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Please participate in our protest action against the people who are responsible for the whale hunt on the Faroe Islands.

Just send the following letter, the wording of which you can change if you have some personal notes to add, to the e-mail addresses listed below. You can also include the photo appearing above.

This is, what you have to do:

You can either, if your browser will cooperate, send all the e-mails in one clip or just 10 or 20 or even 50. If you cannot send all e-mails at once then please only copy as many addresses as your browser allows. Please also be careful when copying that the e-mail addresses are separated by a comma. Some browsers allow only a semi colon (;). In this case please send a short e-mail  to ProWal-Deutschland@t-online.de and we will send you the list corrected accordingly.

First highlight all the addresses and click file and then copy. Then just click in your e-mail program on “New Message” click on Cc and on file and paste the addresses into that field. Copy and paste the letter below and add whatever you think you might want to add. Please write your name at the bottom.

info@tinganes.fo, mfa@mfa.fo, kates@mfa.fo, fisk@fisk.fo, fmr@fmr.fo, mmr@mmr.fo, vmr@vmr.fo, amr@amr.fo, imr@imr.fo, hmr@hmr.fo, loysing@post.olivant.fo, sambandsflokkurin@logting.fo, folkaflokkurin@logting.fo, javnadarflokkurin@logting.fo, midflokkurin@olivant.fo, post@sjalvstyri.fo, sf@sf.dk, gunvorb@mfa.fo, elsbah@mfa.fo, heidii@mfa.fo, logting@logting.fo, alfredo@logting.fo, andriasp@logting.fo, annitaf@logting.fo, anfinnk@logting.fo, billj@logting.fo, edmundj@logting.fo, gerhardl@logting.fo, hergeir@logting.fo, jenisr@logting.fo, john@john.fo, johnj@logting.fo, kariph@logting.fo, poulm@logting.fo, jogvanl@logting.fo, jakupm@logting.fo, bjornk@logting.fo, magnil@logting.fo, katrinj@logting.fo, eydgunns@logting.fo, karir@logting.fo, bergtoraj@logting.fo, heinih@logting.fo, sjurdurs@logting.fo, bjorts@logting.fo, torbjornj@logting.fo, torbjorn@post.olivant.fo, kongs@post.olivant.fo, hognih@logting.fo, karstenh@post.olivant.fo, karstenh@logting.fo, M-Dam@Post.Olivant.Fo, obrmann@post.olivant.fo, olib@logting.fo, helgia@logting.fo, jaspurv@logting.fo, hedinz@logting.fo, djurholm@olivant.fo, bjarnid@logting.fo, hanss@logting.fo, reykjavik@mfa.fo, stm@stm.dk, um@um.dk, fm@fm.dk, kum@kum.dk, oem@oem.dk, elj@oem.dk, im@im.dk, trm@trm.dk, inm@inm.dk, bm@bm.dk, mim@mim.dk, kemin@kemin.dk, fmn@fmn.dk, uvm@uvm.dk, fvm@fvm.dk, vtu@vtu.dk, skm@skm.dk, df@ft.dk, dkp@dkp.dk, info@konservative.dk, radikale@radikale.dk, landskontoret@enhedslisten.dk, christiansborg@enhedslisten.dk, ib@folkebevaegelsen.dk, poulgerhard@folkebevaegelsen.dk, soren@folkebevaegelsen.dk, ditte@folkebevaegelsen.dk, rina@folkebevaegelsen.dk, kd@kd.dk, katrine.bille.berner@ft.dk, kristine.bille@ft.dk, jonathan.nielsen@ft.dk, leif.mikkelsen@ft.dk, mikael.gotfredsen@ft.dk, partikontoret@partikontoret.dk, sf@sf.dk, vpresse@ft.dk, pia.adelsteen@ft.dk, hanne.agersnap@ft.dk, yildiz.akdogan@ft.dk, simon.ammitzboll@ft.dk, anne.marie.geisler.andersen@ft.dk, eigil.andersen@ft.dk, kim.andersen@ft.dk, poul.andersen@ft.dk, sophie.andersen@ft.dk, soph@soph.dk, schan@ft.dk, ida.auken@ft.dk, pernille.bagge@ft.dk, jm@jm.dk, fmn@fmn.dk, tom.behnke@ft.dk, per.bisgaard@ft.dk, rene.bjoernsson@ft.dk, liselott.blixt@ft.dk, flemming.bonne@ft.dk, verbo@ft.dk, karl.bornhoft@ft.dk, henrik.brodersen@ft.dk, kirsten.brosbol@ft.dk, smorb@ft.dk, dfbenb@ft.dk, anne.baastrup@ft.dk, ozlem.cekic@ft.dk, anita.christensen@ft.dk, carina.christensen@ft.dk, ole.christensen@ft.dk, peter.christensen@ft.dk, rene.christensen@ft.dk, troels.christensen@ft.dk, villum.christensen@ft.dk,vanch@ft.dk, kim.christiansen@ft.dk, pia.christmas-moller@ft.dk, per.clausen@ft.dk, bente.dahl@ft.dk, jonas.dahl@ft.dk, dfkrtd@ft.dk, per.dalgaard@ft.dk, lennart.damsbo-andersen@ft.dk, dfmikd@ft.dk, jorn.dohrmann@ft.dk, rvlody@ft.dk, pia.olsen.dyhr@ft.dk, charlotte.dyremose@ft.dk, louise.elholm@ft.dk, mim@mim.dk, benny.engelbrecht@ft.dk, lene.espersen@ft.dk, dfsesp@ft.dk, pernille.frahm@ft.dk, min@fm.dk, mette.frederiksen@ft.dk, 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Ladies and Gentlemen

Honored dignitaries who are in charge of whaling in the Faroe Islands

With this I am challenging the government of the Faroe Islands as well as the Danish government to immediately stop the killing of whales and dolphins in the Faroe Islands.

Whaling on the Faroe Islands is not only cruel but also totally unnecessary and is just done to appease some commercial interests.

Denmark is herewith asked to stop paying annual subsidies to the Faroe Islands in the amount of 125 million Euros until such time when the whaling has completely stopped.

The Danish government has the power to force the Faroe Islands to do this by withholding these monies.

1.150 dolphins and whales have been killed so far in 2010. I will join the global boycott against the Faroe Islands and Denmark. I shall boycott all fish products that come from these countries. Furthermore, I shall join the boycott of all tourism and will not travel to any of these countries. I will also boycott any product that is made in Denmark.

Furthermore, I will spread the word globally to boycott Denmark and the Faroe Islands to all my friends via internet to show you that time has finally run out to try just by pleading with you to stop whaling in the Faroe Islands.

It is time to act now. For you and for me!

Sincerely, yours