia m Lasek  New York
Nr. 35224  Emil Oniga  Romania
Nr. 35223  Rick Stevens  New Mexico
Nr. 35222  Ioan Lupan  Romania
Nr. 35221  Karin Seidel  Germany
Nr. 35220  Gerhard Heybrock  Germany All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. (Edmund Burke)
Nr. 35219  Graciela Patron Mederos  Spain Para obtener más impacto añadir un comentario personal aquÃ
Nr. 35218  Rajee Seetharam  India
Nr. 35217  Eveline Kayser  Germany
Nr. 35216  Dorothea Weingarten  Germany This uncredible cruel "tradition" to capture torture and kill dolphins like it is done every year under the protection of the government is disgusting and convictable. Every state and people that practice such needless brutality against the creature is far below under what is called the human dignity. Sorry but these things are inexcusably needless mediaeval and have to be stopped immediately! 
Nr. 35215  Petra Essenfelder  Germany
Nr. 35214  Albert Mah  Australia
Nr. 35213  Mary Devlin  Washington
Nr. 35212  Willi Haidl  Austria
Nr. 35211  Marion Kraus  Germany
Nr. 35210  Gail Dair  Australia
Nr. 35209  Toon Hartog  Netherlands this killing from pilotwhales has to stop this people don't need the meat thats bullshit from the past those people always say it is a custom from long times ago bloody bullshit. when I see the video's of that massacre tears are coming in my eyes I want to kill those bloody bastards who have pleasare they are laughing when they do the killing I come from holland i can not understand that people can be that cruel
Nr. 35208  S Wallace  Australia
Nr. 35207  Heather Nichols  California
Nr. 35206  Carol Dawn  California
Nr. 35205  Kanelle Charief  France Pour plus d'impact ajouter un commentaire personnel ici
Nr. 35204  Chris Vaughn  California
Nr. 35203  Lindsey Jefferson  Indiana
Nr. 35202  Leni Sjogren  Portugal

Nr. 35201  Hester Goedhart  Australia Far too friendly and civilised for these testosterone-driven idiots so it is still going on??? I can hardly believe it!
Nr. 35200  Ivana Grmoja  Croatia
Nr. 35199  F F.  Palau
Nr. 35198  A. Searle  United Kingdom
Nr. 35197  Rose Becke  Australia
Nr. 35196  Carol Handras  New Jersey
Nr. 35195  Kelly Cleveland  Colorado
Nr. 35194  Clare Howell  United Kingdom
Nr. 35193  Barb Knight  North Carolina
Nr. 35192  Judith C  Australia
Nr. 35191  Gabriela Garcia Mayagoitia  Mexico We are killing off the whales and dolphins so you and the japanese can eat them? They should be protected always. Stop this archaic practice. Go vegan. You'll live better lives and have clear consiences.
Nr. 35190  Carolyn Bridges  Georgia
Nr. 35189  Erkan Moray  Turkey
Nr. 35188  JOHN HURST  United Kingdom
Nr. 35187  Claudia Elliott  Canada
Nr. 35186  Emilia MarÃa Jiménez Vaquero  Spain
Nr. 35185  Ellen Geicke  Germany
Nr. 35184  Denise Lytle  New Jersey
Nr. 35183  JOSEPH BARNETT  Florida
Nr. 35182  Mervi Rantala  Finland Stop the whale massacre NOW!!!
Nr. 35181  Ãngel Marina Miguel  Spain
Nr. 35180  Michael Dontas  Pennsylvania
Nr. 35179  Elspeth Garbut  United Kingdom
Nr. 35178  Eleanor Richards  United Kingdom
Nr. 35177  Siu Fai Chan  China
Nr. 35176  Lisa Bunting  United Kingdom
Nr. 35175  Jeremy Bunting  United Kingdom
Nr. 35174  Barbora Petrikovicova  Slovakia
Nr. 35173  Lucia Krcilova  Slovakia
Nr. 35172  Andrea Pietroni  Italy
Nr. 35171  Annamarie Mayr  Switzerland
Nr. 35170  Jason J Green  Virginia
Nr. 35169  Simone Jagdhuber  Germany Please protect the children and the endangered spiecies!
Nr. 35168  Kate Redman  United Kingdom
Nr. 35167  Sinikka D.  Finland
Nr. 35166  Maomi Neko  Hong Kong
Nr. 35165  Deborah Campbell  United Kingdom
Nr. 35164  Weber Coryn  Germany
Nr. 35163  Shaktiva Irahs  Netherlands
Nr. 35162  Anna-Karin Strobel Lando  Sweden
Nr. 35161  Frank Gerry  Florida
Nr. 35160  Neil Sugrue  United Kingdom
Nr. 35159  Lara Sugrue  United Kingdom Leave these unbelievably magnificent creatures in the sea where they belong. Whaling is so cruel and so unnecessary it needs to be banned forever.
Nr. 35158  Lisa Beate Blikeng  Norway
Nr. 35157  S. Andreas  Germany
Nr. 35156  Cher Clarke  Canada
Nr. 35155  Sally McIntyre  Colorado Eating meat from an animal that is as intelligent as oneself is a horrible practice that has bad karma. Please do not kill these beautiful creatures for food! There are many ways to feed your bodies from vegetables and fruit...whaling is obsolete and cruel.
Nr. 35154  Lady Flo  Sweden
Nr. 35153  Rose Akin  Turkey
Nr. 35152  Shameeza Mohammed  Trinidad And Tobago
Nr. 35151  Isabell Richter  Germany
Nr. 35150  Richard Morris  United Kingdom Richard Morris
Nr. 35149  Patricia Thompson  Tennessee
Nr. 35148  Dawn Mason  Pennsylvania Please stop eating whale meat!
Nr. 35147  Amena A TimeOut  Maine
Nr. 35146  Carole Henty  United Kingdom
Nr. 35145  Ben Oscarsito  Sweden
Nr. 35144  Cynthia Woodcock  North Carolina Most people judge the morals and goodness of a country and people by the way they treat animals. Under your current condition I would say things aren't looking too good for you and your Islands right now. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE SANCTITY OF LIFE WHILE THERE IS STILL TIME
Nr. 35143  Richard Georgiou  United Kingdom This really should be banned.
Nr. 35142  Carole Sarcinello  Tennessee
Nr. 35141  Sandra Goeldner  Germany
Nr. 35140  Anne Thompson  United Kingdom
Nr. 35139  D Webster  United Kingdom
Nr. 35138  Tippers Ar  Florida
Nr. 35137  Martina Točeková  Czech Republic
Nr. 35136  Angela Jablonski  Colorado
Nr. 35135  Sylvia Hartung  Germany
Nr. 35134  Melissa Conrad  Utah
Nr. 35133  Osh Mosh  United Kingdom
Nr. 35132  Sue Spahr  Canada
Nr. 35131  Lauren Mackinnon  United Kingdom cruel selfish horrible nasty people.
Nr. 35130  Gary Simpson  United Kingdom
Nr. 35129  James Meny  Pennsylvania There are so few places in the world where people can really relax and enjoy. By not whaling you are placing yourselves apart from all of the typical countries that disrespect what brings most people to the islands the wildlife.
Nr. 35128  Ariane Deichert  Germany
Nr. 35127  Natasa Vasilic  Bosnia And Herzegovina
Nr. 35126  LIsa Yohon  New York
Nr. 35125  Yrna Miryana  Indonesia
Nr. 35124  Waltraud Hausmann-Richter  Germany A development of a nation is shown by the way they treat their animals.
Nr. 35123  JONI GOMEZ  California
Nr. 35122  Gilly Thomas  United Kingdom
Nr. 35121  Zdenka Gregorová  Slovakia
Nr. 35120  Mária Hanková  Slovakia
Nr. 35119  Elizabeth Marsland  United Kingdom I have read about your cruel and barbaric method of murdering whales. It is an embarrassment and a disgrace to you. It must stop! The only thing about the Faroe Island I know is your cruelty to whales - is this how you want to be identified?
Nr. 35118  Juraj Bede  Slovakia
Nr. 35117  Kerstin Huf  Germany
Nr. 35116  Emma Collett  United Kingdom
Nr. 35115  Stephan Voigt  United Kingdom
Nr. 35114  Petra Ludes  Germany
Nr. 35113  Gerita Dimitrova  Bulgaria
Nr. 35112  Claudia Cuellar  North Carolina
Nr. 35111  Yael Veenstra  Netherlands
Nr. 35110  Gisela Schüppen  Germany
Nr. 35109  Uhlig Petra  Germany
Nr. 35108  André Lindert  Germany Stop this or our nature will collapse!!
Nr. 35107  Gerlinde Wimmer  Austria
Nr. 35106  Aura Beckhofer-Fialho  United Kingdom
Nr. 35105  Alan Knight OBE  United Kingdom I have visited the Faroes and witnessed first hand this cruel Slaughter . It is time to stop this senseless slaughter
Nr. 35104  Maja Soldo  Croatia If you're not part of the solution you're part of the problem...
Nr. 35103  Bianca Dörner  Germany This is cruel and unnecessary!
Nr. 35102  Ayse Gündogdu  Germany STOP THIS!! ANIMALS FEEL PAIN!!!
Nr. 35101  Alfred Donovan  United Kingdom
Nr. 35100  Volker Leyens  Germany
Nr. 35099  Schiess Nadine  Switzerland
Nr. 35098  Amy Aversa  New York
Nr. 35097  N French  Australia
Nr. 35096  Mary Zimmerman  California
Nr. 35095  AwayFor AFewDays  United Kingdom It ill befits a civilised country to engage in and encourage the eating of sentient and suffering beings.
Nr. 35094  Jeannie Wray  Missouri
Nr. 35093  Vanditta Diwakar  Fiji
Nr. 35092  Andrea Tackett  Kentucky
Nr. 35091  Pieter Pottas  Indonesia
Nr. 35090  Tatiana Seiça  Portugal
Nr. 35089  Cristina Seica  Portugal
Nr. 35088  Louis Bauer  New York
Nr. 35087  Elena Castelli  Italy
Nr. 35086  Paraskevi Angelaki  Greece
Nr. 35085  Lesley Normington  Portugal
Nr. 35084  Elsa Cabrera  Chile Governments need to take control over the inhumane interests of the corporations behind the killing of the world biodiversity.
Nr. 35083  Gina Gregoire  North Carolina
Nr. 35082  Heidi Wollum  Sweden
Nr. 35081  Heike Archenhold-Kessler  Germany
Nr. 35080  Gregory Hilbert  Connecticut
Nr. 35079  Antje Schumacher-Leyens  Germany
Nr. 35078  Bruce Forster  United Kingdom Killing whales. It is disgusting.
Nr. 35077  Susana Ferreira e silva  Portugal
Nr. 35076  Helena Sousa  Portugal
Nr. 35075  Heidi Hanel  Germany
Nr. 35074  Darius Dirzinskas  United Kingdom
Nr. 35073  Wolfgang Bischoff  Germany This needs to be stopped at once. Human beings are worse than a crazy shark.
Nr. 35072  Hans-Georg Emberger  Germany
Nr. 35071  Tiina Mustajarvi  Finland
Nr. 35070  Jens Bargmann  Germany
Nr. 35069  Mrs M.  New York
Nr. 35068  Kerstin Engels  Germany Please stop this.
Nr. 35067  Moritz Krohn  Germany Senseless murder and inhumanity! Until there's no whale/dolphin left to kill ...
Nr. 35066  Gudrun Dennis  Florida
Nr. 35065  Borg Drone  United Kingdom
Nr. 35064  Marianne Good  Sweden
Nr. 35063  Guilherme Braune  Brazil
Nr. 35062  Patrizia Scally  Texas
Nr. 35061  Marco Gazzola  Italy
Nr. 35060  Valery Grishutina  Ukraine задумайтесьчто потом могут сделать с Вами или с вашими детьми..
Nr. 35059  Janet Thompson  Maryland
Nr. 35058  Peggy Acosta  Pennsylvania
Nr. 35057  Graczyk Artur  Poland
Nr. 35056  Iris Chynoweth  California
Nr. 35055  Jean Mclaren  Michigan
Nr. 35054  Gabi Waber  Germany Stupidity of human mankind! Why do we have brains? To kill to know that you are a real man. Excuse me...
Nr. 35053  Funkenhauser Eniko  Romania
Nr. 35052  Vicsacsan Beata  Romania
Nr. 35051  Olga Vinogradova  Russian Federation
Nr. 35050  Peter Hoffmann  Germany Shame on you!
Nr. 35049  Wendy Forster  United Kingdom Isn't there enough of other foods about to survive on instead of killing such magnificent creatures? It really is appalling.
Nr. 35048  Rizal Dizaz  Indonesia
Nr. 35047  Heike Kiszio-Pegelow  Germany
Nr. 35046  Kerstin Schneiderbauer  Austria Stop killing whales and dolfins!
Nr. 35045  Markus Vogel  Germany
Nr. 35044  Maria Cristina Cox  Germany
Nr. 35043  Sylvia Sikder  Germany We are guests on this Planet and must behave. Most of the people show detestable behaviour. This is not our mission. We are born to act in a respectful manner and protect the weaker and go for justice!!!! Thank you for your attention.
Nr. 35042  Johann Wilhelm Cox  Germany Traditions should have sense - I cannot find it here!
Nr. 35041  Klaus Freese  Austria
Nr. 35040  Doris Sawalle  Germany Shame on you!!!
Nr. 35039  Kristina Mueller  Germany
Nr. 35038  Claudia Obermeier  Germany
Nr. 35037  Tommy Sandman  Texas
Nr. 35036  Ramin Dalkouhi  Austria
Nr. 35035  Harda Wagner  Germany
Nr. 35034  Berger Sylvia  Germany
Nr. 35033  Velvet Park  California
Nr. 35032  Viorica Neagu  Romania
Nr. 35031  Alexander EGGENHOFER  Austria
Nr. 35030  Toni Sokoloski  Massachusetts
Nr. 35029  Claudia Walzak  New Zealand
Nr. 35028  Tina Pota  Macedonia  The Former Yugoslav Republic OfI am realy happy that my country is not part of EU I hope that will never be part of not human "society".Killing the most noble animals -dolphis on cruel way IS TOO MUCH!!!BIG SHAME FROM DENMARK AND FOR ALL EU COUNTRIES.
Nr. 35027  Kylee Allen  Australia
Nr. 35026  Carmen Stauss  Indiana
Nr. 35025  Dunja Kober  Australia
Nr. 35024  Sabine Rossow-Braun  Germany No men´s "tradition" is worth the life of any animal! Shame on you!
Nr. 35023  Werne Marzi  Germany
Nr. 35022  Jutta Schriever  Germany
Nr. 35021  Anja Kroeger  Germany
Nr. 35020  Ingeborg Livaditis  Germany
Nr. 35019  Hartmut Bader  Germany
Nr. 35018  Christine K. Schweininger  Germany Sehr geehrter Herr Premierminister Johannsen ich bin zutiefst entsetzt über diese grauenhaften Massaker an Grindelwalen die alljährlich auf den Faröer Inseln stattfinden. Getarnt als ein Ritual speziell für männliche Jugendliche werden diese sanften und empfindungsfähigen Tiere auf brutalste Weise massakriert. Darüberhinaus ist der Verzehr von Wal- und Delfinflisch lebensgefährlich. Ich bitte Sie eindringlich dieses sinnlose Töten und Quälen zu verbieten. Jedem ist dringend davon abzuraten weder Produkte Ihrer Inseln zu kaufen noch eine Reise dorthin zu unternehmen solange Sie gegen diese grauenhaften Massaker nichts tun
Nr. 35017  Xenia Hartleb  Germany
Nr. 35016  Natalie Strobel  Germany Das muss!!!!! endlich aufhören......
Nr. 35015  Fabienne Mundhenke  Germany
Nr. 35014  Barbara Korte  Germany
Nr. 35013  Achim Koch  Germany
Nr. 35012  Anne Holmberg  Denmark
Nr. 35011  Peggy H.  Germany
Nr. 35010  Monica Kaiser  Switzerland
Nr. 35009  Bridgette Kostek  Florida
Nr. 35008  Bodenmüller Sybille  Germany
Nr. 35007  Chris Hackshaw  Saint Lucia
Nr. 35006  Hermann Leuchtenberg  Germany STOP THAT CRAZY KILLING !!!
Nr. 35005  Marcelis Verkuyl  Canada
Nr. 35004  Jana Herzog  Germany
Nr. 35003  Schoch Gerda  Switzerland Es gibt keinen einzigen akzeptablen Grund Delphine und Wale zu töten.
Nr. 35002  Hans-Peter Blecher  Germany How stuborn can a nation be not to stop killing whales just for fun "to create a bonding among the youth" is such a rediculous justification for that reason
Nr. 35001  Slavica Vukelic  Serbia And Montenegro
Nr. 35000  Heiko Kiszio  Germany
Nr. 34999  Anna Schimpf  Germany
Nr. 34998  Lidia Schimpf  Germany
Nr. 34997  Valentin Schimpf  Germany
Nr. 34996  Camilla Ebert  Germany
Nr. 34995  Lilo Strasser  Germany This massacre of whales and dolphins is not in accordance with any national/human necessity! And if it is declared a "tradition"- it is a bad tradition and must be stopped
Nr. 34994  Sierra Goodman  California It is time to change and evolve.
Nr. 34993  Eric Coull  United Kingdom
Nr. 34992  Benjamin Conradi  Germany
Nr. 34991  Eva Maurer-Huber  Austria
Nr. 34990  Susanne Mohr  Germany
Nr. 34989  Maria Ovando  Spain
Nr. 34988  Walter Stender  Germany
Nr. 34987  René Hillebrand  Germany
Nr. 34986  Sonderegger Dolores  Switzerland
Nr. 34985  HUBER Markus  Austria Whale meat consumption is not to be needed by human beeings in our world now!!! Stop this useless killing!!!!!!!!
Nr. 34984  Stefanie Völkers  Germany
Nr. 34983  Sophie Gilbert  United Kingdom When traditions are good they are good. When traditions are bad they must be stopped. And you don't need the whale meat to survive guys.
Nr. 34982  Barbara Rolf  Germany
Nr. 34981  Claudia Maiwald  Germany
Nr. 34980  Fetze Ebers  Australia STOP KILLING STOP KILLING STOP KILLING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 34979  Brigitte Pamer  Austria Die Brutalität mit der die Fischer die intelligenten sozialen und empfindungsfähigen Tiere töten ist bar jeder Beschreibung. Abgesehen von der Grausamkeit dieser Methode und dem Leid dem die Tiere ausgesetzt sind vernichten die Färinger damit Bausteine des Genpools und bedrohen die genetische Vielfalt dieser Art. Die Färöer sind auf Grindwale als Nahrungsmittel längst nicht mehr angewiesen die Jagd auf die Meeressäuger ist daher vollkommen unnötig. Darüber hinaus belegen jüngste Studien dass Wal- und Delfinfleisch stark kontaminiert und daher für den menschlichen Verzehr ungeeignet ist. Niemand sollte mehr Grindwalfleisch essen.
Nr. 34978  Klaus Kreutzburg  Germany
Nr. 34977  Nichole Long  Alabama
Nr. 34976  Sonja Csitkovics  Austria
Nr. 34975  Schrampf Pamela  Austria
Nr. 34974  Wolfgang Bauer  Austria
Nr. 34973  Nadine Zangerle  Germany How many generations will see this beautiful nature what is around us? The humans know only one thing to do with it - to destroy it. When will they learn when will they open their eyes?
Nr. 34972  Magdalena Fischhuber  Austria
Nr. 34971  Max Liebgott  Germany
Nr. 34970  Barbara Krug  Austria
Nr. 34969  Thomas Jones  New York
Nr. 34968  Luis Tirado  Florida
Nr. 34967  Mario Schmidt  Germany Stop the barbaric tradition! The time of middleage is over.
Nr. 34966  Jennifer Gardner  Florida
Nr. 34965  Leticia Frutos  Paraguay
Nr. 34964  Delacroix Kajetan  France
Nr. 34963  Cosima Engel  Germany
Nr. 34962  Schmidiger Brigitte  Switzerland
Nr. 34961  Marco Durepos  Canada
Nr. 34960  Cheryl Golbeck  Canada
Nr. 34959  MARY LEARN  Canada
Nr. 34958  Linda Mills  New York
Nr. 34957  Jonas Loeckx  Germany
Nr. 34956  Sarah Baker  Illinois
Nr. 34955  Helga Haus-Seuffert  Germany Old obsolete traditions like whale hunting and the consumption of their meat must be abolished. Show that the Faroes Islands are ready for the 21st century and its challenges!
Nr. 34954  Cornelia Maier  Germany
Nr. 34953  Julio Reyes Robles  Peru
Nr. 34952  Sylvia Kaufmann  Germany
Nr. 34951  Lotta Fees  Germany
Nr. 34950  Jane Gorman  United Kingdom
Nr. 34949  Sylvia Rammer  Austria
Nr. 34948  Christoph Volz  Germany
Nr. 34947  Tobias Goldbach  Germany
Nr. 34946  Ulrike Fleck  Germany
Nr. 34945  Stefan Merten  Germany
Nr. 34944  Stephanie Johanna Goldbach  Germany
Nr. 34943  Claudia Gomes  Portugal Do it for your own helth and for your childreen
Nr. 34942  Irene Katsouri  Italy
Nr. 34941  Julian Mächler  Germany I'm just one year old but I would love to see these dolphins in the future. Please stop KILLING them. Don't you think about your children? If not then you should better have none...
Nr. 34940  Patricia Randolph  Wisconsin We humans have destroyed 95% of the large mammals in our oceans in gluttony and cruelty. Please stop contributing to it.
Nr. 34939  Martina Loeffler  Germany
Nr. 34938  Roberto Pontaza  Guatemala
Nr. 34937  Alison Clay  United Kingdom
Nr. 34936  David Dey  Germany David Dey
Nr. 34935  Glen Venezio  Puerto Rico
Nr. 34934  Monika Hilgers
Nr. 34933  Habeeb Hassan  Maldives
Nr. 34932  John Friday  California Man needs to wake up! It's no longer the 19th century and we don't need whale oil or meat to survive nor do the Faroe Islands. I know first hand most native people prefer spam to whale meat.
Nr. 34931  Berktold M.  Germany To the Government of the Faroe Islands Dear Ladies and Gentlemen stop immediately this brutal cruelty to animals. Such acting is not any more up-to-date.
Nr. 34930  Chad Fordham  Michigan
Nr. 34929  Christine Teo  China
Nr. 34928  Torsten Wendler  Germany
Nr. 34927  Michael Bous  Germany
Nr. 34926  Pamela Heaps  California This needs to stop before these beautiful creatures are only in the history books..They are part of the oceans food chain not ours.. if we keep depleating the earth of its balance we are doomed
Nr. 34925  Kiss Aurelia  Romania
Nr. 34924  KISS IULIU  Romania
Nr. 34923  CSEPEI BARNA  Romania
Nr. 34922  Sibel Ahmedova  Bulgaria
Nr. 34921  Inge Boey  Belgium
Nr. 34920  Paola Ghidotti  Italy
Nr. 34919  Debb Lovett  Australia
Nr. 34918  Thomas Urland  Germany
Nr. 34917  Helena Ludwig  Austria
Nr. 34916  Catherine Garrigus  Ohio
Nr. 34915  Jeanine Sabet  Egypt
Nr. 34914  Rose Star  Texas Stop anyone worldwide from killing dolphins. There is no excuse for murder and that's what it is.
Nr. 34913  Alec Pedersen  California As signatories of this declaration we fall in with the organizations WDSF and ProWal and demand: Provide safety to your population and future generations and prohibit generally and by law the consumption of whale meat in the Faroe Islands.
Nr. 34912  Gergana Angelova  Germany
Nr. 34911  Aileen Dinh  Washington
Nr. 34910  MarÃa Concepción Castro Fragueiro  Spain
Nr. 34909  Tara Ross  Canada Please help stop the violence!!!!!
Nr. 34908  Andrea Cramp  United Kingdom
Nr. 34907  Vioget Céline  Switzerland
Nr. 34906  Erich Liedl  Austria stop the murders shame
Nr. 34905  Ursula Winkler  Austria
Nr. 34904  Gundel Hermann  Germany  Ich bin entsetzt über die brutalen Grindwalmassaker die jedes Jahr auf den Färöern stattfinden. Ich bitte Sie hiermit diese grausame "Tradition" zu verbieten. Solange die Waltötungen weitergehen werde ich weder Produkte der Färöer kaufen und noch einen Urlaub auf den Inseln planen.
Nr. 34903  Lisa Salazar  California Stop this terrible cruelty now!
Nr. 34902  Jodie Thorsen  Arkansas
Nr. 34901  Andrew Randrianasulu  Russian Federation
Nr. 34900  Dawn Midgley  New Jersey
Nr. 34899  Giuseppe Vaccalluzzo  Luxembourg
Nr. 34898  Alfred Ruhland  Germany
Nr. 34897  Christine Ruhland  Germany
Nr. 34896  Krissi Bo  Greece Please please put a stop to this inhuman cruelty.
Nr. 34895  Maria Moeckel  Germany
Nr. 34894  Antoine Guerin  Germany
Nr. 34893  Marcia McDuffie  California
Nr. 34892  Christina Truog  Switzerland
Nr. 34891  Emil Pestel  Germany
Nr. 34890  Sonja Mächler  Germany Stooooooppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 34889  Irmgard Kemming  France PLEASE - STOP THIS ATROCITY !
Nr. 34888  Rosemarie Stahl  Germany
Nr. 34887  Marion Müller  Germany stop these terrible stupid killing!!!!
Nr. 34886  Marc Broehmer  Germany
Nr. 34885  Angela Sauco  Italy
Nr. 34884  Adriana Belle  Italy
Nr. 34883  Aletta Kraan  Canada
Nr. 34882  Heribert Kuepper  Germany
Nr. 34881  Hisashi Koze  Japan
Nr. 34880  Daniela Mächler  Germany
Nr. 34879  Christian Mächler  Germany
Nr. 34878  Wolfgang Kasseckert  Germany
Nr. 34877  Maria Treneva  Bulgaria
Nr. 34876  Astrid Preiß  Germany Your local Chief Medical Officers Pal Weihe and Högni Debes Joensen were the ones who found out. Why don't you listen to them? Even if it is hard to understand as it has a long tradition on your island - please stop killing whales and stop eating their meat. If impossible to do so just because these animals are endangered - please do it because of your peoples health!
Nr. 34875  Michael Reger  France
Nr. 34874  Daria Fuller-Dinger  Germany
Nr. 34873  Lydia Seigerschmid  Germany
Nr. 34872  Constanze Rossner  Germany This petition is about the health of the whale-slaughtering people but I must admit that I don't care about them. The kids... okay. But this barbaric "tradition" has to stop.. I'm disgusted beyond words.
Nr. 34871  Michael Plößer  Germany
Nr. 34870  Ben Vidalie  France
Nr. 34869  Maria Schneider  Germany
Nr. 34868  Bianca Schneider  Germany
Nr. 34867  Kim Schneider  Germany
Nr. 34866  Alike Schroeder  Maldives When will this cruel tradition finaly stop????? It's about time to end this useless massacre!! NOW!!! Stop it!!!
Nr. 34865  Natalia Azargado  Chile
Nr. 34864  Katrin Preckwinkel  Germany
Nr. 34863  Paul Golombiewski  Germany
Nr. 34862  Brigitte Hiller  Portugal
Nr. 34861  Melanie Schuh  Germany
Nr. 34860  Kathrin Hofmann  Netherlands what since her only for people? stopt this massaker now!!!
Nr. 34859  Lydia Schloh  Austria
Nr. 34858  Ida Montalvo  Puerto Rico I sign this petition because not only is it poisonous to eat whale but whale was never intended for human consumption. We must respect our natural wildlife especially this delicate water mammal that is so fabulous and has so much to teach us i sincerely feel much hurt and pain when i here this sort of news and i will not tolerate it so like my friends. I am signing this petition very gladly!
Nr. 34857  Hanna Erkel  Hungary
Nr. 34856  Karen Ingram  Virginia Please HELP!!!
Nr. 34855  Matsi Yasei  Texas
Nr. 34854  Deborah Downs  Australia Why feed your children meat that is dangerously full of heavy metals any sane person should heed this message alone even if you don't care about the innocent mammals you kill at least think of your children!!
Nr. 34853  Kristi Knotts  California
Nr. 34852  Jennifer Queen  Pennsylvania
Nr. 34851  Cherry Marrone  Oregon
Nr. 34850  Nadia Aryani  Indonesia Stop violating animals and stop being dumb people!!!!
Nr. 34849  Sara Pollock  Virginia
Nr. 34848  Laurie Brewer  Ohio
Nr. 34847  David Mac Kercher  New York Whale's are depleting with every day. The need is now to educate the people to use other mean's for food.
Nr. 34846  Andreia Sanches  Brazil
Nr. 34845  Jennifer Hall  Tennessee
Nr. 34844  Alana Ross  California
Nr. 34843  Jennifer Andrews  Canada
Nr. 34842  Stephen Delehanty  California DO THE RIGHT THING!!!!
Nr. 34841  Christa Rust  Germany
Nr. 34840  Rumberger Marija  Switzerland
Nr. 34839  Mary Foley  Ireland
Nr. 34838  Donata Godlewska  Germany warum delphine ....sie sind doch unsere freundegenau wie die wale diese kommerze sin reine ausbeuter...er wird sich rächen
Nr. 34837  Marilu Hagen  Florida
Nr. 34836  Burghild Wiget  Switzerland
Nr. 34835  Billy Davis  Oregon
Nr. 34834  Emma Hardwick  New Zealand
Nr. 34833  Beatriz Tur  Brazil
Nr. 34832  Kellie Smith  New Hampshire
Nr. 34831  Jim Oxyer  Kentucky
Nr. 34830  Julie Uelman  California
Nr. 34829  Andreas Bahr  Germany The Times are done in there we hunting animals for our survivel.
Nr. 34828  Giulia Sciarretta  France
Nr. 34827  Felicia Macedo  California
Nr. 34826  Britney Macedo  California
Nr. 34825  HARRY FORTUNE  United Kingdom
Nr. 34824  Jose Ovidio Perez Morel  Dominican Republic
Nr. 34823  Afroditi Katsikis  California
Nr. 34822  Yvonne Kicker  Germany
Nr. 34821  Mary Truelove  Indiana
Nr. 34820  D.J. Rombach  Germany
Nr. 34819  Lyhann O'Shaughnessy  Mexico
Nr. 34818  Katerina Polianska  Ukraine
Nr. 34817  Marcus Habermehl  Germany
Nr. 34816  Hans Lak  Netherlands
Nr. 34815  Chris McCabe  United Kingdom
Nr. 34814  Ilona Lucas  Germany Please stop it!!!
Nr. 34813  Maria Skinner  United Kingdom
Nr. 34812  Sybille Schiele  Germany
Nr. 34811  Alexandra Zinnecker  Germany
Nr. 34810  Ailed Rivera  Puerto Rico
Nr. 34809  Korb Susan  Switzerland I will not visit Denmark unless this 'tradition' will be stopped - there is no excuse on Earth for such a miserbale and inhuman behaviour a shame for all who call themselves 'human beeings'!
Nr. 34808  Linda London  Georgia
Nr. 34807  Angela Gillingham  California
Nr. 34806  Barbara Black  Virginia
Nr. 34805  Ruby Baatar  California It is so cruel to kill these such a beautiful animals! Must end now!
Nr. 34804  Penelope Ryan  Arizona I do not know how to end the massacre. Almost always profit is behind the cruelty. Perhaps if they were educated to the profit of just seeing the beauty of letting them live as GOD intended.
Nr. 34803  Birga Bohn  Germany We cannot allow people acting so unimaginably cruel. Please stop this massacre immediately.
Nr. 34802  Susan Ferrara  Pennsylvania
Nr. 34801  Sussie Sims  California

Nr. 34800  Amanda Fraser  Canada Even though Im think its wrong to kill any animal I dont understand why a country would want to hurt their ecotourism? In Hawaii people spend thousands to see whales why would you want to miss that opportunity? Treat your country's treasures with respect and good things will come.
Nr. 34799  Sarah Rowten  New Mexico
Nr. 34798  Thomas Bergmann  Germany
Nr. 34797  Marissa Abramovic  North Carolina
Nr. 34796  Faith Campbell  Canada
Nr. 34795  Leon Vrins  Netherlands Eating whale meat is an act of destruction not only of the whale population but also of the ecosystem of the oceans
Nr. 34794  Eileen Perahia  New York please stop this
Nr. 34793  Fulvia Marino  Italy
Nr. 34792  ROBERT FRY  United Kingdom
Nr. 34791  Karin Schmidt  Germany
Nr. 34790  Natasa Moulou  Greece
Nr. 34789  Heike Ludwig  Germany
Nr. 34788  JoAnne Perdue  Florida
Nr. 34787  Marc Grawunder  Germany
Nr. 34786  Diane and Syd Marcus  Illinois
Nr. 34785  Kain Jaumann  Germany STOP THIS CRUELTY MASSACRE!
Nr. 34784  Mary Alexander  Virginia
Nr. 34783  Melek Can  Turkey
Nr. 34782  Hasan Cetin  Turkey
Nr. 34781  Pam Johnson  Indiana
Nr. 34780  Anja Berg  Germany
Nr. 34779  Helga Anders  Austria
Nr. 34778  Victoria CHASLE CASTILLO  France
Nr. 34777  Lee Roessler  Pennsylvania
Nr. 34774  Linda Brockett  United Kingdom
Nr. 34773  Achim Foelster  Germany It is not acceptable that such a wale massacre is happening in Europe. We all know that the diversity of species is important for our own future.
Nr. 34772  Val Munchow  South Africa
Nr. 34771  Hannelore Steinhof  Germany Für weitere Auswirkungen fügen Sie eine persönliche Bemerkung hier
Nr. 34770  Francesca Ginella  Switzerland
Nr. 34769  Maarit Haapapuro  Finland Absolutely agree!
Nr. 34768  Dagmar Oest  Germany I feel sick just thinking about people like you at faroe islands- there is no reason and no excuse for this masskilling of whales !
Nr. 34767  Kelly Bula  Switzerland
Nr. 34766  Sonia Rowland  Germany
Nr. 34765  Monika Weber  Germany
Nr. 34764  Claudia Steinhof  Germany Wir Befinden uns im Jahr 2010 und nicht mehr in der Steinzeit! Das grausame Töten von Meeressäugern ist primitiv und durch keine Tradition zu rechtfertigenebenso wenig wie Stierkämpfe Greyhoundrennen etc! Es darf im Jahr 2011 kein weiteres Massaker auf den Färöer-Inseln mehr geben!!!
Nr. 34763  Marietta W.Alfaro  California
Nr. 34762  Deni Hall  Indiana
Nr. 34761  Irene CARREIRA  Austria
Nr. 34760  Sharmila Kallauch  Austria
Nr. 34759  STAUDINGER Peter  Austria
Nr. 34758  Enricks Spaikers  New Jersey
Nr. 34757  Marlena Krason  Poland
Nr. 34756  Hugentobler Sonja  Switzerland
Nr. 34755  Joe Franz  Spain
Nr. 34754  Monique Lamarca  France
Nr. 34753  Simon Van Bonn  Germany
Nr. 34752  Uwe Förster  Germany
Nr. 34751  Lisa Larsson  Sweden There is no excuse for the brutal killing of whole families of slowly reproducing mammals who we yet know very little about. The future is in whale watching.
Nr. 34750  Ena Hillgaertner  Germany
Nr. 34749  SCHAFFER Manfred  Austria
Nr. 34748  Martina Leeb  Austria
Nr. 34747  Ariane Da Luz  Germany
Nr. 34746  Jens U. Loehner  Germany
Nr. 34745  Andrea Dietrich  Austria
Nr. 34744  Elfi Boeckler  Germany
Nr. 34743  Wouter Van Hove  Belgium The cruel slaughter of these awesome creatures must end NOW!
Nr. 34742  Angelika Schwab  Germany
Nr. 34741  Kimberly Jones  Canada
Nr. 34740  Lisa Miller  Germany
Nr. 34739  Kissling Pia  Switzerland Please stopp that cruel slaughter. The world is watching what you are doing...
Nr. 34738  Heiz Kamann  Germany www.grancanariafreunde.de
Nr. 34737  Florian Schneider  Germany
Nr. 34736  Tomas Gerhardt  Germany
Nr. 34735  Robert Tillner  Germany
Nr. 34734  Claus Luehring  Germany !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 34733  Nadine Staschko  Germany
Nr. 34732  Karl-Heinz Fechner  Germany
Nr. 34731  Bianca Fechner  Germany
Nr. 34730  Ingrid Fechner  Germany
Nr. 34729  Claudia Schwab-Hundseder  Germany stop
Nr. 34728  Sabrina Holste  Germany
Nr. 34727  Annette Bader  Germany
Nr. 34726  Martine Van adorp  Belgium this must end.
Nr. 34725  Natalie Van Leekwijck  Belgium
Nr. 34724  Lisa Eichler  Germany
Nr. 34723  Dalia Hettfield  California
Nr. 34722  Frank Hummel  Germany
Nr. 34721  Andrea Bartha  Hungary
Nr. 34720  Samantha Grundhöfer  Germany
Nr. 34719  Lilo Prinz  Switzerland
Nr. 34718  Erwin Sattler  Germany
Nr. 34717  Anna Glowacka  Poland
Nr. 34716  Ludger Wilp  Germany
Nr. 34715  William Rhein  Germany
Nr. 34714  Stefanie Bán  Germany
Nr. 34713  Manfred Schiess  Germany
Nr. 34712  Diana Zieger  Germany
Nr. 34711  Ulrike Busch  Germany
Nr. 34710  Jürgen Binder  Germany
Nr. 34709  Anna Kohout  Germany
Nr. 34708  Jrene Zürcher  Indonesia
Nr. 34707  Barbara Zanotti  Austria the earth does not belong to men alone!
Nr. 34706  Marcel Pesse  Switzerland
Nr. 34705  Romolo Delle Fave  Switzerland
Nr. 34704  Leni Huggenberger  Switzerland
Nr. 34703  Noldi Pesse  Switzerland
Nr. 34702  Karin Pesse  Switzerland
Nr. 34701  Claire Despins  Canada
Nr. 34700  Daniela Koetzsch  Germany
Nr. 34699  Lausch Günter  Austria
Nr. 34698  Barbara Zolper  Germany
Nr. 34697  Alexandra Bräutigam  Germany
Nr. 34696  D. Tess  Germany
Nr. 34695  Birgitt Nettelbusch  Germany
Nr. 34694  Andreas Reinert  Germany
Nr. 34693  Mona Gerhartinger  Germany
Nr. 34692  Elvira Höll  Germany
Nr. 34691  Dora Hardegger  Switzerland This is so cruel there are no words for. This MUST STOP !!!
Nr. 34690  Herlan Marcel  Germany The biggest Monster is the human!!
Nr. 34689  Edgar Guhde  Germany
Nr. 34688  Janine Fischer  Germany I can't understand this 'traditional'thinking of the faroer fishermen!!!! Its cruelly!
Nr. 34687  Maria Luise Narang  Germany
Nr. 34686  Ida Mahieu  United Kingdom
Nr. 34685  Aubard Jacques  France
Nr. 34684  Maximilian Haas  Germany
Nr. 34683  Charlois Emilie  France
Nr. 34682  Shirley Libii  Germany
Nr. 34681  Silvia Benz  Germany
Nr. 34680  Heiko Schiemann  Germany
Nr. 34679  Ines Odaischi  Germany
Nr. 34678  Jürgen Gerlach  Germany
Nr. 34677  Mina Garming  Germany
Nr. 34676  Andrea Pelster  Germany
Nr. 34675  Ernst W. Henrich  Switzerland
Nr. 34674  Deborah Outman  Georgia
Nr. 34673  Gudrun Henninger  Germany
Nr. 34672  Annemarie Trabelsi  Germany
Nr. 34671  Steven Sutton  Colorado
Nr. 34670  Maria Quintas  Portugal
Nr. 34669  Katherine Nield  Utah Katherine Nield
Nr. 34668  Daniel Jenkins Sr.  Florida
Nr. 34667  Monika V  France
Nr. 34666  Barbara Sauer  Germany
Nr. 34665  Ralf Theuer  Germany Everything what ist against the nature has in the long run no continuance. Charles Darwin
Nr. 34664  Luz Garcia  Argentina
Nr. 34663  Birras Jasmin  Germany
Nr. 34662  Nadia Donato  New York
Nr. 34661  Erich Eder  Paraguay
Nr. 34660  Alfredo Meixueiro Jimenez  Mexico
Nr. 34659  Sheila Greenway  Washington
Nr. 34658  Maud Vasseur  France
Nr. 34657  Dagmar Sonesson  Sweden
Nr. 34656  Ivona Parkaceva  Macedonia  The Former Yugoslav Republic Of
Nr. 34655  Ann Cawley  Missouri
Nr. 34654  Barbara Schmitz  Germany
Nr. 34653  Wilhelm Hombach  Germany
Nr. 34652  Karin Link  Germany
Nr. 34651  Daniela Brzobohata  Czech Republic
Nr. 34650  Deniz Gezgin  Turkey
Nr. 34649  Hans Jürgen Hauf  Germany
Nr. 34648  Silvia Ayoub  Germany
Nr. 34647  Sarah Bähner  Germany
Nr. 34646  Peter Beck  Switzerland
Nr. 34645  Cynthia Villaume  France
Nr. 34644  Kira-Natascha Doppler  Germany
Nr. 34643  Debra Rose  United Kingdom
Nr. 34642  Maria Hämmerle  Austria
Nr. 34641  Roland Treichel  Germany
Nr. 34640  Ursula Süss  Germany
Nr. 34639  Ingrid Bahr  Netherlands
Nr. 34638  Joachim Facklam  Germany
Nr. 34637  Erika A. Heidker-Eckner  Germany
Nr. 34636  Phoebe Chayance  United Kingdom
Nr. 34635  Mira Iordanescu  Canada
Nr. 34634  Doris Lange  Germany
Nr. 34633  Jutta-Maria Geyken  Germany I hope so much that there will be an end with eating animals - it is not necessary especially not the meat of whales!
Nr. 34632  Noah Heinz  Germany
Nr. 34631  Christian Hartmann  Germany
Nr. 34630  Sonja Pfützenreiter  Germany
Nr. 34629  Irena Metodieva  Bulgaria
Nr. 34628  Corinne Ramsden  United Kingdom
Nr. 34627  Inge Pollaschek  Germany
Nr. 34626  Walter Johanna  Austria
Nr. 34625  Deborah Hoover  Florida
Nr. 34624  Gerty Kuch-Jenne  Germany
Nr. 34623  Astrid Fröhlich  Austria
Nr. 34622  Heike Hansen-Schiemann  Germany
Nr. 34621  BROOKE WELCH  Texas
Nr. 34620  Brigitte Weik  Germany
Nr. 34619  Hanna Michaels  Spain
Nr. 34618  Dimitiris Manesis  Greece
Nr. 34617  Karin Besgen  Germany Stoppen Sie den Konsum von Walfleisch. sie kennen die Auswirkungen.
Nr. 34616  Britta Eßers  Germany
Nr. 34615  Kerstin Bast  Germany
Nr. 34614  Rosmarie Zaehringer  Germany Die Grausamkeit gegen die Tiere und auch schon die Teilnahmslosigkeit gegenüber ihren Leiden ist eine der schwersten Sünden des Menschengeschlechts. Sie ist die Grundlage der menschlichen Verderbtheit. (Magnus)
Nr. 34613  Gerhard Demmer  Germany
Nr. 34612  Gaby Mieth  Germany
Nr. 34611  Vivian Kate Wichmann  Germany
Nr. 34610  Barbara Simon  Germany
Nr. 34609  Jana Ziem  Germany
Nr. 34608  Karl-Heinz Fechner  Germany
Nr. 34607  Sascha Meyer  Germany
Nr. 34606  Bianca Fechner  Germany
Nr. 34605  Ingrid Fechner  Germany
Nr. 34604  Doris Götz  Germany
Nr. 34603  Tatsiana Rehn  Germany
Nr. 34602  Viktor Storz  Germany
Nr. 34601  Lorenz Steininger  Germany
Nr. 34600  Reinhold Kraus  Germany
Nr. 34599  Annemieke Antonisen  Netherlands This is so cruel  there are no words for. This MUST STOP !!!
Nr. 34598  Ilona Grieger  Germany
Nr. 34597  Simone Alberti  Germany
Nr. 34596  Elisabeth Mederer  Germany
Nr. 34595  Iris Röll  Germany Iris Röll
Nr. 34594  Kai Mauerhoff  Germany I pay you 10 kg bio beef if you let and keep the wales alive
Nr. 34593  Karla Mueller  Germany
Nr. 34592  Edeltraud Wiemers  Germany
Nr. 34591  Helgard Böhme  Germany
Nr. 34590  Astrid Suchanek  Germany
Nr. 34589  Bernd Nies  Switzerland
Nr. 34588  Walter Friedmann  Germany
Nr. 34587  Antonietta Tumminello  Germany
Nr. 34586  Anneke H  Germany
Nr. 34585  Martina Patterson  Germany
Nr. 34584  Heike Schmedinghoff  Germany
Nr. 34583  Christine Götz  Austria
Nr. 34582  Marion Wille  Germany
Nr. 34581  Norm Tolonen  Oregon
Nr. 34580  Christine Giannini  Washington
Nr. 34579  Judith Leon  Nevada
Nr. 34578  Karin Marti  Switzerland
Nr. 34577  Marion Waidmann  Austria
Nr. 34576  Birgit Beciri  Germany
Nr. 34575  Bettina Roeder  Germany
Nr. 34574  Tina Franzgrote  Germany
Nr. 34573  Diana Waidmann  Austria
Nr. 34572  Ronald Blom  Netherlands STOP THE KILLING
Nr. 34571  Ekeim Teeuwisse  Netherlands
Nr. 34570  Manuela Liebscher  Germany Ich werde mit all meinen mir zur Verfügung stehenden Kräften für den Schutz der Meeressäger eintreten.
Nr. 34569  Barry Seth  Illinois
Nr. 34568  Doris Doppler  Germany take responsibility to the people in your country.. dont let them eat the whale meat.. you know it.. its toxic!!!
Nr. 34567  Irene Brosseit  Germany
Nr. 34566  Irma Jankowski  Germany Stop whale massacre!!!!
Nr. 34565  Christian Schulze  Germany
Nr. 34564  Nesrin Kaiser  Turkey STOP!
Nr. 34563  Peter Kaiser  Turkey Stop it now!
Nr. 34562  Karin Köhler  Germany In the world there are all around little Hitlers as you can see........
Nr. 34561  M. Hipp  Germany
Nr. 34560  Tammy Boatman  Indiana
Nr. 34559  Diana Luna  Mexico
Nr. 34558  Alicia Spanier  Canada too much mercury is so bad for us humans
Nr. 34557  Jennifer Parks  Oregon
Nr. 34556  Natalie Kallenbach  Kansas
Nr. 34555  Jemma Napier  California This is a very worthy and just cause. It must be stopped and now!
Nr. 34554  Margaret Ross  New York
Nr. 34553  Vicente Perez  Mexico
Nr. 34552  Kathy Mazurek  Canada
Nr. 34551  Clifford Hritz  Pennsylvania
Nr. 34550  Iris Hochstätter  Switzerland
Nr. 34549  Steven Szelag  Germany
Nr. 34548  Abigail Bradley  Pennsylvania Whale meat contains mercury and by eating this meat you're not only risking your personal health you're giving your support for the extinction of these beautiful and essential beings.
Nr. 34547  Hinkel Michael  Germany
Nr. 34546  Gabriele Hupp  Germany
Nr. 34545  Sylvia Laver  Switzerland
Nr. 34544  Angelika Schui-Lindthaler Schui-Lindthaler  Germany
Nr. 34543  Rocio Salazar  Colombia
Nr. 34542  Ometh Layton  Colombia
Nr. 34541  Nelly Lopez  Colombia
Nr. 34540  Tatiana Torres  Colombia
Nr. 34539  Nicole Graziano  New York
Nr. 34538  Kristina Enghusen  Germany
Nr. 34537  Marco Ritz  Germany
Nr. 34536  Philippe Hammes  Luxembourg
Nr. 34535  Gerhard Salger  Germany
Nr. 34534  Ingeborg Schweiger  Germany
Nr. 34533  Ulrike Eiber  Germany
Nr. 34532  Angelika Wohlfarth  Germany
Nr. 34531  TANGUY Ronald  French Polynesia
Nr. 34530  Lashitha Sanjeev  India
Nr. 34529  Ana Costa  Portugal
Nr. 34528  Ute Sommer  Turkey
Nr. 34527  John Van Hise  Florida
Nr. 34526  Karen Lyons kalmenson  New York
Nr. 34525  Katharina Koch  Germany
Nr. 34524  Pablo Cubos  Mexico Stop whale massacre RIGHT NOW!
Nr. 34523  Kerstin Will  Germany
Nr. 34522  J Flwminf  Canada
Nr. 34521  David Dunkleberger  Pennsylvania
Nr. 34520  Karin Pryk  Germany
Nr. 34519  Karina R.  Germany
Nr. 34518  Christina R.  Germany
Nr. 34517  Franziska Feist  Germany
Nr. 34516  Rudi Steffen  Germany
Nr. 34515  Chris Kelsey  United Kingdom
Nr. 34514  Bruno Geck  Germany
Nr. 34513  Elisabeth Richter  Austria
Nr. 34512  Rose Marie  Malaysia
Nr. 34511  Marie-Jeanne Ruppert  Luxembourg
Nr. 34510  Judith Kowalczyk  Germany
Nr. 34509  Ingeborg Holst  Germany
Nr. 34508  Benjamin Schlumpp  Germany
Nr. 34507  Vesela Karatsaneva  Bulgaria
Nr. 34506  Nina Karatsaneva  Bulgaria
Nr. 34505  Joanna Karatsaneva  Bulgaria
Nr. 34504  Panagiotis Rigopoulos  Greece
Nr. 34503  Alina Soto  Florida
Nr. 34502  Leni Hallmann  Germany
Nr. 34501  Ellen Gehlenborg  Germany
Nr. 34500  Helen Chieco  Texas
Nr. 34499  Jarka Okreskova  Greece
Nr. 34498  Heribert Kuepper  Germany
Nr. 34497  Sandra Weber  Germany
Nr. 34496  Billi Griebler  Germany
Nr. 34495  Kiriako Nedelkos  Germany
Nr. 34494  Heike-Ingeborg Karwatzki  Germany
Nr. 34493  Christina Lohr  Denmark
Nr. 34492  Dana Wong  Texas While I empathize with some indigenous people to keep their culture and traditions alive the quickly dwindling number of whales should be a major consideration in this particular practice.
Nr. 34491  Ralf Henrichs  Germany
Nr. 34490  Cornelia Cornels-Selke  Germany
Nr. 34489  Winfried Herzig  Germany
Nr. 34488  Kai Gronau  Germany
Nr. 34487  Tanja Doerfler  Germany
Nr. 34486  Bill C  Germany
Nr. 34485  Maik Ortmüller  Germany
Nr. 34484  Ellaine Lurie-Janicki  Connecticut
Nr. 34483  Mark Broyles  Germany
Nr. 34482  Timm Ortmüller  Germany
Nr. 34481  Stephen Nicklay  Minnesota
Nr. 34480  Jason Bönnemann  Germany For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 34479  Susanne Schulze-Pietsch  Germany
Nr. 34478  Walter FLUSCHE  Germany If you continue you will more and more loose your attraction for tourists!
Nr. 34477  Erik Shearer  Arizona
Nr. 34476  Johanna Dries  Germany
Nr. 34475  Elodie Maral  France
Nr. 34474  Pamela Newlove  Canada Let's outlaw mass suicide !
Nr. 34473  Alicia Andrews  Italy
Nr. 34472  Kathrin Linnemann  Germany
Nr. 34471  Sonja Celebic  Germany
Nr. 34470  Andrea Breiner  Germany
Nr. 34469  Linda Reynaers  Belgium
Nr. 34468  Adine Wohlmuth  Germany
Nr. 34467  Lars Ortmüller  Germany
Nr. 34466  Sandra Oette  Germany
Nr. 34465  Friederike Preuss  Germany
Nr. 34464  Marco Dehmel  Germany
Nr. 34463  Maria Fongaro  Italy
Nr. 34462  Gernot Michalek  Austria
Nr. 34461  Amanda Perry  Florida
Nr. 34460  Rosi Zang  Germany
Nr. 34459  Kerstin Dietholm  Germany
Nr. 34458  Katja Aref  Germany
Nr. 34457  George Martin  Portugal
Nr. 34456  Miriam Marie Hirschauer  Germany
Nr. 34455  Ewa RomaNOWSKA  Poland STOP WHALING!!
Nr. 34454  Claudine Wilk  Germany
Nr. 34453  Treilles Gwen  Reunion The best weapon is our petitions listen to us we increase everyday.
Nr. 34452  Radostina Dubarova  Bulgaria
Nr. 34451  STEVE KLEIN  Virginia
Nr. 34450  Boyan Dimitrov  Bulgaria
Nr. 34449  Filomena Lomba Viana  United Kingdom
Nr. 34448  Chantal Buslot  Belgium
Nr. 34447  Anja Weber  Germany
Nr. 34446  Frank Hagemann  Germany
Nr. 34445  Brigitte Zlomek  Austria
Nr. 34444  Nils Gundlach  Germany
Nr. 34443  Sandra Märker  Germany
Nr. 34442  Simon Von Mallinckrodt  Germany
Nr. 34441  Blanka Remisz  Poland
Nr. 34440  Ronald Blom  Netherlands
Nr. 34439  Valérie Delaugeas  France
Nr. 34438  Joana Ribeiro Casaca  Portugal
Nr. 34437  Christina Larsen  Denmark
Nr. 34436  Stephanie Schützinger  Germany
Nr. 34435  Marie-france Zamblera  France
Nr. 34434  Patrick Prout  France
Nr. 34433  Caroline Prout  France
Nr. 34432  Ann Lawlor  United Kingdom
Nr. 34431  Nicolai Gottlieb  Denmark
Nr. 34430  Irene Combes  Australia
Nr. 34429  Brett Hobbs  Australia
Nr. 34428  Michelle Sachs  South Africa When will we learn that a country really IS judged by the way they treat their animals AND each other.
Nr. 34427  Beate Doerper  Germany
Nr. 34426  Martina Matysek  Germany
Nr. 34425  Lisa Demirgil  Turkey
Nr. 34424  Tortiller Jean luc  France
Nr. 34423  Maria Oniga  Romania
Nr. 34422  Pam Boland  Georgia
Nr. 34421  Petra Haisam  Egypt
Nr. 34420  Leon Zankiw  New Jersey
Nr. 34419  Anne-Marie Monarovic  Australia
Nr. 34418  Michael Hilgarth  Germany
Nr. 34417  Frank Scheerer  Germany
Nr. 34416  Wolfgang Lefebre  Germany
Nr. 34415  Elena Georgiadou  Greece
Nr. 34414  Angela Arkalakis  Greece
Nr. 34413  Shauna Schuman  California
Nr. 34412  Izon Ng  Singapore
Nr. 34411  Rahul Roshan  India
Nr. 34410  Lisa Thomas  California
Nr. 34409  Patricia Cicerone  Rhode Island
Nr. 34408  Stephanie Stoddard  Minnesota
Nr. 34407  Kirk Keong Lee  Malaysia Not only they are smart but they also poisonous wtih Heavy Metal n Overly exceeded with Mercury... The facts is that the longer the Fish or Mammal live in the sea n the more fish they consume Heavy Metal n Mercury will exceed the limit in they meat... Because of the high levels of mercury in these fish which could harm your baby's developing nervous system. International wildlife protection group WildAid in a bid to stem rising global demand for shark's fin has also warned that eating too much shark's fin can cause sterility in men because it is usually heavily contaminated with mercury and other heavy metals. Mercury cannot be removed by cooking.
Nr. 34406  Helen Basden  Australia
Nr. 34405  Leah Mae Macrohon  Philippines We don't need to eat whale meat. we have other food sources..and now with the discovery of whale meat being unfit for human consumption even the most unsympathetic of whale eaters should stop eating whale meat. Other than that there are hundreds of millions of reasons not to hunt and kill whale..
Nr. 34404  Olivia Skinner  Australia
Nr. 34403  Emily Smedley  United Kingdom
Nr. 34402  AnnMarie Hodgson  Canada It should be time for all human kind to smart up just a little bit....
Nr. 34401  Stacey Kennedy  Texas

Nr. 34400  Taylor Brooks  Sweden
Nr. 34399  Ester Margaride  Portugal
Nr. 34398  Roland A.E Collignon  Belgium
Nr. 34397  Martine Polain  Belgium
Nr. 34396  Jean-Pierre Furio  Belgium
Nr. 34395  Claudia Coryell  California
Nr. 34394  Rick Pearson  Texas
Nr. 34393  Mindermann Barbara  France
Nr. 34392  Carol Bischoff  Netherlands
Nr. 34391  Mack David  Australia
Nr. 34390  Violetta Cyran  New York
Nr. 34389  Agnieszka Parades  United Kingdom
Nr. 34388  Lili BOZZOLA  France
Nr. 34387  George Kincses  Australia Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter- Martin Luther King Jnr ......When will common sense prevail
Nr. 34386  Helen Higgins  Ireland We degrade ourselves by eating these most majestic of creatures.
Nr. 34385  Tom Vetterl  Germany
Nr. 34384  Irina Stoehr  United Kingdom
Nr. 34383  Norma Laborie  France Pour plus d'impact ajouter un commentaire personnel ici
Nr. 34382  David Mattinson  Australia
Nr. 34381  Evelyn Rohrbach  Germany I am outraged by the annual brutal slaughter of whales. Please stop and renounce this slaughter immediately and permanently. It is an infringement of the human rights to have to see cruelty to animals. Please take action for an end of these massacres.
Nr. 34380  António Maia  Portugal
Nr. 34379  Christina Delle Fave  Italy
Nr. 34378  Perthuisot Marie  France
Nr. 34377  Lavalley Christine  France Pour plus d'impact ajouter un commentaire personnel ici
Nr. 34376  Sara Serras  Portugal
Nr. 34375  Karel Austin  Florida
Nr. 34374  Eva Bode  Germany
Nr. 34373  Chelsea Townley  North Carolina
Nr. 34372  Soula Christos  South Africa
Nr. 34371  Maria Choratta  Cyprus
Nr. 34370  Monya P.  Germany
Nr. 34369  Pat Goldberg  California
Nr. 34368  Gharbi Karima  Tunisia :)
Nr. 34367  Philippa Powers  Canada
Nr. 34366  Juergen Ortmueller  Germany www.wdsf.eu - We will stop it!
Nr. 34365  Ana Lopes  Portugal
Nr. 34364  Michelle Strudwick  United Arab Emirates
Nr. 34363  Julia Serrago  New York
Nr. 34362  Patrice Marsille  France
Nr. 34361  Jo Daniels  United Kingdom
Nr. 34359  Bettina Faßbender  Germany
Nr. 34358  Jan Wouters  Belgium
Nr. 34357  Katrien Vandevelde  Belgium
Nr. 34356  Julie Butche  Pennsylvania
Nr. 34355  Hanna Pieper  Germany
Nr. 34354  Monika Laubach  Germany Please don´t poison your own kids! To eat whale meat is harmful and dangerous to health . Stop this barbaric whaling!
Nr. 34353  Alexandra Antunes  Portugal
Nr. 34352  Monica Terroba  Mexico Regardless of the physical damage whale meat causes animals have a right to live and NOT be slaughtered as a part of an infamous "tradition". Please be aware that people world wide are aware of this terrible cruelty and that your community is soon to be recognized as cruel and immoral. Take a moment to think about this.
Nr. 34351  Jörg Bender  Germany
Nr. 34350  Denis Mermet  Australia
Nr. 34349  Julia Sidorova  Russian Federation
Nr. 34348  Marco Dobel  Germany
Nr. 34347  Elena Martinez  Spain
Nr. 34346  Claude Bigot  France
Nr. 34345  Fabrizia Angelini  Italy
Nr. 34344  Dagmar Reger  France
Nr. 34343  Claudia Strich  Austria
Nr. 34342  Ferreira Caroline  France
Nr. 34341  SID CARA Beya  France Par pitié laissez les vivre !!!!
Nr. 34340  Bridget Jones  United Kingdom
Nr. 34339  Eva-maria Jung  Austria
Nr. 34338  Helican Ingrid  France
Nr. 34337  Bonnie Brown  New York
Nr. 34336  Inês Moura  Portugal
Nr. 34335  Ashley Rains  New Hampshire
Nr. 34334  Sophia Papadochatzaki  Greece
Nr. 34333  Irmgard Macher  Austria
Nr. 34332  Janmalte Schui  Germany
Nr. 34331  Melissa Berger  California NO ONE needs to eat whales & dolphins!!!! C'mon!!!!
Nr. 34330  Aladin Thaler  Austria
Nr. 34329  NYARI Mària  France STOP!!!
Nr. 34328  Ingo Kaiser  Germany Hy there chiefs of a forward thinking nation: please die fast - by mercury poisioned whale & dolphin meat! That will suck. And save our whales & dolphins. Thank you
Nr. 34327  Daniela Krampe  Germany Stop killing whales!!!
Nr. 34326  Thomas Zinnecker  Germany
Nr. 34325  Depasse Manon  Belgium je ne supporte pas cette barbarie Il existe d'autres aliments sur cette planète
Nr. 34324  Ines Vasquez  Venezuela
Nr. 34323  Sonia Fey  Canada
Nr. 34322  Darren Tebbutt  United Kingdom
Nr. 34321  Paula Santos  Portugal
Nr. 34320  Sonja Reinecke  Germany
Nr. 34319  Kochhan Norbert  Germany
Nr. 34318  Corinne Morelle  France Ces massacres doivent cesser !!!! De plus la consommation de la viande des cétacés peut être dangereuse pour les habitants des Ã?les.
Nr. 34317  Ginette Casswell  United Kingdom
Nr. 34316  Helen Speight  United Kingdom End the consumption of whale meat it isn't good nutrition and these beautiful intelligent creatures should not be slaughtered.
Nr. 34315  Astrid Moeller  Germany
Nr. 34314  Giacomo Dainesi  Mexico
Nr. 34313  Bragance Bragance  France
Nr. 34312  Jan Valenta  Italy
Nr. 34311  Anna Bellin  California
Nr. 34310  Diane Dechievre  France
Nr. 34309  Verbecque Christine  Belgium
Nr. 34308  Barbiot Carine  Belgium horrible
Nr. 34307  Urosh Sredojevich  Bosnia And Herzegovina
Nr. 34306  Sol Sereno  Israel PLEASE STOP THIS CRUEL STUFF
Nr. 34305  Ana Zinger  Brazil
Nr. 34304  Andreas Morlok  Germany PLEASE DON´T POISON YOUR KIDS - STOP WHALING! Bitte vergiften Sie nicht Ihre Kinder - Beenden Sie den Walfang!
Nr. 34303  Sam Lowden  California
Nr. 34302  Christophe Lepretre  France
Nr. 34301  Kelleen Knight  California
Nr. 34300  Sasha Ryzhenko  Israel
Nr. 34299  Kristine Svendsen  Sweden
Nr. 34298  Nancy Murawski  Germany
Nr. 34297  Chris Beal  United Kingdom
Nr. 34296  Adriana Faria  Washington
Nr. 34295  Sabine Mery  France
Nr. 34294  Beth Chaney  California
Nr. 34293  Mandy Zafiropoulou  Greece
Nr. 34292  Gabriele Martinec  Austria
Nr. 34291  Tina Mann  United Kingdom
Nr. 34290  Mário Amorim  Portugal
Nr. 34289  Nicole Graziano  New York
Nr. 34288  Vanbuggenhout Viviane  Belgium
Nr. 34287  Dave Anderson  Florida
Nr. 34286  Manuela Nusser  Italy
Nr. 34285  Umesh Chowdri  India I do agree
Nr. 34284  Telmo Costa  Portugal
Nr. 34283  Nicole Umbreit  Germany
Nr. 34282  Liliana Pereira  Portugal
Nr. 34281  Eric Angeletti  Virginia
Nr. 34280  Laus Jacques  Belgium
Nr. 34279  Nicolette Ludolphi  Germany
Nr. 34278  Joy Ramos  Florida Do it at least for the children
Nr. 34277  Maria Jaeger  Germany
Nr. 34276  David VanDenBerg  Oregon
Nr. 34275  Marcia Serrenho  Portugal
Nr. 34274  Sarah Nigot  Belgium
Nr. 34273  Dinda Evans  California
Nr. 34272  Chum R  Canada
Nr. 34271  Michaela Stoff  Germany
Nr. 34270  Shannon Wright  Georgia
Nr. 34269 Tomas Lebeda Slovakia 
Nr. 34268 Tori Crndall  United States
Nr. 34267 Vladimir Krupnov   Belarus 
Nr. 34266 Ms Liane Simno  
Nr. 34265 Ms Andrea Holle  United States 
Nr. 34264 Debby Goldman  Austria  Stop this brutal and inhumane slaughter.
Nr. 34263 Annaliese Johnston  Australia 
Nr. 34262 Archana Rajagopalan  Singapore  STOP CRUELTY TO SUCH WONDERFUL AND FRIENDLY CREATURES !!! Don't you have a heart? How can you see so much gore and blood
Nr. 34261 Evangeline Greiner  United States 
Nr. 34260 ME Spires  United Kingdom 
Nr. 34259 Katarzyna Lomnicka  Poland 
Nr. 34258 margit marquardt  United States 
Nr. 34257 Kelly Levans  United States
Nr. 34256 David Sewell  United Kingdom  The barbarism of this 'custom' is breathtaking. How can a country be allowed to remain in the EU when it sanctions such
Nr. 34255 Cameron Moore  United States  not the reason i was thinking the cruel slaughter of thoUnited Statesnds of dolphins is what i care about
Nr. 34254 maria stallcup  United States
Nr. 34253 Luis Zuniga  Ecuador 
Nr. 34252 Laura Adkins  United States
Nr. 34251 Leandrie Coomer  United Kingdom 
Nr. 34250 Annie McCall  United States  This is so inhumane and barbaric. The meat isn't even fit to eat so why not just quit the tradition altogether?
Nr. 34249 Sofie Bellou  Greece 
Nr. 34248 Kremer Agnes  Hungary 
Nr. 34247 Melissa Constantinidou  Cyprus 
Nr. 34246 Jerri Miller  United States  It is disgusting to slaughter Dolphins. They are so people friendly and smart and loving. You need to have hearts and STOP the murders!
Nr. 34245 Marina Serdiouk  United States  Stop whaling!!!
Nr. 34244 Dr Andrea Cramp  United Kingdom 
Nr. 34243 giulia sciarretta  
Nr. 34242 Annika Pettersson  Sweden 
Nr. 34241 Jackie Hatch  United Kingdom 
Nr. 34240 Milena Lukanova  Bulgaria
Nr. 34239 Genka Petrova  Bulgaria 
Nr. 34238 Kristina Petkova  Bulgaria 
Nr. 34237 Kirill Karpov   Russian Federation 
Nr. 34236 Natasha Bystrova  Russian Federation 
Nr. 34235 Gay Youens   United Kingdom 
Nr. 34234 Lisa Cullen  United States
Nr. 34233 Douglas Benson  United States  Try one of those swim with the dolphins programs first and the let the dolphins decide.
Nr. 34232 Krisztina Czugeber  Hungary 
Nr. 34231 Noémi Vidovszki  Hungary 
Nr. 34230 Donna Colucci  United States
Nr. 34229 Brian Ault  United States
Nr. 34228 David Kaliner  United States
Nr. 34227 Carmen McDougall  United States  This is so unnecessary. Eat more vegetables.
Nr. 34226 kim butler  United States
Nr. 34225 Kerri Butler  United States
Nr. 34224 Bailey Kong  United States
Nr. 34223 Sandra Vargas   United States
Nr. 34222 Nancy Smith  United States  Please end the slaughter of dolphins
Nr. 34221 Terry Geronazzo  United States  These killings need to stop.
Nr. 34220 Valerie Sherrill  United States
Nr. 34219 Daisy Benavides Homestead FL United States  Please help to stop the abuse of these poor animals.
Nr. 34218 Jenny Palacios  United States
Nr. 34217 leanne herniman  United Kingdom 
Nr. 34216 Sara Britt  United States
Nr. 34215 Cynthia Davila  United States
Nr. 34214 stephen le  United Kingdom 
Nr. 34213 lory ghezzi  Canada 
Nr. 34212 Peggy Murray  United States
Nr. 34211 Victoria Cooke  United States  SHAME
Nr. 34210 Chris O'Brien  United States
Nr. 34209 Harrigan Logan  United States
Nr. 34208 gail dair perth  Australia
Nr. 34207 Paige Fiddler  Canada
Nr. 34206 Tamara Austin  Australia
Nr. 34205 Kate Brown  Australia
Nr. 34204 Monya Persich  Germany  Please STOP this cruelty and think about it !!!
Nr. 34203 karen singleton  United Kingdom
Nr. 34202 Sara Wakely  United States  Save the dolphins!
Nr. 34201 Dalia E.   United States
Nr. 34200 Darlene Davis  United States
Nr. 34199 Jennifer Daniel  United Kingdom 
Nr. 34198 Rhonda Maness
Nr. 34197 Sherrie Estes  United States  PLEASE stop this senseless slaughter!
Nr. 34196 Julie Hopper  United States
Nr. 34195 Chantal Buslot    Belgium
Nr. 34194 gail dair  Australia 
Nr. 34193 Shirley Strang  Australia  Stop the slaughter of DOLPHINS
Nr. 34192 Aneliese Krulicki  Canada
Nr. 34191 Deborah Outman
Nr. 34190 Marta Barahona
Nr. 34189 Sarah woods  United Kingdom 
Nr. 34188 Colleen Klaum  United States
Nr. 34187 Carin Zellerman
Nr. 34186 Katrin ForTheAnimals  United States
Nr. 34185 charles mclachlan   United Kingdom 
Nr. 34184 Pamylle Greinke
Nr. 34183 Maria Schneider  Germany
Nr. 34182 Maggie A.  United States
Nr. 34181 biljana nikolic  Serbia
Nr. 34180 Mack David
Nr. 34179 Pam Fioretti  Australia
Nr. 34178 C Million
Nr. 34177 kaye whelpton  United Kingdom 
Nr. 34176 maria oniga
Nr. 34175 Deborah Mikelvich  United States
Nr. 34174 Raquel Pascua  United States
Nr. 34173  Julia Tawyea'  Pennsylvania
Nr. 34172  Melanie Kirchmeyer  Germany
Nr. 34171  Jessica Tippin  Oregon
Nr. 34170  Donna Spencer  United Kingdom
Nr. 34169  Steve Byrum  Indiana
Nr. 34168  Sonja Nielsen  Denmark
Nr. 34167  Alexandra Wesche  Germany
Nr. 34166  Frederico Gonsalves  Portugal
Nr. 34165  Valerie Seibert  Ohio
Nr. 34164  Gerda Rebensberger  Germany I urge everybody to not travel to Denmark or Faroe Islans nor aquire any Danish products as long as this unnecessary killing does not stop. Seems that moral arguments do not count - only financial reasons can make a change! Even if Faroe is far away from Denmark - the country the Danish population and their politicians have to be forced to take responsibility and not point to the traditions of this part of THEIR country. European neighbours - please do not tolerate this situation by closing your eyes and ignoring this fact when you plan your holidays!!!
Nr. 34163  Pawel Kawalkowski  Poland
Nr. 34162  Michela Nicoletti  Italy
Nr. 34161  Diana Staszynska  Germany
Nr. 34160  Philippa Nugent  Australia
Nr. 34159  Andreas Roderer  Germany
Nr. 34158  P Ellison  New York
Nr. 34157  Amina Touihar  Morocco
Nr. 34156  Geena Wallace  Wisconsin
Nr. 34155  Helga Haus-Seuffert  Germany This whale hunting is really a shame for Denmark as atrocious and coward as Spain bullfighting!
Nr. 34154  Bettina Lorenz  Germany
Nr. 34153  Nyack Clancy  New York
Nr. 34152  Mandy Kraeft  Germany
Nr. 34151  Andrea Oefinger  Connecticut No more tourism to Denmark for me my family and friends!!!
Nr. 34150  Siobian Baker  United Kingdom
Nr. 34149  Mandy Neltner  Germany
Nr. 34148  Valérie Hermant  France
Nr. 34147  Yasmine Voelkel  Germany
Nr. 34146  Martine Kiefer  Germany
Nr. 34145  Jasmin Lejeune  Austria How can you do this? This is so cruel!!!! Shame on you and shame on your children they do that. Please STOP it.. Its sheer lunacy! Have you ever ask yourself why must this animals die? can you tell me the answer? No!? Ohhhhhh why? I m a grwon aup men and i must show how strong i am. That s so absurd! STOP IT!!!
Nr. 34144  Brigitta Sattler  Germany May the blessings be.
Nr. 34143  Christoph Sattler  Germany Wie armselig ist das denn sich an wehrlosen friedfertigen Geschöpfen zu vergehen? Das zeugt nicht von Reife sondern von Dummheit! Abstoßend.
Nr. 34142  Cristiana Prassa  Greece
Nr. 34141  Jürgen Borowski  Germany
Nr. 34140  Rainer Köhler  Germany
Nr. 34139  Karin Köhler  Germany This is the "Vierte Reich"
Nr. 34138  Doris Lackner  Germany
Nr. 34137  Ludwig Lackner  Germany
Nr. 34136  Andrea Happ  Germany
Nr. 34135  Karl Sellner  Germany
Nr. 34134  Franz Sinseder  Germany
Nr. 34133  Andrea Sinseder  Germany
Nr. 34132  Elvira Schaeffler  Germany
Nr. 34131  Andreas Sellner  Germany
Nr. 34130  Anita Sellner  Germany
Nr. 34129  Lisa Larsson  Sweden The people of the Faroe islands will never be respected by the world as long as they show such primitive senseless and brutal disrespect to the highly intelligent pilot whales. You shame your children by doing this.
Nr. 34128  Renee Rosenheck  Georgia I am shocked that the government of the Faroe Islands permits this antiquated practice to continue in modern time. The pictures tell all - it is not normal to see a bay full of blood and to consider this a "community event." We urge you to please prohibit this event from happening again. For the first 2 years people will complain and then they will forget and not even miss this heinous event. Is this really how you want the rest of the world to view your country and to be the values that you pass down to the next generation?
Nr. 34127  Robert Harris  North Carolina This is murder! It is no different than a group of murderers forcing a group of children into a darkened alley and cutting their throats and enjoying as they watch the children die. This must be stopped! The world goes bad when bad people do much and good people do nothing! Think About It!
Nr. 34126  Emma Stuart  United Kingdom
Nr. 34125  M De Vegt  New Zealand Whales are an important part of the oceans lifecycle they are beautifull animals and there are not enough to sustain humans greed and hunger Plenty of fruit and veges around!
Nr. 34124  Emily Fisk  New Zealand oh yeah prove your a man by slaughtering a helpless whales and dolphins its tradition! yeah right this is SICK AND WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS!
Nr. 34123  Giuseppina Russolillo  Germany This is a crying shame for all mankind.... How can young men be so cruel to helpless dolphins who trust us human beings....What kind of world do we live in if we keep allowing such cruelty to such wonderful creatures of God... STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 34122  Ingrid Fuerstenau  Germany
Nr. 34121  Agnes Dyszy  Germany
Nr. 34120  Hans Fuchs  Germany
Nr. 34119  John Jakob  Germany stop killing flipper !!!!
Nr. 34118  Martina Kempf  Germany
Nr. 34117  Angela Sudholt  Germany
Nr. 34116  T. Sioux Blanchard  California Killing part of the Eco system based on man's fear will also kill all those killing the Eco system. It's a No Win broken System. The world was made with plenty for all. Stop wasting your time killing and start productively growing that which your blaming the eco system for. How many brain cells does it take to kill verses the brain cells to grow a bountiful harvest that will feed your whole village. To be apart of the Solution not the Destruction.
Nr. 34115  Elke Winkler  Germany
Nr. 34114  Uta Seier-Maltz  Germany
Nr. 34113  Vincent Ngai  Hong Kong
Nr. 34112  Markus Eiber  Germany Bitte stoppen Sie diese sinnlose Grausamkeit sofort !
Nr. 34111  Angie Gunawan  Indonesia
Nr. 34110  Markus Lindler  Germany
Nr. 34109  Britta Eßers  Germany
Nr. 34108  Heike-Ingeborg Karwatzki  Germany
Nr. 34107  Katrin Lotta Carell  Germany
Nr. 34106  Babs Simon  Germany
Nr. 34105  Robert Derbeck  Germany
Nr. 34104  Ludger Wilp  Germany
Nr. 34103  Patricia Grahlmann  Germany
Nr. 34102  Simone Alberti  Germany
Nr. 34101  Krystle Stone  Florida
Nr. 34100  Thomas Luth  Italy
Nr. 34099  Claudia Conchione  Italy
Nr. 34098  Lyne Forget  Canada
Nr. 34097  Aloysia Merten  Germany a. merten
Nr. 34096  Barbara Kabadakis  Germany
Nr. 34095  Shawn Patterson  Germany
Nr. 34094  Kai Mauerhoff  Germany if you kill whales it will kill us all. stop that bullshit please
Nr. 34093  Jürgen Gerlach  Germany
Nr. 34092  Karin Weiss  Germany
Nr. 34091  Alena Wagenhuber  Germany
Nr. 34090  Christine Sokolowskyj  Germany
Nr. 34089  Goetz Peter  Germany
Nr. 34088  Ursel Chikhaoui  Germany
Nr. 34087  Karin Renate Schmidt  Germany
Nr. 34086  Vivian Kate Wichmann  Germany
Nr. 34085  Marjana LedinÅ¡ek  Slovenia
Nr. 34084  Elisabeth Richter  Austria
Nr. 34083  Joh Feldschmid  Germany
Nr. 34082  Ingeborg Schweiger  Germany
Nr. 34081  Anita Schweiger  Germany
Nr. 34080  Ulrike Eiber  Germany
Nr. 34079  Angelika Wohlfarth  Germany
Nr. 34078  Hildegard Eiber  Germany
Nr. 34077  Elke Diezinger  Germany
Nr. 34076  Frank Hagemann  Germany
Nr. 34075  Rudi Steffen  Germany
Nr. 34074  Silvio Schleken  Germany
Nr. 34073  Patricia Gollnick  Germany
Nr. 34072  Jennifer Gardner  Florida
Nr. 34071  Anya Cocomama  United Kingdom
Nr. 34070  August Palmenfelt  United Kingdom
Nr. 34069  Lee Davis  United Kingdom i thought the danish were a more enlightend people. opps i was wrong do not be so short sighted and let dolphins live
Nr. 34068  Vesna Kovacevic-Konttinen  Finland Just stop it!
Nr. 34067  Maria Hinttari  Russian Federation
Nr. 34066  Juju O'Grady  United Kingdom
Nr. 34065  Hajo Runge  Germany Entsetzen pur !!! Die sind ja schlimmer als die Japaner mit ihrem Wahlfang
Nr. 34064  David Nash  United Kingdom
Nr. 34063  Maura Mestre  United Kingdom
Nr. 34062  Kris Fryer  United Kingdom
Nr. 34061  Morticia Manson  United Kingdom STOP THIS CRUELITY IMMEDIATELY!
Nr. 34060  Carole Renard  United Kingdom
Nr. 34059  Tracey Joseph  United Kingdom
Nr. 34058  Birte Bajwa  United Kingdom
Nr. 34057  Frank Gerry  Florida
Nr. 34056  Jena Holmes  Wisconsin
Nr. 34055  Wina Mulia  Indonesia
Nr. 34054  Mandy Webb  Arkansas
Nr. 34053  Terry Pitt  Missouri
Nr. 34052  Gabi Walcz  Germany PLEASE STOP THIS CRUELITY IMMEDIATELY !! There is NO NEED to do such things.
Nr. 34051  Jürgen Bolz  Germany It´s such a incredible cruelity against peaceful whales - has nothing to do with initiation of young man!
Nr. 34050  Lizz Handschmann  Austria
Nr. 34049  Marica Czirfusz  Canada
Nr. 34048  Jerry Cupps  Colorado What is the purpose behind the killing of whales or dolphins in Denmark and Europe.
Nr. 34047  Paul Mindus  United Kingdom There is no need to indulge in ritual slaughter of dolphins when the meat is already tainted and the effect is a bloody barbaric spectacle with no benefit to animal or mankind only selfish indulgence for humans and horrific suffering for animals. Get a life protect a life.
Nr. 34046  Michael Wetherall  United Kingdom
Nr. 34045  Anette Anderson  Germany
Nr. 34044  Caroline Xavier  France
Nr. 34043  Rose Akin  Turkey
Nr. 34042  Maud Jönsson  Sweden För större effekt  en personlig kommentar här
Nr. 34041  Regula Schenker  Switzerland
Nr. 34040  Ãngel Marina Miguel  Spain
Nr. 34039  Annick Van noeyen  Belgium
Nr. 34038  Barbora Petrikovicova  Slovakia
Nr. 34037  Pablo Cubos  Mexico Shame on Faroe Islands Shame on Denmark and SHAME on European Union
Nr. 34036  Kerry Woodham  United Kingdom
Nr. 34035  Jakub Zeman  Czech Republic
Nr. 34034  James Mulcare  Washington
Nr. 34033  Dorothee Wöllstein  Germany I beg you personally to think about that all cetacaen (whales & dolphins) came to save mankind! They help to stabilize the magnetic field around the planet earth with the singing. We need each of these loving creatures alive! They raise the frequency of our planet and have a positive influence. They are our friends and they got a lot of strong healing frequencies. This is MUCH MORE than any of us is doing for them.
Nr. 34032  Verena Rohrbach-Winkler  Germany Was hier passiert ist mehr als Grausammanchmal bin ich schon am zweifeln ob hier wirklich Menschen am Werk sind. Tiere sind auch Lebewesen und erleiden genau die ÄnsteSchmerzen und das Leid wie wir Menschen auch.Sie haben ein Recht auf eine würdevolle Behandlung....Tiere können sich nicht wehren. Sie sind den Menschen schutzlos ausgeliefert. Was immer ein Mensch den Tieren antutwird ihm mit gleicher Münze zurückgezahlt.
Nr. 34031  Leah Wallin  Florida
Nr. 34030  Anna Lisa Lindau  Germany
Nr. 34029  Uwe Siwek  Germany
Nr. 34028  Diane Dechievre  France
Nr. 34027  Winfried Herzig  Germany
Nr. 34026  Cassie Callagher  Australia
Nr. 34025  Karin Beyer-Stehl  Germany
Nr. 34024  Daniela Brzobohata  Czech Republic
Nr. 34023  Monnereau Beatrice  France I love the animals !!!!!! We live through the animals !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 34022  Schwab-Hundseder Claudia  Germany
Nr. 34021  Delliana Of the Sea  Colorado
Nr. 34020  Claudia Delle Karth  Austria
Nr. 34019  Ingrid Adam-Höhn  Germany Please help!!!
Nr. 34018  Hanne Sorensen  Denmark There is no need what so ever to kill dolphin so do not do this
Nr. 34017  Carina Köpnick  Germany
Nr. 34016  Graeme Shaw  Australia
Nr. 34015  Ingrid Shaw  Australia Killing beautiful and intelligent dolphins and whales makes of you a race of efficient killers and cruel barbarians. You are heartless and gutless brutes to kill these defenceless creatures with your weapons of mass destruction. Your crimes and sins are unforgivable.
Nr. 34014  Adriana Dorazco  Mexico
Nr. 34013  Susanne Von Wyschetzki  Germany
Nr. 34012  Nathalie Blanchet  Canada
Nr. 34011  Tatiana Panicciari  Germany
Nr. 34010  Anna Proc  Germany
Nr. 34009  Gabriele Seipp  Germany Stop immediately this terrible killing of this friendly creatures!!!
Nr. 34008  Fritz Ganser  Switzerland As you do not need this killing for surviving please stop it totally!
Nr. 34007  Christian Moutsakos  Austria that need to be stopped that is not a tradicional topic but one of the biggest stupidities after war....
Nr. 34006  Christine Lindsey  Florida
Nr. 34005  Jodie Von Hollstein  South Africa It is often said that a society is ultimately judged by how it treats its most vulnerable members. If we were to extend that maxim to include the animals that rely on us for their care we'd face a harsh judgment.
Nr. 34004  Olivier Rousselle  France
Nr. 34003  Gaby Holzinger  Germany
Nr. 34002  Susanne Wähnert  Germany

Nr. 34001  Stefan Sarah  Germany Awful why are people doing such cruel things to animals who are completely trustful not knowing what people can do to them. When will man learn to save all animals and take care of them!
Nr. 34000  Eva-Maria Haase  Germany
Nr. 33999  Kayla Colyard  New York SO SAD ! This needs to be stopped
Nr. 33998  Johannes Fackler  Germany Slaughter of intelligent social animals for fun is no intelligent nor social behaviour! It shouldn't be fun anyway.
Nr. 33997  Kim Michaels  Australia
Nr. 33996  Lacey Hill  California
Nr. 33995  Xing Juen Goh  Malaysia
Nr. 33994  Mladen Sertic  Croatia ubojice delfina treba i mora ih se zaustaviti pa ako treba i s oružjem..!
Nr. 33993  Nancy Weis  Wyoming what useful purpose does this serve. this is barbaric useless slaughter of inocents what will you do when this comes back to haunt you???? ask God to forgive you for killing a living thing He created and loves very much. how does someone who does this ask for mercy?
Nr. 33992  Lindsay Smith  North Carolina
Nr. 33991  Testut Veronique  France
Nr. 33990  Michael Flore  Germany
Nr. 33989  Dawn Taylor  New Jersey
Nr. 33987  VIER Eva  France
Nr. 33986  Ana Popa  Romania
Nr. 33985  Elena Filipas  Romania
Nr. 33984  Laura Filipas  Romania
Nr. 33983  Simon Fayet  France
Nr. 33982  Daniel Feret  France
Nr. 33981  France Fayet  France
Nr. 33980  Anne Lorraine Vigouroux  France
Nr. 33979  Oana Stoica  Romania
Nr. 33978  Gossiaux Genevieve  Belgium
Nr. 33977  Sabine Holk  Germany
Nr. 33976  Jasmin Rohrmann  Germany STOP!!!!!!!!! THIS VIOLENCE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 33975  Paul Davenport  United Kingdom I have seen video footage of this atrocity and couldnt belive my eyes its just such a disgusting sight that i can only assume its a backward country populated by equally backward people. Stop this violence now or be forever judged by it.
Nr. 33974  Marie Lahti  Texas
Nr. 33973  Huyensa Dam  Viet Nam
Nr. 33972  Steffen Rolvien  Germany
Nr. 33971  Grace Enright  Virginia
Nr. 33970  Thomas Zimmermann  Germany
Nr. 33969  Krieger Clemens  Germany
Nr. 33968  Yannick Metzger  Germany
Nr. 33967  Bryan D Freehling  Pennsylvania
Nr. 33966  Jan Wessolowski  Germany The fact they do this without any economic use makes it even more cruel. Stop it immediately!
Nr. 33965  Sandra Baumgartner  Austria
Nr. 33964  Tina Scheuten  Germany
Nr. 33963  Cathala Corine  France
Nr. 33962  Fabienne Marsin  Belgium
Nr. 33961  Shannon Robinson  Texas
Nr. 33960  TERESA Arias  Mexico Stop this cruelty NOW !!!!!!!
Nr. 33959  Heiko Klees  Germany Which incredible sin. Bloodthirsty beings
Nr. 33958  Sylvie Mercier  France
Nr. 33957  Franziska Gerhardt  Germany
Nr. 33956  Pier Luca Fabbri  Italy
Nr. 33955  Taner Ucar  Germany
Nr. 33953  Kornel Balind  Serbia And Montenegro
Nr. 33952  Veronique Pires  Canada
Nr. 33951  Frederike Scherr  Germany
Nr. 33950  Jenny Britton  United Kingdom
Nr. 33949  Maria E. Antonsen  Norway **Please let's Protect and Cherish all of Mother Earth's Precious Inhabitantslike the Wonderful Dolphins!! :D...Thank You~!Wishing You the most Beautiful Joyfullest Days!!Ãœ!***
Nr. 33948  NEMICHE Shyheim  France
Nr. 33947  Aleksander Toniarz  Germany
Nr. 33946  Savannah Smith  Germany
Nr. 33945  Lotta Fees  Germany
Nr. 33944  Dee Day  Australia
Nr. 33943  Elisabeth De Haas  Netherlands
Nr. 33942  Eva Gehann  Germany Wo bleibt das menschliche Mitgefühl für unsere Mitgeschöpfe die Tiere?? Wie kann ein denkendes Wesen wie der Mensch so grausam handeln?? Den Folgen unseres Tuns werden wir nicht entkommen können.
Nr. 33941  Hanna Eriksson  Sweden
Nr. 33940  Ruth Ferreira  France
Nr. 33939  Bethany Sturtevant  United Kingdom that is a horrific site-please stop now
Nr. 33938  Melinda Bodó  Hungary
Nr. 33937  Yasiu Kruszynski  Poland
Nr. 33936  Erika Mausser  Hungary Stop killing these innocents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 33935  John Irving  Canada This shameful and unnecessary slaughter must end.
Nr. 33934  Sarah Nicol  United Kingdom
Nr. 33933  Nicole Hardin  Alabama Stop the Dolphin Slaughter
Nr. 33932  Michael Branaman  Florida
Nr. 33931  Kelli Jess  Washington
Nr. 33930  Eva Biro  United Kingdom Hi Denmark people kills dolphins having fun the sea has red color. Is disgusting that can happen in EU!!!! We should stop it!
Nr. 33929  DeannaLoves OrganicProducts  Georgia
Nr. 33928  Patricia Gama  Portugal
Nr. 33927  Marlene Jackson  United Kingdom
Nr. 33926  Marcel Hollenstein  Switzerland Why they kill them? Please stop that crazy and stupid thing!!!
Nr. 33925  Robert Alggad  Germany Why don't they just put hooks into their own newborns and watch them suffer and die? This is cruelty against feeling living beings. It makes me sick.
Nr. 33924  Kerstin Semmler  Germany
Nr. 33923  Emil Rainer  Canada
Nr. 33922  Lisa Nolan  Australia This practise is sickening and so barbaric i simply cannot believe this practise is still alowd to go on in this day and age
Nr. 33921  Jean PIERRARD  France
Nr. 33920  Lisa Miller  Germany
Nr. 33919  Heidi Frets  Denmark
Nr. 33918  Jamie Halkyard  New Zealand
Nr. 33917  Fernanda Loustaunau  California
Nr. 33916  Carol Dixon  Oregon
Nr. 33915  Karel Austin  Florida Stop the Dolphin Slaughter in Denmark. Please!
Nr. 33914  Mollie Morrissette  California
Nr. 33913  Alex Brandin  California
Nr. 33912  Stéphanie Rossenu  France
Nr. 33911  Katie Robey  Maryland
Nr. 33910  Gisa Steiner  Germany
Nr. 33909  Ginamarie Colorio  Minnesota
Nr. 33908  Simone Prick  Germany I can't believe that a civilized and modern country like Denmark hasn't yet realized that some so called 'traditions' are nothing but a crime against nature and thus to all of us. Abolish the slaughter of these poor creatures by law! Now! And declare it a capital crime before it is too late!
Nr. 33907  Mandi TT  California
Nr. 33906  FORT Laurent  France
Nr. 33905  Stacey Rakic  Washington
Nr. 33904  Shannnon Huff  Florida NO NO NO NO NO NO MORE KILLING! This is horrible. How the he** can this happen? It is appaling that this continues! Those poor creatures do not deserve this fate. Humans continue to disappoint me with their ways. You should be ashamed all of you involved in the killings!!!!
Nr. 33903  Jessica Ryle  New York
Nr. 33902  Enrico Stiegler  Germany
Nr. 33901  Angi Williams  Virginia This has to stop!
Nr. 33900  Amy Mulvany  Ireland
Nr. 33899  Bjoern Magsig  Germany
Nr. 33898  Suzie Gordon  New Hampshire
Nr. 33897  Suzana Sabo  Serbia And Montenegro
Nr. 33896  Isabella PARFENOFF  Switzerland
Nr. 33895  Eva Svingen  Arizona
Nr. 33894  Tortiller Jean luc  France
Nr. 33893  Mazhar Nasim Abbasi  United Arab Emirates stop this nonsense killing of such beautiful/innocent/friendly creatures
Nr. 33892  Leigh Goodin  North Carolina
Nr. 33891  Tamara Blass  California Please stop the slaughter of the dolphins. These are beautiful intelligent creatures that we need to respect and protect!
Nr. 33890  Boyan Ivanov  Bulgaria
Nr. 33889  Melissa Hayes  North Carolina They are beautiful intelligent animals that need protection. Killing of Whales and Dolphins should be completely banned by international law.
Nr. 33888  Julian Bates  United Kingdom
Nr. 33887  Bianchi Patricia  France
Nr. 33886  Lena Peller  Germany We human beings have responsibility for the life around us. What makes us the crown of God's creation is our brain our sympathy and the way our heart and mind interreact. Let's not be a disappointment. Let's take this responsibility seriously. Let's show our hearts and minds. When I look at the picture of the Faroe Islands I wonder what makes a human being a human being and what differentiates us from animals. Sometimes it is hard to say...
Nr. 33885  Markus Appel  Armed Forces Europe i can't believe it
Nr. 33884  COUSIN Valérie  France
Nr. 33883  Amal El bekri  Morocco
Nr. 33882  Sini Keto  Finland
Nr. 33881  Aisha Abdallah  Germany It shames me when humans say we are developed and civilized. Until we stop this kind of behaviour we are worth less than the last idiot alive...
Nr. 33880  T C Koh  United Kingdom
Nr. 33879  Elizabeth Phillips  California
Nr. 33878  Ulrike Schneider  Germany  Es ist ein Frevel und eine Sünde ihnen etwas an zu tun oder sie gar zu töten.
Nr. 33877  Richard Painter  United Kingdom
Nr. 33876  Oxanda Slowenn  France
Nr. 33875  Gavan Alexander  Ireland
Nr. 33874  Carine Breton  France
Nr. 33873  Christopher Mcfadden  Ohio
Nr. 33872  Alexandra Liotopoulou  Greece
Nr. 33871  Yvette Dubois  Belgium
Nr. 33870  Nathalie Lecat  Belgium
Nr. 33869  Melissa Dernercessian  California
Nr. 33868  Aledo Anaïs  France
Nr. 33867  Ailed Rivera  Puerto Rico so sad...
Nr. 33866  Szeto Pochu  Hong Kong please don't kill the animals
Nr. 33865  Julie Menkin  Norway SHAME ON YOU DENMARK!!!
Nr. 33864  Staci-lee Sherwood  Florida
Nr. 33863  B. Buchanan  Canada
Nr. 33862  Christophe Nichanian  France
Nr. 33861  Fabienne Roudaire  France
Nr. 33860  CARLO GULIARDINI  Italy
Nr. 33859  Susan ETTMAYR  South Africa
Nr. 33858  Marion Lüpke-Vollbrecht  Germany
Nr. 33857  Farcelli Marco  Italy
Nr. 33856  Patrick Schmidt  Germany
Nr. 33855  Jackie Baut  Philippines
Nr. 33854  Cristina Sararoiu  Romania We have to put an end to the slaughter of dolphins they are as intelligent as humans !
Nr. 33853  Karen Lyons kalmenson  New York
Nr. 33852  Tanith Valasi  Greece
Nr. 33851  Niarica Lubatti  Italy
Nr. 33850  Chantal Brixy  Belgium
Nr. 33849  Rhonda Turner  Idaho
Nr. 33848  Barbara Graham  Virginia
Nr. 33847  Christin Luhmann  Germany Stop it NOW!!!! It´s a HORROR!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 33846  SANDRA ROCHA  Portugal Stop that barbarity!!!!!
Nr. 33845  Daniele TRANCHANT  France
Nr. 33844  Marie-france Zamblera  France
Nr. 33843  Eva Goedecke  Germany STOP this Horror!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nr. 33842  Patrick Prout  France
Nr. 33841  Caroline Prout  France
Nr. 33840  Robyn Downie  Australia
Nr. 33839  K H Loh  Malaysia
Nr. 33838  Neslihan Gedik  Turkey
Nr. 33837  Chantal Buslot  Belgium
Nr. 33836  Mareen Möller  Germany
Nr. 33835  Ioannis Zambartas  Greece
Nr. 33834  Jens Haase  Germany
Nr. 33833  Marion Meier  Germany
Nr. 33832  Thomas Wittkowski  Germany
Nr. 33831  Ute Mischo  Germany
Nr. 33830  Irmgard Borowski  Germany
Nr. 33829  Niels Ingensiep  Germany
Nr. 33828  Jan Ingensiep  Germany
Nr. 33827  Jürgen Borowski  Germany
Nr. 33826  Darlene Schueler  Tennessee
Nr. 33825  Irene Combes  Australia
Nr. 33824  Barbara Clement  Canada This is sickening we shouldn't have to ask ? Stop this barbaric slaughter are you insane.
Nr. 33823  Ajay Rai  New Jersey
Nr. 33822  Stefanie Klinsing  Germany Take care of the world it is your home!
Nr. 33821  Kissling Pia  Switzerland
Nr. 33820  Alicia Franco  Denmark
Nr. 33819  Lucia Devangelio  United Kingdom
Nr. 33818  Sonja Bittner  Germany For more impact add a personal comment here
Nr. 33817  Daniele Dolleans.  France
Nr. 33816  Martina Kilger  Germany
Nr. 33815  Pascal Vercknocke  France
Nr. 33814  Alexander Christianus  Germany
Nr. 33813  Katrin Schoergenhofer  Austria
Nr. 33812  Martin Kögler  Austria
Nr. 33811  Roberto Å arić  Croatia
Nr. 33810  Yves TOSCANO  France
Nr. 33809  Marie ISAIA  France
Nr. 33808  Elke Jacobi  Germany
Nr. 33807  Paulette Begon  Belgium
Nr. 33806  Siegfried Paar  Austria
Nr. 33805  Nadine Zapula  Austria
Nr. 33804  Jantje Friederike  Germany
Nr. 33803  Mira Kumar  United Kingdom
Nr. 33802  Inge Steinberg  Germany Good and long life to dolphins whales and every creature!
Nr. 33801  Reka Naima Roosen  Germany
Nr. 33800  Bettina Fichtner  Germany
Nr. 33799  Laetitia Tapon  France
Nr. 33798  Caroline Rach  Germany
Nr. 33797  Jens U. Loehner  Germany
Nr. 33796  John Branston  United Kingdom
Nr. 33795  Felix Sano  New York
Nr. 33794  Michael Zimmer  Germany something like that in the middle of europe! EVIL!!!
Nr. 33793  Shelley Brown  Canada We must stop this!!
Nr. 33792  Raymonde Paneels  Belgium
Nr. 33791  Stefanie Gross  Germany
Nr. 33790  Nicole Verbist  Belgium
Nr. 33789  Susan Suni Ibarra  California This is so very ugly and evil!! Dolphins and whales have bigger brains that we do and understand as well as we do!
Nr. 33788  Jemma LeBaigue  United Kingdom SAVE THE DOLPHINS!! More people must show support
Nr. 33787  Matteo Sanfilippo  Germany i send love to everyone even to that people who have to kill this animals for getting money for feeding their family
Nr. 33786  Mette Johannsen  Denmark
Nr. 33785  Sabine Hoffmann  Germany STOP IT!
Nr. 33784  Markus Konradsson  Sweden  Never; ever; killing an other creature; another living being; with whom we share this world; has done any good; to anyone. So let's stop it. We must accept and understand that we humans are NOT gods but a biig wrong link in the nature and the world ecology system and society
Nr. 33783  Chris Lewis  United Kingdom Please stop you animals!!!!
Nr. 33782  Benmebarek Meriem  France leave these beautiful animals alone! They are a such wonderful creature in this bad world a source of joy happinessintelligence and good heart! Leave them in peace
Nr. 33781  Carolyn Bennett  Arizona
Nr. 33780  Heike Luick  Germany
Nr. 33779  Carmen Hubeny  Germany
Nr. 33778  Rick Thomas  Canada
Nr. 33777  Silke Kohlstock  Germany
Nr. 33776  Liesbeth Bernhardt  Germany
Nr. 33775  Susanne Seidler  Germany
Nr. 33774  Birgit Zimmermann  Germany
Nr. 33773  Claire Thomas  United Kingdom dolphins are beautiful intelligent creatures that do us no harm some peoples customs and way of life are just not worthy of toleration and preservation.
Nr. 33771  Hedges Patrick  Belgium
Nr. 33770  Edison Tan  Malaysia
Nr. 33769  Kirsch Claudia  Switzerland
Nr. 33768  Christian Sonnenberg  Germany
Nr. 33767  Eric Larizadeh-Saito  California
Nr. 33766  Peter Horton  Germany
Nr. 33765  Claudia Breitenbach  Germany
Nr. 33764  Toni Sokoloski  Massachusetts SAVE THE DOLPHINS!!!
Nr. 33763  Ivana Soukupova  Austria
Nr. 33762  Nicola Dettmer  Germany
Nr. 33761  Jan Wouters  Belgium
Nr. 33760  Katrien Vandevelde  Belgium
Nr. 33759  Craig Tranby  California
Nr. 33758  Mike Downs  Missouri
Nr. 33757  EMMANUEL DEL ROSARIO  Australia
Nr. 33756  Donna Moore  California This is a horrible and unethical way to treat a living creature. These animals deserve to be treated in the same way a human is treated.
Nr. 33755  Stacey Kennedy  Texas
Nr. 33754  Mickel De Baere  Belgium
Nr. 33753  Frank Pickens  Nebraska On a global scale every F****** Piece of crap country has nothing better to do than not only kill Wildlife and sealife but do it in the most cruel fashion. Dolphins once again a beautiful and highly intelligent creature is being murdered senselessly by savage human's. I am surprised God has waited this long to take out the Human race as it is a shameful thing